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Thunderbird emails disappeard from check disk utility

Q: Thunderbird emails disappeard from check disk utility

Recently, I have had Windows XP's check disk utility come up during start up and run through the disks to check for corruption. Every time, it would just scan and be ok. Yesterday however, after my computer was on stand by, I tried to open up thunderbird to check my emails when I got the corrupt file windows message. I restarted and the check utility came up again..this time a lot of messages popped up saying that it was "fixing" the disks etc. When I got back into windows and opened up thunderbird..my entire inbox was gone. Everything else with thunderbird is there instead of the inbox. The check disk is still coming up on startup.

Can I recover my inbox? Thank you.

Preferred Solution: Thunderbird emails disappeard from check disk utility

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Thunderbird emails disappeard from check disk utility

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Last time I asked a complicated, general question. This one is extremely specific. I hope that will be less annoying.

I recently migrated to Thunderbird from the Outlook Express I had on my 12-year-old computer. Thunderbird definitely does have the correct settings for my account; it successfully checks for and downloads new messages every time I open the program. However, despite being set to check for new messages every 10 minutes, it never does. I can verify this by going to my ISP website and finding emails that have been waiting there for a lot longer than 10 minutes. Even manually clicking Get Messages does no good. But if I close Thunderbird and re-open it, then it does download the waiting messages.

It seems to send messages I write immediately. It's not like it can't send OR receive. It simply won't receive.

In case you doubt I have it set correctly, I have attached a screenshot of the settings page. I don't think it includes any confidential information. Incidentally, the way I am used to taking a screenshot didn't work. I found an article that claimed there are many ways to make a screenshot http://www.digitalcitizen.life/4-ways-take-screenshots-windows-8-81-using-built-tools and none of them worked either -- until I tried the Snipping Tool. What happened to good old fashioned "Print Screen"??? But that would be a different question.

For now -- what on earth can be wrong with Thunderbird that it checks for new email successful... Read more

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I like to do what I can to keep my system running smoothly
Presently I use CCleaner and ATF to trash unwanted files.
The Windows Disk Clean up utility says I can increase my storage capacity by 80Gig.
I am a bit concerned about using Disk Clean up because it may get rid of something I need. I know how to use the utility but how should I proceed without screwing up my system. Can someone who know and uses this utility give me some guidance on how to best approach this? The utility does not tell you exactly what you are deleting.
I am using Vista
One of the reasons why I am doing this is because I have some pretty long boot up times. I am doing everything I can to speed things up.
other info
Suspended/Paused File Cleaner @ 4Gig

Former Windows Installation @ 72.1 Gig (I did have XP Pro on this mother board before but I thought I wiped it clean)

Temporaly Windows Intall Files @ 3.8Gig

The others do not go over 1MB, so i do not list them unless you really want to know.

thanks for your help in advance

A:Check Disk Utility

There's very little, if anything, you can delete using the Disk Cleanup that will do any harm, that's what it's for, to get rid of unneeded files and stuff you no longer need. You can safely delete those you listed and probably all the others also, however you can list them if you're still apprehensive.

As for the slow boots, what do you have starting when the computer boots? Run 'msconfig', go to the Startup tab and look at what is checked. NOTHING has to start at reboot, but generally you want your security features to start (firewall, anti-virus, anti-spyware) since you would activate them anyway.

Post back if you are unsure about something.

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Hi, I was running Spyware Doctor and a window came up on the toolbar at the bottom of the screen that a file is corrupted and I need to run the check disk utility. Can someone tell me how to do that?

Sharon Hanna

A:How To Run The Check Disk Utility

Go to Start...Run...and type in "chkdsk.exe /r" (without the quotes) and presse Enter.

A black window will pop up saying that it can't do it now. Then it'll ask you if you want to do it on the next reboot. Answer "Y" and press Enter

Then reboot your system - Checkdisk will run when the system reboots.

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This is a repeat of my same question from 2 days ago. I haven't gotten any answers and would like to ask it again.

I'm running XP Home and try to run CHKDSK /F at least once every three days, to keep the disk in good shape and trouble free. I also defragment on a daily basis.

When DSKCHK /F runs, it's supposed to display a blue screen with a progress dialogue. That dialogue is helpful, because it also indicated which files are errant.

