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Covert claris works file into a Word file

Q: Covert claris works file into a Word file

Does anyone know of software that can convert a claris works file (.cwk) to a Word file (.doc). ?

Preferred Solution: Covert claris works file into a Word file

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Covert claris works file into a Word file

The spec for "Conversions Plus" sounds relevant:


assuming you have $70 to spare (NB: this is not an advert). And that there's no File > Save_As > *.doc/*.rtf option.

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is there any way to convert claris works (or apple works) text documents to a PC readablr version?

A:Converting Claris Works > Microsoft Word

ClarisWorks should have an RTF output option... that should work.

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I have a group of files I created in Microsoft Works 3.0 ( word processing and spreadsheets.) I have the original files on Floppy Disc, Scan Disc, and on my Hard Drive. I have tried coverters, and the best results I have received are partial, or full text with symbols. Nothing with the original documents creation form and font style. I have been told that the only true way to see these files in their original form is to run the files through Works 3.0 with Windows 3.0 with MS DOS. ( before Windows had its own operating system. )
Is anyone out here running Microsoft Works 3.0, with Windows 3.0, on top of a MS DOS operating system. These files should open in their original form, and then are able to be save in DOC. format. All helps are Welcome!

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition, Service Pack 3, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 3.40GHz, x86 Family 15 Model 3 Stepping 4
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 893 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 7100 / NVIDIA nForce 630i, 512 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 238472 MB, Free - 152649 MB; E: Total - 184684 MB, Free - 36741 MB;
Motherboard: Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd., GA-73PVM-S2H, x.x,
Antivirus: Norton Security Suite, Updated: Yes, On-Demand Scanner: Enabled



A:Convert Microsoft Works 3.0 word processing file to Doc. File

ࡱ����������������>�� ���������������������������������������������?... Read more

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I have works 4.5 and created a mail list and labels Cannot change or convert to word or excel or access. What is easiest to create a simple mail list and standard avery label ???????
thank you in advance for any help.

Nancy W

A:works mail list and labels how to covert to word

Have you tried to open it with Word. When you open it with Word at the bottom of the window you will see open with files of type. Make sure you have Works 4.5 chosen.

If this doesn't work open word, choose mail merge and merge it into the labels in Word this way.

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wasent sure were to put this so i put it here, right ok how do i convert a rar file to iso is there any programs that can do it, if fo please could someone tell me what programs there are and how to do it on the program

A:Solved: covert rar file to iso

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Need to convert a file created in works suite 2002 database to a word file that will open with microsoft office 2003.Its a customer list and hate to put the outdated works 2002 on new computer just for 1 file.

A:converting works file to word

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I am using Microsoft Works Word Processor. After doing some editing and writing I saved my work and when I went back to it and tried to open it says I need to use a file converter which I said okay to. And then it came up with the following message and after acknowledging the message Word opens up a blank template as if to start a new file.

Works cannot open "C:\Documents and Settings\HP_Administrator\Desktop\Paid To wps". The file may be in use by another application, the file format may not be supported by any of the installed converters, or the file may be corrupt.

How do I uncorrupt this file. I really need to open it. All my other files open up without difficulty. Any help would really be appreciated.

A:How do I fix a corrupted Works Word file

Try copying it to your desktop and opening the copy. If it is, in fact, being used, the copy will not be.

(Any file you do not have backed up is a file you should expect to lose.)

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I am using a computer with Windows XP Media Center and it came with Microsoft Works Word on it. After doing some editing and writing I saved my work and when I went back to it and tried to open it says I need to use a file converter which I said okay to. And then it came up with the following message and after acknowledging the message Word opens up a blank template as if to start a new file.

Works cannot open "C:\Documents and Settings\HP_Administrator\Desktop\Paid To wps". The file may be in use by another application, the file format may not be supported by any of the installed converters, or the file may be corrupt.

How do I uncorrupt this file. I opened it under a diffferent format and could see some of my file along with a lot of wing dings or whatevers. But I need to be able to open it in word as a wps file. All my other files open up without difficulty. Any help would really be appreciated.

