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Security Cameras with PC Software

Q: Security Cameras with PC Software

Can anyone please tell me of any domestic security cameras where the pictures go to the PC and can be viewed on the internet?

The ones we had the pictures went on to tapes which soon ran out and I would like to view them remotely.


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Preferred Solution: Security Cameras with PC Software

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


I already have a home security camera system. What I'am looking for is software I can put on my desk top that will notify me on my iphone when motion detection is activated. As well as allow me
to monitor the cameras from my iphone.

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So I am in the military and will be gone for a few months. I want to setup some cameras in my house so I can see and hear my wife and kids while I'm away. Preferably to interact and have them see me as well. I am looking for IP cameras and a good software program to access the cameras? Perhaps IP cameras are not the way to go, if anyone has another idea. The concept would be for me to see through different cameras setup in my house remotely. I am looking for somewhat inexpensive cameras but I would definitely pay a little more if the quality was significantly better. Also, I would need a good software program to access the cameras. If anyone has any suggestions, they would be greatly appreciated.

A:IP Cameras and Software

Try http://www.surveillance-video.com/ If you want to interact with them and talk to them just get a camera and use it on Skype!

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hi, i have a security camers program that is connected to my web cam that records while i am out, the program is called honestech video patrol and so far i am quite impressed with it, the question i am going to ask you is connected to the fact that on this program i can run up to three cameras. i have a normal cctv on the outside of my house that is connected to the tv and video, i was wondering if there was any way of conecting this camera via my pc into my honestech security program...at present the exterior camera i have has a scart connection, so would it be possiblr to run a cable from that to the pc?

A:security cameras

Any luck, plaster? I'm looking for a similar set-up...


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HI,I was just sitting here at my PC and was thinking about the clarity of security cameras
and was wondering if that is related to like TV screens i.e. 720p,1080p and such because if
you watch on the NEWS channels some of the pictures are so bad you could not even recognize
your own mother on some of the screens,but then i suppose if you want a really good picture
all you need is more money then common sense,thanks

A:security cameras

Perhaps but I think many companies install security cameras and then forget about them. Anything will deteriorate if not properly maintained.

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Probably a dumb question, but after Googling some security cameras, I noticed that one of the camera photos showed all of the LEDs lit up like a Christmas tree. Is there such a thing as a camera with night vision that wouldn't visibly light up?

A:Security Cameras

Just as dumb an answer, put tape over LED'S.

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Can anyone help me with the camera server to static ip thing?

I can see the camera server on LAN fine, and i can see the web fine, but i cant see the camera server from a remote location on the web.

i have a static ip but entering that information into the server locks me out and i have to re-enter the default ip and port 80 settings to be able to talk to it again.

I'm running the AP software of both server and isp provided ST780 wireless router from my xp laptop, and i can individually talk to both via LAN.

There is no manufacturer advice other than open ports 5000 - 5002, tried that and it did nothing.

To me this sreams "ROUTER!!!!" and there are some things that are messing with my head! Firstly the ST780 KNOWS... that it has somethin plugged up its tail pipe but cant recognise it!!! In the software it shows a physical address and an ip address but they dont match and therefore it wont list the server as a device. Its either unknown or there is no entry.

So.... my questions to you fine people are ..... do i persevere with port forwarding? Does the Static ip info have to be entered into the server? or is it enough to forward from the static to the default lan ip and port 80 settings? How does this help the ST780 to recognise the server or should i be buying a router that cares!!!

Or am i 1 octet short of a full ip and missing the point completely????

A:Cant see security cameras from the web

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First of all, lets assume I have a static ip.
I want to view about 5 security cameras from a remote location with Internet access.
So my questions are:
1. Would I do this with a vpn?
2. Could I stream them some how to a website?
3. Is there a video to LAN converter. So, lets say that I have a rca connection (the yellow one) and something that would take that signal, and I could use the vpn to view it?

A:Security Cameras

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I don't know if this belongs here or in Hardware, so feel free to move this thread if need be. Anyway, I have several inexpensive security cameras I would like to hook up to my computer to keep surveillance around my home at night and when I am away. Do I need a video capture card to do this. The cameras just have an RCA plug on them. I've hooked them up to my vcr and they worked fine, but I would like to record the images to my computer HD or be able to watch them in realtime. What do I need and how do I hook them up? Any input would be appreciated.

