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Phantom display shows up in Windows 7

Q: Phantom display shows up in Windows 7

I had 3-way SLI. Removed one card to run benchmarks with 2-way SLI. I opened notepad and it appears to open on a display that is no longer there. I had three displays (each display connected to one GTX980). I now have one display connected to the fist card. I have Display Fusion installed and thought that was messing it up, uninstalled it and the same thing appears. I used DDU to remove the drivers and reinstalled 365.10.
If I go into screen resolution I see this:

Preferred Solution: Phantom display shows up in Windows 7

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: Phantom display shows up in Windows 7

I clicked "try to connect" and then removed the display but the problem is still there.

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When I close the empty CD/DVD burner drive on my Windows 7 machine,
I always get an autoplay dialog that indicates there's a DVD
loaded called "Bluebirds". If I click on "open folder to view files"
in that dialog it shows the following files listed as
"Files currently on the disc":


I've scanned my hard drive but no such files appear.

I think this "Bluebirds" DVD was used to test my PC by the shop that
assembled it for me. I've had this problem ever since I bought it.

I used regedit to look in the registry, and found an entry for "Bluebirds"
in Explorer->CD Burning->Drives->Volume{long number}->Current Media->Disc Label.

I'm guessing I have to clean up the keys in "Current Media" in some way to make the
system forget about this DVD, but I don't know which fields to change.

Here are all the fields under "Current Media":

Default REG_SZ (value not set)
Blank Disc REG_DWORD 0x000 (0)
Can Close REG_DWORD 0x00 (0)
Disk Label REG_SZ Bluebirds
FreeBytes REG_BINARY 00 00 ... 00
Imapi Media State REG_DWORD 0x0000a000 (40960)
IsImapiDataBurnSupported REG_DWORD 0x00 (0)
IsImapiEraseSupported REG_DWORD 0x00 (0)
Live FS REG_DWORD 0x00 (0)
Media Type REG_DWORD (0x01) (1)
Set REG_DWORD (0x01) (1)
TotalBytes REG_BINARY 00 10 06 00 00 00 00 00

Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

A:Closing empty CD/DVD drive shows phantom files

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So I was called to work on a computer because Microsoft Office 2007 apps weren't printing. It turned out that the Office apps were still listing printers that had been removed from "Devices and Printers" and were defaulting to one of the previously removed printers. The problem was solved by simply selecting the correct printer, but the question is how can the nonexistent printers be removed from the list of available printers? TIA

A:Microsoft Office 2007 shows phantom printers

Go to Start Orb and select Devices and Printers.
If you see the old printer there just right click on it and select Remove Device.

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Ok so i have 2 EVGA 9800GTX+ SLI'ed display works in windows but doesnt show anything until windows loads up.. im running it on a XFX 750a. athlon x2 4400+ 6 gigs ram 4 OCZ sli 2 random microtech 1 gig chips and it also likes to take a sweet long time starting also.. any ideas? (also i dont know much about sli these are the first 2 cards ive ever sli'd) but my frame rate hasnt increased that much since the upgrade to 2 GTX+s originally 1 XFX9800GT < junk crap right out of the box

A:Display Shows Windows but not BIOS

fixed it, just needed 1.4 bios xD

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Don't know if it was husband or child, but suddenly my desktop's start menu is squished into the left hand side of screen, and date/time are in German! I'm very green so any help is appreciated. I just want the generic desktop display with open programs on bottom of screen, etc. thanks, in advance

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I am using a Dell D3100 Dock (DisplayLink) USB box to add a dual monitor display to my XPS-13 laptop.
Ever since my upgrade to Windows 10 Anniversary I have had problems with both displays not refreshing properly.  So I get old fragments of windows, blank windows and windows that need moved before showing anything, text not appearing while typed   (which is exactly what I'm experiencing as a I type this), etc, etc.   It actually seems to get worse as the day goes on, so a reboot alleviates things, but does not solve the problem.
I have updated my drivers (both video and DisplayLink) to current verisions, and it has made no difference.
I currently have DisplayLink drivers v8.0.762.0 and Intel HD Graphics 5500 driver v20.19.15.4300

Is there a solution to this issue?

