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Microsoft Outlook Tasks

Q: Microsoft Outlook Tasks

I would like to create my own tasks, as thought my manager created the task and assigned it to me. That way he would get updates on what I am doing but I don't have to nag him to create a task. It should also send him messages when the task is updated.

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Preferred Solution: Microsoft Outlook Tasks

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


I have an issue with one user where task can't be added to Outlook 2003 Tasks.
I was able to create a subfolder in it and I'm successful in adding tasks to that subfolder, but not in the main Tasks folder.

When ever I try adding a task, I get the following message:
"Please save the task order by clicking Save Task Order on the Actions menu in the "Tasks" folder. The view must not be filtered or grouped for Save Task Order to be available. Could not coplete the operation. One or more parameter values are not valid"

I've gone through every possible setting. I went as far as uninstalling and reinstalling Office and recreating the users Outlook profile on the PC.

Any other suggestions?


A:Can't add tasks in Outlook 2003 Tasks

give this link a try and let me know if it works for you http://support.microsoft.com/kb/197036/en-us

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Dear Sir,

I would appreciate any info to resolve task scheduler overload, obsolete,verbose, non-applicable for my system.. hammering my system with code numbers,letters which mean jack to me. I can see that it is tasks that are totally useless and I am very frustrated the same with updates. I see my computer will complain they are not applicable for system until 25 hammers later microsoft will force my system to accept it , outrageous and stupid!!! Please help me to find out task codes so I know what is what. I am P.O. and would just like to clean up my daughters laptop so she can actually use it. Side note... When we purchased it we were told perfect for her games ect.. somehow graphic number dropped to a one within four or five months after buying it. Thank you for your time sincerely vistadrone1

A:microsoft's tasks and updates


I am willing to try and help you, however, I cannot make much sense of your post. Can you just help me here please? From what I can make out, you are experiencing Windows Updates errors, and non-applicable updates, which are normal occasionally, but not in excess. You are also experiencing errors at startup and during useage. Can you please tell me exactly what is happening, and ideally some of the error messages (I appreciate that there may be too many to tell me, ignore all of the very similar ones for now) and once I know exactly what is going on, I may be able to help.

Thanks very much!


P.S. We will deal with the WEI graphics score of 1 later, I already have my suspicions.

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My outlook is slow downloading mail from my server. I see two tasks. I tried to cancel one, and both to make it one task downloading my mail but it does not work. Any suggestions??

I know what I am making don't make sense. Easier to see the window.

A:two tasks on outlook

Do you have the one email address set up as two accounts? You can check by going into Tools>Email accounts and looking at your existing accounts. If you do have two accounts for the same email address just delete one.

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I have a user that has a task list that he edits on a daily basis. The problem that he's having is that he is unable to edit the "Contact" field unless he opens up task itself. Once it's open he can edit it. He is using Office 2000 and has all the permissions correct that I can see. Any ideas?

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In Outlook, you can assign a new owner of a task and send them the task notice. When that new owner sends a updated task progress report our original task doesn't get updated to the new completed %. Is this normal or should it update the original task that is still viewed by the originator.

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Something was perplexing me lately. I would periodically open up my laptop lid in the morning only to find my computer very warm and actually running. I changed Windows Update so that it would no longer run at 4AM in the morning. But I went to my Task Scheduler and found a few things that ran last night:

4:38:28 AM - DragonSvc (3 scheduled tasks)
4:38:33 AM - HP Support Assistant Service
4:38:34 AM - HP Support Assistant Service
4:38:34 AM - HP Support Assistant Service
4:49:07 AM - ESENT
4:49:07 AM - ESENT
4:49:07 AM - ESENT
4:49:31 AM - SideBySide (lync.exe.Manifest)
4:49:55 AM - SideBySide (dragon_support_packager.exe)
4:52:58 AM - SideBySide (BsSMSEditor.exe)
4:54:07 AM - ESENT
4:54:07 AM - ESENT
5:23:56 AM - Outlook
5:23:58 AM - Outlook
5:24:08 AM - Outlook
5:24:08 AM - Outlook
5:24:36 AM - Outlook
5:24:37 AM - Outlook
5:24:55 AM - Outlook
5:24:56 AM - Outlook
and so on...

So it seems that after the DragonSvc kicks in, the computer wakes up and does not go back to sleep. As such, other programs that were suspended in sleep are awake and begin running processes.