For some reason, I've stopped seeing that blue screen and when I run CHKDSK /F lately, the monitor remains black.

Can anyone offer advice on how I can fix this, other than reformatting?

THANKS !!!!!!!!

A:Check Disk utility in XP

Have you tried chkdsk /v /f ?

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I dont know what is wrong with my pc there is no viruses for shure i ran AVG Ad aware and mcafee. I want to do a disk check. I try and then i restart and the ibm tinkpad screen comes up and then the xp screen and after that it goes blank like the monitor is off. Like if you had no ram in. You know but it sounds like it is doing something so i wait and wait and nothing happend. Then i restart and ms dos comes up and and does a ram check and it says ram passed and some other checks of other things. This must mean that i interupted the disk check but what is going on? I am sorry my pc is such a peice of crap!!!! Help? Thank you oh and i was wondering how to do a cover up like by typing it into my run utility with the windows cd in so that it will replace files that are missing maybie that would work?

A:Disk Check Utility

CHKDSK in run will run a disk check, i had simlar come up on my laptop it was doing a diskcheck and i just canceled it and did it when i was on my desktop by doing what i said above. That should make it stop

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I've just bought a new 1 TB WD green drive which I will be using to store important data. It will be backed up but I'd still like to feel confident about the new drive. (The first one I got was bad right away, had to RMA it.) I read about a Linux utility called "badblocks -svw" that checks a hard drive for errors and which is supposed to be much more thorough than Windows default scandisk utility. Is this true? Is there a Windows 3rd party utility that is as thorough as the Linux one?


A:Best Windows Disk Check Utility?

On windows the best utility your gonna get is Spinrite. You can run spinrite in maintenance mode and it will read and write every sector on your drive. If there is any problem with the drive Spinrite will find it.

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Under what circumstances would I use the Check Disk (chk disk) utility? I frequently defrag, scan for viruses, make sure I have the latest Windows Updates and use the disk cleanup utility.

My Son was trying to sync his IPod from ITunes and at a certain point it froze and a drop down window indicated there was a possible error on the disk and suggested he run the Check Disk Utility. It then dawned on me that I don't recall ever using this utility and wonder if it is something I should invoke on a regular basis or just when a potential problem occurs as referenced above?

A:Solved: Why Use Check Disk Utility?

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I have some problems on my disk and I always get the message asking to run chkdsk.

using the command prompt, I can run chkdsk but for runnig it on C it asks me to restart and then chkdsk will be scheduled to run automatically then, so far so good...but the problem is that when restarting chkdsk is never run. In fact I restart...and just when chkdsk is supposed to start the computer restarts again....and then I am back to windows without chkdsk run.

And I would like to mention that I have a linux ubuntu installed on the machine also..and there is the GRUB boot loader and to start windows I choose windows XP from a list given by GRUB...

Is it possible that GRUB prevents chkdsk from running...any suggestions for fixing this...

Thanks in advance...

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Recently, I have had Windows XP's check disk utility come up during start up and run through the disks to check for corruption. Every time, it would just scan and be ok. Yesterday however, after my computer was on stand by, I tried to open up thunderbird to check my emails when I got the corrupt file windows message. I restarted and the check utility came up again..this time a lot of messages popped up saying that it was "fixing" the disks etc. When I got back into windows and opened up thunderbird..my entire inbox was gone. Everything else with thunderbird is there instead of the inbox. The check disk is still coming up on startup.

Can I recover my inbox? Thank you.

A:Window's check disk utility giving me problems...

Probably not. Chkdsk does a good job of shreading corrupt files when it finds them and can't repair them. But chkdsk /r will try to recover any information it finds in bad clusters on the drive.

If you have the XP CD, run chkdsk /r from the Recovery Console and see what the results say about bad sectors. But by whatever means, you should check your drive, just in case, before it fails on you.

