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Destination file characters too long (File names) , while copying from one external to another

Q: Destination file characters too long (File names) , while copying from one external to another

I have a external my book fat32 formated and a new mybook ntfs formated external as well.  Now when I copy my files from the fat32 to the ntfs external all files copy fine but some give that destination location file characters are too long, meaning that the file names are too long.  Now I could change the file names but that would conflict with programs that need that file name.  I am using vista ultimate and would like to copy all the files over from the fat32 to ntfs so I can reformat the fat32 to ntfs.  The files got on the ntfs from a simple drag and drop from my IDE NTFS internal hard drive. I hope you guys to tell me what to do. Thank you :)

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Preferred Solution: Destination file characters too long (File names) , while copying from one external to another

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)



I have recently changed my laptop OS from Linux RHEL 6.4 to Windows 7. Before changing the OS, I have copied all my data (abt 40+ GB) into an external USB drive. When I tried to restore the backup files into the Win7 laptop, it gives an error viz : Filename
too long,  file path too long, exceeded 256 characters, etc.   I have many folders and files to move and will not be able to manually shorten every file name.  

Is there any way/tool from Microsoft, thru which I can seamlessly transfer from my USB HDD to Local drive  ????
~I am the administrator user on the laptop.


Note: After going thru a couple of blogs, I have used the Robocopy which is inbuilt in Win7 and was able to succeed to a greater extent...but not 100%.  There are few files which has been skipped by the command ( as per the copy summary, see attached)
and I am unable identify those exact files which are missed, so that I can manually located them on my USB HDD and copy to the local system.   Is there an way to locate those missing files ???


               Total          Copied       Skipped  Mismatch    FAILED    Extras
    Dirs :  &nbs... Read more

A:Error: Filename too long, file path too long, exceeded 256 characters, etc: when renaming or copying to/from local HDD to External USB HDD

If you capture the detailed robocopy log then you can see which files were skipped.

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I never had a problem like this before, but now this! Even though my file paths never exceed the 260-characters limit on anything, when I try to drag and drop a file to copy, I get an unhelpful error stating otherwise.

The file path in this example would spell out as:
C:\Users\HoneycombAG\Videos\HoneycombAgent_backups\Steam\Dota 2\Lich Pinball (1888297990).mp4
which is only 93 characters, and nowhere close to 260 characters.

So, how do I get rid of these errors?

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I'm using the Maxtor OneTouch4 250GB external drive and when I try to copy files from my hard to the external drive via Windows Explorer (drag & drop) the external drive truncates the names. Some of the files have long names e.g. more than 100 characters long including the file extension. I am copying MS Word, MS Excel, MS Access, PDF, files, etc. to the external drive. I have a Dell Precision 490 computer with Windows XP as the operating system. Has anyone else experienced this? What can I do to correct this problem? I've tried everything. It even does it when I copy the files from a CD or flash drive.

A:External hard drive truncates long file names

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Hi All,

I've got a problem creating long named folders or files on a Linux network share.

I can see and log in to the share without any problems, but if I try to create a folder that is longer than 8 characters, I get the following error message:
The drive that this file or folder is stored on does not allow long file names, or names containing blanks or any of the following characters: \ / : , ; * ? < > |

Also, I can not see files on the share that have long names...

I only have this problem when I use my Windows 7 machine. XP and Ubuntu work just fine.

I am using Windows 7 Professional.


A:The drive that this file or folder is stored on does not allow long file names...


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The file Name(s) would be too long for the destination folder.

Hey guys,I have get this message while coping the files from one External HDD to another. I found this solution, You cannot back up a file in Windows Server 2008 R2 or in Windows 7 if the path length is longer than 260 characters
but it is only for previous version of Windows OS. How to fix this on win 8 x64? The file sysytems on both HDDs are exFat.

