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Samsung PC Studio and compatible phones

Q: Samsung PC Studio and compatible phones

I have searched the internet and this forum, plus other cell phone forums, but cannot find a list of Samsung phones that are compatible with Samsung PC Studio 3.

Can someone direct me to the right place for this info?
Thank you!

Preferred Solution: Samsung PC Studio and compatible phones

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Samsung PC Studio and compatible phones

Yoo-hoo! Can anyone help me, please?

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I plan on swtching wireless carries but I need to find out if I need to purchase a new phone.

I have a Samsung Cell Phone that has AT & T logo on the outside. Can this phone be
used on a T-Moble wireless cell sevice or will I need to get a new phone if I switch to T-moble
wireless service.

Thank you,

A:Samsung Cell Phones, Can they be used with any provider?

If it's got an AT&T logo then it's *probably* locked to AT&T. Not certainly, but my experience has been that unlocked phones aren't branded with a carrier. (At least those that are purchased as unlocked. I understand that there are authorized unlocking procedures for some phones, but there aren't for all phones so your best bet would be to check with both AT&T and your new carrier about your specific phone.)

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Hi All,
I have a samsung phone and I come to put all my pictures on to my laptop, so i put in my samsung pc studio disk, then to realise its not compatible with windows 7 :/ what do i do i really need to get all my documents on to my laptop!
Please Helpp!!

A:Samsung pc studio!

Quote: Originally Posted by Samm 13

Hi All,
I have a samsung phone and I come to put all my pictures on to my laptop, so i put in my samsung pc studio disk, then to realise its not compatible with windows 7 :/ what do i do i really need to get all my documents on to my laptop!
Please Helpp!!

Hi Samm, welcome to the forums, try installing the software under compatibility mode Compatibility Mode this may help you

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I really need you guys to help me on this.... i just bought Samsung jet and have installed Samsung New PC studio into my laptop. But i cannot run this program as it keep on appeared:

New PC Studio has stopped working.

Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
Application Name: NewPCStudio.exe
Application Version:
Application Timestamp: 49e6d9a5
Fault Module Name: Secur32.dll
Fault Module Version: 6.0.6002.18051
Fault Module Timestamp: 4a366084
Exception Code: c0000005
Exception Offset: 000021dc
OS Version: 6.0.6002.
Locale ID: 17417
Additional Information 1: c060
Additional Information 2: 6257e35ffaf5fb500d9790030367de3e
Additional Information 3: b562
Additional Information 4: 21e35a6d0bc52ba6a38b0e481fab5ce7

Any idea on how to solve this problem?? many thanks in advance....

A:Samsung jet - Samsung new pc studio


First we need you to go to c:\windows\minidump which is where the BSOD dump file is located. zip the most recent dump file (*.dmp) and upload it to us. If you need help uploading let us know

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Problem: Could it be a driver compatibility issue ?

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I am trying to isntall the New Samsung PC Studio for my Samsing phone to connect to my PCI keep getting this error messageso....the message is blank! How can i find out what this error says, or perhaps as to why i cannot isntall Samsung PC Studio?I am running Windows 7 Home Premium, my system is a Dell Insprion 530s

A:Cannot Install Samsung PC Studio

Have you seen this comment at http://samsung-pc-studio.softpedia.com/ ?

"SeptimusFry said: Unfortunately, someone has been a bit sloppy here, as this is NOT compatible with W7/64. Source of this info: Samsung, after much hacking about."

Best data that I can come up with, http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:sn9RvAmBxcMJ:pages.samsung.com/ca/pcstudio/English/+PC+Studio+download&cd=5&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us .


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Hi, I have this computer the original system was Windows Vista... then I install Windows 7... but now I want to install Windows 8
My laptop is compatible with this system?? 
Where I can find the drivers?? Can you help me?? Please!!! :$ :$
Thank You :)

A:Studio 1537 is compatible with Windows 8

Hi Abdiel Tovar,
Welcome to Dell Community Forum.
You will not be able to find compatible drivers for Windows 8 for your Studio 1537 on our Dell Support website so you may experience some problems if you install this Operating System on your computer.
Please check the link below for any Windows 8 Upgrade related queries.