Free Hard Drive Testing Applications:

Manufacturer's Tests
Victoria for DOS
Victoria for Windows (Both versions of Victoria are among the best and most thorough tests available.)
HD Tune
CheckDisk 1.03 (Marks bad sectors as unusable.)
HDAT2 (Diagnostics and bad sector recovery)
MHDD Low-level Diagnostics
Bootable Hitachi Drive Fitness Test Floppy or CD Image (works on most drives)

Hard Drive Manufacturers' Diagnostic Utilities Links:


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Hi everyone

At first I had two Drives, C and D and I wanted to extend my C drive so I used "Disk Management". I shrunk my D drive but I couldn't add that unallocated space to my C drive so I boot up from a CD named "Hiren's Boot CD 10.1" and used a utility for that purpose. it showed a few messages about fixing errors of my hard disk and unfortunately I selected "Fix".
When restarted my laptop, unfortunately I saw that my D drive disappeard but fortunately my C drive and windows are good ...

So now I really don't know to do what ...

Please help me, my life depends on it

A:My Disk Drive Disappeard

Hi, welcome to the forums

Can you post a picture of your Disk Management? Just click then right-click Computer, select Manage then click Disk Management.

Do you have an Unallocated partition showing? If so you can create a simple volume. If you had data on it that you need then you may want to try Partition Find & Mount to recover the data.

You can only extend from left to right unless using other software like Paragon
More info in the following tutorials

Partition or Volume - Shrink
Partition or Volume - Extend
Partition or Volume - Create New
Partition or Volume - Delete

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I periodically get notices from Win7 that I need to run the disk check utility. This is usually after a BSOD. These events have been occurring from the day I bought this laptop and I have posted them here in the past.

This time, the disk check utility changed names on at least 12 files. I don't know WHAT files, because the utility said the file names were corrupted.

After the reboot, I found that my Libraries were missing from the file manager. My Documents, Pictures, Videos and Music were gone. If I looked by clicking on C: and then navigating to them, I could find them, but the file manager could not.

Also, clicking on the Start button, then All Programs, gave me an empty screen. All the shortcuts were gone. Many of the shortcuts on my Task Bar are missing their Icons, but they work.

Many of my music files will not play because the file extension is now m4p. Changing the file extension to mp3 or mp4 does not work, the system sees them as an unknown file type.

I ran Microsoft Security Essentials, a FULL SCAN, and it scanned about 86,000 files. That was all it could find.

I have attached images that show the start menu and virus scan results as well as the usual dump files. The images show a black desktop, but I corrected that by re-choosing the custom theme I had made.

I tried to use Restore, but the restore points have dissapeared, and I cannot restore to before this event.


A:Disk check utility changed file names, now I got problems.

Try this first:
SFC /SCANNOW Command - System File Checker

Then try this:
Icon Cache - Rebuild

Then try running Malwarebytes:
Malwarebytes : Free anti-malware, anti-virus and spyware removal download

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Hello all, I'm a rookie on this board and I'm desperately trying to fix my computer. HOpefully some experts can give me some hope.

My computer freezes quite often, it just happens to freeze randomly even when I was doing nothing on the computer. So I researched on the issue and happend to found a recommendation to run disk defrag and run Check Disk Utility.

Just an hour ago, I ran the "check disk utility" against my C: (where OS is installed). It said It can't be ran since C: is in use but I was able to schedule it to run before computer starts up the next time.

So I did and check disk operated on my next restart. It took quite a while and froze in the middle of the check disk. So I was forced to restart the computer and it re-check the disk again. THis time it deleted a lot of files/security objects? (like a 1000 of these things were deleted) and then re-written again and replaced with other objects. (I'm sorry I didn't take note what these objects are but theere were a lot)

Then it continued the check disk and finished. Now when VISTA started up, I logged in as usual but it turned into a black screen with only the cursor and a dialog box (Error Loading NVCPL.dll. Access Denied)

I can't log back in. But it seems like everything is still there since the HDD partition with VISTA in it still shows my previous size.

How can I repair this!? such that I don't have to reformat my OS...

