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Activating partition

Q: Activating partition

Here is my problem. I have a computer that got a virus and I had to replace the HD. The computer came with an 80 GB HD in SATA 0. I had installed a 500 GB HD on SATA 1 to increase my memory.

The 80 GB drive was the boot drive. When the virus got past my AV I had to replace the HD. I had an IDE 120 GB HD from a computer that was no longer working and since my present computer supports both IDE and SATA I installed the 120 GB drive as the boot drive until I could get another SATA drive.

I got another SATA drive, cloned the IDE drive with DriveImage XML, and tried to activiate the partition of the new SATA drive to use it as the boot drive.

But when I opened Disk Management and right clicked on the new SATA drive the "Mark partition as active" option was greyed out and I cannot find a way to activiate the partition on the new SATA drive to use it as the boot[system]drive.

If remove the 120 GB IDE drive the computer won't boot. With the 120 GB IDE drive in the computer I can't activate the partition on the new SATA drive.

Can anyone tell me how to activate the partition on the new SATA drive so I can use it as the boot[system]drive for the computer.

The computer is running XP Pro, SP3.


Preferred Solution: Activating partition

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: Activating partition

Just a fdew comments...

a. You cannot take a hard drive from System A...install it in System B...and expect it to work properly. The settings and drivers are different, the criteria used by PA for activation of the O/S are different (since they key on the installed components). The one possible exception would be if the systems were identical in hardware components, license, and operating system installed...and, even then, it would not be guaranteed to perform properly, IMO. So, I'm somewhat mystified that you assert that you have done so with no obvious problem booting the transplanted drive.

b. My experience is that for a partition to be set to active status...it must be done so during O/S installtion or the use of cloning software. I've not tried it at any other time. If one cannot set the partition active during cloning...I have no answer/conjecture about that other than to say there is a problem with either the hard drive or the cloning software. Setting a partition as active...does not overcome the lack of proper boot files...it only marks that partition as being capable of use to install/run a Windows O/S.

c. A system can reflect different drives installed, each with an active partition. This system has such, with XP on one partition on Drive 1 and Win 7 on one partition on Drive 2. Active partition, in this instance, means bootable.

d. I know nothing about using DriveImage XML, but I suggest that you read up on how it works or does not work.


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I tried to use the following but no luck--please advise

1. I used MSCONFIG

2. Selected BOOT

3. Selected C as default

3. I hit save as default BUT it didn't work


A:Activating Partition

Disks are marked active in the disk management control panel. Type disk management in search.

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hi guys, I was just trying out some stuff with the disc management, and I activated a partition that didn't have the OS, I don't think. So now when I boot up on that computer it says "bootmgr is missing". BIOs won't let me change the place it boots from either. I also tried putting Windows 7 on an external hard drive and booting from that. Can anyone help me? Also, I have a laptop with no CD drive, and I can get one, but I would prefer if there was a solution without having to buy one.

A:Broke my Windows by activating a partition :(

Download GParted (free) and boot on it. Remove the active flag from the partition you activated. That should fix it.

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I have partitioned a disk into two primary partitions.

On one of them, I installed Windows 7 SP1 Ultimate 64 bit, but, during its installation, I pressed, the Ctrl+Shift+F3 sequence to go in audit mode.

Now, wanting to activate the D local partition to the protection system, I wrote:


but the D partition is still deactivated.

Why? So, how can I fix this?



A:Activating an local partition to the protection system in audit mode

Please post back a Screen Shot of your maximized Disk Mgmt drive map with listings.

Why are you trying to mark Active the D partition? Normally you would want the Win7 System partition to remain Active since it holds the System boot files.

Perhaps I am not understanding what you mean by "Protection System."

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I have a 250GB drive which I had split into two partitions (F and G). One partition had almost run out of space so I was going to reduce the size of the other and give the free space to this partition.

I set everything up and left it to run, but it was taking longer than I expected and I needed to leave so I cancelled the operation. The size of the G: partition has been reduced and the drive now has 20GB of unallocated space which I was going to give to the F: partition, but it won't let me do this. Whenever I try to do it it simply says an error has occurred. I can't remember the exact message since I don't have access to the computer right now, but I remember the error code being #508.

