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Excel should mail its data everymonth end automatically

Q: Excel should mail its data everymonth end automatically

Hi Guys,

I've an excel sheet which has some data and I want that excel to be automatically mailed every month end to few mail ID's. How to acheive this ?


Preferred Solution: Excel should mail its data everymonth end automatically

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Excel should mail its data everymonth end automatically

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I need some code or formula to automatically add data from one sheet to my main sheet where I would like to put all of my data together. I am able to download sheets off of the net and they are in numerical sequence by date. "19991118damlbmp_zone", "19991119damlbmp_zone" and so on. I need to create a button or something to gather the info from the first sheet and paste it in my main sheet and then gather the info from the second sheet and paste that into the main sheet in the next available row.

Please help if you can

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Hi all,

I have a monthly report that has a certain column (always column BF) that contains the numbers 1-5, either singly or in any combination thereof. I have to copy this into 5 columns (BQ through BU) and I want those columns titled Q2 - 1, Q2 - 2, Q2 - 3, Q2 - 4 and Q2 - 5.
I need all the 1s in Q2 - 1, all the 2s in Q2 - 2 and so on.
Since the number of items in each cell varies, (there is no 1, , 3,4, , with blanks for non-existing numbers, rather one cell may have 2 and the one below it may have 1,3,5) is there a macro or a formula that would quickly copy every item into the right column?
It isn't vital, I suppose, I can copy, sort and cut and paste, but I would like to save the time....

Thanks in advance

A:Solved: Excel 97 - want to automatically move data

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I need some code or formula to automatically add data from one sheet to my main sheet where I would like to put all of my data together. I am able to download sheets off of the net and they are in numerical sequence by date. "19991118damlbmp_zone", "19991119damlbmp_zone" and so on. I need to create a button or something to gather the info from the first sheet and paste it in my main sheet and then gather the info from the second sheet and paste that into the main sheet in the next available row.

Please help if you can

A:Excel: Automatically import data from another workbook

bparker said:

I need some code or formula to automatically add data from one sheet to my main sheet where I would like to put all of my data together. I am able to download sheets off of the net and they are in numerical sequence by date. "19991118damlbmp_zone", "19991119damlbmp_zone" and so on. I need to create a button or something to gather the info from the first sheet and paste it in my main sheet and then gather the info from the second sheet and paste that into the main sheet in the next available row.

Please help if you canClick to expand...

Hi bparker - Not sure I'm reading your intent right, but if you can save the "19991118damlbmp_zone" etc sheets into a book on the desktop you name "Book11" and then open a new book called "Book10" and run the code from Book10 - you can use something like this:

'this is run from the book named Book10
Dim N%
Application.ScreenUpdating = False
On Error Resume Next '<< error is - "books already open"
Workbooks.Open Filename:="C:\WINDOWS\Desktop\Book11.xls"
For N = 1 To Sheets.Count
Sheets("Sheet" & N).Select
Range("A1", Range("A65536").End(xlUp).Rows.EntireRow).Select
Sheet... Read more

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Good afternoon-

I need a way to send an e-mail from excel. I know it can be done. I have read a couple different threads directly relating to this. I have installed ClickYes to aid my endeavor, but i know bupkiss about coding. So I see these strings and they might as well be in Mandarin.... I am able to alter the send to address and subject lines but have no idea how to set the particular conditions I need.

I want to use Outlook. I have 2003 on XP Pro. What do you need from me?

A:Automatically generated e-mail from excel...again

Where will the email address and subject lines come from? Do you want an inputbox box to pop up prompting you for the info or will the subject/email come from the workbook? More details please.


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I've noticed some similar queries on here and wondered if you could help me with a task i'm trying to achieve.

The attached spreadsheet is based on one I found elsewhere on the internet, and when a cell in the B column has a value above 200 it generates an e-mail based on the data. I've shown it in working form at the top of the sheet, and underneath is a test set of data for what i'm trying (and failing!).

What i'd like to do is change it so that rather than MyLimit = 200 (As it seems to be listed in the Macro/sheet view), it's triggered by any cells in Column C with a date on or before the date the spreadsheet is opened. When this happens i'd like it to say 'Sent' or 'Not Sent' as it does at the top of the page, but in Column D instead (I couldn't work out how to transfer it.

