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Wifi DHCP - the second network card on a fixed IP

Q: Wifi DHCP - the second network card on a fixed IP

I warmly welcome

I have a problem with configuring network cards

WIFI comes nicely with DHCP pool 192.168.0 .*

I have a virtual network adapter "Microsoft Loopback Adapter"
in it I have to have a static IP address
and set it manually (IPv4)

the problem is that the WiFi card is still changing my IP address of the virtual card

how to prevent it?

I wanted to wifi card automatically collects the IP address
but did not interfere in the virtual adapter's IP

Preferred Solution: Wifi DHCP - the second network card on a fixed IP

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: Wifi DHCP - the second network card on a fixed IP

I quote (from ):

Microsoft Loopback Adapter is a dummy network card, no hardware is involved. It is used as a testing tool for a virtual network environment where network access is not available. Also, you must use the Loopback adapter if there are conflicts with a network adapter or with a network adapter driver. You can bind network clients, protocols, and other network configuration items to the Loopback adapter, and you can install the network adapter driver or network adapter later while retaining the network configuration information.

Given that, there is no way your wi-fi card can "change" the IP address of your fake network adapter. If you set a static IP for ANY adapter, it WILL stay that way, regardless if one adapter is set to release and renew based on DHCP and one is not.

I even tried it myself. I installed the loopback adapter, set an IP and all that for it, released ALL DHCP'd IPs and renewed them. the static IP for the loopback adapter didn't change.

Take a look at your settings again, make sure you didn't miss something.

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Hi All,

I have read through a lot of other posts but can't find a solution related to my issue.

I have a Dell XPS laptop with Windows 7 Ultimate I want to use for bridging the Ethernet connection to it's WiFi connection. WiFi connects perfectly to the net. I enabled ICS on the WiFi and then bridged the WiFi and Ethernet connections.

WiFi still connects to the net fine on the XPS, but when I connected another PC to the laptop via Ethernet, it only shows a IP address on the PC and throws a Network Error "Windows has detected an IP address conflict." It looks like for some reason DHCP on the XPS is not assigning an IP to the PC to bridge the Ethernet connection to the WiFi on the XPS.

When I do "ipconfig /renew" on the PC it says "An error occurred while renewing interface local area connection... The DHCP client has obtained an IP Address that is already in use on the network... "

I am a fairly technical person having built computers and network for the last 20 years, I've been trying multiple solutions for hours and reading everything I can, but this one has me stumped.

Thanks in advance for any assistance

A:Network Bridge WiFi to Ethernet Win7 IP conflict no DHCP - advanced user needs help

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Hello Everyone,

We our setting up a Training Company to assist unemployed IT people in the Silicon Valley area of California. Our group is very small and having a hard time even getting our network here started. Here is the problem: We have Windows 2003 Server Enterprise 180-day usage disc (from a book we bought to learn). We have 5 static IP addresses leased from DSL carrier. They are for example: thru with a gateway of [these are only IP numbers used for example to prevent hacking] my subnet mask is We tried and tried for 2 weeks now and still can not get the complete network to work. We need: Step1.) The server to be secure with a firewall (but willing to forgo that and add later) Step2.) the server to issue Ip addresses from a pool of thru 12 to 3 workstations running XP(we decided to make the server, subnet mask is and gateway Step3.) Have access to the internet on all workstations and the server too. All we have succeeded to do is get the dhcp to issue out addressses to the workstations and even that i think we got lucky. We think the problem is somewhere you need to tell the (maybe iprouting?) setup that the Public ip address is the and gateway, subnet info and to route to the server PRIVATE ip address
Thank you for any help. We are on very limited funds here and appreciate any help. My number is 925-984-9907 if you wish to call. We wil... Read more

A:DHCP Server using (1) Network card

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my network card cant obtain IP from my DHCP server after I installed windows xp and loaded the drivers what i got was limited or no connectivity

thank you

A:my network card cant obtain IP from my DHCP server

Hello kwachaa and welcome to TSF...
Try to Repair Connection...
Double-click on Local Area Network and go to support tab and hit 'Repair' button...
Make sure you set to get Automatic Address automatically...
Hope this will help you mate...

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Hello All, My company has been buying the M910Z systems since last year and I have noticed that the NIC card on these things will just randomly not pick up an IP address via DHCP when the PC is first powered on or when a network cable is unplugged. This doesnt happen everytime, but there are instances when the PCs go to sleep and the user is unable to connect back to the network due to the PC dropping the network connection. To resolve the issue, i have to either shut the PC down and then boot it back up or go into the control panel, diable/enable the NIC card in hopes for it to grab an IP. Is there a fix to this issue because im assuming its either a BIOS or NIC driver issue because I have isolated the issue down to these PCs and i wanted to see if the community could help me out here.

