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Xfer harddrive from blind computer to good computer

Q: Xfer harddrive from blind computer to good computer

ive got a computer that will turn on and has all my computer stuff (music, movies blah blah blah,) from before i deployed to iraq, during its time in storage the computers video card took a **** and wont display on any tvs or monitors i have, but will still turn on and sounds like its running fine, my brother gave me his new computer when i got back and i was wondering how to hook up those hard drives from the other computer to my new computer so i can get all my IRON MAIDEN SONGS, and movies and other stuff, looking for the simpliest way to go about this thanks!

Preferred Solution: Xfer harddrive from blind computer to good computer

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Xfer harddrive from blind computer to good computer

yes you can do that, just hook the hard drive up will the right cables and your free to copy all your info over to the new computer

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How do I transfer everything in my Outlook 2K from my old computer to my new one?

A:Xfer Outlook 2K to new computer

A simple way is to just copy the PST file from the old computer to the new one and then configure Outlook to use that PST file.

I like to use Outlook with the Corporate configuration since it allows for this type of flexibility. For details on how how to do this with Outlook2000 see:


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Can it be done so I don't have to remember all of my log-in usernames and passwords on a new computer?


A:Xfer Cookies To New Computer?

Sure...I do it all the time .

You can either do individual cookies or the whole lot (my choice).

Just copy the cookies folder relating to you somewhere...then when the O/S is installed on the new system, just put your cookies in your Docs/Settings/Your ID/Cookies folder or just replace that folder with the old one.

Same thing works for email (if you use OE), WAB, and Favorites. Correction: Email is a little different since messages (probably) need to be imported.


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I set up a home network but the comuters can not "see" each other. They all belong to the same group called work group and the computer names are all different. I also turned off the windows and Norton firewalls.

I can not ping the other computer using either their IP address or computer name. What next?

A:Blind Computer

The basics for troubleshooting are:

1. Make sure you have the same IP scheme (e.g. 192.168.0.x).

2. Make sure you have the same Subnet Mask, Gateway, and DNS IP addresses.

3. Make sure you can ping the other computer's IP address. If this fails, just for testing, make sure you turn off XP's as well as any other firewall.

4. Make sure you can ping the other computers by name.

5. Make sure you have the same workgroup name (watch for trailing spaces)

6. For troubleshooting purposes, turn off XP's and completely uninstall any other firewall software. You can always add more complexity after you get it working.

7. With XP, make sure you have the same username and password as the person logging onto the other computers. The default setting for XP Pro is to require a password for network access.

8. More details about how to network XP can be found at:

9. More details about how to troubleshoot TCP/IP networks can be found at:

10. Apply the registry edit to fix the browsing delay from XP to Win9x computers

There continues to be a lot of misinformation about needing NetBEUI or to changing the NetBIOS setting. You can ignore both. Installing NetBEUI to solve a networking problem will just mask a some underlying and potentially important misconfiguration with TCP/IP. The default NetBIOS se... Read more

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I have my two computers networked, same password, work group, ect. The dell is xp, and the other is '98. The 98 can access the dell, and shared files, but the dell shows nothing in network neighborhood. It was running fine a couple of weeks ago, so I have no ides what happened. The computers can ping each other fine.

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I insert card but the relative drive does not open. However I can (I think as it worked last time) make the transfers via a standalone card reader and usb.

Any idea what could be causing the problem? Please!

A:Unable to xfer files from SD card to computer via built in slot

Hi there ... Your Internal Card Reader does not recognize your SD card ? .. Are there any errors in the Device Manager ..

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Some years ago, I downloaded a series of computer games for the blind from gamesfortheblind.com. These games worked with screen-reading software Jaws for Windows and Window Eyes. The games no longer work. When I click on the games file, I get the error message:-
"component tegowav3.ocx or one of its dependencies not correctly registered. A file is missing or invalid." The dialog box is titled 'hang'.
A version of Visual Basic was required for operation, but this is no longer there. I tried downloading Visual Basic files from Microsoft, but they do not solve the problem. My computer has XP Home, but had Windows 98 when I downloaded the program. These particular games are no longer available at the website. Any ideas as to how I can get these games working?

