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Need a sound recording program suggestion

Q: Need a sound recording program suggestion

Okay, so I use Recordpad version 4.18 for some recording work I do with my cousin, we chose the program because it writes the sound file as it's recording (We tried Audacity before which doesn't do that, it was a pain to work with), and it also has a setting that stops the current recording and makes a new one after a set time (2 hours in our case).

Now the only problem is there's about a 1.8 second delay between the recording stopping and the new one starting up, so if we're saying something at that point it'll get partially cut off. I don't know if this is because of recordpad or because of the computer, so I thought I'd ask.

Do any versions of recordpad have a more acceptable delay between recordings, or no delay. Or would anyone be able to recommend me a sound recorder that has the same feature with a better delay?

Preferred Solution: Need a sound recording program suggestion

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Need a sound recording program suggestion

I don't use that software (I have a recording studio using Sonar X3) but I would suspect the delay is the time between the program finalizing the first recording and initializing for the next recording period.

From what I see of the program it is probably the best for your situation, since you don't like Audacity. Other recording studio programs, such as my Sonar or any other will work the same as Audacity.

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I need a program (such as PolderbitS) that will allow me to record any type of audio from my cound card. Preferably free.... well... it has to be free...


A:Program needed for sound recording.

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I'm looking for a program as simple as the windows sound recorder, but that can handle mp3's. If this program did not need any install, that would be best.

Note: I don't really need to edit any music, i just want to screw around with the pitch. slowmo etc.

A:Small sound recording/tweaking program.

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Hello everybody I'm new here at seven forums. I have a question about the sound recorder program in windows 7. I have a headset with a microphone and I use the sound recorder program to record audio or record myself. Like I said the headset has a microphone and I when I use the sound recorder program before it use to record both left and right channel. I could hear audio from both channels or speakers. But now all of the sudden I can only hear sound from the left channel or left speaker. Weird right? I know. So I need help from you guys why is this happening. Why is the sound recorder program only recording on the left channel?

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My Microphone stopped picking up sound from my computer a few months ago, frustrated with different things i ignored it for the time being but lately i've a need to use my microphone again. i'm hoping to get this problem fixed i've attached some pictures.

Picture one
when i move the slider in the red box to the top the green box where the level is picks up one square

i press ok

and the green box is empty again

i go back to recording control screen and the red box is back down again.

picture three
the black box where others is located is grayed out.

if there is any more information i can provide i will.

the microphone worked fine before it just stopped overnight

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I need a program that will record inputs from the mic but can record for long periods (preferably scheduled periods). Window's "Sound Recorder" will only run for 60 sec before you must hit the record button again. THanks.

A:Need recording program other than Window's "Sound Recorder"

Audacity should do the job


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Hello. I am EpicallyAWSM.

Alright before I explain, I must tell you that I WAS able to record audio previously.

I'm having a problem while recording audio with Fraps (a game video-recording software). Previously, I was unable to find the Stereo Mix at all, until I found the Drivers CD that came with my computer.

After I installed the driver, I tested it on a few different games, but the result was still the same: no audio in my recorded files. I have double-checked, and the volume for Stereo Mix is maxed, and it is set to the default recording device. I have spent countless hours trying to find a fix for this problem, so I decided to file it in myself.

One thing though, is that I'm aware my sound card driver is a little out of date, but I am unable to update it because I get an error while running the setup file. My sound card is "Realtek High Definition Audio Card" - that's all I know about it.

I'm sure my version of Fraps is capable of recording this audio, because I was able to do so before. Suddenly though I was unable to record audio and I had a problem with sound channels in Game Maker 8 (problem I will be asking in the Game Maker forum). I am unsure what to do. Please do not give me the answers I have been seeing for the past week (Check Show All Devices, make sure your volume is maxed, etc.)

Thank you

A:[Recording] Stereo Mix Available, Sound Recording Not

Are you able to record in any other program, other than fraps? Download the free Audacity recording program and try recording with it.

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Could anybody suggest a program that would be good to use for making fancy pages etc. Something that has a lot of variety of borders, clipart etc where you can shape text etc.

I tried M$ Publlisher XP but that seems to be very limited with the extra things I'm looking for.

For example, clipart that my kids can use like pokemons and powder puff girls, stuff like that.

