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Desktop HP t3545.uk with distored sound

Q: Desktop HP t3545.uk with distored sound

Greetings, i digged out an old HP t3545.uk desktop computer, install fresh version of windows XP SP3 on it, and i cant figure out its sound problem. It also has ATI card in it.

The thing is that by default in bios on board audio is set to auto, and once you boot up into windows, there is no Realtek HD audio device in manage screen as if it does not exist at all.

So i changed the bios setting to onboard audio device enabled, and i appeared in the system. Ive installed latest audio driver from Realtek, i got sound but its heavely distorted. I tried to install audio driver provided by HP, but its extremely outdated and cant be installed to SP3.

Ive tried everything, reainstalling drivers, disabling ati HDMI audio, switching bios parameters to auto, enabled, disabled, nothing helps.

Does this mean that this PC actually has a dead built in audio, or is there something im missing?

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Preferred Solution: Desktop HP t3545.uk with distored sound

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)


My son and husband uploaded a Disney mp3 player to download songs from our pc which then changed the volume settings. Every sound the pc makes now echos. The speakers, the connections and sound card are fine. I have tested all of them. Any suggestions?

A:Distored Sound

Have you tried clicking on the Speaker icon in the system tray? An amplify or boost mode may have been turned on in here. Go through the Advanced Properties and ensure everything is set correctly.

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Audio Cds and Mp3s sound Distorted. Tried different speakers, sound cards, PCI Slots. Is there something in Windows that may be causing this?

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OMG help help help!!! I was on my computer and the screen like switched and now the screen is distored and i can barely see anything!! There is like no way to fix this!!! Whats going on?!?! I am desperate for help, I am looking at tons and tons of sites but no one has a problem even closely remotely related to mine.

The screen was normal but now is distored and odd shaped, the adjust screen things on my monitor don't work now!! Help I would consider you a god if you could help me!!!

A:Distored Monitor few help me!!

Calm down

Go to start>controlpanel>system>device manager>click on display adapter, what does it say exactly

Any yellow or red indicators in device manager

Go to start>controlpanel>display>settings What is it set at, do you have options to change it.
Go to start>controlpanel>display>settings>advanced>monitor tab, what does it say for installed monitor

What video card do you have

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The cd is in great condiction so should I cleen my laptop disk place and then if that, how?

A:Distored i'm an american cd

Mmm - could do with a bit more explanation here. Do you mean the sound is "distorted" and not "distored" (no such word)?
if you meant to type "distorted", try cleaning the CD with purpose-made CD cleaner.
You can also buy a special CD that will clean the CD drive. Most good audio centres or computer stores will have them.
They have little bristles attached to them which are designed to clean dirt from the laser lens, but don't get carried away - only use it a couple of times a year as over-use can do more harm than good.

If other CDs play okay and only that one is distorted, then despite what you say it must be a bad CD.

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I was wondering iff someone can help me out I am having issues with Thinkpad T570 and my screen looks distroted when I fire up Citrix or Remote Desktop running the graphic looks distorted.  I'd check the drive and make sure everything was up to date.  Have anyone ever experience this before?  The system is using Intel 520 and I am using T570 running Windows 7.  TIA.    

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I have Windows XP/Version 2002/Service Pack 3 on my Dell laptop. In early December 2015, I found an old, unopened, uninstalled, unregistered copy of CA Internet Security Suite 2009. I thought I would install it and see if it would automatically upgrade to the current protection level of 2015/2016 for possibly a year and then I would have to pay to continue getting upgrades. Once I installed it, it seemed to slow my laptop down quite a bit. It seemed like every web page I visited, I'd have to manually add it to the firewall to allow access to the site. I started to search for another product and saw that Vipre Internet Security Suite 2016 got good reviews and had a 30 day trial period. I uninstalled the CA product and installed Vipre. This didn't seem to help speed anything up (not that I really thought it would). The most annoying problem I have, and it seemed to start when I installed the CA suite, is that web page images seem to load OK for the first few pages I visit. Then after a few pages, images load half way and the bottom half of the image loads grainy and/or distorted ("piecemeal"). I'm using Chrome version 48.0.2564.103. It happens in FireFox (43.0.1) as well, but doesn't seem to happen as often. I frequently clear the cache and history in both browsers and this doesn?t help. Since the browsers are up-to-date, I'm assuming the problem is with XP. I suppose it could be the graphics card, but I thought I would see dead pixels on the screen, whi... Read more

