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Vista x64 - slow recovery from sleep mode - flashing monitor light

Q: Vista x64 - slow recovery from sleep mode - flashing monitor light

Every time I try to recover from sleep mode, the monitor light flashes, but nothing appears on the display. I haven't had the patience to wait for it recover (if ever), but have rebooted to Safe Mode, then rebooted again. From Google search results, it's clear that this is a common problem in Vista x64 with a variety of systems running dual monitor displays. (I have a Matrox M9120 PCIe x16 graphics card.) See:

vista 64 sleep mode monitor flashes - Google Search

Is there is a solution, other than what I have done -- change the "Put computer to sleep" option to Never? I wonder whether the same bug occurs in the Windows 7 x64 beta.

Preferred Solution: Vista x64 - slow recovery from sleep mode - flashing monitor light

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Vista x64 - slow recovery from sleep mode - flashing monitor light

Have a look at the tutorial here, it may help :-
Power Options and Sleep Mode Problems
Also as a side note have you looked in your bios to see what the sleep mode options are?

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I have a lenovo twist running windows 8.1. This computer will be running run fine but will freeze then come right back. It also will not wake up from a sleep at times and the only way to get it back on is to cut all power or hold down the power button until it shuts off. It just started not being able to do some of the windows updates.

A:Will not wake from a sleep power light just keeps flashing

When did you install 8.1? The reports show that your OS was installed a month before it was released.

No further info in the reports, and the last BSOD was from Nov 2013.
Please do the following:
- open Event Viewer (run eventvwr.msc from the "Run" dialog))
- expand the Custom Views category (left click on the > next to the words "Custom Views")
- right click on Administrative Events
- select "Save all Events in Custom View as..."
- save the file as Admin.evtx
- zip up the file (right click on it, select "Send to", select "Compressed (zipped) folder")
- upload it with your next post (if it's too big, then upload it to a free file-hosting service and post a link here).

While waiting for a reply, please monitor your temps with this free utility: HWMonitor CPUID - System & hardware benchmark, monitoring, reporting

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Hey folks,

First of all hello everybody, great to be on board on this great forum!

I am a proud owner of Windows 7 Professional 64bit and a completely new PC since 2 Weeks.

Unfortunately I am facing some issues that I could not solve even through excessive searching on the web/forum.

My Issues:
1. My system is very slow when I am copying/moving data on my hdd. I.e. when I am copying data and watching a Movie at the same time, it is not possible without sudden pauses in playback. Another example: When I am copying/moving data on my hdd, I can not open new programs(even small ones!), and even working with already open programs(also even on tasks that do not require any or alot data from hdd) is a real pain. Now all of this was possible with a 10 year old pc with Windows XP Professional 32bit(!), so I am quite a bit dissapointed and have a hard time accepting anything along the lines "don't do more then one thing at once" etc...

2. It is also very slow recovering from sleep mode. Symptoms: Screen activates, I see the normal Desktop and the previously opened windows but I am unable to use any software for at least 30sec-2minutes, it's like windows has a hard time recovering data from the swap disk.

Now these two issues could most likely be related, right? One thing I did was to enable raid on my mainboard to be able to install intel smart response technology drivers prior to installing windows 7, so I could use a ssd later on to boost my hdd speed. My guess is t... Read more

A:Win7 Issues: Slow recovery from Sleep Mode, System hangs when writing

Forgot to add, I did speed test on my hdd, its above 100mb/sec, so the hdd speed is ok.

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i have this problem it just start like yesterday and when i turn on my computer it sounds like its booting up like normal except the monitor will just blink with a green light and i checked to make sure the cords and everything was good and it still dont work.

A:green flashing light on monitor

A light blinking at a rate of at least once every second often seems to be made to indicate there is a problem, as in the makers of the device that has the light did it to show that there is a problem, so at least the monitor "knows" there is a problem...So maybe you should read the manual or contact the manufacturer and see what the blinking light means.
First things I would try are to plug it into a different PC, trying a different data cable, a different power cord, and a different outlet. If all of the above fails (including reading the manual or contacting the mfr.), it is probably a part inside the monitor not working correctly. Make sure all connections are secure, and not crooked or anything, including the video card's (if there is one) connection the the motherboard's slot, any internal power cord to the video card, etc.