Thanks in advance

A:Looking for a grphics program suggestion

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Hi to all,

Can you please suggest few?

What I am looking specifically for the program to be/have:

1- Stealth program
2- The regular key logging / program watching
3- sends the logs via email
4- doesn't take too much of the computer memory

A:Keylogger program suggestion

I suggest a visit to the TSG Rules, you should know better than to ask for something like this here at TSG.

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Hi there!

I was looking for a program the could index a folder and put it in a text file. I found a program called Cathy, but it only does folder names and not files.

Does anyone have anything better?

A:Indexing program suggestion

This site has a lot of Best Windows Freeware lists in various categories. It's a good place to look. I don't use anything like what you're talking about. I use Everything Search that reads MFTs.

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I have a few external HDDs that I backup my files onto and I want to set up a scheduled backup instead of having to do it manually (because God knows, I'll forget or procrastinate). I don't want to go the route of making a disk image because I want the files readily accessible, useable, and modifiable if needed. In addition to that, I don't want the backup to constantly overwrite the same stuff that was on there... I want it just to add the new files that have changed or been added since the last backup (ie pictures).

Freeware is preferable, but I'll go the route of paying for a program if it's worth it in the end. Any suggestions?

A:I need a suggestion for a data backup program.

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My roommate needs a free music composition program that will create music scores. He has an old 1992 Musictime 3.0 which I will try to install in compat mode, but we wonder if there might be something similar which is more recent in freeware.

It needs to be able to add lyrics with score.

Any suggestions are most welcome as I am flying blind here.

A:Need a free music program suggestion

Hi Greg,

Is something like this what you mean


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A friend is starting up a new business and we are looking for an inexpensive (or free) accounting software program. Does anyone here have any suggestions?

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Hi folks, this may seem a very simple question.

I am looking to produce a question and answer document to send to folks via email as an attachment.

The receiver needs to open the document and simply fill in the answers, then return it back to me via email again.

Could someone suggest a program for this which will create the document.

I thought of Adobe Acrobat, but would the receiver need to have this program as well on their system?


A:Solved: Suggestion for a document program

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Hi, can anyone recommend a good OCR program that will also acquire digital camera images and edit them? I already have photoshop, but would like something thats a little quicker to load and that might do OCR too, if there is such a thing. info appreciated!

A:OCR/Photo edit program suggestion


It does not do OCR but Photo-Brush is great to edit digital camera images.
It opens real fast too.

Free tools here.



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Good afternoon -

Whenever I try to open Microsoft Security Essentials the GUI briefly appears but then immediately closes, and the system tray icon disappears. If I try to reopen it the same thing happens. If I right click and choose Run As Administrator it opens and stays open. I am running MalwareBytes but have no other AV software running or installed (nor has there ever been). I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling MSE with the same results. I've done full scans with MBAM and MSE and no issues were found.

I tried using Avast instead... hated all the pop-ups... please help me get MSE back. Thank you!

A:can anyone offer a suggestion for a better program to minimize apps

Hi and welcome to SevenForums,
Have you tried this,

Personally it sounds like a corrupt user account
Have you tested by creating a new admin account and using it to see if there's any difference ?

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I have to generate .doc or .pdf files with similar formatting but slightly different content on a regular basis.

I use MS word and freeware pdf printer utility. I copy content from previous file, paste, edit and print.

I'd prefer something smarter - that saves that layout and content, I have to just make necessary changes and it saves file in a database as pdf or doc file. If it can create a database with indexed links to all files, it'd be awesome.

Its similar to receipts, only few changes and rest of layout and header, footer are same.

Pls suggest. Thanks in advance.

A:Req Suggestion for program for repetitive formatted PDF / Word files

It is really easy using templates. Do like this:Open the document you want to use as template
Edit document to contain the parts which remain same in each document
Remove / fill with blanks the parts that will be changed in new documents
Save it as Word Template:
To use your template, click File > New > Personal to open the list of your templates, select the one you need:

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I recently purchased the Creative Sound Blaster Audigy FX and am having problems getting it to actually play any audio or record any sound.

I've browsed other threads with similar issues on this board and as such have disabled my motherboards onboard audio in my BIOS settings, have reinstalled the drivers from disc and from the Creative website, and even attempted to use Driverpack Online to download any missing drivers. However my problem still persists.

