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Display Port for second monitor issues

Q: Display Port for second monitor issues

We are using the display port for a second monitor. It works for a while but eventually locks the computer up. we have to disconnect the display port cable, log back in and then reconnect the display port cable, and it works fine again. We've switch the display port cable to the main monitor, however the problem follows the displayport cable. The frequency is once every week, and we about 20 computer utilizing the dual monitor setup. The second monitor is always using the VGA port.

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Preferred Solution: Display Port for second monitor issues

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


Hi all,

I just ordered a new monitor, the Samsung U28E590D. My gfx card is an MSI GTX 780ti.

I read that without HDMI 2.0 I won't be able to get 4:4:4 chroma subsampling and only 4:2:0 with hdmi 1.4.

I don't really know what that means but from what I've read it can effect colours so now I'm worried about my purchase.

The monitor has a display port 1.2 and so does my graphics card. If I connect them this way with a display port cable included with the monitor will I get the 4:4:4 and not sacrifice any display quality? Or is the 4:4:4 only achievable with HDMI 2.0?


A:4k Monitor 780ti Display Port Q.

Perhaps this will help. HDMI - Wikipedia

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When I connect 60" LG monitor and duplicate my laptop screen I can only see the bottom toolbar on the monitor. The Laptop screen is fine. Any ideas??

A:Monitor display problem on VGA port

Does an extended desktop work, or does it do the same?

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My other monitor states its connected to the pc however it doesn't display an image, swapped my secondary one with my primary one and the primary doesnt work, bringing me to the conclusion that is must be HDMI port im using, the one which works is for my GPU and that has my primary one so its the one on my motherboard. the original connector is dvi but i got an adapter for the monitor side, it definitlely works but im wondering whats wrong with it not displaying it.

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Good morning,reading the technical specifications of my 8560w Quadro 2000M, I noticed that the display port supports resolutions up to 2560x1600 @ 60Hz.Would someone confirm that I can connect, to a display port, a Del U2515H monitor and use it to the maximum resolution of 2560x1440?Thank you.

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i wanted to set up a dual monitor. primary monitor  - display port, secondary monitor - vga hooked up the display port. the monitor started blinking at 3 > 5 sec increments. not blinking wildly, just off and on. went into bios - set to multiple display...still blinking. i never set up the dual monitors. just pulled out the display cables and re-inserted the vga, which is fine now any suggestions? thx lenovo m63sff, w7

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Hi,I have a Zbook G3 which has and HDMI port to connect to an external display. The monitors I have are EliteDisplay E241i which have display port connectors (as well as RGA and DVI, but I'd rather not use those). Can you please point me in the direction of a good connector that will allow me to display my Zbook on the above monitors?Thanks in advance,Phil

A:HDMI (laptop) to Display Port (Monitor)

Hi, Except for VGA, from HDMI to DisplayPort or DVI is digital signals and you should get same result on your current monitor. Any standard HDMI to DVI or HDMI to DP cable will do the job. Regards.  

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I currently using a T460 and connect to two external monitors using the onboard hdmi & mini display ports.  I am not using the display on the T460 however. Which cable/adaptor I should buy to do the same on the T480?  Thanks.

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I am on a laptop with a gtx 765m. I am trying to connect a thunderbolt port to a display port monitor. My understanding is that thunderbolt is backwards compatible with display port. But, for the life of me I can not get it to work.

I am using a minidisplay port -> display port cord.

I have ended up hooking the monitor up with an hdmi cord for now. FYI the monitor is a 2560x1440 monitor if that matters.


A:Thunderbolt to display port monitor. GTX 765m

Do you know for sure the video is ported through the Thunderbolt connector?

Any chance we could get your computer model number?

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The Think Center M58 tower has an on-board display port noted as "Display Port 1.1a."The graphics adapter is listed as Intel integrated graphics 4500, ATI-Radeon HD3470, 9500GT 512MB, 128 bits ATX. The maximum resolution for the Display Port of the M58 6239 was quoted as 2560x1600.This refurbished M58 is running Windows 10. Will the newer Lenovo L24q-20 monitor, 2560x1440, with display port  version 1.2, be compatible with the display port of  that M58 Think Center?.

A:Is Think Center M58 display port compatible with new 1440p monitor?