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Having trouble with my Windows 7 Ultimate (64-bit) wired LAN connection. Yesterday evening everything was fine, I was connected and doing some remote work into the office - I was playing with OpenVPN connections. I left the machine for a few hours logged on, came back and now the NIC appears dead.

I have restored windows to the point just before i installed Open VPN.

I get "Unidentified network" and "no internet connection" for my LAN connection in Network Centre. There's no gateway or ip assigned looking at ipconfig /all, just the self assigned 169.* ip

The ethernet cable is connected directly into my cable modem (note, not a router).

I have googled a lot and have tried (not necessarily in this order):

1. Ensured its not the WAN/RJ-45 cable - have connected successfully with an older laptop's LAN NIC. When switching machines i turn off both the machine and the modem for 30 secs, and typically tun network troubleshooter to reset the LAN.
2. Tested the internal NIC by pinging, loopback successful.
3. Uninstalled the LAN NIC and reinstalled it.
4. Removed all clients & protocols from the NIC's properties bar IPv4 and Microsoft Client for windows i.e. specifically removed IPv6.
5. Reset TCP/IP using netsh int ip reset c:\resetlog.txt.
6. Have removed the wireless adapter. The only network connection is the internal NIC.

All forums I've scoured suggest one or more of these things, so I'm exhasuted of ideas.

There&#... Read more

A:Solved: Ethernet card - No DHCP, unidentified network

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I have a problem with my pc randomly locking up and having to be rebooted. I believe it has to do with the wireless card accessing my network, but I can’t figure out how to troubleshoot it. (If this is the wrong forum, please let me know!)

I have a desktop, two laptops, and a printer on a wireless network. All of them have been working fine. Then, about a month ago, I loaded a new game on my desktop, which worked entirely fine for roughly three weeks. Then last week, I tried setting up a server in the game. On my first attempt, it locked up my pc at the setup server stage, and I had to reboot. On my second attempt, I tried a slightly different configuration, and it created a local server and worked just fine.

Everything seemed okay for a couple of days, and then the game started to lag after a few minutes of play. After two or three more rounds of play, the lag was then accompanied by the pc locking up. Couldn't figure out why, so I stopped playing it.

Within a day or two, my desktop would randomly freeze without warning, with no clear connection to any specific application or time of day. This has continued to today. Sometimes the lock up is preceded by erratic behavior, such as the wireless keyboard freezing up though the companion wireless mouse will work (or vice versa) and an occasional USB connecting-then-disconnecting sound, though nothing had been touched. Sometimes the lock up is for 10 seconds or so. Most of the time, though, there are no warnings, and it ... Read more

A:Solved: Lock ups due to DHCP / network card issue?

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I have access to an ftp server via guildftpd (as suggested in this thread http://forums.techguy.org/t273868.html ) and has been working very well. However, he has had to change ISP's and routers.
Previously he had the PC with guildftpd connected via a router but the ISP provided 5 fixed IP for him to use.
Now he has dhcp for his PC's, and the isp does not supply fixed IP's

we have looked at portforward and think that all we need to do is give his PC with guildftpd one of the top range IP as a fixed IP, and forward port21 to that IP - but not sure how this will work with dhcp on the router as we do not seem to be able to switch dhcp off or have a fixed range of IP's

any suggestions please.

A:Solved: fixed IP and dhcp

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Working on Win7 Pro x64 for years with same network settings - gigabit wired IPv4, fixed IP, fixed DNS, etc. Lot of other comps, network printers, APs - everything works fine. Suddenly last week my machine (only one) refused to connect - sometimes with yellow exclamation triangle on network icon, sometimes w/o it. But even if it tells "connected to internet" it does not connect to anything, even gateway. Few times it was resolved by reconnecting network cable. Trying various solutions without success. Then I noticed, that changing IP settings to DHCP solves problem - connection is back. Reverting to old fixed IP "disables" connection. I didn't install any new hardware or soft, only periodical software updates. Restoring system from "working" image made nothing. Have no idea - what's going on? Any way to fix or check what is a cause?

A:Can't connect with fixed IP, only DHCP works

As strange as it may sound, some Access Points (AP/router combo) will not allow devices with static IP addresses to connect* if the IP address of the device is outside of the DHCP range. They claim it is a security feature. The AP/router can tie the IP address to a MAC address - thus making it like a static IP assignment - but within the DHCP range. That IP won't be assigned to any other device.