Hope this is helpful.
Please reply if you have any further queries. 
Thanks and regards, Babita S #iworkforDell 
For easy access to drivers, manuals and product updates, please visit our Support Site .

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correction it's fsadmin64.exe

This has popped up a couple times. Is it something I should be concerened about?

PC studio has been on my machine for over a year now and it's interface is excellent, so obviously I don't want to mess it up.

thanks in advance!

A:Threatfire - fsadmin.exe warning with Samsung PC Studio

So it looks like it's ok - but a virus has been popping un in it's stead - good to see threatfire doing it's job

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I have a Dell Studio XPS 435MT Desktop computer. It is running W7 on 64 bit with an I7-920 CPU. I am looking to upgrade the RAM from the current 6 GB it has installed.

It has 6 slots. Is the maximum capacity 12 GB or 24 GB.

It currently has 6 1GB sticks with PC3-8500 DDR3 1066MHz.

I also have tried successfully Two 2GB STicks of Kingston DDR3 1333, PC3 10600, 667 MHZ.

On Crucial it states:

DDR3 PC3-10600, DDR3 PC3-8500, DDR3 PC3-12800
Memory Type: DDR3 PC3-10600, DDR3 PC3-8500, DDR3 PC3-12800, DDR3 (non-ECC)
Maximum Memory: 24GB
Slots: 6
Each memory slot can hold DDR3 PC3-10600, DDR3 PC3-8500, DDR3 PC3-12800 with a maximum of 4GB per slot.*

Does 4GB work in one Module or is the max 2GB per slot. What RAM configuration would work best? I hope someone can give me a few answers to my questions. Thanks.

A:Compatible RAM for my Dell Studio XPS 435MT Desktop!

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Hello guys,I need some help.. I'm planning to buy Samsung SSD Pro 960 M.2 NVMe. Is it usable on my HP Z820 /the BIOS is J63 v03.91/  ?I know that there is no M.2 slot on the motherboard, so I would need to use some adapter like Asus Hyper M.2 x4 Mini.I've read here that some people succeeded with adding Samsung Pro 950 via Asus  Hyper M.2 x4 Mini on HP Z620.I won't use the SSD as OS boot drive. Just I have heavy projects and need much faster loading.Thank you in advance, folks!

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Samsung V-Nand SSD 850 EVO  250 GB and  XPS 8910 new desktop.. Are they compatible? Not the M.2 slot of course

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Hello guys,I need some help.. I'm planning to buy Samsung SSD Pro 960 M.2 NVMe. Is it usable on my HP Z820 /the BIOS is J63 v03.91/  ?I know that there is no M.2 slot on the motherboard, so I would need to use some adapter like Asus Hyper M.2 x4 Mini.I've read here that some people succeeded with adding Samsung Pro 950 via Asus  Hyper M.2 x4 Mini on HP Z620.I won't use the SSD as OS boot drive. Just I have heavy projects and need much faster loading.Thank you in advance, folks!

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I am looking into upgrading a few things on my Studio XPS 435t / 9000.  Exactly what processors are compatible with my motherboard?

A:Studio XPS 435t / 9000 compatible processor list

Hi MathieuJSM,
We do not suggest upgrading the processor on the system, however I have mentioned the processors compatible with Dell Studio XPS 435t / 9000:
Intel Core i7 920Intel Core i7 940Intel Core i7 965
Also, ensure that you update the BIOS before upgrading the processor. Click the link mentioned below for the BIOS:
NOTE: Ensure that the system does not turn off during BIOS update.
For more upgrades, click the link mentioned below:
Thanks & RegardsManshu S#iworkfordell

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I have just started using Vista Premium and wanted to know if anyone has tried installing Visual Studio 8 Pro and whether or not they ran into any issues.... Thanks

A:Is Visual Studio 8 Pro compatible with Vista Home Premium 32-bit

According to system requirements Vista is a supported OS:

