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Windows 8 upgrade-way to get clean install-takes some time.

Q: Windows 8 upgrade-way to get clean install-takes some time.

You can get the equivilant of a clean install from a windows 8 upgrade disk.
You still need to have the previous version of windows installed and run the
windows 8 upgrade installation on it.
Once it is installed,move your mouse down to the bottom right of the screen
to get the right menu.
Click settings,then click change PC settings.
Click general on the list to the left.
Scroll down the items til you see remove everything and reinstall windows.
Click get started.
While running the reinstall,make sure to select clean entire drive and save nothing.
Run the reinstall.
When it is done,it will be a clean install of windows 8,but it will have kept the license
and activation files for both the previous windows version and windows 8.
Those files are required for the windows 8 upgrade activation.
This leaves only windows 8 installed and gets rid of any files left from the
previous windows install,including the windows.old file.
It may request your upgrade disk for the reinstall.

Don't do this if you are trying to upgrade and keep your files.
This is only if you want to have a clean install of windows 8
with none of your previous data left.

Be advised that the reinstall itself can take several hours to run.
It is slow,so just let it do it's thing.

Just a note.
With windows 8 upgrade,you want to have your previous windows
version disks available,or a set of factory restore disks.
In case of a serious system crash,you will need to reinstall the
previous version then upgrade again.
Be smart and make a backup image of your system so you don't
lose your data in case of a crash.
Remember,once you upgrade,you can't use your previous windows
on another computer,even if it is retail.
The upgrade and the previous version licenses are tied together.
If you want to be able to use both,buy the retail version of windows 8
and install that.

Media Center for windows 8 Pro is free for a limited time!!!
Make sure to get your key while it is still available.
Scroll down this page to request a key.
If you try to do a full install on an empty hard drive
with a windows 8 upgrade disk,it will install,but it
won't activate.
Don't waste your time on it.
You have to have the system key activation files
on the drive when upgrading.
Activation checks for them and kicks out an error
that windows 8 upgrade is not licensed for a full install.

Preferred Solution: Windows 8 upgrade-way to get clean install-takes some time.

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Windows 8 upgrade-way to get clean install-takes some time.

I made this a sticky. If you don't want that, leroys1000, just let me know and I'll unstick. Thank you for the info.

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Windows 8 64bit was taking forever to boot so I did a clean install but that didn't help. I am using an ASUS K56CA laptop. I have tried updating all the drivers I could find and windows too but it didn't help. When trying to put the computer to sleep I did get a DRIVER POWER STATE FAILURE message but I don't know if that's related to the extremely long boot times. I also disabled everything non essential from starting using MSCONFIG. I am out of options. Please help. Thank you.

A:Windows 8 takes 4-5 mins to boot even after clean install.

You can enable fast boot up if you want it will decrease the boot time, and make sure you always shut the PC down correctly.
_Click on your battery icon>>>>then click more power options>>>>then click choose what the power button does then click change settings that are currently unavailable then scroll down and check fast boot, put in mind that it doesnt work when clicking restart PC.
P.S: when i enable fast boot it takes 15 second to boot up to the desktop, but when i uncheck it it takes 35 second to boot up.

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hello everyone. i just bought a hp dv4-5008tx laptop.
the configuration is a follows

Processor Core i5 (2nd Generation)
Clock Speed 2.5 GHz
Cache 3 MB (Smart Cache)
Expandable Memory Up to 16 GB
Memory Slots 2 (Unused Slots 0)
System Memory 6 GB DDR3
Hardware Interface SATA
RPM 5400
HDD Capacity 640 GB
Dedicated Graphics Memory Type DDR3
Dedicated Graphics Memory Capacity 2 GB
Graphic Processor NVIDIA GeForce 630M

here is my story. i deleted all the partitions on it because i wanted to install resizing according to my need. i ended up creating dynamic drives. i searched the forums and found the solution to that using pw 4.2
now i want to install windows on my640 GB hardisk which doesn't have any partitions. its unallocated space. i know how to do it but i want to ask that do i need to modify any MBR?
i tried installing windows on dynamic drive and it took a long time to install (1 hour). why it took this much time?

A:Windows takes time to install

Partition Wizard Bootable CD allows user to manage partition directly with partition manager bootable CD.

Create the bootable cd. Works perfectly everytime. Make your drive basic, not dynamic. You should not have to modify anything. I always set the install partition active, so no system reserve partition is created.

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TL;DR Why is my C drive showing, after a clean install, that I have used over 180gb of space?


Every 6-8 months my system becomes slow, quirky, things stop working or it lazily boots up so I reinstall Windows 7. I have come to enjoy the process as it keeps me honest, running a neat, easily backed up system with a quick install and at the end of it I get what feels like a new computer. I keep a Google Doc with links to my important programs and the software keys. I transfer my music and pics off the laptop regularly so it rarely has more than a few gigs of these on board so the process has become rather painless. For this latest install I put the Chrome and TrendMicro installers on a thumbdrive so I could install each without needing to go online except, once installed, to activate.

I digress...

This time around I was thinking of setting up a dual boot with Ubuntu 10.10. So, as I'm checking out my disk deciding on partition sizes I see that I have, with a brand new, utterly clean install, used up 183gb of my hard drive.

