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Resetting Back to Factory Settings - Stuck Help please

Q: Resetting Back to Factory Settings - Stuck Help please

Newbe here.  I was wondering if anyone can help me with resetting my Dell XPS (2005) with Windows XP OS? 
I am reinstalling the OS manually with the CD that came with the computor.  I followed the instructions for a manual restart and added the first disc Dell XP OS all was going well when a window poped up.  It says "the file 'ha20x2k.sys' on Creative Installer CD-Rom is needed."  "type in the path where the file is located and click ok."  Well I am assuming they mean the Creative Sound Blaster X-fi cd and I put it in and nothing happens.  Also the arrow/cursor doesn't move nor can I type anything in, what I am doing wrong?  The window also doesn't let me see if time is elapsing on the installation of the first CD.

Preferred Solution: Resetting Back to Factory Settings - Stuck Help please

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: Resetting Back to Factory Settings - Stuck Help please

Has the OS already loaded... and now you are installing the driver suite?

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I'm trying to restore my notebook. Dell Inspirion 15 (5548) Windows 8.1 
I've tried some options:
"Remove everything and reinstall Windows" in the PC Settings (Windows 8.1 feature). All this gives me is a blue screen error message (described below).
I've tried restoring via the recovery DVDs I made when I first purchased the computer. After proceeding with the options via Dell Backup and Recovery, it ask me to restart the computer; unfortunately all it does is... restart the computer, no messages or anything.
I've tried recovering via the F12 key during boot, and choosing the appropriate option, but all it does is give me the same blue screen error message.
I've tried the Advance Startup in the Windows update and recovery menu. I would then choose Dell Backup Recovery option, but then I would get the same blue screen error message.
error message:
Your PC needs to be repaired
The operating system couldn't be loaded because the kernel is missing or contains errors.
File: \windows\system32\ntoskrnl.exe
Error code: ...
screen picture: 
I've ran the built in Windows Memory Diagnostic test, and it reported no errors.
I've ran Dells Diagnostics utility in the boot menu option, but everything passed.
I'm not really sure what to do.

A:I need help resetting computer back to factory settings.

Download Produkey and write down your 8.1 key. Your key is embedded in firmware. Then go here and download the Windows 8.1 install media. Pick the same version you have, Home or Pro. Backup your data and do a reinstall. This disk will not have the Dell drivers so you may have to go to your computer's support page and get the appropriate drivers.

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Today i decided to reset my pc as program installs had broken and i think i had acquired a virus so i went to setting recovery reset pc and quick reset i left the computer alone for about half an hour assuming it would take time to reset when i came back an error message showed up saying an error occurred while resetting and the only option was cancel i cliked this then i choose continue now my computer boots up the gigabyte splash screen black screens then restarts and i cant find a way to boot windows i was running windows 10 when i reset but my pc came preloaded with windows 8 currently i have an inefficient radiator in my room and would like to be able to use it please help.

most information i can give or find out im not sure what info is useful

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I have 2 pc's that I need to wipe out and clean out. One is a Dell Dimension 4300 Desktop and the other is a HP Pavilion a 405n.
I want to use one for backup storage and the other for general internet work. How do I go about doing this? The system is Windows XP.


A:Resetting PC to factory settings

They might have come with built-in factory recoveries. When you boot up - do you see anything about a recovery process or anything similar? Most times they will give you an option at start up. Also, look in My Computer and look for a partition about recovery.

PC's may have came with recovery disks too.

If you are unable to find anything like that - you can wipe out the PC using DBAN (link available in my signature). Keep in mind, this will wipe out everything on the hard drive. So you will have to reinstall Windows.

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How does one reset a Pavillon dv7 back to factory settings 

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I have a used laptop from my office they gave me. I want to completely wipe it clean of everything that is on there. How do I go about doing that and leaving just the basic operating system Windows XP on it?

A:Resetting Factory Settings

You can either uninstall all the programs/applications you don't want manually through add/remove programs, re-install XP from a XP setup disc, or restore from the factory partition if one exists.

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How does one reset a Pavillon dv7 back to factory settings 


View Solution.