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Hello Community I have a ThinkPad Helix (1st Gen) N3Z6CGES running Windows 10. Bought it back in 2013.Long time i was very happy with the device. Smaller issues, no big deals.Among others: Some static Windows control buttons burnt into the screen. Therefore, in September 2017 I decided to give it to a certified dealer, before my ThinkPlus service runs out.They changed the screen and since the Helix has this new screen, I have the same problem as it is seen in this video:Lenovo Yoga 3 14 freaking around... [YouTube]Exept for my phantom touches only occure in the lower corners of the screen. Which doesn't make it any better, though.Rebooting gives me a break for a few minutes, but then it start again out of nowhere. Sadly, for some time, after the repair i haven't used the notebook at at all, so I didn't realize there is this problem.During this time, of course my ThinkPlus Service and the warranty for the device run out. But then again I needed my notebook very urgently, saw the problem and didn't have the opportunity to give it to repair again.I improvised and turned off the touch screen in the Device Manager. I could only use the digitizer, but at least i was able to work with the Helix. Few days ago there was a Windows update and i noticed that this update resetted my settings in the device manager. I was able to use the touch input completely problem-free again and felt happy like a little child, not knowing how much is missed this comfort!The problem w... Read more

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I have an issue with a Windows 7 desktop where a phantom monitor is showing up on a particular station in display settings and there is no option to "disconnect" it. I have even tried deleting it out of device manager and it just gets rediscovered
again. How do I get rid of it?

John Woelz

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I just got a new T480, it is doing great, I only had one question: When connecting a second display either by USB-C or HDMI, the display settings panel does not show the two distinct display squares that I am used to working with, it shows only one combined display: Display seting graphicThis does not allow me to set the two displays with thier different optimal resolutions.  This laptop is Win 10 Home 64 with the Integrated Intel® UHD Graphics 620 graphics.  Is it possible to have two resolutions or must they be the same (lower of the two)? thanks very much for any ideas,Fred

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Hello, Thank you for your time, my issue started with a broken screen, I asked for a replacement through mail, when I installed the new screen it seemed to work fine. At a certain time of turning off the computer and starting it, the resolution is off by 86 pixels horizontal, the original resolution is 1366x768 (16:9), and now shows 1280x800 or multiples (w=1280,h=*). At first I thought it was an issue with drivers with Windows 10 the forums entries I found seem to indicate this, tried all of them. I also tried the custom screen resolution tool from Intel, it adds the resolution inside the tool, but it does not list the new resolution in the "graphics properties" section. With no luck at solving the problem I tried to boot a GNU/Linux Live version from a FlashDrive, with GNU/Linux showing the same resolution limitation. I've noticed that going to the BIOS is showing the same screen usage. After this, my old screen still works it just the crystal that got cracked, I reinstalled and noticed that has the same screen size problem, so is not the new screen it seems. This is the point till I've gotten, don't know much about UEFI maybe it saves screen resolution information at a place I can't reach, and is not adapting itself correctly imposing it screen scan to the OS that start to work after UEFI. The only thing that comes to mind. Your help is appreciated,Thank you.

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I recently broke the screen to my asus n56vz. I ended up removing the whole top panel and removing the inverter cord.

I plugged in a external monitor and it worked fine at first. When i restarted i noticed that it starting running hotter and displayed a second option on a 768p monitor. My 1080 aoc was made the main display seen though its not the first monitor its second.

I dont know whats going on. I tried to delete or disable the second monitor but i could not. What should i do?

I used to have 33c temps idle and not its 50c. It used to display only the external monitor. Now it displays 2 and the 2 is my main.

I dont have any recovery or 8.1 disks... I tried a refresh and it said "missing files" so i cant even do that...

Im frustrated that microsoft was no help.
So i am pinning my homes here that someone out there in the world can help me.

A:Asus N56vz displaying phantom monitor in display options


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I am setting the first of several Window 8 systems. On my first unit, I have a phantom "Other User" user show up at login, that is not a current user that shows up in the User Administration. It is always the default user the system tries to log in to at startup, but since it isn't a real account, it can't be logged in.

How do I delete it, when it doesn't show up as a valid user to be managed? I also have a single local user (no Password) and an Administrator account (well protected), and after the "Other Login" user login fails, ? can go back to all user screen and select any other login and they work properly. .

A:Phantom "Other User" shows up at startup

Hello eblong, and welcome to Eight Forums.

You might see if this may be able to help in Windows 8 as well.