How is this possible?

I was under the impression Win7 needed 20GB for install, and as I run light in terms of programs, iTunes, Word, Excel, Trend Micro, Chrome, DropBox, Sketchup, Skype and various drivers for peripherals I could get away with a 35GB partition for Win7. But 183GB doesn’t seem right.

What am I missing?


P.S. While I have you, and I do plan on posting this in a more appropriate place, I have a question. The... Read more

A:Windows 7 after clean install takes up 183gb of space? Whaaaa?

I dont know why 7 is taking up so much space. Perhaps you're not formatting the boot drive 100% before installing the new version.

One thing I can advise is that you get a good imaging program such as Acronis True Image Complete hard disk recovery solution, backup, drive copy, clone and image computer software.
It allows you to make an exact mirror image of your hard drive so you will no longer have to constantly re-install windows every 6 to 8 months, that's just ridiculous to be re-installing windows so often.

I'd imagine you know it can take weeks or more to get all your programs re installed and your settings back the way you prefer them.
You will need an external hard drive to store the backups ...although you can use a CD/DVD writer to hold the images, an external drive is much faster and much easier and not a lot of $$$.

I use Acronis to make backups to a USB-2 external drive about once a month.
If there's a massive meltdown or serious slow down/problem.. or worse, A Hard Drive Failure... you can be back up and running in a matter minutes...Exactly as it was at the time you made your last image.

I don't think anybody here that has properly used an imaging program will disagree with what I've posted...It's a life saver.

Theres a free imaging program called Backula Bacula, the Open Source, Enterprise ready, Network Backup Tool for Linux, Unix, and Windows
I've never used it but I've heard great reviews about it.

Do yourself a favor and look into imaging your har... Read more

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I have a question,how many time is taking to upgrade a Windows 10 32-bit to Windows 10 64-bit?

EDIT: Sorry for posting a question with wrong tag.(Windows 7)

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After my update to SP1 now it takes about 25 seconds more for the system to boot. Everything seems the same until Windows starts logging in to my account. It takes much longer to load to the desktop now than it took before.
I'm using the admin account if it matters.
Can you tell me how to provide enough information to you, so you can help me Maybe it's a driver problem?


A:After SP1 upgrade it takes longer time to boot?

Have you checked your C: drive fragmentation?

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I have a preference to perform a clean installation, on my active partition; specifically, after deleting the original partitions, containing Windows 7 and the Reserve partition!

This option is available, I believe, by selecting the Advance option, and then choosing the delete both of these partitions!

However, I have come across Blogs, which imply this is only viable, if you have the FULL, rather than the UPGRADE version of Windows 8 Pro.

The Upgrade versions needs to see a previous version of Windows; otherwise the installed Windows 8 will not activate; see link below!

Windows 8 upgrade clean install - activation blocked - PC & Mac Hardware and Software - Digital Spy Forums
There is another article which discusses this subject, on this link:-

Windows 8 Upgrade: clean install possible?

Again, Windows 8 would not activate!

Is this a one off incident, or is there some truth in this

A:Windows 8 Upgrade: clean install possible?

Is this a one off incident, or is there some truth in this

Yes, this true.

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I did a reformat of my hard drives, completely clean, recently, and reinstalled my copy of Windows 7 without problems. However, the activation did not go smoothly, my key is a Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit UPGRADE key, and it told me that it couldn't be used.

I have read the other threads on this subject, but couldn't figure out if there was another way or not to deal with this situation, other than buying another copy of windows, or wiping again, installing xp or vista, and then upgrading.

If possible, I would prefer to not have to reinstall windows, or move my files around, because I was borrowing the external drive I used to reformat the first time, and I'm currently in college.

Thanks in advance,

A:Clean Install With Windows 7 Upgrade

Somebody, welcome to Sevenforums!

Follow this tutorial: Clean Install with a Upgrade Windows 7 Version (by Brink). The tutorial mentions many methods, but I do not believe there is any other way (other than what the tutorial lists).

Good luck!

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I currently have Vista Premium installed but I want a clean (format) install of Windows 7

Can I buy Windows 7 'upgrade' and still do clean install?

A:Can I buy Windows 7 'upgrade' and still do clean install?

Yes, you can .... Clean Install with a Upgrade Windows 7 Version

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So I haven't tried it officially on a new HDD, but I did try it over a new Install of Release Preview and it worked great!

Background: I completely wiped my HD and had no install disk, recovery, nothing. I had to go on my Windows 7 and download a legit copy of Windows Pro 8 Upgrade. I had it on a USB drive and no matter what I did, I kept on getting an Error right after hitting "Install" stating that the product key installed is invalid, something along those lines, etc...

After all week and many lost nights, I finally found the solution. Granted I did do this install over a freshly installed Release Preview, but I am sure it will work on a new HD.

Once you create the Bootable USB drive from the Windows 8 Upgrade, just add this file "ei.cfg" to the \Sources folder and you should be able to install without the key error.

The file is in a .txt format so I could upload it, but just change the .txt to .cfg and it should be an actual file, not a text file.

IMPORTANT: You will need a VALID KEY once it is installed to even log into the machine. Let me know if this works or not.

