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X-Fi Sound Card issue ( Volume Fluctuation ) in windows

Q: X-Fi Sound Card issue ( Volume Fluctuation ) in windows

I was playing wolfenstein and every now and then the volume would increase in one go which made me . Now it's doing it with music too , every now and then the volume would shoot up didn't happen in vista.

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Seems i'm not the only one

EDIT ( Eax & Svm are off ) , put the crystalizer on 50% from 100% lets see what happens now

Preferred Solution: X-Fi Sound Card issue ( Volume Fluctuation ) in windows

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: X-Fi Sound Card issue ( Volume Fluctuation ) in windows

I also have an X-Fi card and have not had this issue. Are you sure you have the latest drivers and updates for the card?

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Just wondering if there's actually been a fix for this yet, as it seems to be a common problem. Using an HP ENVY m6-1178sa and after scouring the internet high and low, none of the fixes seem to be working at all. Whether using the onboard laptop speakers, external speakers, or headphones, all loud sections in songs are dramatically reduced in volume and the low end is totally sucked out. I've had to revert to listening to music on my phone because Beats makes certain songs borderline unlistenable. If there hasn't been an official fix yet, then I urge you to make one as soon as posible, as sound quality was a major motivation for buying this laptop!

A:Beats Audio compression and volume fluctuation - HP ENVY m6-...

I have exactly the same problem, and it is very annoying.I didnt't buy the laptop for the beats audio, I got it for the other specs.But with the audio like it is, some songs are unlistenable. There are other fixes out there, worked for a while, until I turned it off and then on again.http://forum.notebookreview.com/hp-envy-hdx/675228-fix-workaround-beats-audio-volume-problem-levelin... See if that way works for you, and hopefully it's not a temporary fix. Try this update on the driver, seemed to work for me - sp59154.exe

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Please try read my entire post before you write a suggestion, I list out suggestions that I have already tried and eliminated.So first thing's first, my sound card uses Realtek audio drivers, NOT IDT.As written in the title, I'm having a problem with my audio fluctuating whenever I play music/sound in general. This is a well documented issue on the forums that also doesn't have a real solution that I could find, and is better described as Beats Audio using a Loudness Equalizer you cannot disable. Whenever you play any audio, Beats will raise or lower the loudness to maintain what I assume is a more stable level, but really just results in really annoying volume fluctuations. I've finally decided to post a thread after looking for a solution for almost a year. I have looked through many, many threads searching for an answer. ---------------------------------------- I will try to preempt any questions based on what I've read and tried over the past year: I'm using Realtek audio drivers.Yes I have tried disabling Beats Audio.Yes I have tried unchecking Enhancements in sound properties. Turns out Enhancements doesn't show up for me because it's exclusively handled by Beats Audio.No there is no option to disable said issue in Beats Audio.This is an issue with the drivers, not the speakers. I get fluctuations from both my Apple earpods and my built in speakers, which subsequently disappear when I install a generic audio driver.Yes I have tried upd... Read more

A:HP Envy 15 Realtek Beats Audio Volume Fluctuation/Leveling/C...

I'm afraid I don't have the answer - but thought I'd give a wave since misery loves company.  I currently have a thread on exactly  the same issue, also on an Envy - here:  http://h30434.www3.hp.com/t5/Notebook-Audio/HP-Envy-Audio-compression-with-one-driver-no-bass-with/m... In that thread an HP Support Agent has very kindly given me a long, detailed post with potential solutions that I'll be trying over the next day.  Cross your fingers.

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I recently bought a dell computer second-hand from my friend, who had XP installed on it. It came with a subwoofer and a set of 4 regular speakers. On it, he had installed a form of creative volume control in addition to windows volume. The way it worked was he had the windows volume set to 100% at all times, and the creative volume control around 3% for regular browsing, 10-25% for gaming and 50% or higher for rocking out with music. I recently acquired windows 7 home premium x64 and upgraded my operating system. My soundblaster card has all the necessary drivers and the audio is all hooked up properly, and the only thing missing is this form of volume control. After looking around for the old software and trying a few different freeware and shareware programs, nothing has pulled through for me; any suggestions?

A:Creative sound card, windows 7 compatible volume control?

What exact sound card do you have?

Have you checked creative's website for additional software that goes along with the driver of your card? Is the windows volume not sufficient for you, or do you just want the extra ability for volume control?