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Alright, so my monitor is being weird, and I dont know what to do. I have made a video to show the problem, im not sure if its the cable or my computer, but at the moment it is working fine, just after a an hour or two of AFK, thats when its starts happening., or when i shut off the monitor, come back a while later, and try to turn it on.

thanks for the help

A:Monitor screen flashing on and off, but the green light is still on

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I have a TV/Monitor ( magnavox ) . It doesnt power on. The power light just flashes greenish-orange. Does this mean I need a new power supply?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi, i went to my pc this morning and the monitor light just keeps flashing blue, ive turned the power all off and restarted several times but still no display and still blue flashing light, i did clean the dust out of my pc a week ago all worked fine after,im really at a loss of wat to try,anyone there that might be able to suggest wat i do? i was thinking of sending my pc/monitor to be repaired but i worried they will say all sorts of things are wrong when it might be something simple ,its not under warranty anymore.
many thanks

just tried turning pc after disconnecting my monitor lead and my pc is now making a rather loud whirling noise, i plugged the lead back in and isstill flashing blue., and pc isstill now making the whirlinf sound

its my monitor not pc ive tried a different monitor and my pc works fine on it,any advice on wether to buy a new monitor or is it worth geting this one fixed?

A:My LG monitor has a flashing blue light, no display

lg monitor

helen36 said:

any advice on wether to buy a new monitor or is it worth geting this one fixed?Click to expand...

Assuming that the monitor in question is a LCD ?
You could hold a torch up close to the screen and if you can see the normal screen (the one that's there normally there when your computer boots) then the problem is the back-light for the screen -may be repairable.

helen36 said:

the monitor light just keeps flashing blueClick to expand...

However you might also find on the monitor manufacturers site a list of "Blink-codes" which will be interpretative in much the same way as Morse Code. And this may have implications to what is actually wrong internally with the unit.

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Hi My F1904 monitor seems to have a fault. When I power it on the power switch flashes amber and I get no display. Any suggestions? There does not seem to be any mention of this in the documentation. Many Thanks 

A:F1904 Monitor flashing amber power light

amber usually means sleep mode. flashing can mean different things. Disconnect the video cable, turn it off, pull the power plug, wait 10 seconds, plug it in and turn it on. Press the OSD buttons to see if you can bring up the on screen display. If that comes, up try connecting it again. Hopefully the PC is not sending out a bad video signal. 

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A friend says this SYS Technology, Inc. monitor was working last time he used it, gave it to me. Does not have DVI, just VGA cable. Model SYS-15L-C-JT, label says it was made April 2002. I cannot find any SYS tech support. I'm looking to see if this thing is dead or if what's wrong is something simple or what. Is there a diagnostic program I can download?

I have tried a few things, like changing the sequence of connections, but it seems not to respond to power button or other controls on front. Each time I plug it in to power source (whether or not it's connected to PC) power light flashes green and it clicks every second or so. There is no picture nor status message onscreen.

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Nevermind the monitor works now. i tried switching it between computers and everything is fine. But the original computer with the issues is having a problem. When it turns on, everything is pink and in the middle it says over range. What should i do?

A:Monitor wont turn on and the light is flashing orange

Might be a silly question, but you didn't specify. Did you move the mouse or anything to try to wake the PC from sleep mode? Sorry, but you gotta start with the easy stuff and work your way into the more difficult problems when troubleshooting,

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As the title said, i am using "sunview" tv as my pc monitor, i am having this issue few days ago, i don't think it has to do anything with my pc; it's just flashing orange light on the sensor's side continuously, i tried holding the power button for almost a minute, i tried unplugging everything for days already, and it's still having the same issue; btw the screen doesn't show anything, as in it's completely off, no "no signal" sign or anything

A:Monitor won't turn on, non-stop flashing orange light

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A 2008's Acer V193HQ screen started behaving as follow: I start my pc and one of the 2 screens (dual screen on a ATI 5770 HD) won't start, instead the yellow (stand-by) led starts flashing for quite a while until suddenly blue led turns blue and the screen starts. I already ruled out everything but the screen, so, it's the monitor. Some advice?