Also, the G: partition no longer appears in my computer, but I can still browse the drive using the inbuilt browser in Partition Magic.

Since they put a Cancel button on the operation screen I assumed it would be safe to cancel the operation, in that it would undo any changes that had already been made, but apparently it just stops what it's doing and doesn't let you continue from where you stopped. I realise now that I made a mistake, but is there any way to recover the partition (so that I can access it through My Computer as I usually can) and to finish reallocating the unused space on the drive?


A:Cancelled during partition resize, partition has disappeared. (Using Partition Magic)

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I have a 250GB drive which I had split into two partitions (F and G). One partition had almost run out of space so I was going to reduce the size of the other and give the free space to this partition.

I set everything up and left it to run, but it was taking longer than I expected and I needed to leave so I cancelled the operation. The size of the G: partition has been reduced and the drive now has 20GB of unallocated space which I was going to give to the F: partition, but it won't let me do this. Whenever I try to do it it simply says an error has occurred. I can't remember the exact message since I don't have access to the computer right now, but I remember the error code being #508.

Also, the G: partition no longer appears in my computer, but I can still browse the drive using the inbuilt browser in Partition Magic.

Since they put a Cancel button on the operation screen I assumed it would be safe to cancel the operation, in that it would undo any changes that had already been made, but apparently it just stops what it's doing and doesn't let you continue from where you stopped. I realise now that I made a mistake, but is there any way to recover the partition (so that I can access it through My Computer as I usually can) and to finish reallocating the unused space on the drive?


A:Cancelled during partition resize, partition has disappeared. (Using Partition Magic)

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My computer came with one great big partition, with XP Home installed on it. For four months all my data got stored on that same partition. Then I got partition magic, and decided to make a separate partition for all my files. This turned out to be too small, after I'd transfered all my music, plus my work files to it. I then tried to repartition the drive, taking most of the spare space from the XP drive and giving it to the data drive.
Just as it started to widen the Data drive, and after shrinking the XP drive, it crashed. Now XP doesn't boot, and my data partition is corrupted too.
I've been daft and so have no backup of my data, and no partition magic back-up floppies. Is there anyway I can get the data back?

If it's any help, Ubuntu is also on the laptop, and working fine.

A:Partition Magic 8 has corrupted Windows partition and Data partition

Do you have the installation CD? If so, "BART PE" may be the solution. I have used it with success. Here is the link: http://www.nu2.nu/pebuilder/


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Hi all,

I've been working on a Dell server (not sure of the model, but can get it tomorrow) that has Windows Server 2008 and a 500 GB hard drive, split into two partitions, giving us a C: and D: drive.

Recently, somebody from the office used Partition Magic (not sure of the version) to resize the partitions. I think they're roughly split up 150 for C: and 300-ish for D:.

Anyway, the resizing appeared to go well, but every couple of weeks, the D: partition completely disappears from Windows! Computer Management shows it as unallocated space, I believe.

Fortunately, I'm able to easily restore the partition using a bootable Paragon Rescue Kit CD. It quickly scans and finds the "lost" partition, and it restores it in no time. I've done this a couple of times now over the past few months.

The question, of course, is WHY is the partition dropping out... or how to prevent it from dropping out in the first place.

The thing I find really odd is that it will drop out while the server is running -- meaning, it will just disappear at a seemingly random time, and nobody will notice until they try to access data that was on that partition.

Any suggestions on what I can check or what the solution might be? It's really confusing! It's nice to know how to restore the partition, but obviously it's still a hassle to have to do that. It'd be much nicer if the partition wouldn't go in the first place.


A:After resizing partition with Partition Magic, D: partition keeps disappearing!

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i just found the OEM windows xp Home edition with SP3 from my dell mini 9 (broken, and gotten rid of) so i tried installing it in VMware fusion on OS X, but it says my Product Key is unauthorized, what do i do? (didn't ask for key during installation, so i assume it's patched into the cd, if that's even possible)

A:Not activating

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I own a computer that came with Windows 8 preinstalled (OEM version, key embedded in BIOS).
Today I've decided to reinstall Windows, mainly because the upgrade from the Marketplace made it a bit laggy. As a student I have access to the MSDNAA versions, so I downloaded the 8.1.
Now I have two keys I could use -- the one that came bundled with the computer and the other I just "bought". I don't wanna waste the unused key for no good reason, so I was wondering if I could somehow activate 8.1 with the embedded key from 8.