If you installed the creative driver, have you checked in the audio control panel that's built into the driver?

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Hi there, Im getting very annnoying audio fluctuation on my system. Updated with CONEXANT audion driver twice. but the problem still exists.Pls help. Sreejith 

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Hi there,

I've searched the forums for my problem and I couldn't find anything that fits it. My problem is hard for me to describe, so please bear with me! I hope you guys can help me out.

My problem is when I play music and a lot of instruments are playing at the same time, the sound seems to 'dim' an instrument to make way for another instrument (ie drums, vocals and guitars are playing, as the solo starts, the drum volume and vocals dip for a second). This happens all throughout every song and its extremely annoying. Its as though there is too much sound going through the card at the same time so it makes way for the new sound when any instrument changes. Its like a poorly implemented volume normalization option is constantly turned on.

I have found that since installing the latest Realtek HD drivers (2.54 i think), the EQ settings seem to have changed slightly (from my previous Vista install), therefore giving a slightly different sound. If I turn the EQ off, the problem seems to go away (cant confirm that yet though). Before I installed the Realtek drivers, Windows had installed its own for me. I didn't listen to music at that time, but other experiences with sound (games) seemed to give a similar problem, and I also noticed an echo.
My system:
I recently installed Windows 7 Pro 32bit as of 5 days ago (previously it was Vista, same machine). I have the Realtek HD acl888 sound device with the latest available drivers. I never had a problem like this with Vista. I hav... Read more

A:Sound fluctuation

Right click the Microsoft speaker icon in the task bar, select playback devices, single left click your default device and select the "properties" button lower right. Select the "Enhancements" tab...scroll down enhancements until you get to "Loudness Equalization". Disable it, does that help?


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I got a new sound card today. Installed it, installed the drivers from the CD, plugged in the headphones and it works. But the sound levels are way to low. I raised the volume in all the places I could find, but it's still a bit low.

Here's the card: Creative Sound Blaster 5.1 VX Sound Card - Quality 5.1 surround audio

Here are my headphones: Philips - Stereo Headphones Deep bass - SHP2000/97 - Indoor - Headphones - Accessories

I'm running Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit.

A:Low volume with new sound card(Creative Sound Blast 5.1 VX)

1. Since you are using a separate sound card and not the on the motherboard audio, disable that in the BIOS. If its enabled it can conflict and cause problems.

Are you plugging into the Speaker jack on the card or do you have it connected to the front panel in the case. If you are connecting to the front panel headphone jack, plug the headphone into the Speaker jack on the card and see if there is any difference.

Try the headphones in a different computer to check the volume level. If its low on another computer then the headphones are the problem.

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Hi, i've been having a problem for some time now with my Dell SoundBlaster X-Fi 5.1 surround sound system. It seems to randomly suffer sound fluctuations. The sound could be stable for sometime, at times for days and then suddenly randomly start fluctuating from very loud to very quite. These symptoms come and go, and vary in length. I think the problem has been getting worse the last couple of weeks and it's really annoying the you know what out of me. I have tried updating my sound drivers, but that didn't work. I even read a forum that said to keep my speaker cables as far away from my pc's power supply as possible because it could be causing interference. Well that didn't work either. This happens using every kind of application, from media player, to gaming. But funny thing, i don't notice the fluctuations while using my headphones. I also used a different set of speakers and couldn't notice these fluctuations either. But when i use my X-Fi 5.1 surround sound speakers the problem always seems to eventually came back. Could anybody PLEASE help me, i have no idea what to do now. Could it be that the speakers are shorting out, a sound card issue, or simply some kind of option? I would greatly appreciate anybody who could help me out, give any ideas or anything. Thanks. BTW, it's pretty much a brand new system, Dell XPS 600 that's less than a year old.

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Hi, i've been having a problem for some time now with my Dell SoundBlaster X-Fi 5.1 surround sound system. It seems to randomly suffer sound fluctuations. The sound could be stable for sometime, at times for days and then suddenly randomly start fluctuating from very loud to very quite. These symptoms come and go, and vary in length. I think the problem has been getting worse the last couple of weeks and it's really annoying the you know what out of me. I have tried updating my sound drivers, but that didn't work. I even read a forum that said to keep my speaker cables as far away from my pc's power supply as possible because it could be causing interference. Well that didn't work either. This happens using every kind of application, from media player, to gaming. But funny thing, i don't notice the fluctuations while using my headphones. I also used a different set of speakers and couldn't notice these fluctuations either. But when i use my X-Fi 5.1 surround sound speakers the problem always seems to eventually came back. Could anybody PLEASE help me, i have no idea what to do now. Could it be that the speakers are shorting out, a sound card issue, or simply some kind of option? I would greatly appreciate anybody who could help me out, give any ideas or anything. Thanks. BTW, it's pretty much a brand new system, Dell XPS 600 that's less than a year old.

