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dell 700m notebook touchpad not working?

Q: dell 700m notebook touchpad not working?

i have a dell 700m notebook and the touch pad just stopped working? after reformat it worked for 10minutes and stopped?
but the usb mouse works?
any chance it could be from a driver? (if so where can i download a new driver for the touchpad?)
any help grealy appreciated.

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Preferred Solution: dell 700m notebook touchpad not working?

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)


I am super going bananas from my Dell Inspiron 700m. I think it may be my fault as I will soon explain but let's first get to the problem. I am extremely tempted to throw it against the wall at times. The touchpad mouse and keyboard freezes simultaneously right in the middle of either playing a game or just using the computer for other non-game activities.

The mouse will freeze and I won't be able to type anything at all for a period of a few minutes. When the mouse works again, it may behave erratically for a few seconds and then start functioning again normally. The keyboard freezes and will behave normally once the mouse works again; but, if I touch either before the keyboard returns, then it may cause the keyboard to behave erratic and remain that way forcing me to restart the computer.

As I stated before, I believe it may be my fault. I have tons of music files on my computer and my hard drive is nearly tapped for space. I'm praying it's not a hardware problem b/c I don't have the money to get it repaired. I am a single mom with a very expensive son and can't afford any alternatives. I hope someone can help me find a solution to the problem within reason.

A:Touchpad & Keyboard Freezes on Dell Inspiron 700m

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Good evening.I have a problem with my HP 15 Notebook PC touchpad. It stopped working, I already tried to restart the device and going to device manage into the control panel. Under the voice mice the touchpad does not appear anymore (I m not sure it was there before, I ve never checked, but I guess it was). Any solution?Thanks already

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i have the same problem now. Did it get solved?

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My laptop's keyboard and Touchpad suddenly stopped working a few days ago but my USB mouse is still working. It is working every time  I boot the computer but after some time I just stops. I looked at the mouse settings and the Synaptics tab was missing so I reinstall the Synaptics Touchpad Driver from HP sopport page. The driver was installed but it disappears again and the touchpad and keyboard stops working. The problem is still there so I tried to uninstall it again checking the "delete the driver permanently" or something then rebooted my PC. After rebooting I intalled the driver after the intallation was done it prompted me to reboot so I restarted the PC again but after the restart the driver is not installed. Now the keyboard is working but still stops responding after some time and the touchpad have no driver and in device manager the "PS/2 touchpad" is gone, only the USB mouse is present. My laptop is HP Pavilion TS sleekbook 14 b133tx.OS: Windows 8.1 Single Language 64 bit

A:Notebook Keyboard and Touchpad not working

Hi @NoGameNoLife , Thank you for your inquiry, I am happy to help! I grasp that you are having a difficulty with the keyboard and Touchpad but your mouse is still working.  When you checked the mouse setting the Synaptics tab was missing.  You downloaded the Synaptic Touchpad driver and installed but it again disappeared and the keyboard and Touchpad stop working,  You deleted the driver this time and rebooted your notebook. You again installed the driver and it prompted  you to reboot which you did, but again the driver is not installed.  The keyboard now works but after some time it quits responding. Have you scanned for viruses and malware? Would you try this step:Go to the command prompt and right click to run as administratorType sfc /scannow and press enterWait for it to complete and then restart your computer. This will scan for corrupted files and try to repair them. Here are links to assist you with some troubleshooting steps.Notebook Keyboard Troubleshooting (Windows 8)Using and Troubleshooting the TouchPad or ClickPad (Windows 8) If this has not resolved the issue, I would try a Refresh Your PC to Resolve Problems (Windows 8).   If you connect an external keyboard do you have the same issue, does it quit responding after awhile?  If you are still having a difficulty, I would do a full recovery back to factory. Performing an HP System Recovery (Windows 8) During the recove... Read more

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Hi so i am posted in the windows 10 section specifically because i was told that the issue im encountering has to do with the OS.

