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I/O Disk Error - Replace.....

Q: I/O Disk Error - Replace.....

I am installing a new harddrive and I am getting a I/O disk Error- Replace....blah blah blah. I have checked all cables on the hardware and the motherboard. I need suggestions please as to what I might check/do next. this is driving me nuts.

Preferred Solution: I/O Disk Error - Replace.....

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: I/O Disk Error - Replace.....

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Hello there, I have a very limited knowledge of computers and I really need help. My 2007 hp laptop wont work. I have Windows Vista on it. Everytime I turn it on this message pops up. "Non System disk or disk error replace and strike any key when ready". I have no idea what to do, please help me!!

A:Non System disk or disk error replace and strike any key when ready...Please Help!!

One of the more common reasons you may see this error would be if you have a USB flash drive or an external hard drive connected. It can also happen if you have something in the DVD drive.

So, if you have any of those types of things connected, disconnect them, make sure nothing is in your DVD drive, and try starting the computer again. I wouldn't be surprised if the error message changes slightly to something about there being no boot device found. In which case it would mean that your laptop's hard drive failed and presently your computer is looking elsewhere to try and find an operating system to load and failing.

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I have a friends computer that won't boot anymore. I figure it was the motherboard since swapping out power suppy with known good one still resulted in a dead box. No lights, nada. No one home at all. Hard drive seems to be OK. I used driveimage xml to make a backup of the drive before attempting a recovery in another machine that wasn't in use. The recovery repair (2nd option) runs just fine but won't boot upon startup.
I can do an "upgrade" install of another OS (resulting in windows.old file), but drive is too small for such a thing. I can do a full install on that hard drive and it will boot and run just fine. It's the image that I can't get to boot. I currently have it imaged on a healthy 75.4 gb drive which...won't...boot....
It was running windows home. I honestly don't remember if it was premium or basic. All I want is to be able to get it up and running so my friend can get his info/programs/whatever all in order until he can get a new machine.
I formated it properly, but something is wrong with the original image that just won't allow me to boot. My vacation time is fast running out. Every time I need to redo the image I lose 3-4 hrs .
I did attempt to write a new mbr. I either did it wrong or that wasn't my problem.

Thank you for your time and asistance,

A:Non-system disk or disk error replace and strike any key when ready.

Well...if it IS the motherboard...which aligns with your suspicions...I don't know what to suggest.

<<I used driveimage xml to make a backup of the drive before attempting a recovery in another machine that wasn't in use>>
System manufacturer and model?

<<I figure it was the motherboard since swapping out power suppy with known good one still resulted in a dead box. No lights, nada>>

The PSU sounds like a good suspect when there are no signs of life, IMO.

<<I can do an "upgrade" install of another OS (resulting in windows.old file), but drive is too small for such a thing. I can do a full install on that hard drive and it will boot and run just fine.>>

What drive are you talking about...the original hard drive? If that's true...it would appear that the motherboard is not at fault.

<<It's the image that I can't get to boot. I currently have it imaged on a healthy 75.4 gb drive which...won't...boot....>>

What's the error message when you try to boot the image on different hard drive? Is that when you get the error message you cited?

Non-system disk means that the boot options are wrong, generally speaking. Have you checked the BIOS settings? A bad/failing CMOS battery could also be reasonably expected to possibly produce that error.


Did you check the cloned drive...for the proper boot.ini file?


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Hello there, I have a very limited knowledge of computers and I really need help. My 2007 hp laptop wont work. I have Windows Vista on it. Everytime I turn it on this message pops up. "Non System disk or disk error replace and strike any key when ready". I have no idea what to do, please help me!!

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My labtop is saying non-system disk or error disk .how can I get rid of it please.help me

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Invalid system disk
Replace the disk, and then press any key.Click to expand...

I get this error from time to time, even when there is no disk in the computer. There's no CD or floppydisk inserted. To solve the problem, I restart the computer, and all is fine.

I'd rather not go through the problem, and want it solved once and for all. Does anyone know the problem and solution? I already went on Google to see what others said, but no luck.

1. The computer has no viruses. I have NAV.
2. There are no HD (harddrive) problems, according to ScanDisk.
3. All cords and cables are attached to where they should go.
4. The first boot location is on the HD (C, according to BIOS.
5. There are no disks inserted.

After all this, what could be the problem and what can I do? I've heard it could be a slow OS (slower than the BIOS), or a worthless HD. Before I conclue its worthless, I would like to know how to make the OS faster in starting it up (or making the BIOS slower so that the OS can catch up).

My information:
1. I am using Windows 98SE.
2. The primary slave is a Maxtor HD.

A:Invalid System Disk - Replace Disk Error

Please will you fill in you full system specs in my.TS.forum at the top of the page(click on edit profile)

Why is you Hard drive connected as primary slave?