A:**FIX** Install Windows 8 Pro UPGRADE to clean HDD

Hello Metamorphic,

No need to go through all that, and violating the EULA by tampering with a system file and activation like that.

Instead, you could just as easily use the method below to legally do a clean install with a Windows 8 upgrade, and have it activated afterwards.

Clean Install with Windows 8 Upgrade

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Hello, I have kind of a complicated question...
Is there a way to install Windows 7 Professional Upgrade as a clean install to Parallels on a Macbook Pro? I purchased the Windows 7 Professional Upgade as part of the "Ultimate Steal" student discount program which requires that I own a copy of Windows XP or Vista. I do own Windows XP. I have a genuine product key and product ID.

Here's my situation:
I have 2 macbook pros. One very old (2007 macbook pro) with Windows XP Professional installed. I have the Product Key and ID but no install disc. (I lost it)
One new macbook pro (2011) and a bootable windows 7 professional upgrade iso (and have it burned to a DVD as bootable). I have an authentic product key and product ID that microsoft emailed to me. I ordered a backup installation DVD but that won't come for a few days (hence why I made the iso a bootable DVD)

So technically I own Windows XP (on one mac) and want to install a clean version of Windows 7 Professional on a new mac. Anyone know how to do this? When I try to install Windows 7 using the iso or the DVD Windows (in parallels) tells me I need a prior version of windows installed. The "Ultimate Steal" website says that there are no returns allowed and no where on the page does it say I must upgrade from a computer that has XP or Vista on it. It only specifies that I must own a valid XP or Vista license. I really hate how Microsoft makes this so difficult.

Your help is... Read more

A:How do I clean install Windows 7 upgrade to new mac?

Hello otissmithd, welcome to Seven Forums!

I have no idea at all if this will work on a mac but since you own a qualifying Windows version, have a look at this tutorial at the link below and be sure to post back with any further questions you may have and to keep us informed.
Do a Clean Install with a Upgrade Windows 7 Version

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I'm interested in eventually trying Windows 8, I'm currently using Windows 7 on all my PC's. With 7 I was able to clean install with the upgrade disc I bought when I was in school for $40. Looks like Microsoft is offering upgrades to 8 for the same deal through Jan 31 2013. I was reading some comments on another forum where I found out about this deal that to my understanding using the upgrade will invalid the upgrade key I have on 7, so I can't go back. Is this true? If I buy the upgrade will it come with a product key? So I can clean install?

A:Will I be able to Clean Install with a Windows 8 Pro Upgrade?

From what I have read you need to have a previous version of Win 7, Vista or XP installed on the PC, but it will give you a choice during update to do a clean install. And yes you get a new key for Win 8. It says it invalidates the old key which means you can't use it on another PC but if the key actually gets blocked by MS is unknown.


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For the first time I have purchased an upgrade instead of the full version. It installed ok, but I am having one or two issues. For some reason, although in power options I have it set to 'shut down' on the power off, it shuts down then sometimes within a few minutes or in a few hours (during the night usually) my pc turns itself back on! When it turns on it says 'resume from hibernation'. But no where in the power options have I got it set to hibernate! The other issue is that occasionally I get a BSOD. Im guessing this might be something to do with my Brother MFC-5895 printer which uses windows generic drivers as Brother have not developed their own yet. But Im not sure.

What I wanted to ask is....can I re-format my hard drive using the windows 8 upgrade disk or do I have to use my windows 7 disk and then upgrade to W8? I thought maybe if I do a clean install, it may improve things.

A:Windows 8 upgrade to clean install

Hello Dixie, and welcome to Eight Forums.

Yes. You will be able to do a clean install with your upgrade copy of Windows 8 without having to install Windows 7 first. You would just enter your Windows 8 product key during installation.

Clean Install with Windows 8 Upgrade

Hope this helps,

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Sorry if if this was answered.

This question is for a friend, but honestly I don't the exact answer myself.

Windows vista, upgrade to 7, now upgraded to Windows 8 using Windows 8 upgrade DVD, keeping his software and files. Friend does not feel system is working as it should so wants to try a clean installation of Windows 8.

Does he have to load Windows vista or 7 again, so he can try a Windows 8 custom install to wipe out drive and get clean install?

Would the Windows 8 reset new option help him?

Thank you for the help.

A:Clean Install of Windows 8 again on an upgrade.

Hello Techy,

Resetting Windows 8 is just about the same as a clean install. I'd say give that a try first. The Windows 8 installation DVD will need to be inserted since it will be needed to do the reset with.

Your friend could also do a traditional clean install with the Windows 8 upgrade anytime as well.

Clean Install with Windows 8 Upgrade

Hope this helps,

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alright so i have a HP HDX16t, and i had vista x64 .. i recently upgraded to windows 7 from vista and i was experiencing a lot of problems so i decided to do a clean install ..

i popped in my windows 7 upgrade CD [didn't boot from CD] and just went through with the installation and clicked custom to do a clean reinstall. i kind of just felt like taking a chance because from what i read, in order to do a clean reinstall after you already upgraded, everything i was reading said that i would have to go back to Vista using the recovery disc, and then do another installation of windows 7 clean.

but so far everything seems to be running fine, so basically what im asking is are there any complications that may arise because of me just doing a clean install straight from an upgrade??