I also noticed: Office ClickToRun Service Monitor - At 4:00 AM every day
First of all, I don't have any need for Dragon Naturally Speaking. I disabled the startup of Dragon Services and just don't use this software. So, I have no idea why a service for it would auto start in the middle of the night... unless that ClickToRun Service Monitor managed to run "silently" and all... Read more

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I have 3 seperate task catagories that I use all day long. I have everything color coded in to groups. For instance one group would be things I must do on Wednsday. I have 16 tasks in there. I used to be able to arrange the tasks in that catagory how I want them. Meaning I used to be able to drag and drop the tasks in the same catagory where I want them. For some reason it isnt working anymore. Also, I cant find more info on managing tasks. I would like to know more about outlook 07 but cant find much of what i need for organization. Thanks in advance for your help.

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I use Outlook exclusively for managing my "to do's, using the task function. For the last couple of days, outlook wont open...instead giving an error message, with the option to send the info to MS or not. My guess is that the program got corrupted.

Is there a way to save the tasks prior to a reinstall?

A:Retrieving tasks in Outlook

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Hi guys,
I have created for the company I work at a personalized tasks view.

I have created columns like.... |Project Num.| Description|Started|Deadline|etc..

This is great everyone has the same view and the same info...

all i want to know is how to custimize the new task window (formulare?), to insert directly the project number, description,etc...directly..

here is the view for everyone...

now i want to customize this new tasks window so that everyone can insert the values directly here...

Sorry that its all in german,but i think its esy to understand what i want....how to customize this window..where do I go??

Thanks alot for your time guys in advance!!!

A:Solved: Outlook (Tasks) Help

Wow, still no answer...

I had time to figure it out myself... but still running in to some questions hope someone can help...

so this is my new edited Tasks(ToDo) Form...


and this is still want I want to do...

i want to insert dropdown calander option...
anyone can help me with this???

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I have a issue with Outlook 2003 and the tasks. For some strange reason, active tasks notes are getting modified by itself and are missing data. For example: If I have notes in the tasks, sometimes it gets modified and a chunk of it disappears, sometimes in mid word or sentence. Sometimes this happens to one active tasks, but sometimes it also happens to a majority of active tasks (All the date all say it was all modified at the exact same time). Any ideas on why this would be happening?

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Is there a way to get tasks to show up on the calendar in Outlook? I'd like to have the functionality of a task list but also be able to see the due dates on the calendar. Is this possible?

A:Tasks on calendar in Outlook?

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I have a fellow co-worker who has Outlook 2003 with Exchange. She has dozens of active tasks, at certain points; some of these tasks lose a chunk of the messages in the body disappear without any warning. I notice that when this happen, all the tasks that lost part of the original texts all have the same modification dates and the font/size get resetted to "arial, size 10" where she would have used a different font like times new roman.

What would cause Outlook tasks to get modified without anyone doing it and how do I figure what causing this issue and how do I prevent it?

Server is a WK3 SBS with Exchange 03.

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Any idea how to import Outlook tasks in to Vista Calendar??

I did the normal export of the Outlook Calendar to csv... upload to Google Calendar....export from Google in iCal format to the Windows Calendar. Events imported but not the tasks from Outlook.

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I'm using w2kpro and office 2k. In outlook I try to print my calender or tasks in table form and the print job goes to que then just hangs. If I delete the job and then restart the print spooler I can resend other jobs but still not the outlook stuff.
Errors from event viewer:

"event 45"
Document failed to print due to GDI/Driver error in rendering.

"event 37"
WMI ADAP was unable to load the perfproc.dll performance library due to an unknown problem within the library: 0x0

Any Ideas?


A:Printing tasks in outlook

Have you installed SR-1/1a for Office 2K? Though this article Q245021 - OFF2000: List of Fixed Problems in Microsoft Office 2000 Service Release 1/1a (SR-1/SR-1a)

does not mention your problem specifically, still might be worth a shot.

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I just started using Microsoft 2010 and in the Outlook tasks I have created recurring tasks. In the old XP version when I completed a recurring task, the completed task would move to the top of the list. Now, it just puts it below the original task. Is there a way to automatically move completed tasks to the top of the page?

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I have outlook 2003 and in the calendar screen I selected to also show a taskview. The taskview I have selected is to show all tasks that are up to 7 days out. It shows all tasks that have a due date not just the ones up to 7 days out. HELP!

A:Outlook Calendar Tasks

This isn't really a fix but it does stop this being a problem. Right-click on the TaskPad header in the Calendar window and select Customize current view, then select Group By. Now group by due date. Then select for only the next seven days to be displayed, tasks with no due date will still be displayed, but under a seperate heading of Due Date None. I will let you know if I find a better solution.

