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Make mirror drive primary

Q: Make mirror drive primary

Here's the step-by-step I used when the primary drive failed completely on my software RAID 1 installation of Windows Server 2016. This will not work if you have not mirrored both the "reserved" and drive C: partitions. All you need to do this,
is a Windows 8.1 installation CD or higher. If you have the installation media bootable from a USB drive, that will work too.
1) Remove primary boot drive from computer (The one that failed)
2) Unplug the secondary mirror drive from the SATA port and plug it into the SATA port the primary (failed) drive was plugged into.

3) Using a Windows 8.1 or higher CD, boot the computer ?as if? you are installing the OS from the CD. (It does not matter if you use a different CD from the OS installed. You will not be installing anything from this CD.)
4) Select the option to repair your computer
5) Select Troubleshoot, then Command Prompt. Note your click path to get to a command prompt may be different, depending on what startup disk you use. (Windows 8.1 or higher)
6) enter DISKPART and press enter get get into the disk partitioning utility.
7) Enter LIST DISK and this will show you a list of the hard drives installed in the computer. DISK 0 will be the working mirror drive that we will make the active primary drive for this computer.
8) Enter SELECT DISK 0
9) Enter LIST PART to list the partitions on the disk.
10 The partition you want to make active is the one that has an offset value of exactly 1024KB. For the purposes of this guidance, we will assume it is partition 2.

11) Enter SELECT PART 2
12) Enter ACTIVE
13) Enter EXIT to exit the disk partitioning command line utility.
14) Remove the installation CD you used from the CD drive. (This is important!)
15) Boot the computer, and when the boot menu appears manually select the secondary plex as the drive to boot. Let the operating system start and then log on if necessary.
16) Press CNTL-R, enter ?control? (without the quotes) in the run box and press enter or click OK to open control panel.
17) In control panel select System
18) On the left, select Advanced System Settings.
19) Under the Advanced tab click on the settings button in the Startup and Recover section.
20) In the default Operating System pull down menu select the secondary plex drive. Then OK out of everything

21) Reboot the computer and it should reboot to the login menu without any user intervention.
22) Log on to the computer and run a command prompt with admin privledges.
23) Enter BCDEDIT /Enum
This will list everything in the boot settings file (formerly the BOOT.INI file). One entry will have ?secondary plex? in the description field and its identifier 2 lines above that will be {current]. For example, if this is Windows Server 2016 you?re dealing
with here, the last boot option will have for its description, ?Windows Server 2016 ? Secondary plex? with an identifier of {current] and the one above it will have a description of just ?Windows Server 2016? with an identifier GUID in the format {xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx}
We need to do two things here. First, delete the boot entry with the alpha-numeric identifier. Second, rename the boot entry with the [current] identifier to ?Windows Server 2016? so as to remove the words ?secondary plex? from it?s description.
24) Write down the alpha-numeric identifier, including the squiggly brackets and the dashes.

25) Enter BCDEDIT /delete {identifier]

For example: BCDEDIT /delete {A7GRSTLN-1542-3642-0001-ABRG54E62LPY}
That deletes the pointer to the original (failed) drive. Now lets rename that secondary plex so as to remove the words ?secondary plex? from it?s description.

26) Enter BCDEDIT /SET {current} description ?Windows Server 2016?
27) Now reboot the computer and that does it. This is now the primary boot drive for the computer by default, and if you wish to install a new mirror drive and mirror it via RAID 1, you most certainly can.

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Preferred Solution: Make mirror drive primary

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


Hello all. I have a technical background (hardware control systems), but am by no means a threat to any IT guy who actually understands DOS (Greek), or different OS platforms. In that regard, I will claim ignorance with a smidgen of knowledge---just so you know who you are dealing with and will correspondingly, dumb down your answers to my level (slightly smarter than a pile of rocks when it comes to absorbing this type of information).

I have a Dell GX630, 3.2 GHz computer with Windows XP Pro SP3 that is replacing my older 700MHz machine. I have painfully copied all programs, files, and added the peripheral hardware (printer, scanner, modems) to make this a duplicate replacement computer system with an addition monitor.

I have read all the posts for making a bootable flash drive (stick) and made both a Hirens bootable stick (three different sticks, Sandisk 4GB, Kingston 1 GB, and a generic 16GB) and a BartPE bootable CD disk?.my eyes bled, and the hammering base drum in my head has subsided. I?m Scotch/Irish/German with no desire to conquer the world, drink every Pub dry, and do it for little or no money, but I am stubborn, hard-headed, and tenacious to a fault.