Also, for anyone with HP, how might i go about getting HP mediasmart back?

A:HP windows 7 upgrade -> CLEAN install

When you ran the DVD it saw an OS and that was all that is needed to accept Upgrade version key without a workaround.

Check your HP Support Downloads page for your model for any missing drivers or apps. Google if necc.

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So im running windows vista sp2 and i want to get windows 7 because i need to reformat my computer but i lost the disk (i got a lot of viruses). If i buy the upgrade version can i still do a clean install?

Thanks in advanced

A:Windows 7 upgrade clean install

Yes, see http://www.windows7news.com/2009/10/22/how...-upgrade-media/.Louis

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During the past few months, I've switched several computers from Windows 7 to Windows 10 because of the approaching January 2020 "end of life" of Windows 7.
I've done both "upgrade" installs and "clean" installs.
"Clean" installs take longer because apps need to be reinstalled afterwards and a lot of setting changes need to be done, but it allows the computer to start out fresh.
"Upgrade" installs are quicker, but the computer carries over issues and debris into Windows 10, so I've seen a failure rate of about 40%.
Regardless of which method you choose to use, make sure to back up your personal data(documents, photos, music, etc.) to reliable external media BEFORE you start.
Windows 10 is pretty good about installing drivers for a computer's devices, but there's no guarantee that all of its devices will work properly afterwards.
The best way to solve that problem is to obtain downloadable Windows 10 drivers for them(if they exist) BEFORE you start.
Good luck.


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I am sure this has been asked before, but I need to know if I get the upgrade disk and for whatever reason I have to do a clean install again, will the upgrade disk do that or will I have to load Windows XP back on then use the upgrade disk from there? Thanks a lot!

A:Can the Windows 7 upgrade preform a clean install?

Hi jlmnet, welcome to SevenForums!

The easiest way to do this is to image your drive as soon as you install windows 7 and get all the updates. See Brinks tutorial on this -=> Here

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I own Windows Vista 64bit, and have ordered Windows 7 Professional 64bit upgrade. How do I do a clean installation of Windows 7 on a new hard drive? Thanks for your help ? IM

A:How to do clean install Windows 7 upgrade on new drive

Hi Imageman

Have a look at these tutorial:

Clean Install Windows 7

Upgrade Install with Windows 7

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I am replacing my current hard drive with a SSD. I am also changing the motherboard, CPU, and RAM. So, I guess you can call it a new system. What I need to do is install a Window 7 upgrade media on the new SSD. I will be using my Windows 7 upgrade media from a Family 3 pack Windows 7 upgrade media. I used this Family 3 packs to upgrade this computer on the current hard drive and two other computers. So, I have used it three times. According to everything I have seen I will need to do a double install to ensure that Windows 7 will activate. What I need to know do I need to activate Windows XP before installing Windows 7? Will the fact that I have already used the Family pack three times in the past affect the activation?

A:Clean install of Windows 7 Upgrade media

I think that your chief problem may be that Microsoft considers a motherboard change a different system. Of course, if your XP is retail (not OEM) you can transfer it to the "new" PC and then should be able to upgrade with the three-pack.

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Did a clean install after a Windows 10 Pro upgrade, from a disk created from an ISO from media creator...all went ok, but says Windows not activated....just telling me to go to the store and buy a licence or enter a new key....

It was activated before I did the clean install, what can I do now ?


A:Clean install after upgrade Windows NOT activating

Do you have an error code or screen shot?

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Hi all I've been having a few issues for a while with my onboard GFX. If you are interested see the link.


Anyway I have been asked to reinstall the operating system by asus to see if it rectifies the problem.
While I?m doing this I ideally want to perform a clean install and delete the partition that was left on there by Mesh computers who I bought I from. Vista was initially pre installed on the PC but I bought it with the windows 7 Upgrade option.

What I would like to know is will the windows 7 upgrade disc have the same options as a normal windows 7 operating system disc?

If so how do I delete the partition and perform a clean wipe/install? Have we got an idiot guide.

Cheers for the help


A:Clean Install with Windows 7 Upgrade disc.

If so how do I delete the partition and perform a clean wipe/install? Have we got an idiot guide.

Take a look here:
SSD / HDD : Optimize for Windows Reinstallation
Partition the Hard Drive in a Windows 7 Install

Clean Install with a Upgrade Windows 7 Version

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On the Microsoft Community forums, they convinced me that I need to do a clean install of Windows 8/8.1.
I decided that if I have to do a clean install, I will replace the C hard drive with a SSD. I got the SSD yesterday. I've installed drives 15-20 times and I've installed Windows upgrades, but never a clean install of Windows.
Some of the people were warning me not to do it myself, and to get a computer store to do it. The told me about how changing the ATA setting to AHCI (as needed for the SSD) will make Windows 8 get into a reboot loop. I checked my BIOS, and it is already set to AHCI (the only other choice was RAID), so that shouldn't be a problem.
This computer came with Windows 7. I bought the retail Windows 8 upgrade disc when it was new and installed it. When the 8.1 free download came out, I downloaded it from the Windows store and installed it. I have the license keys for all three of these.
My plan (after backing up files, of course) is to:
1. replace the C: HD with the SSD.
2. use the Window 8 upgrade disc to do a clean install (this can be done, right?)
3. do Windows Update, do all updates, and keep rebooting until there are no more updates
4. download and install the 8.1 update
I read that there can be a problem activating Windows, but there is a change you can make to the registry to allow it to activate (I've done regedits before).
Do you see any problems with me doing this myself?
Since I wrote this, I looked at this video about doing a clean ... Read more

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For your information, I bought my Asus laptop last year that came with Windows 7 Pro.