*connect can mean different things. The computer is in the router's list of connected devices, but the computer is not allowed to connect to the internet or any local network assets.
I mention the above info so that I can ask if the firmware in the network device handling DHCP might have automatically updated and started enforcing that type of "security". Or, perhaps the DHCP range got changed and this one computer is now outside of the DHCP range.

Also, what happens if you assign the problematic computer a different static IP address?

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I hope someone can help me with this.
I want to setup a wireless router on a network with around 40 pc's (winxp pro) and 4 existing routers.
I'm running server2003sp2.
I've got most of the wireless stuff worked out until I get to connecting to the DHCP.
I think I have to use a fixed IP address and enter the subnet mask.
No problem so far.
I'm confident I can work out how to find where my address range is stored within the DHCP on the server.
What I'm not certain about is how I find out what the address's are that already have been fixed (i.e. ones I shouldn't touch ).

Does anyone know how to query the server to get it to divulge what address's are fixed and which are available on a win2k3 server?
I thought this wouldn't be hard but somebody I respect has told me that there is no way to find out from the server.
Anyone with more knowledge?


A:Solved: Identifying fixed IP on DHCP

Well, if you get the list of DHCP assigned addresses from the server, then run something like SuperScan to see all the addresses, the ones that are left are not being assigned by the server.

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I am having BIG problems with intermittant DHCP address acquiring on my wireless laptop.

I see that this is a common problem with XP SP2, and have been trying to cure it, I have tried a number of soloutions to no avail and was wondering if any knew of a way to fix this problem for good.



A:Wireless networking XP SP2 DHCP bug fixed or cured?

Not sure what you mean by intermittent DHCP address.
Can you please be more specific??

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Hi there, I recently installed Windows 10 on my desktop which was previously running Linux Mint (without issues with networking, using the same router, same cable same everything). Since installation W10, when I boot up I get the 169.x.x.x IP, meaning my pc isn't receiving the IP. When I do a soft reboot on router, my PC gets an IP from DHCP fine. The DHCP pool is big enough and I don't have this issue over Wi-Fi with any of my devices (laptop, phones) nor did I have this issue when I was running Linux mint.

Thank you in advance!

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Sometimes when I'm using the internet, most frequently when I'm using a lot of resources, ie torrenting large files, my wifi will stop working, and eventually go limited. This is always fixed by turning my wifi off and on. I've updated all my network card drivers and have disabled the power management option that allows my computer to turn off the adapter, what other solutions are there to this problem? Adapter is a ralink rt3290 and I think it might be a problem with this adapter specifically, if anybody could help me here that would be awesome

A:Wifi keeps going limited, fixed by turning wifi off and on

Tried to help someone here awhile back with that same adapter, don't know if they ever got it working. A search yields all kinds of problems with it. About all I can say is try different drivers, older, newer, whatever you can find.

EDIT: Look here at method #3: HP Envy Ralink RT3290 WiFi Problems, Looses Connection Drop FIX

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Sometimes when I'm using the internet, most frequently when I'm using a lot of resources, ie torrenting large files, my wifi will stop working, and eventually go limited. This is always fixed by turning my wifi off and on. I've updated all my network card drivers and have disabled the power management option that allows my computer to turn off the adapter, what other solutions are there to this problem? Adapter is a ralink rt3290 and I think it might be a problem with this adapter specifically, if anybody could help me here that would be awesome

A:Wifi keeps going limited, fixed by turning wifi off and on

That is usually caused by a router, or failing networking adapter.

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I need some trouble shooting tips to help me figure out whats wrong. First of all this is a Toshiba P755-S5120 laptop Windows 7 64 bit

I have been having trouble with a weak wifi signal and poor connectivity. Here is a test I did: My back bedroom is about 3 rooms away from my router in the back of the house. In my room I have this laptop I'll call #1 and another laptop also I'll call #2

Both laptops used to get full bars/excellent signal strength, now #1 has 3 bars and fair strength and very poor speed and connectivity while #2 still has a great signal and does great on speedtest.net getting 45-50 Mbps download which is great.

If I run the speed test on #1 it is variable from 3-20 Mbps download and sometimes looses connectivity and won't even complete the test. The problem has been getting worse over time.

If I take my lappy next to the router it is much improved but still doesn't get the speeds that it should. I also tried plugging in a network cable directly into the router (no wifi) and it still is impaired.

Do I need a new wifi card in my lappy? Would this effect it also when it's plugged in with a network cable?