Lastly, when the e-mail is triggered it currently says:

"Hi Tom
The following client has now entered their expiration as of the stated date : 220

Whearas i'd like the expiry date from Column C placed in there, as well as the Client name just after "The following client, "

I've tried to edit it but so far had no luck, apologies for the lengthy message but hopefully these problems are quite easy to fix, any help greatly appreciated!



p.s. The next step is to work out how to get this spreadsheet to open automatically every day but I think that's a task for a rainy day... Read more

A:Excel - E-mail automatically sent depending on date?

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I have a spreadsheet that connects to a database.
When I open the spreadsheet, I got asked if I wanted to refresh the data. I did so, and clicked yes.
Some time later, after getting bored ticking 'yes' every time I opened the sheet I ticked the 'don't ask me again' button.
Now every time I open a sheet that pulls data from a remote data source, it automatically connects and updates the data - I no longer want this to happen!!!!! Any way I can switch this off as easily as I switched it on????


A:how do i stop EXCEL automatically updating from a remote data source?

hilight all live data and right click and select Data Range properties. Remove the tick from Enable Background Refresh. then ok then Save.

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Afternoon everyone!

I am trying to get a little bit of code working such that when a user enters in some data in column A, it triggers code in VBA to paint a simple surround black border over the whole row, from column A to M. Here is what I have so far, but it doesn't seem to be working. I know I am missing something (if not a lot).

Dim i As String

If ActiveCell.Column = 1 Then
If ActiveCell.Value <> "" Then
Range(Cells(i, 1),Cells(i, 13)).Borders.LineStyle = Excel.xlLineStyle.xlContinuous

I appreciate any help! Thank you in advance!

A:Solved: VBA in Excel: Automatically paint borders on data entry

Hi Maxx, you shouldn't forget to mention the version of Excel you're using

Place this code in the sheet

Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)
If Target.Count > 1 Then Exit Sub
If Target.Column <= 13 Then
If Target.Value <> "" Then
Range("A" & Target.Row & ":M" & Target.Row).Select
Selection.Borders(xlDiagonalDown).LineStyle = xlNone
Selection.Borders(xlDiagonalUp).LineStyle = xlNone
With Selection.Borders(xlEdgeLeft)
.LineStyle = xlContinuous
.ColorIndex = 0
.TintAndShade = 0
.Weight = xlMedium
End With
With Selection.Borders(xlEdgeTop)
.LineStyle = xlContinuous
.ColorIndex = 0
.TintAndShade = 0
.Weight = xlMedium
End With
With Selection.Borders(xlEdgeBottom)
.LineStyle = xlContinuous
.ColorIndex = 0
.TintAndShade = 0
.Weight = xlMedium
End With
With Selection.Borders(xlEdgeRight)
.LineStyle = xlContinuous
.ColorIndex = 0
.TintAndShade = 0
.Weight = xlMedium
End With
With Selection.Borders(xlInsideVertical)
.LineStyle = xlContinuous
.ColorIndex = 0
.TintAndShade = 0
.Weight = xlMedium
End With
Selection.Borders(xlInsideHorizontal).LineStyle = xlNone
Target.Offset(0, 1).Select
End If
End If
End Sub

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Hello my fellow databasers.

The Information:
I am currently working for a company that is tracking their part(s)
expenses per each customer job.

All customers' expenses are entered into the same 'primary' workbook so entering information is easier than going to each customer workbook. The column headings are as follows.

Customer Name - Date - Part Used - Cost - Invoice # - Additional Notes

There is 1 primary workbook and then each customer has their own workbook.

I have researched for a week now and am not savvy enough with Excel to know exactly what I should search for. I believe a macro is what I want though.
The question:
How, or what would I do, to have each workbook search for its relative 'Customer Name' and paste (auto populate) the information into the workbooks?

ex. I entered a part for John Doe within Primary Workbook. The second workbook sees John Doe, copies the row of all parts that have John Doe in the first column and populates it in the second workbook.

Also, would I need to create a separate Vlookup first to add a value to my customers so it wasn't text based to help the above equation work?
I know I could copy and paste each one, but sometimes we retroactively change values of costs, and for the amount of time I could save by creating ... a macro? or some formula would be well worth continued research. Any help is appreciated.


It's important for my employer to be able to see what parts were used ... Read more

A:Solved: Excel 2010: Macro or substitute to automatically copy data between workbooks

A macro can do what you need but have you considered using filters on the primary workbook where you can select the customer name and only those records will be displayed? This will eliminate the need for multiple workbooks and make your life much simpler. An added benefit would be the ability to filter on other criteria like Date Or Part # so you can see across Customers what occurred on a specific date or which customers ordered a specific part.
Alternatively, this would be an ideal application for Access which would make data entry simpler and provide the information you need in the format you need.