My goal is to make a stand-a-lone Seagate FreeAgent USB (self powered) external drive, a working replacement "main drive (0)" for my computer with it?s own operating system
(XP Pro SP3). I used the Seagate software to clone the C SATA drive to this USB drive (NTFS). The reality is to have a cloned... Read more

A:Can you make an external USB hard drive, bootable and use as a Primary Drive


not sure what you are trying to acheive, from what ive read you cant get windows to boot from an exteranl usb hdd no matter what you do.

if its just for disaster recovery then do what i do.

you can ,make flash sticks bootable but i never could make a HDD bootable using windows, so i took the drive out of the enclosure and put it in my laptop, i booted from a win98 cd and fdisked and formatted the drive then sys'd it to make it bootable, i copied ghost onto it and wrote a small autoexec.bat file to set ghost running at boot up.

i then booted from it with it plugged into the laptop and ran a disk clone to a file onto the USB HDD.

when i want to restore it i just image the drive in from the USB HDD and im done.

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I have 4 SATA drives. Disk 1 is C: (Primary with Windows 7 64 bit). Disk 0,2 & 3 are data drives (D,E,F).

I am having bad sector problems on the C: drive and have ordered a new one. However, I was wondering if I could turn the D: drive into the C: drive by shutting down the computer, removing the faulty C: drive, then booting to the W7 (RC 7100) DVD and do an install. Then when the repalcement drive arrives, install it as a data drive.

Right now, the D: drive has just one logical partition and some data that is backed up.

A:Can I make a logical drive primary?

If I understood, you have four different hard drives. C:\, disc 1, has Win7 x64 with bad sector. You backed up the data on the second hard drive, D:\, and want to make Primary.

Well, you can but you will to install Win7 on it and format it during the installation. But if you want to put it simply Primary, the answer is No. You need an OS on the hard drive for it to be primary.

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I have a laptop that has an SSD with Win 8.1 + programs, and an HDD for projects. They are both formatted GPT. When I launch Macrium, for some reason my SSD is now GPT 1 and the second drive is now GPT 2. This is confusing because I'm used to imaging the top line of partitions which is usually my OS. Now that the GPT numbers are reversed, I have to be careful when doing my backups.

Does anyone know how to change this assignment so that the SSD will be GPT1 again?

A:How to make my primary drive GPT1 and my second drive GPT2

I just give them separate names, "System" for first, boot drive, "Data 1", for next and others by names that describe what I'm using them for. That way there is no confusion when some programs or OSs reverse or mix order.

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Anyone know of a mfgr that makes desktop w/ solid state drive as primary & HDD secondary with Win 7? OS Win 7 on a, say, 64Gb SATA Solid state drive with a secondary HDD drive to store all the rest of the stuff?

Neither Dell not HP have moved into the 21st Century yet.

A:Anyone make desktop w/ solid state drive as primary & HDD secondary with Win 7?

SSDs at the moment arent viable. The additional cost to a rig woul dbump it up several degrees, and for the money, it isnt worth their while. It may happen but only if prices drop significantly.
The other problem is th e life of SSDs. The read/write times are not overly high, and you could fail relatively quickly (compared to an HD); if in warranty is the maker who pays and they wont want to, if its out of warranty, it is a major expence for what it is.

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Hi there,

I am using an Eee PC 901 notebook running windows XP and have been having problems with the C drive running out of space. I have a small C drive (3.71gb) but a larger D drive (7.47gb).

I have used Acronis Migrate Easy to clone the C drive to the larger D drive which seems to have completed successfully. I would like to now format the C drive to clear some space for other files. How do I know whether the computer will automatically now boot from the D drive or do I need to some how tell the computer that the D drive should be treated as the primary boot drive?

I want to make sure everything is correct before I format the C drive. If you need any other information please ask.

Thank you!

A:How do I make my D drive the primary drive?

well if it actually has too drives, it should boot from the drive with an os on it, so it should boot from d if c is formatted, but go through the bios and find the boot sequence and get the d drive up to the top, or at least ahead of c

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Recently, when my ISP had a power problem, I decided to setup a mirror site on another ISP. I updated my dns entries at my registrar correctly (1 and 2 were my primary ISP, no change there). I added the correct servers for my mirror in positions 3 and 4.

Somehow, the internet is selecting the mirror site. When I ping, I always get the mirror site. The registrar (aplus.net) checked my entries, and says everything is fine on their end. Both ISP's (primary and mirror) say everything is OK at their end. No one seems to have an answer.

Two pieces of information: My primary ISP says that some tier 2 companies do not have the ability to force a domain sequence. But I thought the internet always went to the first server in the list; if no response, it went to second name, and so forth.

Second, from the website DNSreport , I ran a report and it shows multiple errors for my website (pmtrainingmaster). Some are: lame name servers and missing name servers. I have no idea what that means, since my registrar does have the correct name servers.

