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View folder size in Vista

Q: View folder size in Vista

I was wondering if anyone knows how to view folder sizes in Vista - without selecting properties for each folder. You know how you can sort by file size, type, etc? Well you can't do that with folder sizes...

I know there are plenty of third-party apps for XP, but so far I haven't found any that are compatible for Vista.

I hope I've explained myself clearly...can anyone help?

Thanks. :)

Preferred Solution: View folder size in Vista

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: View folder size in Vista

Hi piggyboo. . .

Welcome back to TSF...

Try Treesize . .


Happy Hunting... (og, take a look at c:\windows\winsxs - mine is ~13GB)



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Hello, I want what's inside the external hard drive, to look the same no matter the pc it's plugged into.
So, I found how to change Folder Icons permanently from another thread,..
Now, what remains is changing the folder view, or else the icons won't be clear, so is that even possible?
PS. I know it's kinda OCD ..

A:External Hard Drive, Permanent Folder View (Folder Icon Size)

I did some research , and found that it was possible on windows xp via the "desktop.ini" through "FolderType=string" (eg: pictures, videos), but it seems it's impossible on windows 7.
The reason is that the " Show Common Tasks" in Folder options has been removed from windows 7.

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hey guys, does anyone know how to view the size of folders in explorer? the same way i can see the size of individual files?


A:How to view folder size from explorer?

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I want to know if there is a program out that that shows your hard drive and all the files on the hard drive via size of the files/folders.

now i am a noob so i don't know if there is a way in xp to sort folders "by the size of their content" but i can't seem to find away to do so.

is just want to clean up my hard drive and i don't want to go folder by folder clicking on them and seeing what its total size on the HD is. i just want a program that list of all the folders i have on my HD, and sorts them by the size of their content.

thanks for any help.

A:View HD info/folder size

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I have a directory of hundreds of folders. Some have files within them, some just have subfolders with no files at all (essentially emtpy).

I want to delete this, but cant figure out how to view folder size in windows explorer without actually going in the folder. I want to be able to simply sort by folder size, and delete all folders with no files in them.

This must be possible...but I cant figure out how. Help?


A:View Folder size within a directory?

Not sure you can sort by folder size.
Suggest you download and run TREESIZEFREE that may help you analyse your directories.

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I am trying to tidy up my hard drives and seem to have a lot of duplication, some intentionally as backups but others not. I had been using Ultra Explorer to do this as I could look at 2 or more drives at the same time in dual-pane view and it gave you folder sizes which Windows Explorer doesn't do. Unfortunately, when I viewed my music folder in Ultra Explorer it gives some strange results, saying there is no content in a folder when I know it is there and I can no longer trust it.

Please can anyone recommend software which shows the breakdown of files and folders and allows you to do this in dual-pane view. I have tried Folder View by MindGems but this doesn't seem to have a dual-pane view. I am running Vista.

Thanks for any help.

A:Show folder size and dual-pane view?

Try xplorer² - lite, I've used it for years and I really like it.

It has dual panes and to show sub-folder size hit Ctrl+D.

They also have a paid version, but the free one does everything I need.

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Anybody can share how to increase the size of icons in the details view of folders? there are a couple of howto around but they don't work, any new solution you know?

A:Increase Icons Size in Folder Details View

You can change the icon size to pretty much any size you like using CtrlMouseWheelZoom.exe

It's an AutoHotKey script compiled as an executable and you can download it here:

How to assign browser-like zooming hotkeys for resizing icons on the Desktop and in the Explorer window in Windows 8.1 and Windows 8 | Winaero

In addition to the video shown in the above link here's another video (below) showing the script in action on my machine.

Folder is set to "General Items" and "Details View"

Icon size is remembered on a per folder basis (Folder Template Discovery is off). Not sure what happens if you've got Folder Template Discovery switched on.

Note: CtrlMouseWheelZoom.exe will run until you kill the process via task manager or other method.


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When I backup to an external USB drive, Explorer shows the 2 folders created (WindowsImageBackup and MYNAME-PC) as having 0 bytes, 0 files and 0 folders when right clicking those folders and looking at Properties.
Yet, if I right click the drive icon, Properties shows the drive with 15GB of used space.
Is this normal? I'm not using third party software for the backup.