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Hello Tech Guys!

I have an Excel 2003 spreadsheet running on a Windows XP Pro machine that has automatically updated external data. This data is the result of customers submitting a form requesting manufacturing of an item (each item is different and it is a text field). Included in the data (among other things) is the item to be manufactured (D) and the customers e-mail address (H). I'd like to be able to notify each customer separately using their e-mail address in H of the progress of the manufacturing using an automated e-mail. In other words, our manufacturing people have to be able to open the Excel spreadsheet and just click on a drop down box(?) to choose a automated message (e.g. Manufacturing begun, manufacturing step 2 begun, manufacturing complete etc) for the message to be sent to that one customer. The process has to be rather easy (a big red EASY button) as several people will have to use the same process.

I know, this should be done in a real on-line database, but we don't have the money nor the volume. This would be easier than clicking on the e-mail address in the spreadsheet (which launches Outlook and opens an e-mail message) and writing an e-mail to each customer, which is our current way of doing it.

I've looked in various groups and on the MS tech sites without much success. I've found similar things, but quite what I need.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated! I'm not a programmer and just have been tasked to do this... Read more

A:E-mail cell data from Excel

Welcome to the board.

What "similar things" have you tried already? John W has some code here: on the same page there's a link to Ron de Bruin's site.

The attached contains a stripped-down version of John's code. D2 and J1 have data validation. Select a cell in row 2 & click the "MAIL" button, you should get a draft email with column H value as address ([email protected]), J1 value as subject (i.e. whatever you choose) and column A value as body text (prefixed, i.e. "Dear Fred").

What it doesn't do is actually send, because I've disabled the last 2 lines of code. To see the code, rightclick the "MAIL" button & choose "Assign Macro"; then highlight "SendEMail" & click "Edit".


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Hi just a quick question.

Have an old excel documnet that i can use mail merge with, and it works fine. If i then add to that document, and try to use mail merge again i get the following error "not possble to merge doc."

Does anyone have any ideas?

A:Mail Merge Excel Data

Try copying the material into a new doc then add your material and then try the merge.

Copy one page at a time.

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Hi there,

I'm trying to import data from an Excel spreadsheet into a Word document that already has the mail merge set up in it. Whenever I try to do this, I select the source after which it just sits there with a message in Word indicating 'Initiating DDE Link with Microsoft Excel.' I tried it with the same document on another machine and it worked... Is there another way other than reinstalling Word and Excel to fix an issue like this. I already tried /unregserver and /regserver and also tried creating another document with a mail merge.

Thanks a lot in advance!!

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I am trying to merge Excel spreadsheet data into multiple areas into a Word document. I cannot figure out on our 2003 Office version if I am missing a step or not...every time I "merge" it tells me it is merging hundreds of fields (we only have about 60 rows and 15 columns of data).

When the merge is done it inserts one row of data multiple times. I know there is a way to tell it to only pull from certain areas (like a data range) but the selection is "greyed out". I've tried the "if" statement to pull information by department and that didn't work either. I've included a PDF of the spreadsheet and the final document (no "real" data is inputted) just to give you a clue as to what I am trying to accomplish..which may be a pipe-dream at this point.

At this stage I'm about willing to let my staff hand-enter the information into Word, but there's got to be a way to do this. MS Office help, is no help - they only talk about merging if you are doing a mail/letter merge. Thanks for any assistance!

A:Using Excel NOT for Mail Merge but Merging Data into Word

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I have been successfully using an excel database to create mail merge labels in word. I have now made that spreadsheet read only (as others will be accessing it) and now every time I try to export the information into word my labels only show #N/A in the fields where the name and address details should be.

Is there a way to get around this and make it work or will I have to remove the read only security?

A:Is it possible to create a mail merge in word when the excel data is read only

I think it does cause problems with the sheet in general, there are two things you can try.

1. create the mailmerge document when the spreadsheet is not read only and save the successful mail merge template. Then rather than exporting from excel open the word doc again and hopefully it has remembered the link and it will be able to pull to date.

2. Alternatively could you have a duplicate sheet hidden in the background of your excel file that literally copies every thing that has a value. and mail merge from that?