P.S. I have already reinstalled the correct driver for the wifi and that did nothing for it

A:WIFI/Network card going bad maybe?

would you run xirrus and see what sort of signals you are getting please - see below

just and idea try

- try safemode with networking (sometimes wireless does not work with safemode )

For other windows version, XP,Vista, W7 as the PC starts keep tapping F8 - a menu appears - choose
safemode with networking - see if that works with better connection and speed - just in case something is interfering

It useful to know which program is controlling the wireless management, if this is a manufacturer or windows software


Try reseating the wireless adapter

If the adapter is easily accessible, usually through a cover on the bottom of the laptop.
Remove and reinsert carefully and firmly several times to cure any possible looseness or corrosion.
At the same time check to make sure the antenna leads are securely attached.
Note: This is not taking the machine apart. We do not recommend removing the keyboard when that is necessary to find the wireless.


Run Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector
Download and install
If you cannot access the internet with this PC, then you will need to copy the program across to the faulty PC
Save the file to a USB flash drive or other removable media. Plug it into the working computer with internet access and copy the file and install the ... Read more

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Hi, Iv'e been looking at a laptop recently - Dell Inspiron 1501 - At one stage it was picking up all the networks and now it won't pick up any. I have done many tests which says the wireless card is functioning normally and the WIFI indicater is swiched on (Fn + F2).

I have changed it from windows vista to XP and still the problem remains. I'm suspecting it would be that the radio signal is jamming somehow but I don't understand how it could happen.

Would it be something wrong with the network card even though all tests says that it is working properly?
Or could it be something like a driver or software that could be causing the issue even though I'm after switching the Operating Systems?

I would like to know before I go and purchase a new network card everything seems to be working fine only for the radio part of it.

Thanks in advance

A:WIFI - Network card

First, you need a way to verify the networks are available. You can't just assume a wireless network is available. So you need another PC or other hardware to verify the wireless network is working. Assuming it is working, the wireless card would appear to be faulty. As you've used two OS's, you've very likely ruled out an OS and driver issue.

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Hi,  I am reinstalling my drivers for the hp dv6-2173cl laptop.  This laptop has both LAN and WiFi cards.  I looked at the driver listing for this model and I see that for the WIFI drivers HP has:Atheros and Broadcom drivers  available. I let Windows Update decide and it installed an Intel WiFi Link driver that is not even listed on the HP's website.  IDo I need to install either Atheros or Boardcom WiFi Driver for this model?    I am worried that perhaps the Intel driver is a generic driver that makes the card work but does not optimize its performance as the dedicated drivers do.  How do I tell wHich brand for the wifi card I have? Thanks,   

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I am just installing a new network card (300Mbps Wireless 11N WiFi PCI-E Network Adapter LAN Card) on my Dell Dimension 3100. It does not read the drivers on the CD which came with it . I am running XP.
On my devices I have a yellow warning against ethernet and network controller. I am trying to get access to the internet through installing the new network card but the Dell is not recognising it. Can you help me to get the drivers installed?

Here are my details on the Dell Dimension:

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version

OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition, Service Pack 3, 32 bit

Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 2.80GHz, x86 Family 15 Model 4 Stepping 1

Processor Count: 2

RAM: 2038 Mb

Graphics Card: Intel(R) 82915G/GV/910GL Express Chipset Family, 128 Mb

Hard Drives: C: Total - 74465 MB, Free - 14897 MB; E: Total - 426930 MB, Free - 276396 MB; F: Total - 1004 MB, Free - 905 MB; G: Total - 47010 MB, Free - 6497 MB;

Motherboard: Dell Inc., 0JC474

Antivirus: McAfee Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware, Updated: Yes, On-Demand Scanner: Enabled

A:Install WiFi PCI-E Network Card on XP

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what is best network card to recive a wifi signal from far away? Network Card or any type of hardware

A:What is best network card to receive a wifi signal from far away?

I assume you mean desktop.
What do you mean by "...a wifi signal far away..." Indoors, outdoors, upstairs, next door
Do you have control of the "far away" source?
We recommend Linksys 802.11N WMP300N for PCI card, or the DLink DWA-542 Range Booster Wireless N.
But there is some advantage to using a USB Wireless N Linksys USB WUSB300N because you can move it around to get the best results for the local environment...

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Hello, I loose connexion and lost a lot of packets with my Yoga 720 Qualcomm network card.Example of ping a local ip 23% of packets lost. So I desactivate the Qualcomm network card and reactivate it:  Then it's working back and fine, not loosing any packets anymore: What can I do ? I already installed the last driver from https://pcsupport.lenovo.com/fr/fr/products/laptops-and-netbooks/yoga-series/yoga-720-15ikb/80x7/80x... Thanks,Vincent.