Can someone explain what is going on, and how I can safely eliminate the mirror site entirely and go back to only one ISP? Thanks very much -- any help will be greatly appreciated.

A:Domain name problem - internet goes to mirror site, not the primary

Clear your browser cache. The changes are not always immidiate either once you make the change. They do not always go to the order they are on the registrars listing, in some cases the shortest route is taken.

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I can't figure out how to make a mirror image in win8. I remember in win7 I could just type "Recovery" and select "Create mirror image" but that doesn't work in win8.

A:How do I make a mirror image in windows 8?

I think the wording has changed but here is what I think you are looking.

System Image - Create in Windows 8[1]=Backup%20Restore

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I was wondering, can I make a new e-mail address and export contents of a much used current address as a backup in case that one is invaded?


A:Can I make a mirror of an old and much used e-mail address?


It sounds as if you are talking about backing up locally on your computer your email client profile and its contents (especially the old emails)?

If so, for starters, it would help if you could tell us please, what email client (e.g. Outlook or Thunderbird, etc.) and what version of that client you are using?


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I have 2 HDD's in my tower with only one being used so I want to create a mirror image on the 2nd drive to protect my data, even though an off board backup HDD is the normal method to backup data. Can this be accomplished? How do I do it?

Windows 7 PRO 64 bit

A:How do I make a mirror HDD copy with 2 HDD's in my tower?

If you purchase a Seagate, WD or Maxtor, you can get the Acronis Trueimage software (free) and make an image of your OS and

put it on your 2nd internal hdd.

If you need to recover your OS ( including programs, updates, etc) you can do it with a few clicks.

You can also use Easeus for free and any hdd will work.

Seagate - DiscWizard | Seagate

WD - WD Support

Easeus - EASEUS Todo Backup Free 6.0 Download for Windows / FileHorse.com

If downloading the Easeus program, make sure to click "custom" to eliminate all the garbage they would like to include (changing browsers, search engines, etc.)

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Good morning all. I have a brand new HP desktop with Win7. The HD is very noisy and i want to make a mirror image of my HDD that as time goes along i can continue backing up as i add pictures, favorites etc. I would hate to have to make backup DVD's every week or so. My questions are:

1) Do i HAVE to have aftermarket (paid) software to do this?
2) Can i just use a suitable sized external HD, utilizing the built in backup program built into my PC's Windows 7 OS?

I would rather pay for an external HDD rather than for software i may need support from to get back up and running. If my HDD fails, as soon as i install the new HDD i want to be able to very quickly upload the mirror image to the new drive and be off.

Comments, thoughts, opinions wanted!

A:Best way to make mirror images of your HDD you can continue backups on


You definately do not require paid software, so spend any money on a good external HDD.

For user data, you could try this:

Download: SyncToy 2.1 - Microsoft Download Center - Download Details

For full system images, I recommend this:

Imaging with free Macrium


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Okay so I know this may be one of those pain in the butt tasks but If it can be done it will help out a lot.
I currently have Vista 64-bit installed on my computer. I have been using the computer at work because we needed one in a pinch and now its the work computer. This is changing, but very important info and files are on this drive and it will be so much easier to be able to just put the hard drive in a the new computer and run it as the primary. Problem is, obviously, different parts. We could just install it as a slave but then you have Vista on it for no reason, taking up valuable and needed space.
Is there a way to do this? maybe by installing the drivers for the new computer before the switch? I don't know...any help would be appreciated.

A:Moving your primary hard drive to a new computer to be used as a primary there too???

Originally Posted by Squa190

Okay so I know this may be one of those pain in the butt tasks but If it can be done it will help out a lot.
I currently have Vista 64-bit installed on my computer. I have been using the computer at work because we needed one in a pinch and now its the work computer. This is changing, but very important info and files are on this drive and it will be so much easier to be able to just put the hard drive in a the new computer and run it as the primary. Problem is, obviously, different parts. We could just install it as a slave but then you have Vista on it for no reason, taking up valuable and needed space.
Is there a way to do this? maybe by installing the drivers for the new computer before the switch? I don't know...any help would be appreciated.

well....if you have a different motherboard, your HDD wont be able to run the OS installed on it as primary...

just install it as a slave drive, im sure you can run a ''repair install'' on the drive & use it in a ''dual boot'' config.

if thats not possible, install it as a slave drive & simply delete the OS files leaving only your data on the disc..

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Hey guys,

I recently purchased a 640 GB WD Black Caviar SATA drive, and was able to install it (physcially) fine. It is now recognized from my computer, although my PC is still using my old drive as the primary drive. I just bought Norton Ghost to copy everything over. But after that, how do I make the WD drive my primary drive so that all activity work is done off of that.
Thanks guys,

A:How to make new HDD primary

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On my daughter's PC that has the motherboard BIOSTAR N61PB-M2S with a GPU on board (GeForce 6150SE nForce 430) works fine...