Regards Howard :grinthumb

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Hi, okayy so this all started just today, but the day before the computer just wouldn't work right and i didn't know what to do with it because it would immediately go to a blue screen after login in my account or any account and then shut off then restart itself. Then today i tried turning it on and all i see is a black screen with typing on it then immediately goes to another black screen that says &quot; Non-System disk error, replace and strike any key when ready&quot; and i don't know what to do with it because it simply just won't do anything (it just stays on that black screen saying that) and im not a computer genious so i would really appreciate someone's help Ohh and i have the HP ProBook 4425s just in case anyone needs to know.

A:Non-system disk or disk error, replace and strike any key wh...

Its the hard drive. Likely needs replaced. Tap F10 as you power on and see if you can get into setup and there is a hard drive self-test you can run to confirm.

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I have an old Compaq Presario X1000, with Windows XP.
I have had no problems with this computer until today. I
used this computer last night and left it on, I rarely shut it down.

This morning I came into my office and the screen said
non-system disk error replace and strike any key when ready.
I have received this message before but only when I have shut
down and restarted the computer with a floppy disk in the external

There is no disk in the floppy drive and I have tried unplugging it to
see if it will boot but it doesn't. The only thing it will let me do is F10
DOS set up, and I don't see any options to try to reboot in safe mode
or anything like that.

I do have a Driver Recovery CD, Opersating System CD, and Application recovery CD. Not sure if any of those will help. I can not afford to lose the info on the hard drive.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I know very little about computers and like a dummy have nothing backed up.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!!!!

Kim T

A:non-system disk error replace and strike any key

First, make sure there are no USB Devices (other then keyboard and mouse) in the computer. If that still fails, then boot into Setup (Bios) and make sure the HDD is showing on the first page. If so, then backup your data using a Ubuntu Live CD to a USB HDD/Flash Drive.
Once your safely backed up, then Boot off of the Windows Disc Or download the Recovery Console ISO. Burn it to CD with IMGBurn Boot off of the CD and get to the Recovery Console. Here type chkdsk /R and press enter. The Check Disk utility will try and fix any file errors.
You can also download the ISO image for Seatools or Drive Fitness in my signature and burn the image to a CD using IMGBurn also in my signature and boot off of the newly created CD and run the Quick and Advanced tests on the HDD to test the integrity of the drive.

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My mom has an HP Compaq nc8430 computer. She recently encountered this problem this morning. Does this mean that the hard drive's dead? Any help is appreciated greatly

A:"Non-system disk or disk error, replace and strike any key when ready"

DId ur BIOS detect ur HDD? Also check if ur sata cable is loosed or not. U can try another pair of sata cable & test it if it works or not..

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HP probook 4510s windows 7 32bit
I did a "disk sanitizer" and the laptop isn't rebooting right or reading my operating system cd it says "NON-SySTEM ERROR OR DISK REPLACE AND STRIKE ANY KEY WHEN READY"
1) i removed all assceraries from the leptop
2) ran a diagnostic test all passed
3) here are some photos attachments
4) i think i deleted the partition and the OPS wind.7
Please thanks

A:HP 4510s windows7 "Non-system disk or disk error replace..."

What is a "Disk sanitizer." Sounds like a disk wiper, or some optimizing or registry cleaning crapware that ruined your Win7.

Try booting into the Win7 DVD or Repair CD to System Restore to before you ruined the OS as shown in Troubleshooting Windows 7 Failure to Start which also provides the DVD if needed.

If you can't get it started with any of the steps given there then get the superior Clean Reinstall without the HP crapware which is the worst in the industry and throttles Win7 from its native state.

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A:Error message: 4th master hard disk: S.M.A.R.T. status bad, backup and replace:

I advise you to get any important data off of the drive, before it fails, then replace it.

Regards Howard

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This is a friend's laptop which will not start. Power light comes on but start button does nothing. My friend has newborn photos of her grandchild on it and would like to get them off. Since I cannot power on via AC, can't check. What are the chances they can be taken off? What is the best way to try? The HD is a different size than mine. Knowing that a shop would charge $50-$75 to try and she is financially not in a position to spend that much.

A:Compaq Presario CQ50 with an error code 10008 Replace Hard Disk 1

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Hi everyone.

Recently, I've had problems with my computer running Windows 7 64-bit SP1. It took a long time to get from Starting Windows to my desktop. And it was extremely slow when using the computer. It took forever to open a folder or a file. This morning, I switched on my computer and I got this error message at boot:

3rd Master Hard Disk:S.M.A.R.T. Status BAD, Backup and Replace

I'm guessing my hard drive is damaged? Any way of repairing the hard drive? What are the next steps I should take? And in the event that it can't be repaired, any way to salvage the files inside?

