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C:\WINDOWS\Media Content

Q: C:\WINDOWS\Media Content

Hey guys, I was just checking out the C:\WINDOWS\Media folder, and I found all of the normal sounds for Win. XP, plus 3 midi files called flourish, onestop, and town... They appear to just be tunes and jingles put together in midi formats, and I've never heard them ever. What is the purpose of them?

Preferred Solution: C:\WINDOWS\Media Content

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: C:\WINDOWS\Media Content

I think those are just some easter eggs Microsoft left there. They may have been part of some tour/demo features on previous versions of Windows (like the one you can find in start menu => all programs => accessories).

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So for some background I basically stream music, pictures and video content from my computer to an Xbox 360 in the lounge room for my family to enjoy. This has worked for quite a long time with Windows 7.

I installed Windows 8 Consumer Preview today and got settled in with it and indexed my libraries with Windows Media player so this could resume. But to my dismay this doesn't seem to work in Windows 8.

I have each folder and hard drive shared on windows for network use, I have a little experience from LANs in this area. I have enabled all streaming options in WMP that I know of and the entirety of my library has been fully indexed. This is WMP 12 and everything I possibly know of is up to date.

I haven't got the Homegroup feature active as I never had to use this before.

The only other thing I have noticed that has changed is this. A little green icon that in windows 7 would appear on top of the xboxs, I'm assuming this means something.

On the Xbox end it used to display the Libraries such as 'Recorded TV', 'Music', 'TV Shows', 'Movies' and other things but now when I try to access video content it gives me a folder called 'Videos' which contains nothing.

Does anybody know of any solutions?

A:Streaming Media Content to an Xbox 360 via Windows Media Player

After more messing around it seems media servers can see jpgs but nothing else. I'm just going to reinstall W7 for now.

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I am having serious trouble with my Windows Media Player. Almost every Windows Media Video (.wmv,.asf) file I try to play freezes my machine. At that point, I have no choice other than to pul the plug and reboot. I am using Windows 2000, and I have reinstalled WMP, have completely uninstalled it and then reinstalled, and at this point, it is driving me insane. PLEASE HELP!

A:Windows Media Content crashing computer


Read and follow.. At the end of the articla there are instructions about how to remove all excess codecs and reset your system media playback back to the factory default. Please read the article though, that way you'll never have the trouble again..

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for some reason, windows media player like packaged 12 of my mp3's... i burned them on to a cd format and then recopied them back into another computer.. and when i tried to use find album info, it tries to set the same album to all of the tracks. like track one is supposed to tbe marroon5- harder to breath, and track 2 is suposed to be missy elliot-work it.. but if i click just on maroon5, and select find album info, it finds the "songs about jane" album and tries renaming harder to breath to the first track in that, and work it the second track in that.

could i have possibly copy-protected the music or something like that while burning a cd? is there a way of getting around that?

A:windows media player> packaged my content

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how do i add more channels?
i've only 7 in my media center showcase
(i do not use tv tuner card )
adding content to the Online Media media center online media vista?

A:add content to Online Media media center?

are you referring to internet tv? if so, i believe those channels are updated by microsoft.

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Does anyone know if there's a stable plugin or codec for Windows Media Player 10, to play Real Player files streamed from the web? Thx for any help.

A:Need a stable plugin or codec for Windows Media Player 10 for Real Player web content

Not sure of a plugin for WMP but I use a program called Real Alternative, it plays RMV files faultlessly.


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How do I get rich media content windows 10

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I'm trying to play some POGO games and it says I need "Rich media content". That's not in my list of add ons, so how do I get it?

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I have two systems, one running Windows 7, the other running Windows 8. They have the same motherboards, processors and tv tuner cards (Hauppauge HVR-2250).

In Windows 7 I can see all my local stations and the guide data for those. So I can record the OTA (over the air) content.

In Windows 8 w/Media Center, I can see and record all the stations, except one. On this one station, I cannot see the guide data and cannot record any content. I can see the content if I go to live TV using the tuner card.