Computer with a 1.6 GHz or faster processor
Visual Studio 2008 can be installed on the following operating systems:
Windows Vista« (x86 & x64) - all editions except Starter Edition
Windows« XP (x86 & x64) with Service Pack 2 or later - all editions except Starter Edition
Windows Server« 2003 (x86 & x64) with Service Pack 1 or later (all editions)
Windows Server 2003 R2 (x86 and x64) or later (all editions)
384 MB of RAM or more (768 MB of RAM or more for Windows Vista)
2.2 GB of available hard-disk space
5400 RPM hard drive
1024 x 768 or higher-resolution display
Additional features may require Internet access. Fees may apply.​
Visual Studio 2005 was not supported on Vista, but as far as I know there is no prolem with Visual Studio 2008. You can install a trial to check it out: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/...EC-ED72-4A79-8961-25635DB0192B&displaylang=en

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Hello again.

Quite a long time ago, on my old Windows Vista, I used Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 to create applications just for fun. I really liked it and would like to use it again, however I would like to use Microsoft Visual Studio 2010. The reason I would rather use VS2010 is because earlier today (11/01/2015) I installed VS2012 and I didn't like the look and feel to it at all, and VS2013 has a similar look to it and I don't like the layout, and I prefer the layout of 2008/10.

I have 2 main questions about this version of VS (2010 not 2008 because that's practically life expired).
The first question I would like to ask: Is VS2010 compatible with Win8? Preferably VS2010 Express as that's the only version of VS2010 that's available and I saw on Microsoft Compatibility Center which said that it is compatible, but 2 of 3 people said it was, but with Visual Basic (which I don't generally want as I would like more features than just VB) had 9 of 10 people saying it's compatible.

My second question is: Does Visual Studio 2010 Express have enough features for what I would like to do? Here's a brief idea of what I would like to do in VS2010. I would like to create a program which deals with things which involve using databases (such as POS systems) and I would like to setup a program which includes Windows Forms to complete tasks. I saw a video of what I would like to do which I'll post below and that should give a general idea. I'll only post the Part 1 of that series as ther... Read more

A:Is Visual Studio 2010 Express compatible with Windows 8?

Might check Stack Overflow, seems to have a lot about using the program.

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... and when I say all, I literally mean Real Player streamings, YouTube videos, the XP start up music, mpegs, mp3s, etc. PC Studio 3 is the interface program for my new mobile phone. I put this query in this forum because it seems to be quite a global problem on my computer. Get this: When I try to use system restore, it has created a restore point at the time I installed the software, but I get the warning message when I try to select that date and press next that reads: "Changes made to drive(s) D: after this point cannot be reversed because the drive was either excluded from System Restore monitoring, or it was turned off or removed." This is a lie because drive D: is my only hard drive and System Restore has always been turned on on my PC. Originally, the Samsung software had caused my computer to crash over and over again, bringing up a blue screen then shutting down. I uninstalled it and the skipping media is what is left. Please can you help me with any suggestions. Really what I need to know is what drivers do I need to reinstall to sort out the skipping media, or do I need to wipe my computer off and re-install XP? Thanks very much.

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I have an 8 year old PackardBell which has been enough for my limited uses (I don't play games or other high power needing programmes). I do use it for connecting with my microscopes, and as it has USB1 ports that makes imagery a bit slow etc. Now, the
monitor caught on fire, which I replaced with a Samsung 2233SW, which I have no trouble with. I need to buy a new PC tower, as it really has had its day, which I guess will be Windows 7, but I need to buy one that is compatible with the Samsung(I don't
want to buy another screen when I just bought one a year ago) which has VGA connection. I need a sugestion as to which PC Tower I need that is compatible, and one that has at least 5 USB2ports - with  two or three USB2 ports preferable at the front
(the USB leads from microscope cameras seem ridiculously short). My budget is about $A600. many thanks,

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I am using WIN2000.