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Hello, I have been searching high and low for a way to resolve this. I'm hoping someone here can help me. I'm having a problem in Windows 7 (64 bit) where a lot of my prompt/dialog boxes are blank and I can't see the text. This mainly happens on prompt windows, like if I am trying to update or install a program. I am on a Dell XPS 9100, with an Intel Core i7 2.8 GHz processor. It has 3GB of Ram and a 500GB hard drive. If that helps at all.

Can anyone help me fix this error? I've run all kinds of virus/spyware/malware scans, but they don't come up with anything. I've attached some screenshots

Thanks in advance!

A:Blank/Distored Dialog Boxes

Nothing in the screenshots unfortunately.

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I recently purchased a Compaq Presario CQ71 and when I ran it for the first time, I noticed the Volume Icon was all distored and fuzzy.

This is really annoying me as its a brand new laptop and its like this.

Does anyone know how i can solve this problem?

Hope you can help,

Many thanks in advance.

A:System Icon Distored/Fuzzy, Please Help!

If all the other icons are fine, then it's probably just a low-res/poor quality icon that Compaq have used.

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I have been currently been having a problem with my computer sounds. This is hard for me to explain but I will try my best to explain it.

During the start of of the computer, after I enter in my password to my account, you would usually hear the Windows start up music. Well I hear it and it sounds very distored. Also I am an average user of Pandora radio and if during times of listening to a station the sounds get electronic sounding if I open another page on a different tab or open a program and it hurts my poor ears.

I have tried to uninstall my sound driver and also have tried updating it with no luck. Any and all help would be great. I am providing both my specs and the hijackthis info.

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium , 64 bit
Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) II X2 235e Processor, AMD64 Family 16 Model 6 Stepping 2
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 6143 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GT , 512 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 941478 MB, Free - 742971 MB; E: Total - 226949 MB, Free - 168272 MB; F: Total - 11523 MB, Free - 11423 MB;
Motherboard: eMachines, MCP61PM-GM, ,
Antivirus: avast! Antivirus, Updated and Enabled
Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.4
Scan saved at 10:25:49 PM, on 12/15/2010
Platform: Windows 7 (WinNT 6.00.3504)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v8.00 (8.00.7600.16700)
Boot mode: Normal
Running processes:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\GoogleToolbarNotifier\GoogleToolbarNotifier.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\... Read more

A:Computer sounds - Distored and Electronic

Forgot to add that the sound card is a Realtek High Definition Audio built into the motherboard. This is the information provided by the Realtek HD Audio Manager Information panel:

Audio Driver Version:
DirectX Version: DirectX 11.0
Audio Controller: HD Audio
Audio Codec: ALC888S

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Just bought this HP notebook.  Seems very good, except for the audio.  When music is playing, it appears to automatically cut the volume when the level gets high, then it slowly increases.  This gives music an annoying loud-soft-loud-soft feel that sounds awful.  I don't want it normalized, just played straight. This occurs both for online music and for local music.   However, it only happens with the internal speakers.  With an external speaker plugged in, no distortion. I am trying to turn this off, if at all possible.  My searching shows that some drivers have "loudness equalization" for audio effects;  However, when I go to Playback Devices > Properties, the Enhancements tab does not have any options at all.  Any ideas?  The laptop will be used for frequent music playing, so this is a deal breaker if it can't be modified.