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i have several hundred worksheets stored in claris works format. i am on windows xp. does anybody know of a program that can read claris works files? thanks,

Christian K.

A:reading claris works

See if this link will help ya,,,,,,click below.


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Hi, anybody know how to open a"Word" word processor file with Works? Is there a prgm I can download that will work with both?

[This message has been edited by ej (edited 11-17-2000).]

A:can't open word file w/works prgm

Topic says open Word with Works.
Your post says open Works with Word.

Might want to clarify that, but...

If you have a newer Works program file (like from Windows 98), you can't open it with Word 97. As far as I know, you cannot open a Word file from Works--at least not easily.

If it's just text, try opening any of them using (under Accessories) Notepad for small files, or Wordpad for larger files.

Brainbench MVP for Microsoft Word

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I typed out a recipe that I wanted to include in my Recipe folder. I typed it out and saved it in MS Works. It came up as a Word file, but when I tried to open it. It could not open it--a window with the message "Word cannot start the converter for msword632" I typed another short sentence in MS Works, saved it, and the same thing happened. The titles I gave them came up in MSWord, with the same window and message. What's going on here? Do I have some kind of virus or bug? Any help will be appreciated. lilart

A:Word steals Works file, and can't open it!

The file type is probably associated with Word. Right-click the file and use Open With to open it with the program that created it. Or, start Works first and use the File menu to locate and open the file.

Having both Works and Word is redundant. You might want to decide which you want to keep and remove the other if you have no need for both. But both can live together if you open files through the programs instead of clicking them.

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Can a Microsoft Works file be opened in WORD and if so, how?

A:Opening a Microsoft Works file in WORD

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We are using Skype and want to get a backup of all the chat files. The files are kept under a Skype folder under the roaming profile.

The backup needs to be invisible to the user is the problem. I was wondering if anyone has a way to backup files on a Windows 7 workstation without the user being notified? The backup would go to a network share.

A:Suggestions For Covert Skype Chat File Backup?

"You may not ask for assistance to circumvent restrictions or security on any computer system or network"

I think this is an infringement on an individual's rights to security though it may well be we are talking about a work related computer, but it is not the specified purpose of a public forum to aid in such matters, IMHO. I am closing the thread.

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Each day, the first time I opening 'any' existing Microsoft Works Word Processor file that I have, such as ones I have for phone numbers, addresses, etc., I have to wait about 45 seconds for the file to open. And while I'm waiting, I can't do anything else on the computer. Any of those files I open the rest of the day, open immediately. It's just the first time each day. Any solutions?

A:Delay in opening any Microsoft Works Word file 1st time each day..

Nobody????????????????? else has this problem. Really? All I have to do is google it and get a dozen items show up, all with no solutions from Microsoft whatsoever.

Windows 7, on a Dell XPS, plenty of ram, plenty of hard drive space.

Not a problem with any windows program, on any computer I've had, since 'forever', until now! since I've ran Win 7 onto my computer.

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I've got some strange behavior going on with .doc files at the moment. Whenever I try to open a .doc file from Windows Explorer or a desktop shortcut, Word opens with the error message "Word experienced an error trying to open the file. Try these suggestions. * Check the file permissions for the document or drive. *Make sure there is sufficient free memory and disk space. *Open the file with the Text Recovery converter."

After clicking OK, the .doc file then opens in Word, apparently with no problems at all (I can edit, save, etc.). So basically the error message seems to be wrong, since the file does open properly.

I can open .doc files from within Word (File -> Open) with no error message.

The issue is more of an annoyance than anything else (since the file eventually opens up just fine), but I imagine it'll just become more irritating as time goes on. Any suggestions on how to resolve it? I've been poking around in the Folder Options -> File Types in Explorer without a clear sense of purpose.

I'm running MS Word 2003 SP3 on Windows XP Service Pack 3. If you need any further info, please let me know.

Thanks for your help!

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God bless you, I am not a computer person please help me to fix the problem I have.
Every time I open a word, power point and note pad program another file is opens with that (with a infinity sign in the front with the same extension ) is that a thread or how can I stop this

thank you

Please someone help me

A:when open a word file or pwrpnt file another file is opens

Welcome to the Seven Forums.