Thank you for reading and hope you can help!

A:Error message at boot : Hard Disk:SMART Status Bad, Backup and replace

Back up the drive and replace it. It may run long enough for you to get your data off of it. I would recommend that you put a fresh install of Windows on your new drive. Yours is probably corrupt from the bad drive. I would just back up important data anyway, never mind the programs. You'll need to reinstall them anyway.

There's no real way to fix the drive, and even if you could, it would be uneconomical. Throw it away.

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I just downloaded Windows XP(Service pack 3) and mounted it to a USB disc.

Problem is, it doesnt work. On the boot screen it gives me the message invalid system disk. replace disk and press any key to continue and then when i press any key, it boots into my hard drive/Windows 8.

Originally i thought something was wrong with the boot but now i think it may or may not be. All help is highly appreciated.

A:Unable to boot, invalid system disk. replace disk and press any key to continue

Few, if any, downloadable copies of WinXP are legal. The 'Invalid System Disk' error message is the tip off.

You'll need to buy a copy from an authorized source. There is no way to trick the system into recognizing an illegal copy of Windows.

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My friends computer froze up and she had to reboot and when she did she got this black screen, etc. when she tries to hit F8 key it says keyboard stuck, her tower light doesnt even light up on her dsl, etc. she cannot type into this black box which has a blinking line where she should be able to type. Can anyone help?? Thanks alot!!

A:black screen, invalid system disk replace the disk and press any key HELP!!

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I was able to fix my earlier problem with my new A7V mobo, but now when I start up it tells me that there is an invalid system disk, and to replace it and press a key. That is all fine and dandy, except that THERE IS NO DISK IN THE DRIVE. At first I thought my drive might be dead, because it was making a racket, so I switched Floppy drived with my Linux comp. The noise is now gone but I still get the same message, and I NEED this stupid floppy to install a frickin' OS on the thing.

A:[SOLVED] "Replace Disk" error

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I recently purchased a 2nd hand computer thru a local ebay dealer - HP DX6120 ST 2.6 GHZ 80GB HDD 512MB RAM DESKTOP PC.

When i boot up, it displays: Invalid system disk Replace the disk, and then press any key

Then i reboot and press F8 & del and it doesnt go to bios settings, it just gives me a screen that gives me an option to "boot from..."

I select the hard drive.
Get the same response... "Invalid system disk Replace the disk, and then press any key"
Then I put in a windows XP pro Disk (the computer has an official XP Pro License Key on the case, as stated on the specs on selling page) and then rebooted.
I still get the "Invalid system disk Replace the disk, and then press any key"
I change the boot to CD and i get Windows Set Up options.
I pick install Windows XP and the it starts loading dll's etc.
Then it says i have no previous version of Windows idetected and wont let me go any further.

I assume that it is trying to upgrade, but i dont get an option to do a fresh install, just "Install Windows XP"

I am not sure if ;
there is a windows actually loaded,
I need to reformat,
The bios battery is flat
or if i need to do something completely diferent.

If i am to reformat, i cant remember the cmds/or how to do that when there is no windows to do it from.

I hoe you can help me.


Old Fart

A:"Invalid system disk Replace the disk, and then press any key"

Find the make of the hdd, go to makers website and download and run
the diagnostic utility.
If you want to wipe the drive do a google for killdisk, its free. Run it
this way you are assured of a clean drive.
The diganostic utility may also be able to write zeros to the drive, doing
the same thing. At this point dont take the short route out and format
with windows, leaves to much garbage behind. But after the drive is
wiped you will have to format with the wind disk and install the os.
Sounds like you have a bad drive, or a confused drive..
I dont think that board does raid, but you should double check in bios.
If raid is enabled disable it..

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The M2 and spinning disk are configured as a single Drive "C."  If I clone the original drive C to the new SSD, will it correctly substitute for the spinning disk, with the M2 SSD still in palce? I am concerned by how the 32 GB M2 SSD will interact with the new 1 TB SSD as it relates to the software installation-cloning.
Thanks to any that might help clarify this question.

A:dell 1520R with preinstalled 1 TB spinning disk and M2 32 GB-replace Spinning disk with 1 TB SSD?

Best bet is to remove the mSATA SSD - it is not needed with a native SSD (and in fact can actually slow the system down relative to just using the SSD by itself).

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HP NX 6110 Laptop
XP Pro, SP3 1.0 GB RAM
This laptop is running slowly. Full scan with Malwarebytes and MSE finds no bad files. Slow startup and shutdown.
Defrag is OK.
Lots of free drive space. Minimal programs loading
Chkdsk /r took approx. 8 hours to run. Event viewer reported lots of I/O paging errors (Event 51).
Drive fitness test reports all OK.
Now, chkdsk /r will not run on reboot. Chkdsk aborts and reports errors.
Crystal Disk Info reports "Caution" and many values over threshold, but I don't know how reliable this software is. (Screenshot attached)
Should I replace this drive?