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I was wondering if it is possible to remove a harddrive from an infected computer to perform a scan using another known clean computer with anti software?

heres the story that lead me to post this post looking for help

my coworker brought his dell xp laptop, that does not have any anti-whatever, to work for everyone to use in the breakroom b/c the company blocks all company computers from accessing social networking sites, email, and installing programs like instant messengers. well the other day I was using the laptop to show the other coworkers how to use torrents. I downloaded and installed utorrent and went to thepiratebay.org to look for some downloads. i founds some torrents and began the downloads and some completed within the hour. there were a couple torrents that were still downloading and at the end of the day i forgot to shutdown his computer. so all weekend all those torrents where seeding to other computers. come the following monday i go to use the laptop and i could not connect to the companys wireless network. i got a message saying something along the lines "blah blah network trying to join has blocked access to this computer blah blah". so i said oh s***, shut the computer off, and played it off the rest of the day. tuesday comes, my other coworker comes to me and says "can u show me that website again?" me thinking the computer somehow fixed itself i went to go checkout the laptop and internet was working again (for awhile). so i ... Read more

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My desktop computer's motherboard was fried in a tragic lightning accident, but the hard drive is intact. I would like to purchase an enclosure for the hard drive and use it as an external hard drive. I'm posting here because I'm worried about compatibility.

Here are the hard drive details:
Seagate, S/N 90Z7588X
ST 380215A
P/N 9CY011-305
Firmware 3.AAD
Date code 08257
Barracude 7200.10
80 Gbytes

Will that work with any of these enclosures:

Thank you in advance for any help!

A:External Harddrive from Old Computer Harddrive

Any 3.5" IDE compatible drive enclosure will do the trick. I use a ThermalTake enclosure myself (same as MadDog and CompUSAs no-name brand).


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I am new to the forum, but not new to computing. I recently started having problems with this Vista Home Premium box not being able to resolve DNS names for only computers on my home network (all others XP boxes or Windows Server 2003). It can ping the IP addresses of the local boxes. It doesn't have a problem connecting to the internet. But this is a big problem when it comes to sharing files within my local network.

I have disabled Windows Firewall and McAfee Firewall and Services to try and diagnose the problem.

I have been googling this for a couple of days looking for ideas, but I have none. I have validated that DNS is running. NETBios over DHCP is enabled. Subnet mask is 255.255.255. DHCP and DNS server IP is correct.

Anything that anyone could point me to try? I am out of ideas.

A:Ping on Workgroup Computer Names Bad / IP Addresses Good / Internet Good

Unless you've got a DNS server running at home, it's rather unlikely that DNS is being used to resolve names of your home computers when pinging by name. Instead, the machine does a broadcast (on the local segment) to the effect of "if you're called XYZ, please get back to me and tell me your IP address".

If that's not working for you, my first inclination would be to suspect firewalls on the other machines - not necessarily on the machine exhibiting symptoms. Try disabling and even uninstalling (3rd-party) firewalls while you're troubleshooting, and also test what happens when all machines are booted to [safe mode + net].

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I have about a 5 year old computer i will tell you the specs.

MSI (VIA) MS-6309 v2.0 - Motherboard
850Mhz Intel Celeron - now overclocked to 1Ghz
40GB Western Digital 5400rpm HDD(now slave) - now with a second 7200 40GB as master
it came with a (tornado?) video card but i now upgraded to a NVIDIA GeForce FX5200 which is a 256MB AGP 8x card.

I got it because it was at a VERY good price and it out of the packet but my friend builds computers and he got the wrong gfx card so he sold this one to me cheap... my computer is an AGP 4x. I understand i cant upgrade that unless i get a new motherboard. I have drivers that microsoft installed by itself (Nvidia GeForce FX5200 Microsoft Corporation) is it worth going to the nvidia website and upgrading to their drivers? my computer is really old and slow and i want to get the best performance out of this card... I dont think i can run games like Need For Speed Underground 2 can i? because i have a slow processor? i tried to play Halo Trial downloaded from microsoft but it went to the loading screen at the start but then just shut down before it got to the menu.