A:Solved: DELL SoundBlaster X-Fi Audio sound fluctuation problem

I bougth a new 5.1 surround sound system and since then i've heard no fluctauations. So far so good. So i'm assuming there must've been something wrong with the speakers.

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I recently acquired an Opti931 sound card to complement my SBLive! since it won't work in DOS mode (I have a VIA MVP3 chipset). Unfortunately the volume level is extremely low - I can barely make it out at max volume with the speaker next to my ear.
This card only has one audio out port, and since Magitronic (the maker of the soundcard) has gone out of business I don't have their drivers so I'm using the generic Opti drivers.
Any suggestions are appreciated.

A:Sound card volume too low

I know this may sound awkward, but go to the start menu then accesories then entertainment and then try going to sound manager (it may also be called volume control) and making sure that both the master volume and wave volume are up high enough to fit your standards. Hope this helps.

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Installed a sound blaster 16 sound card. Installed drivers, turned up volume to highest point by going to start, programs, creative sound, and also by clicking on the icon by the clock. Both way are turned up as high as they will go.

Changed PCI slots, sound cards, everything but another computer.

Can hardly hear it out of the headphones, and no sound at all out of the speakers.

Had a HP (the ones that comes with an HP computer) Sound card in before, had the same problem. That is why I changed the sound card. Made no difference.

Tried all I can think of but just can't get any volume out of it. Like I said, using head phones very little volume, speakers no volume.

Does anyone have a solution or suggestion?

One other little thing I forgot to mention. I took all of HP's programming out and did a clean install of win98 2nd Edition and all the latest updates.
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A:Sound card, very low volume

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hi will a sound card increase the volume of my computer? (for example, The asus xonar dsx pcie or a creatve one model) thanks

A:sound card increace volume?

Generally, no. The sound card only provides a standard output signal that is used by "amplified" speaker systems. The volume level is controlled by your speakers.

Same way with the headphone volume, a set (standard) output is used for analog headsets.

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I just installed a new sabrent 6 channel 5.1 3d sound card it uses a fortemedia fm801 chip set installed drivers ok just have very low sound on all media play back. I have all volume controls up to full but still very low sound. anybody have any ideas?

A:fm801 sound card with low volume

Do you have speakers / headset? If speakers you should upgrade to Headsets ( if you play games get wired but if you watch movies get wireless ones so you can move around while listening to your movie )

Speakers usualy dont produce great sound unles you have surround sound around your ears or something =D

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I purchased a generic usb soundcard for my laptop so I could mix with Virtual DJ, with my onboard sound going into my speakers, and the usb soundcard for headphones. The problem is that after instillation, the sound on the usb is ridiculously loud. The windows volume control mutes the audio at 0, but at 1 - 100, the audio is at full. Running Win 7 Home Premium 64bit. Every config I try doesn't seem to do anything, and I cant seem to find anyone with similar problems. Any suggestions?

Also, I realize this may be a driver issue, I'm just not sure what to change the generic driver to.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

A:USB sound card at full volume or nothing

I imagine you need a matching driver from that sound device manufacturer's website - and it has to be a 64-bit one or it won't install.

Alternatively, visit Windows Update/Microsoft Update (or enable Automatic Updates) with the device connected & switched on. If Microsoft has a better driver it will be downloaded automatically. Or, if the device is listed in Device Manager, double-click it, click the "Driver" tab, then click "Update Driver".

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I just installed Sound Blaster X-Fi Fatal. I have no input volume control. If I select mic input I get a bad buzzing. If I select anything else my Spin It Again program tells me the volume is too low. Does not respond to volume controls of any sort. Could use some help please!