I need help desperately...thanks in advance..... Read more

A:[Severe Desperation] VISTA won't log-in after Check Disk Utility (Error loading ... )

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Home, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2410M CPU @ 2.30GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 42 Stepping 7
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 4010 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics 3000, 1813 Mb
Hard Drives: C: 582 GB (512 GB Free); D: 13 GB (7 GB Free);
Motherboard: Dell Inc.,
Antivirus: Windows Defender, Enabled and Updated
Thunderbird just now started to NOT receive new emails and NOT send emails. 1) When trying to receive new emails then a message pops up: "Sending of password for user, [email protected], did not succeed. Mail server, pop.att.yahoo.com, responded: Server error - please try again later". 2) When trying to send an email then a message pops up: "Login to account, 'AT&T', failed. Login to server, smtp.att.yahoo.com, with user name, [email protected], failed, Retry. Enter new password. Cancel." The following displayed when I clicked on TOOLS>ACCOUNT SETTINGS: 1) Server Settings>Server Type: POP Mail Server> Server Name: pop.att.yahoo.com>User Name: [email protected]>Server Settings: every item has a check mark EXCEPT, 'Fetch Headers Only'. 2) Outgoing .. "SMTP Server: AT&T - smtp.att.yahoo.com, Normal Password." I sure hope that I copied everything correctly for your perusal. This disruption occurred at the worst time as the hospital nurse called & indic... Read more

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I have a HDD that crashed recently and I need to pull my old email messages off the old hard drive (currently rigged as a slave drive, Vista is the OS) and put them on the new one.
I want to use Thunderbird on the new machine (as that's what I used before) can someone please give me an idiots guide on how to do this from start to finish?

A:ThunderBird Emails...

Thunderbird stores profiles the same way Firefox does.

Navigate to the following address on the slave drive:


Drag the profile folder (it's in the form of "xxxxxxxx.default", where xxxxxxxx is random numbers and letters) from the slave drive to the same location on the host drive. Your profile (and presumably all your emails) will now be on the host OS. I've done it with Firefox profiles before, but I assume it works the same way with Thunderbird. I checked Thunderbird on my netbook, and inside my profile folder (if you go deep enough) there is a small file named "Inbox" (I only have 2 emails in my inbox because I only used the program once).

Let me know if this works for you.

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I need help to restore them if possible. Thank you. stream.

A:Emails gone from inbox in Thunderbird 3.0.4

Didn't manage to inadvertently create a new profile did you? Have a look here,

Profile Manager - MozillaZine Knowledge Base

to see how to check, and see if that is what happened.

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i have thunderbird in which i have amny account in that i have lost my eamils which are very important mails and they are around 2000 mails so can any one help me plz

A:thunderbird emails lost

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Hi all,

I am needing to move some old emails that i have on my old pc on to my new computer that i have just got, i have had a look on Google and there are a few sites saying how to do it but they vary on their methods.

does anybody have a tutorial on how to do this?

Thank you


A:Move Thunderbird emails from pc to pc

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I would like to know how to delete individual emails and also all emails in mozilla thunderbird on my pc. I can already do it on my phone.

A:delete emails in thunderbird


Originally Posted by tony007

I would like to know how to delete individual emails and also all emails in mozilla thunderbird on my pc. I can already do it on my phone.

When you click on the e-mail, a box should open with delete in it. To delete all e-mails, select from the edit menu, "select all" and then click the delete button in the upper left hand corner of the mail toolbar. You can also delete by selecting the message and clicking delete in the mail toolbar. If you do not see the mail toolbar, go to "view" in the menu bar and click on toolbars and check "mail toolbar".

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Hello...Is it possible to copy some /all emails plus attachments from Thunderbird to CD to free up some space on my PC and Firefox. Thanks for any reply. Alan

A:Copying emails from Thunderbird to CD

Tutorial for TB2, but pretty much same goes for TB3: http://www.freeemailtutorials.com/mozillaThunderbird/backupRestore.cwd

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Hi, I'm a newbie so treat me nicely!

I've had Thunderbird two months now. Everything is going well until I switch on one day and all the emails that have been downloaded previous are corrupt. I can't see the content, they are either blank of have thousands of random letters. The only thing I can do is delete the emails. It has now happened twice in two months. Can anybody offer any advice? Thanks.


A:Thunderbird corrupting emails

How recently have you compacted your folders? Compacting is something that needs to be done regularly in any email program. We recommend weekly, but many of us do it daily. When done often enough, it can be an extremely fast process. Not doing so can lead to problems like those you are experiencing. See this about how to and why it's so important: Compacting folders - MozillaZine Knowledge Base

To avoid this happening again, see the tips in these articles:
Keep it working - Thunderbird - MozillaZine Knowledge Base
Performance - Thunderbird - MozillaZine Knowledge Base

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Since the summer, Thunderbird (Now on version 31.2) operating on Windows 7 has been repeatedly downloading from Yahoo any email that has an attachment. Deleting popstate.dat does not cure the problem, which is only overcome by logging into Yahoo and deleting the offending email from there. Apart from being the proverbial pain in the ***, all these repeats with attachments add significantly to my download allowance. I can find numerous instances on various forums of people having similar problems, but no offered cures, apart from the popstate.dat one.
Can anyone help?

