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Can deleted file be in recyle bin on another disk, volume?

Q: Can deleted file be in recyle bin on another disk, volume?

I have many volumes and on each of them there is a recycle bin. Can deleted file be in recyle bin on another disk, volume? For example if reserve space for Recycle Bin on this volume is over. Or each Recycle bin is only for it's volume?

Preferred Solution: Can deleted file be in recyle bin on another disk, volume?

I recommend downloading and running DRP. It's a recovery tool that has been proven to recover files that most other programs have no luck with. I've even recovered files from freshly formatted or partitioned drives.

You can download it direct from this link http://goo.gl/v51TwD. (This link will automatically start a download of DRP that you can save to your computer.)

A: Can deleted file be in recyle bin on another disk, volume?

Hello userwin,

Each volume has it's own hidden protected OS $Recycle.bin file that stores deleted items from only that volume. One volume cannot have it's $Recycle.bin file on a different volume. It must be on itself.

When you open the Recycle Bin, it lets you see all the deleted items from the $Recycle.bin files from each volume there much like a library does with included folders.

If you like, you can change the storage size of the recycle bin for each volume to fit your needs if free space is available to do so.

Recycle Bin storage size

Hope this helps,

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How can I put it back on my desktop, i searched for it and i Still cannot find it

A:I deleted the recyle bin?

does this help ?http://windows.microsoft.com/en-CA/windows...the-Recycle-Bin

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Hey all.

About 10 days ago I deleted a Word document in the Recycle Bin. I don't want the contents of the document back, but I would like to know either a) the date of when I last saved the deleted document or b) the date of when I created the document. I haven't created any other Word documents in the last few months, so an indirect method (i.e. dates when I created unspecified Word document) would be equally as useful.

I need to know as if I know roughly what the date is, I'll know what data I was using. It would have been within the last 12 days to five weeks, and whilst I have a good idea when it most likely would have been, I am far more certain on the week, let alone day.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Many thanks,

A:Deleted Word Document in Recyle Bin (not what you might think!)

You'd have to attempt to recover the document to get any such information, the document is the only place where any such information would be.

You could try Recuva free to see if it can recover the document then you can check the Created and Modified dates.

Also, you can go to the folder the file was originally in, right click on the folder name and see if there is a Previous Versions tab, if there is then you can restore the file that way or check the Created and Modified dates there.

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Hi I had 2 external hard drives connected and in disk manager I clicked delete on the wrong one? So now the drive wont show up, so I simply created a Simple volume and know it is a RAW drive? How do I recover the files there was over 100GB and some of them are really important such as records and work related stuff, it is currently a RAW partition and all the hard disk recovery softwares dont recognise it because it is a RAW drive? do i have to format it to recover the files? Please Help!?!

A:*Important* Accidently deleted volume in Disk Manager, how to recover?

Do not format the disk.
this would make your task more difficult or even impossible.

There are free partition recovery tools available on the net.

Question the deletion, was it your operating system or are you still able to boot into Windows. I have never been in this position but someone will post some software for you. Just don't muddle the disk any further.

If you are able to boot into Windows this link will give you an idea of what you are looking for. Hang on because I know some forum members have done this will be suggesting more software.

[email protected] Partition Recovery Freeware Toolkit.Recover Deleted Partition, Volume.Undelete NTFS,FAT,exFAT,HFS+,Ext2/Ext3.

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I have Windows Server 2012 R2 and it is my file server and it auto syncs user's file every minute. I have 3 disks. The primary partition (Disk 0) and two others (Disk 1 & Disk 2). My question does not include the primary

I shrunk Disk 2 so that I had unallocated space. I then extended Disk 1 using the unallocated space from Disk 2 creating spanned volume on Disk 1 (extended volume on Disk 2). It did not do what I wanted so I want to 'undo' it. Can
I just delete the spanned volume on Disk 2 (space that added to Disk 1)? Or more accurately if I'm going to delete the spanned volume on Disk 2, will it affect my users' files?

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When I tried to remove a couple dated data partition Cobian backups from my XHDD, the error message, 'File Title too large to fit into the Recycle Bin' appeared. The deletion of the several Gigs of data that was no longer needed was stopped. How do I manage to remove this material from the XHDD so that the space becomes available?


A:Solved: File title too long to fit into Recyle Bin

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Can a deleted file be recovered from an image/clone hard disk?