I'm planning to upgrade to Windows 8 this coming October, however, it seems they require me to provide the windows product key.

I download a software called: "Key Finder" to find my windows key, and to my surprise, it's different from the one (the sticker) at the bottom of my laptop. Later, I found out that the key(from the Key FInder) was actually an OEM key for all Asus laptops.

Now, if I want to upgrade to Windows 8 later, should I provide the OEM product key or the product key from the bottom of my laptop?
One more question, do I have a choice to format my hard disk before installation if I purchase the upgrade version?


A:Upgrade/Clean install Windows 8 RTM/GA in the future

I'm not sure that the answers to your questions are yet available.

However, if Win8 is like 7, an upgrade copy would normally be launched from an installed OS. (Exception: when you're changing from 32 bit to 64 bit, or 64 to 32.) You need a product key only to the extent that you need a previous OS installed to run the upgrade.

A Win7 upgrade license permits you to format the disk during installation. However, an upgrade license won't (officially) install on a blank disk, so you might be in trouble of you formatted the disk, and then interrupted the install process. (You'd definitely have trouble if you formatted the disk with a third-party utility, and tried to install Win8 on it with an upgrade copy.)

Again, this is how it worked with Windows 7. 8 may be different. (One change: Microsoft has stated that it'll be OK to install the release version of 8 over the RP. They didn't officially permit that with the Windows 7 RC and release versions, although it worked just fine.)

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Hello everyone...  I was going to upgrade to windows 10, but something odd happened.   While still in 8.1, I went into safemode to do some last minute cleaning (malware checker, etc), but got stuck somehow and now safemode just restarts over and over.   My Lenovo H530 won't restart into normal windows 8.1 so I can do the upgrade.   I thought this would be no problem, since a clean install of Win 10 was probably a better idea, but now I need a product key.   I have a Win 10 install USB ready to go, but I wanted to be sure about product key before I start....Since I cannot boot into 8.1 any more, I plan on formatting the disk, and installing Win 10 from the USB stick.   I created the Win 10 USB using the Microsoft Windows 10 Media Creation Tool ( https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows10 )... I am entitled to a free Windows 10 upgrade, but I just don't know how to get it done now.   Any ideas?

A:windows 10 upgrade botched, want to clean install,...

Your Windows 8.1 key is embedded in the BIOS, so you do not need the key, but you likely will not be able to just install Windows 10 either as the 8.1 key is a OEM version.   Have you tried using the Lenovo One Key Recovery option to restore your system back to 8.1 using the hidden recovery partition?     You will lose all of your data, but you would lose it too if your reformat the drive anyway, and that will at least get your system back up and running in 8.1 so you can try again.  Lenovo H5 Series User Guide   (see page 19)http://www.lenovo.com/shop/americas/content/user_guides/h_ug_en.pdf You can also try starting Windows 8 in recovery mode by holding down the Shift key and rapidly pressing F8 upon turning on the system, or by unplugging it once you see it just start to boot 3-4 times in a row, and you should be sent into the Windows 8's Advanced Repair Options where you can run System Restore. Another option is to make a bootable System Recovery Disk (you can make one on any Windows 7, 8.1 or 10 system as long as the system used is the same 32-bit or 64-bit type as your system, which was most likely 64-bit Windows 8.1).    Once you make the disk on another system, you can boot to the System Recover Disk CD, and run a System Restore back to a restore point created prior to upgrading to Windows 10 or try an automatic repair. The option to create a System Recovery Disk is under Backup and Restore in ... Read more

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I bought a windows 7 ultimate upgrade disk, I found a way to clean install it but I can't activate it. Please help.

A:Clean Install Windows 7 with a upgrade disk

An Upgrade disc can only be used on a Windows OS that is already activated and is not a pirated copy. If the previous Windows version is not legal, the upgrade will not activate. If by chance your previous Windows was legit, then call Microsoft to Activate your Windows.

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Hi Microsoft,
I'm currently waiting to upgrade my motherboard as I need this question answered. I'm changing from my Pre-installed JasmineR motherboard from my HP Pavilion 500-242ea to the ASUS ROG Crossblade Ranger. I've been searching all over the internet trying to
find out if i can upgrade my motherboard without having to clean install windows 8.1. All the things I have found say that this is possible but every thread I've seen seems to be conflicted by people saying that it is not possible. I've seen everywhere that
I would have to re-activate windows but is this all I have to do to get my windows 8.1 to boot with everything intact. I have that much stuff that i can not afford to clean install so can i change my motherboard without losing anything and if so then how?

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hello i had windows vista on my pc and i did a Clean Installation of windows 7.but now i have some problems,and i want to install windows 7 again.do i have to go back to windows vista? i have a windows 7 upgrade dvd.