@csouthpaw wrote:
The Think Center M58 tower has an on-board display port noted as "Display Port 1.1a."
The graphics adapter is listed as Intel integrated graphics 4500, ATI-Radeon HD3470, 9500GT 512MB, 128 bits ATX.

Does the HD 3470 have DP?  Is dual-link DVI an option (do both HD 3470 and monitor have it)? 

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Greetings! I'm experiencing a problem on what appears to be HP Prodesk 600 G2 computers exclusively.  Intermittently, when the computer wakes from sleep or standby, the computer loses its monitor drivers. When the computer wakes the monitor is now in 640x480 resolution and if you look in the Screen Resolution window it shows the current driver is the "Generic Non-PnP Monitor".  These computers are hooked up with dual HP displays of like model and when it happens the fix seems to be to simply restart the computer. While this is easy enough it is extremely disruptive to the work of our users and so I've been tasked with finding a real fix to this problem. To that end I have updated the computer with the latest BIOS from HP as well as the latest Intel graphics drivers from HP's website (Intel Graphics 530 chipset) but to no avail. We have also tried using different monitors and it continues to occur intermittently. Also, we have many HP Prodesk G1's in the building and none of these have this problem. This leads me to suspect that this is a problem exclusive to the Prodesk G2's and not with Windows or the monitors we are using. It should also be noted that both monitors are connected using the on-board display ports. My hunch is that it is the Intel Graphics 530 (onboard) graphics chipset that that's the problem but I don't think we should have to buy a seperate graphics card to get two displays to work on these computers especially when it's so clear th... Read more

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We have a large monitor (Dell 3007wfpt) connected to a Dell Precision M4800 laptop. The large monitor only works with DVI-Dual Link so we have a Display Port to DVI-D adapter (Accell UltraAV DP to DVI-D). The user of this machine was working in Outlook on this external monitor right after a fresh boot and noticed the mouse cursor was moving very slowly. Eventually the external monitor froze completely and the laptop monitor showed a BSOD whilethe external monitor showed the same frozen static windows/outlook image. I checked the crash files and noticed two dumps (although he only noticed one crash). Both dump files seem to point to a USB device. This Accell adapter uses displayport and usb (for power). Could someone check and confirm if this is the case through the dump files?

The only other USB devices is a Logitech wireless receiver and a USB hub/card reader that is built onto the Dell monitor. This usb hub on the monitor does not have anything plugged into it.

Thoughts? Could it be the monitor usb hub/card reader? Or the displayport adapter? If it's the adapter, then would an external powered usb hub be a fix for that? Thanks!

A:BSOD usb related, monitor hub or display port adapter?

Hi Rogue75.

First of all, Free up the startup. Windows does not need any other program to auto start with it, but the auto start programs often conflicts and causes various problems including BSODs. Otherwise, stop 9x9F cannot be successfully prevented.
Click on the Start button
Type “msconfig (without quotes), click the resulting link. It will open the System Configuration window.
Select the “Startup” tab.
Deselect all items other than the antivirus and the touchpad "Apoint".
Apply > OK
Accept then restart.
Next come to the BSOD. Do you use the webcam?
(c:\program files (x86)\dell webcam\dell webcam central\webcamdell2.exe)

Better you disable the webcam in device manager. See how it goes. Observe if there is any more BSOD after freeing up the startup items and disabling the webcam.

But, the webcam might be necessary for you. Search for any possible updates in Support | Dell US for your Dell Precision M4800. If any update to the webcam is there, apply it.

Report us for any further BSOD.

BugCheck 9F, {3, fffffa80113cba00, fffff80000ba2748, fffffa8013a14010}

Probably caused by : usbccgp.sys

Followup: MachineOwner

>[ 16, 2] 0 e1 fffffa80113cba00 00000000 fffff88004051fd4-fffffa8011558340 Success Error Cancel pending
\Driver\usbccgp ks!CKsDevice::CompleteDevicePowerIrp
Args: 00000000 00000001 00000001 00000000
[ 16, 2] 0 1 fffff... Read more

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HiI cant get a picture on my monitor using the mini display port, i am using a mini dislay port too hdmi cable, but i dont get anything on the monitor.  My notrebook is a Lenovo L540 with only Intel HD4600 graphic and windows 10.

