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W530 won't boot & can't get into BIOS (blank screen)

Q: W530 won't boot & can't get into BIOS (blank screen)

Hi, I am experiencing some problem with my W530 and I really hope that experts here might be able to help me to find a solution before I sent my laptop to repair.This laptop is runing windows 7 pro, NVIDIA Quadro K2000M, Intel Core i7 3740QM, 4GB RAM, 256GB SSD and DVD Optical Drive.Recently I decided to upgrade the RAM and I added 3x4 GB RAM then the laptop won't boot. After I press the power button the screen was blank and it beep 1-3-3-1. So I unplugged the 3x4GB ram and It still won't boot.Hopefully someone can help me find what the problem might be.

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Preferred Solution: W530 won't boot & can't get into BIOS (blank screen)

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


Please see the picture below. This error happens randomly when I close my lid, and/or move my laptop fast from one place to the other. I get either the error screen below or a blank screen. Both the error screen below and blank screen require me to hold the power button down and reboot my W530.
Has anyone ever experienced this error? What is the cause of this issue? Does anyone know of a fix that won't void my warrantee? 
Link to image
Moderator note: images larger than 50k converted to links per forum rules:  Lenovo Community Participation Rules

A:ThinkPad W530: Blank Screen/Weird Colorful screen on Lid Open

Looks like a loose/damaged connection between the display and the laptop. no way to fix it without opening the laptop. Which warranty do you have? if you have the on-site, they send a tech or parts out to fix it.

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I'm horrible with computers so I don't really know anything about my computer except that it's a Dell Dimension E521 and has Vista Home Premium..

My problem is that when I start my computer, after the BIOS loads and where it would normally go to a log in screen it just stays a blank screen (no cursor or anything.) I tried loading it in safe mode and it just freezes at "crcdisk.sys" and I also tried using system restore which says "the disc OS (c:) has errors) and tries to repair it (to no avail.) I also tried the "Repair Your Computer" thing and left that running for about 12 hours and that didn't do anything and so I finally tried to reinstall Vista but I couldn't even do that (the disc loads and lets me click install but it freezes after that.)

I guess I should say when my problem started.. I clicked a youtube link and then some error came up saying (I don't remember but it did say something about C (not the disk but the code)) well after that error Firefox froze so I tried closing it (through the task manager) but it just said access denied so I tried to restart my computer but explorer was frozen so I had no choice but to use the power button after which my problem started..

Also in the system settings error log it says there's a POST error Keyboard error every time I try to restart my computer..

A:Computer won't boot (blank screen after BIOS)

try another keyboard

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the problem is when i boot up the computer, the busy light is constantly on and it will not show anything on the screen. i changed monitors and the same thing occurred, something is not allowing my computer to boot, maybe a virus, but how do i do a virus scan when the computer wont boot? i changed hard drives and the same thing occurred. i am sure that the problem is not monitor related but something else. all the wires and cords are connected and nothing seems obviously wrong. i put in a boot disk but it wont recognize it. any help would be great, if you guys need more information just ask, thanks

A:XP: computer wont boot, will not go to bios, blank screen

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My computer has been running normally for quite a while now. Just the other day though, it started having a weird problem. I will turn it on, it will load the BIOS screen, then it will dislpay a blank screen for about 10 seconds before loading Windows XP. Windows loads normally and works fine after that. I think that this problem may have started after I installed and then uninstalled Dameon Tools, but I am not sure; that's just an idea.

A:Long blank screen between BIOS and Windows XP boot


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I'm trying to reformat my computer, but I can seem to boot to the cd or get access to the setup bios. When I try either one i get a blank black screen. I can boot into windows fine or safe mode.

Thanks for any help!

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Hello Community!I tried to upgrade my W530 i5 3320M with an i7 3740QM. Unfortunately after installing, I could not even enter BIOS anymore, just the "Thinkpad" boot screen appears, without prompt to enter setup. Swapped back to the i5 - everything fine as before. I have installed to different RAMs (4GB Hynix orig.+8GB Crucial) in the slots underneath the keyboard- while using the i5 these are the presupposed slots. Nevertheless it should run with those, right? BIOS is from 2.65 from 2016.  Any idea what else could be up here?Thanks a lot!

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Hi everyone,
I have a Dell XPS 17 L702x that I was prepping to sell.  The basic specs are:
Intel i7-2760QM
16GB of RAM (4GB x4)
NVIDIA GeForce GT 555M with 1080p 3D screen
500GB 7200 RPM HDD x2
Windows 10 Pro
Like I said, I was prepping to sell the laptop.  The laptop was functioning properly.  I had wiped the HDDs clean and was in the middle of performing a clean install of Windows 10 pro from a USB drive.  I have done this before and never had a problem.  The install started correctly. I selected the drive that I wanted, and the installer wrote the files to the drive.  The laptop then restarted.  The power came back on, the fan started up, and I could hear the optical drive and HDDs spin up.  However, the screen stayed blank/black, and the Dell splash screen never appeared.  The activity light on the USB drive never comes on.  The normal functions keys do nothing.
Here are some troubleshooting things that I have tried:
I removed the RAM and HDDs.  I get the typical 2 beeps from not having any RAM.  Motherboard seem ok.
I have tested the RAM in my work Latitude E6430.  The E6430 will boot with the RAM from the L702x.  The RAM seems ok.
I have tested each stick of RAM one at a time in various slots in the L702x.  Same problem, blank screen, and no beeps.
I have connected the HDDs to the E6430 with a SATA to USB cable.  I can format and read/write from/to the HDDs.  The HDDs seem ok.
... Read more