I was put PCIe GPU NT8500gt (from another PC it was working) when I connect monitor on that GPU I have no signal on it...

Where did I go wrong?

A:How to make PCI-e GPU primary (NT8500gt)

If you've loaded the drivers, check the BIOS to see if there's an option to select the Primary Display Adapter. That board has a single VGA port so the BIOS is probably set for that port.

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Hi. I have two keyboards loaded in Windows 8 Pro: US English , and US International. How do I make US International primary? The examples given always list English and Danish for instance, so you can move one up or down. But in my case, I always see one keyboard, even though both are active. Any ideas or tips? Thanks in advance.

A:Make a keyboard primary

I have exactly the same problem: did you ever manger to resolve this?

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I have two HDD's. One is an IDE HDD with Windows XP on it. The other is a SATA HDD with Windows 7 just recently installed on it. In the BIOS, it tells me that the IDE HDD is the primary HDD and it needs to be first in the Boot Device Priority - if I change this, I have an error on startup telling me that I need to change the Boot Device Priority, and this error only goes away if I make the IDE HDD first again.

What I want to do is to make my SATA HDD with Windows 7 be the Primary HDD, and for it to boot first. I want to disconnect my IDE HDD because I don't want to use Windows XP anymore, and want to purely use Windows 7 on my SATA HDD.

I tried (and failed) to use Powerquest Partition Magic to forcibly change the drive letter name on the IDE HDD from C: to something else, and to change the SATA HDD to C: but this change only works when I choose Windows XP on startup and then it subsequently fails to boot Windows XP - but choosing Windows 7 on startup works fine. This is because under Windows 7, the C: stays the IDE HDD unlike in Windows XP. I have another thread on this problem here: http://forums.techguy.org/windows-xp/897495-changed-c-lettering-now-wont.html#post7170482

I would really like to get to the bottom of this, and I have been working on this for hours. I have a good amount of tech experience, and I have googled this extensively but I can't find anything that addresses this particular problem and I seem to be at my wit's end. Any help is ver... Read more

A:How to make primary HDD with OS boot

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I am using Dell XPS 7000 series. And it has UEFI for booting. I want to make the external monitor as my primary. May i know if there is any way to do it.

A:Make my external monitor as primary

What is the exact system model? 
Assuming you have Win 10 OS installed, kindly review these links to set the external display to primary.
Link 1 | Link 2
Hope this helps.
Also, please click my DELL-username and write me a private message with the service tag and your Name for case records.
Let us know if you have any other queries.

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How do you make an external display connected to a Z61m the primary display? It defaults to thikpad's flatpanel as the primary display. Reason is I'm doing a PPT presentation with embedded video and the embedded video will only display to the flatpanel, not the projector which is where I need it to go.

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At the end of each semester, I typically restore my primary laptop (Asus G1S) to the factory default settings. I realize that this isn't technically necessary, but there's something psychologically pleasing about a freshly installed operating system. It's somewhat like returning to a hotel room in the afternoon after the maid has tidied up. The bed is made, the bathroom is stocked with clean towels, and the free water bottles have been replenished.

I'm currently downloading the Windows Seven installation files, and have been reading through various guides. Many writers recommend partitioning one's hard drive to permit a dual boot. However, since I've just restored my system completely, I would rather just turn the entire thing over to Windows 7 without any Vista remnants clogging up the machine. If things go south, I can always unpack the restore disks and revert to the factory default state.

Is this advisable and possible? Can I completely wipe out Windows Vista and turn my machine entirely over to Windows 7?


A:Possible to make Windows 7 primary partition?

this website

How-To: Install Windows 7 RC as a Dual Boot, Over Vista, or From Scratch | Maximum PC

lays out how to do that Aaron.

along your line of questioning, though, I'd like to know if I'd be able to restore my computer to factory defaults (Vista) if I were to install Windows 7 on top of my current OS. If my computer were to have a problem as it is, I could always go to the backup/restore center and, with my discs, return it to factory settings.....is that possible after doing a clean install of this new OS?

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Hi All, i got 2 hdd. previously first hdd was my primary. recently i bought a new hard disk. so i clone 1st hdd image into the new one that i just bought. I then put the one that i just bought as the primary. In other words i swap the hdd between both. When i try to boot up. it still boot up the 2nd hdd anyone know why ? can advise me on this ?