Does that make sense

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As part of a program i am working on data is transferred into an excel document with usually more than one worksheet. after that happens a mail merge is manually done to create labels. the problem i am having is that the first time i open the excel workbook i can choose a table and make labels fine but if i try to open the excel workbook again to change the table to make new labels an error pops up saying that word cannot open the data file because it is already open. i know for a fact that the only place it is open is in word because i already have labels open from it, and this operation works perfectly fine on another computer. i am concluding that this is a Microsoft office error however i cant find any other people having problems with this.

A:Error when changing excel data sheets in word mail merge?

Welocme tho TSG,
If word is open and linked to the spread sheet, opening the spreadsheet in exel would evoke the "in use" response. Closing word is the only option here.

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Hi there again guys.

I am using mail merge and importing data from excel 2007. PArt of some data is done using strike through. When the data is imported to Word 2007, the strikethrough disappears. I need Word to retain this formatting.
I have already tried the conversion option in word options, but no effect.

I need help quickly as this will be used in student testimonials due today.

Thank you

A:Solved: Retaining Strikethrough format when importing Excel Data to Word in Mail merg

Changing mergefield to REF does not work

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I want to know how i can export the data from Access to excel using Access VBA for the specified sheet using data linkage with access database. Like we used to do it manually in excel as external data from access.

So that the excel size won't be that big and also it saves processing time.

A:Solved: Access data export into Excel as the data linked to excel.

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I'm looking to have every e-mail that reaches my old @aol.com e-mail account automatically forwarded to my new @aol.com e-mail account. I'd like it to be forwarded automatically, without delay, so that as soon as the e-mail hits my old account, a copy of it is then also immediately and automatically forwarded to my new @aol.com account. Can that be set up somehow?


A:I'm looking to have every e-mail that reaches my old @aol.com e-mail automatically forwarded to my new @aol.com e-mail.

Wow, haven't logged into AOL in a while... heh.

Anyway, couldn't find anything on their webmail gui that allows for forwarding.

So, barring help from them, the only other suggestion is to use something like gmail to handle what you're trying to do here. It would go along the lines of, setup a gmail account, use it to download your AOL mail, then use its filters to forward to the new AOL account.

But that begs the question, why don't you just use Gmail?

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When I start windows e-mails, I am receiving all e-mails automatically, but after that with it does not receive the e-mails automatically. It sends automatically , but I have to select "Receive All" to see new e-mails. I am using windows mail
with POP settings.

Also each time I select "Synchronize All" or "Send/Receiving All" an
error message comes up saying "Sorry errors occured while processing
the requested tasks. Please review the list of errors below for more
details". The issue is that the list of errors is empty. But I receive and send emails normally, a part from issue mention in the first paragraph.

Does Anybody has experienced the same thing and hopefuuly help me resolve it?


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I have two problems:

I have a lot of scanning data, all date and time stamped. All the scans show different status of shipped packages (all shipments have unique ID#, but there are multiple scans on route for all of them to track the packages). I want to find all the packages, for which there was "misdirected" scan, then for all of them, show the scan before. So, the end result would be all the scans that show for each package where it was misdirected (the terminal# of the scan before the misdirect scan).

I want to automate this: run 5 queries every two hours between 8am and 10pm, copy and paste all results into Excel to specified areas (e.g. first query results to A1, second to A5000, third to A10000, etc. or onto different tabs), save as .csv to a specific folder, then send it as attachment to a given e-mail address. Even partial solution can be good.
I only know macros (somewhat), not as much VBA, so I tried that with the TransferSpreadsheet command, but can't get it work.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

A:Solved: ACCESS: Show second latest data and export data to excel from macro

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Hi there,

I don't have enough experience in VBA excel or word, and would you mind helping for the following:
The below macro code add row below the last row. And Would you mind telling me what is the code that can add row for word document table between the last row and the row before the last?


My second question is related to export/import between two different programs or files ( Excel and word document)
Would you mind providing me the proper code for
Workbook.xls - sheet1.past speical value
Suppose the word tables excel workbookD sheet 1 are as follow

Table 1 in word document
Cell 11 - Cell 12
Cell 12 - Cell 22
Table 2 in Word document
Cell 11 - Cell 12 - Cell 13
Cell 21 - Cell 22 - Cell 23

WorkbookD.xls Ė Sheet1
Rows Column
2 wt1.Cell 11 WT2.Cell 11 WT2.Cell 12 WT2.Cell 13
3 WT2.Cell 21 WT2.Cell 22 WT2.Cell 23

How I write a macro to make the value or text in Cell 11. in word table 1 to be copied and past in Cell A2 in sheet1 of WorkbookD.xls
and the value or text of the range from Cell 11 to Cell23 of table 2 or word.doc to be copied and past in sheet1 of WorkbookD.xls from range B23 for n rows in table1 and table 2 of word.doc.