My point is... what can i do to get maximum performance out of this card but without increasing the startup items too much etc


A:Good Video Card... Not so good computer

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I just bought a new pc and would like to add my old harddrive as a slave drive, or at least move all of my multimedia files from the old to the new. either would work for me, i just dont have the time to re-download or rip all of it. somebody please help me with this.

i prefer to talk on AIM if possible. thanks to whoever in advance. please help me.
and if this is in the wrong thread please delete.

A:Need to add old harddrive to new computer

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I just bought a new harddrive, here is my situation.

The drive I had before which is my master is a fujitsu MPG3204AT 20 Gig.

The drive I just bought is a seagate ST380011A and is the slave.

I have the master at the end of the IDE, and the slave in the middle.

I have no jumpers on the slave, and I put two on the master, following the diagram on the master which tells me what to do for a "master with slave present".

In the bios it will not detect the new drive, but when I take the second jumper out of the master so it is just set on master jumper setting it boots up windows. In device manager it says my new harddrive is working properly, and it is there in drive manager but will not show up in my computer.

Please help!

A:Cannot See My New Harddrive In My Computer!

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Do ya'll think that a Western Digital 40GB 7200RPM would work well on a Hp computer?

A:Harddrive and a HP computer

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I just bought a new pc and would like to add my old harddrive as a slave drive, or at least move all of my multimedia files from the old to the new. either would work for me, i just dont have the time to re-download or rip all of it. somebody please help me with this.

i prefer to talk on AIM if possible. thanks to whoever in advance. please help me.
and if this is in the wrong thread please delete.

A:Need to add old harddrive to new computer

can you provide make and model of the new PC
also the OLD PC

I assume this is an IDE Drive and all you should need to do - is plug the comms cable and power cable to it - then depending on which IDE you put it on - it will be master or slave - just a jumper change on the back.


you could buy a HDD USB drive case - you can then put the harddrive into that case and connect to your new PC by USB cable - that may be a better way to go - if the machines is under warranty etc

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i wanted to kno if i need some sort of cooling device for my computer

motherboard - 44.C (111.F)
CPU - 52.C (126.F)

A:computer temperature, good? or not good

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My problem in a unique one. I installed Windows 7 on my computer back a few months ago, using the given product key. Since that time, though, I have had to install a new hard drive on my computer. I wasn't able to retain any of the data from my old harddrive -- it was a fresh start. I've installed Windows 7 on this new harddrive with the same disk, but now the product key won't work, because I already used it when I installed it last. I'd rather not have to buy a new copy of Windows 7, considering I'm not installing it on multiple computers. I'm installing it on one computer. I just didn't uninstall it when I replaced my harddrive. Any suggestions? Do you think Microsoft would be able to revalidate my product key?

A:Installing Win 7 on same computer with new harddrive

When you say it won't work, do you mean activate? If so, just select to activate by phone and explain what you did to the Microsoft rep. It usually takes 5 minutes.

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Just got back from a 7 month deployment overseas. Wife says the computer (Medion, Windows XP Home, 3.2GHz Pentium IV Hyper-Thread, 512 DDR SDRAM, dual layer DVD/CD+/-RW x2, no floppy) not sure what else might help) would randomly restart on its own and boot back up. This got progressively worse during the past week. Uninstalled a bunch of Nikelodian flash games the kids had downloaded. Yesterday, I updated Spybot and Ad-Aware, ran them, and cleaned up a few other things.

Then, for no reason, the computer shut off. The Microsoft logo came up (the blue bar got half way across), I saw the "blue screen" for a split second, then the following options came up for restarting:

Safe Mode
Safe Mode with Networking
Safe Mode with Command Prompt

Start Windows Normally (last known good configuration)

I started with Start Normally, no joy. Proceeded through the other three options, no joy. Can't even get in through Safe Mode. If I let it count down the 30 seconds, it will just keep trying to boot and never get there. I F8 in Advanced Options during the next boot attempt and none of those options worked either. I did Disable the auto restart so I could see what error codes came up on the "blue screen." This is what I got (minus the text that preceeds it talking about power interruption and other possible reasons for the restarts).