I can see that the Sound Blaster Audigy FX is present on the sound option on the control panel, but it never actually plays any sound. Additionally, whenever I try to play a test sound in the speakers advanced properties I am returned with the error "Failed to play test tone".

I've included a few screenshots that might help make things a bit more clear, and I'd be very appreciative of any help I can get with this issue.


Audio under Speccy

The playback menu, speaker properties, and the error I am returned with when I attempt to test the speakers

Recording menu

A:Creative Sound Blaster Audigy FX Sound Card, no playback/recording

First thing, I assume you have correctly attached your speakers to the new SoundBlaster.

As you have a separate sound card, did you disable any on-board (on the motherboard) audio in the BIOS? If not, that is the first step. The on-board, is still enabled, can conflict with the SoundBlaster.

Also, temporarily disable the AMD HD audio in the Device Manager for testing (the AMD is for HDMI audio). Reboot after doing this.

Finally, although this has may not have any affect on playback, the default recording device should be the SoundBlaster "What You Hear". In the Recording sound panel, RIGHT click in an empty area and then check to show Disconnected and Disabled devices. If the SoundBlaster was installed correctly What You Hear should now show up and you can enable it and make it the default recording device.

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I am super panicked at the moment. The 2-hr meeting recording I made today just will not play. And it turned into some Janet Jackson song? What is this?

Anyone had the same problem?
I recorded it using the Sound Recorder in the laptop.
The file is there, length is correct, just won't play and has this Janet Jackson thing in the properties.

Anyone could help me with this?

If you are in Singapore I will definitely take you for a sushi dinner

A:Meeting Recording (Recorded in Windows' Sound Recorder) won't play sound

Oh and this is work laptop, so I can't install other audio player to try it on others :(

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The title speaks for itself. It doesn't need to be fancy, but a decent one is what I'm looking for. Any advise??


A:Any Suggestion for a Nice Sound Card??

That really depends on what you intend to use the card for....gaming, in place of a home stereo, recording purposes, or just general all around stuff?
I don't have the greatest gaming rig set up, but as far as for a stereo or for recording, the EMU cards are amazing. I have the 1820 installed on my other computer where I do all my recording. It's crystal clear for playback, as well as having enough outputs to satisfy whatever speaker configuration you have.
A few of my friends have newer SoundBlaster Audigy cards, and they say they work well, but I've never tried them myself.

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I have this guitar amp that can act like a usb mic, but when I go to disable my regular laptop mic in Control Panel>Hardware & sound>Sound>recording, whenever I right click my mic and click "Disable" Nothing happens! Same situation when I try to enable my amplifier in recording. I click "Enable" and nothing happens!
Any advice?

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Hello! I'd just ordered most of the parts i need for building my own tower, and the ones i need left are the DVD writer and Sound Card.

Anyone know what's a good/best recommending DVD Writer or a Sound Card for high end gaming? Money is no issue, thanks!

A:Suggestion needed for DVD Writer and Sound Card?

For a top gaming soundcard (if you don't mind the price) you could opt for a Creative Labs SB X-FI Titanium Fatal1ty Pro PCIe


If you have a 7.1 or 5.1 AV setup in the same room as your computer - i would definately connect your new computer via the digital output on the motherboard (assuming you have one) and dispense with the use of a sound card because you will get far better sound from a proper AV hi-fi than any computer speakers.

With regards to DVD writers - if you think you need the facility to burn Blu-ray discs then go for something like this LG Blu-ray rewriter


Personally i consider a Blu-ray burner to be a luxury and will be sticking with my Pioneer DVD-RW drive until the price of BR burners comes down.

If you intend to get into serious gaming - then i sudgest you have a spare dvd drive in your computer as a back-up incase your dvd writer faults. (cd/dvd drives have a habit of failing when the shops aren't open)

Hope this helps

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Greetings all,

Does anyone know what happened to the SOUND RECORDER program that was in the previous versions of Windows?

I was previously on Windows 7 and upgraded to 10 when the notifications came out last month. In W7 I was able to open the SOUND RECORDER program

and then record sounds from the video that was playing through the internet explorer I was using at that time. It did NOT matter which internet explorer I was using, be it IE or CHROME or FIREFOX, etc. I was previously able to open a video, for example youtube, and then record the sound that was playing into the SOUND RECORDER program, and then save that file on my desktop as a WMA.