A:No Volume control for sound card

try using the windows mixer. this allows you to choose which input device u want hear and has a volume slider

AMD Athlon 64 3500+ oced @ 2.6 Gz
ECS N-Force 4 A-939 K8 HT2000
2 GB DDR SDRAM (3.0-3-3-8 @ 200 MHz) CR 1T
PCI-E XFX GeForce 7600 GT oced @ C/M 701/862 Mhz
250 GB Maxtor 7Y250M0 SATA HDD
160 GB Western Digital WD1600JD-75HBB0 SATA HDD
Sound Blaster live 5.1 digital audio
Xerox TFT 8ms 19" LCD Flat screen and 19" Philips 1095 running in duelview
Logitech mx 518 gaming grade laser guide mouse
Windows XP x64 Proffesional
All chipsets water cooled by the Vantec Stingray with Fluid XP+
2x12" bass drivers crossed @ 120mhz, 4x6" mid drivers combined with
2 baby bum horns and 2 tweeters together running @ 250 watts RMS

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Hello guys,

I searched the forum for common problems but unfortunately I could not find any useful information for this issue.

I hope you can assist me as the Windows 7 volume mixer is freaking me out and I cant seem to find a way out with this...

I run Windows 7 on a Dell Inspiron 6400 and I use the volume buttons on front a lot to increase/decrease/mute the sounds... however this feature is not working with Windows 7 or maybe I have not fixed the correct settings.

Also I have a Logitech MX610 mouse with volume buttons on it that don`t work as well.

Here is a screenshot of the volume mixer.. I`m not sure if that`s helpful..

Any help will be much appreciated.
Thanks in advance guys

A:Volume mixer issue / sound control

viachy, welcome to the forums.

For the volume buttons on the laptop, is there or did you install a driver for it? It may or may not be needed, but from the sounds of it, it is.

For the mouse, what version of Setpoint do you have installed? The latest is 4.80 (for Vista, but works well in 7),

Logitech > Support + Downloads > Downloads > Mice > MX?610 Laser Cordless Mouse

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I just bough a xonar ds card to replace the onboard realtek 892. I had some minor issues with the cd that came with the soundcard, as it only had Vista drivers. Didn't realize at first and let it install. Sound did not work at all. I then uninstalled both realtek and vista drivers in safe mode and downloaded win7 drivers from Asus's website. I've got sound and gaming sound is excellent(especially in wolfenstein) but when i play music, no matter what i use, be it j river media center through ASIO or WASAPI, or if i use win media player, when the song starts, the volume fades in and out. For example when listening Nightwish - storytime at the begining the instrumental is made of high notes, sounds clear, but when the guitar and bass kick in, the volume fades down all together, and then the high come back at the normal volume. I'm not sure if i expressed it right, but i get this issue with most of the songs i listen. Some are .mp3 others .flac or .wma lossless. The issue is there regardless if i use headphones or speakers. Could it be due to the sound card, or would a win reinstall solve the issue? Thank you.

Running: AMD Athlon II X3, XONAR DS 7.1, Win 7 x64.

A:Xonar ds sound volume fading in and out issue

The XONAR DS Audio Center is set to Audio Channel: 2 channels
Sample Rate: 192Khz
Analog Out: 5.1

Note: issue appears with both 192Khz and 44.1 Khz

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is there any way to increase the output volume of my sound card? it's a built in soundcard (Realtek ALC655 6-Channel audio CODEC)
;motherboard ecs K8T800-A (1.0).
and could i also enable the treble and bass options to be accessed,it's grayed out when i open sound panel.thanks!

in addition,i am planning on buying 5.1 inspire speaker system from creative,
do i need to purchase a new soundcard? thanks again for your time.

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I've had my new sound card for over a week now, and I've had constant problems with the sound since then. It's better than the complete lack of sound I had before, but now it's starting to get on my nerves.

My SB 5.1 VX card constantly makes crackling noises when in windows and other audio is not playing besides regular windows sounds (folder opening, errors, etc) and even with all volume set to maximum, it's still incredibly quiet all the time.

I use a pair of headphones, although the speakers have the same issue when I use them. Neither speakers nor the headphones have drivers or anything of the sort. They're both plug and play.

Any assistance fixing this problem would be appreciated.

A:New Sound Blaster 5.1 VX card crackling and low volume...

Upgrade your drivers, which version of windows are you running? I had a similar problem with a Sound Blaster card when I moved from 32 bit to 64bit windows, that turned out to be a driver issue.