A:Resetting a lop top to factory settings

@Char-Lee Hello;Allow me to welcome you to the HP forums! If Vista is what came preinstalled on this laptop, then the general way is to press  F11 while rebooting and when the HP Recovery Manager starts up, select the option to do a factory reset. IF that doesn't work, that means your Recovery partition has been corrupted and you would have to use HP Recovery Media disks to do that -- but HP does not stock Vista recovery media anymore.Since  HP no longer provides Recovery Media for your model, a couple of other sites you should check are: http://www.computersurgeons.com/ and http://www.restoredisks.com/Before using the media, read through this: http://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c00006110Good Luck

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I have a windows 7 HP G60 laptop. I got it a couple years ago. It is slow but I have tried to delete all the bad programs. How do I just reset it to completely how it was when I bought it? I want to erase everything and go to complete factory settings.

A:Resetting HP G60 to factory settings?

Hi, welcome to TSF

have a read here and see if it helps you. How to Factory Restore your Computer

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Hey Guys

This is my first post on these forums, and I hope I am doing this in the right place. Any help with the following will be greatly appreciated!

I am selling a computer that I have had for 2 years but want to make sure any trace of my documents etc are removed before I hand it over to a new owner.

I am running Vista Premium on a Dual Core total 3.2GHz with 160 HD and 2GB RAM. I have a partitioned 'D Drive' which I have been told is my key to finding my answer, but when I double click and open 'restore' on there, all I get is a warning message. There is no 'continue' button or anything that I can see to proceed with.

I am aware that doing this will wipe all of my personal information, but do I need my original Windows disc or anything else to carry out this procedure? I'm sure I have them somewhere, but am not sure where, so to save me searching, I'm hoping there is a way to do this.

Anyway, all help will be greatly appreciated and will really help me out, so thank you in advance!


A:Resetting to factory settings for sale

I would (since you want all information gone for good) use Dban Complete Disk Eraser to accomplish what you want. This is much deeper than a standard format and makes it even more secure than a regular format. Someone with some skill can retreive data from a disk that is simply formatted.

Please note: Be sure you have all disks unhooked that you do not want formatted and cleaned, because this program while great has the capability to erase multiple disks at one time if hooked to the computer.

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hi all this new to me and im looking to reset my laptop to factory settings. my lpatop is running slow and slugish if anyone can help me to do this plz help

A:help resetting laptop to factory settings

If you give us the make and model of your computer, I will be glad to help you.
There may be better solutions, however. What do you want to do?

For Example
Speed Up the Performance of Vista

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I'm not entirely sure if this is the right forum for this problem, but here it is. My girlfriend's Acer netbook ran into an issue of not being able to start up. When she starts it, it goes to, more or less, the blue screen of death. However, when she hits Alt-F10 to bring her to the screen where she could bring the netbook back to factory settings, it won't allow her to. She gets to the Alt-F10 screen, it's not giving her an option to do much of anything. I'm looking to see if anyone knows another way around the blue screen of death to basically reset back to factory settings, if I can by a particular keystroke method, or if installing a new hard drive is the only way around it. (which I've looked and the hd's are very cheap) I'd appreciate any help I can get on this matter, thanks.

A:Help resetting netbook to factory settings

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Hi guys , i just want to make sure if i am doing it right before i try to reset my router to factory settings. The reason is that it is in a workplace and it runs with UBS accounting system which is connected to mutiple PC with Ethernet cable. And i want to make sure it doesn't affect the Accounting System after i reset the router to facotry settings.

So the question here is : Will it affect the system ? If i am not wrong , the system runs with IP address accordingly. Sorry i am not much a tech guy but yeah.

A:Resetting Router to factory settings

Company router and not a tech guy. I would suggest you check with your IT Department.

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Hi everyone, looking for some help. I'll give you guys the rundown.

My computer has become riddled with viruses, some that i know of include a bunch of browser takeover ones that i have tried to get rid of but keep popping up. Whenever i run Security Essentials and MalwareBytes i get lots of stuff popping up and i remove it. My computer has become very slow and annoying to use, so i want to reset it back to factory settings.

Here's my problem though, i dont have any system restore points set up when i got it, i was young and naive, and i dont have the disks anymore to reinstall. I don't care about my files, they can all be wiped, i just wanna have a smooth operating computer again.

I would love any suggestions or tips on how to resolve this issue.

No windows 7 disks, no system restore points, don't care about my files, want to go back to factory settings.