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Hi,  I have an HP Envy 23-d010ea, which doesn't boot - at all. It switches on when pushing the power button, and doesn't react to any input, then restarts after about 60 seconds or so. I've read many posts addressing this issue, and tried all the proposed solutions. In particular I've tried- different keyboards, it's own, and others connected through USB - all USB slots. (btw not one LED switches nor flashes on the keyboard!)- hard reset (15 seconds power button while having disconnected everything).- switching it on with Windows button+B pushed down, in order to restore a previous BIOS, in case it's corrupted. Everything has failed. Can I mention that Windows 10 was recently installed (upgrade) on this machine, and I was merely doing a restart, aiming at reinstalling Windows 7 on it from scratch.  Please Help!Appreciate all the input.Many Thanks!

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Hi guys,

Need your input on this.

Yesterday, while I was using my PC, the screen suddenly went black, and tried to 'restart' itself - ie it would go black, and turn on again, but there's no image, so it would go black again. After a while it would freeze and I would have to do a hard reboot.

It rebooted normally and I could use it again - for a few hours. This time, the same thing happened, except that at the BIOS screen, there were graphical anomalies (Checkered boxes with vertical lines) on the screen. This went on to the Windows XP boot up screen (the one with the progress bar), and then the blue login screen. The blue login screen was in fact blank without the Windows XP font in the middle.

However as soon as it got to my desktop, it would freeze and the same screen-blank-and-restart (forgive me for lack of a better term) thing would start looping again. Basically I cannot boot up Windows.

At first I thought it was an overheat issue so I let it to cool down for a few hours before turning it back on - but to no avail.

I did some searching on the net then and tried the following:
- switch out RAM sticks
- disconnect power supply to other less essential parts like CD rom and secondary hard drives (In case there wasn't enough power) for the GPU
- uninstalled graphics drivers (to which it allowed me to boot normally without artifacting and freezing. However artifacts were still present at BIOS and XP progress bar screen). However once I reinstalled th... Read more

A:Solved: Screen goes blank, freezes, artifacting at BIOS & cannot boot up Windows afte

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Hey there, Wednesday evening I got home from work to find that my w530 had ran out of battery. I plugged it in and attempted to start it, but was unable to get past the lenovo splash screen and couldn't get to windows login. Iritatingly, the computer will randomly boot to windows login and allow me to login very rarely.Since then I've tried various attempts to fix the issue but things haven't improved. Initially I could attempt to boot to a DVD or USB but now when I select either boot option the computer goes right back to the boot options. If I can use one, the computer will hardreset and reboot. If I hit f12 I can get into BIOS or into the diagnostic utilities and the computer is stable without any crashes, even when running diagnostics for 3+ hours. Diagnostics have not found any errors with the ram, mobo, cpu, or HDD.I thought initially it might be something BIOS related, so I reset to default options, tried pulling the CMOS battery, and then flashed and re-installed the latest BIOS version without any effect from any approaches.I pulled RAM sticks one at a time to see if that was the issue without any change. I then tried pulling the HDD, all but 1 ram stick (4gb of 16gb), as well as pulling the 16gb SSD flash drive. Even with this I couldn't get the computer to boot by USB or DVD. When I connected the HDD to my desktop tower and used the bootrec.exe command in command line I was able to get the tower and laptop to get to windows, but it has since reverted.I've diss... Read more

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My Lenovo Z410 came with v37 BIOS dated 2013.I went to Lenovo website and downloaded and ran 8DCN40WW.exeInstead of taking normal time to flash, Windows started rebooting after only a couple sec. No bootup. No beep. No Lenovo logo. Power light comes on. Blank screen (no backlight). After 50+ bootup attempts I sometimes get the blue error message at bootup:InsydeH20 invalid firmware image. After changing RAM positions, and trying the Lenovo "rescue" bootup button, I got a bootup.CPU-Z still shows the BIOS is V37 (ie it didn't flash). I know I have Secure Boot enabled. So, to fix this I believe I need to force flash the old v37 BIOS image. SUGGESTIONS?HELP?

A:BIOS v40 flash failed on Lenovo Z410. No boot (screen blank). InsydeH20 invalid image firmware!