A:recover deleted file from image disk?

Welcome to the Board see7102!

Not sure I quite follow your question. You deleted a file from your hard drive, but had previously cloned the drive to another drive? If so, and the file existed when the clone was done then the file is still on the other drive (unless it was deleted there as well).

Or, did you make an image of the drive and saved the image file someplace? If you made an image, then you may be able to access the file from the image with out having to restore the image. For example Norton Ghost has Ghost Explorer, which will let you pull one file out of an image file. Other imaging programs likely have something similar, but I'm only familiar with Ghost 2003

What software was used to make the image?


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Hello I have a problem - my antivirus program after checking the local disk on the infected files deleted file Inbox.dbx. After restoring the file, Outlook 2010 can not be extracted from their Inbox.dbx writing it around 1000. Used OE Mail Recovery program but it did not help me, she took the only one one letter and I need everything. Prompt how to restore a file dbx?

A:Antivirus program after checking the local disk on the infected files deleted file In

Restoring outlook express mails is the task for Outlook Express Restore Toolbox. The program has easy to use wizard. The utility works under any system configurations. The program work with .dbx files from any version of Outlook Express.

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I just have to empty a SD card; compressing its contents to a 7zip-file takes too much time, and if I have to access the files quickly, I prefer to use a mountable filetype. Thus the requirement to quickly create a VHDX-file, then mount it using the context
Tested using Windows 8.1 without Hyper-V-Role installed.
First, you need to create an empty vhdx-File as a template.
You already have to specify the maximum size this vhdx is allowed to expand to, in my case 255 GiB (255 GiB × 1024 MiB/GiB = 261120 MiB). This can be placed in either your user profile or shared for all users:

Current User: C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Templates\All Users: C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Templates\
To create the template:
1. Start an elevated command prompt
2. Run diskpart.exe
3. Enter the following commands:
create vdisk file=C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Templates\Virtual-Hard-Disk.vhdx type=expandable maximum=261120
attach vdisk
create partition primary
format fs=ntfs label="Blank Virtual Disk" quick
assign letter=z
detach vdisk
4. Once the template is in place, just run this command:
reg.exe add HKCR\.vhdx\Windows.VhdFile\ShellNew /f /v FileName /t REG_SZ /d Virtual-Hard-Disk.vhdx
Now you just have to right-click in any file explorer window, also on remote network shares, select New > Hard Disk Image File and rename the file as you wish!


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I was having trouble with my computer on Friday, it would freeze a few minutes after start up. All programs would be "not responding". I would restart it and the same thing would happen.

I ran Rkill in case there was anything malicious running and nothing was found. I ran Malwarebytes as well and nothing was found. I used combo fix to restore my system to a previous date and the problem persisted.

The system would freeze even at the log in screen if I waited more the a few minutes to log on. Time is some sort of factor.

Start up repair "disk metadata test said the root cause was 'Volume on disk corrupt' Repair action chkdsk Error code OxO.

A few other tests that are available (or automatically performed themselves before start up) mentioned NTFS but I did not get a chance to write it down.

NOW when I turd on the computer that scrolling windows progress bar goes by a few times before I get a completely black screen on which I can still move my cursor.

Please Help.

A:System volume on disk is corrupt? (disk metadata test)

Either windows Vista needs re-installing, a Factory Recovery is required, or the hard drive is starting to fail and therefore needs replacing with a new one.

You can test the hard drive with the drive manufacturer's diagnostic software. You will need to download the DOS version which runs from a bootable CD. The download contains an ISO file for creating the CD. The links are here: Hard Drive Diagnostics Tools and Utilities (Storage) - TACKtech Corp.

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Hi guys, first time poster here so hopefully this will be at least somewhat bearable.

OK, so here is what I wanted to do, I was looking around the net and stumbled on to some videos about software RAID with USB drives. I know it isn't a very elegant or practical solution but I thought it would just be cool to see it working. So I found this article How to Create a Software RAID Array in Windows 7 and figured that since disk management in both 7/8 are essentially the same it wouldn't be a problem. I then went to delete the volumes on the flash drives and saw the option was grayed out. So in that state the drives cannot be used for what I wanted them to be used for. I did notice that on his tutorial his drives were described as "Basic" and my drives are described as "Removable" I think that somewhere along the line I saw something about removable drives being hard to work with in disk management so that may be it.
So if anyone knows how to do this all help is greatly appreciated!