I have not been able to find the SOUND RECORDER program in Windows 10. Is it gone? I've tried downloading a couple freebie programs that are similar to it, but they're not recording the sounds either. So now I'm thinking maybe Windows 10 bypassed or simply disregarded my sound card altogether, ? Is that a possibility?

Thank you all for your comments, please do not be offended if I do not respond to your questions. I think I've been pretty straight forward in what I'm asking.

Thank you for your help, it's much appreciated.

A:Sound Recorder not recording sound from Internet after 10 upgrade

Originally Posted by meschmitty

Greetings all,

Does anyone know what happened to the SOUND RECORDER program that was in the previous versions of Windows?

I was previously on Windows 7 and upgraded to 10 when the notifications came out last month. In W7 I was able to open the SOUND RECORDER program

and then record sounds from the video that was playing through the internet explorer I was using at that time. It did NOT matter which internet explorer I was using, be it IE or CHROME or FIREFOX, etc. I was previously able to open a video, for example youtube, and then record the sound that was playing into the SOUND RECORDER program, and then save that file on my desktop as a WMA.

I have not been able to find the SOUND RECORDER program in Windows 10. Is it gone? I've tried downloading a couple freebie programs that are similar to it, but they're not recording the sounds either. So now I'm thinking maybe Windows 10 bypassed or simply disregarded my sound card altogether, ? Is that a possibility?

Thank you all for your comments, please do not be offended if I do not respond to your questions. I think I've been pretty straight forward in what I'm asking.

Thank you for your help, it's much appreciated.

There is a similar program called Voice Recorder, but it can't record sound from Windows as far as I can tell. Just microphones.

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riends,my computer is a dual booting one,i've both winxp(sp2) & vista,i've recently bought a foxin 5.1 (6 channels) speaker system that has 1 sub woofer and 5 speakers,my asus motherboard's default audio driver is soundmax,problem is that when i'm on xp i can get distinct sound from all of them,but when i'm on vista i get sound from only subwoofer and the centre one.if i buy a sound card will i have better result with vista?can u suggest me a non expensive sound card for vista?

A:Vista can't split sound through 5.1 speaker,any suggestion on sound card for vista?

Microsoft software mixer requires OpenAL sound card compatability
Creative seem to be leading the way here
and NVIDIA SoundStorm audio

Lots more better info here

Not sure on cheap cards though

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I have a GA-F2A88XM-D3H

I have been told that although it supports 7.1 channel, this unfortunately is different to 7.1. virtual surround sound, is this correct ?

when I connect my headset, Windows has options to test out 7.1 virtual surround speakers and each seems to give the required response in my headset....ie. surround sound.....

I had a turtle beach x12 which gave very good surround results until it went faulty...I bought a hyper X cloud 2 headset which gives poor surround with and without the USB inline sound card.....I,play counterstrike mainly and there are many comments that say this headset is bad with this game, whereas the cloud 1 gives very good surround.....there is possibly a performance difference between the two, regards cabling....the other thing is that many of the views of good surround results with cloud 1, may be from players with good sound cards ( people with a cloud 2 are unlikely to have a good sound card or they would have bought cloud 1 )
So I am considering changing my cloud 2 for a cloud 1 and either a- use the built in soundcard of my motherboard or b- buy a reasonaby priced gaming soundcard which will give 7.1 virtual surround sound and give good results with the cloud 1

sorry for such a long story, but have been trying to resolve this for some time

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So i'm trying to work on a video project in Camtasia Studio 6. However the option to record from your speakers (what you hear) is not an option. After searching the net I found one common respond is to go to Control Panel > Sound and then the Recording tab and then make sure that all disabled and hidden objects are shown. However I still can't get Sound Mix or What you hear to show up, which is quite frustrating as I am sure that is why I can't select the Speaker audio option when i'm working in Camtasia Studio, that option is grayed out.
which leads me to question, is this a possible driver issue? I was thinking about installing the Realtek Audio Driver but not sure if that would do anything different or not.
Otherwise i'm lost as every place I have looked online just suggests this as an option (checking to make sure all disabled and disconnected devices are shown in Sound)
So not sure really what to do? anyone have any suggestions or advice?
I've posted some pics that might help explain a bit better.