A:Activating W8.1 with W8 OEM key

Originally Posted by ah4e

so I was wondering if I could somehow activate 8.1 with the embedded key from 8.

How to clean install Windows 8.1 if you have OEM computer with UEFI firmware (BIOS) embedded Windows 8 product key?

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I bought a new Asus laptop today with Windows 7 Home Premium preinstalled, and my cousin (who supposedly happens to be a computer expert) formatted everything and set up Windows 7 Ultimate along with Ubunbtu.

I have downloaded the drivers and everything works fine, but Windows won't activate using the key at the back of the laptop. My cousin has also dumped an ISO image of the disk he used to install (Windows 7 Ultimate SP1, he told me) on my hard disk. Other than that, I have no Windows installation disks or anything.

How can I use my key to activate Windows? I don't need the Ultimate edition, Home Premium will be just fine.

A:Activating using OEM key

You can't use a key from a different version on Ultimate, OEM or otherwise.

Was the installation legitimate or was it something that's been pirated?

All you can do is either purchase Ultimate, or restore with the Asus master DVD...

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My problem is that yesterday, when I started windows XP, it appeared a message saying that I have 7 days to activate my windows xp. OK, I put the key, and it said that it was activated. But, today when I've started the computer, it sayd that I have 6 days to activate it. And when I enter where you have to put the key, it says that it is activated. What's the problem? Will I lose windows xp in 6 days? Or I have to trust that it's activated?

A:Activating XP

Somethning is not sticking....if this is not a legit copy of windows then you may have a problem on your hands

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In one of my recent posts there was some confusion about the need for activating XP Pro. Having previously been told that I did not need to activate my XP Pro, others were telling me that I definately did. This concerned me, so I decided that I better look into this more deeply and came up with this information which I hope may help others in future.

If you bought the full boxed version of WinXP Pro - that one doesn't need
to be activated. The OEM one would ask for activation the same as
WinXP Home does ( even if you buy the full boxed one of that ).

If you got WinXP Pro along with the PC and a CD then that too wouldn't
ask for activation as it's under a Volume Licence Key and that will be
hard coded into the CD. Dell CD's are like that, even the WinXP Home
ones - using that also doesn't ask for activation.

A:Does Xp Pro Need Activating?

as it's under a Volume Licence KeyThe only places I have heard of uses for volume licence keys are in businesses and schools where large numbers of computers are managed. We have such in our school district. I am not sure of the support levels, but our volume Office licensing exempts support due to the cost of purchase.

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Hello, I was reading on a forum if XP is re-installed it is not neccessary to contact MS for re-activation, but to take a copy of file WPA.dbl and install it again.

My query is this, is there such a file for MS Office and use the same procedure as above? TIA.
What would the file name be?

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Tried to activate using one of the universal keys and got this error:

0xC004B100 error the activation server has determined this computer cannot be activated

So how do I try a different key?

Any Suggestions

A:Activating 7

Just do it again. I got the same error but then I tried again after and it worked. The problem is just that it is timing out from the servers and you need to get through. So just keep trying.
EDIT: Oh and BTW Welcome to Seven Forums!!

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Im trying to activate windows 7, in the activation screen it asks me to type my product key... my key starts with two "0" it wont let me type them!!!! today is my last day to try !! what do i do!!!?

A:Help Activating 7!!!

are you sure it's zeros or the alphabet letter o ?

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i have a genuine OEM copy of WIN XP (full version - not Upgrade), first installed on this homebuilt PC in 2006 (since then, a new MB was installed by shop in 2010......activation then was positive.)

now i am just wondering, because Microsoft have "washed their hands" for support of their XP OS, would Microsoft be concerned if i installed another new MB using this same OEM XP disc and would/should it activate ?