I saw your post right after you made it but I did not post a reply because:
1) Real life got in the way
2) I'm not sure that I understand your issue.
I'm not picking at your English, but this is important:

Your post mentioned, "another file is opens with that".

I'm guessing that you meant:
...another file is opened with that
...another file opens with that

Either way, the word open is really important to the description of your problem.

Let's just talk about Word for now.

When you open a Word, one or more temporary files may be created. This is normal and desired; but those temp file(s) should not automatically open in Word.

Please try this:
Close all copies of Word.
Open Windows (file) Explorer.
Double click on an existing Word document.

How many windows do you have open for the Word program?
(Hopefully, just one.)

How many files do you have open in the Word program?
(Hopefully, just one.)

Are you seeing this file that bothers when you look at Word or when you look at Windows (file) Explorer?

Please show us what you see and where you see it.
Here is a link with instructions about posting screenshots to this forum:
Screenshots and Files - Upload and Post in Seven Forums

Your post mentioned, "(with a infinity sign in the front with the same extension )"
The temporary file(s) that Word might create should start with a Tilde character and then the dollar sign (~$), not the symbol for infinity. And Notepad s... Read more

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hello every one

my sister done 10 pages for her course work and she alway save it on her memory stick.
but some how, when she try to save it this time it doesn't work and the the microsoft word file turn to notepad file and when she open it, it came up with lot of question marks, i hope there is a way to convert it back into words

thx for reading and help is needed

this is the corse work>>> Rescued document.txt

A:Microsoft word file turn to notepad file with non word text

any responses here?

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I am working on a pc that has important wks files created in a very old Works program, I believe ver 4. There are about 70 files. I am trying to transfer these file to a new computer with MS Office installed. I have read on the internet that I can open the files one at the time with Excell and save as xls. Two problems with this approach (1) I would have to do this manually one at the time and (2) I tried this and the file will not open without and window asking me all sorts of technical questions I don't understand about the file. I believe the reason for this is because the Works files were created with version 4 (maybe older) and the Office version is much newer, I have both 2007 and 2010. I will include a snapshot of the window that occurs when I try to open with Excell just for your viewing however, I would prefer a software program that would simply convert the files. I found one who's reliability is in question and it must be purchased for 60 bucks. Needless to say I am not going to purchase any software that I will use only once to convert files that are important to someone else (not me). I would like to help the owner upgrade to Office 2007 or 2010. Excell will accomplish the tasks he was using Works for and do it better.
Please offer me suggestions and I thank you.

A:I need to covert a batch of wks(Works) files to xls(Excell)

This Microsoft Article should help:
Open Microsoft Works files in Excel - Excel - Office.com

and this:
Move from Microsoft Works to Microsoft Office 2010 - Excel - Office.com

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Hi Guys, can you please help. I have been loosing data in MS word files- I get an error saying- @disk you are using has a media problem that prevent Word from using it. Unrecoverable disk error on file WRL3369.tmp.

Can somebody please help me in finding my data again. It is present in the recovered items but unreadable!

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Hi Tech Guys,

I needed support for corrupted and excel files, do you know any best word and excel corrupted recovery software? i recovered a deleted word and excel file, but when i opened it some are okay and some are corrupted.

Please i really need help.. thanks in advance

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hi experts,

word 2010. the user claims to have worked on the file for a long duration and been saving regularly. came back to office and tried opening the file, wehrein user claims the file is corrupt and cant open it anymore. looking at file properties, it is only 4kb whereas the actualy file user worked on was more than 3 mb. any thing to try to fix it. have tried open and repair, tried changing the extension, searched PC for .asd and .wbk and tmp files which could have helped. tried few of the recovery tools ( recuva etc which are freeware , but dont findanything worthwhile with the tools.

have also tried looking manually in locations where there was possibility of seeing the auto recover files. user has already tried recover unsaved document option. thee is no shadow copy enabled on the machine, hence no chance of reverting to previous versions of documents.

any advice i shighly appreciated.

A:word file lost all data and file gone corrupt

howdy and welcome. The file could have become corrupted, especially if this cycle of saving over it has been going on for a bit. Do they have a backup of it? If not, may be time to recreate it. Try opening in wordpad or notepad, as well.