A:USB Drive Volume Not cannot be Deleted.

Minitool partition wizard free edition should be able to set up your USB drives anyway you want them. Unless they are encrypted.

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I accidentally deleted my portable hard drive volume when messing around with Disk Management on Windows 7. The hard drive is formatted using FAT32 and is about 120GB. Is there any way to recover it? I have all media and some important documents in there. Any help would be really appreciated.

Thank you.

A:Help recover deleted volume


You can use the undelete option in a 3rd party partition manager. As long as you haven't attempted to change that partition in any way other than delete it, should work fine.

If you have a partition Manager - see if it has that option. Post back and let me know.


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I have a tower Raid system with 8 2t drives. One of the drives was bad so in Disk manager, I deleted the volume. Now, I'd like to re-add a new drive to replace that one, but Disk manger will not recognize that drive even though I can see it in device manager and I've changed the drive positions in the Raid box. Is there a way to force Disk manger to see a drive again? (same one or different drive?)

A:re-activating a deleted Volume

is is rais 5 or raid 1 or 0? hardware raid or software raid?
Or was the failed disk just a "simple volume"

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I have received my laptop with a 250GB HDD partitioned into two primary partitions (well there is actually four with only 512MB called NVCACHE and another of 1GB as EISA Configuration). One of the partitions is a system, boot, page file ... partition containing the OS (Win Vista Home Premium and contains about 35GB space) and programs. The other is a partition for all the data (~198GB). I am now starting to run low on disk space on the OS partition (<3GB) and wanted to add some more space. I tried to use Disk Management but this did not work because there is no adjacent unallocated space on the same disk next to the OS partition. There is only space at the end of the data disk partition, which I cannot move to the OS partition (at least I do not know how).

Is there a way to increase the disk space for the OS partition? Both partitions have following set out:

Layout: Simple
Type: Basic
File System: NTFS (except for the small NVCAHE which is FAT32 and the EISA does not have any File system)
Status: Healthy



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The volume utitliy is gone from the computer, how do I get it back? could it be found on any of my computer cds or on the internet? I use xp.

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Is there a method to rewrite a deleted Windows 7 system volume (the small 200 MB or 100 MB partition)? I'd like to avoid doing a complete reinstall, but I have a feeling that I'm screwed.

A:Can you rewrite a deleted system volume?


You may try some data recovery software: Easeus Partition Master Pro - x86 & x64 Free


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A friend of mine, not me, accidently deleted a spanned volume, One of the disks is an IBM Deskstar 80GB and the other is a Maxtor 200GB with 8M Buffer. The Spanned volume was a total of 190 GB (using unallocated space from both). The volume was deleted using the MMC utility from windows. I was wondering if there is any software out there that would me, not me, my friend, recover the data that was in it.

A:Recover Deleted Spanned Volume

I would think that this is the app your looking for, but its not free. Most app's that are worth there salt aren&#8217;t.

File Scavenger

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Hello all

the volume icon was accidentally deleted and when i go in control panel and select sounds and audio device and try to check the box that states place volume icon on task bar it is grayed out.

This is a windows xp machine

A:Volume icon deleted from taskbar

Open Device Manager and see if there are yellow signs, conflicts, unknown devices, etc. Check 'Sound, video and game controllers'. You may need to reinstall Sound drivers.

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Hello All,
I've never seen this happen before.
I have a main directory with 80 files in it. I created 8 sub-directories under the main directory and put 10 files in each one. I then went back to the main directory and deleted the 80 files that are there. The files I deleted from the main directory were also deleted from the sub-directories! I had to restore everything from the recycle bin! Why did this happen?

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I was trying to dual boot win 8 and win7(was already installed) on my laptop.During installation win8 was giving an error,that win could not update the computer's boot configuration.(See attached pic )
I googled this error and came across this post.

Boot from 7 or 8 DVD and goto Repair console > Command Prompt (Hit enter after each line)

list disk
select volume x (x = being the volume number of your HDD)
create partition primary
format fs=ntfs quick
Reboot and try setup again (I use this for USB drives, but they are not partitioned, I imagine this will kill all partitions on the disk and create just one new one)

After doing all this I was able to install window 8 but my 2 hard disk partition are not showing.My total hard disk is of 300 GB,but now only a single partition of 149 GB is showing.The remaining hard is not visible anywhere,not in disk management, and not even in ease-us disk partition.