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OLD monitor Dell 29 inch Ultra U2913WM
NEW monitor Dell 27 inch 4K P2715Q
tripplite KVM model B004-DP2UA2-K (2 port displayport 1.2 4k kvm switch)
desktop video card  XFX Radeon R9 - 270x
laptop video built in intel
I was already using the kvm to swap the input from a laptop and a dell desktop to a Dell U2913WM monitor without issue.
The desktop PC is having this issue since I swapped the monitor to the P2715Q  4K monitor; the desktop icons all regroup to the upper left corner of the screen when I change the input on the KVM switch. This has also happened with a dell 4K S2817Q but this has never happened on the U2913WM. Everything else works fine on the P2715Q. The laptop is having no issues all icons remain in the same location on the screen.
The desktop is using a Radeon 9 270x and as stated it works fine with the U2913WM at 2850 x 1080 x 60
the desktop is using the 4k monitor at 3840 x 2160 x 60 and the laptop is setup the same but it is running the built in Intel graphics.
the newest drivers are installed on the desktop and the laptop.
I am seeking solution to the icon issue on the desktop PC, I cannot use the entire video desktop to setup icons every time I swap inputs to the monitor ands then swap back to the PC the icons are in the upper left corner.

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I have an HP ZR22w monitor with three inputs: VGA, DVI, and DisplayPort. I want to hook up a computer to the DisplayPort, but my video card id HDMI out. All the cables are sold as DisplayPort source out to HDmi monitor in. Are these cables reversible?
Can you recommend the right way to hook this up? Is there a cable that exists for this situation? Do I need a combination cable/adapter?

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I'm wondering if someone possibly help as I'm not sure where to go next.

I have a Dell U2311H monitor connected to a XFX Radeon 6850 via its DisplayPort and I'm having problems with random flickering where the monitor picture goes black for a few seconds.

I have another monitor, an old HP, connected via DVI and a 1080p Sony LCD TV connected via HDMI.

I have had the Dell and HP monitors connected via DVI for months without any problems but I wanted to extend my Win 7 desktop to all 3 displays and I believe you can't do that using DVI, DVI and HDMI, hence why I want to use the display port.

I have tried 2 different displayport cables, so I don't think it is that. I don't have another gfx card or monitor to try to eliminate from the process.

One thing I did notice is that if I change the resolution from 1080p to 720p it seems to fix the problem. I'm wondering if it could be something to do with the displays running at different resolutions? Although I did try both the TV and Dell running at 1080p but there was still a problem.

Any suggestions greatly received,


A:Display port flicker on Dell U2311H monitor


I happen to see this thread when searching for solution for the same problem. I am using 3 monitor display setup, using U2311H connected with displayport to HD 5770 graphic card and 2 samsung 940b monitor connected with DVI to the same HD 5770 graphic card.

U2311H flickers (screen become totally black) for 1 to 2 sec at random times and return to normal.

I did not try any other display port cable yet because I did not have time to buy another one.

Seems like adbarnes have the same problem, I am wondering if it is because we are using 3 display setup? or display port? Or maybe there is something wrong with U2311h?

I have been using U2311H for some time, this flicker problem happens recently.

adbarnes, have you discovered how to solve the flicker problem?

My dell U2311H is using 1920x1080 (recommended) resolution
My samsung 940B is using 1280x1024 (recommended) resolution
(all using the recommended resolutions)
using win 7

Thanks everyone for helping

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Thinkpad X230iI have an Acer R221Q external monitor. If I connect my Thinkpad to the monitor's HDMI port using the Mini Display port, in Windows 7, I get the dreaded blinking.If I connect from Linux Mint, everything works perfectly OK!!!!! Is there a solution for the Windows fault?

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New S140U Portable Monitor, plug into USB port and display goes blank, try to extend to multiple displays and locks up my Elitebook 840.  Downloaded latest driver and retested, get same blank screen.  Connected both USB plugs to laptop and still no change.  When plug in get initial display of HP logo but then goes blank and stays blank.  Power light on back of unit is on.

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Hi there, I have a spectre x360 which I am using with 2 monitors: 1 x 24in monitor plugged via HDMI - HDMI lead1 x 27in monitor pluged via mini DP - full size DP lead I have the laptop screen and the 2 monitor screens on at the same time - so effectivily im using a total of 3 screens. Everything works fine until the laptop goes to sleep. When I wake up the laptop, the laptop screen and the monitor plugged in via HDMI turn on. The monitor plugged in via display port doesnt wake up. The only fix is to unplug the mini displayport cable and plug it back in to the laptop - this wakes up the monitor. The issue with unplugging and plugging the cable back in is all the windows that I had opened get moved about and its very frustrating. Please advise how I can get the laptop to wake up both monitors. thanks    

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what's the correct way to connect this config?