A:Need Help With Security Cameras...

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I own a Cannon A60 and my roomate owns a Cannon A70. How do we install our software? I installed mine first and then she did, now neither camera programs work.....

A:Installing software for 2 cannon cameras

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My Lorex security cameras hard wired to a dvr keep getting hacked (third time in three weeks). Whoever is hacking them changes the name of each camera to hacked , changes the ip address and dns servers so I can't connect remotely

Things I have Done

Changed dvr password
Disabled wifi in router
Changed router log in

What else can I do?

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So a few weeks ago we installed usb security cameras. They were set to record to our xp desktop on the d drive. we have not had them recoding for the last few weeks. The problem is that we set the username and password for the camera net work. But today, when I tried to turn my computer on the log in screen was different. Instead of the blue screen , I got a black screen with a small dialog box with username and password for the camera combined in the username box. in the password box were characters [I don't know what characters] and another dialog box saying it couldn't log me in. There is no password set for this computer. And the computer was on last night when I went to bed but was off this morning and no one turned it off.

A:Installed Security Cameras, now cant log into xp.

Hello and Welcome to BC.
Could you tell more about your Computer and USB Security Camera Brand and Model?
And Could you boot to safe mode?

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Hi, I have recently purchased two security cameras which have no branding whoa Di ever. The only thing I can make out is that they are l-series. These cameras were bought under the premise that they would send email when they detect motion. I have got these camera fully operating except for it being able to email. The message that keeps coming up is that it cannot connect to the email server. Does anyone know anything about this.

Kind regards

A:Wireless security cameras

Did you correctly enter the email settings into the camera settings? What are the email settings that you are using and have you verified they are the correct ones?

When you log into the web interface of the cameras, does it list a model number there in the about, help, or status pages?

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This may be an odd question but I have wireless security cameras on my property. I would like them to atleast be viewable on the computer but would prefer them to be record and save files onto my computer. Like maybe make a file every 24 hours. Is this something that is possible? Keep in mind I already have wireless router in my house so maybe I can use that somehow. Below is the information about the camera's.

2 wireless cameras featuring 12 infrared LED's providing nightvision.
The four channel receiver includes a remote control and is able to connect to 4 cameras simultaneously.
Installation is easy; it only takes a few minutes to connect to your TV, VCR or DVD.

Key Features :
Superb quality 380 TV Lines
62 Degree viewing angle
Video output: RCA

Thanks in advance.

A:Security cameras to record onto computer?

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I am using a IFS 24-port Gigabit Stackable Managed PoE Switch IEEE 802.3af Power over Ethernet (PoE) 1 U and have a power question. I am using it to run IP security cameras on a job and don't have the switch on-line yet. The cameras are going in and we are unable to power them/ aim and focus without it. Is it possible to make an RJ 45 "adapter" to temporarily power them up at the camera? My thoughts are to find the pins that provide power from the switch, make an RJ plug that only has 2 wires in it and connect them to a separate portable power supply, then plug directly into the camera for setup. Then land the switch when the rack is ready.

Q: 568B is what they will be wired for, which pins are for power ( P+ and P- )

Q: What is the correct / standard voltage from the PoE port ?- or does this depend on the camera?- it shouldn't, the cameras are not field selectable- they are IEEE 802.3af.

Q: Can this be done? I only need power for now and I have a separate video out on the cameras for a test monitor.

....it's more of a Tech guy/ bench guy question I know, but I trust the opinions here. Any help is appreciated.

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My apartment building installed security cameras. Was told I could monitor the cameras on my PC and the tech guy will install what is needed to make it happen. What it looked like he only loaded an IP address into the address bar. He was done in a matter of a minute and things worked great. I did put the link into my favorites bar. I don?t monitor the cameras everyday but I do use it.

I upgraded to Windows 10 everything seems to be working great, except the security cameras monitoring. I went to the manager?s office they said the IP changed and I have entered the new IP address and it?s not working for me.