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Excel 2003 SP3
Could anybody suggest a way, using whatever method you prefer to copy existing data to another tab, but have the data go transparent by 50%(or thereabouts, so you can just see it), but keep the headings normal font.

A:Solved: Excel 2003 help to copy data to new tab and make data transparent

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When i export my inventory from my DB into an excel file, my trailer brands are listed as they are in my DB (of course). But when i bulk upload them with XML feed to trailer inventory sites (HTW.com & HTT.com for our example here). My inventory is listed on their site, but it's not searchable because the brand search is a drop down menu on these sites.

Say i goto HTW.com and do a search for 'Blue Ribbon' trailers none of my blue ribbon trailers show up because all of mine are listed as 'BLUE RIBBON TRAILERS, LTD' and the site is searching for 'Blue Ribbon' and although they are the same trailer brand HTW.com does not see them.

What i'm looking for is maybe a Macro or even formula that once i tell it what site i'm working on, will go through my list and replace all my spellings with the proper ones for that site...

Attached is an XLS file with 3 columns, the first is my list as is from my DB, the other 2 columns are the proper spelling for each corresponding site...

Excel's find and replace feature is a VERY crude fix to this, but since it's so time consuming it's NOT a viable solution.

Any takers??

Slurpee? Zack? Anyone??

A:Solved: Excel -Macro or Formula? Replace my data with similar required data - sample

for the record, a complete solution would be GREAT, but not necessary...
I just need someone to point me in the right direction and maybe a small working sample of like 5 brands and i'll expand the list from there...


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I have a spreadsheet that contains formulas. I want a macro that will copy the data only in that cell with the formula and paste only the data in another cell.

I have been scratching my head for a little bit on this one.


A:Excel - copying data and pasting data in a formula cell

If I understand correctly, you can actually avoid using copy altogether.

Let's say you have the value 50 in A1 and the formula =A1*2 in A2. The following macro would copy A2 to D2:

Sub Macro1()
End Sub

but because the formula uses relative references, the resultant formula (in D2) would be =D1*2.

So what you could do instead -- using a single command only -- is:

Range("D2").Value = Range("A2").Value


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I have an external data range importing data (Access DB via file DSN) into an Excel spreadsheet.
My problem is date/currency fields in Access do not format properly after refreshing. Most of the time the fields default to a general.

Any ideas?

A:External Data Range Imported into Excel-Data Format

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Hello again,

I have a word doc that has a form in it. The form may have any number of fields (boxes) to type text answers into, or be a drop down list to select an answer from. I need an excel macro that extracts all data from the form, but with every five fields starting a new row in excel. So all data from the form will appear within 5 columns in an excel spreadsheet.

field 1 field 2 field 3 field 4 field 5
field 6 field 7 field 8 field 9 field 10

Is that possible? I have had no luck to do it myself.

Sample form attached, thank you

A:Solved: Excel macro to extract Word form data into Excel

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I was wondering if anyone could help me. I need to extract data from multiple excel files into a new excel file and sum the values. The data comes from excel files that are made from a template so the data is always in the same place or same cells. For example, i have data saved daily in excel files with the following naming convention 080204, 080304, 080404,..... and so on. What i would like to do is have a macro that will create a week ending sheet by importing and summing the data from that week.

Thanks for reading!

A:excel macro for copying and pasting data from multiple excel files

thanks for all those who read!!!! let me know if anyone needs the code!

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I built a form called PO Log that contains input text boxes that the user can enter the different iputs that will add an existing row to the worksheet called PO_log. I have the add function working perfectly. But I want to add a function to the form that if the record/data already exist using the PO number as an identifier, to udate the existing record/data rather than adding a completely new row of record/data. Here is the code I have below for the adding function.