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I cant open tasks that have been sent to me from someone else using outlook xp. it says "Can't open this item. Outlook cannot do this action on this type of attachment"

any help would be appreciated

A:Outlook xp cant open tasks sent to me

any sort of help would be appreciated......

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Hi Guys,
i have outlook 2000 on my XP machine. i also sync with my Blackberry curve.
the dates on my "tasks" (in outlook) have changed to at least 500 years into the future on the PC but not on the Blackberry. i don't know why it would change, but most of the 2008 tasks have changed to the year 2595. both PC and phone have the correct current date.
any thoughts??

A:outlook tasks have changed dates

i have not found anything on this. has anyone else??
has this happened to anyone else??

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I am having trouble figuring out what I think should be very simple: I want to be notified of a recurring task so that every week I get the same message at the same time (in this case, to move my car to the opposite side of the street!). It seems easy if I"m sending the task to someone else, but how do I set tasks so that I get the reminder whenever I want?


I have outlook from Offic XP suite, on win98

A:assigning tasks in Outlook from xp suite

Why not just create a calendar event for whenver you want to be notified. Then just configure Outlook to dispaly a message when the event is due.

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Hi everyone!

Whenever I send a task to someone and they complete it, I'll get an email saying that it was completed, however, in the tasks list pane, it will still show that it's not complete. I've spent 2 days trying to figure this one out and not having any luck. Does anyone have any thought?


A:Outlook 2003 tasks not completing

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Hi, i use both outlook 2003 to organize both my calandar and tasks. However, i find it really annoying having to switch back and forth between tasks and calandar to check my tasks and schedule.

is there any way to have the calandar show my due dates as well? Like for example, show on the calandar of January 20th: "Assignment A Due" without having to actually create an "appointment" in my calandar?

A:Outlook 2003: Calandar + Tasks

you can get notofication reminders of due dates - under tools option tasks

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I am using Outlook 2003 and I have a contractor using Outlook 2002. I have created many tasks for him in Outlook 2003 and assigned them to his email address. This makes them unable to be edited from my end. When he sends them back to me they show up as an email that is unable to be opened and I cannot do anything with the tasks since the last action I did was to assign it to him, and I no longer have control over the task from my end. The reading pane says "this item cannot be displayed in the reading pane. Open the item to read its contents" but I cannot open it, it does nothing when I double click or right-click and select Open.

We are both on the same POP3 server but we do not have Exchange. I am not sure if this is even supposed to work like this, but can anyone tell me whether I should be able to reliably assign and receive updates and completions for Tasks in Outlook? And, is this inter operable between Outlook 2002 and 2003?


A:Outlook Sharing Tasks (NOT on Exchange)

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Hi all,

I'm hoping someone here can help me, or at least point me in the direction that google failed to.

Problem: My supervisor wants to use Outlook 2003 tasks to be able to print out a running list of all of her staff's current workload.

We're using exchange 2010 and outlook 2003, I've edited the permissions on all the people so that my supervisor can see all the individual people's tasks under "Other tasks" in outlook. But is there a way to condense the view using a custom one, or otherwise, so that all the people in "Other tasks" show in one view?

A:Outlook 2003 Tasks & Sharing

Have you tried to use Group By? I think there is a field in there for Assigned to.

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I recently upgraded from outlook 2003 to 2007 in a xp envirnoment. Although everything else is working fine ( e.g. sync w/ blackberry, viewing old tasks, contacts) I can not get the program to open new tasks.

This is the message "could not complete the operation one or more parameter values are invalid"

I have tried system rollback, save task order, cleanviews, exchng32.exe & reset folders.

Any suggestions none of the patches I have found worked.

Thank ou

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I am using outlook 2003 with an exchange server. I use my task list as a todo list. When I mark something as complete I see it has a strike through. The next day I come to my computer and the item that I checked of and had a strike through is gone. Does any body know where this went? I would like to keep these items as a reminder for when I fill out my timesheet.


A:Solved: outlook completed tasks

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Hiya Guys!!!!

Please help, does any one know how to automatically update the calendar in outlook when tasks has been created??

I know that you can move or copy the task to the calendar, but i have been informed that outlook can be set up to perform this action automatically when a task or tasks have been created.

Anyone got any ideas or knowledge of such action......