It looked so simple when the tech guy did it.

The manager?s office said the tech guy will come and fix it, well I have been waiting for a few months.

So on my own doing some research it looks like he loaded an ADD ON called ?SurveillanceCtrl Control? and in ?C:/webrec? maybe something happened to them when I load Windows 10.

I don?t know what to do and I don?t want to do something wrong and hate myself later for doing it. If more information is needed just ask.

I am needing some friendly instructions.

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Im trying to help my buddy set up his dvr cams so he can see them online.

ive opened up port 8080 and 2000, thats what its set on the dvr.

connecting to the external ip, xx.xx.xx.xx:8080 takes me to the router setup?

any idea whats going on and how to correct this?

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Hello all,
My apartment building installed security cameras. Was told I could monitor the cameras and the tech guy will install what is needed to make it happen. What it looked like he only loaded an IP address into the address bar. He was done in a matter of a minute and things worked great. I did put the link into my favorites bar. I don’t monitor the cameras everyday but I do use it.
I upgraded to Windows 10 everything seems to be working great, except the security cameras monitoring. I went to the manager’s office they said the IP changed and I have entered the new IP address and it’s not working for me.
It looked so simple when the tech guy did it.
The manager’s office said the tech guy will come and fix it, well this has been a few months. 
So on my own doing some research it looks like he loaded an ADD ON called “SurveillanceCtrl Control” and in “C:/webrec” maybe something happened when I load Windows 10.
I don’t know what to do and I don’t want to do something wrong and hate myself later for doing it.
I am needing some friendly instructions.

A:PC not connecting to Security Cameras anymore.

Well Good Morning everyone.  It's been 24 hours since I posted and 50 people have looked at my post    this is good.    Is anyone out their that can help me?  If needing more information just ask.  

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A recent study by security firm Protection1 discovered over 6,000 no-password, open-access security cameras spread across the US.

According to the company's findings, many of these cameras are located in public places, at the headquarters of private enterprises, and even in the homes of many Americans.

Protection1 noted that the highest concentration of unprotected cameras is around big urban centers, such as the San Francisco Bay area, the Los Angeles area, Seattle, Chicago, the Florida cities, and all over the Atlantic coast, from Washington DC to Boston.

A camera without a password is a peeping hole for crooks
These towns are the centers of many security hot spots, like airports, military bases, and hospitals, so the large number of unprotected cameras should ring alarm bells with the people in charge of those systems.

Protection1 also ranked the number of unprotected cameras per 100,000 residents and came up with a top ten cities with the largest density of open-access cameras.

Leading the pack is the small town of Walnut Creek, California, with 89.69 open-access cameras per 100,000 citizens. The other towns in this top ten list were also small-to-medium cities, and Protection1 believes that the lack of critical security needs in these smaller towns has allowed authorities to relax when it comes to the e-security of these systems.

Read More. The US Is Riddled with Open-Access Security Cameras

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Hi everyone,

I recently purchased a new hard drive that I can record my surveillance footage with, the only problem I am having at the moment is that I click record onto the hard drive and after a while the hard drive goes into sleep mode or whatever. Then at the end of it all when I decide to stop recording it doesn't save onto my hard drive.

So all I need to know really is there any way of keeping my hard drive running all the time so that it doesn't go into this sleep mode.

I have already gone into my power settings and disabled the USB selective suspend setting and this hasn't worked for me.

Thanks (Y)

A:Security Cameras & External Hard Drive

Hi there
seems to me that you've got two problems here.

1) The recording camera software -- IMO this should be writing to disk every so often rather than waiting to the end of the recording -- I don't know the software but since its security related it must be capable of creating decent timestamps and write to a log file every so often. You should perhaps depending on the software even be able to have the logs re use themselves say after 5 logs have been created --overwrite log 1 again etc.

Without knowing the setup / settings of this program its impossible to say why data isn't being written to the disk --maybe it IS but to a file on drive C and you have to copy the data manually. I should definitely look at this.

2) Power / sleep / hibernate settings on the computer --ensure that disks are turned off --never, computer isn't hibernated / screen saved etc.