A:Can't view folder size on backup drive with Explorer

Yes it is normal. Windows Explorer does not go where it does not have permission to go.

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In a newly installed Win XP sp3, or in an existing XP installation, I can change a folder view attributes, go to Tools -> Folder Options -> View tab and with "Remember each folder's settings" checked I can click on [Apply to All Folders] and [OK] that. Windows, after that will open any folder in the same attrib, say Details, and a given size, and it will remember its location. The big exception that is very annoying, when I create a new folder (and I am always creating a temp folders for special file moving/copying/separating operations) the new folder opens into the default size of 600x800. Yes if I can adjust the size, Windows will remember it, but this temp folder is deleted when I am done and the next new one opens with the default size again. What is more tiresome is that I move from computer to another several times a day in my work. I carry with me some basic files on a CD and on flash drive. Each time I open one of these, YES you guest it, Windows will open it in the default viewing size of 600x800 (irrelevant to display res). I have tried searching the web, ran into many people wanting the same, no one so far has any answer. Yes there TSR programs like Autosizer that will control a Class-size or individual size, but this mean installing this program, and configuring it, on every computer and taking away a piece of RAM.
I have looked into some registry Keys such as "Most Recent Use" MRU & BagMRU & Bags in the following keys;
... Read more

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Yes, I know this isn't really a big issue, but it's one of those little annoying Windows things that is really getting under my skin. I had this happen once before, but I never found a solution for it at the time and I eventually ended up formatting the drive and reinstalling Windows due to other issues. Well, this problem just started happening again, today, in fact. It was fine last night, functioning as it should and always has, I didn't make any changes to settings whatsoever, I go to work today, get home, turn the machine on, and Windows starts playing these annoying games with me out of the clear blue...

I'm using Vista Ultimate x64. When I go to Start\Computer, I have it set as the default when you first install Windows, which is to display tiles for the drive icons and grouped by type. On the other hand, if I go to the Pictures folder, I've always had that set to display large folder icons with no grouping.

When I got home, I booted the machine and went right into Start\Computer. For whatever reason, Windows decided it was going to display the drive icons extra large with no grouping or drive labels. So, I manually adjust it (from the right-click menu) to go back to the way it was; tiles for icons, grouped by type with labels (such as "Local Disk C:" or "DVD-RW Drive").

Then I open the Pictures folder, and all of my folders are displayed as frickin' tiles (individual pictures as well) that are grouped by type! When... Read more

A:Vista Folder View Annoyance...

I don't know, that's a lot to ask of a modern OS, to remember folder settings. Jeez, why don't you ask for indoor plumbing and paved streets as well while you're at it!?

There are some stalwart individuals still trying to put new tarpaper on the shack though so maybe the following website will help.


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I want to view details in all folders and the only details I want are name, date modified, and size. Is there a way to change this for all folders at the same time?

A:Changing default folder view in Vista?


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Approximately 6 year old computer with Vista home premium, never connected to the internet.
Has been in to the shop to have DVD/RW drive and mother board replaced.
Since then I have been completed frustrated in trying to re-establish the folder views the way I like them.
Previously, what I had & desire in picture & video folders was:
icons in the main frame, thumbnails in the details pane.
None of the folder options settings seem to do this consistently.
And when I do make changes that do what I wish, they seem to change back at random
Advanced settings:
Files and folders
NO        Always show icons, never thumbnails
NO        Always show menus
YES      Display file icon on thumbnails
YES      Display file size information in folder tips
YES      Display simple folder view in Navigation pane
Hidden files and folders
 YES     Do not show
 No       Show hidden
YES     Hide extensions
YES     Hide protected operating system file

will give me what I want momentarily, but after clicking
and closing the folder, the previous setting, which is:
icons in the main window and icons in the detail pane
returns when I reopen the folde... Read more

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I've been using Vista for two years and have never been able to find a solution to this annoyance, so I finally decided to give in and ask for help.