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Somehow my list of tasks has disappeared from the task view in MS Outlook 2003. The weird thing is there are some tasks showing, but they are very out of date. I suspect the ones that are showing are those associated with my archive .pst folder, as the most task recent item happens to have a date very close to the date of the latest email message in the archive .pst file.

Another clue - I was able to see the missing tasks briefly, when I somehow was able to get the folder "Tasks in personal folders" to show up in the navigation pane in the Outlook Task view. But now it has disappeared, and all I have is a single folder (?) in the navigation pane labelled tasks.

One other clue - there do appear to be tasks in both my outlook.pst file and my archive.pst file. When I right-click on the "Personal Folders" icon in the "All Mail Folders" box, and then hit the "folder size..." button, it comes up and says I have 143K worth of tasks in that folder (77K of tasks in the archives folders). But for the life of me I can't seem to find out how to view them all.

I tried pstscan to repair my outlook.pst file, but that didn't seem to do anything.

Can anyone suggest a way to get them back in view?



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My question is: Is it possible to make a macro in Excel 2007 that can copy certain cells from several different worksheets "which are all set up the same" and send them to outlook 2007 under the task program.

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I have thousands of completed tasks in Outlook that are hidden from view. How can I delete them so they are removed? I want to save the disk space they take up.



A:Solved: Deleting Outlook Completed Tasks

Microsoft's website says to do it THIS way.

Is that what you were looking for?

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I am wondering if it's possible to edit excel files in tasks with in Outlook 2003. I am able to insert an excel file and add things but once you click of the file I am not able to re-edit the file.

Is there a way to make this possible?

I appreciate your help, thanks!

A:Excel Files in Outlook 2003 Tasks

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I have a user thay is using Outlook 2000 on a Windows 2000 pro. All service packs and updates have been applied. I have several other users that have the same configuration. Here is my question, Every now and then when the user logs into the computer and opens Outlook Tasks have been created in the Folder List of Outlook, they will be named something like Tasks1, Tasks2....etc. I have rebuilt the Outlook, verified there are no unknown delagates, and have unchecked any unnecissary add-in managers.

Does anybody have an ideas for this, I've checked Microsoft's knowledge base ans have posted threads in thier newsgroups.

Anything would be helpful.

Thank you very much.


A:Outlook 2000 creating tasks folders

Okay, no delegates, but what about other permissions?

Right-click the inbox and see who has permissions AT ALL.

Remove all permissions and see if it continues to happen.

Delegates are not the only ones who could be creating folders.

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Starting with the last auto update, all of my tasks in Outlook 2007 are displayed twice. I have renamed all duplicate or backup pst and backup files. Can anyone help me?

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Is it possible to Assign a Task to others in Outlook 2000, such that they also receive reminders to complete the task? Something similar can be done when creating a new Meeting Request, although the reminder is set to activate after a certain time period. Ideally I'd like the reminders to activate at a set time and day and more then one of possible. For example, a week before a project deadline, then, 3 days before a deadline, then a day before deadline. Thanks in advance to anyone that can solve this!

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I have a code for a Userform that is connnected to Module code, and when I select a list of different contacts without opening them, the Userform shows in the drop list a list of difference fields that are in all contacts, and I select a field from the Userform and it shows the list of words I can put in each same field of all contacts I selected.

So what I want to do, is when I create a task for different contacts, in the task area it shows the name of each contact as usual. So want to select the tasks as to the contacts I want to change the fields to, and then run the Userfom and change the fields of each contact of each Task.

So in looking at the two codes, does anyone know what to change so it changes the fields of each contact thru the tasks I select?
Private Sub btnRun_Click()
Dim Field As String
Dim value As String
Field = Me.ddlFields.Text
value = Me.ddlValues.Text
UpdateContactFieldTasks Field, value


End Sub

Private Sub ddlFields_Change()

Dim fld As String
fld = Me.ddlFields.Text
'Add your field related values here.

Select Case fld

Case "Status Date"

For M = 1 To 12
For i = 1 To Day(DateSerial(Year(Now), Month(Now) + M, 1) - 1)
Me.ddlValues.addItem Format(DateSerial(Year(Now), Month(Now) + M - 1, i), "mmm-dd-yyyy")

Case "First Status:"

Me.ddlValues.addItem ""
Me.ddlValues.addItem "Words"
Me.ddlValues.addItem "Words"
Me.ddlValues.addItem "Words"
Case "Ne... Read more

A:Outlook 2007 Update Fields Thru Tasks

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When I open the Tasks window on Outlook07, the default display is my "To Do" list, which I don't use.