You CAN have the screen to switch off after so many minutes --that won't be a problem.

Another silly problem believe it or not is that the hard disc can be filled so it will stop -- but the directory entry is not written so the disk still appears empty or at least your footage won't be there.

Video footage can consume INORDINATE amounts of data if the compression etc isn't set decently.


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I am a total newbie to all this DDNS stuff, but here goes...
My parents just installed some security cameras at their home. They would liek to be able to view the cameras when they are away via the internet. I went over there this weekend and got the DVR unit hooked up to their home network, and assigned it a static IP address using DHCP reservations in the routers settings. They can view their cameras now from their home computers with no problem.
Now, for my question....I read that the only way they will be able to view their cameras when away is if they got a DNS host. I read about having to forward ports and got them signed up with dyndns.com free account.
And now...I am completely at a loss as to what I need to do and what settings I need to have entered where to make this work.
They have a Trendnet TEW-631BRP router. (If anyone cares to look at the users manual on that router, here is the direct link to the site where it can be dowloaded: http://www.trendnet.com/downloads/list_subcategory.asp?SUBTYPE_ID=1102 )
All their computers run XP, and the DVR unit has a software program called "Remote Agent" The DVR unit has settings that can be modified. These settings are:
DHCP on or off, DDNS on or off, DDN Name (which is currently "DVR.NAME") and IP address, gateway, subnet, and the other typical Network settings.
I plugged in the settings for my router (as far as the gateway and DNS servers and stuff are concerned) and assigned it the IP address that ... Read more

A:Home security cameras and port forwarding help

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I am an IT Administrator for a local business, and we recently had a large storm. We were required to replace all existing networking gear. Our security camera system is now unable to be viewed via app. I have tried so many things that it is not even funny at this point - it is ridiculous.

I have tried opening the ports on the Arris, but a port scan reveals they are in fact closed. I don't see a place to open ports on the Netgear - does this mean that we should purchase a new router, other than the Netgear? (Personally, I prefer something other than it but..)

Network/Camera setup:


- Arris router (ISP provided w/ coax going into it)

- Netgear smart (Business bought , Arris connects to this which this then projects a 2.4ghz and a 5ghz wireless network, along with a 2.4ghz guest wireless connection.


- One "Platnium" DVR - Configured network correctly
- One "Platnium" NVR - Configured network correctly

I need to know how to fix this issue that I am having.

If you have any additional questions, feel free to reply.

Thank you so much!

A:Issue accessing security cameras from app? (Read for more)

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Hi, We have Verizon Fios installed in the office and we are getting the TV service with them as well. They installed an ActionTech router MI424-WR. We have some security cameras and now can"t get to view them from outside the network. I had tried toport forwarding the proper IP's of the cameras to the public IP of the router but nothing... Any ideas?

A:Verizon Fios and Internet Security Cameras not working

If you don't have the commercial package, I believe they block port 80. Try an alternate port for the cameras.

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Is it just me or do you find digital still cameras or video cameras are lacking with the time? What I mean by that is video editing software is old and the hardware and software does not support 64 bit.

It seems every thing is going 64 bit now for some reason.But alot of the software is 32 bit like most software and hardware out there.The editing software is old .But if you go to the store most all new computers and OS are 64 bit.

Are 64 bit that much faster than 32 bit ?I know with 64 bit you can address more memory than 4GB of RAM.But I guess a CPU working with 64 bit can do more than 32 bit .
How do the still cameras or video cameras work on Windows Vista that is 64 bit?How are the new hardware and software out there work with 64 bit like the new editing software that is 64 bit?

sorry if my question is confusing but I really do not know what I'm talking about here.

A:still cameras or video cameras lacking with the time?

how do you know they don't support it? more and more every day there are new drivers coming out for 64bit. and with the 32bit not recognizing 4GB of ram. i read that when they come out with the full SP1 for vista. there's going to be a fix for the 32bit to recognize all the ram.

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Not real sure if this is the right area but I will ask anyway.

Basically I would like to setup multiple web cameras and be able to view the images over the net? (For security - not PORN)
I am not real sure what would be the ideal method and have not been able to find any real helpfull information other than costs.