A:Resetting my computer to factory settings

What is LondonDrugs/Certified Data? Doesn't sound like a manufacturer and model number.

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I want to restore my laptop back to it's factory settings. I know how to do this however I want to make sure I don't lose anything in the process.

I have the Operating System Recovery DVD which came with my laptop and I also have a Drivers, Manuals and Utilities DVD which came with the laptop.

I have copied my favourites onto an external HDD.

I have moved all my files (such as music, videos, pictures, word documents etc) onto an external HDD.

I have copied all the installation files for the programs I have onto an external HDD.

Is there anything else I need to do? For example do I need to take a copy of any of the OS files or are they all on the aforementioned DVDs?


A:What do I need to back up before factory resetting my laptop?

Quote: Originally Posted by FraserBarclay


I want to restore my laptop back to it's factory settings. I know how to do this however I want to make sure I don't lose anything in the process.

I have the Operating System Recovery DVD which came with my laptop and I also have a Drivers, Manuals and Utilities DVD which came with the laptop.

I have copied my favourites onto an external HDD.

I have moved all my files (such as music, videos, pictures, word documents etc) onto an external HDD.

I have copied all the installation files for the programs I have onto an external HDD.

Is there anything else I need to do? For example do I need to take a copy of any of the OS files or are they all on the aforementioned DVDs?


I reccommend you make a Widnows Easy Transfer file that will keep the data that you had in your programs. It will allow you to restore the program data after you reinstall windows with your programs. Easy transfer doesn't backup your programs, but it does back up the program data. Windows Easy Transfer will also backup your user account, which includes your music, pictures, viseos, downloads, and items on your desktop. To use Windows easy transfer, go to start, then type in easy transfer, then click on Windows Easy Transfer. Once it opens click next. Save the easy transfer on your external hard drive by clicking on "a usb hard disk or flash drive." Then, click "this is my old com... Read more

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SF Diagnostic File attached

I'm not a professional at using computers so I really need help with this.
I share this computer with my family, which also consists of some kids who play this game called League of Legends.
However, one day after I got on, the computer blue screened after a few minutes of surfing (around 20 minutes).

I tried System restore and Memory Diagnostic and it said I had something wrong with my hardware.

I was worried but because I had a back-up file, I went ahead and reformatted the computer, returning it to factory settings. However, after that the computer still had problems and I need help figuring out if it can be fixed without buying new hardware. Otherwise, I'll just buy a new computer.

I don't know if these will help but:

ImageShack? - Online Photo and Video Hosting

ImageShack? - Online Photo and Video Hosting

A:BSOD ntoskrnl.exe Even after resetting to factory settings

The Bsod has been appearing even while no one is on the computer.
If you require extra info, the affected computer is a Acer Aspire with a Intel 8960 Processor.
It runs a Windows 7 Family Premium OS and is being affected by the error code 0x0000001A

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I backed up all my files on a drive and wanted to reset laptop to factory settings and it's taking over 12 hours to do this and still not finished. It says installing Windows and doing it again and again over 10 hours and it won't change... Is it broken ? Can I exit this

View Solution.

A:Resetting hp laptop to factory settings and it's taking over...

I would advise holding down the power button until the computer turns off then turn it back on and boot it from the recovery media again like you did previously if you still have issues after this we can do further checks. James

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I had an issue with my laptop,it crashed on blue screen and for some reason would not re-start - The only thing that I could do was to reset my laptop to it's factory settings.
Since I have done this.I can't seem to find any wireless access points and cannot connect to my wireless router - the onlt way i can connect is through wired connection.
I have tried to enable wirless by pressing my F8 key which stated that wireless is on but on programmes it says that no wireless is enabled - its like i've lost wireless altogether, does this make sense?

Can anyone please help.

Thankyou x

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, 32 bit
Processor: AMD Sempron(tm) SI-42, x64 Family 17 Model 3 Stepping 1
Processor Count: 1
RAM: 766 Mb
Graphics Card: ATI Radeon HD 3200 Graphics (Microsoft Corporation WDDM 1.1), 256 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 75999 MB, Free - 63848 MB; D: Total - 76224 MB, Free - 10046 MB;
Motherboard: TOSHIBA, NBWAE
Antivirus: McAfee VirusScan, Updated and Enabled

A:Cannot run internet on Wireless after resetting to factory settings

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hi i am looking for help on how to reset my acer laptop to the factory settings but i am having trouble because it seems my start up program has been either deleted or hit by a virus and wont load past 96% of the system update

A:i need help resetting my acer laptop to factory settings


Originally Posted by mad aussie 89

hi i am looking for help on how to reset my acer laptop to the factory settings but i am having trouble because it seems my start up program has been either deleted or hit by a virus and wont load past 96% of the system update

By that do you mean that activating the Acer Restore Partition fails at 96% ?