Logon Screen - Fix Showing Only "Other User" and Last Logged On User - Windows 7 Forums

Hope this helps,

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I have a Benq FP7IE+ monitor that has suddenly stopped working. Here's the breakdown:

-when you turn the monitor on when hooked to a computer it will sometimes show the display for a brief moment (ie. showed HP booting screen at startup) and than stops displaying, but the blue light stays on the unit as if it is receiving a display. Other times it will display nothing at all, but the blue light stays on.

-with the blue light on if you attempt to press any of the menu buttons on the monitor itself again nothing is displayed.

-I don't believe that it's a refresh rate or driver issue even though I reinstalled the driver and hooked the monitor to PC running in safe mode and still no display (even though the blue light stays on).

-not the VGA cable, tried another, same result.

-hooked monitor to PC with the identical monitor working on it, same result, no display.

-if you unplug the power cord from the monitor and then plug back in and power back on it will always show the "Benq - Energy Star Qualified Monitor" screen as bright as ever, but then nothing is display even though blue light stays on.

-tried monitor on 3 different computers, no display on any of them.

Any idea what might be causing this? I apologize for being so long winded, but I wanted to include as many details as possible.

A:LCD monitor display shows for a second and than nothing (but display light stays on)

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Godd afternooon all,

I have an HP Pavillion DV9000 (Windows 7 Home Premium 64x from Vista) with a Nvidia Graphics Card. At one time I was running dual monitors but out of the blue, my main laptop screen stopped working. The backlight and inverter are fine. I have an external running from the VGA and that works fine. Last night all of a sudden for some reason while trying to troubleshoot the issue, I went to the display settings and bam, I was able to use my main laptop screen (displayed as: mobile pc display). While I was making some other simple changes to my laptop I had to restart and now it isn't working anymore.

1. Is there a way to make the Mobile PC Display option a default?
2. Since Windows refuses to give updates for this model, how can I update all of my missing drivers for windows 7?


A:Mobile PC Display shows up in display preferences

Never-mind wannabe techs/nerds. I solved the issue myself.

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Hello All,

Please excuse my lack of Computing terminology when writing this - I am a complete novice in the use of a Computer having been entirely `self taught` on just the basics.

I clicked onto the `Get Windows 10` button on the Windows 10 upgrade onscreen display [the display that has the Time counting down to the expiry of the free Windows 10 upgrade offer] - a different onscreen display box appeared with the message `Starting download..... Once download is complete, you can start the upgrade, or schedule it for later`.

An Hour later there was no download amount that I would associate with the Windows 10 upgrade download.

My download amount in that period was just 14MB which I associate with my looking at Emails and a small update on my AVG Anti Virus Software.

I waited about another Hour before posting this as I had something else to attend to - now as I am about to submit this message the Windows 10 Download was supposed to start downloading almost 2 Hours ago - still no indication of a large download beginning.

I have a Download Meter on my Computer which I know to be really accurate but even if it was not I was expecting a `Massive` download when upgrading to Windows 10.

I am guessing that I will be advised to Close the Windows 10 download onscreen display box and try clicking onto `Get Windows 10` again but I wanted to check whether there might be a fairly long `Pre-download` process that is carried out prior to the actual download commencing and I did not... Read more

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New modem installed by ATT.  Before new modem installed, networked printer and laptop were both on-line and working.  After putting  the modem ID and password into  HP photosmart-C6180 All in one printer, it  shows connected.  However, the online HP Pavilion dv6-2150 recognizes the printer, but shows it "off line". 

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Hi guys. I just upgraded my processor to an AMD 8350. It replaced my Phenom. This is the 3rd day the new processor has been in the computer. First two days everything went fine. Ran Prime 95 and IBT to make sure i was up and stable. This morning (3rd day) got up, turned on the computer, and now i have less usable ram than i had last night. No matter how many times i restart, it shows less in windows than what bios shows. It says either 4,6, or 8gb usable ram (it changed just about every time too). I have reseated all the ram. I have moved them around. I have reseated the processor. I have clean installed windows 7 home premium x64. Does anyone have any ideas? This is the first issue with RAM i have ever ran into. Also, when i am in bios, and i go to the RAM settings, everything shows up like it is supposed to. Details, options, timings, etc. Not really sure where to go from here.

A:12gb ram shows in bios, only 4,6,or 8 usable shows in windows

In most AMD CPUs, the memory controller is on-die in the CPU. Maybe your FX-8350 is malfunctioning.