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This only happens to video that has to buffer before playing. It doesnt happen to video that just stream directly.

The image is distorded in weird colors, sort of looks like an infared diagram, where the outlines of the video are visible but colors all distorted. Again this only happens to video that is buffered first. I believe it is only on mpeg buffered video files.

video card has latest drivers and is radeon 9550

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I have a Dell desktop that is not getting sound out of the speakers but I do get sound out of the headphones when I plug the headphones into the computer not the speckers.

Anybody have a idea what is wrong?

A:Dell desktop- no sound-headphones get sound

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My new desktop bought today has no sound at all...the speakers won't even turn on! It has no Audio Manager program? When clicking on the audio icon B&O an error message shows...this is just out of the box!!! And yes it even says in the manual to connect audio cable to "Black" output on back of PC??? It doesn't have a black audio port...green, blue, orange...never heard of a black connector...unless you have to use headphone port?

A:B&O sound???? No sound at all...on new Pavilion 550 desktop?

My 550 uses the green port for sound, or it did until it died

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I cannot get any sound from my desktop computer. My volume is maxed and drivers should be there but there is no sound. Help anyone?

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5 CPU 650 @ 3.20GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 37 Stepping 2
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 4023 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GT 320, 1024 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 469881 MB, Free - 355886 MB; D: Total - 469885 MB, Free - 454746 MB;
Motherboard: Acer, Aspire X3950
Antivirus: Norton Internet Security, Disabled

A:Desktop has no sound

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I have a desktop running Win 7 home premium, 64 bit. Recently my sound stopped working. I have a pair of external speakers that are turned on with the volume turned up. I haven't made any changes to the settings. I checked the speaker icon in the task bar and it shows the volume turned to max and not muted. When I try to play music in the CD/DVD player I get the window showing the music playing but no sound. I cannot get any sound on audio emails or the internet. Any suggestions?

A:No sound on my desktop

Go to the Control Panel/Hardware and Sound and finally the Sound Panel, playback section. The "Speakers" should be set as the default playback device. This is the first step.

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Hello to all you good people,

All of a sudden my computer has no sound, I have a screen that allows me to adjust the sound etc, on screen (I have adjusted the volume to no avail) I can't listem to my instructional DVDs etc.,

I am not too computer savvy my memory doesn't allow me to retain the knowledge learned from past experiences (Truly) I am nearly 70 years of age
so if anyone can help me, I would be obliged if you could explain in Laysmans terms what I may be able to do to fix the problem.

Thank you so much for any help offered.


A:No Sound at all on Desktop PC

I do not need help for my missing sound now, Thanks Guys.

My daughter checked the wiring at the back of the PC and discovered I had put the 'sound' cable into the wrong hole

Thanks for being there for me though in recent post's.


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My failure ID  9GFTJX-7AC8J5-WPTV6K-2OEMO3

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Hello everyone!

I installed Windows 7 - 64 bit on my second PC. Everything seems fine up until the point when I wanted to watch something on my TV (Philips , which worked fine yesterday with XP). I don't have any sound on the TV but I do have sound on the PC. I use a Audigy 2 ZS and a chinc cable.
I tryied the latest sound drivers, swapping cables here and there... I am running out of ideas.

I'd appreciate any ideas.


Edit: I am starting to go wild... I connected my Game Boy to the cinch cable and that didn't work either. Maybe my TV is the one causing the troubles.

Edit II: Can it be that my TV is getting any funny HDMI audio signals even though it should only get the picture via HDMI?

Edit III: Do you know that? Your looking on the internet for 2 hours tinker on your PC for 2 more hours until you finally decide it's time to ask the expertise on the net and then you start solving the problem some minutes later yourself. Well the forums here certainly helped. I'd never thought it could be the graphic card drivers 191.xx, as I used a cinch cable.

Anyway, not updating my graphic card drivers any more isn't a solution on the long term.