A:The file name(s) would be too long for the destination fol

When I've seen this message it is because the path length is too long. Have you tried moving the target location to a folder that has a shorter path length
for example


is shorter than

E:\Storage\Backup of Gateway desktop computer\File\

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I have a 160 GB HD NTFS file system with 118 GB free space. My Documents and setting folder has 8.87 GB with 12,388 Files and 816 folders that are many layers deep.

The problem: Every so often my XP professional OS will not accept a new long file name (less than 50 characters and spaces) but will accept an 8 character (DOS) name.

What is wrong? Have I reached a limit because of the long file names? Or too many files in a single folder? Or?

I run into the same problem with by back-up Hard Drive which has a FAT32 file system.

The problem seems to go away, at least for a while, if I restart my Dell Dimension 9100 PC.

Thank you, Supportbob4
I have replicated my problem both for my NTFS drive and the FAT32 drive.

I also finally got an error message which tells me the problem:
The maximum character and space limit of 255 includes file name plus the names of all the stacked folders after My Dicuments! The whole file path!

It can be very confusing because I was able to make it more than 255 characters and spaces but all of sudden it reached a threshold where it will no longer work until I shortened the file name back to 255. Going between hard drives seemed to make it recover sometimes when I had a longer than 255 path but then all of a sudden it stopped working.

I need to keep my folder names shorter and be cautious on length of file names too when I have many stacked folders.

A:Long file names not accepted Short DOS names ok

From what I recall the WinXP limits it to 255 characters, filenames written command prompt are 253 characters, and those include the filename and extension.

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Sorry if this is a repeat post but I?ve found so much about this issue that I?m bewildered & haven?t found a Fix. I?m 65 & legally blind so searching the net isn?t as easy as it used to be.
I have one of a kind Family pics that if lost are gone forever so I back them up on 2 ext HD?s in case 1 HD goes bad.
I keep getting the error message; File Name(s) Would Be Too Long for the Destination Folder.
Does anyone have a fix for this or at this point I would be willing to buy an easy to use program.
Thanks in advance, Mike.

A:File Name(s) Would Be Too Long for the Destination Folder

From what folder do you want to copy from?
to what folder do you want to copy to?

How do you read by the way if you're blind? Are text on screen (websites, error messages) be spoken? Very interesting to know. And how do you type?

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Hi All,

I am experiencing problem,, when trying to copy folders and files to a further drive, as certain filed are not copied, but a message is received saying : "The file name(s) in the destination would be too long for the destination folders. You can shorten the file name, or try a location that has a shorter path".
Both suggestions given in the message do not practically work for me / wil be impractical, as this involves more than 100 files and folders. Previous suggestions i found on some blogs,where to download a windows update from Nov 2014, and to install a hotfix for this problem (for windows 7 though only !). Both did not work. Please give further advise as available, e.g. is there a similar hotfix for windows 8 or windows 8.1 ?

Thanks for your time and help,


A:The file name(s) would too long for the destination folder

Historically files were named in an 8.3 convention, 8 characters for the name, the period/dot and up to 3 characters for the extension. With the advent of Windows 95 we got LFN/Long File Names that could be up to 255 characters. With the 8.3 the root of a drive could hold up to 512 files, adding Directories [renamed to Folders since Win95] allowed many more files to be in the Folders. With the LFN system the total files allowed in the root of a drive was reduced to about half because both types of file names had to be saved. The limit on LFN length applies to both the root of a drive and a Folder on the drive. All this is pretty basic, can get more complicated.

Might look at this MSDN page:

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Backing up an entire SSD to large HDD using a copy command. I received the following message indicating that 50,000 files are too long.

Can anyone explain this situation and what I must do different?

A:File name too long for destination folder?

Filenames can be up to 255 characters and total pathlength should not exeed 260 characters.


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Wasn't sure where to post this and it is a 2 part different questions. I decided to come here because everyone here is far more helpful then over on the microsoft site. Your lucky to get an answer over there.

My first question is I am modding my sims 2 game. I use to be able to copy the file into my downloads folder no problem. I did an update a few days ago and now all of a sudden as I am copying them I get file destination name is to long for the folder. How in the world do I fix this? I have renamed them and it helps but it sucks doing it when I never had the problem before.