A:Acer V193HQ Monitor won't start, yellow light flashing

Hi if it's the monitor you would be better off just getting another monitor in my opinion. Unless the monitor is under warranty then have it fixed under the warranty.

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I have this monitor hooked up to a laptop. After the computer "goes to sleep" I am getting a box that says "Monitor going to sleep". It will go away only to reappear a few seconds later. I end up turning the monitor off. Can anyone tell me how to get it to stop or how to fix whatever the problem may be.

A:Constantly flashing a "monitor going to sleep" box

+1  I too have this problem.  The "Monitor going to sleep" flashes rapidly.  Did anyone respond to the previous post?

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I have HP Desktop Tower Pavilion with windows 10, I had two HP S2031 monitors in dual mode, worked fine. One of them died, I got a good deal on a larger HP 27er monitor.  I hooked it up, they were both working fine ... it was using a default monitor
setting ... and then yesterday the computer downloaded some updates, and in doing so, it downloaded the driver for the HP 27er and installed.  The next thing that happens is the older HP S2031 starts to go dark ... like it is going into sleep mode, and
then it is totally black.  On reboot, it starts up with both monitors working, but within seconds of reboot the HP S2031 goes black again. The HP S2031's buttons do nothing, other than the power button, which turns it off and on, but that is it.  
I have done all troubleshooting, I did not even have them set up to sleep, all settings are at NEVER.  In coming here, I have done all the fixes I can find for similar  that are posted for similar issues, the Windows Key + W... nothing. 
The create new power plan ... nothing.  the device manger>display adapters>disable then enable ... nothing.  and lastly Start>Control Panel>System>Device Manager>display adapter>driver tap>update ... still nothing.  HOW
DO I GET THE HP S2031 MONITOR TO NOT BE IN SLEEP AND HAVE BLACK SCREEN.  I can not figure this out and am not finding any fix.

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as everyone knows,when you put you sing your computer a lalabye and put it to sleep your power indicater light blinks on and off.while most computers(my old ones included)blink about once a second or so,my new cpu is all hopped up on goobers and what not and blinks about 4 times a second.while its not hurting anything its realy ticking me off,im used to the slow blink and when i leave it on at night i get a nice little strobe light effect(well,maybe not that bright)but even though i doubt theres a way to do it,is there any way that can be turned down?it just bugs me.

A:Q about the power light in sleep mode

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Unit turns on but no image the only thing that you see is a flashing light at Caps lock button5 slow flashes  then 3 faster flashes and continues loop 5 flashing light with 3 faster flashing lightNot possible to access BiosNot possible to perform Bios recovery with combination keyany clue? Thank you.

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I have a thinkpad T460. The LED light in the "i" of the Thinkpad words on the lid keeps blinking at the sleep mode. How to disable it? It is very anoying and drain the battery. 

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Hello - I have about 50 Lenovo P series Laptops running in our comapny and within the last month, 2 - P51S same make and model has had power up issues.Users reported that they "control +alt+ Del" to lock out their laptops and when then returned the laptop was DOA. The signs are that the power power light is flashing every second ( Indicates in sleep mode)- FAn attempts to start but does not.I have tried plugging in different AC power adapter, disconnecting both external and internal batteries. No change. I have openned laptop and disconnected SSD, Wireless card, ROM battery, fan, speakers etc testing and no difference. I have tried to discharge by removing all power and and tapping power button 10 times and hold in for 30 seconds. No change.  I find it strange that 2 identical laptops would suffer the same issue at the same time?? Looking on internet - this looks like hugh problem that maybe linked to the motherboard issues on this make and model.I have called Lenovo and since out of warranty - sorry.So please help if anyone has any other ideas to try. Thank you in advance 

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I just had my new build finished and it's been running for a day. Well, I'm new to windows 7 and I hadn't turned off sleep mode yet. Well, I stepped away for a few and came back to find that my pc was in sleep mode. I reeactivated the pc and everything kicked back on except for the blue power led on the front panel of my HAF 932 case. The hd led was working just fine but the power light has not turned on since. At first I thought that the LED went bad, but I realized that this only happened after sleep mode. It was fine just before sleep mode. I since then turned off sleep mode but no power led. After reading a bit about Windows 7 I have realized that there is a possibility that sleep mode caused this. What do you guys think? If Windows 7 is the reason than how can I fix it?