Forgot to mention.I already tried "draining power". IE disassembling my laptop, and disconnecting the battery and AC adapter, and holding power button for 60sec+ many times.It doesn't fix the issue.Also, the RAM position etc, obviously has nothing to do with anything. I was able to bootup with exact same 2x DIMM config as originally.

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I am having problems with direct booting into Windows 8 installed into a VHDX file.
This is a four-partition UEFI boot on a GPT drive. EFI files are residing on a second partition of disk 0 (the ESP partition) in the EFI folder. The boot virtual disk is residing on the fourth partition of that disk 0.
When I turn on the PC, it shows black screen after the BIOS POST screen. No Windows 8 boot menu, no other information is displayed. However, if I press Shift+F12 (or F12) to start Dell BIOS Boot Menu and choose Windows Boot Manager from the UEFI part of
the boot menu, Windows 8 starts to boot without difficulties.
How do I make Windows to boot automatically without having to select Windows Boot Manager in DELL BIOS boot menu?
I believe I messed up with boot sector somehow... What needs to be fixed provided that Windows 8 will boot into VHDX file?
Thank you.

Well this is the world we live in And these are the hands we're given...

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I had to replace my HDD in my other laptop, well I put in blank HDD, well I try to start it up and I dont get bios or post. needing to install OS and software for the laptop. I tried the Ram trick, the hard system power reset and everything I could find that people suggested for the blank screen and bios problem.

A:Blank HDD, Blank screen, and no access to Bios

I don't know that much about laptops but when you replaced the hard drive, how did you know it failed and how do you know something else hasn't failed?

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Hi. I have a dell inspiron laptop. My problem starts when i tried to update my bios from a07 to a15. While the update is running my laptop screen suddenly turned blank but my laptop is still on. What should i do?

A:Bios update fail. Blank screen while updating bios

Please check and see if you can get into BIOS. By the way list Dell model number and version of window. Ex: Dell Inspiron 3543, windows 10
1. Power off computer
2. Power on computer, quickly start tapping F2 key continuously. Hopefully, you'll be able to see BIOS screen.

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Hello everyone. I'm new the the forums here (as in just registered), but I need some help please. Basically after attempting to open firefox today (as I have probably over 20 times a day for the last year at least), I received a blue screen of death, and now my computer seems to be shot. I know how difficult it is to diagnose something without being able to see it, so I made a short little 4 min video of me trying to turn it on and what it does. Hopefully this has happened to at least someone before.

Blue Screen of Death - YouTube

A:[SOLVED] BSOD help. Blank screen after BIOS pop up and blue screen while trying to re


From the video you provided (which is great, by the way)... your system is failing to POST. Essentially if the system detects that a device or component is failing to provide the accurate information, which ensures that it would then be safe to run, the system will not POST.

From the looks of it, your hard drive or memory appears to be the issue which is the issue in most of the cases like this as you're BSOD'ing right after loading the Windows disc and after it loads the files necessary for the install.

My current advice:

1. Clear / reset the CMOS and try booting up and or loading the disc again.

2. If possible using another system, possibly a laptop... etc, download and run Memtest86+ -



Download Memtest86+ here:



Which should I download?

You can either download the pre-compiled ISO that you would burn to a CD and then boot from the CD, or you can download the auto-installer for the USB key. What this will do is format your USB drive, make it a bootable device, and then install the necessary files. Both do the same job, it's just up to you which you choose, or which you have available (whether it's CD or USB).

How Memtest works:

Memtest86 writes a series of test patterns to most memory addresses, reads back the data written, and compares it for errors.

The default pass does 9 different tests, varying in access patterns ... Read more

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So I've had this computer for almost a year:
HP Pavillion a1250n
250G Maxtor HDD
2x 512mb DDR 3200 ram 400Hz (1Gig)

Brought to it's knees this weekend enexpectedly, I am attempting to install Windows XP Pro. I have used the maxtor diagnostic util to wipe the HDD to all zeroes, leaving one big unpartitioned space.

When I boot from the Windows XP CD it goes though the install just fine, formats the space, and copies the files, seemingly alright. When it reboots, it goes through the whole BIOS screen fine, it again asks to press any key to boot from CD, and if nothing is pressed goes directly to a blank screen, no cursor, no loading, nothing. Leaving it for up to an hour does nothing. Monitor is on, and signal seems active, but nothing is coming though.

I can access recovery console, but I'm getting in over my head at that point. Can anything in there help me?

Any advice is good advice, I messed with this all weekend long and it is getting old.

A:Windows half installs, blank screen after BIOS screen


When the PC reboots after copying files it should then read from the boot device, it may be possible that the BIOS is set incorrectly with the boot device not being set as the bootable drive.

Go into BIOS and ensure that the first bootable device is the HD you are loading windows onto, also remove any devices attached to the bootable drive such as any slave drives and that the jumper is set to master, not slave or cable select, if the CD rom that you are loading windows from is slaved to the master drive then place it on its own IDE channel and rerun the setup from scratch.

The only other time I have seen this happen is when the drive itself is flaky, that was only once though and I had to replace the drive.