Here's what I want to do:
I want to view thumbnails for JPEGs in SELECTED FOLDERS. For example, folders where I store my photos. I don't use the Vista PC for much editing, but I do use it for storage, and it's a constant pain to search through older folders when you can't view thumbnails.
What I *don't* want to do:

I do not want to view thumbnails for AVI, PDF, PSD, MPEG, .XXX, you get the point.

I do not want to view above thumbnails on the desktop, as it looks like crap.

I do not want to view thumbnails in all the folders, ONLY in the folders which I select.

Everything I have read since 2007 seems to point that you either have to be absolute or forego the ability at all.

Folder options doesn't seem to do anything about individual folders, it's all or nothing.

In XP, for example, all you have to do is sort through folder views and it will let you pick thumbnails. It actually saves them too...

Vista on the other hand... well, if it did that, I wouldn't be asking for help, would I?

Has anyone found an acceptable way to take care of this? And by that I don't mean having to pay for that alternative explorer program...

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How do you set the default view for ALL FOLDERS in Vista? I tired to use apply to all folders button in "Folder Options" and that seemed to work for a while. I would like to set it up so that the "List" view is used for ALL FOLDERS and not have Vista change ti back to "Details" or another view.


A:default Folder View for ALL Folders - Vista

Hi bjh..

I haven't found a sure fire way to disable content sniffing and retain my folder views so I use the following workaround.

First I run a registry tweak which deletes all the current folder views, then sets the max bag value (folder views which Windows can remember) to 10,000 and set the default template to 'not specified'. I then set all my folder views how I want them. All my pictures and videos are displayed in large icons with live folders, all my music files are in tile view but with live folders..plus lots of individual folders are set to display by type etc. When i've finished setting everything up, I back up the registry key which stores all the folder data views and whenever Vista decides to forget a couple, I just run the registry file to delete the folder views then import my saved folder view registry file....all in all a quick fix to an annoying problem.

I've attached the registry file which will delete the saved folder views and set the bag size and default template.

If you choose to use this workaround, the registry key which you need to backup when you have set your custom views is:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Classes\Local Settings\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Shell

Hope that helps

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I have a folder with about 20 images and 20 folders (with avi's, images, and txt files inside).

When I initially check the disk size (while the folder is being viewed in Icons View), the disk size reads 28,415,404,695 bytes.

When I change it to Thumbnail View, the disk size increases to 28,415,444,631 bytes.

I know it's only a 39,936 byte difference but I'm just wondering where this is coming from? When I change it back to Icons View, it still reads 28,415,444,631 bytes. How do you get it back to the original 28,415,404,695 bytes?


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I have Win XP SP2, all updated, Word 2002, SP3.

Choosing say A4 for page setup, setting it to 100% and viewing as Print layout, at 100% used to give a screen size page which was actually equal to A4 ie 21cm x 29.7cm.

For some time now, the screen size is now larger than that - the ruler at the top and bottom shows the marking as being 21cm x 29.7cm, but the cm units on the ruler are marked off at larger than cm units, consequently the screen size page is larger than actual.

This is annoying as it is not an accurate representation of the page layout for things on the page relative to each other.

Any ideas what has caused this and how to fix?

A:Page size on view menu doesn't match screen size

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No matter where I browse to direct it...will only show garden pic.

I checked reg and it points correctly to userprofile\pictures

Anyone have any ideas?

Funny thing is until i changed profiles after leaving my company's domain, it worked...but under the new profile it doesn't.

I can't find any sidebar or slideshow gadget updates/fixes/upgrades...anyone have any ideas?

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I want to permanently set a few installs of vista to display folder contents as "Documents" template along with "Details" view. How can this be done permanently?
Vista continually resets the settings to what it deems appropriate.

I'm not a normal vista (nor windows) user and I'm frustrated that it keeps altering my preferred settings.

Just to be clear, for my preferred settings. I will:
- click on VIEWS and select DETAILS
- click on C: drive from MY COMPUTER or another folder browser and then select any FOLDER and then right click and select PROPERTIES and then select the CUSTOMIZE tab and then select the DOCUMENTS template setting and also enable the ALSO APPLY THIS TEMPLATE TO SUB FOLDERS radio button. This seems to work (not every single time) but then it resorts back to some Vista preferred viewing template.
- ive set my folder properties to REMEMBER FOLDER OPTIONS as well as NEVER DISPLAY THUMBNAILS ONLY ICONS



THanks in advance

A:Vista default/premanent Folder template View - ARGHH

Go to Windows Explorer hit the Alt key on the keyboard and the standard tool bar appears, go to Tools/Folder Options/View tab and set parameters there. Be sure to hit Apply to All Folders button.