- Do you have the correct voltage for your memory set in BIOS?
- What kind of memory is it? (brand name, model, and speed)
- Have you tried putting the Phenom back in to see if the 12GB memory comes back?

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Hoping to get a quick expert reply on this HP expert day- The display works fine only when the lid is all the way open or at a position when it is about to be closed. If I adjust it to a viewing angle it blacks out or a lot of horizontal and vertical lines show up. What could be the problem? Please look at this youtube video to get a clear picture - https://youtu.be/iuvux7Nl1zM  https : // youtu . be /iuvux7Nl1zM  (remove the spaces and click enter)  I had a lot of trust on HP hardware and that's what made me choose HP. But even the HP service center guy at HP is no help. Rather than trying to solve the issue he is just trying to convince me to extend the warranty by paying a whole load of money by saying all negative stuff. He says as soon as he opens the case to look whether it is a connector cable issue the  whole display might not work and you will need to spend around 15k for the same. WTH man!

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HI there
i am new and have a major problem. My display only shows 16 colours and also stays and the same lowest resolution. My bro said he accidently deleted the "mmsystem" file and maybe others he is unsure. Futhermore i can't see the mouse pointer. I have set two user settings for me and my bro but you cannot enter the password, it is grey as if the password files have been altered with. But i checked and they were still there. I have tried to use the recovery disk and that has not worked fro windows 2000. I would also like if this can be resolved without the loss of any information if possible. What can i do!

A:[SOLVED] My display only shows 16 colours

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I have a Satellite C70-C-1DV, and I have a problem with the way colors are displayed: Different (similar) colors are displayed on screen as identical colors - for example, RGB 0/0/0, 1/1/1, 2/2/2, 3/3/3 all are displayed as just black. See this picture with 10 light and 10 dark colors - on my display, I only see three light and three dark colors.

The problem becomes particularly annoying when watching movies with dark scenes, because on my screen, there you do not see fluid color transitions, you always see lines where one color ends and the next color starts.

Any hints on how to fix this problem?


A:Satellite C70-C-1DV - Display shows too few different colors

The cheaper notebooks have a 6bit LCD. To get better contrast you should look at more expensive notebooks with an 8bit LCD, or use an external monitor.

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When i boot my stationary computer, it starts and everything seems fine. Only the screen shows nothing.

I have over the last couple of weeks replaced every component except my RAM and my screen(Not that it really classifies as a component). The screen in itself works, since i've plugged it into this laptop without problem.

So I'm thinking it's got to be the DVI-VGA apapter(yes, i use a vga cable) or the graphics card. The gfx card would be wierd since i just bought it and everything should be compatible with my new motherboard.

Specs(Will update with all of them when i get home):
XFX Radeon HD 5670
Asus M3A78 Motherboard

A:Problem identifying why my display shows nothing

I've noticed that the dvi-vga adapter is missing a pin, is that i problem?
Could that be it?

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 Hello,   I have an Hp 17-EX016DX which show a cracked display. I know that it the display that is bad, but I want to make that nothing else is wrong including the video card. The reason that I am saying is prior to showing the cracked screen it show lines accross the screen and I could see windows 8 login, but it was very blurry. At that stage I was able to connected an external monitor the image. SInce I did not the model I remove the battery to look for the model . After I replaced the battery the screen show the cracked screen and I could can get get video from the external video. The question is if the LCD is bad will this effect the video card to the point that it will not display on the secondary video. I think that since the LCD is bad then it this will problems with video where windows does not load and so the secondary video will not work. Does anybody know the answer to this question ?  Thank you

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Hi , fresh install of vista premium, worked good on my monitor, brought to my friends house, he uses 32 " sharp aquos, no problem working before. But now, it boots, and can see start up on screen, then lose video signal.
When im in safe mode, it boots and no problem seeing video. So what i need to know, is what settings to change so tv will display in normal mode.


A:Display only shows in safe mode

Also, just noticed under device manager no monitor is listed, so how do i get it to recognize the monitor??

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Laptop was on for some time. Suddenly screen was sky blue with a pattern all over the screen and was frozen.
pressed power button to shut down then pressed again to restart.
computer first two greens lights came on and stayed on and fan worked.
the battery orange led came on and went off as battery is kanckered.
the hard disk green green light came on shortly and went off.
The display shows nothing. I can press caps lock and green led on it lights up.
i can eject the cd. Can hear some more fan niose. Tried black screen power test but no response, any help please

there are two x2gb ram sticks. Took out each in turn and no difference. Swapped them over no effect.