A:activating OEM XP

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I have an older drive with windows 8.1 on it, I have copied the key from the OS. This drive was never updated to w10 but is a fully legal activated version of w8.1

I have just put together a new system and figured I could do a clean install of 586 w10 and just plug in the w 8.1 key and be all good for activation. Not so fast, activation will not accept the key.

MS tech on chat line said I would probably need to install old drive, fully update it and then upgrade to w10. That's a boat load of updates considering this drive was taken out the first moment w10 became available.

My question is I guess is there no less painful way to accomplish this?

A:activating w10

What error message appears when you select the "Change product key" option and enter your Windows 8.1 key?

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Apologies, I'm sure this question has been asked quite a number of times, so please bear with me. ^^'

Anyway, after becoming the victim of several viruses the past few days, I opted to finally pay up for a copy of Norton anti-virus and dump the free versions of ZoneAlarm and AVG. Suffice to say that in between that it involved 2 fresh installs of Windows XP and one Repair.

The first two times, under Service Pack 1 (which is contained on my own Windows XP Prof. CD) Windows allowed the activation via internet. So, at this point, using windows updater, I downloaded all important drivers and updates. Everything fine so far. Then, upon successfully downloading and installing Service Pack 2, and being prompted to do a restart. My internet stopped working, i.e. the network was not being picked up despite everything being connected right.

So, I called my uncle down, who's good with these things, and he suggested it might be something to do with my installation not recognising the network, i.e. the CD being Service Pack 1.
Anyway, he brought his own copy of Windows XP down (SP2) and used the repair function in the Windows installer. And, everything was working good. Internet was back up. Norton installed etc.

Anyway, I thanked him and he went home. Now, the problem:

When I go into Windows activation, I get to the part where it's 'Checking for Connectivity' where at this point it will tell me that Online activation can not be completed at this time, and that I have X d... Read more

A:Activating XP.

There MAY be a difference in license types - one may be OEM and the other FULL (or Upgrade). You would be best phoning MS and getting the activation sorted out. I don't know who suggested to you that phoning them was a lot of trouble (because they are WRONG). If you are having activation problems then MS are the people to talk to.

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What changes to a working system will cause me to have to re-activate Windows Xp?

Changing the processor?

Changing the Motherboard?

Updating the BIOS on the motherboard?


A:Re-activating XP

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Hi there I can't get the Wi-Fi to connect on my laptop. I usually use fn and f6
The only option is Bluetooth on/off
It worked until now

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Hi : I'm trying to activate xp over the internet and do the reg stuff but it comes back that it could not establish a connection. The internet connection is working fine . Any suggestions to check

A:activating xp

Could be a problem with M$'s servers. It's probably not on your end. I'd just keep trying til M$ lets you in.

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Hello,I am trying to re use Windows 7 Pro 64 Bit which came originally with Alienware laptop, which I no longer use and I want to set the Windows on my new desktop (non Alienware).On windows activation I get the following message:a problem occured when windows tried to activate error code 0xC004E003 (the error code means The Software Licensing Service reported that license evaluation failed).I have tried several options: * downloaded legitcheck from Microsoft but it did not work* tried replacing my product key with cmd / slmgr* called Microsoft they were asking for installation ID which I don't have the option to see, also the product ID I have given them was invalid, they were suggesting to contact you directly and ask for product KEY?I have the original cd, a copy of the product ID and CD Key. The Windows sticker with the product information at the back of the laptop is no longer readable. I could also look for service tag number if needed.Is there any solution to this?Thank you.

A:Re activating old OS (W7 Pro 64 Bit)

The version of Windows 7 which came with your Alienware Laptop is OEM and the OEM license is non-transferable. Dell/Alienware Windows 7 OEM can only be installed on hardware which has the Dell/Alienware Windows 7 OEM license.
Note: Dell/Alienware Windows 7 Pro OEM can be installed on supported new Dell/Alienware hardware which shipped with Windows 8.1 Pro OEM or Windows 10 Pro OEM by use of OEM Downgrade Rights.

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I have had my XP about three weeks now...how do I activate it?