A:can i install windows 7 again after upgrade Clean Installation

No, you do not have to reinstall Vista, if you did a clean install, read this. You do not have to reinstall.
Clean Install with a Upgrade Windows 7 Version[2]=General Tips

Justd do it the way it shows in the tutorial.

In the future, make a backup and you will never have to reinstall with the DVD.

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Dear Sir/Madam,

I would be grateful if you can let me know ? I have Windows 8.1, I want to have clean install Windows 10 but first I want upgrade to Windows 10 ? keep this for few days to see everything is WORKING and OK then do CLEAN INSTALL of Windows 10. Can I do this ? If yes then please guide me or let me know how to do this. My email address is <removed>

Once more thanks and I do appreciate for all the advise.

Yours faithfully,


A:First Upgrade to Windows 10 then after few days CLEAN INSTALL

I have removed your email address - ALL communication and support should be kept in the forums as per our rules
ALSO putting your email on public forums is the quickest way to get spam

Yes you can do that using the ISO from here https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/software-download/windows10

You must do an upgrade first - so that MS can see an orginal valid license for the software and then assign a windows 10 key
After the upgrade you can then do a clean install

I would wait a bit longer than a few days , to check everything works OK
With the upgrade you can revert back to the original software for upto 30days after the upgrade and then the windows.old folder will be deleted

I would make sure you make a note fo your old windows key before the upgrde
With 8.1
that would be obtained by running www.belac.com or https://www.magicaljellybean.com/keyfinder/

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Hello everyone,
My new hard drive should arrive soon, and I'm wondering if it's possible to install Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit Upgrade Edition without installing Vista first.
I have the Vista DVD.
It's just that I don't want to spend time installing Vista, then 7. Also, last time I tried this it resulted in an undeletable windows.old folder, but that's not an issue anymore.

Will I simply insert the Windows 7 disc, install it, and then some time during the installation insert the Vista disc and enter the product key? That would be the best scenario.

And, on the side, my new hard drive is solid-state, so is there anything special I should know? I will enable NHCI in BIOS prior to installation.

Thank you very much for your time

A:Clean install of Windows 7 Upgrade - Without Vista first

How to Do a Clean Install with a Upgrade Windows 7 Version

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I plan to perform a clean install using a Windows 7 Professional
upgrade disk.

- I have a laptop that originally came with OEM Vista Home Premium.
- Subsequently, the O/S was changed to Vista Ultimate (full version)

I would like to be able to install Vista Ultimate on another PC; to do so,
should I install (full format) the OEM Vista Home Premium prior to
attempting the upgrade to Windows 7?


A:Windows 7 Upgrade - Clean Install Question

Just save your files externally, then boot into the Win7 upgrade installer and choose Custom install>Advanced tools, delete each partition, create new ones as you please, format and install to first partition.

Save your Vista premium disk with your Win7 Upgrade disk in case you would ever need to show a qualifying OS for Upgrade. The ultimate is a full retail version anyway which you can migrate to any other machine as long as it is only one at a time.

However, this should never happen because reinstalls are a thing of the past if you save an image of your HDD using Win7 Backup Image. Just reimage the HDD (or a replacement) in 15 minutes.

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Hi, I was wondering if anyone know when microsoft will put a stop into the clean install using Vista upgrade disc. I heard it will be included in Windows Vista SP1, but wondering from other sources for a better accurate answer. Will Microsoft put a stop to this walk-around. If so, will the millions of copies already sold be affected by the patch, or only recent ones after SP1. I want to do the walk-around as I have a upgrade disc in March of 2008, but wanna make sure that would be possible at that time. Thanks!

A:Windows Vista Upgrade Clean Install Over?

Today at work we tried the workaround with a Windows Anytime Upgrade disk - and it wouldn't work until Vista Home Premium was activated - then we were able to complete the upgrade to Ultimate. It didn't work within Windows or when booting from the DVD. We ended up doing the upgrade (rather than the clean install) to preserve the Windows.old directory on his hard drive - but the option to do the Custom install was available after activation.

OTOH - one of the techs still uses this method to install Vista at home (he reformats rather than removing the malware he gets) and doesn't have any issues with it.

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After having endless installer problem and and using the upgrade option of my Vista a few times, and still having these issues,
I discovered I could purchase for free Windows 7 Ultimate student version from the college,

Since my issues with Vista, is it better to do a clean install of Windows 7?

And is the "student" version of Windows 7 different or limiting from the original Windows 7 Ultimate?

A:Upgrade from Vista to Windows or clean install?