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Hello Guys..Hope all of you are doing good.i am facing problems regarding my laptop Hp Sleekbook15-b153cl AMD A8. Whenever i use my laptop on battery either it restarts again and again or colorful lines appear on screen and speaker start making noises and system hangs. but System works absolutely fine upon using adapter. i thought it might be a battery (voltage problem ),so i bought another battery but problem is still their. i have changed my opperating system too from windows 10 to 8.1. but i cant solve it. Help me out People

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When I press ctrl-alt-delete and click on the task manager option it shows it in the taskbar at the bottom of the screen however when I click on it nothing will open or display. I read this may be due to malware or some sort of virus so here is my Hijackthis log, I would really appreciate some help. Thanks for your time.

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 4:41:48 PM, on 9/6/2009
Platform: Windows Vista SP2 (WinNT 6.00.1906)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v8.00 (8.00.6001.18813)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Intel\Intel Matrix Storage Manager\IAAnotif.exe
C:\Program Files\Alwil Software\Avast4\ashDisp.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\iTunes\iTunesHelper.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\Creative\Volume Panel\VolPanlu.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre6\bin\jusched.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\Trend Micro\HijackThis\HijackThis.exe

R1 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Search Page = http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=54896
R0 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Start Page = http://ie.redirect.hp.com/svs/rdr?TYPE=3&tp=iehome&locale=EN_US&c=74&bd=Pavilion&pf=desktop
R1 - HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Default_Page_URL = http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=69157
R1 - HKLM\Software\Microsoft... Read more

A:Task Manager shows on taskbar but it will not display

I am running Vista Ultimate Edition 64 bit if that matters by the way.

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Turn on my PC the other day and nothing strange- come back a bit later while it's still on and my second monitor is dark. Still detected as if it were still displaying things.
I know the monitor still works because some times when i restart my computer it will start up with everything working, no problems. Other times it will boot with only one monitor working, All while still detecting the dark monitor.
I figured it was the converter as i only have VGA monitors and have to convert (one is display port one is dvi i).

I also have one HDMI but it is unaffected by any of this.

The display port works fine but vga to dvi-i monitor has the issues.

Can someone help? why would it display things sometimes but not all the time. why all of a sudden?

also all my graphics drivers are up to date. GTX 760


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As an admin using win 7 pro 64 bit, I set up a Standard Account. After the account was successfully set up, the new standard account screen opened and displays what almost looks like a win xp display. Not at all what my win t admin screen looks like. An example; the start button actually is labled Start, and dos not have the Win 7 logo. Clicking on the START button show a generic screen pop up listing the usual Documents, Computer, Control Panel etc, but the display of that pop up is kind of basic, and not at all of the visual sort found on win 7 . Every thing display wise, looks like it is operatng on a win xp screen. Any thoughts? Anybody??

Also, I thought when I set up a Standard Account for myself, all my programs on the Admin account would be transferred too. I even had to set up my email accounts in MS Outlook all over again.

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Display shows bright yellow patches and bright white patches.visited hp service center but they didnt provide me solution.my laptop is in warranty .

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Hi i have a Hp pavilion g6 running windows 7, was originally running windows 8. I have been having trouble with it freezing/locking up. I have tried bios updates, driver updates, the diagnostic tool for memory check and hard drive check, i have even used used scf /scannow. everything comes up as ok or passed. so i changed to windows 7 thinking it might make a difference, but to no avail. The flickers with these lines for a few seconds and i get a screen full and it either freezes there or a couple of seconds after. Nothing happens when i am in the bios or when I am running in safe mode. please someone help me i have run out of ideas. thanks

A:Display shows flickering lines & then locks up. I need help ...

 Need the specific model number, but that has the look of a bad video chip which means a bad motherboard. Can you attach it to an external monitor? If I am right the display on an external monitor will also be messed up. 

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Hello Guys..Hope all of you are doing good.i am facing problems regarding my laptop Hp Sleekbook15-b153cl AMD A8. Whenever i use my laptop on battery either it restarts again and again or colorful lines appear on screen and speaker start making noises and system hangs. but System works absolutely fine upon using adapter. i thought it might be a battery (voltage problem ),so i bought another battery but problem is still their. i have changed my opperating system too from windows 10 to 8.1. but i cant solve it. Help me out People

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hi guys,
first post, recently joined the forum. Hope this is the right topic to post under.