Private Sub cmdAdd_Click()

Dim iRow As Long
Dim ws As Worksheet
Set ws = Worksheets("PO_log")

'find first empty row in database
iRow = ws.Cells(Rows.Count, 1) _
.End(xlUp).Offset(1, 0).Row

'check for a part number
If Trim(Me.txtVendor.Value) = "" Then
MsgBox "Please enter a Order Info"
Exit Sub
End If

'copy the data to the database
ws.Cells(iRow, 1).Value = Me.txtVendor.Value
ws.Cells(iRow, 2).Value = Me.txtPONumber.Value
ws.Cells(iRow, 3).Value = Me.txtPurReqDate.Value
ws.Cells(iRow, 4).Value = Me.txtRFQSent.Value
ws.Cells(iRow, 5).Value = Me.txtSentToVen.Value
ws.Cells(iRow, 6).Value = Me.txtDateOfPo.Value
ws.Cells(iRow, 7).Value = Me.txtOrderConf.Value
ws.Cells(iRow, 8).Value = Me.txtAmt.Value

'clear the data
Me.txtVendor.Value = ""
Me.txtPONumber.Value = ""
Me.txtPurReqDate.Value = ""
Me.txtRFQSent.Value = ""
Me.txtSentToVen.Value = ""
Me.txtDateOfPo.Value = ""
Me.txtOrderConf... Read more

A:VBA: Excel form that updates current data or add new data

Closing duplicate.

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I'm working on a Bill of Material creation automation project that requires some expertise in VBA, and I have none.
The objective is to run a macro from an excel spreadsheet called "PGE BOM", to do the following:
1) Go to the folder "C:\Documents and Settings\Desktop\Auto Project"
2) Find all the .mdb databases in this folder
3) Find "HistoricalMaterialItemsAll" table in EACH of those databases in step 2, and import the data from the columns listed below into PGE BOM.xls's columns C through G:
The following is a VBA code that my friend had written in Excel 2007. Unfortunately I have an older version (2000) and the code does not seem to be compatible with Excel 2000.
Sub ImportAccessData()
dPath = "C:\Documents and Settings\Desktop\Auto Project\"
sFile = "*.MDB"
strSrch = dPath & sFile
Set TargetWB = Application.ActiveWorkbook
Set TargetWS = TargetWB.ActiveSheet
sRow = 2
bFile = False
If Dir(strSrch) <> "" Then
strFlNm = Dir(strSrch)
bFile = True
End If
Do Until bFile = False
strPath = dPath & strFlNm
Call GetData(strPath)
strFlNm = Dir
If strFlNm = "" Then bFile = False
End Sub
Sub GetData(fl)
strSQL = "Select HistoricalMaterialItemsAll.* From HistoricalMaterialItemsAll"
Workbooks.OpenDatabase fl, strSQL, xlCmdTable
Set WB = Application.ActiveWorkbook
Set WS = Applicatio... Read more

A:Excel Macro - VBA code to import access data to excel

Hello, and welcome to the board!

When posting code, please use CODE tags, which extremely helps with readability.

Perhaps you could try using the code constant???...

Option Explicit

Sub ImportAccessData()
Dim dPath As String, sFile As String, strSrch As String
Dim TargetWB As Workbook, TargetWS As Worksheet
Dim sRow As Long, bFile As Boolean, strFlNm As String, strPath As String
dPath = "C:\Documents and Settings\Desktop\Auto Project\"
sFile = "*.MDB"
strSrch = dPath & sFile
sRow = 2
bFile = False
Set TargetWB = Application.ActiveWorkbook
Set TargetWS = TargetWB.ActiveSheet
If Dir(strSrch) <> "" Then
strFlNm = Dir(strSrch)
bFile = True
End If
Do Until bFile = False
strPath = dPath & strFlNm
Call GetData(strPath, TargetWB, TargetWS)
strFlNm = Dir()
If strFlNm = "" Then bFile = False
End Sub

Sub GetData(fl As String, WB As Workbook, ws As Worksheet)
Dim strSQL As String, iRow As Long, sRow As Long
strSQL = "SELECT HistoricalMaterialItemsAll.* FROM HistoricalMaterialItemsAll"
Workbooks.OpenDatabase fl, strSQL, 3 'xlCmdTable
iRow = 2
Do Until ws.Cells(iRow, 1) = ""
ws.Cells(sRow, 7) = ws.Cells(iRow, 5) 'Get the Description
iRow = iRow + 1
sRow = sRow + 1
Application.DisplayAlerts = False
WB.... Read more

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Please help ,

I have one sheet with headings,with 50 more sheets which include data,in data we have one emp code which is unique and more data for that emp.,format in all the sheets is same except the summary sheet(main sheet),what i want when i enter the Emp code in suumary sheet,the excel automatically search the data from subsquent sheet (basis emp code)and enter the data in next columns against emp code in summary sheet.