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Can Windows 98SE .clp files be converted to Word2000 .doc format?
Have a 6K .clp file which I can't open, Can .clp files be converted to Word2000 format? If not, what can I read it with?

A:Converting a .clp file to a Word 2000 .doc file?

Well, it appears that it could be one of the following file types:

You searched for file extension: .clp

Clipart GraphicProgram: QUATTRO PRO
Clipboard fileProgram: MS WINDOWS
Compiler Script (Clip List)Program: CLIPPER 5

So that depends.

You can always try, from Word, File-Open. Change the files of type to "recover text from any file" and try opening the file.

Don't forget to change the file types back to Word docs after you've used that file type or you'll forget and be in trouble next time you open a file.

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Our Parish Office sends me the following Sundays Pew Sheet for our web site every Friday afternoon, they arrive as a Word.doc. I then put them on our church web site and all goes well. I was sent one for last Sunday's service and it turned up as a .pub file, see the attached. I told the office about this and they have sent it again and it still turned up as a .pub file. They say they have used the same method they have always used and made no changes.

Has anyone any idea what might be going on and how to correct it pleases??

RonBin79, now nearly 82

A:Word.doc file ends up a .pub file?

Open Notepad

Select Format

Make sure that there is a check beside the option for Word Wrap.

Save the Publisher document to some place on your desktop.

Drag and drop that Publisher document into the Notepad window.

Don't worry about the gibberish that you see...
...just scroll down a bit - looking for something like this:

If you see that, the the document is most likely really in the Publisher format. I doubt that it got changed while in transit. Do those making this document use Microsoft Office or do they use something like OpenOffice or LibreOffice?

If you have Microsoft's Publisher application, you should be able to open the document and user File > Save as to convert it to a Word document format. However, you should be using the Portable Document Format (PDF) for info placed on the website.

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I have a few Word files to convert to PDF files. I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions on reliable, free software to complete this task?


A:Word file to PDF file conversion

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How can I turn a word file into a pdf file?

I could do this on my old computer, as there was a button on the Word program that said "Create pdf file." But this does not show up on my Word program on my new computer, even though I installed exactly the same Word program (Microsoft Word 2000).

I have looked all through the "Save as" options, with no luck. I have installed and re-installed Adobe Reader 9, still no luck. How can I get the "Create PDF" option back?


A:How can I turn a word file into a pdf file?

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I was wondering how to make a Word File into a Read-Me File.
For Word I have Microsoft Office Word 2003
For the Read-Me files I have Acrobat Reader 5.0 and Adobe Reader 8
So how would I convert my Word File into a Read-Me File varriant

A:Word File into Read-Me File

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I am having a goofy problem with .doc and .xls files. If I attempt to open them from either Windows Explorer or My computer, I get the "This file is already open" error but then you can then change the file and save it.
However, I can then execute the application and open the file from within the app, it works fine and doesn't give the error.
Any help would be appreciated. I have found traces of this error on the internet but have not found any satisfactory solutions to it. Thanks

A:"File Already Open" when Word or Excel file opened with WinExplorer or My Comp

Have you tried closing word then clicking start/run and typing

winword /regserver

Type this one for excel.

excel /regserver

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File ini tidak memiliki program yang terkait dengannya untuk melakukan tindakan
ini. Harap instal sebuah program atau, jika sudah terinstal, buat sebuah asosiasi di panel kontrol Default Program.

Ini yang muncul setiap saya buka menu star dan control panel di laptop saya, saya tidak mengerti keapa bisa, tadi kebetulan saya buka, jalankan masuk ke regedit, dan saya hapus beberapa aplikasi, dan saya tidak tau pas saya
keluar dari halaman tersebut, laptop saya Berubah tidak bisa masuk apa apa,

Ada yang mengalami hal yang sama ??
Tolong bantu cara agar bisa normal kembali, saya pakai windows 7
This file does not have a program associated with it to perform this action. Please install a program or, if it is installed, create an association in the Default Programs control panel.