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I'm getting a blank screen when my computer boots up. Not even a Bios screen or anything. But, Win 7 seems to boot up fine in the background. I can hear the welcome chime in the background after a little bit.
I was in the process of putting in a new SSD when this happened. Tried to unplug it and restart, but same problem. Now I have everything else unplugged but the graphics card, and the old hdds. Still nothing but blank screen.
I'm wondering if it's the graphics card or the power supply that are spotty. Fan is spinning on the graphics card, but I'm not sure what to make of that by itself.
Not quite sure what to do now....

Mobo: Gigabyte 870A-UD3 AMD
CPU: AMD Phenom 2 X4 955 Black Edition
RAM: GSkill DDR3-1600 4GB
Graphics: MSI N460GTX Fermi
Power: OCZ Fatal1ty 550W modular
OS: Win 7 Ultimate OEM - clean install

A:Blank Screen, No Bios Screen, Win 7 boots fine, Now What?

You might have the splash turned off in the bios. Have you checked the settings in there. When the computer boots start hitting the button to get you into the bios seeing as you can't see it.

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I'm looking to buy rurfurbished lenovo W530 that comes with 8GB RAM & can be upgraded to 12GB by the seller.  I would like to upgrade to 32GB RAM by my self & have seen videos on how to do this. (2 slots under laptop & 2 slots under keyboard).But I have read that there could be blank modules in some models & removing them will damage the motherboard.Is this true? If so why? And how can they be removed without mobo damage?

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I have an Acer Aspire 9815WKHI Laptop running Windows Vista Ultimate.

I've been having booting up problems for about a week and when I woke up today I started the Laptop and the Acer screen came up but there is no BIOS entry, where it usaully says "F2 - Settings" is blank, after that the screen goes blank.

I have reseated the RAM. I have looked around the internet for solutions and noticed a few people saying re-install the BIOS. Im not sure to which BIOS setting i need.

Has anybody else had this problem or can anyone please help me with this issue.

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My old computer was working fine until today. When I power on I get the one beep. bios shows on monitor - goes through drive detection then nothing... No cursor no error message it just sits there. I switched the video card from another (working) machine and it still does the same thing.
What else could be the problem?
Thanks for your help ! !

A:Blank Screen after Bios

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Recently my computer began to go to a blank screen right after the bios post screen. Nothing can be done, it just stays at this screen and never loads up windows. I haven't installed or changed anything in my system or bios before it happened so I'm wondering as to what would cause this problem and how to fix it.

I am however able to load up windows and use it just as normal if I were to change boot priority to cd/dvd first then hard drive. However if I were to change it back to hard drive first then simply a blank screen.

The reason that I believe it a hardware problem is that once windows is loaded using above method, I am able do anything that you could normally do.

OS: Win 7 64 bit
MB: Asrock P43DE3
HD: WD Caviar Black 750gb
GFX: ATI 5770
PSU: Corsair 650HX

A:Blank screen after BIOS

is anything in the CD drive? (the Windows 7 installation disk will boot windows if it is in the drive)

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i changed my bios from both to crt on boot to try and fix my screen as it went blank on laptop due to windows saying you can get better resolution, was running on monitor then that stopped, so now i cant see start up ie f8 or bios menu ,as i was running in vga mode and or safe and have to install new drivers i downloaded to try to sort ,sorry this is rambling on ?:knock: so how can restore bios defaults without seeing screen or use f8 to run safe mode ect , whats best option can i get into bios through windows ps the computer is booting up as windows can be seen faintly very dark any sugg thanks

A:bios blank screen

Try plugging in and activating a external monitor...

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I hava an emachine w4620 laptop with xp that died a few months ago.
manufactured by arima about 3 or 4 years old.

I went to do a reboot,when it powered back on, had high speed fan and an error.I dont remember the error but it seems like it was asking for a file location as if going to install from a floppy or something.
the top half of the screen was blue with the text-- and the bottom of the screen remained blank.

i tried to wait out the error but nothing happened so i held down on the power button and nothing happened.I still had high speed fan and th error message and couldnt shut down machine.

After about 5 minutes I unpluged the brick and then took out the battery.

Pluged it back in,I got my status lights on for hard drive radio etc on 5 seconds as usual
when i hit the power nothing happens,absolutely nothing

I have put in differant known good ram
Took out the coin cell battery for about 20 minutes ,put back in
checked my brick it is good
checked every ribbon i can all wires etc.

i have a green led light on bottom of lcd panel that comes on whenever the power brick is pluged into the wall and the pc.
It no longer lights,but the status lights will come on with the brick or battery is plugged in.

I dont get any beeps- no fans- no screen--nothing
just the status lights for 5 seconds when first plugging in the machine.