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I bought a used Dell Dimension E520 - it has the Windows XP Media Center Version. The previous owner left some things behind, and I would like a fresh start with a totally clean computer. However I don't have the disc for installation, at least I dont think so - it came with a bunch of discs but they seem to be drivers. I tried running winnt32.exe, but it said that I should boot from a cd instead since the XP version on the "CD" was older than the one installed. I just pressed continue to test if the product key worked, it didn't and said that it was invalid. Does Dimension E520 maybe come with XP Home, and the previous owners have just installed Media Center and put the sticker on top?
Any other way to do this? Restoring from previous backup won't work because the latest restorepoint was from a month ago when the owner tried erasing as much as possible.

A:Resetting Windows XP to factory settings, without disc

Is there a recovery partition on the hard drive?

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Hi, my work computers run on Windows XP and no matter what changes you make it always restores back to the companies pre-defined settings
on each restart. I've checked and it doesn't use any startup or login scripts in GPO MMC. I'm thinking it uses network booting (i.e. PXE), are
there any other ways of doing such a thing? Knowing me I've missed the plain obvious.

***BTW, I have no intention of causing any harm, it's just I've been around them for 5 years now and haven't thought twice about it (till now
). I'm just wondering and interested in how they most likely have done it. Ideas will be appreciated.

A:Solved: Resetting to Factory Settings on Restart

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So, I've reset my computer due to a virus problem, and now my computer is doing this little circle loading screen for hours. Is there anyway to get it to finally load?

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please can anyone help me- i'm wanting to set my philips ex89 laptop to its factory setting there is what ive done and the problem....​

ive switch lappy on pressed f8 and the advance boot potions has come up just like it has said in the manual but there is the problem on my screen when i have this i do not have repair your computer bit (which by what it says in the book i need) everything else is there appart from this please can someone explain if anyone can. plus my disk drive seams to have been disabled as it no longer reads cd/dvds or dose't even recognise a cd/dvd in the drive, i've installed Google on and left internet explorer 8 on as there is another user on this lappy that pefurs to use it and for some reason that has gone even when i try and type it in the search nothing comes up it is the same with windows media player but it is there on my laptop the button is not but neither is the program listed anywhere to open it but the way i have to open my music is to double click on a song in my music file then window media will pop up and play it (weird to me) so personally i do think it is best to re-set it unless anyone can talk me through it but please bare in mind i'm not a wiz kid with lappys, so if someone explains it need to be in detail. Please if anyone can help please do as i dont really want to take it to the shop to be done as to be honest i dont have the money for it ​​
just for info the lappy has vista but is running o... Read more

A:Solved: my phillips EX89 need resetting to factory settings (PLEASE ANYONE HELP ME)

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Hi... (not sure which topic group I should have posted this in)

I wanted to restore my Toshiba Satellite to factory settings. It ran fine at first, but its gotten significantly worse (and not due to viruses).

How would I go about doing that? One website told me to tap F8 during boot-up, until I get to advanced options. But then the only option that seems relevant is "Toshiba Recovery Wizard". But this asks for a disk that I was not given when I purchased my laptop new.

Do I need this disc? Can i find it anywhere? Is there another way to reset to factory settings?

Any ideas?


A:Difficulties Resetting Toshiba Satellite to Factory Settings in Vista

According to this link you can have restore CDs sent to you at no cost.Have had little opportunity to work with Satellite`s. When you first start it up there is a black screen that appears prior to the Windows start-up screen. It should present you with at least 2 options, maybe 3. What are they?

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Hi, I recently modified DEP using bcdedit.exe, and now the options for DEP under the Advanced System Settings window are greyed out. How do I reset it back to its default state? BTW I'm using Vista Basic.