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Hello first of all happy new year I just got a Hp Envy x360 and I have noticed that the sound even if at 100% isnt very loud. So i tried to open the Bang & Olufsen programme, but when i do the window appears with the logo on top, but stays white. Do I have to go back to the shop? thank you chris

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Hello everyone, I have a Dell Inspiron 1720 laptop running Windows Vista. I recently bought a USB audio sound card (since my computer's headphone jack was damaged).

The volume control on my computer has always worked fine, but when I plug in the sound card I'm no longer able to control the volume via the sound icon on the taskbar. The sound card's volume always comes in full blast, and I can only lower it through the controls in the program it's currently running (i.e. the volume control in a YouTube video). Therefore, when I try to control it directly through my computer it doesn't work.

Is this a common problem? Is there any way I can get this fixed or configured, or is there a problem with the sound card?

A:USB Sound Card - system volume control not working

As this is a software issue my response has to be quite limited. Basically, you may need to check a box specifying your default audio device in your sound settings. Hope this helps, if not drop your question into the software section.

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Hello, I been using the Rocketfish 5.1 surround sound card for quite some time now, and just last month or so it just stoped working if I dont use the matrix mode all the speakers work. But I constantly have to turn the levels of each speaker up in the sound settings and when I do that it max's out my volume so therres a conflict somewere, I cannot use the matrix mode anymore eithier. Any fix's? I'm running windows 7 ultimate

A:Rocketfish 5.1 Surround Sound Card / Volume issues


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I have problems with an application written in Visual Basic. The application is supposed to be able to control the volume of different output channels of the sound card RME Fireface 800. Within the VB application direct sound is used to control the volume.

However, volume control changes work for some of the assigned channels but not for others. Looking at Window's volume control mixer it can be confirmed that the output channels are correctly assigned to the application but the volume control changes are ignored for some of the channels.

The application and the volume control changes worked fine with the same application and sound card on a Windows XP machine.

I'm thankful for any suggestion on how to solve or work around the problem.


A:Volume control issues with multi-channel sound card

Hello welcome to TSF!!. Have you tried updating the software to a newer version that is compatible with Windows 7? Also have you updated the drivers for your sound card?

Try looking here to see if there is an updated software version for Windows 7. RME: Downloads

Also may I ask what is the make and and model of your machine and sound card?

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I have E-MU 1212M sound card, Windows 7 and I can't fix this problem which I haven't had before. I reinstalled the Windows 7 and now I can't move my Volume Control and affect my sound card volume. My sound card volume wont move until I move it.
It's like my volume mixer is pre-effected,before my sound card.

any help will be appreciated, Thank you

A:Volume Control wont move sound card slider

Quote: Originally Posted by samsung3D

My sound card volume wont move until I move it.

Did it before? The Windows volume control doesn't affect any of my players volumes, so if I have Winamp open for example, adjusting the volume with the Windows mixer control doesn't move the Winamp slider, nor does it move the WMP slider, which is why I leave Windows volume at full, and adjust the volume from within what ever program I'm using to watch a film or play music.

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Hi everyone,

A few days ago I replaced my cpu, motherboard and hdds on my system.

OLD System (main components)
Case: Antec 902 v3
Cpu: i7 950
Mobo: Asus p6x58d-e
RAM: corsair vengence 4gb x 3
GPU: Zotac GTX 660
Boot drive: Intel 40gb ssd (Win 7)
HDD: WD 1TB (black)

New System (main components)
Case: Antec 902 v3
Cpu: i7 4790k
Mobo: Gigabyte z97x - ud3h-bk
RAM: corsair vengence 4gb x 3
GPU: Zotac GTX 660
Boot drive: Samsumg evo 500gb ssd (Win 7)
HDD: WD 3TB (black)

I was able to clone the ssd and hdd (samsung migration for ssd and Easeus todo backup for hdd). Initally I had some driver conflict when I booted up the computer on the new mobo.
I managed to uninstall all the old drivers and then used the driver cd to install the mobo drivers and even updated all of them to the latest version. I

The conflict I'm still having is with the back panel audio for the onboard sound. I get very low volume and and crackling at certain frequencies (tried on both my generic creative speaker and Audio technical headphones). When I'm plugging in the speaker into the green port and have it plugged in half way or accidentally touch the jack to the I/o plate I get really strong/loud static noise.