Next question I asked on the microsoft forums over a week ago and no answer. My media player has doubles of each album. It really sucks when I am listening to my media player and have to listen to the album twice. I tried taking them out resetting it and at first it only put the first one and then sure enough it redoubled them. I don't know if it is because I have itunes. How can I fix this please? Is it because of itunes? Is it something I just have to live with and choose to use itunes or media player and not have both?

Thank you for your time and sorry for the 2 part question and if I posted it in the wrong place.


A:File destination name 2 long & mulitple songs in media player

Have you modified any folder permissions on your system, especially "documents and settings" or "users"?

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is there a program that can , copy a file to many differnet file names. for uses of website design, template copied to the name of the files easily?

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I have a directory that has 150 files in it. I need to email the filenames (not the files just the names of the files.) It seems that I recall doing this years ago but have forgotten how and can't figure it out now.

A:copying file names but not the files

Open notepad. Paste:


cd %1
dir /a /b /-p /o:gen >C:\filelist.txt
start notepad C:\filelist.txt

Then go to File > Save As and then select "All Files". Then save as "yourfilename.bat" WITH the quotes and the .bat extention. Then copy this file to the directory where you want to record the files and double click to run. It will run and then a notepad window will open with a listing of all of the files in that folder.


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Is there a way that I would be able to copy multiple file names within a file folder? I have a folder that contains 400+ files and I need to copy all of the file names into excel. Copy and pasting each one seperatly will probably take me all day to complete and I really do not want to do it that way. So I am hoping someone can help me out here. Thank You!

A:Copying Multiple File Names???

Would CTRL + A copy all of them and then you can paste?

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Do you guys know if there is anyway to copy the names of all the files that are in a specific folder ? I have a very big list of documents (About 2000) and if something should happen I would lose them all and I couldn't possibly remember them all. I'd like to know if there's any way I can copy the file names (not the actual files) and paste those names in Word or something, just so I can remember at least the file names. I would keep that document on a separate CD if anything should happen to my computer, I could still try and find those files again on the web. Thank you very much!

A:Solved: Copying file names (backup)

Karen's Directory Printer (freeware) will create a list of filenames for you http://www.karenware.com/powertools/ptdirprn.asp

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Hi Guys,

I've managed to get two directories with the same files in them but different versions, it's a total of over 300 files.

Some of the latest versions are in one directory but some of the latest versions are in the other.

If I try to copy the files from one to the other, windows will either overwrite or skip the files, not much help.

What I need to do is to only overwrite the file if the existing file is older.

I bet it's really simple, but I can't think how to do it.

Looking forward to hearing from you (please be gentle).



A:Copying files to directory with same file names in it.

hi.please read this.

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Destination Path Too Long when Copying
I copied my data folders/files from my winXP C-drive to my external hard-drive & then to my new win7 C-drive. After about 20-25 minutes of copying (with 5 seconds remaining) ... I got the attached message ... (2 found) ... I clicked Skip ... same message again (1 found) ... I clicked Skip ... same message again (0 found) ... I clicked Skip.

"You can shorten the file name and try again, or try a location that has a shorter path." I compared the "JAR Control Panel Buttons" source & destination folders & found 3 files that were not copied. Not knowing how much too long the paths were, I guessed & they copied OK with shortened names.

A:Win7 - Destination Path Too Long when Copying

I had the same problem after loading CDs to WMP and then tried copying the file.
I found a Microsoft product RichCopy 4.0 which will copy these long filenames.


Why was I allowed to create these filenames in the first place but then not allowed to copy or recycle ?
Only Microsft know !

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I copied my data folders/files from my winXP C-drive to my external hard-drive & then to my new win7 C-drive. After about 20-25 minutes of copying (with 5 seconds remaining) ... I got the attached message ... (2 found) ... I clicked Skip ... same message again (1 found) ... I clicked Skip ... same message again (0 found) ... I clicked Skip.