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My daughter has a M91P model 7052-A9G serial number S4VEK82 running Windows XP SP3 for compatibility with legacy software.  Her existing monitor is connected via VGA and she now wishes to use a Dell U2715H for better definition.When she connects the new monitor to the display port on the M91P it is not recognised by the system and the video is still only active on the VGA port.She is 80 miles from me and I support her using Team Viewer which enabled me to switch the desktop display properties to digital but still no output on the Dell so I changed it back to VGA so that she could work.The new monitor and display port cable has been tested on a friend's computer where it worked OK. Has anybody met this before and how did you resolve it. Many thanks Firkle

A:M91P will not connect to a Dell U2715H monitor via the Display Port

When I Googled for your problem, I found this on the Dell forum.  The built-in Intel graphics on M91p has DP 1.1: 

RE: U2515H - "no signal coming from your computer"

This happened to me when I enabled DP 1.2 option in the menu.
If that is the case, you do not have a DP 1.2 compatible hardware and software/OS. (perhaps if you are using a linux machine)
When your monitor tells no signal... push a menu button for about 10 seconds. It will show you other input sources, keep pushing. Then it will bring a menu to disable DP 1.2. Disable it. Restart the computer.
Hope this helps

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I have a T450s and since I updated to Windows 10 I don't get anything out of the mini-display port. I have tried installing all new drivers and updating the BIOS per Lenovo's support website but I still can't get an external display to work over the mini-display port. Please provide a solution to this problem!
Moderator note: Post moved to T series forum.  Model added to subject.

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Hey everyone,

PC Info:
Windows 10 Genuine
Intel i7 4790k
NVidia GTX 980ti
8GB RAM 1600
128GB SSD Boot
480GB SSD for games
1TB HDD @7200rpm for movies

I recently purchased a Display port to HDMI adapter for my PC. I did this because my TV (SONY XBR55X930D) displays 4k HDR and I want to take advantage of its ENHANCED HDMI setting. Now, when I hook the Display port end of this adapter into the 980ti and then plug the HDMI into the adapter for my TV I get video and support for ENHANCED HDMI, however, I receive no audio output whatsoever. I'll run DOOM 2016 I get video @4k but nothing for audio. Can't hear a thing whether its a movie, streaming audio through SoundCloud...nothing. I'm told that there should be support for audio with these adapters.

Is this not the case? Am I missing a setting?

I've done some research but am having difficulty finding a solution.

I am using HDMI 2.0a cables that support HDCP 2.2.

This is the adapter I purchased:


Thank you for reading and I look forward to reading your replies/tips and answering any questions.

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I Just purchased a Hp 2005pr usb 2.0 port replicator, which i tried to install on my hp pavillion x360 convertible running windows 10 64gbit. All the ports on the port replicator work except for the VGA and HDMI ports.

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How can I get my Optiplex 990 to recognize the second display port. I bought the display port adapter for the HDMI to my second monitor and it still wont recognize it, and idea how i can get this up and running? I need both monitors for what im doing so this is really messing things up for me.

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Morning, Trying to figure out something here, this is, for all intents and purposes, something new for me, as I've been mostly a "Mom n Pop" Tech vs "Business Tech" so, anyway. I'm working with M900, and M910Q with Intel 530 Integrated for video. I'm trying to trouble the following issues to verify if I missed anything, before punting said minipcs to Lenovo for RMA. Anywho, issues: 1. A M910Q, only the DP port with the metal bracket will work. When the Primary is plugged in, any secondary plugged into the other ports will show up under that port when looking at it in the Intel GFX Display view. I figured this out when I changed the resolution on the 2nd monitor, primary changes. Primary is the live monitor. 2. We have a number of M910s and M900's where when trying to use dual monitors, thru DP -> VGA or DP -> DVI. Monitors would flicker like strobe lights. This can sometimes be bandaided by swapping cables and adapters, but not completely remove the issue. I will point out that we do not have any actual DP Capable monitors on site. Not yet anyway, and those that will be, are going to ThinkCentres with Discrete Cards in them... Ideas? Am I miss anything? I don't see anything in the BIOS to help me, and updating the drivers doesn't seem to provide resolution either. Most are running old drivers, but a few are running the latest for the machine.