A:How To Make new hdd that you just bought as primary bootable

Quote: Originally Posted by junqi89

Hi All, i got 2 hdd. previously first hdd was my primary. recently i bought a new hard disk. so i clone 1st hdd image into the new one that i just bought. I then put the one that i just bought as the primary. In other words i swap the hdd between both. When i try to boot up. it still boot up the 2nd hdd anyone know why ? can advise me on this ?

You need to post your Disk Management with the columns expanded so we can read all of the print. Use your Snipping Tool to do this. If you need instructions, read this tutorial. Screenshots and Files - Upload and Post in Seven Forums

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Hello and thanks for a great forum. This is my first post since I am a brand new Windows 8.1 user as of a couple of days ago. I have recently updated to Windows 8.1 and am enjoying it. I have been adjusting defaults to my liking easily enough. But I am having trouble with one small item in my dual monitor setup.

In the Taskbar and Navigation properties, I have unchecked the setting "Show Start on the display I'm using when I press the Windows logo key". This does what I want in regard to always displaying Start on my primary monitor regardless of which screen I am working on when I click the Windows logo key. But if I try using Win+S to open the Search bar (or one of the other search hotkeys as well) while a window on the secondary monitor is active it opens on the right side of that secondary screen instead. Any other time, the Search bar opens on the primary monitor as expected. I'm hoping there is a way to make the Search bar always dock to the right side of my primary monitor as well, but I haven't found how yet.

Has anyone else solved this already or is this something I need to learn to live with? I appreciate any feedback. Thank you.

A:How do I make Search bar appear on primary monitor only?

Hi jgarcia, welcome to Windows EightForums!

Actually, if you press the Windows key to bring up the Start screen and just start typing the search bar should always come up as you desire.

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I have this laptop running windows xp that has a video out on the back. It seems that I can only figure out how to extend the desktop to a secondary monitor.

What I am trying to do is make the secondary monitor my primary monitor. It seems that the secondary monitor has that option grayed out in the display settings area.

Is there a way to make the secondary monitor my primary one? Thanks.


A:How to make attached monitor the Primary

Usually hotkeys are used like for mine Fn+F5 pressing them changes whether two displays one display etc.I guess you know you have to have the TV plug in and on and then reboot you PC.Display settings is the best place to look.It could be that your video card won't do that but I doubt that.If it's working on the external monitor try the hotkeys

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My system was dual booting Windows 8 and Windows 7. I have deleted the Windows 7 option from the msconfig of Windows 8. Now the system boots automatically into Windows 8 with no problems.
However, I am confused if I did it the right way. If I delete/format the Windows 7 partition through Windows 8, will it cause any problems?
Also, I found that Windows 7 partition is marked as primary, while the Windows 8 is logical. I am pasting a screenshot of my disk management configuration :

Windows 8 is in C Drive (You can see that its logical)
Windows 7 was in E Drive
There is also a 2.50 GB Simple Basic FAT32 partition with status as - Healthy (System, Active, Primary Partition) - What is this?

Thanks in advance...

PS: I do have EasyBCD 2.2 and MiniTool Partition Wizard Server Edition Installed. The latter is not able to modify C drive and set it as primary.

A:How to make the Windows 8 partition as primary?

Welcome to EightForums.

You can only have three primary Partition on a MBR setup.

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I just hooked up my 32" 1080p HDTV to my laptop via HDMI and want to figure out how to make the TV my default monitor. I've installed UltraMon and fooled around with it a bit, and neither there or in my ATI control panel does it seem possible. Any help?

A:trying to make HDTV primary monitor

It can't be the "default" monitor on a laptop. You should be able to switch the primary and secondary displays, but you'll probably have to do it every time you boot up.

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So currently my gigabyte motherboard has 2-1TB drives in a mirror raid as my secondary drive for data storage and 1 250GB single drive for my OS. In the BIOS I have the setting set to RAID for my hard drives, which I set this after I loaded windows when I first started, but now my 250GB single OS drive needs to be reloaded, but my XP disc will not see the drive since I have it set to RAID. I'm having trouble loading the raid drivers from gigabyte and I thought it would be easier to set the hard drives to AHCI mode and unplug my 2-1TB drives, reload windows on the 250 then plug my 2-TB drives back up then switch the BIOS back to RAID, but I am worried that this will mess up my RAID on my 2-1TB drives?? I would hate to experiment and lose the data on those drives. Will switching modes mess up my RAID???

A:Gigabyte Mirror Raid on backup drive need to reinstall XP on single OS drive question

Pull the drives off the system, do whatever you need to do to get XP installed. When that is working, change the settings to RAID, then reconnect the mirror.

It's best to install XP with nothing else on the system anyways, otherwise you risk having XP decide to install your O/S on drive "D:".