Stop: 0x00000024 (0x00190203, 0x823790B0, 0xC0000102, 0x00000000)

I tried to use the System Recovery disk that came wi... Read more

A:Computer Keeps Trying To Boot Over & Over - Harddrive Bad?


At this point the first thing you need to do is back up all those family photos and other important data.

The best way to do this is to power off your computer and physically remove the hard drive from your computer, change the jumper setting, and install it temporarily in another Windows computer as a "Slave" drive.

The helper computer also must be running WinXP, because your C:\ drive is probably formatted with the NTFS file system.

Then you can start up the helper computer and use its functioning Windows system to copy your files to the Master (boot) drive, or burn them to CDs.

Once you have your data saved you can proceed to troubleshoot your Windows installation.

If you need help with the backup, post back here or in the Hardware forum.

Good luck,


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I have two internal WD SATA drives (250GB and 320GB). When i was copying my files from my 320GB to my external drive, the file transfer just suddenly hangs (i was able to copy few GB then it stopped). Then I checked My Computer only to find out that my 320GB drive is not present but the 250GB is still there. If i restart my computer the drive appear again. This happened to my twice and I would like to know the cause/s of this problem.

Operating system: Windows Vista Ultimate x64
Proccessor: Inter(R) Core(TM)2 Duo E6600
Memory: 2GB DDR2 667MHz
MotherBoard : Asus P5LD2-VM-SE
Harddrive 1: WD2500JS (250 GB) with OS and partition (48.8 and 184 GB)
Harddrive 1: WD3200AAJS (320 GB) with partition (146 and 151 GB)
Graphic Card: Inno3D 7300 GT
Optical Drives: Lite-ON DVD+-RW - IDE
Optical Drives: Sony DVD-ROM - IDE
Power Supply: 480W

A:Harddrive is missing in my computer

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My computer crashed, I think it was the motherboard, and so I bought a used Dell computer. I wanted to put my old harddrive with all my stuff into the Dell but when I try to turn it on it comes up and says that windows didn't start successfully because of a hardware or software change. It gives me 5 options to start windows: safe mode,safe mode w/networking,safe mode w/command prompt, last known configuration or start windows normally. Either one I click on brings me back to the same screen. I have Windows XP home edition.

A:Old harddrive in used computer won't boot up.

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This may sound like a very strange idea but what i want to do is:
Have a server laptop on running LogMeIn with my computer harddrive shared to it. When i am at school and i connect to Logmein the shared drive shows up. What i was wondering is: is it possible to leave a harddrive powered up and shared but the rest of the computer powered down?
Yes i know it sounds like a very strange question but if it is possible it will save a lot of power.
I am running windows vista home premium and windows xp professional.


A:Accessing the harddrive of an off computer!

In short, no.

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I am trying to add my old 10 gig hd to my new used computer. The new comp has a 15 gig hd. I would ultimately like to have both but for now need some programs from old hd and data. I have no instructions or disks for either hd. The comp is a compaq deskpro en p866 pent 3 128 ram with win 98 se. my old hd has wind 98. first time i plugged the old drive in comp only recognized the old 10 gig drive. I dont know what to do I am new at computer upgrades and hardware issues.

A:Adding old harddrive to another computer

Will need to make the old drive a SLAVE and the new drive MASTER ( just post the manufacturer's name and i can help ).
After that install the old drive on the same cable as the new drive , boot up and should have no problems.

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Lately every time I access a web page, or do anything on my computer
I hear my hard dirve beating little drums all the time. This might be the
reason my computer is slowing down. I have done a defrag so I know that is not the problem. I am using XP. Is there something else I can do to speed things

A:My computer seems to access the harddrive a lot

Disable as many startup things as you can in MSCONFIG that don't need to be running all the time. Add more RAM if its not at a GIG or more already. Uninstall any programs you are no longer using or have never used. Run the disk cleanup utility for the drive and get rid of all temp and temporary internet files and the like. If using another browser, clear all those associated caches as well and shrink them down so they can't get so big in the first place.

Then, run defrag one more time, restart and see if that helps a lot or a little.