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I am working on a friends hp dv6338se which had a bad hard drive when he brought it to me which I replaced. I installed Windows 7 on it and it doesn't seem to recognize the broadcom wireless network card that is in it. My friend tells me that it worked before the hard drive crashed though he was running windows vista. I have tried everything I can think of to get it to work. I even disconnected it and reconnected it and the computer still does not find the device. All the drivers are installed on the computer and doesn't show that any are missing. Under network adapters in the device manager it just shows the wired LAN card. I tried installing the broadcom driver and the HP wireless agent thinking it might make a difference but didnt. Should I assume that the card is bad and go after a new one? Or is there something that I am missing because I installed Windows 7 on it? He very much wants windows 7 and I would rather not reformat it and reinstall vista if it is not needed. Only thing I can think of is that it is a hardware issue. Any input would be greatly appreciated!

A:HP dv6338se wifi network card problem

these are generally the series of hp laptops that had a manufacturing problem where the heat would separate the connections from the motherboard and you no longer have wireless internet ... or in some cases the computer would not boot up at all.
In your case that you can not get wireless internet I would recommend that you purchase a 15 - 50 $us usb wireless adapter and go about your way.
If you want directions on how to resolderer parts onto a motherboard... well I am not so good at that.  

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I would, following restoration problems reinstalling the network card,
I need the manufacturer's name and in the reference card

can anyone help me

Best regards

A:Problems installing new network (WiFi) card on Portege R

find out the VEN_ and DEV_ numbers of the card in Device Manager.
Then google the VEN and DEV number to find out what card it is.

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My laptop is inable to connect to internet via its own network card. The WiFi connects but shows no internet while im able to access the internet using a WiFi dongle. I have updated the drivers and even deleted and reinstalled the drivers but still issue didn't get resolved. The laptops own wifi is showing the networks just unable to get the internet and shows an error sign exclamation on the WiFi signal for the laptops wifi card while connects fine using the dongle

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Have tried downloading new drivers from manufacturer, nothing seems to work. I have plenty of devices in my house and the router is working fine, but this machine (Dell XPS 8500) doesn't even detect the network.

i wrote it down once and believe I had a dell wireless 1702 802.11b/g/v (2.4ghz) driver, but upon downloading and installing, nothing changes. In fact, the manufacturer (Dell) suggests what appear to be entirely different drivers for my machine (similarly named but 1703 and 1704 instead).

I have a Dell XPS 8500, 8GB RAM, Intel Core i5-3450 CPU @ 3.1 GHz. Windows 7 64
computer name: JOSHDESKTOP-PC
windows version: Windows 7 Service Pack 1, 6.1, build: 7601
windows dir: C:\Windows
CPU: GenuineIntel Intel® Core™ i5-3450 CPU @ 3.10GHz Intel586, level: 6
4 logical processors, active mask: 15
RAM: 8551428096 total
VM: 2147352576, free: 1899122688

A:Wireless Card driver gone, can't get it to reappear...nor any WIFI network

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Hello people.

I have a major issue with my wireless card.
I'll explain quickly.

- I had a trendnet wifi adaptater in PCI which I could get to work anymore after trying to desinstall/resintall. (loosing connection in the middle of online games)
- I bought a D-Link DWA-547 Pci wifi card, believing my old card was dead. (I tried it on a older computer with XP it runs perfectly).
- I installed the new card, no problem.
- now the card is activated in the "network connections" tab (it is even green just like seeing a few wifi networks). but I cannot see any wifi networks, and there are a lot nearby.
- I have tried to unistall/reinstall my new card. no luck.
- I have connected myself to Internet by RJ-45 to put everything up-to-date, no luck.
- I have tried to desactivate/reactivate my card.
- i uninstall "bonjour" as I read somewhere this could be the problem. still no luck.

- furthermore, when activated when i'm using the command line ipconfig/all, the wifi card does not appear in this command line.
- I tried the ipconfig/renew it says "the operation has failed because no card has the autorised status for this operation" (i'm translating it from french, so maybe it's not the exact words).

maybe a clean install would be THE solution, but I really would try not to do that.

please help!!

A:Activated DWA-547 wireless card, but unable to see any wifi network

Welcome to Seven Forums,

I'd verify from your computer's BIOS if LAN and WLAN support are both enabled.

Depending on the Model of your computer, when you retart it you may either select F1 or F2 to go the BIOS setup.

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I want to start by saying I have no business trying to fix this on my own but I am determined it has to be something simple! I can not pin point what I did to cause my Wi Fi to stop working or disable.

