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Windows 7 Professional Will Not Install on Acer 3800 Desktop

Q: Windows 7 Professional Will Not Install on Acer 3800 Desktop

The Computer:
Acer Aspire M3800 Desktop
Vista Home Media Center
4GB of RAM
640GB 7200RPM Hitachi Hard Drive 3.0 Gb/s

The background:
Hard Drive crashed. I spent $795 for a data recovery company to recover the defective hard drive. I gave them a Western Digital Caviar Black 32MB Cache 7200 RPM 1TB 3.0Gb/s SATAII hard drive to transfer all the recovered data to (included the original Vista system recovery files). The files were recovered 100%. I transferred the recovered files to a Seagate external usb 500GB hard drive. I used a ATA/IDE to USB adapter to and connected to my laptop to wipe the WD Caviar HD clean using Ubuntu and then partitioned (20GB / 980GB) and then formated (NTFS). Installed the WD Caviar HD into the Acer and attempted to do a clean install of Windows 7 Professional with no success.

The problem(s):
#1: The computer kept shutting down while Win7 is Expanding Windows files (0%). I discovered that the SATA Controllers were set to RAID. I changed them to IDE and noticed improvement. However, Win7 would keep shutting down during Expanding Windows Files (21%, 33%, 55%, 56%, 63%....10 freakin' times until finally, it installed).

#2: I noticed the BIOS needed an updating. I couldn't figure out how to use a USB thumb drive to flash the BIOS in DOS at startup. Tried several times and several ways to no avail. I gave up and proceeded with installation attempts #4, 5 and 6. Any assistance with this problem would be greatly appreciated. I tried using unetbootin but I couldn't get the acer BIOS files in DOS (something along the likes of "Filepath Incorrect". I tried a bazzillion different ways to access them but, like I said, finally suck f*&K it!

#3: After the 10th installation attempt, I was merely seconds away from completing install when the computer shut down on its own and I was mortified. I finally stuck a steak knife through the monitor.

I checked all the SATA cables, I unplugged/plugged the power supply cables. I checked system settings and it's operating at 85 degrees Fahrenheit and the CPU fan is spinning at 975 RPM. I also unseated/seated both RAM modules and sprayed the hell out of the fans. Before I punt this hunk of shit into the gutter, I'd like to, at the very least, learn what I'm doing wrong/right. I'm pretty savvy with this stuff...I just don't have all the certificates to flex my muscles. What do you folks think is the problem here?


Preferred Solution: Windows 7 Professional Will Not Install on Acer 3800 Desktop

I recommend downloading and running DRP. It's a recovery tool that has been proven to recover files that most other programs have no luck with. I've even recovered files from freshly formatted or partitioned drives.

You can download it direct from this link http://goo.gl/v51TwD. (This link will automatically start a download of DRP that you can save to your computer.)

A: Windows 7 Professional Will Not Install on Acer 3800 Desktop

Welcome to Windows Seven Forums.

I think your Windows 7 partition is too small at 20 GB.

With a 1 TB hard drive you can afford to allocate more space for Windows - I'd suggest 100 GB should be more than enough for Windows 7 and any applications you install.

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I got this new desktop PC with Linux Unbuntu installed on it
Now i want to remove uninstall Linux and install Windows Xp.
I does not allows me to do so.
When i try boot it from win XP CD the boot fail at the very first screen.
Please help.

A:Unable to Install Windows XP on new Acer Desktop

can you explain the error
does the xp cd load up?

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My previous laptop (Toshiba Satellite) had Windows 7 Pro and I was completely satisfied with it!  I detest windows 8 & 10 and find them both VERY user unfriendly.  When I went to look for games on line, none will download to my laptop.  How
can I find simple solitaire for my windows 7?

Thank you for your time, efforts and consideration!

Paul Kopper  [email protected]

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I'm resurrecting this thread from the dead, I hope there's still someone around who can help me.

I'm upgrading my girlfriend's Extensa 5620Z Acer to Windows 7 Professional 32 bit from Vista. I did the same with my own Vaio Z620D. The thing that has me worried is that when I upgraded the Vaio, there was a multitude of drivers I had to download and install in a specific order to make sure the computer worked as it should.

I've been sniffing around, looking for a similar list of drivers for the Extensa, but have come up blank. Will the Extensa work fine (WLAN, LAN, Chipset, VGA, etc.) if I just install Windows 7?

Thanks for the help,

A:Extensa 5620Z Acer to Windows 7 Professional 32

Hello Beartholomew, welcome to Seven Forums!

It's a safe bet that Windows 7 will install the needed drivers during/after the install completes and if need be you can install the Vista drivers in "Compatibility" mode and be sure to post back with any further questions you may have and to keep us informed.