A:Activating XP

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Hello, I am having trouble activating windows 7 ultimate 32 bit. I bought the computer secondhand and it came with windows 7 already installed. I got a virus and had to format the computer and start a fresh. When it was taking me through the installation it asked for the key so I tried to type in the one that was used before but it wouldn't let me. So I just skipped that step and carried on using windows. Now its asking me to activate windows and when I try to input the code that was used when I first bought the computer it says "Unacceptable Character" when I type the first number. Why is it doing this and how can I sort it out? Thanks in advanced.

A:Need help activating

Type in the code from the COA, on the side of the PC.

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How can I activate a new installation of XP via the internet? When I installed XP, I was offered the option to activate then but didn't have internet connection. Now that I have internet connection I don't see where to go in software to activate XP (I'd prefer not to call MS Cust Support). The option is not listed under 'System Tools' as stated on Microsoft website (Knowledge Base). Thanks for any help!

A:Activating new XP installation

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My acquaintance has a desktop computer with a Windows 7 license sticker on it. He would like to format the HDD, maybe even get a new SSD and install Windows 7 again. He has no installation media though.

So, will it work if I download Windows 7 from somewhere (where?) and he uses the old license key? Can the downloaded ISO have the SP1 included even if his license is from the time when the SP1 wasn't released yet?

Please, someone who knows about this in practice, please do tell.

Thank you!

A:Activating an old (OEM) license?

Was it x86 or x64 version? What language do you want?->language and bit version are irrelevant for license keys.

Does he have a OEM sticker on machine with license key on it?
win7 home premium?

Windows 7 Direct Download Links, Official Disk Images from Digital River for all the win7 ISO

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I aready think I know the answer to this question , but I'll ask anyway. I had win/xp home edition installed on a machine which I no longer use. Question can I install this version of windows on a new machine and still activate it with the original key or do I need to call Microsoft and obtain a new key to reactivate windows? which I assume will cost me $

A:Activating Windows Xp

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the file below is what the problem is
i cant activate the program because it cant connect to the internet
i tried after i disabled the firewall still did not work.

A:need help activating directv2pc

This program is not available to the general public, you need to be in the beta program to test this, you can go to DBSTalk.Com and sign up for a key. If you already signed up and have a key you should direct all your questions to the directv2pc thread on the CE forum.


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In several sites, such as Amazon, as I move from page to page, the browser cookies are either erasing or being turned off. I have tried putting the privacy and security levels both on low, turning off my firewall, etc., but with no success. Is there a way to reinstall Internet Explorer or should I consider using the Mozilla browser, if you think this is a browser problem. In another example, my preferences in Google are reset to default every time I restart my computer.


A:Activating Cookies In Win Xp

Have you run any virus/malware scans?Run these online virus scanners:http://www.pandasoftware.com/activescan/http://housecall.trendmicro.com/Also this online Trojan scanner:TrojanScanAre you using these basic security programs?(They're all free.)a? freeewido security suiteAd-AwareSpybot S&DThese 2, will help prevent spyware/malware from being installed in the first place:SpywareblasterSpywareGuardDownload these programs, update them, and then run them.These programs, updated and used regularly, will do a lot to keep your computer clean of spyware, trojans, keyloggers, browser hijackers, etc...When installing ewido security suite, under Additional Options uncheck:Install background guardInstall scan via context menuImportant:Please read this tutorial on Spybot S&D before using it. Spybot can do SERIOUS damage, if not used properly.Helpful Tutorials:Using Ad-Aware SEUsing SpywareBlasterUsing SpywareGuardUsing EwidoHow to Repair Internet ExplorerI would also switch to Firefox, once you have IE fixed.You still need IE for certain websites, such as Windows updates, so you need to get it fixed.A few resources to check out, if you decide to try Firefox:1. Firefox Web Browser - Pipelining2. About:config entries3. How To Modify Hidden Preferences Using about:config4. Firefox Tweak Guide5. Firefox Tuning6. Favorite Firefox Extension7. Enhancing Firefox with Browser Extensions8. Extensions9. Plugins

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I was given this Sony Viao (VGN- FW373J) laptop. It originally had Vista on it, then windows 7 Ultimate was installed (not sure if upgraded or clean install). I wanted to install 10 on it so I did but I did the clean install....going off information stating that I could do a clean install and using the windows 7 Ultimate key would work and activate it. It doesn't....I get the error message that: "this device doesn't have a valid digital entitlement or product key. Error code: 0x803F7001"

It didn't come with any of the rescue discs and when trying to make them....message said that they had already been made. Which was really weird. So what do I do now?