A:Blank screen,no bios .no fan

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I bought a pc off of ebay "HP Compaq Presario 6420nx 1.8GHZ 256M 80GB HD "
Processor: AMD Athlon XP 1.8GHz + Memory: 256mb(DDR SDRAM)Maximum RAM 1 GB, Installed Cache Memory 256 KB + Bus Speed 266 MHz + Hard Drive: 80Gb + Other Drives: DVD/CD-RW, Read speed 40x, Read Speed(2nd)16x, Write Speed 40x, ReWrite Speed 10x,+ 3.5 floppy.+ Software included: Windows XP Home Edition(preinstalled

When I got it the procesor fan was loose ,I suppose it came off during shipping, YEAH RIGHT and sadam is still a dictator in iraq.

well i put it back on , realizing it would be very hard for this fan to just fall off on its own..

I read several tech message boards and did all the "right stuff" reset cmos take it all the way apart put plastic washers under mother board , check all jumper wires.. I am freakin confused by this point and dont remember my middle name, I think it is duh.

I only have one hd in this (samsung 80 gb) how should it be jumpered. the one in my other pc is a 40 gb western and it has no jumper .this one had 2 on the hd

how should the jumper by the batt look 3 prong , does the jumper go on outside 2 or inside 2 the the other side has 2 prong with the jumper only on the outside prong.

When i turn on the pc the rewrite and dvd light up the keyboard lights up at first then nothing, the yellow light comes on for a bit then the green light dont come on when the yellow light goes off.

Did I mention Ive been up all night, shucks man I am going to have to ... Read more

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I just bought a toshiba satellite notebook model a135-s2776 about four months ago. I left my computer on all night and when i woke up the screen is blank and now I cannot reset my laptop unless I hold the power button down. But i still get the blank screen. It does not even load to bios. There is no beeping noise whatsoever. The fan spins for couple of seconds then it stops. the hd lights come on for a few second then its gone, but the hd is running when I put my ear next to the keyboard. the dvd drive light stays on but it will not eject. All this happen when I power the laptop on. I check to see if if will work on another monitor and I press func and F5 and still nothing. I took the laptop apart all the way to the mb and reseated almost every hardware ram, fan, heatsink and the dvd drive. put everything back the way it was and still nothing works. I am at work right now but I will get the specs of my laptop when i get home.

A:blank screen no bios

Frist - your warranty should be good, if I remember Toshiba policies. Go to Toshiba's Tech Support and they may help directly or find a local service place.

Second - You didn't say, but I'll assume your Notebook is plugged into AC. Have you checked the battery? It must be installed and have some charge on it to work even when using AC. Also, batteries have been known to go bad even if new. You may have heard of the big battery recall awhile back, although that dealt with batteries burning up (causing fires in some cases).

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Someone told me this is going to be a hardware problem? Just in case not, and it is software related, please direct me to the right person? I am also currently running the thread for some bad trojan I picked up


at the following url: http://forums.techguy.org/virus-other-malware-removal/954912-trj-zpack-gen.html

There are hijack reports there, as well as dds.scr logs.

Today, I tried to boot up my PC. It flashes the usual Acer boot screen, the cursor flashes at the top left corner, as always and then nothing...blank.

In safe mode, the last line before boot-up freezes:


I have tried the option of "last configuration of functional settings" and nothing.

My battery seems to have been fried (only ever gets to max 70%) and I thought it might be due to a power surge. To check, I let it run down last night, to recharge it this morning and see if it would charge fully. I was watching a tv series on vlc, and everything was functioning as "normal" apart from the usual issues the trojan would dole out...I was completely surprised and utterly disappointed to find that this morning I have NO computer at all, while I have been patiently waiting for the team to help me axe this damned virus. I want to scream.


A:Blank screen after Boot screen, no boot up in safe mode either

I HAVE posted this new problem in the original thread. I have not heard from Cookiegal since Friday?

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Hello everyone,
I've got a problem with my graphics card Nvidia 6800XT. It worked normally before but now I cannot start PC, it displays blank screen when I turn it on and I hear few beeps after that, but there's still nothing on screen. Everything works fine if I try with MX440 card or Graphics controller. I'm uncertain if it's really happening because of card and if I should test it on another PC. It may be because of power too, but I can't tell because everything was working fine before.

Here's some info about my PC:

ASRock P4i65G
Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU, 3.00 GHz x86
2.00 GB of RAM
Samsung SyncMaster 753DFX
Nvidia 6800XT (256MB) / Nvidia MX440 8x AGP (64MB) / Intel(R) 82865G Graphics Controller (96MB)
160 GB and 20 GB Hard Disks
230W Power Supply
Windows XP SP 3, 32 bit

Thanks in advance.

A:BIOS not starting, blank screen

Test the card in another PC. It will likely work fine.

Based on your specs, I'd say you need a new power supply.

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Now I'm sure you guys have seen this enough, or so I think. I have read around here and other sites relating to my problem, to an extent. Some problems others have mentioned relating to this blank screen are close to my problems, but the solutions to fix it is where I am having trouble.