I have tried all the trouble shooting solutions but unfortunately my magic F8 button will not enable let alone show the option when ghosted! I took my keyboard off and verified the Realtek RTL8191SE is in fact there however next to Network adapters only the PCIe FE Family Controller is listed.

I recently tried to download the Fix offered by Toshiba and Windows, restarted my computer and it is still not recognizing my Wi Fi. Please tell me its an easy fix or just that I need to buy a new card!!! Any advice is greatly appreciated. But please give me the Windows for Dummies version because again I have no clue what I am doing.

Thanks again for any help offered!

A:Do I need a new WLAN card? Network Adapter has no WiFi options?! HELP!

Under network adapters, I included all the "Hidden Devices" in the screen capture! However the Family Controller is the only one listed otherwise.

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Hey people
Here's my problem.
I use the windows 8. Accidentally i disabled my wi-fi connection (like in the picture im doing with the other connection), and since then, i wasnt able to get it able again...

Now, as you see in the same picture, the Wifi connection, as well as the bluetooth, disapeared from that folder

Now i tried to set the wifi connection again, but it doesnt work.
I went to the device manager and i saw that something was wrong with the network card (Realtek....)
I tried to active and deactive, but nothing happened.
The option 'Roll back driver' is disabled (on grey).
I restarted the pc many times and nothing...

Can you please help me? This pc is new... i bought it 2 days ago.

A:My Wifi is Disabled- Problem with my Realtek network card?

thanks anyway, i've already solved this

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My PC doesn't get detect 5GHz and the increase bandwidth from my router, so I want to replace it. But before I take it apart, I want to make sure that I can do so and buy the right parts. Is this possible, and if so what should I get? I also want to add bluetooth as I remember the website had an option to do so, but bc the Costco Set Config was cheaper, I went that route instead.  Is it possible to do this internally w/o an external part [like a usb dongle] PS. Here is the  Product Number: C8P47AV       Is there like an installation/repair guide for my laptop model too too?

A:Replace/Upgrade WiFi Network Card + Add Bluetooth

The Maintenance and Service Guide found HERE, says there are several choices for the WLAN module.675794-001 710418-001 includes BlueTooth690020-001 includes BlueTooth709848-001670290-001  If your unit has an Intel CPU - supports BlueTooth - this card has the best specs of the ones listed but looks as if none of these list 5GHZ as supported.

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IP Network: Dhcp server works fine. (CISCO ROUTER)

Windows 200o servers, Windows 2000 clients (up to dated, sp4, rollup1 etc) IS6sp1

Some pc's with IP dhcp , works ok
Some pc's with fixed IP, works ok

After changing fixed IP on a client to dhcp-IP, the client can not find the DHCP server.
change back to fixed IP, PC works fine again.

DHP server and other DHCP clients still working fine

Local Area connection status: only outgoing packets, no incoming.

reboot, or ipconfig /renew no solutions

Does someone know this problem ?

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My WIFI has stopped working.Model : HP 15-r204tuwifi wireless network card is not detecting in device manager also.What are the options? 

A:wifi wireless network card not showing in device manager

HI. If you do not log out in device manager, you have a hardware problem or the two cable that connects to you is dropped. Regards.

? I do not work for HP, I volunteer.? To close the topic, check "accept as a solution" the correct answer or Thumb to say thank you.? I'm sorry but you do not answer questions privately.

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My wife got a HP17-g121 laptop and when trying to connect to our 5g dual band router I realized the adapter does not work with 5g and I want to replace it, what make and model will work best in doing so? Also, for some reason the 2.4g band will barely get me 25Mps download speeds where on my HP the 5g gets me closer to the 150Mps I am suppose to be getting, any reason for that?

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My computer has recently started to drop the WiFi connection, reconnect after a while and at times, not even detect my WiFi connection for a while. Then repeats the process for no apparent reason, I'm not sure when exactly thus problem started as I had been using Ethernet cable up until last week. I am certain that this is not related to my router as 3-4 other devices in my house can access the internet perfectly fine.

I have tried doing a power cycle of the router, restarting the notebook, re-installing/updating drivers and cmd ipocnfig /refresh (and other commands along those lines)

My notebook model is the hp pavilion 3132tx- windows 7 64bit, intel I7, 8gb ram and uses a ralink RT3090 network card.

Ps: the problem appears to be alright if I use older versions of the driver (have tried and the default one which came with the notebook [which is older than it]) however, I would prefer not to have to use the older versions as task manager says that its link speed is only 39 mbps whereas versions would show 79 mbps

Thankyou in advance.