A:Volume Disk not showing in disk managment.

What does diskpart show you from an Elevated Command Prompt? For instance, mine shows:


Microsoft DiskPart version 6.2.9200

Copyright (C) 1999-2012 Microsoft Corporation.
On computer: DESKTOP

DISKPART> list volume

Volume ### Ltr Label Fs Type Size Status Info
---------- --- ----------- ----- ---------- ------- --------- --------
Volume 0 K DVD-ROM 0 B No Media
Volume 1 D D370_D NTFS Partition 78 GB Healthy System
Volume 2 E D370_E NTFS Partition 191 GB Healthy
Volume 3 F D370_F NTFS Partition 9 GB Healthy
Volume 4 C Win_8 NTFS Partition 119 GB Healthy Boot
Volume 5 G D370_G NTFS Partition 698 GB Healthy
Volume 6 H D370_H NTFS Partition 542 GB Healthy
Volume 7 I Win_7 NTFS Partition 78 GB Healthy
Volume 8 L Removable 0 B No Media


Leaving DiskPart...

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Hi all

i was wondering what i should do step by step to get my volume mixer back its effected my windows media ill need step by step if someone can please im a computer newbie please help!!

A:Vista Ulti 64 volume mixer has been deleted


Right click in the "Notification" area

Click "Properties"

Check the "Volume" box

Click "OK", that's it.

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Hi, I accidentally deleted the volume on my 3rd hard drive and now my Windows Vista PC won't even recognize the drive. How can I fix this?

The problem started when I put my old Barracuda 160 gig drive in a usb external case and couldn't get it to work until I put the jumpers on 7-8. The problem was, it was asking me to format the drive which was full of files which I wanted to retrieve. Through a series of now obvious mistakes, I first shrunk the volume backwards, I meant to shrink only 50 MB but deleted all but 50 MB and then stupidly deleted the entire volume.

What I need now is to at least be able to have my PC recognize the drive again and to be able to restore the full volume but would ideally like to still be able to retrieve the data, if that's even possible at this point. Also, why does, or did my computer only recognize this drive in the 7-8 jumper configuration? Any help would be greatly appreciated.



A:I accidentally deleted the volume on an external drive

Hello Tony, and welcome to Vista Forums.

You might see if the method in the tutorial below may be able to work for this as well to recover it.

Partition - Recover Deleted Partitions in Windows

Hope this helps,

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Hello there, I am in need of some help. I recently cleaned out some unneeded applications on my control panel, and restarted my computer, but now I've lost my volume control/ dimmer control. There use to be a little black box that would pop up whenever i increased or decreased my volume or dimmer, but now its gone. I would like to have that back. I don't remember the application i deleted. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

A:Need help, deleted application, and now no volume or dimmer control.

There's proprietary software that provides this functionality. You may need to scour Lenovo's website for downloads of this nature, or contact them directly to see if they can provide you with a download. Or if the laptop came with backups of this kind where you can install the various software from CDs, then start looking.

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I had all my files saved on the secondary Western Digital 160GB Sata HDD, it was listed first at the time... But I accidentally deleted the volume on it.. Is there a way to get those files back? I had photos, movies, music, some other important files. The whole reason for having them on that secondary drive was to save them (kicking myself), until I installed Windows 7 on the new 500GB Sata HDD... I got a copy of Paragon Partition Manager 11 Personal ... and going through the Undelete Partition wizard now... Any help? Suggestions? Thanks in advance!

PS. I just did the "delete" option in the Windows 7 installation section for "advanced options", the HDDs were there.. but I accidentally hit delete on the 160GB instead... That's all I did with the drive though.

A:Went through to Windows 7 installation, deleted wrong HDD volume..

To try and answer your question; yes and no. You can take the drive and try to have it professionally recovered. There are some companies out there that specifically recover data from these types of situations. This can be very expensive and no guarantee. I know this not what you wanted to here.