I read that there are some issues with A,C or S Samsung 226BW displays, that can be fixed with a special file that can be downloaded online.

I see that the file download comes with instructions on how to install in Vista or WinXP. Would I be able to use the monitor, and maybe the file if necessary on my Win2000 machine?

I am comfortable with Win2000 and don't want to go through the upgrade.

Thank you very much.

Here's the to the article on the subject:


A:Will the Samsung 226BW be compatible with WIN2000?

normally the drivers which are built for WinXP are working fine under Win2000, don't you want to give it a try?


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I'm looking to upgrade / replace the original hard drive in my Studio XPS 1640.  I have decided on a 1TB Samsung SSD 850 Evo, but - without opening up my laptop an extra time - I don't know which format is compatible:  the 2.5" SATA III or the mSATA?  I'll greatly appreciate if someone can tell me which of these SSDs will work with my laptop.

A:What type of SSD (2.5" SATA III or mSATA) is compatible with my Studio XPS 1640?

You need a 2.5" SATA drive -- there is no support for card-type mSATA or PCIe drives in this system.
The SATA controller is 3G, so you'll not see the full performance of a 6G SATA drive -- you'll get only half of what the drive can sustain -- but a SATA SSD will work with the system.
The system is designed for a 9.5 mm hard drive - you will need a spacer to mount a 7 mm SSD (some drives from Samsung and Crucial include these;  if yours doesn't they're just a couple of dollars).

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Hi all I have a quick and simple question. Will Samsung SSD 250GB 850 EVO M.2 SATA 2280 fit HP ProBook 470 G3 (P4P70EA)?  Thank you for your time!

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Hi all I have a quick and simple question. Will Samsung SSD 250GB 850 EVO M.2 SATA 2280 fit HP ProBook 470 G3 (P4P70EA)?  Thank you for your time!

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hello , I found this SSD Samsung 1TB PM961  , please i need help , Is this compatible with Thinkpad X1 carbˇn 3rd? I found this too512 Samsung SM951 http://www.ebay.com/itm/282606429673 1Tb Samsung 1TB PM961 Single Sided 80mm (2280/2280SS) M.2 PCI Express 3.0 x4 (PCIe Gen3 x4) OEM NVMe SSD - MZVLW1T0HMLH https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01N8Z82SY/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_gG0Tzb5087TVZ  Thank for your help

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I would like to upgrade the SSD for the X1C Gen 4 from 1TB to 2TB. Does X1C Gen 4 compatible with Samesung NVMe SSD  960PRO 2TB?  https://www.samsung.com/us/computing/memory-storage/solid-state-drives/ssd-960-pro-m-2-2tb-mz-v6p2t0...    

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hello , I found this SSD Samsung 1TB PM961  , please i need help , Is this compatible with Thinkpad X1 carbˇn 3rd? Thank for your help

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I am attempting to upgrade my L570 with the subject M.2 drive.  I have the tray and cable necessary.  When I put it all together, no hard drive shows up in the computer.  Tech support won't help since the 960 EVO isn't on the Lenovo parts list.  The support agent didn't say they were incompatible, but he did intimate that.  Any ideas on how to make this work?

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Hey guys,  I have the Lenovo Ideapad 520 (80YL00RXIN) and wanted to replace the CD Drive with the Samsung 850 Evo 250GB Solid State Drive  in order to increase the Boot Speed and over-all speed of the laptop.  So, the question is, Is the Samsung 850 Evo SSD compatible with my laptop? And will it fit in terms of size, in place of the CD Drive? Also, is it recommended to add the SSD? Any downsides to doing so?  Lastly, will I, someone who knows the basics about computers and the internal components of a computer, be able to install the SSD myself? Or would I rather outsource it to someone who deals in things like this? Thank you. Regards,Neel.

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I recently bought a samsung portable hard drive from the M3 series with a 1TB storage capacity.

My computer currently runs on Windows 8.1, x64, 4GB RAM and a 3Ghz processor

When trying to install "Samsung drive manager" or any of the other software that came with the hard drive - I receive the following error message "This runs on Windows XP/Vista, Windows 7, please check your OS".