"You can shorten the file name and try again, or try a location that has a shorter path." I compared the "JAR Control Panel Buttons" source & destination folders & found 3 files that were not copied. Not knowing how much too long the paths were, I guessed & they copied OK with shortened names.

I was just lucky. Out of 13,000 files there were a lot of possibilities. I could have had a real mess on my hands.

Is there any way to
find out before starting if there will be any errors?
effectively click "Skip for all", to prevent having to baby sit the copying process?
would clicking "Do this for all current items" accomplish this?

output complete paths of affected files to a log?
determine how many characters overflowed? How many is too many?
copy filename1 to filename2?
Would "Cancel" have stopped copying at that point?

A:Solved: Destination Path Too Long when Copying

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I am in a networked environment supporting several hundred users running Windows 7 Enterprise.  I have recently been presented with an issue that appears to be a classic Catch-22 situation.  There is a folder that is nested extremely deep in the
network file system.  This folder contains PDF files, many of which have extremely long names.  Apparently Adobe doesn't care that the name you give a file is too long for Windows to handle, and does it anyway.  So, these files now cannot be
opened, copied, moved, or renamed. Attempting to copy or move them to a location with a short path fails, with the error "the file name is too long..."  Trying to rename the files themselves (using a slow double click, or by pressing F2) fails,
with an error bell sound and no dialog box.  Attempting to open the file in Adobe Reader or Pro yields the error "File name too long".  At this point we may need to think about a 3rd party option if there is nobody here who can offer another
Again, I wish to reiterate that these files cannot be moved, copied or renamed as the names are so long that this is not being allowed by the file system.

Any help you can offer (that doesn't involve suggestions that simply repeat what I have already said can't be done), would be greatly appreciated.
Thank You.
Tim David

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I have searched this but havent found the exact same issue

I am on a work laptop with Windows 7.

We recently changed our servers to be online only.
This means all of our drives are now through dropbox or something similar.

One drive has remained in my drive list.
Originally I had access to this drive but could not edit the files and folders inside.
Look but dont touch.

When the drive changeover commenced all of the information on this drive was transferred to the online drives AND an external hard drive. WHat wasn't noticed straight away was that about 150 file names were too long for either transfer.

I still have access to these files on one of the server drives for whatever reason.
But when I try to open or copy the files it crashes windows explorer.
Example of file name R:\ARCHIVE; OED Drive\Online Education\Online education department student files\Diploma student files\Yvette Fraser\C - BSBWHS401A Implement and monitor WHS policies programs to meet legislative requirements
I have tried copy and paste, cmd line, and several smart programs and I cannot seem to get these files to copy over or even move.
Copy and paste comes up with the file name too long error.

I can however copy about 2gb of other files from this drive without a problem.
The file name is definitely the issue as all other files and folders can be copied to another drive.
On copying the whole drive it comes up with file name too long for those files.

Any help would be great... Read more

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Trying to transfer some files from my computer to my external drive and get the following error:

"The files name(s) would be too long for the destination folder. You can shorten the file name and try again, or try a location that has a shorter path."

The file names are 16-19 characters long. I try to edit the file name to something smaller and it keeps telling me it's too long, even when I cut it down to 11 (anything shorter than that and naming it at all is useless). It tells me this when trying to edit the name of the one on my computer - so I can't even shorten the names in order TO try to transfer over.

A:File names too long...

What file format does the external drive have? Fat16, Fat32 or NTFS?

Odds are its fat32 which along with Fat16 only support 8.3 file names.

Solution is to format the external as ntfs

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This post is a little long, but I feel I need to explain fully what is happening. This problem just beats the hell out of me, and although I believe I now have the problem solved, I would like some input if anyone has come up on a similar situation. This event occurred on two machines.

Machine #1-W2KPRO with all service packs and patches. Western Digital 120GB external hard drive in enclosure (USB). Seagate 160GB internal IDE hard drive.