My problem.
As of now I am typing this from a newly installed XP version on my hardrive (2nd partition).
I have Windows XP Profesional version 2002 sp2. When I turn on my computer everything is fine, Bios loads but after that the screen goes completely blank. I have tried running in safe mode but it freezes in the process.

I have had this problem before and managed to repair with the installation CD. All my files were ok. This time, after the repair (deleting and then copying files) it restarts to resume the rest of the installation, but the screen goes blank after bios. This time it did not work. I kept trying to repair but it says "there was already an attempt on upgrading Windows". It allows me to do the repair process again but I cannot continue with the installation because of the blank screen. I would really want to get to my files again. Any help would be very much appreciated. I hope theres a simple solution.

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hey guys

i have an inspiron 1150 laptop and overnight it will not boot up. when i power it up it brings up a blank screen and the fan comes on for about 20 seconds and it turns off again. weird!

i have read through many threads on the net but to no avail. i have removed memory, HDD and makes no difference?

Please can someone advise?


A:NO BIOS blank screen laptop help!

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I put in my new video card ( ATI Radeon x1650 AGP) and I tried to get windows to work. It worked but kept shutting down with the BSOD. I searched around the internet and found that I should update my BIOS. I used the ASUS program to download and fix the BIOS that I had and BIOS 1.14 for my Motherboard (ASUS A7V8X-X) after installation I rebooted and my monitor wouldn't show anything a feeling went through my stomach that I had just screwed up big. I tried placing my 2 older video cards (ATI All-In-Wonder 9600, and an Nvidia card from 2000) the Nvidia card showed the screen and it said something about my disk crashing. Is there any way to recover my computers motherboard, or am i in too deep? Please reply if you have any information. Please speak in detail as I am not very educated in this area.

A:Blank Screen after BIOS update


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I started my computer (Compaq Presario desktop 2gb ram, 140gb hd, 2.2ghz cpu, win 7 ultimate) a few days ago and it would show the HP splash screen and then go black with a flashing cursor in the upper left corner. I shut it down and restarted and went to setup and reset the defaults and it started. Now every time I start the computer I have to reset the defaults for it to boot.
I couldn't find anything similar to my problem, I looked.
I hope I put this in the right spot.

A:Bios splash screen then blank

Sounds like your systems CMOS battery may need replacing, is it showing the correct time and date?

In your Bios you should be able to find a list of voltages, see what it shows for the battery (vbat).

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Dear Expert,

I have accer aspire 5738z model laptop
Recently I have updated BIOS version, and after that once I power on my laptop a blue screen come.
After doing everything I was failed to recover IT to normal mode, then what I did is like my friend format my internal hard disk by connecting it to another pc via USB port.
All drive has been formatted.
Now when I my open my laptop I get blank screen only.

Laptop not going into BIOS setting in anyways, I have Phoenix bios and tried keys like (Ctrl+Alt+ESC, F2,ESC +Fn)

Please suggest how to recover my laptop in a working now.

- Harry

A:Blank screen..bios not working

Pull the HDD from the computer. When you power on the computer, do you get the Acer Logo screen? If so, at the Acer screen you should he message a quick message to press (key) to enter Setup, this is usually F2. If that works, shut down, remove the battery, and replace the HDD,replace the battery and restart and do the same thing.

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Heres the Problem
When I switch on I get power to PC, CD and DVD drives which can be opened and closed, hdd light comes on for 2 seconds then stays off.

Nothing appears on screen, the BIOS doesnt appear and the monitor screen remains blank.
(NB monitor works on another PC)

Fans on processor and casing are both running when I switch on

Beeps heard vary each switch on but are either:
1)Duh Duh Duh , Du Do
2)Duh Duh Duh ,du du du du du du du (rapid constant tone)
3) No beeps

Prior to this problem
my PC case did seem hot but Musketeer device said 50 degrees C. Windows XP was experiencing more frequent problems on bootup recommending scandisk much of the time, TV card seemed troublesome.

My efforts
I have opened up and had a quick look and all seems to be secure (except 1 of 4 very thin wires to the speaker ports.)
I haven't found or smelt signs of burning.

The beast
A P4 3 ghz processor
2 512mb 400 DDR pieces
2x 200GB HD's
ATI Radeon 9800? 256MB
TV card
Muticard reader,Floppy drive
DVD Rewriter

I also have a 3 year old PC P3 800mhz, 64MB graphics, think the memory is SD Ram, if any of this can help.

Any suggestions welcome, preferably with recommended sequence of attack for willing but novice PC surgeon!! Thanks

A:Power but No BIOS & blank screen

Sounds to me like your power supply, or possibly the mains (though I doubt it) had a power surge and blew your motherboard. Happened to me a couple of weeks back, my housemate a month ago and a family friend not long ago either! There was no smoke or burning smell either.

This would also explain no BIOS, and Windows becoming unstable before the event, because irregular power levels were being fed to your system.
If the psu has started surging, it would explain why the fans, drives etc are still working - power is still reaching them.