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There are tons of "solved" and unsolved HDMI / Display Port without audio issues.  Long story short: 1> Control Panel -> Sound -> Right click "HD Audio" option and set it as default output.  Done. 2> If no "HD Audio" option can be found, ensure your notebook has"HDMI / DP output" features shown in Lenovo hardware compatible matrix.3> If it is compatible, in Control Panel -> Device Manager -> Display Card -> Right click "Intel HD XXX" -> Uninstall -> Delete driver ->  Reboot.  This will let you use "Standard VGA" driver, and you will found "HD Audio" option again, and it sounds!Attached image showing "HD Audio" option in the sound panel when using "Standard VGA Adapter driver" while it is hidden when using "Intel HD XXX driver"This looks like issue of Intel display driver.  Hope there is another driver update to solve.

tmp1.png ?22 KB

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My Laptop: Helix (Type 3xxx) Laptop (ThinkPad)Serial Number: R9Z7FE3Machine Type Model: 369843GGot a mini display port connectorGRAPHIC Display adapter: INTEL HD 4000, Driver version: External Monitor: IIYAMA ProLite LE4041UHS-B1 4K (3840 x 2160)https://iiyama.com/gb_en/products/prolite-le4041uhs-b1/Interfaces & connectors Headphone connectorYesVideo INVGA, DVI, 2x HDMI, DisplayPortVideo OUTDisplayPort (daisy chain)Audion INMiniJackAudio OUTMiniJack, speakersControlsRS232C (IN/OUT) The monitor comes with it a mini display port to display port cable. My questions:Q1. Can I get 4k 3840 x 2160 resolution @ 60 Hz if I connect the monitor to the laptop by using the aforementioned cable?Q2. if I decide to daisy chain via displayport the monitor to another monitor with the  same specification what is the maximum resolution and hz I can get in the second monitor?  Thanks in advance  

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I recieved a Lenovo Ideacentre AIO 700 for christmas and after going through initial updates following a restart the screen is black, when i hook it up to my tv it will go through my tv but no longer detects any other display how can i get back displaying on the computers monitor?

Go to Solution.

A:700 AIO Monitor Display Issues

I had the same problem with my 700 last week.  Called tech support....after doing a couple things that they suggested, they thought it was a hardware problem and recommended I exchange it with another unit at Best Buy....which I did same day. The new one is working great but still concerned about high memory usage. Hope you are able to get yours fixed without an exchange.

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I searched the forums and the only posts involved the AMD card and I have an Nvidia card.  I couldn't find any information on the K4000M so I called tech support and they told me it was 2560x1600.  But then I found another forum where they said even the K1000M can do 4k.
I hooked up my 4k TV to the HDMI and used the Nvidia custom resolution to set up 3840x2160 at 30 hz and the display works.  The graphics look great, but the text is super fuzzy.  The TV supports 4K at 60Hz, but I'm not sure if the HDMI port on the back of my M6700 supports 60Hz.
Does the HDMI support 60Hz at 4k?  What about the display port?  Any idea why my text is super fuzzy while the graphics are razor sharp?

A:Precision M6700 Nvidia Quadro K4000M max resolution 4K monitor display port hdmi refresh rate

First, I'm going to refer you to this article from Nvidia discussing Ultra 4k Resolution.  The important statement is this:

The current HDMI 1.4 standard only has bandwidth for 4K at 30hz. HDMI 2.0 will add support for 4K at 60Hz. Details should become clearer in late 2013. There are a few TVs on sale today that support 4K @ 30Hz through HDMI.

Now, according to this review and article about the K4000m card specifications, it states that the card has HDMI 1.4 connections, which means it won't, theoretically, handle Ultra 4k resolution at the 60Hz bandwidth.
I also found this on documentation online about the Precision 6700.   

The Precision™ M4700 & M6700 incorporates HDMI version 1.4. Features

So, unfortunately, it doesn't sound like that card will support the higher refresh rate needed.   
As for Display port 

DisplayPort cables are much simpler to define: There’s just one type! The current version, DisplayPort 1.2, delivers enough bandwidth to carry video resolutions of up to 3840 by 2160 pixels at a refresh rate of 60Hz

So Display Port would be a much better option for you, if available.
I hope this answers your questions.