How to Run a Program in Compatibility Mode in Windows 7

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I'm tying to install Windows XP on a Dell Inspiron 3800 laptop. When I boot from the XP disk, I get "press any key to boot from cd" , then "inspecting your computers hardware configuration". The screen then just goes blank and nothing happens.
Current OS is Windows 98
Any Help?

A:Trying to install XP on Dell Inspiron 3800

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I don't know how I managed exactly but the boot sector of windows is corrupt. It's starting into recovery mode always,resulting into 0XC00000E error at startup.starting into safe mode etc is not possible anymore  I do have a start DVD with win8.1,following optins didn't work out into the menu of the repair disk of WIN8.1:- reinstalling from an installation point is not working, i had a valid bakcup but he couldn't re^-install to that point- repair system didn't work out- repair startup didn work out- re-install system didn't work out, it started to install but finally I got to the same window pc recovery I tried to fix a corrupt EFI bootloader partition via prompt command on this website http://www.fixedbyvonnie.com/2013/12/how-to-repair-the-efi-bootloader-in-windows-8/ but not working. now I'm out of ideas, the only thing what I didn'"t try is oging back to factory default but I dodn't want to loose my personal files any ideas? thx!Steven 

A:i cannot re-install WIN8.1 onto my Acer desktop ty...

additionally I have done the action chddsk for different drivesc: and also for the recovery partition and ESP partition after linking them via diskpart with a drivee letter didn't helped either strange is that even re-installing again is resulting into the original failure windpw PC recovery with same message0XC000000E

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Hi can anyone help ive been trying for month to solve this issue. I purchased two acer desktop computers for my kids printer and monitor included, when i tried to install the epson printer that came with it an error message appeared could not install driver for which i had a cd, then i tried downloading the drivers still no go, this happened with my brand new hp c7280 all in one as well, I have uninstalled and installed so many times that I just want to take these two brand new acer aspire and throw them in the street. I have emailed there websites both hp and acer and epson and followed all of ther instructions but still i can't figue it out. when i update the drivers from the web msg, driver download complete, when i check the device manager and click on the printer properties to update drivers msg, drivers are already installed and that this devise is working properly, but its not. can anyone help? if so thank you in advance.

A:acer aspire desktop will not install any printer

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1st time to post---sorry, no idea what I'm doing even AFTER reading all the instructions. I had the phrase Windows XP Professional and the build # in the right hand bottom corner of my screen just pop up out of nowhere, well obviously somewhere. I wasn't in any place I wasn't supposed to nor did I do anything I wasn't supposed to. Unfortunately, I have no idea where I had been because I was doing a number of things trying to see if I had any problem in my system. Mainly diagnostic stuff. Neither do I know what order I did some things. I took a screenshot (and if it's not right I'm real new to doing that so...right now you get what you get). I would greatly appreciate any help you can offer to me. Please understand that I am technically challenged so as simple as you can make it would be super.


A:Windows Xp Professional Popped Up On Desktop?

Hello crzyallday0514,If you (or someone else) used the Tweak UI utility from Microsoft, there is a checkbox option in Tweak UI to do just that (i.e., display the Windows version on the desktop). I use that option on my system:http://img440.imageshack.us/img440/3320/scrn001ayz5.png"Microsoft PowerToys for Windows XP" (includes Tweak UI):http://www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/Downloa...ppowertoys.mspxIf that is what happened, it is nothing to worry about.

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I am facing a problem. That is in my office system desktop is not displaying. At the time of booting after windows xp logo it is displaying mouse point with black screen. I tried to boot in Last known good settings, Safe mode, VGA mode and all other. But same screen is appearing. I tried to boot from Cd and repair the installation. at the time of restart after file copying process same screen appears. Please hep me.

[email protected]

A:windows xp professional desktop not displaying

Go into the recovery console with your CD and type: chkdsk c: /r

If your data is backed up, you could also try a clean install instead of a repair.

I'd also run Memtest in order to check your RAM. When I loaded with a faulty stick once, that's exactly where it hung.

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Hi Everyone,

I am new on this forum. Would like to know if anyone has had a problem with changing the desktop on their windows 7 professional. I can change the background but once I restart the PC or log off and log on again, the desktop background changes back to blank. Any solutions pls.


A:Desktop Background on Windows 7 Professional 32 bit

Hello Obinna, and welcome to Seven Forums.

You might see that after you change the background if saving the new theme it created by doing so may help.

Hope this helps,

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Hi, Happy 4th! I am using, for a few days, a computer that has Windows XP Professional SP2, and IE6, SP2. The desktop is watery looking. Do you know how I can correct this? I went to search and did not see anything. |The background on the desktop does not have a watery theme. It shows the Windows XP desktop. This is a computer that I had given to my daughter, and I am now dog-sitting three dogs for the weekend - a Labrador Retriever, an American Bulldog, and a red-nosed pit bull. All three are very loving dogs.