The station changed their transmitter in November and advised everyone using the OTA signals to rescan for the new transmitter. This channel, a local CBS affiliate, also shows up in the series 9000 internet channels I see in Media Center, but have not yet been able to access.

So, does anyone know the current state of OTA content protection and if this station might be using it? I can find no other reason for the blocked guide data.


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Four years ago when I got my Dell Dimension 8400 with Media Center I quit taping shows, movies etc that I normally and used my Media Center to do the job. Mostly I use the taped programs so I can watch as I please and some I have recorded later on CD (Specials). Recently I bought a laptop and hooked it and the Dell up to a network. Then I can use the internet and watch the programs I have recorded in the front room with my wife using my laptop. The last few days I ran into a movie I recorded from the AMC chanel. It works fine on my Dell and had worked on the laptop. This one movie which I wanted to play in the front room on the laptop gives me the message "Restricted Content. Restrictions set by the broadcaster or originator of the content prohibits playback of the program on this computer". I had already started to watch it on the laptop but was interupted several times. Is there some setting that causes this?. It plays fine on the Dell.


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I have recently installed Service Pack 2 and since then I am no longer able to play protected content in media player (i.e songs I have purchased legit online)
I had WMP10 and when I went to play the songs it gave me an error message saying cannot play songs as updated security download is not available.
So, I decided to download WMP11 thinking this would be the most recent upgrade I could get. But, still having the same problem, although now it tells me "Windows Media Player cannot play the protected file because a security upgrade is required. Do you want to download the security upgrade?"
So I click on yes, and then another screen comes up, "The file or device that you are trying to use requires a component of Windows Media Player to be upgraded. Click upgrade to download and install the required component." So I click on Upgrade and the error box goes away but nothing happens?? Just says down the bottom right that it is still trying to open "opening media".
I thought maybe my computer was having a bad day and was taking ages to download or something, but I went away and left the computer for a few hours and still nothing had happened, and I have restarted computer and tried again but still same issue??? Can anyone help?? Thanks so much.

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I am running a Media Server via my Cisco Linksys E3000 router using an attached USB hard drive. This device uses PVConnect UPnP. When I connect to this Media Server using my Sony Bravia KDL40Z5100, only the photos with resolution less than 720 are available. Similarly, folders containing only jpegs of higher resolution return "There are no items to display". However, when I use Windows Media Player to connect to this UPnP, I can see and access all my jpg photos of any resolution, so I know the media server is working fine.
Anyone have any ideas?

A:Sony Bravia Media Server problems with large content

I'm having the same issue with my Bravia KDL-46EX701 TV and E3000. Based on the following post regarding a similar issue with an HP server using PVConnect UPnP, the problem appears to be in the router firmware:


PVConnect is now Twonky. A Google search shows that issues have existed between Twonky servers and Sony TV's.

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Does anyone know how I could play real media files (.ram) and avoiding Real sotfware? I uninstalled it I want to avoid it like the plague

I'd like to listen some radio stations like the Beeb and it's all about Real files.

Thanks for your help

A:How can I play Real Media content without real Player?!!

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I have two PC one running xp and one 7s.

On one of them (7), I have been consistently getting the temporary Internet folder low content.IEs message, which it seems essentials thinks might be malware.

I wonder if it is?

On my other PC (XP)I just started to get a content- not low content-a content.IES message from essentials.

On both machines?

One low content, one just content?

Are my machines infected or is this just the usual MS?

Appreciate anything anyone can tell me.

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I have two PC one running xp and one 7s.

On one of them (7), I have been consistently getting the temporary Internet folder low content.IEs message, which it seems essentials thinks might be malware.

I wonder if it is?

On my other PC (XP)I just started to get a content- not low content-a content.IES message from essentials.

On both machines?

One low content, one just content?

Are my machines infected or is this just the usual MS?

Appreciate anything anyone can tell me.

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Hello all, I tried to reply to the thread with a similar title to provide a correct answer. So I am reintroducing the topic and providing an answer that seems to work.

Problem: I want to use media player with very minimal frame. Many answers are "play full screen". But I know that media can be played in windows media without any skin, very minimal framing and floating media controls over the video that auto hide when you move away.