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I have 3 monitors connected to an AMD HD5770 graphics card. Two monitors connect via HDMI, and the third through a Sapphire Active DisplayPort->DVI adaptor. Things have been working fine for years, but recently I started sleeping my computer when I am not using it during the day, as opposed to my previous habit of leaving it on all day and then shutting down at night, and a couple of days after starting this new habit, I received a 'Display Port Link Failure' message:

"The system has detected a link failure and cannot set the requested resolution and refresh rate on your DisplayPort display. Your display might not support the requested resolution or there may be an issue with the cable connecting the display to your computer"

Now, even upon resuming my normal habit of leaving the computer on and shutting down, the monitor will work sometimes but randomly stop other times.

How can I either fix the issues with sleep, which I would prefer since I want to save energy (a money issue rather than believing my actions make any difference to the environment), or if there is a problem somewhere, determine if it is the graphics card or the adaptor that needs replacing.?

A:Display Port Link Failure, Active Display Port->DVI

It could be the hardware is starting to give out. Not all problems are software related. Going to be hard to nail down if you don't have another cable. Could be the cable or the port.

Any way to test with a straight cable, not the adapter cable?

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I'm using a Dell U3415W monitor. My video card is AMD Radeon RX480. The monitor is connected via DisplayPort to my computer. The monitor is connected via HDMI to my work laptop. When I want to switch over to HDMI, it acts as if I shut off the monitor on the Displayport shifting everything over to my secondary monitor. It causes no problem, but drives me nuts because when I switch back over to DIsplayPort, I have to move my open programs around again. Is there any simple way to make this stop? If I don't use DisplayPort, and instead use HDMI/DVI combination, the behavior described does not happen. I'm guessing that is just the way it is, but I'm hoping there is an easy way to make it stop.

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I bought a new toshiba notebook w/ I3 and all the goodies, (I think)

I plugged in a hdmi cable and started setting up my 42 inch tv as a second monitor..

but i was having issues with changing the resolution of that monitor/TV...The monitor/tv had the black bars, but each time i would change the resolution, it would also change the size/resolution of the laptop/internal monitor...

AND THEN AT SOME POINT, i entered the wrong / UNSUPPORTED resoltion for the TV and the TV went black with the message UNSUPPORTED RESOLUTION...

And the laptop monitor also went black...

The only way i can get any view is if i unplug the hdmi cable...

But, then i cant adjust or change the resolution of the TV/second monitor...

Is there a way to reset back to default or to edit the resource file?? and if so, where is that file located???



A:resolution issues for second monitor/display

It sounds like you had cloned the notebooks display to the TV instead of Extending the desktop. In Clone mode, both the Laptops screen and TV have to have the same resolution. In extended desktop mode you can set independent resolutions for both the LCD and the TV. Which exact model of Toshiba do you have?

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I have hooked up my Elitebook to the HP Pavilion 27xw 27-inch IPS LED Backlit Monitor.  Since my notebook does not have an HDMI port I purchased a VicTsing VGA to HDMI Converter Adapter 1080P Video Output.  This is  not allowing multiple screens with my hp laptop.  Every time I try to extend the screen it says signal out of range and says the refresh rate isn't compatible.  It also says the same thing when I close my laptop screen even though I set it to do nothing so it's not going to sleep.   It says that the monitor has to be at 75ghz and it's set to 60 ghz...it won't allow me to change it, plus the resolution it's wanting isn't available in the laptop's adapter drop down.  What do you recommend?

A:Having issues with the display extending my new monitor with...

The VGA to HDMI is not a good solution. That is still an analog signal trying to be carried into a digitial connection. Use the DP port and a DP to HDMI adapter and you will have no problems. https://www.amazon.com/Rankie-Plated-DisplayPort-Adapter-Converter/dp/B010SDZZ80/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&...  

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I purchased an HP 27es Monitor from Best Buy today and after plugging it in (I'm just using the VGA cord) the picture is not displayed correctly on the screen. I tried using the on screen display buttons, but it won't move it horizontally or vertically enough. What am I doing wrong?