Mayank s

A:Solved: Transfer of data from different excel to main excel

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I am trying to export data from word or excel form into a spreadsheet. I have tried the macro at http://forums.techguy.org/business-applications/257309-exporting-word-form-data-excel.html and it worked for all text fields but not the drop down list options that I have in my form. Can anyone please help/

I have never done this before, hence the struggle. Any help would be much appreciated.

I attach the word form and the excel form which also includes the excel spreadsheet that will collate the data for analysis.

I would prefer the form in word and have it set up as that indicated in the forum thread above but picking up the data from the drop down lists as well.


A:Export data from word or excel into Excel spreadsheet

Hi there, welcome to the forum.
It seems this post you added on August 12th hasn't given you much answers.
You mention the two files, OK, But what I don't understand
I am trying to export data from word or excel form into a spreadsheet. ...
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You probably forgot to attach the macro's with it, that is if you did anything with the link you mentioned.
If you could attach the files with the macros, I could take a look and see what I can do for you.

Another thinng From Word or Excel.

Which one is it going to be?

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Hi All,

Just came across a wierd problem, part of my job consists of copying data from our reports website. This normally a very simple processs, just cut and paste into excel(2003). But recently I've had a new section added to the reports website which format wise is exactly the same as previous ones. The problem is when I go to copy and paste into excel, it copies all of the data into one cell, instead of spreading it across the appropriate number of rows and columns.

I know this sound confusing but anyhelp would be greatly appreciated.

Due to the sensitve nature of the data I cannot re-create an example.

A:Excel 2003 - Pasting Website data into excel

is this info in a grid/table on the website?

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I am trying to display data in individual boxes on screen so that I can view it and move it about in front of co workers. I need to be able to display individual boxes of information (of which we currently display on post it notes) on a program where I can play around with them.
I already have an excel graph which has all the data for each separate item which needs to be on each virtual post it note/ information box..
For example... each post it note will have simple titles such as:
1) Name
2) Price
3) Bar Code
I need to have the same titles on each post it note, however the values will obviously be different per product. I have up to 200+ different products to get through in any one section so manually inputting this would take far too much time.
My first thoughts are to use photoshop to create these boxes and turn them into JPEGs which can then be inserted into one photoshop document and moved around... however I donít know how to move multiple columns of data from excel to photoshop?
Can anyone tell me if I am on the right lights or guide me towards a better way of doing this? Will be very grateful for any help!
Many Thanks!

A:Displaying excel data on screen... photoshop/excel?

Hi there Graham, welcome to the board!

I think you need to first think about the "why". For what purpose is this for? Using pictures will give you a non-editable static object. If you don't want to edit it, then they move around with the click/drag of a mouse. Simple.

The other question I would ask is, are you using the right program. Do you have OneNote? Have you ever used it? Sounds like it'd be much easier in that program. Also, are you going to need to print this? If not, and you just need real estate, almost any program would do. Heck, even Paint would work, as you can do Text Boxes in there as well as (almost) all Office programs.

So if you're still wanting to use Excel, it can be done by using Text Boxes. You have two options (not sure of which version you're using here). One is an ActiveX control (Controls toolbox), the other is a Forms control (Forms toolbar). Both have different properties, some are forwards compatible, etc. For instance, ActiveX controls do not work on a Macintosh machine. But ActiveX controls you can format them to look "prettier" with a higher degree of customization (especially formatting).

Not sure if this answers your question or not. And yes, you could do the same thing in Word or PowerPoint for instance. Excel would be just as well, but as opposed to Word, you have more real estate to do what you want, and are not limited to vertical pages (i.e. you can move about freely, even if on multiple pages,... Read more

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Im wondering if it is possible to do this before i start trying...

I recieve an email containing an excel sheet containing several peices of info such as:
Etc Etc... Now when i open this.. i need the information posted into specified columns in a new excel document where it will have
Any help given appreciated.

A:Excel - Auto export data into specified excel sheet

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I hope I have posted this in the correct forum
My friend was using the Windows 8.1 Mail App before his computer crashed. 
I was able to save his data. I have his user folder backed up that contains the "AppData" directory.

I was needing to find the directory were all his mail data is stored and import it into Outlook 2016
I cant seem to find the directory were his mail is stored.
Can you please help assist me in locating the directory were the mail data is located and explain how to
import this data into Outlook 2016?