Machine #2-Windows XP PRO with all service packs and patches. Seagate 320GB external hard drive in enclosure (USB). Seagate 160GB internal SATA hard drive jumpered to 1.5GB transfer speed.

I normally use the W2KPRO machine as my primary machine, and use the XP PRO machine as a workbench machine to recover data for customers. On the W2KPRO machine I keep a lot of files and folders in the "MY DOCUMENTS" folder (about 12GB). On this machine I normally back up the "MY DOCUMENTS" folder to the external about once a week.

Yesterday, when I tried to back up the "MY DOCUMENTS" folder to the external by deleting all the contents from the "MY DOCUMENTS" folder on the external, and copying and pasting the contents from the "MY DOCUMENTS" folder on the machine, I get the error Cannot copy file: File system error (1148), pic attached.

I did a Google search for that error, and most of the info I found pointed to a file name that was too long, although there was not a lot of information available about ... Read more

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I am looking for a script/group policy or reg hack etc that I can apply to a Win2K domain woth XP workstations which will limit the length of filenames & folders that our users can create. I'd ideally like a limit of ,say, 50 characters.

I haven't been able to find anything out there so far and am wondering if such a utility exists.


A:Long File Names

File and path character limitations are a property of the format of the disk involved; not the operating system .
For example NTFS has a 255 character file name limit and 255 character path length limit

FAT32 has standard 8.3 limitations for the name (255 UTF character file name in OS with Long File Name support where the 255 character name is truncated to an 8.3 for the file system)

Might be able to put in a GP for MAX_PATH let me look
No, I think that is something you do in an application not an os.

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I had some files on a hard disk that was the data drive in the server, they had very long file names, they copied fine to the USB drive with no errors, I have had to change the data drive because it has become full, I am now trying to
copy the files back to the new bigger drive that I have installed ( Formatted NTFS ) but it will not create the folder, nor can I rename the folder on the USB drive with a shorter name, it says I will loose the files.
I have tried creating the folder in explorer, it will not create it is too long.
It was created in explorer originally, why not now what has changed.

A:Long File Names

Before going further, would you please let me know what exactly error message is received? How long the file name is?

Please simplify your folders' titles and record the error message. In addition, the following 3rd party tool could be helpful.
Note: Microsoft provides third-party contact information to help you find technical support. This contact information may change without notice. Microsoft does not
guarantee the accuracy of this third-party contact information.

Please remember to click "Mark as Answer" on the post that helps you, and to click "Unmark as Answer" if a marked post does not actually answer your question. This can be beneficial to other community members reading the thread.

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Hi guys (and gals).

I'm having a problem not with installing soundpools on my system, but with actually getting all of the samples recognised within the library of Magix Music Maker. I know for a fact that it has something to do with it's inability to pick up on long file names that don't have an underscore for spaces on many of them.
I did at one point see a video that explained how to use a program called Advanced Renamer to actually put the underscore in those filenames, without having to trawl through all of them and manually putting_the_underscores_in_cause_it_would_drive_anybody_barmy (the number of times I just hit the bracket key in that alone was almost enough). So I've tried looking through the forums on the AR website, and I looked for any useful 'how to' vid on Youtube, but they're all about just clicking on 'adding styles' which isn't what I'm looking for. So I was wondering (as well as hoping and praying), if anyone with the voice of experience (if not expertise), could actually tell me how to do this with Advanced Renamer, cause I'm afraid logic isn't exactly my strong point.
I get filenames in my sound samples from the soundpool in subfolders which are in turn in folders given a name to indicated their 'style' (rock, chillout etc).
The filenames might look something like
Grand Piano A.ogg
Grand Piano C.ogg
Grand Piano F Sharp.ogg
But they need to look like
Grand_Piano_F_Sharp.ogg... Read more

A:Long file names not getting picked up

Try Creative Element Power Tools and the find/replace function in Power Rename.

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I have downloaded a PDF file with a to long file name. Now I can't open the file. I also can't shorten the name of the file or delete it to the trash bin, what do I have to do to change the name or to delete the file ??
My OS is Windows Vista Home Premium.