A:Solved: Replace the disk?

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Hi I have done some testing and I got a Replace Hard Disk1 dos it mean need a new hard drive  and if I need a new one what kind of hard drive can I use  Thank you


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A:Replace Hard disk

A classic. One of the best laptops HP ever made but now getting a little long in the tooth.  You definitely need a new hard drive. Here is the Service manual: 6910p Manual It does support SATA hard drives and could theoretically run a solid state drive. See page 44 for replacement "how-to". You have to remove the hard drive from the caddy by removing the four screws at the corners of the drive, and then replace it with the new one. The biggest drive offered from the factory was 160 gigs which is laughably small by today's standards. Now hard to find anything smaller than 320 gigs.  https://www.amazon.com/Seagate-Momentus-7200RPM-Internal-ST9500420AS-Bare/dp/B001R4BBLU/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1482634689&sr=8-3&keywords=2.5+inch+500+gig+7200+rpm Above is a 500 gig 7200 rpm drive that would be bigger and faster than what you have. Post back if you need any more help with software migration/reinstall or anything else.  If this is "the Answer" please click "Accept as Solution" to help others find it. 

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Can anyone please help me figure out how to replace the 500GB spinner the laptop shipped with? I see it is snugly affixed in there with a black rubberish frame around the drive. There is also a tab at the front but I am afraid to pull it with much force for fear of damaginng anything. Is there a screw holding the hard drive? Nothing is budginng at all. The plastic frame around the drive seems pretty tight and the pull tab does not seem to make it budge at all. I feel silly even asking how to do this but drive is packed in there quite tightly. Can someone please explain how the primmary hard drive spinner should slide out along with the rubber/plastinng strip around it? Do I first remove the plastic frame around the drive? Thanks so much!


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A:P70: Help Replace Hard Disk with SSD

Okay so I actually found the process described in the repair manual but still I am stumped. It seems I should pull on the tab atttached to the black frame but the frame is not budging and I am afraid if I pull much harder that I have something might break. Is there something I am missing in pulling this tab/frame around the hard drive? https://download.lenovo.com/pccbbs/mobiles_pdf/p70_ug_en.pdf  

DriveReplacement.JPG ?243 KB

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I have HP Pavilion G7 1232sg laptop with broken HD. I was looking on internet for that specific HD but I didnt find it.
How can I find it and does it need to be for HP Pavilion G7 1232sg or I can use any HD I want.

A:How do I replace hard disk with right one .. ?

Seems you've got a 500Gb Sata 2,5" running 5400RPM in your laptop.

You could pick up the same HDD brand running 5400Rpm or one running 7200Rpm, but be aware that the 7200Rpm will produce more heat while running faster.

You could also upgrade to a SSD 2,5" but at cost for less GB but running much faster than traditional magnetic HDD.

If you're on the way to change your laptop Hard Drive, i would recommend to make Recovery DVD to save the hidden recovery partition of your laptop.

You should find it in the HP Software (HP Recovery Manager) how to make those Recovery DVD before replacing drive.

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Hello,my laptop is Acer E5-573G, with Windows 10 in dual-boot with Kubuntu 14.04I'm thinking to replace the hard disk with ssd, because the start-up of Windows is very slow,I would like to know if this operation is very difficult, I never tampered with laptops, but I assembled my desktop pc.There is a guide on the internet for that operation?Thanks.

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I have an older HP Pavillion a6319fh desktop that has a failing hard disk ,and needs to replaced. the failing HD is 360mb and I would like to install a larger capacity HD. My question is how big can I go, and if there are any restrictions? Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Manufacturer: Asus
microATX - 24.4 cm (9.6 inches) x 24.4 cm (9.6 inches)
Northbridge chipset: Intel G33 Express
Southbridge chipset: Intel ICH9R
Operating speed: Up to 2.2 GHz

Pentium E2200
Operating speed: Up to 2.2 GHz
Bus speed: 800 MHz

4 GB


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I have an HP Pavilion Nootbook that needs its Hard Disk replaced. Exactly where is it located and how do I find a replacement, what do I look or ask for?

A:Need to replace a hard disk

Are you sure?

Try to download the manual at HP. That will give details.

Maybe someone here has that exact model.