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Hi, I was wondering if there's a way to stop Vista from changing my folder's view settings?

Pretty much, I want every folder ever to have the standard Size, Type, and Date Modified bars at the top, with Sort By Type selected. Also, with the View mode set to details.

However, Windows Vista keeps changing the settings on me. So every few days, or some other random amount of time, I have to right click on a folder, go to Properties, Customize, change the folder view back to "All Items" (aka Size/Type/Date Modified), because it'll change it to Pictures and Videos, or whatever.

Also, it'll often change the View setting from details to large icons if there are a lot of pictures in a folder.

Even more frightening, Vista's crazy view settings even seem to be effecting programs. Whenever I click "save image" or "save file" in Mozilla Firefox, it'll sometimes change the view settings on that too. Same with the browse in Adobe Photoshop. I just want the details, Date Modified / Type / Size, not "date taken", "dimensions", etc with large icons.

How do I stop this? Thanks.

Also, for the record, I made a similar topic back in September, but nothing has stopped it. It's horrifying.

A:How to make Vista stop changing my folder view settings?

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Hi guys. I recently installed Vista to a PC and installed IE8 (I dislike 9), and have an odd issue. When uploading pictures/files in IE8, it remembers the last folder I had open, but it doesn't remember the view type (large icons, small icons, tiles, etc) and always goes to list view.

On my other PC it used to remember view type perfectly in IE8, so not sure what the problem is. And oddly, Windows Explorer remembers the view type fine, so does "file download" in IE8, so it just seems to be "file upload" in IE8. Can anyone help?

A:In Vista, IE8 Upload Window not remembering Folder View Selected

Hi badweather and Welcome to TSF,

Normally Windows is indeed supposed to store these settings, there just one question: What icons/lists are you talking about inside Internet Explorer? Ir it an FTP or something like that you connect to where it isn't saved?

Otherwise just Open IE > Set it up the way you want it.
Choose File > Exit. Just to make sure it saves the settings.
Then re-open the application.

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I'm having problems when I try to customize my folder icons on VISTA. The icons I usually make is 256x256 px size and when I apply it to my desired folders, the size of the icons is always 32x32 px. When I try to appear it on large icons view, it's still on 32x32 px. It's so frustrating.

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Thank you for taking the time to read my query.
I just restored a bkf file and the restored folder is smaller than the original bkf file. I need to delete the bkf file which is 12 GB but don't want to until I am sure all the files were restored.
I would like to figure out which files were not restored.
Is there any way to figure out which files are missing. After I restored the files, the report says that hardlinks could not be transferred but does not the size of them. The bkf file size is 33,754,314 bytes larger than the restored file,but the bkf file "size on disk"is 19, 099,648 bytes smaller than the restored folder!!!
When I left click on the bkf file and select properties it does not tell me how many files are in the bkf file only the bytes.

Is there any freeware/program that will tell me the number of files in the bkf properties dialogue box? Or even better let me look at the size and number of files in the three main folders I backed up.? I can not access/explore the bkf file only restore it. That would solve my problem. My backup tree is C:sharedhardlinkdata>beth>documents and settings>beth> and then 3 folders underneath
Thank you

A:bkf files:restored folder's size differs from size of bkf file

Try this




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As with prior versions, in [Windows] Explorer's main window, you can enable hovering to select and single clicking to expand the folder (but that is a pain in the rear when working with files). Windows XP folder view nicely allowed single clicking the folder name to expand the folder. Was that removed from Windows 7? Looks like the only way to expand a folder in folder view is to either click on the small plus sign or to double click on the folder name.  Or is there a switch somewhere I am missing? Thanks.

A:Single click folder name to expand folder in folder view?