Again, Happy Fourth of July, and Gold Bless America!
Anna Ruth

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I want to be able to connect from one pc to another , but I dont want a browser looking window like vnc, I would like to get a session going like Terminal services, I want to look like Im actually logging into that pc.,but both pc's are 2k Professional, what are your guys suggestions

A:Remote Desktop: Windows 2k Professional

Where are you going with this? If VNC works, what is the problem. Are using the browser interface thru VNC or the actual client. I think the only way you are going to get it too look like TS is to run TS. The only way you are going to get that is too run XP Pro, 2000 Server or 2003 Server.

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Hello. I am having a problem with one of my workstation computers. The OS installed is Windows XP Professional with Service Pack 2 installed. The employee that uses this particular computer may have inadvertently installed some type of spyware/virus. Let me describe what we're observing and what steps I have taken to correct the issue.Initially, the employee had a large red circle that popped up on her display. The circle was flashing and saying that there were viruses on her system. When she attempted to "x" out of the application, her mouse and keyboard both seemed unable to do so. She then noticed an icon on the taskbar which had not been there before. She clicked on it and it gave her the option to uninstall whatever "it" was. Immediately after doing this the screen blinked off then back on. When the display came up again the desktop background was blue/blank. After accessing the desktop display properties I noticed that the "background" field was greyed out and inaccessible as well as the option to browse. I then went to the customize desktop button within display properties to check the web setting. There was no website listed as the default for the desktop background, nor was the "lock desktop items" box checked.First I ran Ad-aware 2007 (twice) on the system. The software detected some mru files and tracking cookies, but nothing more severe. Then, I ran regedit and checked on the configuration of the policies for the desktop (HK... Read more

A:Windows Xp Professional Unchangeable Desktop Background

Hello direct1 and welcome to the BC HijackThis forum. I don't see anything in the log (including an installed Anti-Virus program).Let's try a different scanner and see what it shows. Download WinPFind35u.exe to your Desktop and double-click on it to extract the files. It will create a folder named WinPFind35u on your desktop.Note: You must be logged on to the system with an account that has Administrator privileges to run this program.Close ALL OTHER PROGRAMS.Open the WinPFind3u folder and double-click on WinPFind35U.exe to start the program.In the Drivers section click on Non-Microsoft.Under Additional Scans click the checkboxes in front of the following items to select them:Reg - BotCheck
Reg - Desktop Components
Reg - Software Policy Settings
File - Additional Folder Scans
Do not change any other settings.Now click the Run Scan button on the toolbar.Let it run unhindered until it finishes.When the scan is complete Notepad will open with the report file loaded in it.Click the Format menu and make sure that Wordwrap is not checked. If it is then click on it to uncheck it.Use the Add Reply button and Copy/Paste the information back here. I will review it when it comes in. If, after posting, the last line is not < End of Report > then the log is too big to fit into a single post and you will need to split it into multiple posts or attach it as a file.Cheers.OT

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Hi everyone,

I recently bought a new computer with a Win7 Professional OS. And I've been using Remote Desktop Connection to connect to our server. In that server also includes our corporate email (Outlook 2007). My question is this, Why is it I cannot see my files when I'am trying to attach it to my email? I already tweak it with Take Ownership. I can see my name under Users folder but after I open my names folder, I cannot see the other folders My Documents, Pictures etc...


Thanks in advance,

A:Remote Desktop services on Windows 7 Professional


I guess I am a little confused about your problem. Could you please give a few more details and explain the situation again?

You might find that a picture is worth a thousand words. In that case, consider taking a screenshot and uploading it to this site. See this link: http://www.sevenforums.com/tutorials...en-forums.html


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I have a Windows 7 Desktop mainly used as a server to store files and I have a Windows 7 Laptop used to mainly access and store files to the desktop. I do not use homegroups because I find that workgroups work better for what I am doing. I have researched hours and hours on forums and googling troubleshooting tips but I can not find one thing that will fix my problem. So here it is....
My laptop can see, view and access my desktop no problem. It shows up on the network and also sees the media devices on it. I can ping and view and alsp remote to desktop. So this is working as expected.
My desktop however cannot see my laptop on the network. I can ping and view laptop by ip address though. I can also see the laptop as a media device. I just cannot see the laptop as a computer on the network.
I have renamed workgroup, reconfigured windows firewall, disabled windows firewall, and pretty much done everything basic and also some minor registry changed but converted back becuase problem did not fix.
I appreciate any help thanks.