This is what happens everytime I open the star menu and control panel on my laptop, I do not understand why can, I just happened to open, run into regedit, and I delete some applications, and I do not know when I get out of the page, my laptop Changed can not enter anything,
Anyone experiencing the same thing ??
Please help how to get back to normal, I use windows 7

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In windows 7 pc whenever trying to attach a file on outlook nothing is happening or no file/folder is opening and whenever select any file on application for mounting no file or no drives are opening....

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My word Docx file got damaged due to virus infected Docx file, I have crucial important data lost so how to repair corrupted Docx files. If you have any solution for recover and repair my corrupted Docx file, please assist me.

A:My word Docx file got damaged due to virus infected Docx file

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Hello all,

I have been presented with a project that involves Forms that I am not able
to resolve.

Basically I have been asked to create a document template where other team
members can fill out a form that asks a series of questions, then to have
only the completed form results export to a new file.

I am aware that Word can export the form results to a text file, but when I
do this all of the questions that were on the original form are exported to
the new file.

What we are looking to achieve in the end:
If the end user is faced with 20 questions, but only 12 of the questions
pertain to the end users project, only the 12 completed form fields will
export to a new file.

I know that this should be possible with using a macro button to export the data, but that is where I need the help.

I tried searching for this exact situation, but I did not find any matches, hence the new thread.

Thank you in advance,


A:Macro help needed to export Word form results to a new file... Word/Excel

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I recently installed Office 2007 on a new Vista 64 bit system. I was unable to install my previous version of WordPerfect Office 12. When using WP on my previous Windows XP system, I was able to go into the word processor, click open, go to the wp folder (where I kept all my documents) and do a search based on a particular word I was looking for. For example, I could type in the word "hebrew" in the files box and each document file that contained that word (not only in the file name but in the contents of the file) was listed. I could then preview the contents of each document file and open the one I wanted.

Does this feature work in Word 2007 under Vista 64? I have only been able to find a file name with the word I type, even though I know many other document files contain the word I type in the files box. This has been very frustrating because it means I have to preview every file to find the one I want rather than just the files with the typed word in its contents.

Thank you for your time in this matter.

A:View limited file content based on key word; wordperfect and now word 2007

Hello Mert55,
Have you checked the Word Online "help & how to"? [ Word - blue question mark top right hand corner - click ]

Links below should provide help & address your problem.
Let us know the result.


Microsoft Word 2007 Tutorial—Free & Online

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Have HP Pavilion dv6 Notebook PC
Intel(R)Core(TM)2 Duo CPU
P7450 @ 2.13 GHz
6.0 GB RAM
64-bit OS
No Pen or Touch Input is avail for this display
I have Windows 7 Ultimate, Service Pack 1; MS Office 2007

The message I get is:
"You are attempting to open a file that was created in an earlier version of MS Office. This file is blocked from opening in this version by your registry policy settings."

I have tried to run "Fix It," and it failed.
The old Word file from 1994 is before Windows 95; probably Win 3.1 or Win 3.11.

I am hoping someone out there can help me read my really old files! Thank you!

I also have some old database files I need to run (not Access); but are Borland's Visual dBase Pro 5.5 or slightly older (1992 .dbf files). I actually have the CD-ROM for the Borland program. Do I dare install it? (The CD cover says it "supports Windows 95 & Windows 3.1, and the Crystal Info Report Builder program that goes with it). Or, is there a way to convert these to Access, and the old Word files to 2007 (without having to buy the 2010 ver of Word)?

A:Attempting to read (1994!) Word file on 3.5" disk using MS Word 2007

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I am running Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit and Office 2010.

All of a sudden, when I tried to paste text I copied from an internet page, I got a message "Word could not create the work file. Check the temp environment variable" .

It worked fine this morning and is working fine now.

I had to paste it into Word Pad to use it.

I made no changes to Word. Any idea what is going on?
Thanks, cb

A:Word could not create the work file. Check the Temp... Word 2010

Did you check the temp environment variable as it suggested?

Open a command prompt.
Type echo %temp%
What is the result?