Moving on, i have an ASUS X455L Notebook and i cannot disable my touchpad mouse. I need it disabled because im using my own mouse and typing/playing games has become a bit of an annoyance. What can i do?

A:ASUS Notebook FN + F9 (disable touchpad) not working

Just had to update my ASUS's mouse driver and restart the laptop.

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When I put my reinstalltion disk and run the first option it tells me that it can't do it because the xp version that I have is newer than the version on the disk. I am told to go to bios and change the boot order to boot from CD first.

Ok, I do that but then when I get to install xp professional my problems begin.
Once I got as far as agreeing the the User agreement but then it kicked out because of a "missing or corrupt HAL.DLL file."
Lately it does not get that far but goes into an loop when after installing drivers the Setup XP Professional screen shows and says press any key which I do it says "starting Windows" . I get back to the beginning of choosing either start windows xp or start windows xp setup.

I can go into windows xp without the hal.dll error but during a reinstall that error keeps popping up.

I googled that error and learned that it occurs when the boot order is changed. But, that is the way the reinstall disk suggests! Change the boot order.

Just curious, can I format the hard disk first then use the reinstall disk?
Can I use a 'regular windows xp disk?'

A:Reinstall xp on dell 700m

I forgot to mention that running setup without changing the boot order after telling me that it cannot re-install because my current xp version is newer I can still continue. It asks for my product code, etc but then I also get the hal.dll error.

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One day my TouchPad stopped responding completely. I uninstalled the Synaptics SMBus TouchPad driver under Device Manager. After I restarted my computer, my TouchPad was working again with the older Microsoft TouchPad drivers that  were still there. I lost all the gesture functionality , and the TouchPad was sensitive and lagged significantly. Eventually Windows automatically updated to the latest Synapatics and the TouchPad was working until I closed my laptop and tried opening it again. Has anyone had a similiar issue? My computer is still under warranty. Should the hardware be replaced?

A:TouchPad on my ENVY Notebook Has Stopped Working Completely

Hello @Majare?, Welcome to the HP Forums! I have read your post and understand that the touchpad is not operating correctly on your HP Envy 15t-q300 Notebook. I am happy to help you resolve this issue. First, please perform a hard reset. Once that is complete, please follow the steps in this document: HP Notebook PCs - Using the TouchPad or ClickPad (Windows 10) After you have completed the troubleshooting in that document, try testing for hardware failures. HP Notebook PCs - Testing for Hardware Failures (Windows 10, 8) If the document did not help you resolve the issue, try restoring the BIOS and then check for windows updates. For more specific information please provide your product model using this link "Find my Product". Thank you, I look forward to your response with the outcome. If this post has helped you, feel free to click the thumbs up!

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Hello, I have a brand new Dell Inspiron 5558 with Windows 8.1 64b installed. I can't use touchpad gestures, no scroll, no pinch to zoom, etc. I have installed the latest drivers from here but after install (which says it is succesfull) nothing is showing up in my taskbar or control panel or program files. 

A:Dell Touchpad gestures not working on Dell Inspiron 5558

I found the fix here. Install Synaptics 19.15.2 Windows 10 64 Bit  even tough you have Windows 8.1.
Install like this:
1) Extract the files to another folder
2) Open the folder with extracted files copy the path of the x64 drivers
3) Go to Control Panel>Device Manager>Mice and other pointing devices
4) Right click mice and other pointing devices, select Update Driver>From Hard-Disk
5) Add the x64 drivers path
6) Select Dell Touchpad
7)  Install drivers
8) Restart

Video can be found here: www.youtube.com/watch

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Hi all,
I have a Dell Inspiron 700m. I can't find a video (graphic) driver for it. I went to Dell support website but can't find the right driver. I understand Dell doesn't support this model for Vista or Win7. I even google for the driver. Quite a few people have the same problem. Do you happen to know a driver to take its place? I went to Device Manager and it shows that I'm missing the Video Controller. Thanks for all your help.