Press Ctrl-2. This puts you in a skin mode. There should be menu items at the top: File, View, Play, Tools, Help
Choose View->Skin Chooser
You are now in the full media player experience. Do not choose a skin. Click the 3 square & arrow thing at the bottom "Switch to now playing"
Viola! No skin, minimal borders and floating media controls.

I have no idea why this is not a simple option. I think what I am choosing is the most basic skin, maybe not even intended for use. But this is my favorite player, super simple.

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I want to use Content Advisor in Internet Explorer 11. I have found a few post that say to use Local Group Policy Editor. However "Content Page" folder does not exist. I have checked the following locations:
Computer Configuration>Administrative Templates>Windows Components>Internet Explorer>Internet Control Panel>
User Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> Windows Components -> Internet Explorer -> Internet Control Panel ->

Internet Control Panel has only two folders "security page" and "advanced page". The "Content Page" folder does not exist.

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I'm at my wits end.

I put together a capable gaming pc about a month ago with a bunch of new components and some cannibalized older components.

I installed all of the drivers from the motherboard cd. I have a radeon x1300 vid card. I'm running windows xp home ed. I've installed about every codec and plugin under the sun. I've troubleshot my load with regard to Windows itself.

I cannot play Windows Media Audio/Video files for the life of me.

I do get audio, but the video is all hyper-colored like looking at scrambled porn.

It doesn't matter if I download the video or watch it in a browser (any browser). It doesn't matter if I open up the DLed video in real player, Windows Media player or Generic DIVX player #458973: it still comes out all scrambled and in crazy moon-man rainbow colors.

I have no problem playing any other type of windows media player file. Quicktime works fine as well.

Please help.

A:Windows Media Player won't properly play Windows Media Audio/Video files

Well standard Window's media files should play without the need for any additional codecs.

Maybe check the forums of your vid card for some answers.

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I have some problems to sort the music files in the library. If there is an album with more than one disc, the sorting is like that: 1 - track 1 CD1 1 - track 1 CD2 2 - track 2 CD1 2 - track 2 CD2 etc... I would like more logical sorting like this: 1 - track 1 CD1 2 - track 2 CD1 etc... 1 - track 1 CD2 2 - track 2 CD2 etc... Do you see what I mean ? It seems that WMP/WMC doesn't sort using the "disc number" tag of the file (as it should be). Is there any way to sort it fine without creating 2 different albums for a 2 disc album ? Thank you.

A:Windows media player 12 / Windows Media Center - Multiple-Cds Albums sorting in library

The strange "subtitle" answer above is not really a valid notion given the lack of persistence.  When you step back, you see as koawmfot noted that this is really about the use of the "Set" field.  WMP does not and will not use the Set field to sort.  Instead it uses Album title as Shark noted.So the correct answer here would be to use the Album title field as the descriptive identifier.  If you really don't want to do this, you can use the track number such as by setting t1d1 to be 0101, t1d2 to be 0201, and so forth.  So those are the viable solutions, really.The problem with "Set" is that it doesn't fit well within the Explorer namespace / folder views.  This is consistent with the player storing one album in one folder, as opposed to dumping everything to one common folder - where you may have issues with filename collisions depending upon your naming scheme.As such it is not supported and is unlikely to be supported, sorry.

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Hi Everyone

Does anyone know of a way to customise windows explorer columns to show folder size as well as file size and also change font colour dependent upon a category.

For example in my music folder I have 2 artists that contain adult mp3's so just to remind myself I would like their names to be say red. Also I have some empty folders as I have not yet obtained the albums and those would be say blue.