A:No Sound on TV but on Desktop

Some audio/video card combos have a connector between them, enabling the HDMI cable to carry the audio signal.

Other video cards require a special adapter ($15) to carry audio over the DVI to HDMI cable. This type of video card has its own onboard audio device.

Failing this, what happens if you just connect your PC audio out to the TV audio in?

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For no apparent reason, and many times a day, my desktop emits an ugly "whoohsing" sound which I've been unable to identify. I don't find it anywhere in Windows sound files, nor can I associate it with any one program .Don't have to be doing anything at all at the keyboard in order for it to occur. Nor has it been identified by Avira or other virus program. It's such an unpleasant sound that I'm often driven to turn off my sound completely to get rid of it - not a good solution. Any help/clues would be very much appreciated.

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Man..I am really stumped on this one. I have a Creative Labs CT4810 sound card and for some reason, I'm not getting any more sound out of my machine.

It's not the speakers, because I unplugged them from the desktop and into the laptop and they worked just great. This sound card and speakers have worked for years, but for some reason -- I just stopped hearing any sound at all.

Any time that there used to be a system sound -- like new email arriving -- it just makes a dull beep that comes from the minitower, not the speakers. I have checked the Device Manager and it says that the card is working properly.

Thanks in advance for your assistance! I really appreciate it!

A:No sound from desktop computer

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So I did a recording and we hear a hissing sound! we have windows 10 and the sound that is built in to the motherboard is Conexant HD Audio and under the audio control it reads HP

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Whenever I unlock the desktop, I get a sound which seems to be "Windows Logon".
There doesn't seem to be a corresponding sound for when the desktop locks. There's a "Windows Logoff" action, but that doesn't sound when the desktop locks.

Perhaps Microsoft thought that no one would need a "Desktop locked" sound, as you'd be bound to know that it had just happened.

But my desktop lock is now managed by a Gkchain.com "Gatekeeper", which uses proximity detection. So, I don't lock my PC before walking away from it; Gatekeeper does that for me. But it would be nice if I had some audible notification as I wander off. As things stand, I walk away and have to glimpse back, to be sure it has locked.

Is there a way of getting a sound at "Desktop Locked" ?

A:Lock desktop sound?

The bottom section where it says 3 between the vertical arrows, has instructions how to run a task when the screen is locked. You could do some small utility to play a wav file.

windows - Run an Application When PC Locked? - Super User

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A helpful relative did a defrag on my desktop I now do not have sound how do I restore it? Its Realtek Digital

A:How do I restore sound to my desktop

System manufacturer and model?

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Is there any way I can import an audio sound (Steam Train) to my desk top. to play on start up.

A:Audio Sound on Desktop

Download a sound .wav eg http://www.freesound.org/people/Benboncan/sounds/58293/ place downloaded wav file where you can find it eg my documents.Go to control panel sound,click on the sounds tab scroll to find startup sound and use the browse function to your downloaded file.

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Is there a free way that I can record what's going on on my screen as well as recording what I'm saying into the microphone? The purpose being to make a video tutorial of something.


A:Recording desktop and sound?


Not sure about freeware, but there are cheap shareware programs out there for this application:





Hope this helps.

- John

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I'll be building a gaming desktop and buying a monitor with built-in speakers. Do I need a sound card or will the speakers from the monitor suffice? Here's my build:

Intel Core i5-6500, MSI GeForce GTX 970, DIYPC P48-BK - Lighter Rig - xlook's Saved Part List - PCPartPicker

A:Do I Need Sound Card for My Desktop?

There is a sound card on the motherboard

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i can't get any sound from my desktops speakers... it seems they worked previously... i've been thru the whole troubleshooter and everything seems to be in working order, but no sound still!... ???