I have tried to install the "Samsung drive manager" from the Seagate website, thinking that it might be compatible but I receive the same error message.
According to the Windows compatibility website and Samsung/Seagate, the M3 hard drive is compatible with Windows 8 (Note, I have Win 8.1, but is there really that much of a difference?) I ran the software bundle on my old laptop (Windows 7) and it worked fine, so that excludes any issues with the actual hardware
Anyone with a similar problem or solution?

A:Samsung M3 1TB Hard drive not compatible with windows 8.1

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ssd samsung sm961 Is it compatible with notebook Lenovo yoga 900s?

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Dose anyone knows the samsung sm961 M.2 SSD compatible thinkcentre m900 tiny?

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(Just posting this here so people in the future can find it.) I replaced my motherboard and just wanted to leave this here for future reference to some poor soul who has to do the same.
If you replace the motherboard on your Dell Studio XPS 8000, (service tag 3L8DHK1) and you need a new motherboard you can use an INTEL DQ57TM, it's compatible and I did a successful transplant. Your processor is an INTEL Core-i5 750 CPU 2.67GHZ it uses a SOCKET LGA1156. It uses DDR3 memory.
Once you take out your old motherboard and disconnect all those usb and audio wires and the power button wires. To hook up your USB front jacks, audio jacks etc.... here's which blocks go where:
Wires from the audio jacks and usb ports go into these colored block connectors, and those connectors get plugged into those little rows of pins/jumpers called Internal Headers. Every motherboard manual tells you about them. Grab the manual for your new motherboard and it'll tell you where your audio1, usb1, usb2, usb3, usb4 Header connectors are they look like 2 rows and 5 collumns of short little pins. (They almost always have 1 or 2 pins missing on purpose.)
the wires leading to a YELLOW BLOCK gets plugged into the audio1 header on your new motherboard, it's for audio jacks on top of the computer
wires with the WHITE BLOCK gets plugged into the usb3 headers on your motherboard (they are for the usb jacks on the very top of the computer tower)
wires with the GREEN BLOCK gets plugged into ... Read more

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Would it be worth the significant savings to purchase the EPS brand toner ($39.98 plus free shipping) vs. the SAMSUNG brand toner ($68.00) for my SAMSUNG SCX-3405W printer/copier? Or, as in most cases, would I be getting what I'm paying for? If there's an obvious edge in quality and/or performance for the SAMSUNG toner, then I'd certainly be willing to pay the higher price. I would greatly appreciate hearing from anyone who has had experience with different brands of toner. Thank you.

A:Solved: SAMSUNG-compatible laser toner vs. OEM toner

i have always used the compatible inks and toner with no ill effects

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I currently have a Studio 1737 with a 500GB SSD, Windows 10, and recently bought a Studio 1749 with a 750GD SATA HD, Windows 10.

I'm wondering if it's possible to just switch the SSD with the SATA to the new laptop, or if I should go through the process of making a recovery USB, install the SSD to the 1749, reformat and reinstall Windows 10.  
I'm not really relishing the idea of losing all my programs with the reformat, especially since I have long since lost the registration keys, etc. for most of the programs.
Any suggestions?

A:Best way to move Studio 1737 500GB SSD to new Studio 1749 running 750 SATA

At a minimum, Windows 10 will require re-activation -- which Microsoft likely won't allow (moving an installed copy to a new system is not part of the license agreement).  While you can TRY moving the drive, chances are you're going to need to do a full reinstall of the OS once it's done.