Example of what I am after :

Size Auto


Kevin Wilson




54.85 MB


Barefoot Man

637.87 MB


Barron Knights

64.80 MB


Benny Hill

324.99 MB


Dick Jonas

746.45 MB


Dos Gringos



Houghton Weavers

29.43 MB





Jenny Talia

198.18 MB


Lancashire Hotpots



Oscar Brand


65.81 MB

Laws of the Navy
60.77 MB

Cough! Army Songs Out of the Barracks Bag
54.82 MB

Boating Songs
53.97 MB

empty_Goes to College
38.28 MB

GI American Army Songs
37.75 MB

Folk Songs For fUN
35.68 MB

Military Songs
0 Byte(s)


Out of The Blue
0 Byte(s)

... Read more

A:Windows Explorer Column content and font colour in Windows

Google is your best bet for this: replacement file managers windows 8

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Hi guys,
Using my desktop pc (Windows XP Professional), I copied songs from my cds to the computer thru Windows Media Player and then moved all the songs to my portable hard drive.
I connected my hard drive to my laptop (Vista Home Premium) and tried to play the files thru Windows Media Player. Unfortunately, WMP 11 did not play the file but opened a Mozilla Firefox window leading to a site that would ask me to download license.
Upon clicking the 'Download License' button, I encountered the error that said I had to install Windows Media Services plug-ins.
I searched for this plug-in and found out that it was associated with WMP 9 and not WMP 11 so I thought installation might cause conflicts or might create more errors. I'm not so good at computer and I don't even know which to install when WMP website gave me too many options and downloadables.
These make me so frustrated and I don't even know if I could still copy my songs from my hard drive to my laptop and play them.
Could someone please help me out? Please...

A:Windows Media Player - Download License - Windows Media Services Plug-Ins

i have had real good luck with a FREE avs dvd player.
it plays almost anything.!! including music files.
good luck

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I am trying to download an audiobook from my local library. I generally use Overdrive Media Console to do this. When I try to download the book I get an error message letting me know that my Windows Media Player needs a Security Upgrade in order to play the DRM files. It tells me to click on TOOLS in the Overdrive toolbar and then Windows Media Player Security Upgrade. When I do this, a dialog box appears and tells me to make sure I am connected to the internet (I am) and click OK. When I click OK - nothing happens. When I read the Windows Help file - it indicates that when I click OK in the dialog box in Overdrive, it is supposed to open WMP and another dialog box. It never does.
The Help file gives me a web site to go to where I can upgrade manually - this appears to be a Microsoft website. The Upgrade button here is grayed out.
I made sure I was using IE as the browser.
I opened WMP manually to see if there was anything I could upgrade manually there.
I can't even determine what version of WMP I have since the Properties button is grayed out.
I just bought this computer yesterday... it's running windows 8

If anyone can help me I would greatly appreciate it! I very much miss my audiobooks and I am literally banging my head against the wall trying to figure this out!!!


A:Windows 8 OS, Overdrive Media Console Windows Media Player Security Upgrade

Are you using an Admin account?

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I am transfering my music files from an old Sony, Windows98, Media player7 to another machine, an HP, WindowsXP, media player9. When I try to play any of these tracks in or out of playlist it doesn't play them it pulls up internet explorer. Where it is trying to go I dont know as I am not online yet with that machine. I noticed in the Tools, Options, Privacy tab there are options that request information from the internet about the songs. There are check boxes that are empty next to them so I dont think they're enabled. I have fields empty for each track. Like Album, media info. Is it searching for that? Can I bypass the process?

A:Solved: Having problem playing transfered music from windows media 7 to windows media 9

Found problem, I protected the tracks when I downloaded them so when I go to transfer them & play them on this other PC it is pulling up internet explorer to get license confirmation. I won't do that again. Said something about limiting the number of computers to be played on after you protect them. Problem solved.

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Hello everyone! I have one qustion when I am choosing content view for the folders.. then after a time the view goes back to old one. How can i make to view everything in content view or choose so they stay like that and dosent change?

A:Windows 7 View (Content) help?

Hello Djinn,

After you have applied the "Content" view, you can use the tutorial below to apply it to all folders with the same folder template.


Hope this helps,

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I mistakingly turned on a content advisor program on my pc to keep my 4 YO from viewing sites, now I want to turn it off and do not remember where I found it at...now I keep getting pop-ups asking for my passcode to allow a site. Any help at all would be greatly appreciated.