A:windows 10 not activating

Well, since the free upgrade from Windows 7/8 to Windows 10 has expired, looks like you will have to purchase a license for Windows for it.

Just curious, though, did you install Windows 10 Pro?

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I changed a few settings in my BIOS (Aperture size form 128 to 256, AGP fast write off) and now I have to activate windows. I lost my key years ago along with the disc. Is there any way to activate windows or find out what my key is?

Also my computer is artifacting, and the heatsink on my graphics card is real hot. I have no idea why, it is factory overclocked so that might have something to do with it. It usually artifacts when I am playing games, which are usually set at or below the recommended settings. I have a BFG Tech 6800.

A:Activating windows

Is it prompting you for the Product Key or just to activate?

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Recently I installed W10 onto a separate hard-drive so that I could dualboot W7 and W10.
However once the installation finished and I went to load W7, I noticed that once I got onto the OS and the login screen, neither my keyboard nor mouse worked at all. The LEDs wouldn't change on the locks. After repeating this a few times, it seemed that once the BIOS was exited and the keyboard and mouse tried to restart, that they wouldn't activate like they should.
Weirdly if I mashed the mouse while it was dead, the LEDs would flicker. Taking the mouse out and plugging it back in would stop this, but it was reproducible once I restarted the computer.
I tried changing about the boot settings in the advanced BIOS menu including changing the initial drive that loaded and using safe mode.
Initially safe mode worked and I changed settings about in msconfig to see if it was a rogue service or startup program. On restart, the mouse and keyboard seemed to work fine once I re-enabled all the services.
Feeling like this wasn't the source of the problem, I loaded up W10 again, then back to W7. Surprise, the peripherals stopped working. This time even with safe-mode (and networking if it makes a difference) the mouse and keyboard didn't work.
Following another fiddle in the BIOS, but nothing I hadn't done before, W7 worked again in safe mode. This time I left all the services on, and it continued to work after restart.
Once more I loaded W10, then W7 in regular ... Read more

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Had a big pc problem which had me pretty much build a new pc. Kept my hd though. Xp says that I need to re-activate it after hardware changes. Thing is that I got my version of xp from my high school. They had some sort of deal. In college now and I don't have my code. Will I have to buy windows xp?

A:Activating windows xp

Yes you will need to purchase a license. Normally, licenses are not transferable to a new motherboard - unless the new motherboard is virtually identical (same chipset, same IDE controllers, same BIOS version, etc.) to the one on which the WinXP installation was originally performed.

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I have noticed in the past couple days, at various websites, such as a credit card site where I wanted to apply for a credit card, when I hit the "Apply Now" button, which is Java Script, IE gives me an "Error On Page" message in the bottom left hand information bar. When I press on that message, it gives me the following details:

Line: 1

Char: 1

Error: Object Expected

Code: O

URL: (it lists the URL of whatever site I am currently at)
Any suggestions on how to correct this. As I said, I have noticed it on a couple different sites the past few days, yet I haven't updated any of my security settings. So a) I am not sure why I am getting this message and b)I am not sure what has changed over the last week. Any suggestions for corrections would be greatly appreciated.