A:Help resetting DEP back to default settings

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I am currently trying to fix an Acer laptop for a friend of mine and from what I can tell it looks as if her laptop continues to reset itself back to its original settings. For example, the desktop background goes back to the slandered picture, desktop icons that were once there are gone and programs have to be reinstalled. Neither of us have an exact cause for this issue, except she did mention how she had a router problem within the last week, but I wouldn't see how that would constantly be affecting the laptop itself when the router has been fixed. Every day the computer resets itself and its becoming a frustrating task for her and she's just about given up on it.

Is there, perhaps, a control I could change? Could it be a possible virus or malware issue?

Please help, I'm becoming a little desperate for help myself.

Thank you,

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Hi ive just reformated my laptop "TOSHIBA Qosmio F20"then i done all the "windows updates" now when i try to burn music onto a CD its not burning my discs are "varbatim" and they worked before the format

A:Back To Factory Settings

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I recently set my computer back to factory settings....The reason is involved, but the end result is what I need help with. I have a file on my desktop with all apps removed after going back to factory settings. It is an external drive with bigfish games.. Does anyone know how to reinstall the lost apps with the games back to my computer.When I launch the game the message is bigfish manager no responding. I have tried reinstalling game manager and I get the same message..I got a message at one time asking me which app do I want to use. I tried internet explorer and nothing happened...I did get a message asking me which one I wanted to use and did I want to use it for every bigfish item.I can't get that message back..I know this is very specific to my problem but I'm at a loss. I am afraid of making matters worse. HELP please..

A:back to factory settings

Have you tried going back to the official site and re-downloading the games you have paid for? Games for PC, Mobile, iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac & Online | Big Fish

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i have a compaq PC (windows vise) and i need to put it back to when i first got it. i have system restoration kit cds but i put the first cd in and restart my computer then it pops up boot hard disk or CD rom.

A:help, get back to factory settings.

When it gives you that option to boot from hard drive or CD Rom, select CD Rom and go from there.

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I just spent 8 hours putting my laptop back to factory settings. I had a problem with the administrator and password and apparently that was my only choice. I downloaded all the Windows updates. I now have one update left and I get an error code 063 which indicates a registry problem. How could I possibly have a registry problem? Why doesn't windows give you a registry fix rather than all the other offers that seem to appear.

A:Put my laptop back to factory settings

Please follow the Windows Update Posting Instructions and post the requested data

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I have just purchased a new pc and want to sell my old one, it is a Packard bell pc imedia S3210 running wind 7 home premium. I don't want anyone to be able to get my info/passwords etc so need to restore it back to factory settings. my question is this.
if I do this re store who ever purchases it will they be able to use it , I assume they will have to install IE, FF etc to be able to use it

A:restoring pc back to factory settings

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Hi, I was wondering if I installed a Windows 8 Software and have Windows 7, if by resetting it to Factory Setting will go back to Windows 7. Also, I mean for sure!!

A:Restore Back To Factory Settings

Welcome to the forum,

Here's a for sure way,

VMware Player - Install Windows 8

You don't mess up your win 7 and no restore just delete the virtual 8 machine.

VMware installs just like any other program, then just follow the tutorial.

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Recently i started having trouble with my computer after downloading a program for a college class. I have been looking into ways to clean my PC since removing it. One way i keep coming across is that you should restore the computer every year. My main question is if i use F10 while the computer is booting and use the restore to factory setting option will i lose Windows and all programs. or will my computer keep the programs it came with when i turned it on for the very first time, if that is the case i wouldn't mind because i really just use my computer for games and do not have anything major saved to it.

A:restarting back to factory settings

The system recovery partition will set back your computer all programs installed from the day you acquired which is equivalent to OEM recovery discs. All data and programs installed there after will be deleted. There are some laptops that have a back-up option before proceeding to the factory install.

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I reset my computer completely... How do I get the factory settings back... I keep pressing okay, it resets, and then the same thing pops up... Please help... :'(

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Hi there, was looking for a budget computer, so bought a second hand one online - it is six years old - i need it mainly to practice and apply coding and programming knowledge i am learning at university under my computer science course. So I bought this Acer Emachines EL 1600 because it was quite cheap. The seller did specify that he does not know how to reset the computer back to factory settings, so I though it surely wouldn't be that hard so I bought it thinking that resetting would be easy enough. Now the PC is terribly slow (really, really dead slow) and has many malware and trojans it seems, so I want to be able to reset it. But the issue is that I can't find a way to reset the PC.