A:Windows 7 Professional Desktop (wired) can not view Windows 7 Laptop (wireless) on Wo

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RDP worked fine yesterday, but when I started up the computer today it just crashes!

I can open up the interface just fine, but as soon as I try to hit the 'connect' button it crashes, and it asks to send information ahead to Microsoft. I have tried running chkdsk /F C: and sfc /scannow from safe mode with command prompt.

Found: {l:32 b:2nHDndp2N6BkANV1TTlFe4k+StQG5HjlPZYg+N7/D64=} Expected: {l:32 b:UftuYWKTynYwkO7/djI0LZb1Siv+EorAvBgK+gvfnT8=}
2009-10-12 20:35:34, Info CSI 0000030e [SR] Could not reproject corrupted file [ml:520{260},l:46{23}]"\??\C:\Windows\System32"\[l:22{11}]"mstscax.dll"; source file in store is also corrupted

This is what the sfc scan prints out in log.

At some point I also managed to produce this error message:

mstsc.exe has encountered an error and needs to close:

"The instruction at 0xf0592700 referenced memory at 0xffffffff. The memory could not be read."

How can I reinstall the remote desktop client?

A:Remote Desktop Client crashing in Windows 7 Professional

Booting up in Safe Mode With Networking produce the very same error..

I can open the remote desktop application, but once I hit 'connect' the program freeze, and crash.

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I recently thought I might have had a virus so I did a restore point to a few days prior. However, when I restarted the computer it was stuck in a reboot cycle. I then did chkdsk followed by a repair installation with the installation disk. Now when it says I must enter the key code to activate windows before I can get into windows I select "Yes" but then I get the desktop background screen and an arrow and nothing else happens. Can't use an emergency repair disk because I didn't make one. Also have files I would like to copy to something before comlpletely reinstall windows.

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I am using a Toshiba Satellite Pro L450 with Intel Core Duo 2.0 Ghz, 2 GB ram, 32 bit O/S Windows 7 Home Professional, service pack 1.
My desktop background has turned black and won't show the wallpaper I selected from Personalized option.  I have also noticed that on the selection window the icons or thumbnails does not show any image for the themes.  whether they are the default
themes, Installed themes or Customized themes.
When clicking Desktop background the window where you select the images does not show any preview.  Instead, it shows grayed boxes with check marks on the upper left corner of the boxes.   I cleared all check marks and a blank window appears.  If
I move the cursor inside the window grayed boxes appear and a text box is shown with the image info. I right clicked and selected preview and this opened the Windows photo viewer and showed the image. but when selected it will either not change the image shown
on the personalized window or select a different image.
But even if an image is selected it still doesn't change my wallpaper.
I have gone through a lot of blogs and even at YouTube and tried so many solutions suggested but it still failed.  Some of the options I tried are as follows:
Update the wallpaper in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop by typing the full path of the image
Modify Ease of access/Make the computer easier to see/deselect last 2 options pertaining to background and animation.  I even s... Read more

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Hi All,
I have Windows 7 Professional OS installed on my machine which is genuine.
Few days ago I lost my desktop icons & right click is not working..
However I have created desktop link on task bar but doesn't show on desktop.
I have checked desktop settings, drivers, User acct (New), even though computer policy. But the problem is still the same..

A:Windows 7 Professional Desktop Icons & Rightclick not Working

Use System Restore & choose a date before the problem started.

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I have MMC installed on a desktop computer running Windows XP but when I click on an option in my start menu to MMC it says "Not Responding"  If I wait a version of Microsoft Management Console stored locally finally appears.  I would like to create a shortcut that provides quick access.  What should I do 

A:How to install MMC on Windows XP Professional

Sounds to me as if it would be good to use Microsoft References on it.

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I have 2 CD's,one is the XP-installation,the other one is called SP-2 Utility.
What is to be done with this SP-2 utility and what is the purpose of it ?
I assume I first install the WindowxXP and after that the SP-2 utility.
Thanks for any information.


A:How to install Windows XP Professional

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tried to install and than it restarted the comp and went to install page but than it says a file was corrupt and now my disk drive wont work?

A:I Tried To Install Windows Xp Professional

If a file is currupt, then its just the file, not your disk; are there no scratches on the disk?

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When I enter the product key supplied by HP the following message appears ErrorThe product key you entered appears to be for software pre-installed by the device manufacturer. Please contact the device manufacturer for software recovery options.So where to from here?

A:I need to re-install windows 7 professional

It appears that the OS that you are trying to install on the PC is a non standard Windows 7 OS.You may need to install the OS from a HP Recovery Disc.If you did not make a recovery disc at the time of the first few days of use, then you may need to call HP tech support and Buy a new one. 

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Hello everyone!