A:IE Not Activating Links

Have you attempted to click "enable" on the Custom Security levels?
- In IE, click TOOLS
- Click on Delete Files, click ok, then Delete cookies, then click ok
- Click SECURITY tab
- For both INTERNET and LOCAL INTRANET click CUSTOM LEVEL and look at your Java settings. Enable anything listed as Prompt or disable.

for java go here
look for two things
1) the following text displayed
2) black box with wiggling text

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I have installed windows 8.1 pro in this computer via the media creation tool from Microsoft I am running it right now and it is frequently asking for a activation key i assume this is the same thing than the product key I already bought the product key
on Amazon and it is coming and my question is am I doing it right or do i need something else? It says the product key will take a week or two to arrive do I need to worry like shut my comuter down till it's arrived. I can use the Internet and and play some

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I actually have the problem that everyone thought at first, to get the internal Wifi going after installing Windows XP on a IBM T40? The software doesn't recognize the onboard WiFi. Thanks. Mark

A:Activating WiFi

Hold the Windows key and press R, then type devmgmt.msc

Please respond to all the following steps.
Under Network adapters, please tell me all the devices listed.
Are there any devices under Network adapters that have a red x displayed?
Also, are there any devices anywhere in the Device Manager display with yellow ? or ! displayed?

Let's see this as well.

Hold the Windows key and press R, then type CMD to open a command prompt:

In the command prompt window that opens, type type the following command:


Right click in the command window and choose Select All, then hit Enter.
Paste the results in a message here.

If you are on a machine with no network connection, use a floppy, USB disk, or a CD-RW disk to transfer a text file with the information to allow pasting it here.

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I've contracted the Ukash randsom virus so I downloaded Hitmanpro to create a usb that I can boot from.
I activated the free trial of Hitman on my uninfected computer, no problem, it says that my 30 day trial is active.
I create the usb using Kickstart, no problem.
I boot from the usb on the infected computer, do the scan, find the viruses but then it won't delete them because it says the 30 day trial has expired?
The only thing i can think of is that I have used Hitmanpro on the infected computer before (last year), would that not allow me to use it a second time even though my good computer says the software is active? ("one-time 30 day trial")
Or has the Ukash messed with my date/clock on the infected computer?
Thanks for your thoughts.

A:Hitmanpro not Activating?

Can you operate normally with your infected computer?If so download Minitoolbox - http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/download/minitoolbox/
Start the application.Set ticks everywhere.Click GO button.After scan is done a log will appear.Save and attach it here.

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Hi..man laptop windows is originally installed win8 single language build 9200.Mistakenly I clicked on a program that was for Cracking windows and after that my windows show me a message for activating windows  and shows the version of windows at the bottom of the screen . how can I get rid of that ?does operating system have expire date I bought this at 2013 . 

A:activating windows

Kooshan wrote:Hi..man laptop windows is originally installed win8 single language build 9200.Mistakenly I clicked on a program that was for Cracking windows and after that my windows show me a message for activating windows  and shows the version of windows at the bottom of the screen . how can I get rid of that ?does operating system have expire date I bought this at 2013 . Hi, - got to cmd type in wmic path Softwarelicensingservice get OA3xOriginalProductKey to get the windows product key- windows+r then type : slui 3 enter the product key- restart the computer Cheers!

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I bought the dell laptop with win7 professional 32bit (oem) already installed, last week I deleted the OS and made a clean install of win7 professional 64bit (from a downloaded ISO). I extracted the licence key with the jelly bean key finder but the activation failed with the error: 0xC004E003. Later on I find out that the key is hidden behind the battery, but it was a very different key then the "key finder" showed, anyway I used it but got immediately (without showing the ?growing? green line) a message that its the wrong key.
I tried to use the slui 4 command to activate the activation per phone dialog. The dialog did open but no option for phone activation.
Is there a way to activate my win7 OEM version?

A:Activating Win7 OEM

You can't use the Dell OEM key with a different version of Windows. The Dell key is only valid for the 32 bit OEM version. You need a new key that is for that Win 7 Professional 64 bit OS.

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First off, this is a legit copy of XP Home, and I've used it and successfully activated it in the past. The problem is that when I click on Activate Windows, this is what appears. I've tried waiting awhile, but this is all the farther it gets. Nothing is sucking resources while it's sitting there, and everything seems to be working just fine otherwise. I really have no idea what to do other than reformat and reinstall everything again. Obviously if anybody has any suggestions for how I can avoid this, I would be thankful.