OK, so the default e-machines files that should be installed by default on the PC seem to have been wiped out, since the original user seems to have installed another OS onto the PC, so i cannot use the Acer e-recovery tools that usually come installed with Acer PCs.

I contacted the seller again and he said that the PC came installed with windows XP and no recovery disks or any other disks as such were provided. I confirmed with electronic stores that Acer PCs dont usually come with a disk - here in NZ.

Upon start up, the Acer logo is accompanied with 2 options: Del to enter setup (CMOS utility) and F12 to open boot menu and NO OTHER keys or combinations of keys work - i.e. as suggested on many other forums and elsewhere on the internet, neither of F2 or Alt+F10 have any effect. ... Read more

A:How do I restore a PC back to its factory settings?

You will have to use a (legitimate copy of Windows that can be activated) and do a complete new "Clean" install from that. No other option.

Clean install is reformat the hard drive then install.

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I have Spyware on my PC and am not sure how to get rid of it.

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.4
Scan saved at 10:46:00 PM, on 11/19/2011
Platform: Windows 7 (WinNT 6.00.3504)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v8.00 (8.00.7600.16869)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Alwil Software\Avast5\AvastUI.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware\mbamgui.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\IObit\Game Booster\gbtray.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe

R1 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Default_Page_URL = http://homepage.emachines.com/rdr.aspx?b=ACEW&l=0409&m=et1831&r=173602102206p0465v1h5r44m1s455
R1 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Search Page = http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=54896
R0 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Start Page = http://homepage.emachines.com/rdr.aspx?b=ACEW&l=0409&m=et1831&r=173602102206p0465v1h5r44m1s455
R1 - HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Default_Page_URL = http://www.yahoo.com
R1 - HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Default_Search_URL = http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=54896
R1 - HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Search Page = http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=54896
R0 - HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Start Page = http://www.yahoo.com
R0 - HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Search,SearchAssistant =
R0 - HKLM\Softw... Read more

A:How to revert PC back to factory settings?

Not patient.

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I'm sure there is help here for this, but can't seem to find the right post. I want to set my PC Dell Inspiron 560 Windows 7, back to the factory settings as I just bought a new one and I'm selling this one.
I have the CDs to do this, but when it comes on the screen, there is so much "jumble" on the screen, and I have no clue what it means, or what to do. I hit f12, when the Dell logo appears. Is there an easier way to do this, or can someone explain what I do, I am totally clueless on this. Someone else told me to hit F8, lol, so as I said Im confused on this, thanks for any help. Also is there an easier way to do it, without using the CD's?

A:Setting back to factory Settings

? Save all your important files.

? Unplug all the devices and drivers from your CPU (except the keyboard and the mouse), including your printer, camera and memory stick.

? Shut off the computer and then turn it on, or simply restart it.

? As soon as you see the Dell logo at the start keep on hitting the F8 key repeatedly. Do not stop until you see the screen that says "Repair your computer." There will be other options too but chose this option and hit Enter.

? Next you will see a prompt window giving you options to select the keyboard layout select from the drop-down menu "US" and click "OK."

? On the next screen you will be asked to select the user ID and the password of your Windows account. Select your user account, but make sure your user account has administrative functions. Type in your password. If you don't have a password, leave it blank and click "OK."

? Now you will come to a window with multiple options. Choose the one at the bottom that reads, "Dell Factory Image Restore." By clicking "Dell Factory Image Restore" , it will generate an operation that will take about 45 minutes to complete.

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I need to restore my laptop back to factory settings. I do not have the original windows 7 discs and when i go to the restore options in setting it actually only gives me the option to reinstall windows. I created a recovery disc with windows on but when i tried the reinstall windows options it said the disc wasn't correct. Please can someone tell me the steps I need to take to reset my laptop back to factory settings

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I browsed the forums before deciding to ask my question and didn't find anything that fully addressed my problem.

My uncle installed Windows 7 onto my computer, creating a Windows.old file. It had Windows XP before, as the factory installed OS (no disc). I am now trying to revert back to Windows XP (why is not important). However, I am having some issues:

1) When I boot and select "Earlier Version of Windows" as the OS to start with, I am taken to a screen that requires I enter an admin password. The problem is that we do not have an admin password for Windows XP. As far as I know, one never existed. I was never prompted to enter one when starting the comp, and my husband is the one who set it up and he said he never had one.