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I have a new HP Probook 440 G3 Base model. I want to know how i can install new SSD drive by myself. Will there be any warrenty issue if i do it by my self. Thank you

A:new SSD installation and Make it primary boot device

Hi, From the following manual, yes, you can replace yourself:       http://h10032.www1.hp.com/ctg/Manual/c04825510.pdf But, warranty is a grey area, if nothing went wrong then you will be ok. The book also shows you how. Regards.

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 however i have a VGA monitor so will it be better to get a HDMI or DMI addaptor?btw... i did a system scan and i got a warning about both the R7 and the R9 video memory. what dose it mean and how do i correct it? thank you

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I've downloaded the Nvidia driver from the HP website and tried to install it. The driver successfully installed, but the other options are failed to be installed. (The nVidia control panel is available in the systray, but there is a rather limited options to set: mostly related to the physix engine.) Also I've found no way to define which GPU will be the default. In older computers, the bios has options to set the primary GPU, but as far as I see, the accessible BIOS features of this notebook is minimal.) My questions are: (1) how to install HP Nvidia driver (sp78630.exe)? (2) How to make the geForce as my primary GPU?  

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I posted a thread for quite some time about our laptop having issues with its own screen. Now it's fixed, I was wondering how we could make our external monitor as primary. The screen doesn't work now but the laptop is usable.

We plugged in a VGA adapter to a monitor and it shows up. It starts on the "Welcome" screen. I would want to know how we can see from boot, the logo, "Windows is starting"(i think that was it), etc.
Thanks in advance.

A:How do I make external monitor as primary for laptop?

On some laptops, if you have an external screen plugged in, both the LCD screen and the External screen will show the POST, Starting Windows, and then the login screen. Some laptops do not, as the external could be only ran by the Operating system. I used to have an old Acer Aspire 5536 with Windows 7 Home Premium x64, and I would have an external screen plugged in for gaming. My system always booted from the primary, and never showed on the external until Windows was booted.

You can set it as your primary in Windows, but not as primary in the BIOS, unless there is a setting to change that.

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Started with Windows and apps successfully running on Disk 0 (1TB Seagate). Bought an exact duplicate HDD, recognized as Disk 1. Followed instructions and used Windows Disk Manager to convert Disk 0 to Dynamic, and configured as a mirror with Disk 1. Everything still worked perfectly. Physically disconnected Disk 0 to test booting from the Disk 1 mirror. Boot failed, and upon reconnecting Disk 0, the PC rebooted (from Disk 0), but mirror was broken.

THEN, my error, instead of properly re-establishing the mirror, I "imported" Disk 1. PC still boots (from Disk 0), but now Disk 1 appears with a drive letter, and Disk Manager does not offer the option to break nor re-establish the mirror. What steps must I take to re-establish the mirror?

Neither Seagate DiscWizard nor the Dell Backup utility seem to work with the dynamic disks. The running application is mission critical, so I hesitate to use "unbranded" utilities.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

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Mirror to Mirror Ghost drive, in case of HD failure:

I want a secondary drive in my PC such that,
it is exactly Ghost copy ( mirror to mirror ) of my primary drive including programs and all operating soft wares )
and it copies every once, in a month, to keep it updated
so that when the primary drive has crash / fails,
I can simply replace with the other one,
and computer will start working normally without any problem.

How this can be achieved?

Is it possible that Norton Ghost Utility can do that?

What is the best program for this? Anyone has done it?

The copy program should not use any window utility files
in order to make mirror to mirror copy of the primary drive.

I am dying for this kind of facility.
Pl. suggest me this remedy, about how it can be achieved, and which is the best software for this.

HD are pretty cheaper now a days.
Pl. narrate yr experiences in this regards.


A:Mirror 2 Mirror - Ghost Copy of a HD, in case of a failure !

Why not buy a RAID card -- unless your motherboard already supports RAID. You can run two drive in RAID 1 configuration (mirrored), and if one drive fails you can continue to use your computer. After you replace the failed drive, you can have the RAID array rebuild (re-mirror) to the new, empty drive.

Using a RAID 1 configuration, you are always backed up. The only drawback is if you have a file corruption problem or a virus -- then it would be on both drives.

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Had to remove and re-install Symantec AV 10 because of various functionality problems.

Have re-installed the Symantec System Center Console and the AV part. The problem I have is that when you go into the console the option for Make Server a Primary Server is greyed out.

Does anyone know how to sort this out? The only help I found on the Symantec web site wasn't too helpful. It went on about copying the pki key over from the old server. I don't have one to copy.

Got no-where with Symantec phone support - what a bunch of robots. Never even got to the point where I could even ask the above question! I wouldn't choose this product myself, but must get this sorted out for the customer.

Please help. Thanks.