A:Trouble Activating XP

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I recently got a new computer and while reformatting my hard drive and reinstalling Windows XP I had to go do something and asked my roommate to watch my computer while it was installing. He went ahead and finished the instal for me and put his info in instead of waiting for me to come back, which I had already registered this copy of XP, so when I went to activate it. it said it had been activated too many times for the license. Now Windows won't load until I buy a new license......does anyone know how I can uninstall this version of XP and go back to my old version of 98 and then reinstall it with my info?

A:Activating XP Problem

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I am having a tad bit of a problem with computer, after a bit of hardware upgrades, I noticed that my Windows is no longer activated. And because I got the free upgrade from windows 7 to 10 with the whole update thingy, everything was dandy until now. I am not able to activate it, even though it says on my profile that I have Windows 10 pro on their website, but on my own settings, it says it unactive. So I rather not buy a new windows when I had one that worked before all this...and changing it back wont help any either now.

And here is my secondary question: Not having an activated windows, will this have an impact on how my computer handles programs? Because..it seemingly is!

My games are running smoother..ish...but it really acts up really quick with lag spikes and what not, even though my games are running smoother, and nothing was bad before the hardware upgrade.

PS: I have tried doing what Windows recommend doing when you have had a hardware change:
Settings -> Updates and Securtity -> Activate -> Troubleshoot -> I recently changed hardware on this machine -> (Opens up new window, Microsoft account) -> Reactivate Windows 10 (which finds my computer), and I click, this is the device I'm using -> Unable to acticate Windows, We can't reactive windows on this device. Try again later. You can also activate this device by going to the store andpurchasing a genuine copy of windows.

But technically...I allready had a genuine copy trough t... Read more

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Hi all,
just signed up with a question for ya!
Would anyone know why my windows installation needed re-activation when i turned on today?
I had to activate it recently when i installed the latest catalyst drivers,and also once before when i updated the firmware versions of my two dvd/cd drives,but today i got the message that hardware devices had changed and windows needed re-activating,its no problem doing it over the net but the next time i have to phone a microsoft support person to activate it i want to know what is going on,in the meantime i was wondering if anyone is having similar issues,all my hardware drivers are installed and up to date and the system is working great,its just getting a bit ridiculous this out of the blue need for activation again.
Thanks for any insight.
oh yeah,heres me specs:

Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition
Service Pack 2 (DirectX 9.0c)
AMD Athlon 64, 2300 MHz (10 x 230)Winchester S939
MSI K8N Neo2 Platinum (MS-7025)
nVIDIA nForce3 Ultra, AMD Hammer
ATI Radeon X800 Pro (R420)
CTX EX950F Series [19" CRT]
Creative EMU10K1 SB Live!
Maxtor 6Y120M0 (120 GB, 7200 RPM, Serial-ATA/150)
EPSON Stylus CX3200

A:Activating windows xp(Again!)

XP checks for "points" on bootup and it looks at the hardware and CPU, and everything until it adds up 7 points. Then it boots. Anything less is a re-activate. You said you updated firmware for your ROMS. That may in effect make XP think the drives had changed. Normally, one drive at a time, nothing happens, but when you make 2 or more hardware changes, the XP wants to know why. Activation over the phone is easy. Just tell the person what you have done and they will give you an ungodly long number to enter. Like 42 digits. Nothing to it. Took me less than 3 minutes to do.

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I am not very sure how the activation of windows works

I didnít have the money to buy windows so I borrowed a dell oem windows xp pro sp1 cd from myfreind I installed it and decided to activate it later. Itís been a month and I havenít activated it. And I also havenít Purchased windows yet I know I have to get windows with an oem activation number but does that activation number have to belong to a windows disc with sp1 or can I buy windows with sp2 and use the activation code on my comp with out reinstalling windows.

The reason I ask is I can get windows with sp2 a lot cheaper.

A:activating windows xp

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I have an old desktop that I installed XP on years ago (it is stand alone, not connected to my network). I didn't have an activation key at the time so I have put up with the Microsoft nagging about "genuine" software. Now I have an activation key.

Microsoft's website has this instruction to activate XP: Click Start, point to All Programs, point to Accessories, point to System Tools, and then click Activate Windows. Problem is, when I get to System tools there is no Activate Windows option.

What else can I do to activate Windows XP?


A:Activating XP on an old computer

Phone them.

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