If you've been using the drive with the current installation of XP for a long time, sometimes the only good solution is to reinstall the OS fresh.

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How do I transfer all my harddrive info from a Dell to a new HP?

A:How: Transfer harddrive to new computer?

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I have one of the older hard drives I want to connect to my computer as a backup sort of thing. My problem is my motherboard accepts the newer connection cables only. I was told that there is a pci card that can connect it for me since for some reason there apparantly isn't just an adpatar cable. Does anyone know anything about this. I normally don't mess with hard drives and such so I am quite lost in this area.

A:Solved: Old harddrive to new computer.

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I've been having a problem with my computer where i constantly have stop errors. I get the blue screen of death sometimes at random but usually it happens at startup all the time when windows is running the loading bar. It usually restarts and happens again once or twice until it starts up w/o any problems sometimes though it doesnt happen. This has happened since i've built my computer. I remember reading somewhere that dell crap doesnt like to run in custom built computers. The harddrive and cd/dvd burnere are from a Dell Dimension 3000 to save a few bucks. My mobo is asus processor is AMD athlon 64 X2 Dual Core processor and an Nvidia GeForce 6500. I've tried reinstalling windows too but that didnt do anything. So if anyone can offer any help I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks a bunch.

If it is the harddrive is it possible to take everything on it and move it onto another harddrive? if so how would i go about this. Thanks again for any help.

A:Computer problem maybe i just need a new harddrive.

I don't think the hard drive from the Dell is necessarily the problem unless it happens to be defective. When you reformatted the hard drive, did you use a full Windows XP version, non-Dell? Did you install the drivers for the new motherboard?

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My girlfriend accidentaly set a sub woofer with no magnetic shielding right next to my computer tower for about 10 hours or so. I mean you can see the sub woofer effect the monitor when your holding it from about 8 inches away, so should I be worried about my hard drive? The computer appears to be functioning normally, but still, it would almost seem crazy for it not to be damaged. I don't know what difference it makes but here are the specs :

CPU: Intel Pentium 4 3.0E GHz w/1MB cache with HyperThreading, 800 MHz FSB
Memory: 512 MB DDR PC3200 (2 256 MB modules for dual channel efficiency)
Hard Drive: 200 GB SATA Hard Drive, 7200 rpm, 8 MB cache
Other Drives:
16X DVD-ROM w/customized bezel
16X DVD Dual Double Layer w/customized bezel
Memory Card Drive for CF Type I/Type II, MD, MS, MS Pro, SD, MMC, SM, and xD, MagicGate MS,
Floppy Drive
Motherboard: ECS 915G-M, Intel 915G Chipset
Optical Mouse with Scroll
Smart Office Keyboard
Creative 2.1 Stereo Speakers
Port Connectors:
2 PS/2
1 Serial
1 Parallel
1 Video (VGA)
1 Line-in
2 Line-out (1 front, 1 back)
2 Mic (1 front, 1 back)
6 USB 2.0 (2 front, 4 back)
2 Firewire (1 front, 1 back)
Power Supply: 350 Watt
Operating System: Windows XP Home Edition w/SP2

A:Is my computer/harddrive damaged?

The external magnetic field required to affect the hard drive could not be generated by the subwoofer. It is just not that strong.

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Problem: Computer experienced dieing process. I was doing simple task such as email. I noticed the mouse started to "lag" and was having trouble doing much of anything. I decided to restart and I could not get anywhere. I pass the BIOS, I get all the way to the menu saying "Windows did not restart properly" asking me which mode to load. No matter what option I choose I would experience a very very slow load, until it just comes to a complete stop. As I restarted more I noticed the slower it got. It always got to the point of windows menu, but the little "pre-loading" bar sometimes or sometimes does not go, and if it does, very slowly. Also something I've noticed is I do not hear the BEEP when I power on the computer when performing POST.
I recently upgraded my computer, excluding the hard drive. Everything ran fine together for a good amount of time. I do not have the exact specs with me at the moment. The harddrive is an IDE 250gig from western digital, I dont know if that is the problem, but it is my first hunch. I also tried swapping RAM in and out of different slots with different sticks. All of this stuff is within a year and a half old (but bought in the last few months.)