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Friends i was usigg wd 500Gb hdd for 2 yrs recently it starts corrupting by deleting files at startup saying that 1422 unreadable and deleting these files and correcting Index Entries. It deletes My Media Files. Aslo bad sectors are created. I replace this hdd and got 1 tb as replacement . I connected it but after some days same problem is persisting. I changed SATA cables And SATA power Cables but not working But when i interchanged SATA Pin from SATA0 To SATA 1 HDD working Pretty Good for some Days and again Deleting Index Entries gain Interchanged SATA cable From SATA1 To SATA0 problem solved for some days and same
My dealer says that its PSU problem.
Friends Is it really PSU problem Or MOTHERBOARD Problem ?
My system is
Intel Core 2 Duo E4500 2.2 GHz
Intel D945 Motherboard
2 GB ram
1.2 TB hard disk
450W PSU HYTECH(Actual 390W power rating for 12V is 14A

A:Replace 2 Hard Disk

1. Welcome to Tech Support Guy

My dealer says that its PSU problemClick to expand...

presuming that he tested the PSU, either with a PSU tester or with the installation of a utility that reports the voltages, or checked the voltages in the BIOS - then one may presume he is correct

3. Whether it eventually transpires that he was or indeed was not, the replacement of the PSU, is a relatively simple task, compared with the motherboard.

4. Are there any other problems, if it is the PSU one might suspect that you may have graphic problems when the power demand is made.

5. Download this and see what results we get please

the download is below the HW Monitor pro on the right of the link screen and you want the info shown on the image re voltages

6. That all said
450W PSU HYTECH(Actual 390W power rating for 12V is 14A
Click to expand...

Hytech is at the lower end of the PSU quality range and 14Amp on the 12 volt rail is illustrative of that. One may expect it to be closer to 25+ to 30

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I want to replace the original PATA hard disk in my PC because I think it is failing. Replacements use the SATA interface and PATA/SATA adapters are available. I have a second PATA hard disk connected to the same data cable as the primary disk that I want to replace. Will I be able to run both disks if I install a SATA adapter? Here are the details of the adapter I am thinking of getting. It says ' Master Slave device switchable', but I am not sure if this means that both SATA and PATA disks can be used on the same adapter.

New generic SYBA PATA to SATA Device Adapter
Quantity: 1
This PATA to SATA adapter allows you to use your SATA drive on an older computher which without SATA ports
Plug and Play, No drivers needed
Serial ATA (SATA) compliant with Serial ATA 1.0
Parallel ATA (PATA) Ultra ATA / 133 Parallel Interface
48 bit sector addressing
SATA: Signal + Power Female
PATA: IDE 2 x 20 pin male connector with molex power connector
Master Slave device switchable: Supports using 2 adapters on the same ATA / IDE channel
Supports: Windows 98 / NT 4.0 / 2000 / ME / XP, Linus
Manufacturer: SYBA
UPC Code: 810154015122

A:Replace PATA disk with SATA in XP PC

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Hi all, if anyone can help me that would be great!

Apologies for this post, it is a long story.

I bought a Dell XPS 15 (L521X) running OEM Windows 8 Home Edition in late February 2012. The laptop was giving me a lot issues with WiFi and Bluetooth drivers. I called Dell and they solved the problem in 4 months by replacing the entire motherboard. At that time, I thought the product key was in the packaging box, I didn't know that key was injected into the BIOS.

Fast forward to present day, I was having connection issue with my bluetooth. This time, the problem was occurring on Win 8.1. I went to Dell's website, downloaded the appropriate driver because I haven't done since I got the laptop and when I click install, it asked me to delete the old driver via Control Panel. I went in there and try to uninstall it but couldn't complete the operation because error message - "lockout: dell". A log showed a program called lockout.exe was preventing my uninstalling process. I call Dell, again, they say they cannot offer any technical support unless I pay for it. I said no thanks and did a factory restore. I then try to install the driver again, the same lockout message popped up. Since it is preloaded in the recovery disk, I thought maybe a clean install of Windows 8 (with no drivers installed) might do the trick and it did; however, my Windows isn't activated and I have no product key to get it activate.

Through googling, I learn about RWeverything and key injection to BI... Read more

A:How to install Win8 with OEM Rec Disk after OEM MB replace

There is the Dell Community Forum, with users and user experts helping users, as this forum does. Since this is a specific Dell issue, their forum would be a good place to start. The user experts (identified as "Rockstars" on the forum) also have access to Dell personnel to try and resolve issues such as this.
Dell Community

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want to replace hard drive. How do i get the back off. How do I open lock? thank you, redsz

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I have a dead 6 gig drive on a IBM 300gl used to work in a machine shop hooked up to run a machine. The software will only run
on an nt workstation. How do I format a small hard disk to run on nt os on this computer?

A:replace nt workstation hard disk

As long as the computer supports booting from a CD, just insert your NT disk and restart [after you have installed the new hd] Setup starts and shows you the drive; choose what type of file system ie FAT or ntfs. If the system does not support booting from a cd, then you will have to use the four [I think] setup floppies. It has probably been at least 13yr since I have installed NT and this is from memory so it may or may not be completely accurate.