Thanks a bunch

A:Sleep Mode affecting front panel LED power light?

Check your connections to the front panel switches on the motherboard. It is possible that one of the leads has worked loose.

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For a couple of years I've my Yoga 900 laptop with 2(!) Dell P2415Q 4K monitors using a USB-C to MiniDP dongle. I was shocked the laptop could handle both of these monitors (combined resolution 7680x2160!), but it did just fine. I recently sold them and am now using the laptop with a single Dell U3417W widescreen monitor (resolution 3440x1440). For some reason, even though the new monitor has FAR fewer pixels that the two 4K monitors did combined, the laptop will now frequently get into a state (often after a sleep/wake cycle) where the screen starts blanking out every 3-5 seconds. Usually I can't get it to stop until I do a shutdown and cold restart of the laptop. I have the latest display driver available on Lenovo.com for this laptop. What's going on here, and how can I fix it? Thanks in advance for any help!

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Lenovo T470 was shutting down when all of a sudden all light and the screen went off. But the power button light kept on blinking. It has refused totally go off even after a series of hard pressing to force the shutdown. Someone kindly help on the issue.

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The two messages "ME in Recovery Mode" and "ME FW Update Failed, Please Try Again" flash for a few seconds during startup. This is a T420 with Windows 10 64-bit. As far as I know, I did not change or update the BIOS or anything else prior to this. However, at the same time these messages started appearing, my laptop would not start up properly, it would sometimes black screen and not start at all. I thought my laptop had a virus or the primary SSD (C: drive) was going bad. I read that I should check that the BIOS version was up-to-date, it was. I installed and ran an Intel updater, but that didn't seem to do anything as far as I could tell. I also read to unplug the laptop, remove the battery, and hold power down for 5 seconds, then restart. So, I did that as well. Not sure if any of that helped, but, the next day everything seemed normal, as far as starting up, but I'm still getting the "ME in Recovery Mode" and "ME FW Update Failed...." messages at startup. It's been about a week now.   I was thinking of just reinstalling Windows, as I want to repartition my C: drive anyways. But, I'm wondering if reinstalling Windows is even likely to fix this problem, if the problem is BIOS related? Thanks for any help. 

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I’m working on my daughter’s MSI A6200 laptop running Windows 7, Home Premium, 64 bit.

The computer was freezing up from time to time and then stopped working. It hung up when I tried to reboot. I went to safe mode, used msconfig to turn off all system services and start-up programs, rebooted but no change. Rebooted in safe mode with networking but all network connections are gone, the wireless adapter seems disabled but it does show in Device Manager. Interestingly, the “sleep” light on the laptop is lit. I opened control panel and clicked on Power options but nothing happens.

I downloaded Norton’s emergency bootable recovery tool and booted via a USB drive. I scanned the laptop and it found a virus but I’m embarrassed to say I didn’t write down what it was (I foolishly thought I was done). I ran it again and it came up with nothing. There may be a log somewhere but I couldn’t find it this morning. I have a feeling the virus did some damage before I removed it.

Can you help me repair my laptop? Get my wireless adapter back and resolve the power/sleep mode issue?

Thanks very much!

A:Laptop only boots in safe mode, no wireless, sleep light lit, no power options

That really, really sounds like a motherboard problem.

To eliminate hardware as a possibility I'd back up the data and reinstall to see if it fixes it or not.

Alternatively, you could try booting it off of a linux live distro CD to see if it keeps up its shenanigans.

People write bugs to do strange things though. Is the sleep light lit prior to windows actually booting, or only when in windows?

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Whenever my computer recovers from sleep mode, or when the screensaver comes on and I wake it up, I find that all my apps are now on my main monitor.

Example: Google Chrome and Skype on Monitor 1.
Microsoft Word and MSI Afterburner on Monitor 2.