A:Solved: Long file names

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I generally have pretty long File names on files on my pc.
Not sure what the limit in digits is, but generally no problem.

But, if I try to download many of these with a particularly long file name to
a USB memory stick, it comes back with an error MSG. That the name is too long.

But, it wasn't too long on my pc. Why is this happening ?

Is this just a limitation of the USB stick, or...?


A:Long File Names Question ?

How is the USB formatted? Probably FAT32 which is what is causing the problem. Try formatting it NTFS and it should be okay.

From Computer, right click and select Properties to see what the current format is.
Right click and select Format to change it to NTFS. Quick format is sufficient.

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I have found for some unknown reason some of my files have been saved with ridiculously long file names eg c:\ documents & settings\ken\my documents\my music\eric clapton\eric clapton (+eric clapton a few more times. So now I cannot get into the file or back it up. Has anyone any ideas of how to access the file & resave it. I am using Windows 2K.

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This may not be the right place for this question but I couldn't find a better one. I have a lot of files with very long names such as e61888d55aa19d8a3cbe9dfd7898c1. Some are folders and sone are files. They may or may not have any data in them. Anyone know why these are generated and if they don't have any data can I safely delete them. Thanks for tha help.

A:What Are These Really Really Long Folder & File Names

Looks like HEX to me.
Where are they located? 

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are long file names supported by word97 and if so how do i enable this? currently the limit is 8 characters. thanks.

the pc is networked and i think o/s is either nt4 or 2000

A:enable long file names

Welsome to TSG!

What OS are you running?
Are you on a Network?
Anyway, Word 97 does support long filenames, but that is a limitation of your Operating System, which is why we need to know that to help.

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I had the same problem. I didn´t know what to do so I searched on the internet for some solutions.
And I read about [b]Long Path Tool[/b], which is a great tool in these type of cases.
It worked really well. Hope it works for you too  

A:Cyberlink DVD burning with long file names

To what posting are you replying? You started a "new" thread, instead of adding a "reply" to an existing thread.   

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I am using Easy Media Creator 7 Platinum. I keep getting error messages that the file names (from the hard disk) are too long or incompatible with the CD's file system. Some of what I am burning are program installations (from the original CDs).

What file system can I use on the DVD/CD burning software that is compatible with the file naming capabilities of Windows?

A:CD Burn--File Names too long or incompatible

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I'm trying to save a number of folders/files to my DVD that are rarely...if at all...used currently. When I try to burn them...I'm getting a failure saying a number of file names are too long ?

But...it doesn't say which files in which folders...Is there a way to search for any/all files that for whatever reason have file names that are too long for Windows and/or for the burning parameters of my DVD?

There's about 4 gig of files and scores of folders so it's not very easy to search folder by folder.


A:How to search Explorer for file names that are too long

Use Imgburn

It may take a bit of reading to figure out the options. But for data discs you can set file system and options to allow file paths longer than 255 characters.

There's also a link to the forum to ask questions directly from the author. If you search there you should find guides detailing how to burn various types of disc.

Also you can try this tool to find paths that are too long:


I just found it in search. Haven't tried it myself.

edit: I just gave this a cursory try. Seems to work well. You can search all drives or select the root of the search. Then it asks for a max.. default is 200. It pops up a text file with the paths of all files that are longer. Looks like a keeper.

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Trying to back up some folders using the "Data DVD" function in the Cyberlink DVD Suite.  I drag the folders to the DVD compilation area as usual, then hit "Burn."  While analyzing the files, Cyberlink sends a message that "The file name below contains an error.  (The file name may be too long....)" That in itself is not a problem, as the file name probably does violate the DVD standard.  However, when I hit "AutoCorrect All File Names", I then receive a message that "The path name <path name here> is too long.  Please shorten the path name and try again." The five-year old Nero suite on my old computer is perfectly capable of correcting these errors.  The Roxio software on my laptop deals with them also.  Is the Cyberlink software really so lame that it cannot do so, or am I missing something? Thanks for any help!  I'm not in the mood to go retype a bunch of valid-in-Windows file names just because the DVD software is too primitive to deal with them. 