A:Dell Inspiron 700m driver

Please go to device manager>video controller/adapter>properties>details tab>drop down menu> hardware id.

Copy and paste the hardware id and we can do a search for one.

Also have you tried to install the XP driver in compatibility mode?http://www.sevenforums.com/tutorials/316-compatibility-mode.html


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Maybe someone can help me I just reformatted a Dell Inspiron 700m notebook. After reinstalling all the drivers from Dell's website. I still have three devices in Device Manager that I need drivers for, but I can't find them anywhere. Unfortunately I don't have a recovery disc either. Can anyone tell me where I can get the drivers or get the recovery disc.

Devices are:

-Mass Storage Controller
-Network Controller
-Universal Serial Bus (USB) Controller

Thanks guys in advance for the help.

A:Need device drivers for Dell 700m

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Hello Friends
I googled about it. I found that many have problem with respect to display.

Does anybody got it working on Dell Inspiron 700m laptop?

If yes, please explain the steps here guys. It really helps many people like me. And if any specific driver need to be installed, I request you to post the link to download it.

Thanks for your valuable inputs in adbvnce.

Looking forward solution to get windows 7 working on Dell Inspiron 700M

A:Windows 7 on Dell Inspiron 700M

after doing some googling, it appears that your laptop has an intel 855gm graphics chip.

neither dell nor intel seem to have vista nor 7 drivers, only for xp.

have you tried these xp drivers, or have you not installed 7 yet because of this issue?

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I performed a complete reinstall of Windows XP on my new laptop, and while doing so removed all partitions put on my disk by DELL - I was serious about getting rid of all the junk they put there. I was of the understanding that the extra partitions were for system restores after serious crashes. However, now the stand by function doesn't work - the system will appear to strand by, but will not resume. On DELLs, the power light flashes when standing by, this goes solid again, and the cd drive has some activity if there is a disk present, but the screen and disks stay lifeless.

Has anyone seen this or similar problems on DELL laptops or desktops, and know of any solutions?



A:Stand By problems Win XP Pro on DELL 700m

Are you speaking of the stand by option under turn off computer? If so, a good solution is to not use the feature all together. I had a problem previously with the stand by feature, which caused memory issues on coming out of stand by. So if you really don't need to use this feature, I recommend that you don't.

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For starters, I know this is a Windows 7 Forum. I just don't have anywhere else to go really.

Anyways, I have 2 Dell Windows XP Inspiron 700m laptops that I got from friends of my mom's. I want them initially as one to use for my mom, which I'm planning on getting upgraded in all ways that it can, and another one to build video game systems out of. Or both. Not so sure at the moment. What first I need help on, is what the specs are for it for possible upgrades. I'm any of you guys/girls could help me with this.

Second thing, is I want to know if there's any way of getting to Factory Image Restore these. They don't have a Recovery drive by the looks of things, which means i'd have to wipe everything the hardrive has manually, including programs. But the danger of that is that I don't want to uninstall any programs that are on the laptops by default in case of the laptops not working correctly. So if there's a way to clean these off I'd be glad to know.


A:Dell Windows XP Inspiron 700m help?

You can likely get a set of factory recovery disks (for a fee) from Dell. That should put them back to the that fresh out of the box state. Including all the bundled programs originally installed. A lot of forum members would likely recommend against doing that and recommend doing a clean install to avoid all the bloatware trial software. If you can find the matching OEM install disk you can do a clean install using the product code on the COA sticker. Assuming its still readable that is. As far as upgrades go about all you can upgrade is the CPU, RAM and hard drive. If you can find the service tag number you can enter that on the Dell web site and get detailed info on that particular model. You'll also get a list of applicable drivers and utilities for that specific model.

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I love the size, weight, size of keyboard, etc. of my 700m & would love to continue to use it. Have upgraded the RAM & HD but someone told me the motherboard could not handle win7, is that true? If so, suggestions for new motherboard that I can use? Anything else need to be replaced (graphics card?)? Links to suggested replacement would be greatly appreciated.