A:Thunderbird and emails with attachments

No responses so far. Problem persists. Help appreciated.

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I have changed to thunderbird from wlm its ok but I prefer my latest emails to come in on top, how do I do this in thunderbird. thanks.

A:how to get latest emails on top thunderbird

Hi, see if this sorts it https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/questions/1027908

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My company just switched to at&t dsl. I have always used Mozilla Thunderbird without a problem. Since the switch I can receive but cannot send any emails (ymail.com or charter.net acounts) through thunderbird. When I try this is the message I receive....The message could not be sent because connecting to SMTP server smtp.charter.net failed. The server may be unavailable or is refusing SMTP connections. Please verify that your SMTP server setting is correct and try again, or else contact your network administrator. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

A:ThunderBird will not send emails

Did the POP and SMTP server names remain the same with the changeover? I would expect that smtp.charter.net might have been the prior ISP? Many ISPs do not allow use of their SMTP servers without validation to prevent them from being used as SPAM vehicals. You will either need to validate to charter or use the AT&T outgoing (SMTP) server. If that is the AT&T SMTP server, try using port 587 rather than port 25.

Your company's IT folks should be able to assist you.

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I recently opened Thunderbird and I was forced to create a new account via the wizard option. This had meant that I lost all my emails.
After reading several help options on Thunderbird I understand that my emails and profile are on my system but I am really confused how to get everything back. I know it is possible but I need it explained in layman terms. Can anybody help me with this.

Thanks in advance


A:Lost Emails in Thunderbird

Hello woodman,I've had this same experience some time ago, but now I know a lot more. Thunderbird creates a Profile folder and in it is a mail folder. What I'm not too certain about at this moment is if by creating your new account that you also created a new profile folder. That has likely happened. Whether or no, I'd suggest opening your current Thunderbird account and under both local folders and the main account area create one folder each with an odd name. Here's an image of this accomplished in Local Folders:This is strictly for identification purposes so you know you've got the right folders. I'd choose something near the top of the alphabet.Aardvark and AARP come to mind.Once you have done that, close Thunderbird.Now, here's where you get to navigate.My computer ==> Local Disk ==> Documents and Settings ==> Your user name on the computer (woodman?) ==> Application Data ==> Thunderbird ==> Profiles ==> MailIf you see more than one profile, open that profile and keep that window open, then do the navigation over again and open the OTHER profile. Resize your windows so that they are either side-by-side or one above and one below.Now, in each window, open the Mail folder. Inside that folder in each window, you will see a folder labeled Local Folders and a folder with your account name. In One window, open the Local folder. See if your odd named folder is in it. If it is, then you have your new account. If it isn't go back to the previous f... Read more

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I get notices of mails through thunderbird but with nothing in the body. For example, an ebay message from a potential buyer. I have to go to ebay and check messages to read it. The same happened with an answer from a seller to a question I asked about a product I wanted to buy on amazon. My other emails come in OK.

thanks, Frank

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Home, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-5020U CPU @ 2.20GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 61 Stepping 4
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 8097 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics 5500, 1024 Mb
Hard Drives: C: 419 GB (292 GB Free); D: 24 GB (24 GB Free); F: 1863 GB (0 GB Free);
Motherboard: LENOVO, Lenovo Edge 15
Antivirus: Windows Defender, Disabled

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I have changed to thunderbird from wlm its ok but I prefer my latest emails to come in on top, how do I do this in thunderbird. thanks.

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I would like to know how to delete individual emails and also all emails in mozilla thunderbird on my pc. I can already do it on my phone.

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All of my emails, folders, and accts are gone its as if I've never used thunderbird!

Is there any way to get them back? What happened?

A:i opened thunderbird and ALL of my emails are gone!


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How can I save my old thunderbird email so I can burn them on a disc? I know how to open windows folder and drag'n drop emails from the outlook inbox folder to the folder I created on my desktop. It does not work like this in Thunderbird. Any idea?