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I just recently had an issue with my pc 3 days ago. I turned it on and the monitor the keyboard and the mouse were not connecting. I just turned it off and the next morning it was working fine then I got off again that day and got on during the night and it wasn't connecting to the monitor, keyboard and mouse again. So I did some research to find out what the problem was and I've come to the conclusion that its not my mobo because the computer randomly works at times and its not my graphics card because its been in ever since I first came across this issue and it started randomly working again whilst the graphics card was still inserted. So I am very confused on how to fix this, tried to reset my cmos battery but that did nothing. It's like my pc just works on its own time and its strange because just last night my sister was playing on it for about 4 hours and everything was fine but then I turned it on again at night and all of a sudden it stopped working again. Please anybody who has had this issue before and what not try to help me out I have no idea what I am doing. All I know about my computer specs are that the graphics card is a GeForce GTX550 ti and the processor is a Phenom X2 I don't exactly remember the full name of my processor but I am just so lost at this point on why my pc is randomly wanting to work. Also my pc will boot up that hasn't been the issue its just that nothing is displaying so I can't even do anything to get in my pc ... Read more

A:Issues with my pc randomly not wanting to display on monitor

Please run the TSG SysInfo utility and Post the results back to the Forum.

Link to TSG Sysinfo utility : http://static.techguy.org/download/SysInfo.exe


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I have a Dell Ispiron 1720 running vista. It was a gift from my uncle.
Once I connect it to a monitor (using VGA connections) it will run the start up (I can see this all on the monitor)and always ask if I would like to run safe mode etc.
If I choose the regular start up, it will show the loading then loose signal instantly and black screen
Now if i choose any of the safe modes it will load on that said monitor, no problems.
I have no idea what the issue is... But I cant exactly do much when in safe modes.
If someone could help me with this Id be greatly appreciative since all I have to work with because of this problem is a bleeping E-Machine.

Im guessing it has to do with the configuration in the regular start up with split screens etc, but I do not know how to fix it is I can not see it...

So yea.


A:Display-less laptop, connection to monitor issues.

so, laptop monitor is dead ? or you are trying to run dual monitors ?

while in safe mode. go to Control Panel -> hardware -> Display . see if it will detect the external monitor

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Well, running w7 ultimate on a Dell xps m1330 laptop. Everything looks good, but at work I am connected to a matrox triple-head-to-go device which is connected to (3) 22' monitors (3840x1280 resolution). Now when I connected it, ran the nvidia app, it found it and worked great.

Problem is I get home, no external connected, so running off the laptop with the basic resolution, I am trying to start apps (firefox, stickies, etc.) and I guess they were in other spots at work as I don't see them. I forced a close on FF, then re-started, rt clicking and maximizing which worked, but then other apps like stickies don't have that option. An alt-tab shows it running in the lower right (see screenshot), but there is absolutely no way of getting to the app! I did close the app completely and restarted, but it does restart in a location not on the screen.

Any ideas or suggestions are appreciated.

A:External monitor display issues when not connected

Right click desktop.
Screen resolution.
Select appropriate option.


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I have just gotten my 3415W screen and so far its quite itneresting experience. Few issues I have are:

I have 5 screens + 3415W.
When I drag a window to the edge of screen A (that is not 3415W) I can no longer maximize half size of the window. In the past if I dragged it to edge of screen the window would just take 50% of screen. If I drag it to top it goes 100% etc etc. DDM seem to be dissabling that critical windows feature.

Can we pelase get it back ?

Ignore below found out the custom button!
Further more the spacing of pre-made layouts do not really work for me. Is there a way to specify custom layouts and their sizes? 

Also when I click>drag window. There is a 0.5 second lag. Can we get rid of that lag please? Have the dell position drop down overlay drop in a separate process so it don't affect our windows experience?

Another issue I have is that not all window are detected. If I start Maya and open hypershade its a separate window from main window. It would be great if DDM can recognise those windows. Or if I can manually add them in...

Hopefully some of the things above could be addressed and corrected? Its a nice DDM application but bit counter productive at the moment! Please tweak it :- )


A:Dell Display Monitor Manager - Issues

Further more if I just want to drag an window over the desktop and NOT want to stick to any of the layouts... can we just have an option to do :
Left click & Hold> Drag to new position > Right click to drop window without snapping it to any of the layouts? Or give us a hotkey option to specify what key we want to press... I have lots of buttons :- )

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HP ProOne 600 G2 - I have an Elite Display E222 as a second monitor attatched via DPI.  If this monitor is on computer won't boot.  If the monitor is shut off.. the computer will boot.   Computer is running Windows 7 Professional 32 bit.  Has anybody seen/resolved this.....   thanks in advance  Leslie

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I have a website that has different colors displayed and has some pictures as well. When I look at this website on a friend's computer, the website looks fine - all the colors and pictures display as expected. But on my computer/monitor (Windows XP, Dell Dimension, Dell crt monitor), when I look at the website, the pictures do not show and some of the text colors are not what they shoud be (ex: black instead of purple). In MIcrosoft Word, when trying to set the page background color, the color template comes up fine and show different colors to choose from, but when I pick a color, the page background color stays white.