I have an ASUS UX305UA laptop. I used to always connect my laptop to my TV through a mini-HDMI cable, and mirror my desktop onto my TV.
However, recently that has stopped working.

Whenever I connect the miniHDMI cable to my laptop, I know it's been detected, as my screen 'blinks' for a second. When i check my display settings (which I have attached), I can see that there are two screen available, and that it can detect my panasonic TV as my second screen. But when i click on the 'identify' button, my laptop screen shows 1|2, and my tv remains blank.

I checked the display drivers, and there was no need to update them.

How do I solve it to be able to display my desktop on my TV again?
Any help is much appreciated!



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This problem seems ridiculously inconsistent, but it happens often enough to be extremely aggravating.

If I leave my computer (Dell XPS M1530 notebook) idle for anywhere from 5+ minutes (I have not timed it exactly) and the display turns off or the machine enters "sleep mode" I cannot resume it! Upon pressing enter, the computer wakes up and displays only my wallpaper. No icons, programs, anything!

The only keystroke the computer responds to is Ctrl+alt+del. At this point the only thing I can do is restart the computer and then quickly press "Cancel" when given the choice to do that or "force restart" (while it is trying to close down the various programs I have open). Unfortunately, by then it has already closed off at least a couple of programs.

I have tried to log off or hibernate, etc, but these do not work. Has anyone else experienced this? I am running Win 7 Ultimate 64-bit edition.

A:Only shows wallpaper after resuming from display/sleep

A few questions
Did it just start
Did you upgrade or clean install?

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Was using the net-book, shut it down normal, the next day, didn't have no acer boot screen, and no touch pad. i hooked up an external monitor to test the screen lcd screen and everything was showing up on the external monitor. Nothing showed up on the net-book screen until after the windows xp was loaded and the splash screen show up. then the displays switched from the monitor to to the net-book. I did a system recovery, didn't work, tried to reinstall the drivers nothing different. I upgraded the Bios and that got the touch pad working again but the boot screen still only shows up on the external monitor. any ideas?
Everything still works, start the computer without the external monitor hooked up, wait a minuet with a black screen (not even powered on) and then the screen right before the desktop show up and then the desktop.

Seems like the Bios is using the vga -out as the primary display until windows loads it's drivers.

Net-book only 3 days old, bought on clearance so no return.
Acer aspire one d250-1821.
Please Help

A:POST only shows on ext. display not on laptop screen

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I've recently built a computer and i would like to know what could be causing the small beep and no display?

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Satellite M40-265 LCD display shows the full picture but squashed on two-thirds of the screen

When my Satellite M40-265 with ATIMobility Radeon X700 and omega drivers 3.8442, Windows Xp, Sp3 boots by setting the LCD + Analog RGB, the displays initially only on the extern screen After booting can be switched with Fn + F5 to LCD. Then appears on the LCD display the full picture but only two-thirds of the screen, the right third is black. This works so well when the screen on external is not connected while booting.

When set to Auto Select the display computer starts up only when a extern screen is connected, then after that, I can switched to the LCD.
Inverter damage is excluded because already checked. Visually inspect the cable for the LCD display shows nothing. Next to the left speaker, a ground wire (black) screwed, but it is s?t anywhere connected.

Booting in safe mode is only possible to use a full screen on external

A:Satellite M40-265 LCD display shows the full picture but squashed


The M40 is an oldie? not sure about available settings in BIOS and in graphic card options but I think you should check the ATI Catalyst settings.
I remember that ATI catalyst supports some options like ?Image Scaling?. Here you can choose the option ?Scale image to full panel size?
Furthermore you should set the resolution on the internal display to the native resolution 1,280 x 800
I think the external monitor supports other resolution which is not the same like the internal screen.

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When I turn on the laptop, both the power supply and the processor fans turn on. But thats it. There is no beep indicating successful boot, and there is no display on the monitor, not even the hp logo. What is going on? Do I need a new video card? Do I need to reinstall the operating system. Please help.

A:desktop shows no display HP pavilion media ctr m8200nPC

Hello, If the computer was malfunctioning at all before the laptop completely stopped showing display, could you please describe.