I'm trying to find a way to install Windows XP Professional on my home computer. When ever I put the Windows CD everything looks find. A blue screen appear with Windows an loading files. And then a couple of minute pass. Another blue screen appear and I suppose it is a blue screen of death.

Here is some information about my computer:
Motherboard: Asus P5KPL-VM (Vista Driver)
Processor: Intel (R) Pentium (R) Dual CPU [email protected]
System Memory: 2039 MB
Hard drive: 500GB SATA/32MB Cache

A:Help Can't install Windows XP Professional

JonahXu said:

Hello everyone!

I'm trying to find a way to install Windows XP Professional on my home computer. When ever I put the Windows CD everything looks find. A blue screen appear with Windows an loading files. And then a couple of minute pass. Another blue screen appear and I suppose it is a blue screen of death.

Here is some information about my computer:
Motherboard: Asus P5KPL-VM (Vista Driver)
Processor: Intel (R) Pentium (R) Dual CPU [email protected]
System Memory: 2039 MB
Hard drive: 500GB SATA/32MB CacheClick to expand...

Having a SATA hard drive is what the problem is. The XP CD doesn't have native support for a SATA hard drive. That's why you're not getting very far in the setup process.

Unless there's a setting in the BIOS setup screen that allows you to change the hard drive from SATA to IDE, you've got a bit of a roadblock ahead of you.

You'll need to locate the SATA drivers for the hard drive and then use a program, such as nLite, to slip-stream them into the XP CD.


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Old desktop with Windows XP dying. Have a choice of buying today a desktop with Windows 7 Home OS (8GB) or Windows 7 Professional OS (4GB) - same price. I have a small business - lot of old data, spreadsheets, accounting software. Won't be using it for gaming. Have heard Windows 7 Home makes it difficult accessing XP files and Windows 7 Professional would be more user friendly for this?
Have to make a decision today - your thoughts?

A:Buying new desktop - Windows 7 Home or Professional Operating System

Hello there & welcome to Seven Forums.
I'm assuming the 4GB & 8GB is referring to the quantity of RAM, right?
As it will be used for a small business & using old data & applications, Win 7 Professional would be the perfect choice.

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For some reason, suddenly the desktop has stopped appearing. This started a week ago after which I kept the computer turned off. The only thing I can do is start task manage (cntrl-alt-del). I navigated to the system32 restore folder and selected rstui.exe as a new task to start, but the computer didnt do anything except show the rstrui process in the tasks list. I was able topen regedit though, but I dont know what I can do to restore the computer to an earlier time or to factory settings.

Help please, what should I do to get the desktop back?

A:desktop does not show:dell optiplex gx280 with windows xp professional

This is a Virus. DO NOT DELETE TEMP FILES. I can give you some steps, but I don't know how savvy you are. Combo-fix is your first program to run, followed by TDSSkiller, then Malwarebytes.


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Can I install a used copy of windows 7 professional?
I have uninstalled windows 7 professional off of the previous computer I was using, if that may help.

A:Can I install a used copy of windows 7 professional?

Only if it is retail copy an OEM copy if used the activation code will be tied to the original motherboard.

The other rule is that the retail copy can only be used on one machine at a time and if I am not badly mistaken the number of times that retail copy can be used is limited.

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I have a new machine that I bought from HP last April. I want to upgrade to an SSD and have a question

regarding the installation media. I downloaded the Windows 7 file from Digital River before Microsoft pulled

it. The file has been unlocked with the 'ei.cfg' utility so that I can see all 4 Windows 7 program file versions.

Windows 7 Pro SP1 is #3 on the table. My question is, can I install using the disc I created and activate the

installation with the license key on the side of the machine's case?

I have had some File System and Registry issues, but am fairly certain we have them ironed out. There are

certain Windows Updates we have uninstalled as they have been proven to be detrimental to the system.

I have contemplated migrating from the HDD to the SSD, but if I can do a clean install from the disc I made,

we rather do that.

Any help would be greatly appreciated- Thank you!



A:Clean Windows 7 Professional SP1 x64 Install

Yes, you can

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Hi Guys,

I really need some help. I only installed Windows 7 Professional which was previously Vista Business and now my audio output device is gone. No sound drivers. I installed RealTek drivers but didn't work. I went ahead to install the original C-Media PCI Audio Device for vista. The sound started working but then all other programs (internet explorer, windows media player, adobe 9 professional, windows media center, etc) stopped. Once I uninstalled the PCI driver then they work again.
Please, any suggestions to help me get my sound back without affecting other programs? Thanks