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Hello Guys,
few weeks ago my system faced an issue, and while trying to deal with it i corrupted my windows and had to reset my system, that means back to Windows 8 from 8.1, then i didnt updated to 8.1, and installed  vs 2013 and sql server management
studio 2014, everything was working fine, then 8.1 happened, i mean 8 was updated to 8.1, and after that when ever i try to make new project in vs 2013, it tells me "failed to create image source from text ...\Images\Medium.png",,, and when i try
to connect to database in sql server it gives me error "ADDITIONAL INFORMATION:

Initialization of 'System.Windows.Media.Imaging.BitmapImage' threw an exception. (mscorlib)


Method not found: 'Void System.Diagnostics.Tracing.FrameworkEventSource.BeginGetResponse(System.Object, System.String)'. (System)
.. i dont want to reset my pc again, kindly help

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I'm not sure if i'm creating this in the correct section. Please move if i didn't. thanks...
Hey peeps, I'm looking to purchase some studio headphones for Laptop and Ipod use. I'm not trying to spend a lot of money, but i would want something that sounds great for music. I've been looking at a few pages, but i'm not sure if i'm looking at the correct ones, the head phones that have called my attention were the Sony MDR-V6 Studio Monitor Series Stereo Headphones and can be found here: FRYS.com*|*Sony
I'd like to know your exp. with these if you have owned a pair. I'm looking for clean crisp sounding audio that has no problem picking up low frequency's. I listen to Hip hop/rap, trance, and other types of music. feedback would be appreciated thanks!

A:Looking to purchase studio headphones, Sony MDR-V6 Studio Monitorgood?

I've always been a fan of the Sennheiser HD series
Sennheiser USA - Dynamic Stereo Headphones - Around / Over Ear Headphones - High Sound Quality - Audiophile - Personal Audio

They also will supply replacement chords and even drivers should one go bad.

I actually have a pair of those sony's the bass is hollow and has no punch to it at all. I actually have a 35 dollar plantronics headset that has better sound. The chord tangles easily and the pads started to come apart eventually. ...at least they're apparently cheaper now when I bought mine around 4-5 years ago, they wanted 120 for them. ...oh also I had to cut splice and tape the chord 3 times before I finally retired them.
All of this occurred in about the space of a year.

edit: wasn't paying attention to your price range.
The HD280's are decent, not quite in the audiophile class, but decent and can be purchased for the same neighborhood in cost.
that was just the first link I came by I have seen them for 80.

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There is apparently no way of showing if CAPS LOCK is on or off on my new Dell 1555 (I use the laptop keyboard). This gives real problems entering for example passwords where the text is encrypted.
Is it possible to show if CAPS LOCK is on or off in the Notification Area in the bottom right of the Windows screen (Windows Vista 64 bit) ?
Does anyone have the same laptop but with a CAPS LOCK notification of any sort ?

A:Studio 15 Studio 1555 CAPS LOCK Notification

I have the same Laptop, but also no notification, it's quite irksome! However a colleage of mine has the 17" version and it's got a nice little LED next to the caps lock key... a design flaw or rather "we forgot" in the 15.6" I suppose... and when you look at your laptop layout, there's actually plent of room for a little LED somewhere, not like they ran out of space!

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I just got Visual Studio 2003 .Net Academic through my school and even more recently I bought a book named "Microsoft Visual Basic .Net Step By Step by Michael Halorson and what I didnt read before buying it is the fact that there are many types of Visual Studio (standard, pro ect) and that this book "isnt meant for Academic version". My question here is will this book teach and work just as well if i was using standard or pro version or do i need to take it back and find a book that works with the academic version?

Hope you can help!

A:Difference Between V.Studio Standard and V.Studio Academic

THe academic version is the same as the full version, just the pricing is different thus the Academic.

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I need to know if the HDMI motherboard in a 60" Samsung Plasma TV can be used in a Sony Bravia 52" TV. The motherboard in my Sony died and I have access to one in a Samsung Plasma that's screen cracked.

A:Is a 60" Samsung Plasma HDMI motherboard compatible with a 52" Sony Bravia HDMI motherboard.

No, it would not be, in the past I had to repair a tv for a friend that had his board shorted that was an LCD Sony Bravia 52 Inch and its board was very specific as with all Sony Products. The Boards on the TV's are the hearts and the companies that built them don't allow for parts to be interchanged easily. Your best bet is ebay and finding the part number to find a board, that's how I got the one I used to fix it.