A:Content Advisor, Windows XP

Open IE at the top tools>internet options>content>content Advisor heading

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I have been trying to regain disc space on my SSD by using System Mechanic (SM). SM allows me to gain access to the hidden folder content.ie5 and I have been deleting a lot of junk from this folder.

So far I have removed all the HTML links and flash objects in this folder. However there are a lot of other things in this folder taking up a lot of space. After two days I recovered close to four GB of space but I believe if it were safe to delete the other files I could gain another five to eight GB of space.

Question is, can I delete everything in this folder (content.ie5) or are there files that must remain in the ie5 folder for Windows seven or ie8 to continue to work properly?

A:Windows 7 / IE 8 / Content.ie5 folder

See if you can gain more space by running TFC......download TFC by Old Timer TFC - Temp File Cleaner by OldTimer - Geeks to Go Forums and save it to your desktop.
Save any unsaved work. TFC will close ALL open programs including your browser!
Double-click on TFC.exe to run it. If you are using Vista/Windows 7 right-click on the file and choose Run As Administrator.
Click the Start button to begin the cleaning process and let it run uninterrupted to completion.
Important! If TFC prompts you to reboot, please do so immediately. If not prompted, manually reboot the machine anyway to ensure a complete clean.

***TFC (Temp File Cleaner) will clear out all temp folders for all user accounts (temp, IE temp, java, FF, Opera, Chrome, Safari), including Administrator, All Users, LocalService, NetworkService, and any other accounts in the user folder. It also cleans out the %systemroot%\temp folder and checks for .tmp files in the %systemdrive% root folder, %systemroot%, and the system32 folder (both 32bit and 64bit on 64bit OSs). It shows the amount removed for each location found (in bytes) and the total removed (in MB). Before running, it will stop Explorer and all other running apps.

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Hello. Bare with me. I'm not a computer geek so I don't know to do.

I just purchase a new computer from OfficeDepot. An HP Laptop g62 running Windows 7 Home Prem. Service pack 1.

My computer consistently freezes and locks up when searching online, typing in notepad, loading skype, etc... I get a "NOT RESPONDING' on programs at random times causing my computer to literally freezes for up to a min then UNFREEZE and continue as normal. In the past hour I'd say it has froze around 10 times?

This is seriously annoying and I dont know what to do? I figure I post this to get any lead on what I can do. I though it was a browser issue but I've tried every browser, IE, Chrome and Firefox, , but also software such as Skype or just clicking on a file to open.

I content PROGRAM NOT RESPONDING in the top task bar.

I read earlier on searching for program errors which I found tons of but I can't understand what they mean. I took a screen shot of this. Can anyone give me the first step on what to do? I know it's a general question but any direction will help.

I never had this issue with Windows vista on my older laptop. I never though this would be an issue with a new computer.

A:Windows 7 Content Freezing .. Where to go and what to do first?

If this was just recently purchased, I would take back to Office Depot and demand a replacement. There are a few things that can cause lockups:
From Easy fixes:

System Settings for power options
HDD settings
RAM Settings

To the serious:
Device Failures
Corrupted OS installation
CPU throttling due to heat

For the easy fixes, I would check the power settings and change them to disallow Harddrive (HDD) shutdown or change the min time to shut down HDD's

Also you can disallow Hibernate or sleep and turn off other things like turn off monitor

As for the RAM you can get CPU-Z to see what your CPU and RAM are running at: CPUID - System & hardware benchmark, monitoring, reporting

The SPD tab will tell you your RAM settings that they should be. post Screenshots or compare to the Memory Tab to see what your RAM is currently set to

Before getting into to many things though, I would seriously try to get it replaced.

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I've been looking to see if there's a button, setting, feature, etc, to search files by content ONLY.

I found in Folder Options the radio button to include content in searches. But that's too broad.

Any one know?

I will share more information if needed. Thanks.

A:Windows 7 searching for content only.

I believe (and just tested) you can use the "content:" prefix, without the quotation marks (the colon is important).