Thank you

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Ever since I tried an upgrade to Thunderbird 3.0 I've been unable to keep my emails on the comcast.net server. Reverting to a Thunderbird 2.0 version has not helped; I've tried uninstalling (deleting everything) and reinstalling, but it's just not working.

Because I'm frequently switching back and forth from my laptop to my desktop as I work, I like having the emails download into Thunderbird on my desktop but leaving them on the comcast/SmartZone server as well, since I can then access them on my laptop.

Ever since the Thunderbird 3.0 fiasco, the messages disappear from the SmartZone/comcast server once they've downloaded onto my hard drive. Apparently if you have an IMAP server you can uncheck the sync, but comcast only supports pop.

Any suggestions as to what I can do to put this back to the way it was before? If not, any suggestions for other free email clients that won't have the same problem with sync?

Appreciate any help you can provide. This has taken on a new urgency, since I'm going to have to be spending more time out of town with a sick parent.

A:[SOLVED] How do I unsync Thunderbird emails?

Account Settings:Server Settings:Check Leave Messages on Server

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I have had 3 Aol email accounts for years and used TB with them. When i created my first gmail address and included it with my AOL email accounts, I am greeted with this full 'page' Log in from Google. No matter how right I enter the info, i am always told that its incorrect. I have to go through the verification process code in order to read all my emails. Why does Google monopolize Thunderbird?

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I use TB 3.1 and Gmail. I don't have a spam folder in TB, (I thought I use to have but I don't anymore for whatever reason), but when I go to Gmail directly I find emails from certain sites I don't want to ignore. How can I keep certain emails from being recognized as spam when they are not. It seems to happen mostly wit email newsletters from one or 2 of by senders.
Can anyone help? I'd appreciate it.

A:How do I keep certain emails in Thunderbird from going into the spam folder

Take a look at the following: Using filters in Gmail.This should explain and help you do what you want.Gmail's filters allow you to manage the flow of incoming messages. Using filters, you can automatically label, archive, delete, star, or forward your mail, even keep it out of Spam -- all based on a combination of keywords, sender, recipients, and more.Bold is mine.

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Home, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2410M CPU @ 2.30GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 42 Stepping 7
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 4010 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics 3000, 1813 Mb
Hard Drives: C: 582 GB (508 GB Free); D: 13 GB (7 GB Free);
Motherboard: Dell Inc.,
Antivirus: Windows Defender, Enabled and Updated
Most of my outgoing Thunderbird emails contain annoying strange characters included after each sentence. How to fix? Thanks. Old submariner, John

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I just set up Thunderbird on my dad's machine, and all emails are going to the "trash" folder. I searched around settings, etc, but can't figure out how to set incoming emails to default to the inbox. Can someone tell me how to do this? Thanks.

A:Thunderbird: How can I get incoming emails to go to inbox?

By default email should go to Inbox, except the suspected spam Thunderbird sends to the Junk folder.

Did you set any message filters? Change any settings in 'folders and offline storage'?

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One of our workers received a new laptop, they were running XP with netscape mail 7.2, and now have a new Vista Business laptop.

I ultimately want to convert the user from using netscape to more common, supported email, so I suggested outlook 2007 or thunderbird 2.x with Lightning calendar and address book thing, until thunderbird 3 comes out with all that built in.

I've tried importing via the import tools, tried copying directly then just running the program, everything I tried doesn't seem to want to import his emails into either program.

I noticed there is no easy "export" settings/emails/address books from netscape to import it later... not even if it was the same version..

So, I backed up the entire profiles folder and tried dumping that in the same place, and still no luck.

Is there anything I can do to either get all the emails/settings into either thunderbird or outlook?

I've gotta tackle this again first thing tomorrow morning, so I appreciate the quick replies/solutions. thanks everyone

A:Converting emails from netscape to thunderbird help

Well you have the right idea... Export to an archive file. Import from the archive file.
There are plenty of instructions at www.mozilla.com unless that has changed recently.

Or use Eudora to import, then export to a file that Thunderbird will import.