A:Want to run Win7 on Dell 700m, what HW changes are needed?

Find out if your hardware is compatible with Windows - Windows Help

Check that link to allow Microsoft to sniff your Dell and let you know.

I think a Dell 700m is a notebook and as far as I know, you don't change motherboards. You get another machine entirely.

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Hi all,

First post!

My touchpad (built into the notebook) works fine on the login screen. As soon as I hit the login button it stops totally. Buttons and touchpad. Also my screensaver works before login (on login screen) but once logged in it won't auto start but will start under 'preview'.

windows 7 home premium 64



A:Notebook touchpad stops working after login, Asus G53JW

Hi and welcome to SevenForums!

At this page, you need to select your os first then you will see the available downloads. Please download and install the one under 'Touchpad'.

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Hi I have a Dell Inspiron 700m , when turn on it won't boot just asking password, may be that needs hdd password. How to reset it? service tag is: <ADMIN NOTE: Service tag removed per privacy policy>

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I have a dell 700m with an 80 gig hard drive. This hard drive is getting a liitle small and I was thinking of doing an upgrade. I heard that for this type of a computer with a pata drive, the largest hard drive that can be supported is 137 gig. Does anyone know if that is true? If it is and you have say a 200 gig drive, can you partition it into two, 100 gig partitions?

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I'm trying to do a complete reinstall, from the Dell supplied disks, on my Inspiron notebook. I have deleted all partitions on the disk (having rebooted using the internal cd drive) ... but when I choose to set up xp on the only space left I get the message: "Setup was unable to format the partition. The disk may be damaged. Make sure the drive is switched on and properly connected to your computer. If the disk is a SCSI disk, make sure your SCSI devices are properly terminated . Consult your computer manual or SCSI adapter documentation for more information. You must select a different partition for Windows XP. To continue, press ENTER."

I'm afraid to turn off the computer for fear I will not be able to boot from the cd again because the partitions have been deleted.... but I really have no idea....


A:Solved: Reinstall XP on Dell Inspiron 700m

I had this problem once with a Panasonic toughbook, and the fix was replacing the cable that connects to the harddrive. Its ok to shutdown your computer. Retry installing windows again post if you get the error message again.

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I have a Netgear MR814 v2 router and I'm trying to connect to it with my Dell 700m laptop (wireless). I cannot get my 700m to connect to the internet. It recognizes and connects to the router perfectly fine, but I can't seem to get IE to navigate to any webpages. It keeps giving me the "The page cannot be displayed" error....I have WinXP Home installed on the system...

I've been pulling my hair out trying to figure out what is wrong, but can't seem to figure it out!! Someone PLEEASEE help before I have no hair left!

Thank you!

A:Dell 700M can't surf net with Netgear MR814v2....PLEASE HELP!

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I accidentally dropped my laptop on the floor from the dining table yesterday. im not sure if thats the cause, but my computer is not displaying a wireless connection. this is what i did to troubleshoot.

1. went to device manager -> network adapters. unable to find wireless network adapter. i think its intel.

2. went to dell to download intel wireless adapter driver and install on computer. msg came back sayign driver not installed.

3. did ipconfig -all to try and see if wireless adapter listed. nothing.

4. clicked f2 upon startup to get into bios. wireless adpater was enabled and on.

when i press fn + f2 the wirless light won't come on. i really hope its not a hardware issue. can anyone help?

A:Can't get dell 700m to detect wireless adapter

Crash and burn.

Can you install a PCMCIA card adapter?

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Help need master password for Dell Inspiron 700m. Service tag C2QWQ61.

Any ideas for getting the master password or reseting the eeprom without taking the laptop appart would be appreciated!!!!!!

email [email protected]


A:Dell inspiron 700m master password

excesu me

Help need master password for Dell Inspiron 700m. Service tag C3QWQ61.

Any ideas for getting the master password or reseting the eeprom without taking the laptop appart would be appreciated!!!!!!