A:No sound with Windows 7 Professional Install

Quote: Originally Posted by Whasky

Hi Guys,

I really need some help. I only installed Windows 7 Professional which was previously Vista Business and now my audio output device is gone. No sound drivers. I installed RealTek drivers but didn't work. I went ahead to install the original C-Media PCI Audio Device for vista. The sound started working but then all other programs (internet explorer, windows media player, adobe 9 professional, windows media center, etc) stopped. Once I uninstalled the PCI driver then they work again.
Please, any suggestions to help me get my sound back without affecting other programs? Thanks

Hi and welcome

We could be alot more useful if we knew what your sound card was.

clink top page is here C-Media Company Information

Hope this helps

Ken J+

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Hiwhile trying to install windows 7 professional on HP elite book 840 g3 I getting whe following message: "windows could not configure one or more system component .to install windows restart the computer..."the installation recognize the hdd and completed the first part. After the restart on the "finish up" part the above message is appear.i've tried few things:To Integrate to the installation(install.wim file by dism and nlite) the drivers: usb3, network,chipset.integrate Microsoft hot fix : kernel-mode driver framework.and few more things but nothing works...i'm pretty much stuck now...the same installation work perfectly on other platforms, it failed only on hp...also hp 800 if it will help I can attach the panther logs   please advise

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What is the minimum required RAM to install Windows Professional accordig to Microsoft? What is the recommended minimum RAM?

A:Solved: RAM to install on Windows XP Professional?

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Hi all!

Over the next 2-3 days I will be upgrading my PC that I built back in 2007. I will be upgrading my CPU, adding 4Gig more RAM and a second 500G HDD that I will be installing Win 7 Professional 64-bit on.

Well, I decided to brick-n-mortar my Win7 install purchase at the local Best Buy yesterday, but today I have been made aware that certain Windows 7 Install packages will not allow a Motherboard change later on(which is on my to-do list), and not knowing what "versions" this limitation deals with, I thought I would come here and ask. The version I bought from Best Buy is a boxed edition of Windows 7 Professional 64-bit with Service Pack 1.

How do I know if I got a version that will allow a Motherboard upgrade later on?

Second issue:

I am currently using WinXP Professional 32-bit on a single 500GB HDD. I will be installing Windows 7 64-bit -after- I perform all of the hardware upgrades mentioned above. I am not worried about the WinXP install as it pertains to being able to boot into it, and I have already backed up/saved all of my important music/video/picture files, but I have some questions about a couple of things:

1). Since I am installing Win7 64-bit on a second HDD - If I don't format the HDD with the XP install, will I still be able to access and use the 32-bit games and programs located on that drive from inside Windows 7 once it's installed? I am just really uncertain about backward compatibility issues with using 32-bit programs inside ... Read more

A:Windows 7 Professional 64-bit pre-install questions.

All OEM versions of Windows are tied to the computer on which they were first installed and cannot be transferred to another. A new motherboard (except for an exact replacement) is considered a new computer. If you call Microsoft they may activate the new installation but no guarantees. At the present time obtaining non-OEM versions is difficult Best to upgrade the motherboard first.

All applications, except for the so called portable applications, must be installed on the new OS. Some others may work. No way around that. This has always been the case and is not related to 32-64 bit issues, although that complicates things.

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I have a new Hp Elitebook 8540p which has had a clean SSD. I am going to install windows 7 Professional and had a few questions about partitions and drivers etc.

The first is whether I should partition the SSD for the Win 7 install and then use a second partition for data. Is there any benefit with this on an SSD?

I reckon that Win 7 will probably get itself sorted with all the drivers that it needs and HP Update will clear up the ones that it doesnt. If anyone knows different can you let me know also!

Thanks in advance.

A:Windows 7 Professional Clean Install on SDD

Do you have a Win7 installation DVD to use for this install, or are you running the HP Recovery Disks? The Win7 installer is driver-complete, with newer arriving quickly via optional Windows Updates. Using a Win7 Installer leaves out all of the HP bloatware and useless factory utilities which have better version built into Win7.

Here are tips to get a perfect reinstall of factory Win7: Reinstalling Windows 7 - Windows 7 Forums

For an SSD, if you have room to keep the User folders on the same drive then having a separate partition is up to you. One reason to do so is to keep the Win7 backup image small so that if it becomes irreparable, you can reimage the OS/Programs and the data will be waiting and current in its own partition. But the data must be backed up separately.

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I'm planning to buy windows 7 professional. Just want to know If I can install games like NBA 2k16?

A:Can I install games on windows 7 professional?

Of course.

NBA 2K16 on Steam

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I have a small home network of only two computers. I want to buy XP, but someone told me that it can only be installed on one machine. Does this mean I have to buy 2 copies. I hope not!!

A:Can I install Windows XP Professional on 2 computers?