A:no sound from desktop speakers

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I'll be building a gaming desktop and buying a monitor with built-in speakers. Do I need a sound card or will the speakers from the monitor suffice? Here's my build:

Intel Core i5-6500, MSI GeForce GTX 970, DIYPC P48-BK - Lighter Rig - xlooks Saved Part List - PCPartPicker

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I just installed windows 7 Pro 64 bit on an HP Pavilion a6010N. Even though the driver looks good in device manager, the settings show a red x over the speaker icon. When I open the sound control it states that a speaker is not plugged in. I use this speaker all the time but also tried another one just to make sure. Still no sound

The Sound card is a Realtek ATI HD

I've been at this for 2 days, so now in search of some help!

Thank you in advance for any ideas!!!

A:No sound on HP n6101n Desktop

The sound card is most likely Realtek. ATI HD would be HDMI audio.

what is shown in the Device Manager for the Realtek? Does it show as "working OK" or does it have an error code? What other devices are listed in the Device Manager, Sounds section?

HP shows this as a 2007 machine thus it was originally a Windows XP machine. If it has Realtek its not the current version of Realtek. When you first installed and before you installed Realtek drivers, if the sound is Win 7 compatible Windows would have installed the generic, basic function, High Definition Audio Drivers (Codec). Did Windows install this?

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Okay, this happerned when we first got this thing back in 1/1/10, but after a quick restart, it didn't happen again until it occured once more 2-3 weeks later. It wasn't really a problem (unless you were in the middle of something), but recently, I had to restart twice in the same day (though, the computer was off in the middle of them). And this problem was the sound; it kinda skips.

Is there a way to know the problem so you guys can help me out more? Let me now, please.

A:Sound problems from Desktop

Quote: Originally Posted by BinkerNate

Okay, this happerned when we first got this thing back in 1/1/10, but after a quick restart, it didn't happen again until it occured once more 2-3 weeks later. It wasn't really a problem (unless you were in the middle of something), but recently, I had to restart twice in the same day (though, the computer was off in the middle of them). And this problem was the sound; it kinda skips.

Is there a way to know the problem so you guys can help me out more? Let me now, please.

Have you tried re-installing the driver?

What sound card is it? we really could use some info about the computer.


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Hey guys.

Appreciate any help you can give.

I have my laptop hooked to a TV and can-t get the sound to work when the desktop is extended.

When it is duplicated it works perfect the sound comes out of the tv. but when extended it just ceases to work.

I verify that in control panel sounds the TV is selected for playback but still no sound. Any ideas?

thanks in advance

A:Extended Desktop without sound

Are you using a HDMI cable for this?

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So I just got my new HP Envy in the mail. Everything's working fine except for the sound. I noticed something was a little off with the audio. On further inspection, I noticed that audio was coming through as mono and not stero. This is the case for the line out (green) on the back of the computer and the front head phone jack. It's really odd because I can't find a setting that sets the audio to mono. This is my setup in DTS Audio Control:  As you can see, it's set to stero. I've already updated the Realtek driver which didn't solve the issue, and I have checked the balance on the Speaker properties. Any help or suggestions?  

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Well, this is very strange, as of this morning there is no sound on my desktop, windows xp pro, dell 1.1 ghz, 512 ram. Device manager says legacy audio drivers are all working fine, sound is not muted. Speakers are on. What is going on... Any advice, greatly appreciated!

A:No sound in my desktop this morning.

Have you recently installed SP2 and is it a vortex chipset sound card?

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I own an IBuyPower R7 200 Series prebuilt PC and within the last 4 months I've realized that the recording for any headset or microphone will not work. I plug in the headset and the microphone isn't even detected. Whenever I do manage to connect it, it doesn't record audio, although it does play sound through the headset.

I believe I have already checked up on my drivers and they all seem up to date. Although I could be wrong, which is why I need to know if there is anything I could have missed.

I can post screenshots of my device manager if needed. Thanks for any responses, if there's any info I need to provide just let men know.