A:Solved: Problem with Symantec AV 10 - Can't make a primary server

The Console is version:

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Is there a way I can fdisk it. I've tried and it says "No fixed disk present" Help please.

Thank you

A:[SOLVED] Arrrgh forgot to make a primary dos partition!!!

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Hello, i recently upgraded my windows 7 to windows 8 professional 64bit and after that my primary display adapter became intel graphics 3000 HD and my other display adapter amd radeon 7470 HD shown code 43 error. I rolled back the intel display adapter, which now is Intel HD Graphics Family (Microsoft Corporation - WDDM 1.2) and installed catalyst control center which made the code 43 error disappear.
I went to check it again and i noticed that now I have intel graphics 3000 HD again and no error on my the amd one.

However if i go to screen resolution, on advanced settings i notice my laptop is still not using the amd graphic card.
How do i change it?

A:How do i make amd radeon 7400M my primary display adapter?

That's is exactly my case after 14.9 version update

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So I can't access the boot menu to load windows installation disk from drive or usb, I've tried all the keys from the startup and I can't even go into windows installation disk to repair my MBR.

I also can't make my primary partition active through disk management or CMD, when I try, the option is grayed out for me.

In CMD, it simply says: "The selected disk is not a fixed MBR disk. The ACTIVE command can only be used on fixed MBR disks, so I'm assuming my MBR is corrupted. But I can't fix my MBR without going into the boot menu so I'm lost here.

Note: I can still reformat the computer by loading it from windows but not from the startup.

A:Can't access boot menu and can't make primary partition active

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My old hard drive died and I had to get a new one.

On my old drive, I stored a lot of things like word documents on the D drive to save space. When I went to look at the D drive now, it seems like it is a mirror of the C drive.

I'm confused

Any help is appreciated, thanks.


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Is it possible to mirror the C drive? I have an external HD I want to use and I've created an NTFS partiton on the external drive but when I right click on the C drive or the partition on the external HD it doesn't give me the option to Add Mirror. I'm running 8.1 Pro.

A:Mirror the C drive?

Yes. Plenty of software out there to do it. Clonezilla, EaseUS Todo, etc..

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Today I noticed an extra drive under My Computer. After some investigation it turns out that the drive is a Mirror of one of my usb drives. I tested this by creating a txt doc on the drive and it shows up on the mirror. I also tried it the other way (create a txt file on the mirror) and it also shows up.

How do I get rid of it?

I have been searching around a bit. Tried Mountvol. It will get rid of it but the mirror pops back up when I reboot.

I recently hooked up this drive to my Dish DVR but the drive goes to sleep and the DVR doesnt like that so I put it back on my computer. I deleted the partitons and rebuilt the drive with vista. I think this is the problem but fdisk /mbr does not work under vista.

There may be something that I am completely forgetting and being stupid about but I cant figure it out.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.


A:Mirror Drive

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Someone told me that If you get 2 identical hard drives, you can mirror them and have your main one automatically copy everything you do to it onto the second, so that if the first one burns out the mirror (the second HD) will automatically boot and act as the primary until I can replace the old one. Is this true? If so, how would I go about doing it? Its worth an extra 75 bucks for a 320gig drive to save all my stuff in case of a burnout. Thanks.

A:Hard Drive Mirror?

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Looking for the best app to use to mirror a new clean XP SP3 installation from one internal HD to another. I just spent a day getting my new drive installed with all of the updates and apps I run. I would love to mirror the entire drive (files & OS) to make future recovery easier.

Any suggestions for freeware or otherwise. Thanks ~ Darryl

A:Best App to Mirror one internal drive to another?

Acronis True Image: http://www.acronis.com/ - not free, but the bestFree alternatives:- Macrium Reflect: http://www.macrium.com/ReflectFree.asp (highly recommended)- DriveImage XML: http://www.runtime.org/driveimage-xml.htm- SelfImage: http://www.excelcia.org/modules.php?name=N...icle&sid=21- Paragon Drive Backup: http://www.paragon-software.com/home/db-express/

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I searched but I can't find the same issue. I know how to reconnect a drive in a Mirror raid when the previous has failed, then the system will copy all files and rebuild the Mirror.
But my problem is the following:

- I had on Mirror raid consisting of 2 identical drives, for data security.
- Yesterday, I put a new drive in the system (not for the Raid array, just a regular one for other purposes)
- I had to rearrange all the drives inside the pc and redo all the wiring and plugging.
- When I started Windows, it said one of my two raid drives was missing and that the redudancy failed. I thought the drive was dead but it wasn't.

- I actually right clicked on it in disk management and did a "reactivate volume", then the drive went back online and worked, it doesn't seem to be damaged at all and is marked at "healthy". I did a quick scandisk and everything is fine.