-computer sleeps/ screen saver turns on-
-I wake the computer up-

Google Chrome, Skype, Microsoft Word, and MSI Afterburner are on Monitor 1.
Nothing on Monitor 2.

Is it possible to fix this?

OS: Windows 7 Home Premium
Using DisplayFusion Pro v5.0.1 to extend my taskbar to the second monitor.

GPU: r9 290
CPU: i5 4670k @ 4.2 Ghz
Mobo: ASUS z87 sabertooth TUF series
PSU: Corsair TX-CMPSU 650W

A:After dual monitor sleep recovery, all apps shift to one monitor

I've had dual monitors for years now and have never had this problem. But I also have no screen saver.

If you put your system to sleep why would you want a screen saver? All that does is keep the system active and running - which is the opposite of what sleep does.

Remove the scree saver and see what happens.

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I have a hp split 13 x2 E8C05UAR#ABAWhen I use the tablet without keyboard and put it to sleep the white light near the charging plug flashes. I've checked the batteries and both are fully charged. Is this normal or a result of installing windows 10? While at sleep the white light will flash using up battery. If hooked up to the keyboard and put it asleep the white light on the keyboard near the charging plug flashes. Thank you for any information.

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Hello everyone,  I am facing this problem from the past few days in my Lenovo G510. Whenever I plug in the charger for charging the laptop, both the power light and the battery light with orange color, starts flashing and the laptop stops charging.  The color of the battery light changes to orange, even if my laptop is nearly 50% charged.Can't figure out, what is the problem? Any help will be appreciated!

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After several hours in sleep mode from a Limited account the computer became active with a lot of hard drive activity. Is this abnormal behaviour?
I have the following programs installed:
Microsoft Security Essentials
Firefox + 2 addons - Foxit Reader & Shockwave Flash
And the following turned on:
Windows Firewall
Windows Update
I also notice a lot of hard drive activity when first powered on - which I guessed might be due to the automatic updates.

A:automatic recovery from Sleep mode

That will happen. When coming out of sleep mode, the computer has to restart a number of services and applications, and may have to pull memory from the page file. Nothing all that unusual about that, unless the RAM and CPU counters max out completely.

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My system specs are as follows:
CPU: AMD Athlon 64 X2 5000+
Mobo: ASUS M2N68-AM SE2
RAM: Crucial 4096MB PC5400 DDR2
VID: PNY GeForce 8600 GT OC 512MB
HDD1: WD Caviar 320GB SATA-3G
HDD2: Seagate 500GB SATA-3G
DVD: HP 22X DVDRW Internal IDE w/Lightscribe
CASE: Power Up Black Mid T ATX Case w/450w PSU
OS: Windows 7 Home 64bit

A few days ago I noticed my monitor was not going to sleep. It seems to have started after I tried Windows Live Mesh or at least that's when I noticed it anyway. The only other software or drivers I've installed since I last knew it was going into sleep mode is the Microsoft IntelliType Pro software. I've unistalled Live Mesh and the IntelliType software and still no go. I've even tried system restore to a point a day before I knew the monitor was going into sleep mode.

System is now and always has been malware free. I installed MSE, Malware bytes and even SuperAntiSpyware to be 100% sure. The only programs running are Live Messenger, Yahoo Messenger and I do use Media Center with my tv tuner. They have always been running and never stoped the monitor from going to sleep before.

A:Monitor not going into sleep mode.

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I just bought a new PC but kept my old monitor. When i plug the monitor in it goes directly into sleep mode. If i unplug it it comes out of sleep mode and says the connection is no good. The monitor still works fine with the old computer. Whats going on here?

A:Monitor won't come out of sleep mode

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I just changed out the K7SEM Micro ATX motherboard in my computer with an identical board (used one). My computer is about 5 yrs old, it is a V2 Premier 100/133 mhz, Windows XP os, with DVD, floppy drive, cd/rw.
Just a basic computer.
My problem is, when I power up, the monitor immediately goes into sleep mode before anything appears on the screen, so I am not able to run any setups etc. I am using the same HD as I was before, so everything should still be on it.
Any suggestions as to how to fix the problem would be appreciated.