A:Cyberlink DVD burning with long file names

Try the Cyberlink web site and search the FAQs for long file names. File standards will dictate what is acceptable for the length of files names. So switching to the right standard should allow you to copy files with names up to 224 characters.  I ran into the same errors with Roxio and had to change a setting.  Even then I had Cyberlink files that were too long.

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When I try to copy My Documents to a DVD+RW I keep getting messages "cannot copy because file name or extension is tooo long". It then stops copying the rest of the folder and I cant proceed.
I used to get this message with Win98 a lot. Uusually it would be a html file tghat I saved from the web and I would need to shorten the file name for it to be copied. Since I changed to WinXP over the last 2 years I have never had this problem.
Im therefore begining to wonder whether there is a recent registry error/entry to account for this?
I would have thought that XP would easily overcome this problem of copying long file names etc.

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I have noticed I have a number of long (looks like hex folders) file names contained in my C:\windows directory each containing a file WiseCustomCalla.dll. I was just curious as to what they were. I assume its some lazy install software leaving things behind. Can anyone confirm this and are they safe to delete?

A:Long file names in C:\windows containing WiseCustomCalla.dll??

Those look like leftover files which should have been deleted after something was installed. They can probably be deleted, but to be safe I would move them to a separate folder and leave them there for a few days just to make sure something doesn't need them. Try making a folder, give it a name you'll remember, then cut/paste them over. If nothing goes amiss after a few days, delete the folder.

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I frequently want to clean out folders that have file names over 64 characters. Currently I am up against one of about 80 characters. I most frequently find these thiongs on Content.ie5 folders. I can't delete it. I can't rename it and I can't move it. I can, however, copy it and make another file of the same name in another fiolder that I cannot delete.

I can't format the drive in Windows, either.

Any suggestions?

This one happens to be a USB drive--160-Gig IDE drive in a USB enclosure.

A:How to delete files with really long names--over 64 characters?

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I frequently want to clean out folders that have file names over 64 characters. Currently I am up against one of about 80 characters. I most frequently find these thiongs on Content.ie5 folders. I can't delete it. I can't rename it and I can't move it. I can, however, copy it and make another file of the same name in another fiolder that I cannot delete.

I can't format the drive in Windows, either.

Any suggestions?

This one happens to be a USB drive--160-Gig IDE drive in a USB enclosure.

A:How to delete files with really long names--over 64 characters?

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I work mainly on two computers: My laptop, which runs Windows XP Home Edition and my desktop, which runs Windows XP Pro. Both OS's are fully up to date with all windows updates and security packs installed (sp3).

I have a portable hard drive which I keep my music on. I renamed some files on there while working on the laptop, some of which have pretty long file names. I had no problem renaming them or editing them after I had given them the long file names on the laptop.

But, when I move my portable hard drive over to my desktop, XP seems to have a problem with files that exceed 63 characters in file name length. I cannot rename them, I cannot edit them, I cannot move/copy them to another folder... I cannot even right click on them and ask for 'Properties' on them. If I try to access the files through other programs than Windows Explorer (i.e. iTunes or Winamp), it's like the files aren't even there. The programs will not recognize them as files either.

Can anybody please give me some help with this? What could be the problem here...? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

A:Windows XP won't recognize files with long file names

sounds like the drives are formatted to fat instead of ntfs

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Users have a tendency to create longer and longer file / folder names. And eventually they end up with errors, like cannot save etc. I've been looking for a tool to track files / folders longer than x characters and send the creator a mail. Now there are
tools to scan files / folders for the length of the name, but a) they are interactive and b) can't send a message to the creator. So I wonder if anyone has created a script to do this?

Simon Weel

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an old user account now has the same group of folders and files repeated several times and the total size is about 30GB. When I try to delete these I get the message that a file name is too long and cannot be deleted. I have trawled the internet for solutions but, so far, none has worked. Has anyone any ideas?