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Problems on initializing Samsung 80GB with Samsung's Disk Manager: Ontrack(tm)


There is some problem on my 80gb Samsung HD. The situation is this:

I have had an old computer which have an ancient motherboard.. because of the limitations of motherboard it was initializing Hd as 8gb.. I installed Samsung's Disk Manager program named Ontrack. It does something with the MBR to make the 8gb initialized HD as 80gb! When you're in bios setup, it says your samsung is 8gb but when you reset and wait for the system disk error message Ontrack activates and then your hd is 80 gb, you can install OS after that.

Here is the problem: I bought a new computer whose motherboard to initialize my 80GB hd as 80GB also, but things didn't happen like that. On bios setup it says my HD is 33gb.

I plugged the HD to my other computer and its partition magic 8 says "33gb BAD" also..

A modified MBR by a program (ontrack) can fool bios setup? if so, can i use XP CDs system recovery console with fixmbr command? ?f it is not how can i make my hd back to normal (not for old motherboards, initialized as 80GB)??

New motherboard is MSI RS482M2-IL and because of this problem I cannot enable S.M.A.R.T. feature. I need help and thanks from now on!

A:Problems on initializing Samsung 80GB with Samsung's Disk Manager: Ontack(tm)

If you are using XP then boot fromt eh XP Cd. Then delete the existing partition and create a new one and format that.

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hi I have samsung laptop

When I press power button, then its shows me samsung logo on the screen and after that it goes to black screen.
I try to replace hard disk, laptop find this new hard disk.
but then it straight goes to the BIOS and over there I try to change boot order, to boot from dvd player but I couldnot find any option there.
I open it up and clean everything inside the machine.
but problem is still there.
Is anybody help to to fix this machine.


A:Samsung black screen after showing the samsung logo


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Hello, Last week i did a upgrade on my Inspiron 15R SE(7520) with a SSD Samsung EVO 850 500GB, and now i'm intending to buy one msata Samsung EVO 850 500GB, But i would like to do a RAID 0 with those two "drives", So is that possible? Will it work and have a gain of performance?
Sorry for my bad english, i'm still learning.
My Specs (Inspiron 15R SE (7520)
Intel Core i7 3632QM
8GB ram 1600Mhz
Primary: SSD Samsung EVO 850 500GB
msata: 32GB MZMPC032HBCD
Secondary: Seagate ST1000LM024  5400RPM 1TB

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Trying to install Samsung SmarThru office V2 for my printer/scanner, but Windows 10 reports the signer of the executable is not trusted, I downloaded from the Samsung website and the signer is shown as Samsung.

There seems to be no way to bypass this, anyone have a clue whats going on?

A:Samsung SmarThru Office v2 - Samsung not trusted as a signer

Scalextrix said:

... There seems to be no way to bypass this, anyone have a clue whats going on?

So it means you tried advanced startup setting to enable installing of unsigned drivers?

Because for me SmartThru 4 installs fine, (all Win10 updates installed), but ->
* I can't install old print driver (says hash file missing, maybe tampred or corrupt).
* I can install universal print driver & scan driver
* After opening, ST4 is unable to recognize scanner.

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Good day. I have ask your help, with those two software.
I have found they are installed but when wanting to remove or uninstall them, I do not find any on the Programas and Feature, on the Control Panel.

I have some concern cause I have notice these running in the background. I have never uses these programas, nor have need of them.

Is it possible to delete or uninstall theses two software without affecting the performance of Windows 10, and in general of my VAIO Laptop?.

Thank you for your assistance. Looking ofrward to your response.


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I have both Linux and Windows Vista installed on my notebook. Today when I turned it on I accidentally chose "Samsung Recovery" instead of "Windows Vista" in GRUB. After Samsung Recovery has loaded, I quit it and the computer shut off. I turned it on again and now it doesn't make it to the GRUB, it shows the Samsung logo, then "boot from ahci cd-rom", and then it reboots and shows the samsung logo again. I can enter BIOS (F2), but can't enter Samsung Recovery (F4) anymore (after showing "please wait..." the computer reboots again). I tried setting the BIOS back to default but it didn't help. Any input would be much appreciated...