Any ideas or suggestions or stories of similar occurrences will help.

A:Harddrive? My computer died.

I have a similar problem. I would like to know if there is a solution to this.

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Ok i have windows xp service pack 2 on 2 hard drives.
My computer specs were
1.3 ghz
512+256 memory sticks
250 gig hard drive with windows xp service pace 2

My computer was working for a while. While it was in the shop i took the hard drive out trying to access someof the files
and the computer would reconize the harddrives but with both of them it would just go to a blank screen with a blanking _

The computer specs of one of them were
Hp pavilion xe734
600mhz Cpu

The other computer i tried was a computer with
200mhz cup
128 memory

Is there a way i can get my hard drive reconized on either of those machines, is it something with the boot records? could i change this?

The hard drives are both maxter and one came with maxblast 3 software

I need those files

A:Transfering harddrive to a old computer

what are the file systems of the hard drives

ntsf, fat32?
fat 32 will have a problem with ntsf

post back

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I have used the same external harddrive for over a year but suddenly my computer cant se what on it. It has the letter "N" but shows as raw. Its strange becours it works fine on XP pro and it did work fine on this comp before. Anyone have a clue?

A:My external harddrive become raw for my computer


You should copy your data from the external disc to XP first.
The external disc will likely need to be wiped and reformatted.

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I have an HP dv2-1043ca. It normally would take my laptop 3-4 minutes to bootup. The other day I needed to be using my computer by the time I got to work thus I started it up and closed the the lid and went to work. When I got there my computer was non-functional (the drive was really slow, getting OS errors, etc.)

I have restored the OS to the factory delivery state, run a CHKDSK which found errors which it corrected; flashed my BIOS; run a defrag however I am still finding the computer really slow and seems to linger on ever command.

Any ideas to get it back to normal operating state would be appreciated....

A:Slow Harddrive / Computer

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hi, I just bought an older pentium 2 ibm aptiva. it came with a 4 gb scsi hd. I want to add in an ide drive, but I have a few problems. first of all, I can't get this computer to recognise the ide port at all, second, I don't know how to set it up as a master/slave system since the two drives use different formats. when I plug in the ide drive (a quantum fireball 15 gb) i get nothing; the system only reads off of the scsi. can anybody help??

A:my computer does not recognise my ide harddrive

welcome to TSG

have you looked around the setup area of the BIOS, to see if you can enable it to boot from IDE? (if that's the end goal)

there's also a possibility the IDE Controllers are disabled in there

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My computer keeps restarting. It would keep restarting when I was running windows xp, so I went out and got a new hard drive thinking that is was the hard drive. Well I installed the new hard drive and inserted all of windows xp system disk, when my computer reads the last disk it will restart it self. My mother board is a GA-72xe. Could it be that the motherboard or the processor is going bad. I disconnected all the cd roms and this is still happening. Could someone please HELP.


A:Computer Restarts with old and new harddrive

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Im buying a new external hd, how will the computer detect it. My old one internal is not working. I also want to install windows 7 on it no 10. Thanks

A:computer harddrive question

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Installed a new motherboard

Asus M5A97 R2.0 Motherboard

And also reinstalled Windows 8.1.

Basically the problem im having is when i move a file form my SSD to my HDD the speed will gradually drop to 0/s bytes or around there. Then my computer will run at the same speeds so everything is running at 0/bytes - 100kb/s until i stop moving the files then it goes back to normal.

I have done tests with Seagate tools and Samsung Magician on both my SSD and HDD everything is fine.

Is their something im missing?

Sata mode is AHCI.


Asus M5A97 R2.0 Motherboard
GTX 660
AMD Phenom X4 965 BE
Samsung 180 SSD
750 Corsair PSU

I've tried changing the ports and sata cables before no difference.

Doesn't work in safe mode either.

Checked if their were any bad sectors came up all green

Tried completing deleting everything on the HDD, partitions etc. Then added a new partition. same problem.

I'm thinking maybe there is something i should be doing in the bios.