Finding a hard drive that will work with that old of a computer is going to be an issue. Most likely it is limited to 10gig or so and those are just not made any longer.

Here is a technet article that might help you;

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HP Pavilion dv6700
Windows Vista Home Premium
Intel Pentium Dual CPU T2370
3 Gig Memory

Ive made a Vista Recovery CD, since turning my comptuer on all it said was BOOTMGR or something is missing clt+alt+del to restart...and it does it over and over

boot to the disk and choose Command Prompt from the list of recovery options.
At the C prompt type:
cd Windows\WinSXS
and press enter.

Then type:
del pending.xml
and press enter.

Restart the computer and boot to the hard drive.

i did all this..it found no versions of windows installed?? so im guessing i need a full vista cd now to get this to install....since I'm assuming somehow everything is deleted?? I have windows XP pro on my desktop. Tried installing windows xp pro onto it...using my cd. Its all good then this error comes up

Windows XP
Setup did not find any hard disk drives installed in your computer??? (WHAT THE???)

seems like things are worse off then when we started doing this.....

A:#10009 - Replace Hard Disk

The first error would seem to indicate the hard drive is dead or the install is damaged but XP may not be a good indicator since it may be SATA and not detected by XP anyway. Does the drive appear in the BIOS? Also if you download and boot with a Live CD of Ubuntu or some other Linux OS, it would be a better indicator depending on if it can access the hard drive or not.

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got two HD's running in raid 0, one keeps coming up with error messages but PC still starts up although slower and with error. Before it crashes want to replace the faulty one. Can I do that without disrupting or losing the original setup.

- have now 25% used of both disks (2x 500gb)
- tried to identify disk to move data from the faulty one but can only see one volume

System original set up is on one of the hd's and can get it to rebuild to original version (hoping its not on the faulty one)
appreciate your help!

A:how to replace 1 errored raid0 disk

A RAID 0 configuration is designed for performance with data being written across all drives. However, the risk of data loss doubles since the array relies on the simultaneous functioning of both drives. You can't "rebuild" a RAID 0 array with a failed drive. You'll need to recover from backup. And I would suggest not using RAID 0 again.

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My hard drive on my t430 just crashed and I am out of warranty and don't have a repair disk.What are my options?Also, would I have to buy all new software again such as Windows 10 OS, Microsoft Office that I purchased with the original computer from Lenovo?Would there be a way to obtain my original product keys from Lenovo for windows 10 and ms office and redownload them from Microsoft without having to buy them again?My computer doesn't boot at all.Also if you could post a link on instructions on physically replacing the hard drive it would be appreciated.thanks

A:How to replace hard drive without repair disk

Hello and welcome,
I can't answer re Office, etc but as to the OS: I don't think the T430 was offered with Windows 10.  7 or 8.1 IIRC. That said, if it ever had '10 on it running and activated that fact will be stored in Microsoft's activation servers.  A reinstall of '10 of the same version - home or pro - should activate automatically once it's on the internet.
You can download MS install media here: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows10
Follow that with drivers from Lenovo (SUPPORT above and enter your serial # or model).  It's also possible that Lenovo Vantage from the MS store would work as well, and could handle the driver download and install at one whack.
The  Hardware Maintenance Manual  should help with drive R&R.

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I have a Western Digital 750Gb external Drive WD7500H1CS-00
This would be approx 4 years old from memory (out of warranty).

Hard Disk Sentinel on my machine reports the health of the disk as 'Critical' at 10%.
There are 135 bad sectors on the disk surface. The contents of these sectors were moved to the spare area.
The drive found 55 bad sectors during its self test.
Based on the number of remapping operations, the bad sectors may form continuous areas.
At this point, warrenty replacement of the disk is not possible, only if the health drops further.
It is recommended to examine the log of the disk regularly. All new problems found will be logged there.

The data is not critical, and before it gets worse I was considering replacing the 750Gb disk with a 2 or 3Tb drive. Is this possible - and if so a simple straight swap into the enclosure? (does the new drive need to be a WD?) Better off just buying a new drive?


(Windows 7 machine)

A:Possible to replace disk in older WD external enclosure

I did a quick search on the net and found a similar western digital to your's ( I think anyway although this one is 500 gig ) and it looks like you maybe in luck, this one looks like it takes a normal drive that you can just plug in if you are willing to take the unit apart.
Here is the link I found
Western Digital MyBook Open Case Recover Data | Scott Cramer wrote this.

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Guys I am looking to replace the hard disk in my HP Pavilion dv6 laptop with an SSD drive to improve performance. Can someone please advise what interface/size/height/dimensions that is required for successful installation. Please also advise any additional information that I might require. Thanks in advance,T  

A:Want to replace hard disk in laptop with SSD drive

actually you can't upgrade there are differnt slots for SSD,means its coonecting port with motherboard is different.