I have 3 hdd in my system and have made notations as to the location of each drive and how the OS see's each of them...ie 0 is hard drive 1, 1 is hard drive 2 and 2 is hard drive 3, which is the way I have mine installed in the hdd cage...I know that hdd 0 is the 1TB drive and hdd 1 and 2 are 320 GB for backups and data storage. Keeping in mind each drive letter that the OS assigns to each of them. So when a re-install of the OS comes along I know what hdd is what and where.

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Ok I am going to create a new thread on this, as I had been posting on one dated from 2012 that was an identical issue, but I think starting a new thread would be better.

I have a 1TB Western Digital HDD.

It is not my OS.

It is my data storage drive, with over 850GB of data and applications installed on it; while my OS resides by itself on my SSD.

I also have a small 1GB usb drive.

I was attempting to set up the USB drive as a bootable and was about to wipe it clean.

I was in Disk Management in Windows 7.

The WD showed up as 932GB.
The USB showed up as 934GB

I got the two mixed up, and I accidently deleted the Volume on the WD.

I did nothing else at that point, other then have a complete and total panic attack, nearly lost my dinner into a toilet... then started Googling for a solution or fix.

Google brought me here, to this thread - Undelete Hard disk Volume and recover data!

The poster appears to have done the exact same thing I did, and even posted that they found their own solution.

Quote: Originally Posted by panais

Well the solution was very easy,just few clicks.

Iv downloaded and installed the Free Partition Magic alternative (no need to pay\buy anything).

I run the minitool partition wizard,even after the hard disk volume is deleted you can see all the hard disks physically installed in the list.

So i right click on the hard disk,i click create,apply,restart,and tadaaaa the hard disk is back... Read more

A:Accidently deleted/recreated HDD Volume, did NOT format, need recovery

So I could really use some help with this...

I'm not too familiar with this Active Partition Recovery program...

Should I just bite the bullet, spend the money to buy their full version that will allow me access to their "delete invalid volume" and "recovery in place" options...

Or is there some other way I can recover this lost volume for free?

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How is everyone? Well I have two mportant issues that was caused by me lol. I have a sensitive laptop screen saw it had finger prints so i cleaned the screen with wipes that clean monitors then i realized in small print it says do not use on laptops so now i have gray and green lines across the screen lol. The issue is the screen anyone know how to ifx this problem or will have to buy a new laptop? Second issue I was deleting certain programs that i dont use come to find out i also deleted my volume control so now have no volume at all lol. Please help me lol.
Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
Scan saved at 11:28:55 PM, on 6/22/2007
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.6000.16473)

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Common Files\AOL\ACS\AOLAcsd.exe
C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.6.0_01\bin\jusched.exe
C:\Program Files\PC Tools AntiVirus\PCTAV.exe
C:\Program Files\hpq\HP Wireless Assistant\HP Wireless Assistant.exe
C:\Program Files\Hp\HP Software Update\HPWuSchd2.exe
C:\Program Files\Google\GoogleToolbarNotifier\1.2.1128.5462\GoogleToolbarNotifier.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\AOL\TopSpeed\2.0\aoltsmon.exe
C:\WINDOWS\eHome\ehRecvr.ex... Read more

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I am trying to mount an .iso file about 13 GB in size, however, the following error pops up every time. 

"Make sure that the file is in an ntfs volume and isnt in a compressed folder or volume."

The volume where the file is located is surely NTFS. There is no compression of any kind performed on the file, so I am kinda clueless about this error message. All this started recently after one of the automatic updates. I had no similar problems

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Honestly don't know y I deleted it but, I was cleaning files from my drives while in Linux and I deleted the system volume folder from one of my hdds and now all my data is inaccessible. Haven't touched the drive since, would like a surefire way to get it back. Here is my set up64gb ssd Windows 7
1tb hdd internal (deleted system volume folder)
1tb external hdd 50gb Linux partition 950gb ntfs partition
Thanks in advance

A:recover deleted system volume information on external drive

Have you had a look at the current version of the HIRENS boot CD. this has lots of free recovery tools on it. I have used it a few times for exactly the purpose you need it for...

Go here: Download Hiren

And scroll down about 3/4 of the way and you will a download link.


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I have recently restored my computer to factory default on 18 May  using the recovery partition because I suspect that I was infected previously.. I have transferred some of the old files back with a Hard Disk on 21 May.
Today, when I browse my files system with Google Chrome, I discovered that the following directory is modified on 21 May
Under this directory, there are two folders 
Upon checking, the web suggests that I got infected. What should I do?