Thanks, clueless1

Edit: Please post in the proper forum, from now on.

A:monitor goes into sleep mode

this bios settings in the mobo you are using have probably been changed, or there isnt enough power..or the mobo is defective...where did you buy it from.

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When Windows 7 puts my PC into the sleep mode & my Acer LCD monitor goes black, is the monitor actually powering down the lamps or is the PC just not sending it a signal to display?

A:Monitor sleep mode?

Monitors go into a power savings mode when they detect a loss of signal. The PC drops the video signal in sleep mode and the monitor goes into power savings mode.

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The upgrade to BIOS was interrupted and now the monitor goes to sleep mode when powered on.

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Hello guys,
Around last week I noticed when I moved the mouse to wake up the monitor, it would show the desktop then go black. I would turn the monitor on and off a few times, and the monitor would come back on without problems for the rest of the day. However, today the trick did not work, and the monitor's green light went back to an orange/red saying there was no input.
I switched monitors hoping that the monitor was the problem, but the second monitor immediately stated that was there no input and also went into sleep mode.
At that point, I switched my 9800 gt with another pc's 8600 gt, just to see if it was the video card. Needless to say, neither video card gave an input to westinghouse monitor (main one). I then switched the 8600 gt back into it's original pc and the sony monitor works fine.

I know this is a lot of information, maybe needless as well, but I'm kind of confused now. The computer having the problem doesn't shut down or overheat or anything, but it's just not sending any input towards the monitor. I'm sorry if my information is jumbled up and confusing, but I, myself, am confused at the moment. Any help would be much appreciated, thank you.

A:Monitor going into sleep mode

Please post your system specs, To include Make and model System if Big Box, or same info for the following if custom or home built, Mother Board (including Revision number), Processor (Exact Model Number), Ram, Video Card, Hdd(s), Optical Drive(s), Power Supply Manufacturer Model, Wattage and Amperage on the +12V Rails, OS, and any other peripherals installed on the motherboard.

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We've been having this problem on and off for a few weeks now. The tower turns on but is very quiet and the monitor tells us that is is in D-Sub power save mode and will not come on. We tried putting the computer in safe mode by pushing the power button and tapping F8 at the same time. We have also tried shutting everything down and unplugging. No luck.

A:Monitor in sleep mode

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I have the monitor set to never go into sleep mode in power options, but it still shuts off after about 10 minutes. I would appreciate any help. Thank you.

A:Monitor goes into sleep mode when set to never


Check your settings again. It may not be sleep mode, it can be the monitor turning off.

Make sure that your monitor is not set to turn off. In addition, make sure that this is not a feature of your particular computer.

http://www.vistax64.com/tutorials/63...ms.html?filter[11]=Power Management
For Vista and Seven

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Hello everyone, I have a compaq fp15 flat screen monitor that yesterday when i shut the computer down suddenly started to go to sleep mode over and over again every 5 seconds. What I mean is that the led on the power button keeps turning green and orange and on the screen appears a message saying "Going To Sleep".

Does anyone know what's going on? Could it be the monitor that is damaged or the computer?

Thank you in advance.

A:Monitor keeps going to sleep mode over and over

Disconnect the monitors cable from the computer and see if this on off thing still happens. If it does, it's a monitor problem and not the computer

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I've searched online about this issue and can't seem to find one exactly like mine. We bought a new desktop a couple of months ago, Windows 7 home Premium is our operating system. We previously had Vista. We are using a 22 inch LCD Westinghouse moniter. The issue I am having is my moniter will go into sleep mode, especailly while I am in the middle of doing something, Be it playing a game, surfing the web or typing an email. I have disabled sleep and power saver mode and have turned off my screen saver as some people have suggested on other forums I have looked at. It still does it. I have gone onto Microsoft.com and the only help there is to tell you how to turn sleep mode off. Mine already is! What usually happens when it does this, I'll move my mouse and it'll pop right back on. Sometimes however, it will not come back on unless I hold down the power button on the moniter. I have updated all of my drivers and the only conclusion I can come to is this is a Windows 7 glitch and they have yet to fix it. Can anyone tell me whatelse I can possibly do to fix this? Some days it barely does it and others, like today so far, it has done it 3 times within an hour. Very annoying to say the least....