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So I have a Haswell i7 rig (GTX 780) with Platinum PSU etc etc... W8.1 Pro (and a few other W8.1 PC`s I tried the clone op with also)........

.... and on the SSD to clone in question, it is a Samsung EVO 250Gb SSD. It seems to work perfect.
But its getting near full~ish.... (30Gb spare)....

... so I bought a Samsung EVO VNAND 500Gb.... (twice the capacity) and thought an easy clone was in store....

(I also have some additional drives I have just disconnected for the Clone op [as the Samsung clone software was being stupid [trying to get me to clone my documents drive to my new SSD]). With or without the other drives connected, it FAILS, FAILS, FAILS.

So; when I try to clone, It gets to about 33% cloned, and then fails.
Time after time.

Recent ERROR MESSAGE is:- "Failed to retrieve source information 205500(0322bc)"

I tried to clone the SSD to SSD on a CLONE machine/Box. A FAIL
I tried to clone using Macrium Reflect. A FAIL
I tried to clone using EASEUS. A FAIL.
I tried them all a few times including the SAMSUNG CLONE Software.

What am I doing wrong?

Is there a problem with the 250Gb SSD I don`t know about (I am using this PC with it in now)...

Or will a SAMSUNG EVO not clone to a SAMSUNG VNAND ?

Do I have to try everything including disabling features such as RAPID MODE? And Disable Performance and everything?

Or what???

I have been a dozen hours trying to do this simple task.

I tired to contact SA... Read more

A:CLONE FAIL SAMSUNG SSD to Samsung SSD Fails on every PC

Create a recovery CD with Macrium(Win PE Rescue), back up your current SSD to an external HDD, install 500GB SSD and boot with rescue CD( Win PE) and restore the image from the back up with Macrium Reflect.
Try this utility, I have cloned with this a while ago: AOMEI Windows Backup, Cloning, and Recovery Software

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In this discussion, Amy from Lenovo recommends that we purchase Lenovo SSDs if we want thermal management: https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/ThinkPad-P-and-W-Series-Mobile/Can-I-add-a-Samsung-950-Pro-NVMe-SSD-to-... The link no longer directs us to a particular model. So I perform a search on the Lenovo site and see (among others) this model: ThinkPad 256GB SAMSUNG PCIe NVME TLC OPAL M.2 SSD http://www3.lenovo.com/us/en/accessories-and-monitors/memory-and-storage/storage/HDD-BO-ThinkPad-M-2... What is this? A Samsung SSD rebranded as a Lenovo SSD? Would I gain in compatibility with such a drive or not, and specifically regarding thermal management? Also, is there a misprint below concerning the read speed? "ThinkPad 256GB SAMSUNG PCIe NVME TLC OPAL M.2 SSD supporting PCIe 3.0 interface standard up to 4 lanes shows much faster performance than previous SATA SSDs. It's sequential performance is up to 300MB/s for read operation and 1700MB/s for write operation by 4 lanes. Test-Prove 100% Compatible with ThinkPad machines. " That has to be 3000MB/S, right? 

A:Thinkpad-Samsung or Lenovo-Samsung NVMe SSD? What is this?

My impression is that even Lenovo themselves does not have a clue.

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Hi im haveing trouble Installing Visual Studio 2012 RC and visual studio 2011, It starts to where the black screen so up then it says visual studio but after that it dose nothing.i have 2010 installed and i us that, i just wanted to try them out, but i have a question would visual studio 2010 ultimate mess up visual studio 2012 and 2011. thanks

here is my system info
Operating Systems

Windows 7 (x86)


32-bit (x86)


3.6 GHz
2 GB of RAM
201 GB (NTFS)
5400 RPM hard drive
DirectX 9-capable video card running at 1024 x 768

A:haveing trouble Installing Visual Studio 2012 RC and visual studio 2011

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