And while its copying the rest of my computer will completely slow down to the same speed so my entire computers speed will be 177 kbs or so until i close the transfer then it will return to normal.



A:Harddrive locking up computer


Seemed to have fixed it by re-updating by bios. Updated with the same version i already had but now im getting 100mb/s transfer speed just copied around 30gbs to the hdd and its took about 4 - 5 minutes.


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Ok, just a warning...Im a total noob and know nothing about computers. Anyways, I have a old computer of mine that I want to put back in action because i was a backup. I think it has a virus on it or something because when I start the computer it brings me a scan check then after that it says and error has occured and I need to restart my computer. Then if i hit ctr-alt-delete then it brings me to a new screen that says things such as log on normal, safe mode, promt, ect... So what I wan't to know is what should I do. I want to make it so that my computer is like its brand new. I wan't no programs on it except for what it came with. Please help me. P.S- Its an IBM with Windows 98 on it. Thank you so much!!

A:Computer harddrive problem

Ok, So i ran a product recovery today. I thought it worked. But after I typed in the product key and then it went to install drivers it can up with a illegal opperation and then froze. So i restarted it again and it just keeps coming up with illegal operations and freezing. So I don't know what to do. Please help. Thanks

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Can't really explain properly. I wanna use my other computers its HDD via networking. Any ideas how to?


A:Use harddrive of another computer via network?

Are the machines already networked? If so, you need to share the folders you want to access on the remote machine's HDD. Here's a tutorial that might help: http://www.sevenforums.com/tutorials/24232-sharing-permissions.html?filter[2]=Networking%20Internet

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Hello, I've just finished building a new computer and I'm wondering if it would be okay to just put the hard drive in the new computer without reformatting. Will all my files be the same? Or do I absolutely have to reformat? I heard somewhere that I could get away with it but I'd need to go uninstalling something before I move it over. It's using Windows XP Pro.


A:Putting harddrive in new computer

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i am afraid to turn off my computer for any reason. i usually leave it on anyway so i usually don't have to worry... but every once in a blue moon my power gets cut off when they have to fix a transformer or something, or if we get an ice storm, i might lose power (we have wierd weather here), or the infamous irregular power interruption.


the problem is that my computer refuses to recognize my harddrive as installed. when i start up my computer, if i go into setup, it says HARD DRIVE 0: unrecognized drive (or uninstalled or un... something, now i can't remember). all the info is there, i can use my computer fine once i get it started up, but it is getting it started up that is the challenge.

sometimes i have to use the installation CD to go to the recovery console, and fixmbr, restart, hit F8 and then just choose windows XP. other times... well, i am just stumbling in the dark.

it all started when i installed a new hard drive which is completely compatible with my system (i had been using it for back up storage until my last hard drive began to fail). i saved all my documents and such on an external drive (learning from my mystakes) installed a fresh windows xp, and everything seemed fine, until i removed the old hard drive after making sure the new installation was running fine. now my system refuses to recognize that the hard disk is installed on the most basic level.

does this make any sense? am i making any sense?

oh, and i am not allowed to use saf... Read more

A:computer refuses to recognize harddrive

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I have a Dell Dimension 5100 with 150 GB drive and 1.75 GB RAM running XP, service pack 3. It has started running slower and you can hear the harddrive spinning a lot more. Sometimes when the only thing open is Facebook, it runs very slow and if I check Task manager it says the internet explorer is using 500,000+ K.

What can I do to fix this. I don't think there is a virus - I have Ad-Aware Pro and the free version of Bit Defender on here, and sometimes run Malwarebytes.

I am attaching a Hijack this log file.

Thanks - Tom

A:Slow Computer, Harddrive Spins

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I installed the windows 7 and my secondary internal harddrive. The first hard drive has windows xp sp3 on it. The harddirve is detected in the device manager but it's not in my computer under hard disk drives. Windows 7 harddrive is on an ide while windows xp is on an sata. Pictures show the problem

I put this post under the drivers section since it might be a driver problem, but I don't really know
(The snipping tool is great)

A:Master harddrive not showing up in my computer

You need to go to your disk manager and assign a drive letter for it and then you will be able to see it.