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Guys my first post and I have looked at the tutorials just wanting to clear up a few things. I have Windows Vista Home 32 Bit and upgraded to Windows 7 Pro 64 bit. I installed a new HDD at the time as I wanted Windows 7 on that instead of on the Vista drive. That has left me with the little issue of the product key not being valid, as I didn't install on the top of the older system. Now I will need to activate it at some point and have just come across the forum and your excellent tutorials, now you have linked to Paul Thurrott's guide and he mentions a double install method which is supported by Microsoft. I would prefer this route as it looks easy, and less likely that I will do it wrong. My main questions are when I installed Windows 7 I stupidly clicked the Activate Online thing. Will double install or any of the other methods still work? Will the double install lose all my upgrades I have had to make to get all my devices working? not to bothered but would prefer this not to happen as it took me 3 days to do my drivers and various other installs to get back to being able to run fully. Anyway so far I am very impressed by Windows 7 and well Vista will never be used again and once I have this little issue sorted I may well be getting rid of vista of my other HDD. Just one final question how much RAM can I install now that I am running Windows 7 64 bit, I currently have 2gb (1gb per channel for processor). I know what type to get but what is the Maximum it will tak... Read more

A:Clean Install of Windows 7 with upgrade disk

Doing a Repair Install to activate Upgrade version keeps everything exactly in place, reinstalls the OS and reconfigures the boot. It only clears some custom visual effects settings and clears activation for your Upgrade key to be inserted. In fact, you should be able to insert your key at the first prompt since it will see your underlying OS as qualifying for Upgrade version key.

Or do the Paul Thurrot workaround which is quicker.

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Hey all, I bought an upgrade copy of Windows 8 back when it released, and I've been using the same installation since 2012. Windows have been giving me a lot of issues, so I'm planning on re-installing in a week or two. I want to format my hard drive and then install Windows, but I'm afraid if I do so, I won't be able to use the upgrade disc to install Windows (considering Windows won't be installed). Is this still possible? If so, is there a special way to do it?

Thanks much for your help!

A:Clean install with an upgrade copy of Windows 8?

How to download and clean install Windows 8.1 -> link

Note: This Windows 8.1 installation media accepts Windows 8/8.1 product keys, both OEM and retail (for example, "Windows 8 Pro $15/$40 Upgrade Offer" product key).

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Hello everyone,

Just to let you all know that I have confirmed that you can do either a clean install, custom install, or upgrade install with a retail Upgrade version of Windows 7 and activate it on a clean unallocated (blank) drive or partition without any other OS installed or with one installed. It does not matter.

For questions and more information on this, please see this tutorial:
Clean Install with a Upgrade Windows 7 Version

100% confirmed


Remember that you need a valid qualifying previous version of Windows to use a Upgrade Windows 7 copy legally. Microsoft only made doing a clean install from a upgrade Windows 7 possible to make it more convenient so you do not have to reinstall both the old Windows version (ex: Vista) and upgrade to Windows 7 everytime you needed or wanted to reinstall.

If you do not have a valid qualifying previous version of Windows, then you are violating the terms of Microsoft's Windows 7 End User License Agreement and could get your product key number invalidated by Microsoft. Plus, it is considered illegal.

For more about this, please see: Microsoft SMB Community Blog : Regardless of what any hack says, a Windows 7 Upgrade is an Upgrade. What you need to know.

A:Doing a Clean Install with a Upgrade Windows 7 Version

Thank you for clearing this up.

The past few days have been a constant battle against misinformation that an Upgrade clean install can be done from boot. Even some regulars have insisted this on thin evidence that the XP Upgrade installer could boot and ask for the qualifying OS key, something which hasn't been in effect since XP.

Similarly, the Vista upgrade over itself trick was specifically foreclosed by MS, ending any hope for a boot clean install. Or so we thought. Now we learn that the Vista trick itself works, and there is Paul Thurrot's workaround to avoid having to install over itself.

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In a moment of weakness, I ordered the retail Windows 8 Pro Upgrade Media from an online vendor and I received it yesterday with both 32bit,64bit media and Key.

I made a Custom install with the 64bit media on a 80GB partition created and formatted with Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit Windows 7 Disk Management - a clean install with DELL OEM Reinstall Disk - on my Dell lappy.

Since it was an upgrade media, I followed Brink's tutorial refreshing it after the first install. Everything went on well and Windows 8 Pro activated without any hitch.

After reading that many users who had bought the media from the vendor were able to do a clean install even on a new HDD, I decided to try it.

So I reformattedd the partition and installed the Windoes 8 Pro and what a surprise! It activated automatically without any hitch and what more now I have a dual boot system with OEM Windows 7 & and Windows 8 Pro.

I also observed, when I followed Brink's tutorial and installed Win 8, the windows.old folder contained 1.32GB files and with the later clean install though there was a Windows.old folder it was empty.

The media purchased from the online vendor is distributed by a Microsoft authorised distributor and replicated in Singapore.

EDIT: OMG, I posted this Windows 7 forum, instead if eight forum.

A:Clean install with Windows 8 Pro upgrade media

Is this a sharestory or what ?

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From what I've read so far, it's my understanding that in order to do a clean install from a Windows 7 Upgrade version, I must have an activated copy of Vista already installed. Is this correct? Or, since I have a copy of Vista, can I do a Windows 7 install on a blank hard drive? Will the Windows 7 install procedure just ask me to insert my Vista CD and some point to confirm I have a legal copy of Vista? Thanks for any help on this.

A:Solved: clean install with Windows 7 Upgrade

Looks to be possible through this process.

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When I am trying to install IE& or IE8 on windows xp sp2, it takes long time to install.
Updates and malware removal tool take log time to install.

Why is it so ? When I install Firefox, it does not take this long. But with Firefox, I have problems watching videos.


A:IE8 takes long time to install

By install, do you mean "open"? Check FF add-ons for help with video problem.