If it had been the RAM going, you would still get a POST / BIOS.
I doubt that the TV card has anything to do with it.
The only thing that confuses me is that you get beeping at all....

Not sure what you mean by "musketeer device", but 50 degrees is fine for cpu temp, and probably for case temp too.

If it was a psu surge, you will probably need to replace the motherboard, and I would strongly recommend buying a high quality psu (remember, high wattage rating doesn't always equal quality!) from reputable brands such as Antec or Enermax. Your psu has probably started becoming unreliable, and you don't want a replacement motherboard to go the same way! Additionally, you might invest in a mains surge protector.

Someone else might know different, or have a solution that doesn't involve buying a new mobo/psu....

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I newly built a pc with
Ryzen 2700x
16x2GB Corsair Vengeance ram
GTX 1060 6GB
I first tried to install windows 7 yesterday failed. I got into bios with windows 10 today and it was all broken. resolution was lowest and texts started overlapping. It even froze occasionally. I somehow went through and installed windows 10 today. Everything was fine after untill it installed graphics driver. My monitor suddenly went blank. No signal detected it says. I restarted pc. Monitor works fine until I log into Windows. Also, my pc shuts down and restarts whenever I ender M-Flash mode to update (re-install) bios. And exits M-Flash mode.
I tried:
resetting motherboard
another pc (that I was using before and somehow got same monitor problem)
another monitor
new DVI cable
uninstall graphics
plugged out and plugged in ram, battery and graphics card. Tried them on different slot too.
I attached a pic of bios.

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hi, this is my first post at Tech Suppor Guy Forum,i am not sure if i am posting in the right category,my pc is AS ROCK ALIVE NF6G-DVI,i am using OS microsoftwindows xp sp2 64 bit,my problems started some weeks back first with keyboard(usb)being intermittent until it stopped working completely,then mouse also usb became intermittent i have to unplug it then reinsert it again but most of the time it does not work,i borrowed a mouse & keyboard both ps2 and it seemed to be working i was convinced the usb ports were not working,but then i made a blunder after someone advised me to clear bios so i did just that and now i just can't go anywhere as i have only a black screen,can someone please help me solve the problem or do i have to send it to a repair store?i also can't affford to lose any of my materials,thank you. chokie

A:blank screen after clearing BIOS

It should be easy to recover your files by connecting the drive to another machine and copying them to another drive or optical media. I would do that before proceeding.
Have you tried booting to a bootable CD/DVD?
This sounds like a serious issue with the motherboard or video card.

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I recently updated my Bios on my computer because i was getting the blue screen error (Driver_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL) and now my computer will not start up. THe fans start running and the keyboard lights for caps lock etc do not light up. I have already cleared the CMOS memory and it did not do a thing, any suggestions? (I have already read numerous other posts with problems like these and they havent helped me

A:Blank Screen after BIOS update

Oh and by the way i am running a windows 2000 machine with SP2

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Hello, I just got everything in my case. New parts. I got the Asus M4A78LT-M motherboard and AMD Phenom II x4 3.2 955 am3 cpu. I got everything together and booted it one time, it started just fine. I went into bios to change device to usb thumb drive, bc it has my OS on it. I read that the mboard comes only working with 3 cores. I saw the setting under advanced-cpu and changed to all cores, while i was in the process of changing boot priority. Rebooted to a blank screen and unable to get in bios.
I tried clearing the CMOS data by turning off, unplugging, and moving the clrtc jumper. Also did the same and removing the battery. And then the ram. Then I tried unplugging all components(cd and br rom) & hd. To no avail. I also tried (with cdrom only as master) putting in the motherboard dvd to see if it would auto fix. Didn't work. I even d/l'ed the initial bios file from Asus and put on USB drive put in and turned on still didnt work.

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Last boot message on screen "AHCI BIOS not installed", then blank screen.

non branded
XP Home
intel LGA 775 965 motherboard
adata 512 ddr2 ram
DVD ide burner
WD ide drive

A:Last boot message AHCI BIOS not installed, then blank

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Hi. I have a lenovo y50 running windows 10. It did some automatic update, shut down and when I powered it up again, I got the update being prepared screen then after a while it rebooted and was stuck on the lenovo logo for a long time. I force shut it down and again it froze on the lenovo screen. After powering  it up again, i got a bsod and it again rebooted. Now,  when i power it on i dont get anything on the screen, its totally blank with the leds powering up and also the keyboard backlighting. Any help guys? 

A:Lenovo y50 wont boot. Can't access bios, blank scr...

Hi nikar15 , 
Welcome to the Community Forums. 
Would you have the machine number? Check on the machine number from the sticker or check it from here ,just keep your serial number confidential.
Was it previously on Win8.1 ? Did you manage to create a recovery media ?
It would have to power drain the machine by removing the charger , battery and harddrive and to press and hold down the power for 12 seconds. 
Without the harddrive and battery , try going to the BIOS by FN + F2 or use the Novo button to start. If you manage to get the BIOS set up screen , go to the Exit Tab and load optimal defaults and save and exit. Turn off and put back the battery and harddrive and check.
Update us how things go. 