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Hey guys, my T450s 's harddrive is starting to give me problems and I am thinking about replacing it. My plan was to [1] backup all data externally, [2] replace the HDD, [3] recover OS and system setting with the recovery disk and [4] reload my externally-backed-up data. However, my concern is that I am not sure where the recovery disk is located, and my worry is that by replacing the HDD, I would have removed the recovery disk too. (In which case I may need something like Acronis to capture an image). Does anyone know if the recovery drive is tied to the HDD? Below is my laptop configuration: Intel Core i5-5200U Processor (3MB Cache, up to 2.70GHz)? Windows 7 Professional 64 preinstalled through downgrade rights in Windows 10 Pro? Windows 7 Professional 64 preinstalled through downgrade rights in Windows 10 Pro English? Security Chip Enabled? 8GB DDR3L-1600 4G Base+4G (1 SoDIMM)? 500GB Hard Disk Drive, 7200rpm, 2.5"? 16GB M.2 Solid State Drive Single? 3rd M.2 SSD slot Thank you


Go to Solution.

A:T450s can I replace my HD while still keeping the recovery disk

Hello and welcome,
I wrote up something about that ... a  long time ago.  Should still apply:
ThinkPad T450s: SSD migration & OS Installation: Clean, Clone, and Recover

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Hello friends, I got a problem down here hope you guys will help me..

Just couple of minutes ago while I'm surfing the internet I got this message informing me that I must back up my data and should replace the hard disk. I was unable to capture the screen at the very moment but here's the final window I got. I don't know whether this is fake warning or a real one. please help me out guys. what should I do.? thank you..!

A:replace or repair your hard disk warning

Quote: Originally Posted by sudheera

Hello friends, I got a problem down here hope you guys will help me..

Just couple of minutes ago while I'm surfing the internet I got this message informing me that I must back up my data and should replace the hard disk. I was unable to capture the screen at the very moment but here's the final window I got. I don't know whether this is fake warning or a real one. please help me out guys. what should I do.? thank you..!

To determine if it is fake or not, download malwarebytes and run it.

I suspect it is not fake (but run malware just to be sure) and you should back up your data then run a check disk to TRY and repair it.


Run CHKDSK /R /F from an elevated (Run as administrator) Command Prompt.

Do this for each hard drive on your system.

When it tells you it can't do it right now - and asks you if you'd like to do it at the next reboot - answer Y (for Yes) and press Enter.

Then reboot and let the test run.

It may take a while for it to run, but keep an occasional eye on it to see if it generates any errors.

See "CHKDSK LogFile" below in order to check the results of the test.

B- Elevated Command Prompt:

Go to Start and type in "cmd.exe" (without the quotes)

At the top of the Search Box, right click on Cmd.exe and select "Run as administrator"


... Read more

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My Dell Inspiron notebook hard disk is about to fail (SMART event warnings; Crystaldiskinfo status: bad)
I am still on Win 8.1; reserved upgrade to Windows 10; status is"we will let you know when your system is ready for upgrade".
I have a replacement hard disk available; how do I replace it without new Windows 10 licence ?
Do I need to need to re-install Windows 8 (with Dell OEM installation disk) and then upgrade to Windows 10; or can I do a clean install of Windows 10 (using Windows 10 installation media downloaded from Microsoft) on the new hard disk?
As I am entitled to an upgraded OS (Windows 10) - I should be eligible to install and use Windows 10 on a replacement hard drive. Please correct me if that is not right.

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I have Windows 8.1 Pro running and my C: drive is an SSD which is only 120GB. I'd like to replace it with a large drive, but I don't want to go through the headache of reinstalling Windows, reinstalling all my apps, etc.

Is there a way to:
connect a replacement driveclone my present 120GB C: drive to the new driveswitch them, boot off the new drive, and everything works the same as before (except I have more space)

I don't mind buying a third-party product if that's the best route. Someone mentioned CloneZilla to me but I'm not that familiar with it. Obviously, the partitions won't be the same in the sense of doing a 1:1 clone new drive would have a much larger partition :-)


A:Replace C: drive with bigger disk - clone OS somehow?

I've used Macrium Reflect free version for creating a backup of my 1TB HDD and used the backup on my 250GB SSD.
Ofcourse I had a lot of stuff removed and had the free space trimmed to let the backup fit.
For you it would be much easier as you don't have to trim any space.

Short answer, yes there is a very easy way to do.