A:Help making sound recording, no sound mix option

Im having the same exact problem and when i tried to install the realtek drivers vista wouldnt let me ! .

Ive tried to record using Audacity , Camstacia and adobe but need to enable this option but how?

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Hi please tell me which program is good to use with which I can record the sound from my microphone as well as here at the same time from the speakers connected to the computer.

A:which program to use for recording

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Does anyone know a program that could record like Hypercam 2 but could also record the sound that was suppose to come out of the speaker but mute? I'm just saying that i want a program that could record the audio and the game i playing in mute but have sound on the video that i recorded.

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I Have Nero and have ben tring to use it to put my MP3's files on a DVD disk and be able to play on a Home DVD Player that plays MP3's. My players all play MP3's files form a DATA CD disc fine.But all the players say can't read disc.

Do i need another program to do this? Can it be done? If so How do you do it..What settings do i use etc, etc. I've even tried to burn the disc using a program that burns music(MUSICMATCH)

Just want to store all my MP3's on a larger format to take up less space.
There must be a way to do this..Does the DVD player have to be able to play DVD AUDIO?

Thanks for any help.

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Hello! I could really need some help choosing a good screen recording program. The program needs to be able to record my screen live, like someone can stream my screen via a third party program. What has the best quality?

Please answer quick.


A:The best screen recording program - Which one?

Have you looked at Camtasia from TechSmith?

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I have been using a program called Audacity for a couple months. One day I tried to record something of the internet. It didn't work! I originally thought it was the website, but then I tried it with one of MY songs on itunes, and It didn't work.

This all happened after using a microphone and recording that. I'm running windows XP. Thats really all I know about it sorry...


A:Recording Program Problem

Check the dropdown box to the right of the mic icon. Choose the appropriate source.

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So i'm thinking of making video clips or tutorials for games using a good software. I'd like it if its free, or considerably cheap. I've tried Fraps but the files were a little big and it slowed my computer down very low (though I still have it to record FPS). I've tried Growler Guncam and it didn't work with my computer (the "sound" and "gmp, jpg, etc" folders were hidden). I was thinking of getting Camtasia or CamStudio, but my friends said it is not good for gaming. I'm thinking of playing low-ish end games like Starcraft and Warcraft, just it shouldn't be a memory hog like Fraps...

Any suggestions?

A:Best Video-recording program?


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Is there a video program or I guess a survaillance camera program which can be set to:

1. record when turned on
2. record a certain amount of time of video then, overwrite the file after that time period has elapsed
3. record in a small enough format as to be able to store that data on a hard drive


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Anyone know of a nice audio recording program, I need one really bad and I have the cash to get a nice one, so this is what I ask;

That I can record music directly on the computer with it

(is that even possible) - yeah I dont know EVERYTHING about computers ;-)

A:Nice Recording Program

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I have seen people take snapshots of their boot screens.

I am looking for a program like that... but not really.
Well, I am looking for on that can record what ever happens on a monitor. I am running on a trimonitor set up so it needs to be able to record on either a specific monitor, or all three. I would like it to be able to autostart. I would like it to record keystrokes as well but that is optional.

I am looking for 1 program, or multiple programs. Any suggestions?

A:Request for a Recording Program.

See if one of these 3rd party apps will work for you:

1. FastStone Capture 5.3 (last freeware version) It captures rectangular/active screen or area, freehand area, and also captures a scrolling screen.

2. CamStudio

3. ScreenHunter, which can do a scroll capture, but only on the Pro version, which is not free. Check "Activate Auto Scroll", then use "Capture Window Control."

4. PicPick - Check "Activate Auto Scroll", then use "Capture Window Control."

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i have a fm radio comming into my sound cards line in jack. is there a program out there that is designed to record a line in source and that has a timer for the recording to start and stop?

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Hello there!
I chatted with a Microsoft technician and he referred me to this forum.
I would like to download the same screen recording program as Microsoft use to record the tutorials on the Windows website (if you have no idea what they use, please suggest another program (but let me know if Microsoft are using it or not)).
Here's one of the videos: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows7/help/videos/personalizing-your-pc#tab=newto
Please c/p this link, I'm not able to post links until my account is verified.
Also, how can the screen recording program in the video be invisible? There are no running programs in the taskbar.