Here is the list of solution that I tried with no success:

Updated the Realtek HD Audio Manager app (I.e the one installed from the driver cd) to the latest one
Used DPC latency checker and it is showing all greens (didn't test it for more than a minute though..should I be doing som... Read more

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I have put the sound card into my computer and made sure that I've hooked up everything correctly, but I have ran into a problem with it. When I ran the download "Product Identification Module Update" from the Creative website, it's telling me that I don't have the right OS, and tells me to update to Windows 7 or later versions. Well, my problem is that I have Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit, which I know is plenty new, and I don't understand why it's not letting me download the update/driver for the sound card. Please do help if you are able to

A:Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium Sound card issue

MrRatigan, Welcome to SF. Check to make sure that you have fully updated W7 and then double check and see if the Creative downloads will take then.

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I just got a new ac11 sound bar.
It is impossible to adjust sound volume using its volume knob.
But I am able to adjust sound volume with the windows volume control widget.
My OS is windows 7 .

I tried my ac511 on another laptop, the volume knob works well.So I guess the hardware is all right.
Could anyone help me with this?
Thanks very much!

A:AC511 SOUND BAR,could not adjust sound volume with volume knob

Based on your tests, the AC511 hardware is ok.* Turn the comptuer and monitor off* Mount the AC511 to the monitor slots after removing the plastic strips* Plug the AC511 USB cable + USB extension cable directly into the Windows 7 computer USB port* Turn the monitor on, then the computer* Re-test

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Well I just found this forum today, so I decided to ask this question.

About a year ago, I had to system restore, because my computer just kept FSODing on me. When I went through the system restore process with Dell, at the end of the process I got an error. I don't quite remember what it was, as it was so long ago.

Ever since then, my computer has been completely without sound. I have tried everything from installing/reinstalling/uninstalling drivers, to the most simplistic, such as checking if my speakers work, or are connected.

So far, nothing has brought me any closer to figuring out what this problem could be. I am pretty sure that somehow, my sound card (its an integrated one) has just fried or something, but I really dont know.

So... is my sound card busted? Or are my drivers just not working for some reason?

Thanks for your help in advance.

A:Sound Card issue, or driver issue?

System restore . . .

System restore or system recovery? Did wipe the old operating system out and reinstall everything from scratch (system recovery) or did you use Windows' system restore to backdate the configuration. (Frankly, I think the choice these of terms by the industry are very confusing.)

Assuming system recovery and assuming the sound worked before and quit after system recovery, I'm for a misconfiguration. But, the simpler fix might be a cheap add-in sound card.

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The free space in my Windows C Drive is constantly fluctuating and it has come down to 40 MB now.
The total C Drive space is 10 GB.
It was 165 MB when I logged in this morning.
I have removed programmes which were using around 500 MB and yet the drive space is showing only 40 MB
Why is this happening ?

A:Constant Fluctuation in Windows C Drive space

It's the Page File or the Recovery files !
Just low your virtual memory file or turn off the recovery service (only on drive C if u wish) ...
P.S. Check up this post too : http://www.techsupportforum.com/f10/low-disk-space-445688.html
...it seems to have the same issue

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I have a Samsung NP300E5C laptop. For some strange reason the internet speeds fluctuate wildly. I am connected to a router via WiFi. When connecting directly to the router with an ethernet cable, the issue persists.

I have other devices connected to the router via WiFi (another laptop and two Samsung phones) and no other device in the household have any connection issues. I have not yet tried to connect the laptop to another internet connection as it never leaves the home - does not have a working battery.

This issue has been a problem for a while now. I understand that Samsung uses outdated drivers for their older computers, but I have tried both Intel and Atheros wireless drivers with no solution. Here is a screenshot of the ping test I sent to the router. You can clearly see where the connection seriously worsens and then fails completely, and the computer is literally 5 feet away from the router!