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I hope someone can help, I have had on going problems installing windows 7 64 bit professional and yes I do have a 64 bit processor so it is compatible , its a full version straight from a retail store. When I try to do a custom install with a brand new hard drive I get error codes after 5% or 10% of downloading it comes up the error is "windows cannot install required files are missing please make sure all files required for installation are available error ox80070037 " This is driving me crazy I have tried sooo many things I have changed the hard drive, I have changed the disc its self, I have changed the ram, I have even installed a windows 7 ultimate version but its not a registered version but it installed fine, does anyone have any suggestions at all I am very very frustrated at this point.... Please help......I am not sure but I was told that it only has to be your processor that is compatible not the motherboard is that correct ??? I did run that compatibility test thing and my computer passed with flying colours.

A:windows 7 professional install problems


Welcome to 7 forums

Need not panic. We will assist you with the issue.

* I see that you have changed the installation disk. I need to know, if you have a purchased copy of the Windows ?

* Did you make a new copy from the same source?

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I have custom built my pc and at the last stage of installing the operating system. As I have a lack of a disc drive I am loading the operating system from a USB stick. At first Windows 7 install is successful but after several restarts/hour of use the operating system either blue screens / won't load / hangs / freezes on load up. After a fresh reinstall problems disappear then return. I have used several iso files on the USB with no success. I believe this may be hard drive related but I'm not sure and so would appreciate any advice / suggestions. Thank you

A:Windows 7 Professional 64 bit issue with USB install

Unplug all other HD's and peripherals,

Boot into BIOS setup, reset to defaults, save changes. (If an EFI BIOS you'll need to decide if you want UEFI BIOS vs. Legacy BIOS. If UEFI follow these special steps for Install, otherwise enable Legacy BIOS or Compatibility Support Module to proceed with normal install.) Set DVD drive first to boot, HD second, set SATA controller to AHCI, Save changes and Exit.

Then boot into Windows 7 installer DVD or flash stick burned or written using tool and latest ISO for your licensed OS version here.

At first installer screen Press Shift + F10, or enter System Recovery Options to open a Command Box, type:

SELECT DISK 0 (after confirming Windows 7 target HD #)
CREATE PARTITION PRIMARY SIZE=102400 (for 100gb partition, adjust as desired)

Next click Install Now, then Custom install to Clean Install Windows 7 to the partition you created. If it fails then report back at which step and the verbatim error message.

In addition read over these steps to understand the tools and methods which work best to get and maintain a perfect Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7. The steps are the same for retail.

After install you can adjust partition size or Create new partitions for data, etc. in Disk Mgmt. You are creating the partition here for the purpose of wiping the HD and marking Active which overcomes certain install failures.

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I have just received an alienware m17x, and for my school network we need windows 7 pro installed. I used my action pack dvd and tried upgrading. It failed. I then wiped my main drive my booting into the dvd, and fresh re installing windows. I've done this multiple times, and everytime it comes up saying it needs to restart, then upon restart says 'completing installation' - but then it comes up saying 'windows setup could not configure windows to run on this computer's hardware' then restarts and says 'windows could not complete the installation. To install windows on this computer, restart the installation' - then restarts, shows me a boot option of four windows 7's and a windows setup rewind or mething, then shows the windows could not complete message again. I need this computer! Any help or ideas much appreciated...

A:windows 7 professional install failure

What OS and version came with the Alienware PC on the day you got it?

What is an "action pack dvd"?

Do you have an ordinary Windows 7 Pro installation disc?

I assume you are trying upgrade installs rather than clean installs?

You say you "wiped my main drive". Do you have non-main drives? How did you do this "wiping"?

A screen shot of Windows Disk Management would help.

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I have a question that I cannot find to be clear.

I used to have a Gateway P6831fx, and I installed Windows 7 Professional on it, a couple months later the motherboard died, so I am buying a new computer.

The new computer is a Toshiba Satellite L675D-S7052, it currently has Windows 7 Home Premium

When I spoke to a computer tech, he said that I would be able to use my existing Windows 7 Professional key from the Gateway on the Toshiba, to upgrade it from Home Premium to Windows 7 Professional, since simply putting my Gateway harddrive in the Toshiba wouldn't work, and when I upgrade using my Gateway Windows 7 Professional key I should wipe the drive.

Is this true? Can I do this? All information would be greatly healpful. If you need more information it can be provided.


Update (If I was unclear):

I already have windows 7 professional on my gateway, I was wondering if I could use the product key from my gateway on my toshiba (to upgrade), since the motherboard died on my gateway.

The computer guy I spoke to said I can, but I read otherwise on other websites.

Toshiba = Home Premium (able to upgrade using key I was provided when I bought Windows 7 Professional?)