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I should direct this rant to Microsoft. I am bewildered by the lack of controls that windows xp (for example) allow the user. This is why there is a cottage industry of shareware for every little thing, such as controling shutdown and startup and controling the system tray. At every turn we are being asked to buy another little program to control memory or whatever for $29.95. If we were to actually purchase all that we need we would spend $1000! Why can't $$ get the message and blend these capibilities into the base product, - and I don't buy the agrument that they are wanting to remain lean and mean. The features I am talking about are well established as things everyone wants - they should be available without resorting to the shareware extortion.

nzmose now climbing down off of soapbox...

A:Why doesn't windows contain more content

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Looking through my Add / Remove Programs list I noticed that I have the following two programs installed ie,Windows Media Player 11 & Windows Media Format 11 Runtime. I realise that I need WMP on my PC but both of these programs are the same in size ie 11.16MB.

My questions are " Do I need the both of them or are they just the same?".

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I want to listen online radio on windows media player 12 on windows 8 but somehow it seem that media guide link has disappeared in windows 8 but is o.k in windows 7.
I am not very familiar with windows media player 12 please let me know if anyone can find the media guide linklocation please.


A:Can not found media guide link on windows media player 12 on windows 8

You need to post this over at the Windows 8 forums: Windows 8 Forums

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I have 3 DVD-R disks with content (documents, graphics files, etc. ? NO VIDEO files) that was backed up from a previous computer. I cannot read (or even see) any of the content from these DVDs. I have an identical (type) DVD-R with video content, and it opens and runs just fine.

I have a Toshiba Qosmio and its DVD drive reads: DVD multi-recorder; DVD rewritable; CD rewritable. When I insert any of these 3 data DVDs, the DVD drive (F on my machine) that usually says ?DVD-RAM? next to the icon (in Explorer) now says ?CD drive? (although the icon itself says ?DVD-ROM? at the bottom of the icon). If I click on the F: drive icon, or attempt to ?open? files from the F drive, I get an error message that says ?F: not accessible. Incorrect function.? If I right click on the drive and go to properties, it shows that all the disk space is used (which should be correct ? each of the 3 DVDs should essentially be full of content), but I cannot see any of the folders or files on this drive, even when I click ?mixed media? as the file type to open (rather than video files). Again, inserting the exact same type DVD-R disk with video content into this drive works just fine.

I have attempted the same procedure on my Dell Latitude D600 (DVD drive reads: DVD-ROM; CD rewritable). The DVD drive in this computer shows up in Explorer as ?DVD/CD-RW drive.? When I insert one of these data disks into this machine and double click on the CDC drive icon, nothing show... Read more

A:Cannot read DVD-R with data content; can read same type DVD-R with video content

you may need the correct codecs. Also if the discs are +R, you will not be able to read them in a -r drive.

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I have a directory full of hundreds of extracted Outlook 2010 .MSG files and I need to be able to search the contents of these files for certain keywords.

Office 2010 has installed the iFilter and I've confirmed the proper indexing filter is associated with the file, and I've made sure the directory is indexed, but Windows 7 search refuses to search the actual content WITHIN the .MSG files.

If I can't get the OS to work with searching the files in these directories, is there a free tool anyone would recommend I try?


A:Windows 7 won't search content of .MSG files

Download the Outlook Add in Download: Windows Desktop Search: Add-in for Outlook saved mail (.msg file) indexing - Microsoft Download Center - Download Details

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hi people,got a small nagging problem,irratates me that i can't fix it,,,all i want 2 do is have my whole window move when i move it around desktop,,i have gone in2 "display" & "system" checked move windows content, but every time i turn my comp back on the system has reset back 2 the old way of just showing the dotted line when i move the window..the only thing i haven't tried is the right way 2 get it 2 stay the way i want.(what is the right way?) it's almost embarrassing 2 ask such a simple question..P.S. i"ve been working on this problem 4 over a yr. off & on..silly me!