It seems that you are talking about the navigation pane (the left pane) in Windows Explorer. Is that correct?
The feature is not present since Windows Vista. When we click on the item, the sub windows will be displayed in the main pane (the right pane). In the navigate pane we can only click the plus button or double-click on the folder to open it. Arthur Xie - MSFT

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Hi All. Baffled again by Microsoft's incomprehensible format...

Set up a quick view this morning, (stupid move) and now cannot get back to my account folders view... so for example to view recently sent items, quick view will only allow me to see all 3000 - everything I have ever sent... WHY?

If I un-click the quick view option, there is nothing in the folders pane, how do I return to the 'account folders view'?, each with their own inbox, sent box, deleted item etc

WLM has an 'all inbox' option, is there an option for 'all sent' or all drafts' etc files that have not been moved to 'storage folders' but are still live like the 'all inbox' files?

Is there a way of simplifying this bloated all or nothing menu? So much simpler and user friendly - like menus and shortcuts that AREN'T hidden.

Cheers - any help greatly received

A:switching from Quick view back to Folder View

I'll assume you mean in WLM? If you click on Menu> Layout do you have these options? (I don't use WLM myself )

If so, is Show storage folders ticked?

A Guy

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I keep all of my folders in Large Icons view but sometimes they revert to 'Details' view on their own! How do I get them to stay in Large Icons view permanently?

A:Folder view settings changing after I select the view I want

Hello kidxp, and welcome to Seven Forums.

If you like, you can use the method in the tutorial below to set a default folder view for all folders.

Folder View - Set a Default for All Folders

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I am confused.  "My Music" folder is no where to be found under username. This is strange and I cant seem to recreate it.Under C:/username in the explorer view (left side) I now have:My DocumentsMy PicturesMy VideosI don't have:My MusicBut if you actually go to my computer, then the username folder in the C drive, you won't see those three folders.....why is that 


A:Libraries appear in one explorer view, but missing in folder view

Kindly stop starting multiple threads that discuss the same subject (libraries and user folders). You started multiple threads roughly three hours apart and it's confusing to people following them, myself included, because we wouldn't know which one to reply to and which one to ignore, plus it's in total disregard to cross-posting etiquette. The first one located here http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/t/614766/libraries-issue/#entry4005914 already started receiving relevant replies and people are more likely to follow it, so I recommend you stick to that thread and await responses therein. The other extra and unnecessary thread is here http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/t/614794/cannot-create-my-documents-folder-under-users/#entry4006039, plus this one.

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I was able to keep my home page on the browser where I want it. However, I have a seach toolbar that shows up whenever I open the broswer. I can select not to see with the 'view' tab but it gets reselected for view whenever I open the Broswer.

I also get the same 'search' toolbar in other windows (Windows Explorer for example.

Another porblem which seems to be related to the same source, is that although I have remember file view selections when reopening a folder in 'Folder Option' it always goes back to 'Large Icons' (I want 'list')

The problems all come from the original Broser Hi-jack thing. Can anyone advise?

A:Browser Tool Bar(also folder view) View Default

Please download HijackThis. Create a folder at C:\HJT and move HijackThis.exe there. Run a scan and save the log file. Post the whole log file here. Do not fix anything since most of them listed there are harmless (some are system required). This program will help us determine if there is any spyware/malware on your computer.

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My 32GB Windows 10 Home PC (recently upgraded from 8.1) is low on disk space. I deleted Windows.old and I have hibernation disabled. Apart from a few browsers, very little else is installed, yet I only have 11.7GB left?

One reason may be the size of the Windows folder:
Size 14.7GB
Size on Disk 9.91GB

From my calculations, Windows appears to be using the higher figure in determining available disk space.

Why is 'Size' so much greater than 'Size on Disk', can I do anything about it? I have a similar 8.1 machine, it does not have this disparity (12.4GB and 12.3GB).

What would be a normal 'Size' for a Windows folder on Windows 10 Home PC very recently upgraded from 8.1 i.e. with few, if any Windows live updates run ?