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition, Service Pack 3, 32 bit
Processor: AMD Sempron(tm) , x86 Family 6 Model 8 Stepping 1
Processor Count: 1
RAM: 2047 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200 (Microsoft Corporation), 128 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 76308 MB, Free - 30101 MB; F: Total - 38143 MB, Free - 34976 MB; G: Total - 305242 MB, Free - 229397 MB;
Motherboard: , SiS-741, , UY7244216829
Antivirus: System Shield, Updated: Yes, On-Demand Scanner: Enabled

Would like to transfer my emails from thunderbird to windows mail. Also my emails continue to go to thunderbird even tho Windows mail is selected. Mail not arriving in Windows mail.

A:transferring emails from Thunderbird to windows

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TB3 will not accept my password. Have tried every password I have ever used
As result I cannot send mail. Can anyone help?

A:Solved: Thunderbird W7 cannot send emails

I'm confused, I thought I couldn't send, but instead I can't receive email in Thunderbird 3. I can send.
I use Firefox and Windows 7. I think the problem is the password but I have reset it and it does not get recognized. I'm completely frustrated and would appreciate some help. Anybody?

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Until yesterday Thunderbird was sending & receiving mail OK & has done for a few years.
Now when I try to reply to mail or create new mail the prog just hangs.
There is no error message.
I am stll receiving all mail.
I am running three accounts on different outgoing servers Virgin media & google & all have the same problem.
I have uninstalled, downloaded a new Thunderbird. It has picked up all the old mail & continues to receive but won't send.
Running XP Service pack 3
Mail will still go out if sent direct from google or virgin.
Any ideas as I am at a loss and as there is no error message I don't know what else to try?


Tools>Account Settings>Outgoing Server (SMTP). Recheck Port Settings against each of the three providers you're using.

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Hi all,
I have researched this problem on the forum and other sites but to no avail. I am running Windows 7 on all three of my computers and have Thunderbird 3 installed on them. The problem is with only one computer. All setting are identical. I am using AVG and Zonealarm free for Windows 7.
The problem is that Thunderbird on this one computer will not send out any emails. It will not reply or forward any either. The message that displays after trying to send is as follows:
"Sending message failed. The message could not be sen because the connection was lost in the middle of the transaction. Try again or contact your network administrator." Also when I click on the error console, this error message appears:
"Error:[Exception... '"JavaScript component does not have a method named: "handleEvent'" when calling method: [nsIDOMEventListener::handleEvent]" nsresult: "0x80570030 (NS_ERROR_XPC_JSOBJECT_HAS_NO_FNCTION_NAMED)" location: "<unknlwn>" data: no].
I have tried every solution that I could find, including unistalling and reinstalling TB. Changing the account setting to all the different setting. service is with ATT.yahoo.
The other two computer are sending email just fine. I have compaired the setting of all three and are identical. Any help would be appreciated.

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My emails disappeared right before my eyes from my Thunderbird email inbox yesterday.
I am desperate and would like to retrieve my emails.
I have tried compacting and also reindexing and neither of those brought my emails back.

I also tried to delete the inbox.msf file but am not quite sure if I got the right one. Still no
return of my emails when I restarted Thunderbird after deleting the inbox.msf file.

Would anyone have a detailed step by step set of instructions to deleting the inbox.msf file that they can share with me? I have some emails that I absolutely have to retrieve and today is only day 2 so I feel the longer I take to get things back the less my chances will be of restoring my email profile to what it was before all the emails disappeared.

Help please, and thank you.

A:Emails Disappearing from Thunderbird Inbox

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yesterday it was recommended to me to change over from OutExpress (sorry if I have name wrong. It is the email that is with IE) to Firefoxe's Thunderbird (My browser is Firefox)

So I installed Thunderbird 2, and thought I was doing the right thing. I was asked to type in a password (something I didn't seed to do for Outexpress), so I did. And my emails got transferred. BUT then I noticed that I have not now--for hours (which is very unusual) received ANy email. I even emailed Tom--who had recommened me change to T-Bird --to send me an email to know all's alright, and there is nothing, so I know something is up

Now I thought maybe I should click "get mail" and then I get: This folder is being processed. Please wait until processing is complete to get messages.

Then I get: Please enter a new password for user [my email]

when I do that, and submit i get an Alert pop-up saying: Sending the password did not suceed. Mail server pop.ntlworld.com responded: invalid user name or password

I don't know what to do, and am expecting important emails!