On my Win 8.1 computer, it's set to: C:\Users\accountname\AppData\Local\Temp

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In this thread: http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/topic458779.html/page__st__15__gopid__2770461#entry2770461
I asked for help with problems that were occurring after Avast found a malware infection on my computer.

Right now what is happening:

When I open a Word file, it freezes & then crashes (details below) often w/in 10-20 minutes of opening the file, but occasionally it has been longer (it went 3 hours once). Sometimes it happens when I am doing resource intensive things with an image dense document, other times it has happened when I have left the computer and the document is just sitting here open.

This often coincides with an extreme slowdown of everything running on the computer (though each has occurred separately).

I went through the suggestions for dealing with slow computers frex:

I have:

- cleaned computer
- went through Firefox troubleshooting checklist
- cleaned hard drive (used CCleaner)
- ran SFC
- ran Chkdsk
- checked for problem entries in Device Manager
- checked DMA status (already enabled)
- defraged system
- defraged page files
- checked for unnecessary running services
- verified Windows indexing system was disabled
- Disabled visual effects
- disabled Ctfmon.exe
- disabled mdm.exe
- ran TFC
- tried doing a clean boot
- a number of things I believe were directly related to the malware checking/repairing (OTL, ESET, aswMBR, DDS,
- uninstalled & reinstalled Word multiple times (including 2 fresh downloads - legal, I hasten to add&#... Read more

A:Word 2007 crashes shortly after opening a Word file (Post-malware infection)

Are you using Avast Antivirus?


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I am setting up a new computer with Windows 7 (from XP). I transferred some Word Perfect files to new computer prior to installing the Word Perfect 11 software. I changed one document to Word, and all of my WP documents changed. Now since I have WP installed, I would like to be able to open original WP documents in that program. I do not see a way to change the files back to WP. Although the files say "WPD File," they open in Word when I attempt to open them. I have tried to "Save As," but do not see the Word Perfect option. Any suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks!

J Mills

A:Word versus Word Perfect -- how to change back to WP file

I changed one document to Word, and all of my WP documents changed. Now since I have WP installed

=>Sure you changed only one document? How did you do that?

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This is one of the weirder things I've ever seen happening in MS-Word.
The file in question is a book manuscript that was created in Word 2007.  The individual who wrote the book happens to be blind, but is a friend of mine, and even she knew something was "off" without being able to see it.
She sent me a copy of the original .doc format file and also one in .docx format.   In both, the entire document has the text right justified, but, and here's the important part, Word is showing the document as left justified no matter where you place yourself in it.
If I do a select all, then hit the right justify button the entire document left justifies.
Since this manuscript will be submitted to a publisher it would be helpful if it were working as virtually every other MS-Word document works as far as justification goes.  Neither of us has ever encountered this before.
I figure that someone must have had this happen to them and probably knows what one must do to fix it.  Any and all assistance will be most appreciated.

A:Weird MS-Word Situation - File Created in Word 2007

I ran across a similar situation using Word '97 many moons ago. I had found and used a template which contained pre-formatted content that did not cooperate with the changes I wanted to make. This worked for me.
A word of caution as you probably already realize, you will lose all formatting of the original .doc / .docx so it may involve some work replicating the format of the original .doc / .docx.
Make sure your original .doc /.docx is saved

Open the original .doc / .docx
Open an instance of Windows Notepad
Copy/paste the text from the saved .doc / .docx into Windows Notepad.
Open a New blank Word Document
Copy/paste the text from Windows Notepad into the New Word Document
You should now have full control of your New Word Document
By saving the original, you can replicate the necessary changes (fonts, colors etc.) lost by copy / paste to Windows Notepad
Hope this helps
Old Rocker

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The all of sudden change of color print of file folders, from black to blue is suspicious enough to think there's a possible virus or spyware, causing the transformation of normal black printed to blue print. 
Is there a way to correct the change of printed file color to blue? The changing started after updating a free word processor, at its website. After installing & using the program, my name files started turning blue.
Do Microsoft know the cause of this type of transformation?, It would help to cure it.

Sincerely: Lee V Payne-4/27/2018 - 1:52 PM EST.