I don't know if I posted this in the right forum category.


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I would like to record a radio program that is run on Saturdays & I am not at home at the time of the program & my tape deck does not have timed feature for recording. I am wondering if I can set the time on my PC and possibly record the program with my CD-RW drive? I am running XP on a Pentium III.
Would like any suggestions. Thanks - Monique

A:Recording a radio program

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We want to start recording a short program that will go out over shortwave radio. We aren't sure what would be the best software to do this. We will need to be able to record and edit 2 different tracks. Then we will put the program onto a cd that will be sent to the station to then be put on the air. We only have the basic sound card that came with our Dell computer and realize we may need to upgrade it. If anyone can offer us advise on this we would really appreciate it.

A:recording software for radio program

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I'm trying to hook up my PS3 to my PC so I can record the gameplay. I also want to hook up my VCR so I can record some of my my tapes to the computer for safe keeping.

My comptuer came with S-video and Composite inputs, but it doesn't have a program to record off of them.

What's a good program for this?

A:Program for recording S-video and Composite.

There's a lot of good capture software out there, some of them free. I think the free version of Roxio has capture software. Check out http://www.freedownloadscenter.com/M...o_Capture.html

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Hey guys, just thought I'd share this with ya!

I found a great program called MP3myMP3 (CNET Review here: MP3 My MP3 Recorder - Free software downloads and software reviews - CNET Download.com) that records sounds that your PC makes.
In other words, the sound that YOU hear from it.
E.G. If you wanted to record an error sound that Windows Makes (I know that they're in C: Somewhere this is just an example) you'd just press record and then play the sound and press stop. Simple.

Just thought I'd share as it came in handy for me.

(P.S. If this is breaking Forum Rules 5,7 or 11, feel free to remove it Got to keep a good rep )

A:Great Program for Recording Sounds

Thanks for the heads up!

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I have the ion usb turntable, but cannot hear the LP with my computer speakers. Instructions say I can record with audacity, but am unable to upload file into program.

A:not recording LP to computer w/ audacity program

It's very important to follow the audacity instructions from page 4 to page 8 thoroughly. Skip a procedure or do it out of sequence and you will have problems.

Here is the Audacity forum for some good info.


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I need a voice recording program that meets the following requirements:
I want 16-bit voice recording
It must be capable of voice-activated recording.
It must be configurable so that if the computer is rebooted, it will open and run the voice recording program and start recording without user attendance.
I have one here called SoundForge; but, I can't configure it to start recording without user participation if the computer reboots. At least, if there is a way, I can't see it.

A:Need recommendations on voice recording program

Sound Forge might be able to do it with a script. I would go over to this website Sound Forge forum and see what they have to say: http://www.sonymediasoftware.com/forums

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hi everybody,
i ercorded my sound using sound recorder(on windows xp), While i was reading my data inmatlab, i came to know that my sound was recorded in two channels. i dont understand what does it mean by 2 channels. i want my sound to be recorded in a single channel only.
what should i do??

A:sound recording using sound recorder

Hi, welcome to TSG.

Two channels refers to stereo sound, a left channel and a right channel. Most all music and sounds on a computer are in stereo. What exactly are you recording and why does it need to be only one channel?

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Looking for a audio recorder/grabber to record audio that i play from my computer..

believe it or not, i used to be a mac user and used programs like audio hijack and etc.. now i'm with windows 8.1 and what the heck do i use to grab high quality audio and save it to high quality files on my computer??


A:Who knows Audio Recording program for windows 8.1 (64bit)

Audacity: Free Audio Editor and Recorder

Audacity, its 100% free and open source. Been using this for the past 5 years now.

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is there a program that records the digital camera to the computer? like the digital camera is playing and it is being written on a SD card but i want to do it on the hardrive on my computer is there a program?

A:program for recording digital camera to hardrive

Video or still?

It would more than likely be a product your camera manufacturer would supply... I can run/download my camera direct to/from the computer...

You need to supply more info... IE: Camera make and model, Operating system, Software you have... blah blah blah

you have given basicly nothing to go on for anyone to try and help


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