A:Monitor keeps going into sleep mode

Almost sounds like what I had cept not as bad. My monitors would go into sleep mode on a brand new comp with my radeon 4750. cept it happened either at power on or whenever it felt like it in windows xp. they would not however come back unless i forced the computer off and even that didn't guarantee it. moreover, no one seemed to know about this cuz no one repsonded to me on this forum.

my problem was solved by upgrading windows xp to windows 7. in ur case i can't really suggest that. are you running 32 or 64bit win 7? what's your power supply unit? could also try running a registry edit program to fix registry errors in windows. also, post the specs of your computer like i did below.

intel i3 2.93 duo
ATi Radeon 4750 HD 512mb DDR3
1TB HD 7200 RPM

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How can I take my Q1859 monitor off of sleep mode 

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I am setting up a lenovo thinkpad with two additional monitors.
When I close the lid on the laptop. One monitor stays powered up but the second monitor enters sleep mode.
There must be a setting controlling this. I have looked all over the "power" settings and the "display" settings but can not find a setting controlling this.
Can anybody point me in the right direction?
Thank in advance.

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When I tun on my desktop my HP monitor shows this message.  MONITOR GOING OFF  AND IT SHUTS DOWN. HOW CAN I fix this?

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Is there a way to change the time limit in which the sleep mode is activated. I would like to extend it about 5 minutes. Thank you for your help.

A:monitor sleep mode

Hi BassFisher,

Certainely. Step Two in this tutorial will show you how to adjust your Power Plan Options to what you want them for the Display sleep time.

Power Options and Sleep Mode Problems

Hope this helps,

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I installed a new cd burner and when I restarted the computer the monitor would not respond it will not come out of sleep mode. I check all connections and unplugged burner. The monitor would still not work. I installed a new video card and when I restarted the computer the monitor was still doing the same thing(in sleep mode). I unistalled the video card and wiggled all the connections on the motherboard and drives, plugged the monitor up to the old video card and turned on the computer and the monitor came on and worked just fine. I was on the computer for several hours and restarted it several times. Then I tried to reinstall the cd burner and restarted the computer the same problem happened. Now I have unplugged the burner once again and still nothing. Help!! I have tried 2 monitors and receive the same problem and both monitors work on my other computer. The only other things that I had in mind was maybe a bad connection, power supply, or incompatibility. Please help I have had so many headaches from it.

A:Monitor in sleep mode

You keep saying that the "monitor would not come out of sleep mode" however can I suggest that the problem is the computer is failing to boot up?

Can you confirm that the computer is / is not booting?

Easiest test is to see if the caps lock light toggles on and off with the caps key. If so, the computer probably has booted. If not, it has not actually booted at all.

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Hi my HP pavilion 22xi monitor keeps shutting off after just a few minutes whether I'm using my PC or not.  The screen goes off and but the white light to indicate power is on (note it doesn't go to orange ). I have checked the cables.  Its only when when I unplug and replug the power back in that it resumes and I can see a screen again.  Any ideas ? Thanks. 

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All settings are set to never allow the monitor to go into sleep mode but it does. I am quite sure it is the computer that is doing it as I can move the mouse and it comes back on.I think there are settings in the bios that need to be changed, but i don't know which ones. I have an Phoenix Award bios. Any help would be appreciated. Stream.

A:Monitor goes into sleep mode when set to never

I personally know several models of monitors have their own sleep mode. I would do this as a prank since they also had a mode where the monitors would turn off at a certain time of the day.

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Hi. I got a HP pc basic gaming computer this morning for Christmas with a LG monitor, the monitor says it is in sleep mode?? How can I get this off?

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my compac presario, operating windows 98, just started putting my monitor into sleep mode as soon as the computer is started. it's not the monitor, because i tried a second one.

as soon as the power on switch is turned on, the monitor goes into sleep mode.

any and all help would be appreciated. i can't even get to "safe" mode to see if it's something there.

in advance, thanks

A:monitor in sleep mode

go to control panel, power options, change the power scheme to your liking...

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