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Help !!!

I have a dell inspiron 700M (4 yrs old) laptop. I recently reinstalled the OS from the secret partition that dell provides. It was supposed to be restored to factory default. However the NIC which is onboard did not get configured. I believe its "Broadcom 440x 10/100 Integrated Controller". The Wireless 'Intel Pro 220BG Wireless" works fine.

I have tried all the drivers from Dell website but have not been able to fix it. In the device manager it appears as "Network and Computing Encryption/Decryption Controller".

I have seen other posts very similar to mine but have not been able to find the right solution.

Please help.

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I need to reformat my friend's Dell Inspiron 700m laptop. But when she ordered this laptop, the order didn't come with any window installation disc. If I am not mistaken, isn't Dell do provide the installation disc to the customer?

Anyway, I wonder is there anyway we can download the installation program from Dell website? If so, how do we do it? Thank you so much.

A:Solved: How to reformat Dell Inspiron 700m without the installation disk

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so everything is going along fine, and my daughter comes up to tell me that the laptop won't play audio anymore. and she's right. the headphones work, but I can't get the speakers to play. I have unmuted it every which way I can think of. it wasn't muted in the first place. but nothing I do seems to work. any ideas? thx

A:inspiron 700m speakers stop working

inspiron 700m speakers stopped working too!

I have the exact same problem. I have tried everything. Please ket me know if you find a solution.

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Home, 64 bit
Processor: AMD A8-7410 APU with AMD Radeon R5 Graphics, AMD64 Family 22 Model 48 Stepping 1
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 7104 Mb
Graphics Card: AMD Radeon R5, 1024 Mb
Hard Drives: C: 918 GB (857 GB Free);
Motherboard: Dell Inc., 0VY15F
Antivirus: Windows Defender, Disabled Have reinstalled drivers , and my touchpad still wont work, I can use the touchscreen still and my mouse..

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The right Click of touch Pad of my dell vostro is not working.I am currently using linux Ubantu OS. I have brough this laptop online a week back from flipKart.Please help in this case.

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I had a registry error so I did this:

and it fixed it. However, now my touchpad won't work. All it did was beep like crazy if I tried to use it then I restarted my laptop hoping it would fix it but now it just wont work and I dont hear any beeps...

any ideas?

A:Touchpad not working on dell laptop )-:

Have you checked Device Manager to see if the driver is missing?

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I've had this computer for nearly 3 years now and it has served as a somewhat problem free laptop minus some problems with the ram and charger. This problem started after I got my laptop back from dell support after they replaced all the internal hardware, about 3 months ago.. They gave me a clean OS install, but installed windows 8 on it, because that was the original software that came with it. After arguing on the phone for about 2 hours with a stubborn technician, he finally agreed to install windows 10 for me. After going through some shady websites, he downloaded it onto a USB and everything installed. I later realised that the copy of windows was not genuine even though I had paid for everything. Pointing it out to the technician, He told me the certificate would activate later. It never happened and I ended up paying again for a product key.
A little while later, the synaptics touchpad driver kept crashing after reboots, and I realised that I would have to reboot my computer twice. This has been going on for about 3 months now. Then, two days ago, all of a sudden, my touchpad AND touchscreen stopped working. Nothing seems to fix it, even a full reboot (sometimes). Once it starts working for no apparent reason, it stops working again at random times. Times working range from 20 seconds to 5 minutes. I have the power switch set to hibernate and hibernating and waking it up seems to sometimes get the touchpad and touchscreen working, but it suddenly stops working lat... Read more

A:Dell XPS 12 (2013) Touchpad & Touchscreen not working

Please list exact Dell model number. Example; Dell XPS 9250.
If you don't know, type msinfo32 onto the search box, and then system model...