EDIT: only thing required is creating a bootable USB or CD with Macrium, a Windows PE (Pre Environment) to use the backup

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I'm wondering about buying a yoga thinkpad with 500gb SATA disk 7mm + 16gb SSD M.2 1. change 500gb  7mmSATA to 128GB Vertex 450 7mmSATA 3 2.5 "SSDSata 128 SSD system partition + 16gb M.2 for cache or 2. change 16GB SSD M.2 to 128GB MyDigitalSSD M.2 SC2 Super Cache SATA III 2 42mm 6G Sata 500gb HDD for storage + 128gb M.2 for system partition which drive and controller will be better for the system partition and will have better performance?    

A:Thinkpad Yoga - disk replace SSD SATA vs M.2

Mabe the upcoming Intel Pro 1500 M.2 is compatible too.

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My motherboard is Intel 915GAV. where there are only one IDE channel. Now When I use my Hard Disk (Samsung 80GB, 72000 RPM) with this mother board its ok. But when I add any other harddisk or DVD/CD ROM with it as a slave, then it says "Pri Master hard Disk S.M.A.R.T. status BAD, Backup and Replace" during boot up and wait for "Press <F4>..." and after I press "F4" it takes much time to load OS(WinXP Sp2). And after loading if I check with Intel desktop Utilities there it pops up "ERR_SMART" or in details of Dard disk says "Status: Error ID=02". Now I think my hard disk is ok. Now please tell anyone how to solve this problem. If you need any more information please tell me. I will be waiting for your response. Thanks in advance.

A:Pri Master hard Disk S.M.A.R.T. status BAD, Backup and Replace

Do you have any jumpers on your hard drive? Are they set correctly? It should be Master and Slave Present (if possible). The slave drive should be set to slave of course.

If you are using a 80-connector IDE cable, then it does matter which plug goes where. Black is master and grey is slave.

How about replacing your IDE cable?

In BIOS, have you set all your IDE devices and attributes to "auto"?

If your BIOS version is earlier than 0457, then you could try updating to the latest version.

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Hi All,

I am facing a serious problem with my laptop.

System Details
Dell Inspiron N4010
OS: Windows 7 Home Basic (64-bit)

What has happened to the system:
1. Laptop was working fine until the hard-disk crashed & now I am unable to boot the system.
2. Got to replace the hard-disk but I Do not have windows 7 installation disk/usb to install in on the fresh hard-disk. Also my CD-drive is not working so got to work using USB drives only.
3. Currently able to access the data on hard-disk using ubuntu bootable usb.
4. Planning to buy an external USB hard-drive to back up data before replacing the hard-disk.

Please help

A:How to replace crashed hard disk & re-install windows 7 using USB

See this tutorial: Clean Install Windows 7

In the above mentioned tutorial you can find for instance this information:

If you do not have a Windows 7 with SP1 installation DVD/USB, then you can download the latest official Windows 7 with SP1 ISO file here: Microsoft: Windows 7 Direct Download Links, and use Windows 7 USB-DVD Download Tool to create a bootable DVD or USB flash drive with the ISO to do the clean install with.

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I'm working on a Gateway Nx570 notebook and am trying to replace a former 5400RPM SATA HDD with a 7200RPM, it says no disk found.. I thought I may have had a bum one, returned it for a new one, still same thing.. I don't get it.. why won't A 7200 HDD work in a gateway nx570?

A:Solved: just got a brand new hdd 7200 to replace a 5400 hdd says no disk

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The 32-gigabyte (GB) NAND flash-based solid state disk (SSD) can upload and download data quickly and quietly as it uses instantly-accessible static NAND flash memory instead of the rotating discs found in hard drives.

SSD weighs only half as much as a hard drive, reads data three times faster and writes data 1,5 times quicker, it said.

It consumes a mere five percent of the electricity needed to power a hard disk drive and operates silently as it requires no motor or any other noise-making parts.

A:Samsung develops drive to replace hard disk

Awesome. Solid-state memory needs to replace ferromagnetic plates of glass. Methinks this step in technology is long overdue.

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I wanted to replace the 128GB hard drive in my portable PC. I bought a 256GB SSD and read the User Guide.
I didn't see anything about the disk replacement inside.
When I opened the PC, I discovered that there was a mSata card.
Is it possible to replace a mSata card with a SSD disk?
There is a small connector but I'm sure I will need to buy a new one (what kind of connector?).
More importantly there is no information in the User Guide about all this process.
Is there anybody having done that?


A:Portege R930: replace mSata card with SSD disk

I think you need to get the drive cable replaced with a 2.5" cable.
If the drive cannot physically fit, you may need to get other parts replaced as well.

It may be a better idea returning the SSD and buy an mSATA SSD instead.

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Have an older Dell xps running windows 7 and I need to order new operating system disk. In the past I have ordered disk from Dell and not sure if I can do the same for this system.
Thanks in advance.

A:getting replace OS Windows 7 disk from Dell for a older system

You can Download Windows 10 TH2 Installation Media and Clean Install with your Windows 7 OEM product key:

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