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I have an entire column of data that I need in one cell. When combined I need each piece of data to be surrounded by " " and a , between each one.


results = "151","183","2001"

A:Solved: Excel Column of data place in one cell with "data", "data" results

ASAP's "Merge row data" ("Columns and rows" category) will do 99% of the work for you.


(edit: "entire column" -- do you mean full from top to bottom? )

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I want to copy the body of an email and paste it into excel - The email body is ~700 lines long & when I paste it to excel it puts the whole email body into 1 cell, rather than pasting it line for line ..... as there is a limit in excel for the number of lines in a cell, it misses half the data ....

This is the section of my code ...

i = 1

For Each olMail In Fldr.Items
If olMail.Subject Like "*11/07/2012*" Then
MailRows = olMail.Body
Range(Cells(i, 1), Cells(1, i)) = MailRows
i = i + 1
End If
Next olMail
Any help would be most appreciated ...

PS, go easy ... I'm a novice!

A:Excel vba to copy outlook mail body to excel'03

Have you tried saving the email message locally and trying to open it directly with Excel?


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I have an Excel spreadsheet of contractors. For the majority of the contractors there is more than one email address listed for them. I am attempting to do a mail merge in Word with this data. I have found that if there are multiple e-mail addresses listed in the e-mail cell that word just ignores that row all together and that contractor does not receive any e-mails. Is there any way to make the mail merge send to all addresses, or I would settle to mail to just one at this point , without totally reformatting my excel sheet? I know that I can make multiple entries for the same contractor with each e-mail address listed on a separate row, but this then makes my spreadsheet unusable for other functions within the company. Please Help!

A:Mail Merge w/ Multiple e-mail Addresses in Excel

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Hello All,

I have a doubt on excel, please share your ideas for the below mentioned query:
First of all, I have created New Worksheet & saved as "MAIN" in different location. I have the sub-ordinates of 15 members, who work on their excel sheet with different location.

Here, i would like to copy some selected contents or copy several columns from their worksheet to the "MAIN" worksheet. I used to do it manually. Now, my question is that is there any other way to sort this automatically?

I had tried by applying some formulas, but it worked only for a single person. But i required for all 15 members data to be copied at once.


A:Update selected data Automatically

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Hi All,
I'm trying to use Message Analyzer to show captured traffic.
I see a difference with Wireshark about Base64 messages; i.e. if you analyze an http traffic with basic authentication, Wireshark show the original Base64 data and then the decoded text data.
It is possible to do the same with Message Analyzer?

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There are two columes of numbers, and I have to find the number that exist in both two columes and delete them. How can I make excel do this automatically?

A:How can I make excel do this automatically?

See http://www.cpearson.com/excel/duplicat.htm


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I have a job that opens excel and does some processing. However it leaves excel open. Is there a remote .bat instruction that would close excel

A:Closing excel automatically

Do you have code in the Excel file now?

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Hey all,

I have come to you in a fit of desperation. My USB drive was stolen recently and my master Excel data file was lost, which contained all my compiled data from my most recent lab experiment.

Anyway, I have charts of all the important stuff in a word document. The data is there, I can hover on each data point and see the values, and the axes and chart are all accessible for editing.

My question is, how the heck do I extract that data back out of the chart into a table or Excel spreadsheet? There MUST be a way that is better than copying down each data point one at a time

Your help is greatly appreciated.

A:Excel chart in Word 2010: extract chart values? Lost Excel data file!!!! Help.

Hi welcome to the fourm.
I don't know it reverse engineering is possible.
Something like convert chart to table?

One thing you could try is copy the chart back to a new Excel file and see if more is possible there than in Word?

Like I said never needed this. Have you googled for something like Excel data reverse enginieering?
Maybe something come up.

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I was doing routine computer work on the evening of 8/19/15 when I started getting warnings from Verizon Wireless about my JetPack data utilization. (I am on a 5GB/month plan, and 3.55+GB were used in that one evening.)

The tech at Verizon said the usage occurred in the "Communications and Device Services," which includes Windows updates and stuff I don't use (such as Skype).  My computer's update history shows only one update on 8-19-15, and that is

"Security Update for Internet Explorer 11 for Windows 7 for x64-based Systems (KB3087985).
Could that update possibly have used 3.55 GB of my data allowance?  What is the maximum it could have used?

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when I right click a .jpg photo I select ... send to a mail recipient ... and then get the attach files box ... where I select attach and then the box disappears ... but no e-mail is automatically created like happened for me in XP ... I am now unsuccessful creating a photo attached e-mail with Vista

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