A:Windows Folder Size greater than Size on Disk

I imagine its because windows compresses some system files currently it may be using 9gb but with all files uncompressed you may be looking at 14 which is why it uses the higher value

Windows 10 will save disk space and no longer require a recovery partition | Windows 10 content from SuperSite for Windows

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This is something that has puzzled me for ages. I open a directory which has some sub-directories and some stand-alone files. I do view details. The file sizes are displayed, but the folder sizes are not displayed. In order to find a folder that doesn't match size with the source, I have to go through the painfully tedious task of right clicking and selecting properties on each folder. With XP, there was a tool I installed which allowed me to display the folder size, but the tool doesn't work in Windows 7.

Is there a way one can easily view the folder sizes without having to right click and select properties for each individual folder?

A:Help!!! How can I view folder sizes in view details?

Just use:

GetFoldersize - View Disk Usage, Calculate Disk Space

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For example, if I change the view of one folder to "large icons" or to "list" or whatever, then ALL of the folders will have that view. But I want specific folders to have specific view types. How can I accomplish this?

A:If I change the view of one folder, the view of all folders changes?!?

Hello S35,

Is this within a Libray folder?

All Included Folders and subfolders in a library will always share the same folder view. You can have separate Arrange by view settings in each added New folder in the library though.

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I've been wanting to see how much space folders take up, like how Disks display them when you open My Computer. Is there such an addon to Explorer, or recommend any free apps that do this?

Pic attached is of Disks, but I want Folders to do the same thing:

A:Folder Size, like Disk Size addon/app?


Try foldersizes (paid not free)
this one though is free

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hey i am venkatesh,
in my system the drive C: has a size of 24 GB and used space is around 21GB and if i see the size of all the folders in it (including the hidden folders) the size is around 16 GB..
i don't no this comes under which type of problem ....


A:difference in folder size and drive size

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My laptop has a built in SD card reader.  I just installed Windows 7 x64 Ultimate Edition and have installed all available Window updates.
When I go to:
Control Panel -> Folder Options -> View "tab"
and uncheck the box for "Hide empty drives in the Computer folder", the SD card reader still does not appear when I go into the Computer folder.
I have also tried going into the registry:
to change:
from 1 to 0, but that does not work either.
Can someone please help me get my SD card reader to appear in the Computer folder even when there is no card inserted into it?

A:Not working: Folder Options -> View -> Hide empty drives in the Computer folder

The card readers on my desktop computer (one connected internally via a USB header on the motherboard), one on my monitor and one on my printer all work the way they should.  When "Hide empty drives in the Computer folder" is checked, none
of them are visible in the Computer folder.  When "Hide empty drives in the Computer folder" is unchecked, they all become visible.
The card reader in my laptop is connected internally via micro-USB, but it's different.  It does not actually appear in the Device Manager until a card is inserted into it.
That's probably why the "Hide empty drives in the Computer folder" does not work with my laptop's card reader.

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When I'm in a folder and changes the folder view from, say, List to Extra Large Icons, the folder view changes for all the folders on my computer, which is a royal PITA. Is there any way to change the folder view only in the folder I'm in at the time and leave the setting for the other folders as is? Example: have picture folders set for Extra Large Icons and some document folders set for List and others, Details.

A:Change Folder View Setting from Global to Individual Folder

If this doesn't help I'm not sure what will outside some third party app,
Folder View - Apply to Folders

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Hello Friends,

Over the past few days I have noticed that my Folder Properties (Right Click > Properties) doesn't show the 'folder size' or the 'number of files/folders' the folder contains.

In the General Tab of the Folder Properties the following is displayed:

Size : 0 bytes
Size on disk : 0 bytes
Contains: 0 Files, 0 Folders

Everything else works fine. This problem is specific to the folders. In case of files all details are shown as usual.
In fact when I bring my mouse over the folders the tool tips DO show the folder size and also names of files they contain.

Also this is not because of the folder being empty or anything as this problem is for ALL folders invariably including the Windows folder.
I have tried using Command Prompt. The 'dir' command can list the folder size with no problems.
I also have all requisite permissions as I am the admin. Also UAC etc. is in place.

Additional Details: I have no problems moving folders, copy pasting etc. whatsoever and the computer is working totally fine. Only this problem stumps me.

Please help.