A:Notebook drops wifi connection randomly- Ralink network card

It sounds to me like a signal problem. A competing signal drowning out your wireless signal can cause these kinds of random losses.

To test for this try this program:
inSSIDer for Home – Discover The Wi-Fi Around You | MetaGeek
It will tell you if you have a stronger signal in your area that is interfering with the channel.

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Please help. I have Dell D630 Laptop, was Vista, then 7, ( has been running Win 10 successfully on Wireless) Started showing problems on boot-up, but always got started using the network troubleshooter. Then Total failure. I've re-installed a clean copy of win 7, same disk works sucessfully on another Dell 1545. I've had the w/lan module out, cleaned the connectors with electrolube, but booting-up, doesn't recognise w/lan. How do I go about further troubleshooting. I can do quite a bit but 76 year old silvery. Thanks

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Debating on going wireless or not: Have an Asus M4A87TD EVO that has RTL8111E PCIe Gigabit LAN controller featuring AI NET2. So Gigabit, Im thinking at least 100/1000. I am wire into my router which puts out high speed and low ping to wireless. Standard Ethernet cables supply the data pipeline, not sure what the transfer speed is on them, If anyone can let me know that would be great.
I have been eyeballing the super speed ethernet cables, but not sure if it would solve the ping issues I have with desktop, (being too high), and the cost for a 15' line.
Tried finding a wireless card that handles N+network and 5.0Ghz for my dual band.

1. What is the standard ethernet cable speed?
2. Can the standard ethernet cable from router to computer be causing high ping? (have second computer with 3' cable, same issue)
3. Would it be better to go wireless and forego the wired ethernet cable?
4. What wireless card would you recommend?

A:Network speed and ethernet cable questions with wifi card question


1- what kind of cable? cat 5, cat5 E, cat 6?

2-Yes if cheap, old, or not shielded.

3-Not if you are transfering large amounts of data on your internal LAN

4-An 802.11 "N" card

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I have a network card , the one mentioned in title on my laptop , and
Vista system, I have no idea why,but this card loses randomly (sometimes for short sometimes for quite long time) a connection with a router as well as main net, I've tried to deal with a problem by changing the configuration but it didn't work
Can somebody help me? or maybe is it possible to change a card for another one?

A:Intel(R) Wireless WiFi Link 5100 network card problem

i had the same problem lg laptop , i googled for weeks & came across many possible remedies but never got lucky until i decided to recover the system using dvd recovery. when done and launched windows i spent 3 hours online without a single disconnect, but after updating the wireless driver the random disconnecting came back , this time i didn't recover the whole system , i roll back driver and its working so good so far.

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i bought this device from ebay but the driver for it won't work on win xp or win 7, system does recoize the device but software won't load m,windows can not match device to software so it won't install the driver. can you help me with this problem.

A:150Mbps 150M Mini USB WiFi Wireless Adapter Network LAN Card 802.11n/g/b

Hi and Welcome to TSF!

Do you happen to know the name of the driver?

It will be on the CD that came with the product.

Look on the CD for the driver and please reply with the name of the folder containing the driver.

It will be something like "RTL8188SU"

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i bought this device from ebay but the driver for it won't work on win xp or win 7, system does recoize the device but software won't load m,windows can not match device to software so it won't install the driver. can you help me with this problem.

A:150Mbps 150M Mini USB WiFi Wireless Adapter Network LAN Card 802.11n/g/b

Hi and Welcome to TSF!

Do you happen to know the name of the driver?

It will be on the CD that came with the product.

Look on the CD for the driver and please reply with the name of the folder containing the driver.

It will be something like "RTL8188SU"

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Seems the Realtek 2x2 11bgn Wirelss **bleep** M2 Adapter that came with the T440P cannot work with 5Ghz ? I have seen articles claiming that the card cannot be replaced and others suggesting it can (but only if on a Whitelist ?).  Anybody know the answer to this? And assuming I can change the card, any recommendations ?   

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Hi, greeting from indonesia.I really need help. Currently my X240 cannot connect to WiFi (basically, it connected but can't get IP from access point while my another devices can do it). I have tried to re install the driver, unlucky it won't work. I use Windows 7 Pro.Then I tried to update the wireless software (intel proset wireless) using v.20, but unlucky it also won't work.please give me advice on this. Any help will be much appreciated. thankyou

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I have a fairly old - 8 years - Internet radio (Magic Box is the brand) and I've not used it for a few months. When I tried to connect it to the network I got a message "DHCP failure or incorrect code". I am sure the code is correct - any idea what is meant by DHCP failure or how I could resolve it. I have a laptop and iPad working on the network without a problem. I tried switching both off as I thought it might be too many devices but still no radio connection. Thanks.