A:Just changed over to Thunderbird and cannot receive emails!!!

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Hi.Just want to clarify one little item regarding thunderbird backup.I have the mozbackup installed just would like to confirm my setting just for the backup of thunderbird emails,Address book & My settings
This my setup,Is it correct or do I need to change some of the check boxes?

I'm sorry if this question don't comply in this forum,But I thought that someone is using thunderbird email client here.


A:Thunderbird emails & Address book

Your settings are OK, I use the same ones.

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Hi this is my first time on this Tech Support, so tell me if I'm asking a common question that the answer can be found elsewhere.
I am using Thunderbird, have since Outlook Express didn't work July 07.
All was working OK, I leave my computer on all the time, connected to internet and Thunderbird on, I went out at 6pm came home around 9pm and my computer had restarted? Maybe there was a power failure while I was out? So I opened up Thunderbird email again, to check out what new emails I'd received, but I kept getting "Alert" messages for all 7 of my email addresses. "Could not connect to the server. Connection was refused" After I'd called my ISP Optusnet.com.au and told them the probelms, they wouldn't support my problem because I'm using Thunderbird, not Outlook Express, they suggested I remove all email accounts and re-enter them, and that would fix it. So I removed the email accounts and re-entered them again. I could not see any place in the set-up area to add in any passwords, so I guess you don't need them for Thunderbird? So I re-added all 7 email account settings. But the emails still will not download from the server. They are on the server as the Technical Support at Optusnet, checked for me.
He stated I needed to type in the incoming and outgoing server as mail.optusnet.com.au, which I did for that part, even though it shows on the finished form for outgoing server name : suzee3-mail.optusnet.com.au.
Is that OK? Previously I set my email def... Read more

A:[SOLVED] Thunderbird Emails not Downloading

Hi Suzee3 and welcome to TSF,

I checked at your ISP and the servers are correct. Go Here if you want to double check them.
The Suzee3 on the outgoing is right. T-bird just displays it that way to keep the login info for the multiple accounts seperate.

Here's a link to Mozilla on connection errors. See if anything there applies.

One thing you could try is to click Tools>Options>Privacy>Passwords tab>Edit saved passwords. Remove the login information for one of the usernames (try just your main account). The mailbox:// is the Incoming and smpt:// is the Outgoing. Close T-bird.
Open T-bird and you should be asked for your password. Enter it and see if it downloads for that account. If it does, repeat the above for all accounts.


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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) II X2 240 Processor, AMD64 Family 16 Model 6 Stepping 2
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 5887 Mb
Graphics Card: ATI Radeon 3100 Graphics, 256 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 953767 MB, Free - 838881 MB;
Motherboard: ASUSTeK Computer INC., M3A78-CM
Antivirus: ZoneAlarm Extreme Security Antivirus, Updated and Enabled

I have used Thunderbird for years. Something happened, I believe during an update, that disabled my ability to send emails. I tried one suggestion to switch to port 587 but that did not work. I use Cox Communications as my internet provider. I can access my emails there and recently started downloading to gmail from five aliases at Cox. I can send from any of them using gmail.

I prefer the format at Thunderbird and would like to return to it. Anyone have suggestions?

A:Solved: Thunderbird Won't Send Emails

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Dear Friends
I have the latest version of thunderbird installed I also run NOD32 Antivirus programm.
The problem that occurs is that in the last two weeks I recieve all the time where the sender and the reciepient is me. If I open this mails inside there are junks like drugstores, sexsites etc. If I open via thunderbird the message code of this emails then there is allways some email address from spammers or people I dont know in the reply section.

What can I do I recieve allmost 100 spam mails per day but now plus 30 to 40 from my self.

Thanks for your help


A:Recieving emails from My self with junk with Thunderbird

Welcome to TSF!!


I would start by not opening any email that has a sent to and reply email that is the same, that is usually a good queue that it spam. Next about the emails that you are opening in Thunderbird. I would recommend that you start sending all of the suspected spam messages to your junk folder. This may take some time but it will get the job done.

I haven't used thunderbird in a couple of years but i am pretty sure that there is a junkmail function. I found an article on the mozillaZine, Mozilla's online magazine. Take a look at this for help with it.


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