A:Folder Properties General Tab doesn't show Folder 'Size', 'Contains'

nomal and annoying behavior of Win 7.

If you really need to know the size of a folder, you can use a powershell script or, easier, for normal-user is:
Use TreeSize Free which is one my favorite little program jewels.
JAM Software - Windows Freeware

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Hi I'm wondering if it's possible to make the pogo game view fill the screen? I have windows XP my games are only about 5x9 inches right now...and when I visited a friend of mine, her computer displays the game in full screen view...there must be away to change my view someplace...thank u Sher

A:game view size

Welcome to TSG

Be aware that the game screens on Club Pogo have been changed.
Since there are no ads on Club Pogo, they got rid of the top portion of the window where the ad banner used to load.
The amount of space the actual game portion takes up is the same on both.
However, the longer and shorter shape of the window is startling some people.

According to Pogo, Java games cannot ‘expand’ to match the size of the window.
So, to prevent display problems with the games, they disabled the 'maximize' button and the little arrows that let you resize the window on most of the games.
Even if you could resize the window, you’d just see a lot more of that light yellow background we use on most of the game windows.
It wouldn’t actually make the game screen any bigger.
The best thing to do is choose the largest game screen size setting (on your ‘My Account’ page) that will fit on your desktop, and stick with that.

Expanding the number of pixels your computer displays is a great way to make the game window fit on your computer even if you have a relatively small monitor.

To change your display resolution on a PC:

1) Click [Start], then click "Settings".
2) Select "Control Panel", and double click on the "Display" icon.
3) On the [Settings] tab you'll find a slider bar. Adjust this bar and then click [Apply].

Make sure your display is set to at least 800x600.
Before you apply the changes, check with your Monitor and vide... Read more

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Hi all,

First of all, new here and I apologize if this is not the correct environment for my question.

As the title suggests, my problem is this: every time I rename a folder, Vista changes the folder view settings in that folder back to the default for that specific folder.

I have gone through the tutorials in this forum about making Vista always remember the current folder settings. That is not my issue. An example of what I mean: Let us say I have a folder named "Music" and the folder view settings are set to 'Music Details'. Fine. But let us now say that I also want to show the bit rates and/or the length of the songs. 'Music Details' does not have this by default, so I right-click and at the bar (tab? menu?) and choose to show them. So far so good, and my settings are always there. However, if I change the folder name to something else, the view settings revert back to the original 'Music Details'.

Is there a way of stopping this from happening? I often change folder names and/or move them around, and it is annoying to always have to add/remove what I want from the view settings.


A:Keep folder view settings after renaming folder

Hello Quantum, and welcome to Vista Forums.

The Disable Automatic Folder Type Discovery for Templates section in METHOD TWO of the tutorial below should may be able to stop this for you, but it does involve resetting all folder view settings. You have to set the folder views to how you want them afterwards.

Windows Explorer Folder View settings

Hope this helps,

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Hi all,

I'd like one specific folder to always open in List view. How do I do this?


A:Folder view options for one specific folder

Hi Kingy75, welcome to the Forum.

Not quite sure what you mean, but if you want a specific folder to open every time, you could put a short cut on your Desk Top & click on it whenever you need it.

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Hi all ! Have slipped a disc ( in my back not CD etc ) I am trying to get my daughters laptop sorted out and have just installed windows XP home on it as it was acting like my PC ( slow to stop )which turned out to have a virus that was only shifted on a reinstall. Its still really slow but even worse the screen is only a 1/4 of the monitor. Imagine a 13 by 9 cm screen with a big black frame. This has happened before on loading certain software such as her dance mat so I am not sure if it is connected to the reinstall. Anyway my ex wife is giving me grief so I need to sort it out tout suite. Any ideas ?


A:Solved: Screen View Only 1/4 size

Sounds like your screen resolution is set to lower than the LCD's physical resolution. Some laptops will stretch the display to fill the screen, others will just do what yours is doing. Some give you the option to change that behaviour, but the best solution is to just change the display resolution to the maximum the laptop will support.

To do this, right-click any empty area of the desktop and select Properties from the popup menu. That should give you the Display Properties box. Click the Settings tab on that, then in the Screen Resolution section, move the slider as far to the right as it will go, and click Apply.