I beg your pardon, but where did you check (what website - provide a link if possible)?  What was identified as infected? Have you tried emptying the recycle bin to see if that helps?  The recycle bin is supposed to be in that location, and subfolders should look like that....

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About 2 weeks ago I noticed a couple of new folders in my HD They are called $recycle.bin and System Volume Infomation. These folders did not exist before and they are located on the "C" drive and the "D" drive (two seperate HD). Both of these files are protected and cannot be removed. There are also a few files, that's on the HD and in folders, that were not on system before these are: boot.ini, desktop.ini, thumbs.db. thumbs db appears in every folder when opened. I can delete $recycled .bin folder but it comes right back. I know it's related to a file called desktop.exe because, it ask me to delete this file whenever I delete the $recycle.bin file.

The $recyle.bin and desktop.ini also copy themselves automatically to anything I attach to the PC, (External drive or USB Key).

I am running the windows xp professional OS

I ran the virus software (Norton antivirus 2009) but it doesn't pick up this virus at all. I've tried in Safe mode as well as in regular mode,

I am desperate, I don't know what to do anymore. Could someone please help me to solve this virus or do I have to format.


A:How can I remove $recyle.BIN

Hello and welcome to TSF.

We want all our members to perform the steps outlined in the link given below, before posting for assistance. There's a sticky at the top of this forum, and a

Having problems with spyware and pop-ups? First Steps

link at the top of each page.

Please follow our pre-posting process outlined here:


After running through all the steps, you shall have a proper set of logs. Please post them in a new topic, as this one shall be closed.

If you have trouble with one of the steps, simply move on to the next one, and make note of it in your reply.

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I have 2 questions

My computer(XP) won't let me restore to an earlier date, secondly, I accidentally deleted the recycle bin, how do it get it back?

A:XP Restore & recyle bin

1. Your Restore points have become corrupted and they are unusable. Right click [B]My Computer/Properties/System Restoretab. Put a check box in Turn Off System Restore. This will remove all previous restore points. And Restart your computer. Turn system restore back on. Go to Start/All Programs/Accessories/System Tools/System Restore. Create a new restore point for today, if your computer is running good. You will be able to restore to this date in the future.
2. Right click a blank space on the Desktop/Properties/Desktop/Customize Desktop/General. Restore Default. This will restore the Recycle Bin to the Desktop. You can also access the Recycle Bin in Windows Explorer.

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For the first time ever (believe it or not), I have deleted a file by mistake and tried to recover it from the Recycle Bin.

But when I try to access the Recycle Bin using Windows Explorer, I get the following message:

D:\$Recycle Bin\S-1 5-18 is not accessible. Access is denied.

FYI, when using Windows Explorer, my Recycle Bin shows up in Windows Explorer as "$RECYCLE.BIN" and shows as having 3 sub-folders. The root directory for D:\$Recycle Bin shows as being empty. The three sub-folders are shown to be:

1. AGK
2. Recycle Bin
3. S-1-5-18

The first sub-folder (AGK) is the result of my installing a software package named Auto-Gordian Knot.

The second sub-folder (Recycle Bin) shows as being empty.

The third sub-folder (S-1-5-18) is where I assume the file would be located. But when I ty to open it, I get that message.

I get the same result whether I try drive C: or D: (I have two hard drives installed).
But I recall having specified in the configuration of my Recycle Bin to use one Bin for all my hard drives.

Actually, before making this post, I tried to verify the configuration of the Recycle Bin and so I right-clicked on it and then selected "Properties". I can't seem to find that entry that enabled me to choose whether I wanted to use a separate Recycle Bin for each drive or one single Recyle Bin over all drives. So, maybe that was something I specified in Windows XP and it is no longer done like that in Windows 7?

But I saw something called &... Read more

A:I can't seem to recover any files from Recyle Bin. Can anyone help me?

Let me make sure I have the situation right. The file is currently in the recycle bin? Or has it been deleted from the recycle bin?

If it currently resides in the recycle bin, you should be able to click on the recycle bin and click on the file and choose restore.

If you have deleted it, you can try a program like Recuva to retrieve it.

A Guy

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my system is recently formatted.
so when ever i delete some thing i guess it should be going to recyle bin.
but to my surprise the short cut for that is missing on the desktop.
Can any body tell me how to find where my recyle bin would be.