A:Delete multiple files long file names

back-up your files and re-format... quickest solution with the least amount of headache...

As for the problem itself, not a clue. But I can bet formating will fix it ;)

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Start of rant
I recently installed vista, i originally intended to partition my HDD, but through the process somewhere that went tits up and decided to delete all of my files, so i had to do a clean install, so i decided i might aswell completely convert to Vista, after all it cant be THAT bad, can it?

so far im pleasently surprised with its general performance, although i havent tried running any games yet as they are all on my external HDD in backed up files :(
End of rant

I'm using windows vista ultimate, and the programme i used to do that backing up is Nero 7 ultimate, or more specifically within Nero its programme called 'Nero BackItUp'

When trying to restore the files using 'File View' and only selecting some of the folders then clicking 'Restore' and choosing a single folder to restore them all too, rather than selecting where to install them seperately, and then starting the restore process, Nero comes up with a warning saying;

Some of the folders/files cannot be restored because they will have long folder/file paths on the target location
Possible Cause:
- The folder selected as restore target has long path
- Backup was created on different operating system that had long filename support.

So im looking really to just, i dunno enable long name support or something, because ive tried making the restore folder literally only 1 folder deep within the C:\ drive. im not ready to loose all my files some things like games are not too bad, but 20GB o... Read more

A:Problem restoring backup files due to long file names


plz any help with this?

can vista support long file/path names and if it does how do i enable it, it seems stupid to me that vista wouldn't be able to do this... and this appears to be my only problem

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Hi everyone,

I'm on a Win2K network, and we have an old folder that contains archival files and folders from some old Mac computers that we used to use. I'm trying to archive that folder onto a CD, but most of the burner programs I've used (Nero, etc.) won't do this, because there are lots of file and folder names with strange special characters in them. I'm assuming this is because these came from Mac filesystems. Is there a way to get rid of all these characters in a batch or global way, a program I can use??

Thanks in advance for your help!

Billy Chen,
Asian & Pacific Islander Wellness Center

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The all of sudden change of color print of file folders, from black to blue is suspicious enough to think there's a possible virus or spyware, causing the transformation of normal black printed to blue print. 
Is there a way to correct the change of printed file color to blue? The changing started after updating a free word processor, at its website. After installing & using the program, my name files started turning blue.
Do Microsoft know the cause of this type of transformation?, It would help to cure it.

Sincerely: Lee V Payne-4/27/2018 - 1:52 PM EST.

Lee Payne

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Is it possible to sort a folder's contents with both File names and Sub-Folder names intermixed?
I have projects in sub-folders, and 'support' files like this:

projabc (sub-folder)
projabc.txt (file)
projabc.bat (file)

amongst other projects.
I would like all the 'projabc...' items to appear together.


A:File Explorer Sort File names With Sub-Folder names

I don't know of a way to get Windows Explorer to do it. But XPlorer2 is supposed to have that sorting mode.
Edit: scroll down to "Folders sorted" in the table.

Edit2: Here's a Tutorial how to disable auto-arrange in W8:
Windows Explorer Auto Arrange - Disable in Windows 8

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I would like to create a .bat to copy files from source folder to destination folder.
Some files in source folder already exist in destination folder (Same name)
What I would like is that files existing in destination folder to be rename to f.eks filename_BAK.extension.
Source folder include. FileOne.asp - FileTwo.exe - FileTree.txt
Destination folder include. FileOne.asp - (NO FileTwo) - FileTree.txt
Result. FileOne.asp (version from source)(Existing renamed to FileOne_BAK.asp) - FileTwo.exe - FileTree.txt (version from source)(Existing renamed to FileTree_BAK.txt)
Now in desination folder.: FileOne.asp - FileOne_BAK.asp - FileTwo.exe - FileTree.txt - FileTree_BAK.txt
Files in source folder are placed in different folders, but in same structure in destination.

Kind regards
Søren Kromann

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