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I recently installed an old 10GB harddrive that I got from a friend with nothing on it. It is recognized in the BIOS and in Device Manager but not in My Computer. I installed redhat 9 on it but now I want to reformat it and turn it into a storage drive because I'm about to reformat my 120GB so instead of backing up on lots of cd's, i would like to back up on that 10gig. HELP WOULD BE APPRECIATED!

A:Harddrive Is Recognized In BIOS But Not In My Computer

Hum, I take it you created a partition & formated it in FAT32 or NTFS before looking for it in "My Computer", right ?

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OK , its a rather long story btu for sake of any left out information I will explain everything.
Ok, i bought an external hardd rive about 6 months ago before my computer crashed. Transferred all my files , then erased my computer (I didnt have ym reformat cd at the moment so i actually erased manually most of my files ((not windows operational files))) any way. It just so happens that while removing ym external hard drive to place it in a more conveniant spot the usb port snapped. I took it to the store but they said it didnt cover in the warranty. So after tryign in diffrent places i decided to open ym external hard dirve and keep the hard drive itsself.
The hard drive is SATA , so i had to buy a converter to install it as an internal hard drive in my computer . After much effort it was connected and the tech guys at CompUSA helped me by recognizing the harddirve using BIOS. The harddrive worked fine for about 6 months until i reformatted my CPU about 3 days ago. Now my additional hard drive (the once external hardrive isnt recognized ) so im pretty sure its not a matter of wiring because it once worked how it is connected now (and i havent changed anything). So im sure its simply adjusting the harddrive with BIOS again. When i enter my BIOS setting in startup i can see the hard dirve is recognized but i do not know what tod o form here so it appears on my computer.

PS: I dont want to lose the information i have on ym harddirve , so if a format is required what othe... Read more

A:Additional Harddrive not detected by my computer!

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Having a lot of files, I aquired a shiny 500GB WD external harddrive about ten months ago. It's been very good to me; however, this past Saturday night when I connected it to my laptop, RUI didn't pop up (I named my external RUI). Instead, it read Local Disc (G: ). I tried unplugging RUI and reconnecting him many times, but my laptop still fails to recognize him.

I searched the internet for solutions. Many others have had simular experiences and have found a solution by right clicking on My Computer and then clicking on Manage, which leads into Computer Management. From there, they clicked on Disc Management and the drives came up and they regained access to the external harddrive. I attempted to open drive G: but it only lead me to a blank window. I tried to explore drive G:, but that lead me to a blank window as well. After about thirty seconds a window popped up asking me to reformat the drive. If it wasn't for the fact that irriplaceable photographs and home videos from family gatherings were on there, I'd be fine with it, however, I don't want them to be destroyed.

I just got off the phone with Western Digital's tech support with no luck. For one, I didn't understand the man as his accent was very strong, but he had me do the exact same thing I found online. I told him that the window was blank and that the reformatting window came up. I wasn't sure what he said after that. Something about needing to copy or backup the files fro... Read more

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Hey people, i was wondering, is there a way to turn on an external harddrive straight from the computer? Like is there a program that when is opened, will turn on the harddive? Because i am trying to find a way to remotely turn on my harddirve while im on the go. That way, i can use my mobile device to play the media that is on my harddrive.

any comments/suggestions appreciated.

A:Is there a way to turn on an external harddrive from the computer?

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Hello all,

After traveling across the country in a Uhaul my PC developed a problem, here is a description of the problem:

The computer will power up and goes to the default screen preloaded on the motherboard. When windows tries to load (the Windows Vista screen with the green horizontal progress bar), it shuts down after a few seconds.

I assumed that harddrive was damaged during the move, so purchased a replacement HD and installed it. The computer powers up with no problems, and Vista begins to run when I insert the disk to re-install the OS. The problem is, the same thing happens when the computer finishes reading the files on the disk... a hard shutdown.

I'm really clueless when it comes to this. If you need me to give you more info, please let me know (as I say, I'm clueless when it comes to this).

Any help in the right direction would be great. The Best,


A:Installed new harddrive, but computer still won't boot

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