If anyone could point me in the right direction or offer any tips, advice, how to and what about - help, I would be very appreciative.

Basic idea I have would be to install cameras and means to capture video and connect to a pc that has internet access.

Now I know better and it CANNOT possibly be that simple.

Thanks before hand - wiLLis

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Which Is the Best Free Anti-Virus Software? Other Security Software?

Win7 x64

Which is the best free-for-home-users anti-virus software?

What other free-for-home-users security software do you recommend using in conjunction with Windows 7 x64 these days?

If I'm not mistaken, this version of Windows has a built in Firewall. Does that make Zone Alarm redundant or problematic?

A:Which Is the Best Free Anti-Virus Software? Other Security Software?

Visit the System Security board - this has been asked and answered quite a few times.

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I have tried online shopping but anything I find has either MacAfee products for security & protection or something else, but nothing I found comes without security software and nothing I found comes with Norton Security.  I am trying to find a low-priced notebook/laptop computer either without any security software or with Norton Security.  Is this possible?   (O.S. must be Windows 10).

A:want either NO security software, or pre-installed Norton Security

Security software comes bundled with any computer (these days) based upon the recognized need for such...and the fact that there is a partnership between system manufacturers and security software vendors that facilitates the install of unwanted software on any OEM system.  This is done in spite of the fact that Microsoft provides security software as part of any O/S that is more recent than XP.
Any unwanted software or bloatware which a user may find on any purchased OEM system...can be uninstalled from the system via the mechanism which Windows employs for eliminating such.

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Do you want to know what to get with your brand new pc. All my suggestionas are free, and dont contain adware or viruses etc.
First of all, where to get them, www.download.com
Trusted because it is part of cnet.com the trusted review website
Security is a must on a new pc. go to comodo.com when buying the pc dont get any security software, waste of everything, especially mcafee. in my opinion it does nothing. get all the software from comodo.
firewall pro
memory firewall
verification engine
secure email
back up
and registry cleaner
DONT get avscanner (antivirus scanner) it is useless if you have the firewall and antivirus. The anti virus and BO clean i recommend but isnt necessary if you get the firewall because comodo firewall pro has a great scanner built in.

Next office suite.
why go with ms(microsoft) office when you can get oppenoffice (openoffice.org) for free, better yet its free and in my opinion better. this program is made by the extremely popular sun microsystems which makes sun java, almost everything on the internet you use because you hace java installed. openoffice has
base( like the new document part of ms office)
calc(like excel in ms office)
draw-(ms powerpoint)
impress-ms publisher
writer- ms word
(basically openoffice.org is the standard edition of ms office w a few extras. all you need for school work. for businnes you need some of the features ms office professional has

Next is an email client
mozilla. a ... Read more

A:What security software and software in general to get with new pc..I will tell you

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I have a Windows XP Pro Version 2002 Service Pack 3, Pentium 4, 3.20 GHz, 2 Gig Ram desktop machine. I was browsing several websites and had a popup message to install some program. Without thinking, I accidentally hit yes instead of cancel and now my machine is infected with spyware. When the computer starts, a program called "System Security" pops up that appears to do a system scan and finds 38 trojans and spyware. Since I have never heard of "System Security" before, I am almost positive that I have been infected and that the "System Security" software is in fact part of the malware itself.

I ran HijackThis v2.0.2 after startup and this is the log that resulted. I did not kill any of the processes that I believe to be malware and have not yet run any antispyware software such as Malwarebytes or SuperAntiSpyware. I have physically disconnected my machine from the network.
Please advise on the steps necessary to correct this problem. Thank you and happy new year! Hopefully yours is off to a better start than mine.

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 9:23:33 PM, on 1/1/2009
Platform: Windows XP SP3 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.6000.16735)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\WINDOWS\System32\svcho... Read more

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I just installed my first IP camera!!, now the issues start The video can be seen through the web service on the camera, but, every 30 seconds or so the video stops, then restarts a few 10seconds later. I am wondering if I have a router issue that times out the connection? Does anyone have any idea how I can fix this?