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OK so I have tried deleting the touchpad in device manager and removing the driver, and reinstalling the device from scratch. When this didn't work I thought there must be a problem with the touchpad itself and so bought a new one and installed it. Problem is it still doesn't work.
If I go into device manager and look for it I have to show hidden devices and then it comes up with the yellow triangle next to it.
I show properties on it and it says its the Dell Touchpad, Manufacturer is Alps Electronics, and its plugged into the PS/2 mouse port.
In the Device Status box it says:
This device is not present, is not working properly, or does not have all its drivers installed. (Code 24)
The Driver date is 02/05/2010 and the version is 7.1107.115.102
I have also noticed that on the details tab under power data the current power state is D3, which I believe is off.
Something else I have noticed which may or may not be related is that the laptop doesn't enter sleep mode when the lid is closed, altho it is set to and will enter sleep if I select it in the shutdown options.
I am at a complete loss as to why the touchpad isn't working so any help would be appreciated.
If you need any more info please let me know.

A:Dell Inspiron 1545 Touchpad not working

Hi Dre9872, Try the vista driver for it ,there is a possibility that the mobo may be failing

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So basically everything was working great running Windows 10, then all of a sudden my touchpad stopped responding while I was using the laptop. I tried re-installing many drivers but to no avail was the problem solved. I then downgraded back to Windows 8 although this didn't seem to do anything. I can't restore the laptop with the recovery partitions or software as this somehow became corrupted during the downgrade to Windows 8. The touchpad still works in the BIOS diagnostics so I'm a bit stumped as to why I can't get it working, maybe I need a certain driver? 
I also tried installing Windows 7 and noticed that the touchpad started working again!! but as soon as I'm on Windows 8 or 10, I cant get it to work. I cannot use the laptop on Windows 7 as there is no suitable driver for the touchscreen, hence rendering it as just a normal screen without touch functionality. 
If anyone could link me to drivers or any recovery media files which could help resolve this issue it would be much appreciated. I'll take any help at the moment, I just hope I can get the laptop working properly again. 

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It worked fine on Windows 7, but simply stopped working when i formatted my hard drive and installed Windows 8.1 32-bit edition.
The touchpad didn't even work during Windows 8.1 installation (I used bootable USB to install Windows 8.1) After the install, I downloaded and installed every single driver that there is on Dell Support website They all installed and worked perfectly without errors. Even the Synaptics Touchpad driver was installed without any error but the touchpad simply doesn't work.
In the device manager, under input devices, there is only USB mouse listed. That too disappears if  I unplug the mouse from USB. Under "Other Devices" there are 4 unknown devices. I tried installing them by right clicking>update driver>search online but it fails. I even tried that hardware troubleshoot option which tries to find drivers online and install but that too failed.
So i ran the startup Dell Diagnostics, and the touchpad worked fine in the diagnostic screen. But soon as windows boots, it stops respoding like it doesn't even exist.
I also tried 'clean boot' (Disabling all non-microsoft services and startup programs, i even tried disabling microsoft services too!) but i didn't work.
So at last, i formatted the hard drive and again and installed same windows again, this time as a clean install. But then again, the touchpad didn't work.

So apparently i have already tried every option i could find on the internet and my touchpad s... Read more

A:Touchpad not working Dell Inspiron 3542

Please click on link below, hopefully it will be a help to you.
Disabling or Enabling the Touchpad on a Dell Notebook ...

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So my laptop was running Windows 10, everything was working and then all of a sudden I went to use the touchpad and nothing happened. I downgraded the PC back to Windows 8.1 but it was still not working. I then tried using the recovery media/restore but found out that this had been corrupted when I downgraded back to Windows 8.1. 
Please note the touchpad still works in the BIOS diagnostics. I have tried installing new drivers but still couldn't fix the problem. Now here is what has me stumped... The touchpad works when the laptop is running Windows 7, but not when it is running Win 8 or 10. 
Windows 7 is not suitable for this laptop as there are driver incompatibility issues eg the touchscreen won't work because I couldn't find the driver for it. 
If anyone has any recovery image or driver links it would be much appreciated. 