I'm not sure if this is a monitor driver issue or an issue with my video adapter or something else. When I check the monitor type in windows display properties, it shows default monitor as the monitor type. The color quality setting is at Highest(32 bit). Any help or suggestions are appreciated.

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Hello Everyone,

I'm new to the forum/site, and would like to pose a question. Recently I received a Samsung 943BWX 19" LCD monitor. It has 2 screen image modes (Auto and Wide). The Auto setting's display does not "fill" the screen (black borders on L & R sides). The Wide setting is like kind of "stretched" looking. My main concern is the graphics, mainly text. Lettering is not completely "black". My current display settings are 1028 x 728 @ High (24 Bit). Maybe I need some guidance in dialing in the proper display settings or would a switch from analog signal to DVI make my situation better I should mention all my machine has is the integrated video (VGA) connection. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

OS: Win XP SP2
Gateway 300SE (2002),1.2GHz, 512MB RAM
Intel 82815 Graphics Controller
Intel Celeron Processor

A:New Monitor display issues..Settings or graphics card?

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This monitor is called Samsung Syncmaster t240hd. Its an hdtv monitor with 1920 x1200 resolution for monitor. I believe if used as a TV, its 1920 x 1080 though but i wont use it for tv. Anyways, the first thing i noticed was the monitor isn't straight. If you look at it from the side, it looks like its slouching. Is there a way to fix this? Thus adjust it a bit higher?
The other thing is when i look at numbers/words, its a lot harder to read than my old monitor? Thus you see its much easier to read the same thing on my laptop screen compared to this monitor. My laptop is dell xps 15 9550 and very nice. But its just harder to read on this hdtv. I tried making brightness higher than 45 and this makes it much worst. The lower it is, a bit better but its just harder to read on it. Basically its looks very yellowish? For example when i go to a site on another forum, where most of it is white... if i open the same page on this monitor, its yellow. Its a really ugly color and just hard to look at the screen.
Can someone tell me how i can fix this issue? Also i wasn't aware of this but this hdtv monitor has glass over the monitor. Is this how all hdtv monitors are? Is that the reason why its harder to read on this as oppose to a regular monitor?
Are there settings i can change that i can make reading words and letters much easier?
These are the settings when i click on the menu button
Mode: Standard
Backlight: 8
Contrast: 95
Brightness: 45
Sharpess: 50 (can't change)
Co... Read more

A:External Monitor Display Looks Very Bad Quality/Color Issues

Example on this same page... if i open it on my laptop monitor and on this external monitor, you see how the sides of it are blue on the laptop. But this one is like a fading light blue color. And the area where there is nothing written on, it looks white on the laptop screen... yet this one looks yellowish/fading color.

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Hi All,
We've installed a number of Dell Optiplex 3040 machines running Windows 10 pro x64 at a customers site with dual Dell E2316H monitors connected directly via VGA and display port cables.
Two users have reported daily issues of the monitors flickering black and going off before coming back a few seconds later.
We've tried updating the graphics driver, firmware, changing power settings and swapping out cables for new ones - none of this has made any difference.
We've also asked the users to move desks and connect to working monitors. The issue followed the PC's and occured on the other monitors.
We only have remote access to the machines at the moment so Dell won't help troubleshoot.
I've seen other posts reporting the same issue with the Optiplex 3040's so wondering if this is a known issue.
Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

A:OptiPlex 3040 Dual Monitor display issues

Can you Private Message me a service tag of one of the systems that is having this issue? Also does it seem to matter what port/monitor is doing it, or are both monitors flickering?Best regards,Brad

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Windows 7 EnterpriseSystem does not see or react to external display when connectedNothing displays when connectedExternal display says nothing connectedTried multiple dongles - same results
Other system that include a VGA connector work just fine to same external display.

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