A:IP Cameras

Before you can fix it you'll need to isolate the problem. Sure, it could be a router problem. It could be a computer problem. It could be a wireless issue if either camera or computer is connected by Wi-Fi. My top suspect is a camera problem.

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   Hello, I have two video cameras and need to be sent in a direction on how to use them at the same time on Windows Xp. Also adding audio and music videos. Thanks.

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The 5 Best SLR Cameras

A:The 5 Best SLR Cameras

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[email protected]


There's a program called "Spector" (www.spectorsoft.com) that takes screenshots of your PC at predefined intervals. This will do what you're trying to do, but may be overkill.

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Q: Cameras

Was hoping to get an idea how to set up a camera that will feed a couple of TV's spaced about 100 feet apart.
This would be used for Karaoke and I currently have a regular security camera that I am using to capture the singers and send to one TV but the image quality is a joke.

I think I would need a better camera that what I am using and am open to suggestions. Are there any distance limitations in terms of line feeds or any other considerations that I am overlooking? These same concerns are also applied to audio.



With my limited knowledge I will tell you how I would do it on a budget. I would put a small third TV in the mix – one with AV in and out connections. I would get a camera with AV out and connect to the TV. Then I would use something like the X-10 wireless video sender for $50. You would need a second receiver and I have no idea how much that is. A second alternative might be to use a laptop or desktop and send with unit something like the $70 unit from X-10, which also would need a second receiver. I’m not familiar enough with camcorders to tell you how to get the video to the computer – perhaps with a TV or capture card if the camcorder is analog. They are both listed on this page: http://www.x10.com/entertainment/index.html

If your two displays are large screen HD displays you would need more competent gear. I’ve used the $50 X-10 unit and it will transmit decent quality for short distances. 100 feet should be fine – especially if they are line of sight from the transmitter. The transmitter is somewhat directional, but a Y connector should let you use two transmitters if that becomes necessary.

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i had cameras installed at my store,i am able to view them from home,but keeps disconnecting is there something i can do to remedy this

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does anyone know if I can find a driver to download for a Vivitar vivi cam 3500 I have XP and it wont let me with the drivers I have ( 95/98 & me) what should I do ?

A:digital cameras

No driver available for Windows 2000 or XP Click to expand...

That is from Vivitar driver site.

You may have to wait a bit...

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All you photobugs out there. Can you help me? My lady wants a digital camera for the silly season. I know what to buy (memory / pixel rate, etc from articles) I'm just not sure if it's a good idea.

She has a PC I built her a couple of years ago.
AMD K62 333
256 MB PC100 RAM
8.2 GB drive
Dial up AT&T isp @ 49,333 constant
Microtek Scanner
Epson Stylus 500

I listed all that so you might be better able to give me an informed answer. She does e-mail, light browsing and Word and some scanning. That's the extent of her puter knowledge.

Being that I am definitely NOT a photo person and have no idea of the complexity of the digital camera world will she be able to utilize one with a limited amount of computer skill and admits too not wanting a lot more?

Will I have to get her a new (photo capable) printer?

Do the cameras need a minimum CPU and is 333MHz enough to load the images to the PC for emailing, etc.?

Are the images much larger than a standard jpeg scanned file so that dialup is not practical for sending images?

That's the idea I guess. I want her to be happy with one and not going through a large frustration level.

Thanks guys and gals.

A:Digital cameras

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Hey, I'm looking into buying a digital camera, and I was wondering what ones are good, and for the best price. I've looked on newegg, but i dont know which ones are good..all i know is the higher the MP the better

A:Digital Cameras

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Hello everyone,
I have 2 digital cameras that used to prompt me to download the pictures when I would plug them in to a USB port. Now, nothing happens. I see the cameras in Computer however. I do not have picture transfer software installed since I am using Windows 7. Any ideas? Thanks

A:Cameras not being recognized.

Well, as you can see the cameras in the computer, they are recognized.

You can do:

1. install the software that came along with the camera.
2. visit the manufactures homepage and download the software.
3. manually copy the photos from the camera to your desired location.

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Just wondering if anyone has some experience with this.

I'm new to digital slrs. I've always just used point and shoot cameras.