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Since I found out the Right click on Dell Touchpad was not working.
I uninstalled its driver, then downloaded the file on Dell website, then reinstall it.
But, the right click on Touchpad is still not working!
I am using Windows 10.
Please advise me how to make it work?
I got a big issue during a discussion with my colleagues. I saw wifi connection, connected but no internet. I need "right click" to do troubleshooter, but I was not able to do so! So shame for that as my colleagues thought I did not prepare everything well!  

A:Dell Touchpad on M3800: Right click is not working

Thank you for writing to us!
Since you gave tried to update the drivers on the system and that has not worked .We would request to private message the service tag.
We would also suggest to run diagnostics on the system to check if hardware failure , in the interim you can use an external mouse .

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Hello people
I have a Dell Latitude E6410 running on Windows 7, I installed some windows updates and after that the cursor just froze, upon restarting the problem still persisted. Right now my touchpad is dead. I have uninstalled all the security updates of windows except for one because it is not uninstalling, I tried uninstalling the touchpad driver and re-installed different drivers but nothing seems to work here, I even tried the troubleshooter.
The Dell touchpad software detects the touchpad and even shows that it is ON.
In short I have tried all the methods posted on the forums online but I cannot find a solution. Please help me out here!
Thanks in advance!

A:Dell E6410 Touchpad Stopped Working

I have a Latitude E6410 rnning on WIndows 7. Recently after a couple of windows updates my laptop's touchpad just froze. I restarted the system but the problem still persisted. 
I have tried all the solutions mentioned on forums online. These are the things I have tried
1. Ran the troubleshooter
2. Uninstalled and then re-installed touchpad drivers.
3. Uninstalled all the windows security updates except for one which does not uninstall
The Dell touchpad software recognizes the tpuchpad, even the device manager says that it is functioning properly but it is still stuck. even the buttons aren't working.
Please help me out here!
Thanks in advance!

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Hi Guys,
I have bouhgt new DELL XPS 13 9360 few weeks ago. Worked perfectly, until some Windows and/or Dell Update. My TouchPad stopped working.
In device manager I can see that I2C HID device can't start (ERROR CODE 10).
The external mouse is working fine.
Sometimes helps to stop the I2C HID device, remove external mouse, than run Hardware Problem Solving and 1 from 10 times it ends with fixing the driver for I2C HID and it works for a while. Than it crashes again.
I believe it's some kind of driver issue.
Can you help me please?

A:Touchpad stopped working - DELL XPS 13 (9360)

You can click the link below to download the Windows 10 Touchpad drivers as well as updating your Bios to the latest version.
XPS 9360 Drivers, Downloads and Manuals
"This device cannot start" Code 10 error in Device Manager in Window

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The tap function of my 2year old Dell 600m stop working last week. Every time I went to mouse settings and change anything, it start working. But after a standby, it stop working again. It also works on the login screen, but after loading all the settings it stops working.
It seems to my like a software driver problem. Any input is appreciated.

A:Tap function of Dell touchpad stop working

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A:notebook 3000 N500 touchpad doesnt work (touchpad funktioniert nicht)

Hi,  Today I bought this model and have the same problem. If anyone know the solution, please share it here. thx arghhhh!!!!  there, in a top right  corner of the laptop, is a sensor button. Just press it and touchpad becomes alive (it dosn't look like a button at all) ADMIN EDIT - There is now an official tip which explains the N500 trackpoint function and the button to enable / disable it.Message Edited by Mark_Lenovo on 03-04-2009 01:28 PM

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Recently recovered from a hard drive crash.  I've got the new OS working but didn't have the Dell Touchpad driver installed.
I downloaded the driver Dell.com suggests for the computer.  The first time I ran it from Control Panel it worked fine.  I dislike using the touchpad and disabled it.
Every subsequent time I click "Dell Touchpad" from Control Panel, the computer pauses for a few seconds and gives me this message:
"Dell Touchpad has stopped working correctly.  Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available."
I have reinstalled the driver several times.  I can enable/disable the touchpad using Fn + F3 and the notification icon is present in the system tray but whenever I run from Control Panel the program stops working correctly.
Any ideas what this is about?