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I upgraded my Aspire to 10 with no problems. I would like to clean install. When I try to clean install I get message "Windows cannot be installed to this disk. The selected disk has an MBR partition table. Windows can only be installed to GPT disk. Can I not get a clean install?

A:Aspire X1430G. Clean windows install after upgrade

Look at this post and read more posts on the next page. http://www.tenforums.com/tutorials/2376-usb-flash-drive-create-install-windows-10-a-13.html#post4513... I found it was a little complex but if you need to Join Tenforums at the top of any page you can then ask a question on the last page of this link. If "BRINK" answers your question he is the very best. http://www.tenforums.com/tutorials/1950-windows-10-clean-install.html

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Hiya there

I have a computer running windows 7 (prem) and I am wanting to do a clean install of a retail purchased DVD of windows 8 Pro upgrade.

Now I am aware there are tutorials on here telling you how to do that.. deleting partitions etc and I understand them, however as I understand the process it just wipes the allocation tables then does a quick format, then installs windows 8.

What I want to do is WIPE my hard drive (fill it with zero's) and then install windows 8 upgrade, is this possible or can I choose a FULL format when installing windows 8 ?

I hope you understand what i mean, looking forward to your reply.


A:A CLEAN install of windows 8 upgrade after disk wipe.

Welcome to the forums zooburner, you don't need to wipe your hard drive (with zero), you will be able to choose full format during the upgrade process. One of the requirements for upgrade is that you need to have a licenced copy of windows installed in your PC.
When you do the upgrade, choose "Custom Install".
What are the cheapest and easiest upgrade paths to Windows 8? | ZDNet

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I upgraded my Aspire to 10 with no problems. I would like to clean install. When I try to clean install I get message "Windows cannot be installed to this disk. The selected disk has an MBR partition table. Windows can only be installed to GPT disk. Can I not get a clean install?

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Hi is there anyway i can do this? also i dont know how to do it from the bios can you help me?

i also want to make sure there are no traces of vista and all data is gone.

additional informartion:

toshiba satellite a500
4gb ram
500gb hd

A:Clean install with upgrade version without windows.old file?

Hello Johhny,

Sorry, but no. However, you can just delete the Windows.old folder afterwards to regain the HDD space.

Windows.old Folder - Delete

Clean Install with a Upgrade Windows 7 Version

Hope this helps,

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I am running Windows XP Home Edition SP3 right now and I finally decided that it is time to upgrade to Windows Vista. Due to my lack of money right now I was planning on doing the "upgrade" version to Windows Vista Home Premium. Before I bought it though I was told by some friends that it is not the wisest thing to do because it leaves some old files behind....

I really don't want to do a clean install due to all the important files that I would have to move and then move back and I didn't want to risk it....

Any advice for what to do?

Thanks in advance,


A:[SOLVED] Upgrade or clean install to Windows Vista?

go to win 7


clean install is the best option,do the upgrade it can take a few hours,it is usually quicker to save what you need and reinstall as the clean install only takes approx half an hour

it will save having to buy win 7 until it is released and having to buy vista

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I'll be buying an OCZ Vertex 2 or Agility 2 in the next few weeks, but before doing so I want to get this straight.

I have an existing building with an HDD with Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit installed. My intent is to add an SDD make it my system/boot drive. I want to leave the Users folder on my HDD. Programs Files and Program Data will also stay on HDD, though I may put some programs on the SDD later.

I prefer to do a clean install of Windows on the new drive. I've found a tutorial on this site for changing the default location of a User profile. So, it seems pretty straightforward that after I've installed Windows on one drive to have it recognize user profiles on another drive. I'm just not clear on how to get rid of Windows on the original drive that I'll still be using for data.

I don't have a third drive to transfer all of the data to while doing this.

So is there any step-by-step guide out there on how to do this?

Here are the steps as I see it, please let me know if I'm screwed up somewhere.
1. Unplug HDD and plug SSD in mobo in same place
2. Install windows on SSD as normal
3. Add HDD
4. Change Users location in Windows to HDD drive
5. Can I then just uninstall Windows from the HDD? Will that delete the Users folder and profiles? This is where I'm stumped and can't find any info! Please help!


A:How to clean install Windows 7 to SSD upgrade on existing system?

You're just going about it slightly askew:

You want to install your OS and Programs to the SSD, since programs write registry keys to the OS such that they are integrated into it until uninstalled.

So just back up your active User folders externally, then copy them into a freshly wiped HD which is Primary partitioned NTFS. You can also back up the System image to it's own partition on that HD, but I'd back up the User folders to external.
Backup Complete Computer - Create an Image Backup
Backup User and System Files

This should be what you're working from: User Folders - Change Default Location:

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This is basically the same with Vista, as posted in the Vista section."Can I use a Windows 7 Upgrade version to perform a clean install of the OS?"This is becoming particularly antsy for people because they want to take advantage of the time-limited Windows 7 presale, which starts tomorrow.So, what the heck, I asked.The answer, I'm told, is ... Yes. You can perform a clean install of Windows 7 with the Upgrade media, as you could with Windows Vista.http://community.winsupersite.com/blogs/pa...4-upgrades.aspx

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