A:Solved: move windows content

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Recently there was a power outage which caused an abrupt shut down. As a result a lot of things stopped working such as anything related to the task scheduler defrag and weid dll stuff. sfc /scannow didn't work but what did was a repair installation. I would really for the time being would not want to do a clean install. A bit long winded but here is the problem. I do not know what this feature is called but before if i created a folder and put in an acrobat file, in the folder where in the image it spreads there would and image of an acrobat file. If there were a lot of file the folder would show lots of sheet. I now longer have that. I get the same folder but it is more like the unanimated xp folders. Would anyone be able to suggest a fix? Thanks in advance.

A:Windows 7 Folders Content Images

Hi JukeboxJezabel,

I'm not sure why a power outage would have caused this, but I'm assuming a file has been corrupted. What I'd like for you to do, however, is to check to see if your folder settings have been altered.

Navigate to the 'Start Menu', and type in 'Folder Options'. Hit 'Enter'. Click on the button that says 'Restore Defaults'. Also, you can navigate to the 'View' tab and hit 'Restore Folders' and press 'Yes'. Check any boxes that you would like to have as your default settings. Then, reboot your computer and check to see if you're still experiencing this problem. If you are, let me know and we'll work on another fix.

Harvey Meale

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I have three PC's that I'd like to block from the hotmail site. We cannot do it with our Internet monitoring software and we do not have a MS2000 server yet.

Anyway, I tried to set content advisor to never allow hotmail. I was signed on as the user. I went through all the steps, but as soon as I exited internet options, all the settings were lost.

So, I signed on as Administrator and set up the whole thing. Signed back on as the user and the content advisor was enabled, but the list of sites was blank.

I signed back on as Administrator, gave the user administrative rights, signed back on as the user and set the site to "never" be allowed. Checked it and it worked. I signed back on as Administrator, took away their administrative rights, signed back on as the user and the site list was empty.

So, this really isn't about content advisor, I think it's about Win2k permissions and rights.

So...any ideas?

Maybe a registry setting? But I don't know where this site list is kept. Is there a DAT file I can copy into the users profile?


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Anyone else having trouble with this, I've tried re-indexing, some of the XLS sheets are found, but not many, so I know the directories are included. Pretty sure it was all good on v8. I've switched the Bing search off, and if I let it search everywhere after a bit it gives up and says it's taking too long. It finds files based on the file name and seems to be fairly successful searching PDFs but XLS no good. I'm running Office 2003 so whether it's forgotten how to read old app stuff I don't know


A:Windows search 8.1 not finding XLS content

Check under the indexing options (control panel) and then advanced settings that the xls file type has not been unchecked under file types
Also if I'm not mistaken, the indexing by default does not index the entire C:\ or whatever so you may need to specify more areas if you do not leave your documents in one place

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I am having difficulty viewing a mixed content CD. I have a CD that has audio and video on it that I have purchased. The problem is that when I put it in my drive it only shows the audio files. I have tested this with another computer and when I put in the disk it only shows the video files. What is the work around so that I can choose what files on the disk I want to access please? I am sure it is something simple, but I just cannot figure it out.



A:Viewing Mixed Content CD with Windows XP

which drive(name & type) u have.audio and video files of which format.is u refering to the autoplay feature.try right clk on drive on my computer and select"explore"

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Hello , 
We are currently running on Windows 10 Anniversary update and we intend to blacklist certain websites on Internet Explorer.  
Users must be routed to Chrome when they try to access these URL's.
Content Advisor seems to have disappeared in Windows 10 Anniversary edition and we do not see any options to enable it via GPO as well.
Any help will be greatly appreciated. 

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The product is an e-learning course that is distributed on CD. It connects to a web site allowing the user to sign in online, but then is supposed to return to the CD to run through the content.

We have added the web site as a "Trusted Site" and that process works fine. The problem is that when we're on the web site and then try to access the local CD drive, the browser just doesn't respond. An example of the link would be:
[a href="D:\page.html"]Link[/a] ( where "D" is the CD drive and of course we're not using square brackets )

In our advanced internet settings we've enabled content to run from CD. The difference seems to be when you're already on a site to link back to the CD.