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ive been running around trying too find different drivers etc and i can not seem to get my tv to display anything other than the desktop picture. funny thing is it shows the picture but nothing above it if i am using a window on my main screen.

i simply am trying to use the tv as my display to play movies. it is a sony kdf-e42a10. the computer is a dell inspiron 8100 with a nforcego proc. running windows xp.

i had read on some threads of trying to set your resolution to a 16:9 specific ratio but the one suggested is not available in my main displays resolutions. the tv shows an active desktop up intill the windows loading screen then reverts to just a the picture on my desktop.

i cant seem to select it as my primary display either?

A:Secoundary display shows only small part of desktop

You may need to install a much better video card in the Dell, inorder to do what you want to do

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After updating a few drivers from Dell's support site, the laptop restarted but now the power only goes to the keys and not the screen. I cannot boot the device at all to do any diagnostics. I attempted connect it to my PC monitor using a VGA and to my TV using a HDMI but neither displayed anything. The only thing I have to go on is that the number lock stays steady while the caps and scroll locks blink simultaneously. Could it be the RAM, motherboard or both? Please help, I just purchased this laptop and the seller will not accept a return. 

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When I start up my laptop the display always goes into night light although it is not toggled on. The display turns completely red and I have not found out why because night light is turned off in settings.  I then usually switch between project settings (i.e. duplicate, show on second screen only, etc.) until the display goes back to normal. But the solution seems to work only at random.  Has anyone had a similar issue? 

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Hi,I have Yoga 3 14", i both it last yearwith win 8 and got automatic upgrade to Windows 10.I see in device manager 2 display adapters. One Nvidia and the second Intel 5500.I do see in bios option to set only to integrated, witch removes the NVIDIA recognition from windows, but second option descrite shows both off them.Why cant i for to use only NVIDAI, and why is it needed to have 2 adapters?Thx.

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I'm having a problem with my T420 display adapter projecting the yellow color as olive drab on both the computer screen and an external monitor. Other colors including white seem just fine. I've searched on-line for options to consider and have tried most without a solution.It's a Lenovo Thinkpad T420-PC, Model 4236VZR with Intel HD Graphics 3000 Display Adapter. Software is Windows 10 Pro. I do have a docking station, but tried both the computer's and the docking station's Display Adapter ports as well as replaced the cable and the yellow is still olive drab. I also connected our Chromebook with an HTML cable to the external Samsung 4K monitor, and all colors are good, so it seems not to be the cable or the external monitor. I've tried different Windows display color settings without luck. What might be causing this oddity? I just searched for a means to change or bypass the internal Display Adapter, and the EXP GPC Laptop External PCI-E Graphics Card Dock as a possible option. It would be better to use the existing internal card, but would this be a good consideration if other options don't work? Thoughts on this? I'll try to attach a small file which shows the display. Tried a screen capture, but it was too green, so photograped it and more accurate but dark. It's really much more olive drab than green when displayed, and it should be yellow! Green/Olive Drab not Yellow

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Hi All,From the past few days my laptop is showing a spot on left corner of the display. It shows as pink when the background is white and sometimes it looks like there is no spot at all- like for example when the background is blue or something. I am attaching the photos as well The cursor is still visible at the back  as you can see as well. I sense it is some pixel issue and I am quite worried about it. Ideas please?Thanks in advance. 

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when i turn on the cpu and my monitor, my monitor shows this message( Display entering sleeping mode) and the monitor goes off. kindlyhelp!many thanks. 

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When Open a file folder it shows "search results" in the window instead of showing the items within the folder

A:Folders dont display Items. instead it shows search pane

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a few times i've had the following problem put in a plug and play display adapter load the right moniter driver. moniter comes up plug and play moniter no problem! But when I put a older used svga moniter on even if I load that moniter/unown moniter or pulg and play moniter I get distorted unreadable screen. I put the newer moniter back on and set 640x480 thinking this is the problem even knowing that old moniter on a diferent pc was runing 16 mill colors and 800x600.
Still get wavey lines three distorted screens side by side.
Any help please.
regards Alan G

A:display adapter-moniter still shows lines/distorted screen

The monitor refresh rates are different in what they can support. Change the monitor type to SVGA @640x480 256 colors and it should work. What make and model is the newer monitor? And does it support the rrefresh rates and number of colors you are setting it to. No monitor will display more than it is physically capable of displaying.

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