A:Solved: How to find recyle bin


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Clicking on the recycle bin desktop icon no longer give me access to it. Right-click, left-click or double-click. It doesn't matter. All I get is the good ol' hour glass. Once that happens, I can access any other running program - once. After that it will hang too. Even if I click the X to close the app down, it doesn't go away. Because I hear the sound that is set to run when a program ends, I think it actually does close, but I still see it on the screen. The only way to back out of the mess without pushing the button, is to use my launcher to shut down the system.

After rebooting, everything is fine - until I try the recycle bin again. I have discovered that opening Windows Explorer and going to the Recycle Bin icon from there, will show a view of the Recycle Bin contents and I can also empty it from there. Once, after emptying it from there, I was able to click on the desktop icon and actually open it. But that is the only time it works, when it's empty.

It's always taken a long time to open. I usually have a lot of recycled files - but not opening at all and causing all this to do is very weird. As I said, I can work around it but it is annoying and if there is a simple fix, I'd love to know of it.


PS - Regular virus and malware scans. Several today. No issues.

A:Solved: Recyle Bin Wars

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I have an XPS M1530 and use Windows 7 and IE 8. I have two separate icons for recyle bin: for full and for empty (custom icons). When it is full and I empty it the icon does not change and vice versa. I have to manually refresh it for the correct icon to appear. I have reset them and restarted several times but it doesn't work on its own. Please advise.

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I often want to restore files from the Recycle Bin to a common folder and do other such file operations. However, the limitations on C:\RECYCLER access are annoying.

Is there a way to:

a) change the location of the Recycle Bin?
b) reroute all or most deleted files to a specific folder (say, D:\)?


A:Can I change the location of the Recyle Bin?

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My recycle bin has got some issues. first the icon is always full. when i try to empy it it says " cannot delete dc88: access diened etc. when i open it there are no files in it even after i delete something. the only way i can empty it out is to run disk clean for c drive.

whats the reason for this?

ive posted hijack this log.

Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
Scan saved at 12:43:36 AM, on 10/7/2005
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP2 (6.00.2900.2180)

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\GIANT Company Software\GIANT AntiSpyware\gcasServ.exe
C:\Program Files\ScanSoft\PaperPort\pptd40nt.exe
C:\Program Files\ThinkPad\PkgMgr\HOTKEY\TPONSCR.exe
C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.5.0_01\bin\jusched.exe
C:\Program Files\GIANT Company Software\GIANT AntiSpyware\gcasDtServ.exe
C:\Program Files\Nokia\Nokia PC Suite 6\LaunchApplication.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\PCSuite\DataLayer\DataLayer.exe
C:\WINDOWS\s... Read more

A:Solved: Recyle bin problems

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When I open my recylce bin it shows nothing, only a blank screen, as if there were no files in it. But when I click to empty the recylce bin I get the delete confirmation "are you sure you want to delete these 83 items?" If I click yes, the little empty sound plays, but if I empty the bin again I get the exact same delete message.

Why can't I see these files and why can't I delete them?

Running windows xp with sp2.


A:Solved: Blank Recyle Bin

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I recently discovered the problem that after items were deleted the do not display in the recycle bin. My setting are set up so that they do. And if I click the "empty the recycle bin" it displays the usual message of if I am sure I want to delete the x amount of items. I have looked and made sure all hidden files were displayed in properties but it did not work. Can you help me?

A:Recyle bin items not displayed

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So I opened an Office Writer attachment (.odt) from an email and made edits to that document. I hit save but not save as.Tried to open the file the next day but it got deleted. I did some research and realized that was stupid and looked everywhere for advice. So I've gone into temporary internet files folder and I cant find it there. I had deleteted my internet browser history yesterday. Following some random advice on the internet I tried to restore my browsing history by downloading som index.dat reader. Needless to say I am so completely lost. I just need to know if its even possible to recover it. Im willing to goto any computer shop and pay whatever it cost at this point. Oh and the exact message I'm getting is:

C:\Users\Paul\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Window\Temporary Internet Files\Low\Content\poli352a[1].odt does not exist

A:Need a file from temp internet file but I accidently deleted browsing history

First, download the free Process Explorer.

Run Process Explorer.

Open your e-mail program (mine is Outlook Express).