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dell inspiron 17 7000 keyboard and touchpad not working. 

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I have Dell 3537 laptop I 'm Facing Touchpad Issue On My Laptop It's Worked Not Correctly , Sometimes It's freeze and i Turned it Off Using (fn+F3) Then Turn it on, It's start Working. Sometimes It force me to restart Laptop To Work again .
But Now It's Completely stop working and Does Not appear in Device Manager 
I reinstall Drivers , OS. But TouchPad Does Not Work Also Not Appear in Device Manager 
Please Help to Solve my Issue

A:Dell inspiron 3537 Touchpad Stop Working

Thank you for writing to us!
We would like for you to boot the system in BIOS and check if the touch-pad is working. We would also ask run the diagnostics on the system to check if there are any errors.
Kindly private message the service tag and email address.

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I have dell inspirion 15, 3521.
I am using win 10 64bit.
After some time on the laptop my touchpad is stopping working, cursor not moving. I already tried everything updating to the latest driver Snaptics, installing reinstallign i have the same issue.
Sometimes on start up mouse touchpad is not working and need to plug in external mouse.
Sometimes also when my touchpad stops working also my keyboard stops working, sometimes when i power the lap top and on the start up when i need to enter my pass for win account keyboard and touch pad are not responsive and the Capslock light is on and when i try tipping any key everything is non responsive tried every driver i format the win and still with same problem.
I think that maybe my palmrest is bad and I need to chance whole palmrest as i see on the internet there is a part palmrest to be changed. Before i buy it i want to hear your opinion it is not expensive something like 30$ .
Looking forward to hear form you.

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The right and left click of my XPS 13 9350 touchpad stopped working. The taps still work however
I don't think it's a driver issue. Is there any solution for this? Thank you

A:Dell XPS 13 9350 Touchpad Right and Left Click not working

I have a Dell XPS 13 9350. A couple days ago, the touchpad left and right clicks stopped working. The tap for left click and double tap for right click still work so I'm still able to use the laptop. I just would rather use the the touchpad clicks. I don't think it is a driver issue bbecause the touchpad does work. Is there any solution for this?

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Hi all,

For the last 3 weeks my touchpad buttons stopped working. The pointer works well but the buttons are not clicking. This is probably a driver issue but all drivers are up to date and the buttons are enabled.

Please help.

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Hi. I'm a first-time user and happy to have found your website!

My operating system is Windows 7. I am using a wireless Logitech Mouse (uses USB hardware). I have had this laptop for 5+ years.

1. The touchpad will not ?turn off.? Under "Mouse" on the Control Panel, functions for the Dell Touchpad should allow me to simply turn the touchpad on and off. Regardless whether it is in the on or off position, it is still on.
2. Even when I don?t touch the touchpad, the cursor skips around the screen, highlights text and deletes text. Typed text re-locates within earlier typed text.
3. There is an on/off light at the top of the touchpad that indicates the touchpad is on/off. This is not working.
4. Also this panel item allows me to manage sensitivity, buttons, gestures & edge scroll & zoom. I can work these, but the Edge Scroll & Zoom buttons do not see to change the settings.

1. I have checked the drivers for both the touchpad and mouse and I get messages that they are each up to date
2. Because the touchpad will not turn off, I have tried to manage the buttons to turn down the sensitivity, to minimize movement of text. This does not help.
3. Turning on ?Disable Touchpad & Point Stick when USB Mouse present? does not disable the touchpad.

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I just bought a refurbished Dell latitude 2110. Worked fine when I got it, but then the touch screen stopped working. If I reboot, it works until I choose a user, then stops when I open the user account. It's going back unless I find that I've inadvertently turned the touchscreen off. Without the touch screen, it's pretty much a brick. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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