I just purchased a Canon Rebel XT and plan on using it outdoors, mainly too take pictures of creeks and bodies of water.

Is there a certain kind of lens I should be using for this? I know wearing polarized sunglasses allows me to see "through" the water in creeks, is there some kind of filter or lens I can use that will have the same affect?

Thanks guys!

A:Cameras and Lenses

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Help, I am looking to buy a digital camera but dont know which to go for, I have about 250 to spend and want to get the best that I can afford. It has to be good on batteries, be at least a 1.3 Mpixel and have macro mode

A:digital cameras

I suggest you start your research here:

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Hello- not sure if this is the right place to post this but I know we have a lot of knowledgeable people around here. I am looking for advice and suggestions on a relatively affordable video camera. I have not owned one for years but am about to have a new baby (18 years after the last one!! Technology has definitely changed!) and am looking to purchase a camera. I thought I might have found a great one albeit a bit out of my price range- the Canon HF20, but in reading reviews about it there seems to be some issues with your needing to have a fairly powerful computer to handle uploading and editing the files. I'm running XP Pro right now- not sure of too many other details as I just set up this hand-me-down computer a couple weeks ago, but it is a few years old and I doubt it's the fastest in the West. Oh- wait- I looked at the case and it does say it's a 2.6 GH Intel Celeron Processor. It had 256 MB ram but I added I think it was another 512. Not sure if this is sufficient to deal with the camera mentioned.

Anyway, I'm attracted to the idea of recording directly to hard-drive, but am open to suggestions if this isn't really the best way. I'd like something that works well indoors-- and I don't even know what they mean when they say that HF20 doesn't have a viewfinder- surely there is some way to see what your pointing at? Anyway- I look forward to y'all's advice-- and actually it wouldn't hurt to gather info as to peopl... Read more

A:Video Cameras?

When it says "no viewfinder" it means you have to use the LCD viewing screen as a viewfinder.

Not sure about others but I really struggle with the font and lack of breaking into paragraphs, probably why your question has not been answered.

I use my Fujifilm S2000HD for both still and video.
10 MP, 15 x zoom and it captures full resolution HDTV movies, length only limited by the memory card fitted.

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4 months ago my windows xp sp2 detected my digital cameras and i could upload pitures .now nothing is detected.has microsoft had a update that effected the plug and play and/or usb in the last 4 months or could there be some other problem?i can plug in a game pad and its detected fine---i can plug in a webcam and its fine----plug in any digital camera and nothing---any help would be great-thanks

A:xp ignores my usb cameras

Try posting your question in this forum:

It's a USB forum, and they may have an answer there. And I suspect you'll get an answer here eventually . . . got to be patient here . . . this is a busy forum (which is good . . . the USB forum I gave the link to is not that busy, so you may get an answer here first).

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I know this isn't a computer question but figured someone out there would know:

I'm planning on buying a Canon A710 digital camera. I'm going to also get a battery charger and extra batteries. What is the best type of batteries for this camera: Lithium Ion, NiMH or NiCad?


A:Batteries for Dig Cameras


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I want to buy a digital camera.which is the best one to buy?(preferred-sony/canon).I chose a canon 10MP camera costing Rs 9899.I dont know if canon is a good company.Can anyone suggest any more cameras?Price range-till Rs 10,000.

A:digital cameras (what to buy?)

Canon makes very good digital cameras. Many people think they are the best. I’ve never ended up buying a Canon because there was always something else with features I preferred. But if the Canon you are looking at has the features you want I doubt you will find a better camera.

As far as specific recommendations there is no way to guess what features and size you are looking for. The Canon A series for example probably takes the best photos for the price of anything on the market, but you can’t put one in your pocket. And I doubt many here are familiar with your market prices.

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Hello everyone,
A little background at first:
I had one ISP at my home for internet. I had configured port forwarding rule on its router to access my cameras on internet through Live IP.

New requirement:
Now I have two ISPs, both with live IPs. I want internet to be redundant which I know I can achieve through any load balancer. But can I access my cameras with both Live IPs through internet?? If yes please suggest any load balancer or router that has this option available.

Thanks in advance

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