Also, this works fine on Win 2000, just not XP.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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HI, suddenly I have a problem with my explorer windows of any kind. Opening it there's the progress bar showing loading folder conent for infinite. The windows is empty. What might cause this problem, anybody could advise? See the screenshots.

A:Explorer windows won't show any content

Dear Anakunda,
Hi! This can be due to a "virus attack" OR a corrupted File system. You can try and navigate the steps given in the link. No folder options in Windows Explorer | Kioskea.net


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Sometimes content searches will randomly stop working even with all of the options in indexing set, and content searching turned on in "Folder Options." I have even replicated another user's registry who has known working content searching. Any ideas are welcome!

A:Content Searches not Working - Windows 7

I found this. Hope it helps! Windows Search in File Contents Not Working

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I have been working on a document on my Windows 7 computer. That computer is having problems so I took out my jump drive and started working on the document from my Windows 10 work laptop. Now, the document is all messed up. Some of the content is missing and it has a bunch of odd-looking characters that look like hieroglyphics. Does anyone know if there is a way to restore the document to its Windows 7 content? Thank you!

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Hello everyone!

It's my first time posting a thread so I hope I'm being clear enough (plenty of experience reading thought so I guess it's time to practice what I have seen so far :-D )

I work on a roaming profile environment (Windows 2008 R2). This is the issue: I recently moved (cut/paste) several folders from C: to the desktop, so their content could be saved as part of my profile (not a big deal, regular stuff). Had to restart my device (no errors involved) and after logging back I got a surprise: all the content from one of the folders in question is missing!

Just to be more specific, this is exactly what I did: select, cut and paste no more than 5 folders; just recalled that the one missing the content was renamed before restarting (all the content was still there before this point).

I know important things should NEVER be located in the desktop (my fault, sorry!), but have anyone seen this case before? I'll appreciate any help you could give me.

Regards from the Caribbean!

A:Folder content missing after sync (Windows 7 x64)

Hi sysvatar and welcome to the Forum.
I have never used a roaming profile o may not be much help but your post was getting a little near to the bottom of th epage and then might get a bit lost!
Forgive me for being naive but are you sure you have the actual folders on the desktop and not just a link to them on the C drive? have you tried renaming the one with the lost contents to it's old name? If they are the actual folders did they get moved or just copied, have you checked to see if they are still on the C drive? If the contents have got deleted you would have surely got a message "Do you want to delete etc". Have you checked the recycle bit?

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Hey guys,
My dad has installed a internet content filter on my computer that filters any http access to the internet. The filter is set to allow Windows Live messenger, and it allows me to enter chat conversations, but I cannot transfer files, or hold voice or webcam conversations.
I contacted Windows Live Support and they sent me a email with a list of possible problems including NAT settings, Firewalls, and many other possibilities. however after going through all these things I was still unable to get the conversations to work.
I was looking around for a proxy solution and the best thing I found was surfnolimit.com, but I'm not willing to go that far just to get a video conversation.
Does anybody know of a way to configure the proxy settings in Windows Live Messenger that will let me open video conversations?

A:Windows live through internet content filter

You could try asking your Dad if the content filter is able to block/allow certain ports....also you may need to forward ports in your router (if using one).

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Something strange happend the other day. Everything was working fine computer was quick as usual. I clicked on 'My Computer' and instead of displaying it's content, is said "searching for items..." with a little flashlight. I've seen this before but not on My Computer. It took about 30 seconds to display all my drives.

The System:
WinXP Pro SP2
P4 2.8Ghz 512MB

What I've Tried:
I've uninstalled recently installed programs.
Defrag on all drives.
Ran AdAware, SpyBot, HijackThis.

I have not yet run a virus scan but will after posting this.

My computer still runs fast and if I open a folder it is displayed immediately. Only Windows Explorer is slow. It is very annoying to have to wait 30 sec. every time I open 'My Computer' or want to save a file. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks.Windows Explorer slow in displaying content

A:Windows Explorer slow in displaying content

I've run a virus scan and found nothing.

If anyone knows anything about windows explorer please tell me. Maybe I can figure it out with a little more info. Thanks.

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