If anyone has any clue as to what might be the problem, I very much would appreciate any input

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I have good sound with other speakers on this desktop, but I wanted to save some workspace on my desk, so I recently got a new AX510 sound bar and attached it onto a Dell 2208WFP monitor, one of the monitors listed for that soundbar.  It powers up via the AC port built in to the monitor, just like it should, and I've correctly connected the audio cable on the soundbar audio output on my desktop.  But there's no sound at all.  I did get a static "pop" once... but no other sound.
So I am trying to figure out whether the sound bar is defective, or if this is possibly a Windows 10 issue, as I've read a few odd posts on the internet about people suddenly finding that previously working sound bars don't work in Windows 10.... or some other incompatibility (my desktop is a Studio XPS 8100, Windows 10).  I realize all of my equipment is not the latest, but it's all been in great working condition and the one new addition is the sound bar... I did plug my old speakers back in again, and they still work just fine.
I was thinking I can test the sound bar by connecting it to another computer at work (tomorrow) that's running Windows 7.  to determine if it's a Windows 10 issue -- or if it just doesn't work at all -- but would that be a definitive test it's not a Dell computer?  Any other ways to diagnose the problem and pin it down?  I can conceivably still return the sound bar if I determine it's defect... Read more

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can anyone tell me ?why speaker is not working ?meanwhile microphone is working .
i am using hp laptop.kindly let me know the idea.any help would be highly appreciated.

A:sound card issue

maybe filling your system specs and telling us you laptop model can help us to help you. I believe this a problem with sound driver.

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Hello. I have a potential job prospect but in order to get hired on I need to pass a scan that verifies that my computer is compatible with their system. I have passed everything but the sound card portion of the scan. the results of the scan tell me that I do indeed have a sound card but it is disabled. Whenever I try to troubleshoot using the instructions provided by the company and Windows it shows me that my sound card is enabled. hopefully someone can offer a solution! I will post screenshots of the results of the scan and email trouble shooting steps I took. thanks in advance!

A:Sound card issue

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Hi There,

I'm trying to figure out if my sound card has gone bad. I have the red X of death on my speaker icon and the message "no audio output device is installed".

I have no option in the Device Manager for sound, video, and gaming devices.

I have no drivers on the machine and when I try to install the appropriate one, I'm told I have no device to install it on.

I'm assuming that the sound card has just finally died, however due to the frequent problem with Windows updates and the red X of death on the speaker icon, I figured I'd ask one of you more seasoned IT peeps.

Machine is an IBM thinkcentre A70z


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Ok so here is my problem. One day I was hit with this HUGE virus, wiped out my system restore. So i had dell control my computer to get rid of it. Everything was fine. Then randomly it seems my sound card kneels over and dies. Windows doesn't detect it even though its installed and everything. When i restart it sometimes works, but now it doesn't fix itself. Other times the left speakers won't work so i use headphones and they work fine. Now nothing works. I have a Sigma Tel HiDef Audio Card. PLEASE HELP no sound is boring

A:Sound Card Issue PLEASE HELP

ok this is weird right after i post my first message my sound card is detected under devices. WEIRD if anyone can tell me why random stuff like that happens that would be great

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Here is my problem: I don't know how long ago this happened (desktop computer used mostly by my wife), but my sound quit working. In Device Manager there are no conflicts (red or yellow) and my sound card (Creative SB Audigy) is listed. When I go to Sound and Audio Devices Properties in Control Panel it says "No Audio Devices". Under the Hardware tab my sound card is listed with good drivers, but my sound card is not listed as a choice under audio or voice playback.

I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the sound card and it's drivers and it worked until I re-booted and then it all quit working again. Can someone help?
Below is my SysInfo log file:

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition, Service Pack 3, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 2.53GHz, x86 Family 15 Model 2 Stepping 7
Processor Count: 1
RAM: 510 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce4 MX 440 (Gateway), 128 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 57239 MB, Free - 12750 MB; G: Total - 953867 MB, Free - 884752 MB;
Motherboard: Intel Corporation, D845PECE
Antivirus: Norton AntiVirus, Updated: Yes, On-Demand Scanner: Enabled

A:Sound card issue

Can anyone shed any light on this?


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I have a VT1721 AV-710 sound card in my computer that I just bought but something is wrong with the drivers for it. I've downloaded the AC97 sound driver for my motherboard but still no luck. This is a 7.1 sound card and I run Windows XP. If you need more info I can try to find out but I'm not a computer genius by any means. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Sound Card Issue

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From all that I gather I need to install creative SB live! Series (WDM) Is there a driver that I can install for free, I have tried a couple offered with no success.

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Hello all,

I seem to be having an issue with my sound card not loading all the time when my laptop boots up. Any suggestions?



A:Sound Card Issue

What is your laptops make and model?