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I recieved the computer like this so I don't know what could have caused it. So far the most success I have had is copying the 363FF15.fd file from the sp48895 onto a usb drive and renaming it 363F.BIN. I put the stick in, plug in the ac adapter (no battery), hold Win + B and power on. The USB stick starts to flash and I let go of the keys. It will beep 4 times... long pause... 4 times.... long pause... 1 beep... long... beep.. long... and then nothing. The screen remains blank the entire time. So thats the best results so far. Ive tried other filenames like F.bin or leaving it as 363FF15.fd and all those attempts end up in it beeping once and the computer restarting. Any ideas?

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My Inspiron suddenly has become unresponsive. On pressing the start button the 3 lights on the right.. just above the keyboard flash and go off. The computer is unresponsive to F12, F8, etc..
I also tried using the recovery disc that came with the laptop. It seems to read the disc but then no response.. just blank screen.
I have spend hours going through various post and tried various techniques of removing plug, removing battery, holding the power button for 5 secs, etc
The laptop is in good condition and dont want to see it brick.
Thanks for help..

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After bios update in B490 getting screen is blank and how to get back normal stage thourgh update bios again by USB flash. No warranty and the laptop is provided by goverment. Since one month my laptop is same condition. i need correct troubleshooting from lenovo technical staff. Thank you very much....................

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SO my sons laptop started to boot to a black screen with a mouse cursor. I can see the screen to select to boot from safe mode etc. but once the little animated windows logo stops it goes to a complete black screen with a working mouse cursor.

The laptop in question is... Acer Aspire-5560-sb256, AMD quad core A6-3400m, AMD radeon HD6520G.

I went to the Acer website and spent hours there looking on how to flash a bios but all of it required me to be in windows to do it. i get the impression the video works because i see the Windows animated logo and the mouse cursor works. Maybe i am wrong ?

I purchased a external hard drive enclosure and then scanned the laptops hdd on my computer with MSSE and Super anti spyware, were a few bad items but nothing alarming, i was able to transfer a few large game files to and from the drive with zero issues. So i am reasonably sure its not a drive problem.

I removed and re-seated the ram from the laptop, and it still seems to be fine.

I tried booting from all the safe mode selections and without safe-mode, neither of them resolve this issue.

As far as i can tell i have tried all the solutions i could think of, i know enough about computers to basically get myself into trouble Seriously all i know about them is from being an avid PC game player, but i know enough to take apart a computer and put it all back, its really the software side that stumps me the most.

Any assistance with my problem would be greatly appreciated, so thank you in... Read more

A:Flashing bios with a blank screen in windows.

Press the F8 key repeatedly at boot up or use the Startup disk.

Try this:
Safe Mode
Startup Repair
Note: You may need to do startup repair 3 to 4 times.
Startup Repair - Run 3 Separate Times

Startup Repair Infinite Loop Recovery

System Repair Disc - Create

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I'm trying to fix a computer for a friend. When the computer loads, the monitor doesn't even detect the computer except when it goes into BIOS automatically. The light stays orange on the monitor, and it displays the "No Connection" message. I've plugged the computer into 3 different monitors with the same results.

I've tried putting other hard drives into the computer, as well as formatting the hard drive thats in there and loading windows on another computer, then hooking it back in, but nothing has changed with the display issues.

Does this sound like a video card problem? I thought that was the issue, but that BIOS screen thing showing has me a little confused.

The video card

The computer itself is an MSI brand as well. Anyone have any thoughts?

A:Blank screen on startup except when BIOS loads

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Motherboard - Asus A7n8x-x
Processor - AMD Athlon 1.8ghz
Memory DDR - 768mb (512 - 256)
video card - Gforce 6200 pci 256mb
2 DVD drives
350watt power supply
Windows XP sp3

I have my computer hooked up to an APC that leaves it powered on for a few minutes, enough to have the computer shut down.

One morning the power went out, and I wasn't around. The computer just shut off. This computer has had hard shut downs before with no probs. Most of the computers I build usually do well.

Regardless, I turned my computer back on when I noticed it was off. It sounds like everything is booting up. I hear the HDD spinning the lights on the DVD drives light up, the fans go, and the monitor turns on.

The problem is, the monitor is blank. NOTHING comes up. I don't see the bios, nothing.. it turns on to a blank screen. When I shut down the power, the monitor displays the usual "no signal." The computer does one beep and sounds like it normally does when it starts to boot.

What I've done to try and resolve this issue:
I tried a different power supply with just the motherboard plugged in.

I tried switching and removing the memory.

I put the video card in another computer and it worked fine

Tested monitor on another comp, was fine

I reset the CMOS

I removed the battery overnight

I removed the memory and started it up to constant beeping (which I believe rules out the processor being bad)

I did everything I could... Read more

A:Blank Screen before bios after hard shut down

Is the CPU connected properly and CPU power applied?

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