If it still doesn't fill the screen, you may need to update the video driver - if it's a newer laptop, it's quite likely XP doesn't include drivers for the video and it's just running in generic VGA mode.

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How for General Items template set XP style (Medium Icon or Tiles) right now General Items shown as "Details" how can i do little icons for all folders? without determine view in all particle folder...

A:Set icon view size for all folders?

Hello Kenium,

Did you want to apply the Medium Icon or Tiles to all folders with only the General Item template, to just that particular folder, or to all folders for all templates?


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Hello Friends, I* am new here & i really don't know which section is good for my topic so posting here.

I only want to change Icon size in tile view of explorer. I know there is more view like miedium, large icons but i don't want that coz i want same structure like Tile view.. Folder Icon, Folder name in front of icon & then space between Another Icon.

I only want to change Tile view icon size bit large so is any one know here how to do that ?

A:Tile View Icon Size


You can change the default icon sizes via the Registry

Click on Start, In the search box, Type regedit then press enter.
Browse too: HKEY_CURRENT_USER -Control Panel -Desktop - windows Metrics

Under Shell Icon Size (default Value should be 32) you can change this alter the Icon Size.
Perhaps try 50, Then restart your pc, See if your happy with the size. If not, Go back and alter acordingly

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On XP professional , problem is the height of thumbnail pane height size is small and large preview area on filmstrip view.So to check the thumbnails i have to side scroll , seeing either the file name are part of picture in thumbnail.Searched on net ,no where fix for thumbnail size on filmstrip view mentioned,but size adjustment thumbnail on thumbnail view is only mentioned which i am not talking.
look at the attachment for what i meant.

Any suggestions on correcting registry key about this.
Thanks in advance

A:thumbnail size in filmstrip view

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For example in folder view I like to show details, but specific to that folder only,
and not for control panel which the preferred view is Icon,
the problem here is that once I set the view for one folder it is set for all folders, and that go for size of the folder page as well once the page size is set,
all the pages came up looking the same in size and view setting , how do I fix this

A:WXP view and size setting problem

Do you have it set to "Remember each folders view setting" in Folder Options > View?

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I'm sure most of you are familiar with the "change your view" option in Windows 7. It gives the folders, apps, and program shortcuts, (or icons) in a certain folder a larger view size. Using this "change your view" option in the top right hand corner of the explorer when you select a folder, you have the option to change the view of all the icon in that folder to Extra Large, Large, List View, Details, Tiles, Content, etc. Currently when I change this to Large in one folder, any other folder I go to remains in the default "details" view. What I am looking for is a way to change the way ALL folders look. Is there a way in control panel I can set this for all folders, or do I have to manually change the view for each folder I want changed. Thanks in advance for the information guys. Cheers!

A:Is there any way to change the view size of all folders?


First open a folder and set the view that you would like default, then, in the tools menu, select "folder options". Go to the "view" tab and click "apply to folders" then select "yes" in the pop-up.



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Sooo..for the most part...I hate the list/details view in Explorer...
I like seeing extra large images/folders as they are all nicely customized...

Upon every re-boot... they seem to revert back to "details" view.
Its not a huge deal as I can pinch and zoom them to the size I want..

but after enough years its getting a bit annoying...
and I was wondering if there was a way to change this...

thanks for reading

A:Save Thumbnail Size/View upon Reboot

set up the folder the way you want thumb size etc then click organize / folder and search options, click the view tab then click the apply to folders button.

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Hi. Does anyone know if it is possible to change the size of the icons when using tile view in explorer? I know I can make the icons bigger by switching to large or extra large icons view but I like the extra information I get from the tiles view, such as drive space. Any help anyone can offer would be much appreciated.

A:Explorer Tiles View Icon Size

Hi n1cecupoftea,

Welcome to Vista Forums.

You can use the Advanced Appearance settings to adjust how the space for the icons. In step 6 of this tutorial, you can adjust the Size to a larger number for these Item options for what you are wanting:

1. Icon
2. Icon Spacing (Horizontal)
3. Icon Spacing (Vertical)

Advanced Appearance

Hope this helps you,

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