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1st off my os is Win7 Home 32bit. I just reinstalled the YouTube downloader from my backup cd after the last C drive partition wipe. Everything has been reinstalled clean including the os. Windows is working just fine except for when I download a YouTube video with the downloader. The downloader doesn't record a peep of sound from any video I have tried. When I play the video on Firefox the sound is fine. I have an other video capture prog "Replay Video Capture" that normally can capture both video and sound from any source playing on the internet or a local player on the laptop. Replay isn't capturing the audio eather. Also Replay Has on it's panel 2 vertical bars to show audio gain, The bars are flat line during recording. I also have an audio only capture prog called "Moo0 Voice Recorder" that will capture the YouTube audio just fine (Moo0 has a horz type audio display on the panel). The other 2 won't record a peep. I also tried a cold reboot (pulling the ac cord from the laptop and removed the battery). Still no change. I have never had this problem before with YouTube downloader or Replay Video Capture. I have been using both prog's for a long time without any problems. I can't figure out why those 2 capture prog's won't record a peep. I also tried del and reinstalling both prog's. That didn't help eather.

A:I am having a sound card issue

This is really not a "sound" issue, and more an application (program) issue. Your sound apparently works except with certain programs.

I would post this on a different forum section that deals with programs.

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i just purchased this usb 3d sound card and to my suprise it detects as plug and play on windows 7 without any driver disc... the shopkeeper states its windows 7 compatible.. but somehow on the box it isnt mentioned...

has anyone tried this device..


I get a time out when trying to access your link.

Windows will get drivers (on line) for many devices and this sounds like what it did for your sound device.

If you are going to use this rather than the existing sound you have and it's integrated (on the motherboard) you should disable the integrated sound in the BIOS to avoid conflicts.

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Appreciate some assistance.

Nephew has a Creative Labs Sound Blaster CT 4810 Sound card installed on a PC running W98SE.

When the PC starts, after the Windows logo, but before the desktop comes up, a message comes up saying:

"Creative SB PCI
The SB PCI interrupt has been routed incorrectly by the system. Audio PCI inactive. Use automatic settings in Device Manager. Press any key..."
When he brings the PC to my house, it runs like a charm. When he takes it home, the message keeps coming up. All else remains the same.

Any ideas of why the interrupt is routed incorrectly by the system?

A:Sound Card Issue

sounds like a device conflict. When he is at your house something is not connected that is when it's at home.

Try the sound card in a different pci slot, that should force a different irq for the sound card.

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Hi, I am trying to get a game to work on my wifes PC, only problem is the sound. I suspect its the ageing sound card, looking at the game specs it states

Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c–compliant sound card

She has a soundblaster live 5.1 SB0220, tryed to update the driver but cannot find one except via driver robot, but am unsure if this will fix it anyway.

Looking at cheap cards but cannot see the DirectX 9.0c accreditation, would this one do ...


Thanks in advance


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Hi Guys,

I am more confirming the probable here rather than an out and out question but...

Half a pint of Bulmer's Pear Cider met my laptop earlier today. We had sound this morning and after the incident we did not have sound.

To be more specific, the sound out of the speakers worked this morning - they no longer do. Headphone sound still works all fine and dandy.

Obviously the task is to get the speakers working again.

My suspicions are that the circuit between the speakers and the sound card has become shorted by the Cider. Solution? Is there one or am I doomed?

It should be noted that this happened when the laptop was on and using Windows 7. I normally use Ubuntu 10.4 - went to that and the same problem so definitely a hardware issue.

Thanks for any suggestions in advanced.

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hi i am using a toshiba satellite L505 laptop. i recently did a full system recovery because the operating system kept freezing after startup. fixed that problem, but now there is a red "X" near the speaker in the tray. in the device manager there is an exclamation point on the high def audio controller, but under properties the device claims to be working fine and driver up to date... i have no sound from my laptop, can anyone help cast some light on this?

A:Sound Card Issue??

If you go to the Toshiba website you can download the device driver for your specific sound card, it might be using a generic/wrong driver and not working correctly.

That would be my first thing i would do atleast.

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I recently formatted my pc because i was having a lot of issues. Now it's all running nice but my sound card isn't working... I have no idea what sound card I have or how to find out... i dont have any installation cd's, can anyone advise me on what to do please? Im really going mad without my music!!!

I'd be very greatful for any advise!

Thanks guys,


A:Sound card issue

find the right drivers

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