A:Issues with recording sound to my desktop

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Have this Windows XP Dell computer just given to us by a family member who didn't use it. We Switched out my Daughters Windows 95 tower with the new one and have encountered 2 problems
1 The Desktop screen is off center, The right side of the screen has a black line about 2 inches wide and the left side does not show the first line of shortcut icons or the Start button. The task bar is half showing ( Half is off the screen)
2 The sound seems to be turned off or missing. some of her cd games have sound, some will not play because"Sound card is not installed" Now this feature worked when with the previous owner.
Thanks for any help you may give!

A:Problems with Sound Card and Desktop

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I had XP worked fine i then decided to switch to vista (bad idea) everything is actually working good its just the sound that isnt working ive tried installing RealTek ac97 but that seems to just halt for a very long time it did complete once but then when it asked me to restart my pc i did but nothing hear no sound and the bottom right task tray icon says No Audio output device is installed i tried installing the normal realtek drivers that actually installs fine but the sound is very very low which means its probably not the correct ones im clueless. Help if you can, that would be great

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I have brand new speakers and when I test the audio you can clearly see that the speakers appear to be working.  Can't figure out why I can't hear anything.  When I unplug one of the speakers I hear a loud humming sound.Would appreciate any help.

A:No sound on my hp pavilion desktop p6232p

Check this help from HP:http://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c01884922V.

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I just recently purchased Envy 750 qe Desktop and I can get no sound from my HP speakers.. I have the speakers plugged in where I think they go and there is electricity going to speakers but icon on the task bar says speakers not plugged in. What is going on?

A:No Sound with Envy 750qe Desktop

Hi.Welcome to the forum RogerIndependen.No Sound from the SpeakersFind and fix problems with devices and hardwareFind and fix problems playing soundsPress the icon""to say thanks, Make it easier for other people to find solutions by marking a Reply 'Accept as Solution' if it solves your problem. 

Apart from participating in the forum of Hp in English and Portuguese, I am one of the main authors of solutions in the forum in Spanish.

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Hi, just purchased HP Desktop Slimline, Energy Star, I realise there are no inbuilt speakers but I am unable to get any sound at all through my headset wth it plugged nto the tower. Have tried several sets and nothing.  Am I doing something wrong? It appears all drivers have been downloaded and stll nothing, anyone have an idea on how to get my sound please? Thanks, Dolly

A:No sound at all,just bought a new HP desktop, slimline , En...

Hello @Dollyden,Welcome to the HP Support Forums! It is a great place to find the help you need, from other users, HP experts and other support personnel. I understand that you are having trouble getting sound, and I am happy to help you with this. However, I do need some more information to properly assist you. Please post the full product number and operating system in use on your computer. See the following, if you need help with that information.How Do I Find My Model Number or Product Number?Is the Windows Version on My Computer 32-bit or 64-bit? For now I will assume you are using Windows 10.  Try out this from Microsofot that may help sort it out. Fix sound problems - wondows.microsoft.com Please let me know how that works for you, and if it does resolve your issue, please mark this post as a solution. Kudos would also be appreciated.  

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On my all-in-one Dell inspiron I've noticed the sound is significantly higher when I have a device plugged in, whether it be my bamboo tablet or my phone, unplugging them during playing audio, I'd suddenly hear the sound drop a good 5-8 decibels(aka about 20-40 on the volume bar) and it doesn't seem to be a glitch because it's been constant over a month now, am I doing something wrong? Are there any settings I can fix to stop this?I dont want to have keep my phone plugged in every time i watch a youtube video.

A:Having a very odd, unusual sound problem on my desktop

Do you have the proper Dell supplied sound driver?

This is one for the Dell forum, since they are more familiar with Dell products.

Home - Dell Community

The Dell desktop forum section is probably the most applicable.

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I have a XP Pro desktop system in my garage that is used as a terminal as well as a audio pc. I have the pc hooked up to an amp that allows for sound outside my home and in my garage.