I don't have an installation disc, I bought Windows 7 Professional as a download (when I installed it on my Gateway), and was provided a key to activate Windows.


From what I'm reading below it sounds like I can use the Key to Upgrade my new computer, am I ... Read more

A:Install Used Windows 7 Professional Key on Another Computer

If it`s a retail edition ( store bought ) then yes you can. But why bother ? Do you absolutely need something that`s in the Pro version ?

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Hi everybody,
I've been struggling with this update problem since about April or May of this year. Various updates fail with the error code 8E5E03FA, 80070490 and C80003FA (including the SP1 beta and release candidate). I've tried all of the solutions and troubleshooting steps I've been able to find. I've tried the Update Component Reset fix-it (in both standard and aggressive modes), an in-place upgrade, a full re-install, disabling services and restarting in safe mode, starting without other services running, installing the latest version of the System Readiness tool, and other things I can't think of. Both running Windows Update and installing the updates manually give the same results. Even trying to Check For Updates often gives the error codes above.
I've also run the sfc scan and looked through the event log. I've attached both results. The event log has some errors that correspond with failed updates. The event errors read (something like) "Catalog Database (1184) Catalog Database: The database page read from
the file "C:\Windows\system32\CatRoot2\{F750E6C3-38EE-11D1-85E5-00C04FC295EE}\catdb"
at offset 200704 (0x0000000000031000) (database page 48 (0x30)) for
4096 (0x00001000) bytes failed verification due to a page checksum
mismatch. The expected checksum was [4d4f32b08f6f8c61] and the actual
checksum was [35613561ea19d57c]. The read operation will fail with
error -1018 (0xfffffc06). If this condition persists then please
restore the database from a... Read more

A:Can't install about 40 updates...windows 7 professional x64

remove the updates reboot and re-download them.

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I'm planning to buy windows 7 professional. Just want to know If I can install games like NBA 2k16?

A:Can I install games on windows 7 professional?

Of course.

NBA 2K16 on Steam

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Hello All,

I am asking on behalf of a friend who is a computer phobic and owns the same make and model Toshiba laptop as me. He would like to go back to Windows XP Professional instead of Windows Vista business.

His hard drive is Western Digital WD 1200BEVS Hard drive. He told me that when he went to install Windows XP it came with no HDD. I am not sure if I can mention the chipset here but here it is anyway. The chipset is a Intel (r) ICH8M ultra ata storage controllers-2850. Any advice in a simple format would be gratefull. He has downloaded the bios upate and nlite at work on a computer with some help with from a I.T technician on to a thumb (flash) drive)

I am thanking anyone who can help on behalf of my friend who is a computer phobic and does not have a interweb connection.

A:How to install Windows XP Professional on Toshiba notebook?

Usually if you write about such issues you should also inform us which notebook model do you have or which model hast your friend.

Please don?t understand me wrong but on this forum you can find hundreds of threads with the same theme and very good answers and solutions. Have you maybe searched this forum if you can find some similar thread?
Problem is missing SATA driver and this driver must be loaded before WXP installation starts.

But before we start discussion is friend?s notebook supported for WXP?
Have you checked Toshiba download page if WXP drivers are available?

Out of curiosity: has your friend created recovery disc?

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Hi,You can install any version you want on your notebook. However only the originally installed version will be automatically activated by Microsoft. If you want to activate a different version you will need to purchase a product key. Hope it helps,David

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I need a windows xp professional iso image to install it on vmvare in my laptop having windows vista.

A:windows xp professional iso image to install on vmware

You will probably have to buy a legal XP CD. They can be found on EBAY.

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Just today received my upgrade Version Windows 7 Professional from Microsoft.
Would like to do a clean install of Windows 7 Professional (64 bit) replacing the present Vista Home Premium (32bit).
System as presently configured: two Western Digital WD5001AALS 500GB drives with Intel Raid 0 Volume (931 GB).
Please advise as to the best way to proceed.

A:Clean Install Windows 7 Professional (Raid 0)

I have the same question. I cannot get Windows installer to "see" the raid array. did you ever get a reply to your question?

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Hello forum members,

Here is a new problem I am having regarding installing Movie Maker 2.1 in Windows XP Pro with service pack 3 installed;I know that Windows XP Professional with service pack 2 has Movie Maker 2.1 as the default multi media editor,but since I have service pack 3 installed I need to know how to install Movie Maker 2.1???

I do not know if I have service pack 2 installed since the "program upgrades" in add/remove program app does not indicate that service pack 2 is installed;is there a way to download service pack 2 for Windows Xp,and extract the Microsoft Movie Maker 2.1,or will I have to install service pack 2 as an upgrade manually???

Thanks in advance for replying to this Windows XP Newbies questions!!

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