Lee Payne

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Because I do teaching for people who have both versions (2007 & 2010) of Word, I have to keep both on my computer. How do I get .doc and .docx to associate with Word 2010?

Because I work mostly in 2010, I want to default to opening with 2010 but I can't do it. When I do try to correct the association (through the Control Panel) it WON'T associate with 2010. I go to the winword.exe in the correct folder for 2010 and click on it but it just stays the same, still associated with winword.exe in the 2007 folder.

A:need word 2007 AND word 2010, how to set file associations

FileTypesManager is pretty good in cases like this one.

Download this free application, run it, look for docx. Hightlight it and press F2. In a new window delete anything in the User Choice field. Close that window and find Open coomand for docx in main Window. Make sure that command-line leads to Office14. Repeat for doc.

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Is there a way to compress a Word 2010 file for insertion in another Word 2010 file as an icon that would open when double-clicked the same as is done with a Word file that's an attachment to an email?

A:Solved: Word file embedded as icon in another Word doc?

In word 2007 the steps are: Insert ribbon/Object button/Create from File tab/Browse for file and check Display as icon. Might be similar for 2010.

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Windows 7 Professional Edition Service Pack 1 Build 7601
Microsoft Office 2010

My user has spent years building her Auto-Text feature within Word 2003 to the point it is now, but her company just bought her a new Windows 7 Pro machine with Office 2010 installed. She asked that I migrate her Auto-Text data to Word 2010. After researching on google.com I found that this data is stored in a Normal.dot file and this file needs to be migrated to (in Windows 7)
C:\Users\<User Name>\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Office.

Having done this, I now find the Normal.dot file I placed there in this location, as well as a new Normal.dot file that Word 2010 has created, but the two aren't merging. I see the new file has macros enabled... Does anyone have any ideas on how to merge these files into one file useable by Word 2010?


A:Help with migrating a Word 2003 file to Word 2010

Normal.dot is the global template for Microsoft Word and is stored in different locations on the system based on the version of Windows and Word.

You dont want to merge them you want to backup the existing normal.dot file to something like normal.old.
Then replace the file in the correct location, which I cant research for you right now.

The bad thing about doing things like this is that if normal.dot gets corrupted, all the work put in to this is lost!

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I am having a huge problem converting a "rescued" file. I typed a document up in Word and saved it. (I know it was saved because I attached it to an email.) However, when I went back to open it up again, it was gone. It took me forever to actually find it on my computer, but it was in notepad format and a bunch of symbols and titled a rescued document. Even when I paste it to word, it is still all symbols. Is there any way to get back my original? Even if I can just see the words and have to retype it?

A:converting word file BACK to word

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When I try to open an old WORD 2.2 file in MS WORD 2007, I am blocked from doing so -- I'm told I'll have to make some registry changes. The suggested changes, though, do not match what I see in my VISTA registry. Can someone help me with this problem?

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How do I stop Word 2007 from opening my 2003 and 97 version files? I'm sure there is a way, but typical of all programs put out today 2007 wants to take over the world. I want to stop it (at least on my computer). I have 2007 because of documents from school, but I certainly don't want to use it on a regular basis.

Many thanks in advance for answers.

A:Don't open word 97 file in word 2007

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Hello i have a dell with widow's XP 2000 and have a little problem!!

I have a game called NASCAR Racing 2003 season and the car files are named as follows:

Example: chevy.cup.car... the file ext is .car

I wanted to open a file with this name so i opened it with wordpad and after doing so
every file with the ext ".car" is now in wordpad form how do i undo this
"WITHOUT" system restore!!

Thank you!

A:Opened a file with word pad now all are word pad files!!

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Hello,  I have just discovered a new MALICIOUS FILE IN MY LIBRARY DOCUMENTS.  This file named (1) Kathie Cargill- Barber contains several  (about 30) malicious virus's.  I did NOT CREATE THIS FILE !!!!!!!  It is dated 4-154-17
all at 10:42 am.   How do I delete this file????? Please help.... I am going thru a bad divorce and my husband's boyfriend is a computer software Engineer.... I believe he put this file on my computer..... PLEASE HELP!!!! I am 59 yeras old and not
very good on the computer.....My name is Kathie

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