The main question I have is I use a pc in my kitchen as well as my laptop to access the system remotely for playing music. Is there a way in remote desktop to enable "BOTH" (leave sound on remote computer) as well as (bring sound to computer)? It would be nice to be able to have the sound play outside and in the kitchen simultaneously.

If anyone has any ideas I would appreciate it! Thanks

A:Windows Remote Desktop Sound

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Hi to all members,
Pls help me with my problem,here it is first i download and install an add on something to my windows media player says srs sound so but when i was done installing it
suddenly my computer started rebooting and do system check an it wont stop!!!
So what i did is go into safe mode and did a system restore at the time i download
the software.Alls well but then when i right click on my desktop to refresh, it says.

C:\documents and settings\rolando\desktop\refers to a location that is unavailable.it could be on a hardrive on this computer,or on a network.check to make sure that the disk is properly inserted,or that you are connected to your computer or to a network,and then try again.if it still cannot be located,the information might have been moved to a diffrent location.
pls help me i don't know what to do,by the way i have a back up tool "erunt" can i use this to restore what's missing?
If i do use this back up tool can i loose those that i download recently?

A:desktop shortcut missing or sound like that!!

Check here and see if you see anything like that:
"Run,msconfig,ok,startup" that you can uncheck and then apply and reboot.

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I have a somewhat older Labtec AM-242 NCAT microphone that plugs into the back of my desktop tower. I can hear the speakers make a static noise for a moment when I plug it in, but it won't pick my voice up, and the recording meter doesn't register. My volume icon is up, and my speakers are turned on.

It worked the last time I used it, but it's been a while. I thought that perhaps the drivers needed to be re-downloaded, but I can't find them online for this product. Evidently Labtec doesn't have downloads for their microphones anymore. I'm at a loss.

A:My desktop microphone won't pick up sound

Check advanced sound properties, make sure the mic is enabled, and correct mic selected, check the mic volume (sensitivity). Try allowing windows to auto update drivers, or possibly use device manager to uninstall them, allowing windows to re-install.

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I need to know if I add an additional sound card on a PCI slot on my motherboard will it help me using the headphones on applications for DJ mixing ?
For e.g. If I want to use Virtual DJ and I am mixing the tracks, will I be able to hear 1 track separately while the other is playing on the main output ?

A:Additional sound card on a desktop PC

You'd have better luck getting an answer to this on the Virtual DJ forums, or by talking to someone at a music store like Sam Ash or Guitar Center.

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A rather unusual issue came up with my system. Anything that I click on the desktop just causes the default beep to sound - whether on an icon or just an empty space on the desktop. The funny thing is that the start bar and the icons on my OfficeXP shortcut bar are accessible. I can open programs and I can seemingly run everything "normally", except for the desktop. I've rebooted and even uninstalled some programs and did a system restore to an earlier time with no luck. The desktop works normally in safe mode and if I log on with another user, it works normally.

Windows Defender found nothing as well as Norton Antivurus.

I don't really know how to attack this problem. I'm thinking of creating a new user for myself, but that may just be skirting a deeper problem and not fixing it.

Thanks for the help!


A:just getting beeping sound when clicking on desktop

The Safe Mode and the other user experiment shows that some service or driver you are using is at issue.

You could just create a new user, and then copy your profile to the new user. You would of course now have a different logon. http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=811151

Or, you can divide and conquer your startup entries to find out what is causing this problem:

Download AutoRuns, freeware from Sysinternals/Microsoft: http://www.sysinternals.com/ntw2k/fr...autoruns.shtml

Unpack, and execute it.

Now take 1/2 of the startup entries and uncheck them.

. If the problem goes away, clearly the issue is in the unchecked entries

Enable 1/2 of the unchecked entries and reboot. Test. Still no problem? Enable 1/2 of the disabled items and reboot. Test. After several reboots you will isolate the problem.

. Similarly, if the problem is still with you, the issue is in the checked entries.
Uncheck 1/2 of the checked entries, reboot. Test.

By dividing and conquering the faulty module will be isolated.

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