2) When I attempt to do a factory settings restore through Windows 7 by pressing F8, I am asked to locate a system image. I don't know what that means really, except that it's a copy of the existing comp info and am not sure if the Windows.old folder is what I'm looking for. If so, that's another problem because it won't accept Windows.old.

3) I do not have any recovery points beyond, like, yesterday. Apparently my uncle set it so that older recovery points are deleted to make room for new ones. Awesome.

A:Need Help Reverting Back to XP/Factory Settings

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So I was all over this thread

Unable to use built-in ASUS recovery partition

trying to reformat my computer. I tried the different tecniques and for what ever reson, I now can't boot into windows or begin the install of the factory image (window with spinning dots and then says unknown error).

What I have access to:
windows explore (thanks to SIW2 program)
Image file on USB
cmd prompt

What I don't have is:
and also getting this msg "the subsystem needed to support the image type is not present" when I try to get my windows key

I'll be satisfied to reboot into my old windows or to actually return my computer to factory settings.

Any help, as my head has been spinning over this for the last few days

A:Trying to get Asus win 8.1 back to factory settings

using from a command prompt -

select disk 0
list volume
list partition

need to see what is on your disk.. I assume you tried to apply install.wim from the recovery partition?
if siw2 does not allow you internet or snipping - my tools iso does (link in sig below)

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It is not possible to set my laptop back to factory settings. I start the procedure in Windows 10 "Back to factory settings", the system starts to do so and is busy for a while, but in the end the system says: "A problem occured during the process. No changes are made."

Please excuse me for my English but is is not my native language.


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i had a problem with my mcafee it would not let my code in. i contacted mcafee and they said there was something stopping it   they wanted 199.99 to fix it when i said no they told me to delete my back up and go for factory settings but it will not let me do this    can u help me    thank you

A:i am trying to put my laptop back to factory settings but it...

please help me

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I cannot get past the black screen error message not allowing me to get into Windows 10 to access reset options.  Can I download a factory reset usb flash drive?

A:How do I revert back to factory settings in a HP Probook 655...

annualman17 Hello;Allow me to welcome you to the HP forums! I see you're running Win10. Did the PC come preinstalled with Win10? Or, did you upgrade it from a prior OS to Win10?This is important as the recovery/reset method is different for the two situations.We can proceed when you provide the answers.

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Should I restore the OS to get back my DVD RW drive's drivers?

I had a CD shatter in the Drive, (drive still works) and I had to take the shell off and unplug the drive
to get the CD shards out. DVD RW drivers got deleted. will restoring the computer back to its factory settings get them back?

Or should I sent in PC to repair shop? or possibly buy an external DVD drive and re install windows, or run a recovery disc.

I have re installed windows previously becaus of Winsoft Rogue.

A:Restore to factory settings to get back DVD RW drive?

Optical drives don't have drivers.Tell us exactly what's going on.

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I wish to make my computer back to factory settings. Like it was when it came fresh out the box. My computer is a Dell Dimension e521.

A:How to make computer back to factory settings. Just like new again

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Error code:0xe0f00013
I have a HP Pavilion laptop (windows 7 Ultimate 64bit system with a 2.3gb AMD Turion 11 Dual-Core with 8gb Ram.
I bought it about two years ago for my daughter. When I bought it I burned DVD's for the Recovery Disks. I have never used them UNTIL now.She was getting a message that it was NOT a Genuine copy,but it is.I figured that if I restored the laptop with the original DVD's that it would fix the problem.
I loaded the recovery Disks On the last Disk it gave me this:Recovery Manager could not restore your computer using the factory image-Please contact HP support,Error Code:0xe0f00013.I tried restarting laptop and it said BOOTMGR is missing .Press ctrl+ALT+DEL to restart. I called HP and ordered the operating system.When it arrived I loaded the DVD's BUT on the last Disk it gave me the same ERROR. Could someone from this wonderful site help me out. Maybe someone else has this same problem.(I did search this site for similar problems but did not come up with anything.)

A:Windows 7 will not reinstall back to factory settings

Is this Recovery disk to reinstall windows from scratch, or is it a custom made disk, if so, do you have any option to format and start from scratch?

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