- Now my raid Mirror is broken, I have the 2 drives but they aren't connected together.
- They are still marked as "dynamic" while being separated.
- When I right-right on one of them I don't have any option to reconnect them into a Mirror. Extend volume" and "add a Mirror" are greyed out.

I seem to be stuck. Any idea of what should I do?

Thank you for helping.

A:How to re-mirror a drive to RAID

We see nothing but problems here with RAID ever since Win7 beta. Not a single good report of RAID, almost daily reports of disasters. It isn't even redundant - the very first letter of it's name! - since users often lose everything when a drive fails or crashes.

You are best off to unRAID your drives and install Win7 to the fastest drive, or to an SSD which is the best upgrade you can possibly have - even better than buying a new PC without one. Then after install add back and format the other drive(s) for storage, data and the all important and reliable backup images taken just after install and setup and then regularly.

Then focus on doing a perfect Clean Reinstall Windows 7.

I wish I had better news for you, but it is not something I mess with because it only gets worse, never better, compared to the perfect installs we have helped millions get here.

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My primary HDD was failing so I backed it up and replaced it with a larger 1TB drive.  After reinstalling everything the new drive is displaying the same size as my old drive and the extra space available is unallocated.  I can allocate it as
a separate drive but I find that annoying and would prefer to just have my primary C: drive show up with all of the available space.  I formatted the extra space and made it available separately as drive G hoping that I could EXPAND drive C but that option
is not highlighted as selectable on drive C for some reason.  Should I just live with this extra space or is there a way to easily combine C and the new G space?

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This is the situation, I want to map and mirror a Netgear Stora network drive from a office to a home server that has XP 64-Bit installed on it. Is it possible to do this without there being a server/computer at the office side, so basically the server at home connects straight to the network drive in the office without the need of a intermediary device. Well I know it still has to go through the router obviously at the office side but I just want it to be able to copy the data off the network drive without the need of a online computer in the office. I've been looking into using a VPN to set this up but this apparently still needs a server to connect to at the other end before it can connect to the network drive.

So is it possible for me to do this without the need of the server at the office end and if it is what 3rd party software would be able to do this or is there some manual set up needed?

If anyone can shed any light on this it would be greatly appreciated.

A:Mirror network drive over Internet

I know little about this, but I would first read the documentation for the Netgear Stora network drive to see if it supports internet access.

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So there is a NAS setup in my basement, that has all of my personal photos/videos/documents ect ect, and i am wanting to mirror a specific folder on that NAS to a drive on my own computer. Does windows have this sort of software or do i have to download a 3rd party program to do this?

A:How to mirror a drive/folder on the network to my own PC?

I have used SyncToy to do that kind of thing, but I do not know whether it can do that automatically or always needs to be started manually:

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Greetings to all,

I was wondering if someone can tell me what programs are out there that would allow me to mirror one connected hard drive to another. I am not looking for raid but rather an exact one time copy of a hard drive. I am not looking to do this in Windows (as in Acronis and Norton Ghost) so much as looking to boot off a floppy or cd or what have you to do this task. Any thing like that out there?



A:Mirror Hard Drive Software?

Look up Hiren's Boot CD. It has a bunch of imaging tools. All you gotta do it pop it in, boot from CD and select the software you want to use. One of the handiest CDs I have at work.

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So, I installed windows 7 ultimate with 2 drives. I'm running on a MB with an AHCI (ICH10R SATA controller - No extra drivers needed. Win7 sees the drives fine during install). It did the normal thing on 1 drive of making a system reserved partition with all the bootmgr and BCD stuff. I'm not able to mirror it. But, I was able to mirror the main installation partition.

Forward a few days - Drive 1 (the one with the "System" (BCD and bootmgr) and the main installlation) dies. Now I have another drive with just the main installation. Of course, I can't boot anymore.

OK, I think - I'll add the missing boot files to the still working drive. I boot the install CD, go into a CMD prompt. Break the mirror, and make the working partition standalone. I copy bootmgr onto the drive's root, create a "Boot" folder. A run diskpart and mark the partition as active. I run bootrec/rebuildbcd (which works and finds my installation), bootrec/fixmbr (also works) and bootrec/fixboot (also works). Great, so now I can boot?

Wrong. I just get a blinking cursor on trying to boot. I've run through the GUI repair, and still no go. I cannot figure out what's missing.

So, the bottom line is - If you're using a mirror thinking you're safe - Think again. Your data will be safe, but forget ever booting that installation again (

A:Mirror is useless if first drive fails

In order to actually have a mirror you must set the BIOS to RAID and create a RAID1 array with the two drives. Then everything is duplicated.

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