A:DHCP failure - wifi radio

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I recently upgraded two Dell laptops, (an XPS M1330 and XPS M1530), from Vista Home Premium to Windows 8 Pro.

Other than a few minor glitches, everything went pretty smooth except for both WLAN cards slowing from a fairly consistent WiFi speed of 270 Mbps down to 54 Mbps.

I have a Netgear WNDR3300 Router and it's working fine. After the installs, I could insert a USB Wireless-N Dual Band adapter in to either computer and get the 270 Mbps speeds back with no problem.

I pretty much gave up on finding a solution thinking that a driver update or something would eventually come along as a fix.

However, after reading that WEP is not the best way to secure a home WiFi network, this evening I decided to change the security setting on my router from WEP to WPA2-PSK [AES]. That change not only made my router and home network more secure, but also returned the faster 270 Mbps WiFi speeds!

I found various possible solutions (and tried a few), when originally researching this problem, but this is the one that worked for me. If you're here looking for a solution like I was a week ago, I highly recommend making this one of the possible fixes to consider.

Good luck!

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I have a laptop INSPIRON E1705 with a WLAN card (p/n DW 1390) installed. I would like to replace it with a WiFi/Bluetooth combo card so I can have Bluetooth capability. What is the recommended card to buy that is compatible with Windows 10? 

A:Replace WiFi PCIe card with WiFi/Bluetooth combo card.

Given that there will be no antenna inside the system for bluetooth, you're better off with one of these:

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Hi there (again),

I'm having an issue with the Microsoft Virtual WiFi Adapter. Since I had to uninstall Connectify (it prevented my computer from entering standby or hibernation), I started to use the Virtual WiFi Function manually (netsh wlan start hostednetwork). It works absolutely wonderful with Windows 7 clients, it works well with Windows XP clients (slightly slower, but I guess that's normal), but it fails for my iPhone and other Apple mobile devices. I have no idea why, but I know that Connectify had the same issue and fixed it with version 2.0.
The iPhone connects to the network (showing a checkmark next to the network's name), but doesn't show the WiFi-Icon, and I cannot access the internet or local ressources.
This seems to be a DHCP problem, as manually setting an IP address, setting the Subnet to, and entering my laptop's IP-address as the Router and DNS server solves the problem (at least sometimes, it's not that reliable). But as I'm a perfectionist (and want others to be able to use my network), I really would like to see DHCP working there.

Is there anything that I could do to fix this problem?

Thank you so much for your help!
With kind regards,
Felix Freiberger

A:Microsoft Virtual WiFi: DHCP Problems

Hm. Why do I get my good ideas always after posting here? After switching the iPhone to BootP mode, it works like a charm.

(Stupid brain, why didn't you see this button 5 minutes earlier?)

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Hello, I have virtual wifi miniport active through nesth, I use it to share internet to my Nintendo 3ds but I can not share it with my Nintendo Ds, after reading and found that the virtual miniport wifi dhcp not active, I wonder if there is any way to enable the miniport dhcp, I have been sharing internet through mac OS x Snow Leopard but I work on both Windows and Mac OS, while I like to play while completing the build process.

Any help is truly appreciated.

A:Virtual Wifi Miniport, dhcp question.

You should be able to turn on DHCP the same way that you can on a regular NIC. Go to the Network and Sharing Center, then look left to "Change Adaptor Settings" and click that, highlight and right click the Virtual adaptor and choose properties, then right click TCP/IPv4, choose properties again, make sure that the upper dot is set to "Obtain an IP address Automatically, same for DNS.

Windows 7 Tip of the Week: Use Wireless Hosted Networking to Share An Internet Connection Wirelessly | FAQ/Tip content from Paul Thurrott's SuperSite for Windows

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I was having intermittent disruptions of my Wifi on my new XPS 13 in my bedroom.  The router is a Netgear N300.  Everything worked well at first then the interruptions started when I installed a usb port on the right side of the laptop.  It's a plastic port with no cord.  It swivels and plugs in with three extra ports above the laptop's usb port.
The 3 socket usb extension was in the right side usb port with a light and two additional devices plugged into the port.  The port"s usb sockets extend above the laptop's usb port and has a swivel feature.  After removing this usb extension and placing it on the laptop's left side,  the Wifi worked fine.  Apparently the usb extension on the right side was blocking the laptop's internal antenna.  I still use the laptop's right side usb port with one device and there's no problem now.
I did purchase a Wifi extender in the mean time but probably don't need it now........ 

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