Open your e-mail message.

Open your attachment (Office Writer attachment (.odt)).

Inside Process Explorer, right-click the new process (from the application used to open that attachment).

Select Properties...

Select the Image tab.

Look inside the Command line bar.

You'll see the exact path to the temporary folder created for the attachment.

Make sure to check "Show hidden files and folders" and uncheck "Hide protected system files" in Folder Options.

Only copy the part from C:\Users to Content.IE5.

Note: a new folder number is created each time you open an attachment (e.g. IGSDF94V)


"C:\PROGRA~1\MICROS~2\Office10\WINWORD.EXE" "C:\Users\Owner\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\IGSDF94V\Example.docx"

Paste that path inside the My Computer address bar and click OK.

You'll have to look inside each folder manually for the name of your document. The folder number will be different from the one you're seeing inside the Command line bar in Process Explorer.

Do not run a Search. Look very carefully inside each folder. It should be there!

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At the first after I upgraded my notebook from windows 8 to windows 10,
I just realize that 1 of my 3 user account is not exist anymore (the Guest account is not there just after I upgrade it into windows 10). As I tried to make the new Guest account and still didnt work (I dont want to follow such a complex email registration required by windows 10 to make a new user account), I thought to delete my secondary user account. However, I just realize that there is a file that I saved in the Desktop under my secondary user account. Is there a way to restore this desktop file that is saved in my deleted user account?

I have opened C:\Users\ but I cant find the folder with the name of my deleted user account.
Can anyone help me?

It's very important yet big file (around 2 GB). Thankss

A:How to restore file in deleted user account (Desktop File)

Hi Blaume, welcome to the Ten Forums.

I am sorry but when you deleted the user account, it's gone, all its files are gone, forever. The only way to get the file back would be to restore a system image made before the account was deleted.

The built-in guest account no longer works in Windows 10. However, you can create a new Guest account by yourself:

(Video from thread Solved Windows 10 instructional videos by Ten Forums members - Windows 10 Forums.)


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Hi Tech Guys,

I needed support for corrupted and excel files, do you know any best word and excel corrupted recovery software? i recovered a deleted word and excel file, but when i opened it some are okay and some are corrupted.

Please i really need help.. thanks in advance

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I just bought and connected a WD 160gb Passport External USB Drive.
I check the Drive's directory. All's normal.

I then installed Portable Apps Suite onto the USB Drive.
Now when I check the directory of the USB Drive, I see the files/folders that are supposed to be there, which fine and dandy.

But I also see two extra things:
1. Recyle Bin
(contents exactly as the one on my desktop. If i empty it, the bin on the USB drive gets emptied. If I delete something on the desktop. The recycle bin on the USB drive shows that too!)
2. System Volume Information

AA: How did these two files get there?
BB: How do I get them off the USB Drive?

A:Recyle Bin|Shows up in External USB Drive

The recycle bin on the desktop is not really on the desktop. You see, when you delete a file it is moved to a (usually) hidden directory on that drive called recycle.bin. The recycle bin on the desktop shows the contents of all the "recycle bins" on all drives.

System Volume Information contains system restore points and probably some other information but I'm not sure what.

Just check "Hide protected system files..." in folder options and you won't see either of them.

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We are running Microsoft Server 2003, all the cleint PCs are running Windows XP

Is there a way to change everyones recycle bin settings reducing the "maxium size" in one go?

(the recycle bin for each user seems to be stored in their mydocuments folder, specificly My Documents\RECYCLER)

Thanks very much

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hi, i was'nt in town for the past few weeks and my cousin used my computer while i was gone.. i donno wat he did to the computer , now i get only the background , my icons and start menu is missing. I have certain files n my recyle bin which i have to replace back and i cannot access my recyle bin using task manager..i dont know wat to do ..can anyone please help me ?? its really urgent ..plzzz

A:how can i access my recyle bin using task manager?

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Tried the cmd command you suggested for corrupt info file, 4 files still there. I've tryed crap cleaner, reg cleaner, spybot, restoring the registry, Still same result, Please help. At least now I have it where if I delete a file it will delete the ones I put in now but still leaves them 4, before it kept adding before I used all them methods and I got rid of my Norton SystemWorks as well as tryed NukeZilla

A:Recyle Bin Nightmare(Won't Empty) I Have Fat32

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