I can't figure out how to configure the display so that it shows my Tasks List rather than To-Do list.

Any advice is most appreciated.

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I used to enjoy using the outlook to sync tasks with other users over the internet. It appears this feature is no longer supported on newer versions so I have been hunting for an online version. I down loaded this software call 4Teams. It turns out that you cannot do recuring tasks, so I removed it. Afterwards my outlook was only opening every other time. I reinstall/repaired it with the install disk. Still the program showed the additional 4-team button on the toolbar. And I was still having problems. So I totally reinstalled it, and it still showed up. Now it won't open at all.

By the way, when I use Ctrl-Alt-Del to stop it after it locks up for several minutes trying to load, I see two outlook items, one dim the other normal in the end program screen.

I have sent a support reuest to 4-teams but have not heard back from them.

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I am running Outlook 2000 on both my laptop and desktop computers. Ultimately I would like to be able to sychronize the information on both..on a continuous basis. In other words, sometimes I will be checking email from the laptop, other times from the desktop. At this point, I know of no way to keep the information straight, so that it is always in synch. Is this possible in an environment without an exchange server?

What I am currently doing is using the desktop primarily, then copying the files onto the laptop. I am not accessing or sending emails from outlook on the laptop. When I need to send emails from the laptop, I do it from the web interface provided by my ISP.

A:Tips on synchronizing Outlook Email and Tasks

You can, but its a bit of a hack (or very specific configuration) that can be accomplished if you have a cerrtain type of mail service, most of which are a monthly fee but Gmail and now I believe Yahoo (but you'd have to have the paid account), have what is called IMAP email (Hotmail (or Live! Mail) does the same thing though its more proprietary) that basically keeps all the email online the same as always but it also syncs with whatever desktop client logs in and is configured for IMAP mail so no matter what system you checked mail with, you'd have syncronous mail.

The cost? $0 if you use Gmail. You can find more information about configuration from within a gmail account under settings>Forwarding and POP/IMAP. You should even be able to forward your email from your current account to Gmail if its not already and allow the continued use of your current email address as well.

I think its very kool and I'm gradually trying to get all my accounts there or Windows Live! Mail is working pretty good for me also since I have mostly Yahoo and Hotmail accounts already.

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I just upgraded from Outlook 2000 to 2003. I use the task items and highly depend on sorting within my categories. In 2000 I can view my task items by category, then click the header to sort within those categories.

Since the upgrade, I can of course view in categories, but I can not sort within the category. When I try to sort by clicking the headings it no longer keeps my categories together. Is there a way to sort with-IN a category or did MS take that feature away?

Any ideas if this feature is no longer available?


A:Sorting Tasks Items in Categories -Outlook 2003

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We use Outlook to manage in-house tasks. Customers send in problems to a specific mailbox, someone monitoring that mailbox generates a task using that email and assigns the task to another user to handle it. The second user accepts the task, adds whatever work they do, and finally sets the status as Complete, which closes it on their end and sends an update to the monitored mailbox for closing it there.

95% of the time, this works flawlessly.

Sometimes the second user goes through all the motions and closes out the task, but the monitored mailbox task is never updated correctly to show it as closed. This leads to a minor amount of tail-chasing and finger wagging as people get confused and wonder why something is still showing as active.

The problem seems completely random - it's not just a single user, it's happened to numerous users. It won't all happen at once, but maybe 1-2 times a week that the process breaks down. All of my testing has everything working correctly.

My inclination is some type of user error, but all parties insist that they always do everything the same way and couldn't possibly be causing problems. A manager escalated the issue to the company president and in turn the issue became my issue and I need to find a resolution.

Web searches don't show any kind of history of this, or the results are buried so deep in other topics of a similar nature that I can't find them. Does anyone have any idea if this is a programming iss... Read more

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Anyone have any ideas on this?

Googleing this didn't get me too many results. What with all of everyone saying how much integration there is between Onenote and other MS Apps., I haven't found a solution to this one.

Any help would be appreciated.


Ron V.

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I'm new to figuring out Tasks (etc) in Outlook 2003 SP2.

On Thursday 7/27/06 I entered a Task in the morning and gave it a Start date of 8/1/06 and a Due date of 8/3/06.

I then went into Calendar and told it to also show me TaskPad (View - TaskPad) and to show the TaskPad's next seven days of items (View -TaskPad View - Show Tasks for Next Seven Days) the Task shows up.

I then went to Tasks and selected Simple or Detailed view and the Task also showed up there.

But if, still in Tasks, I selected "Next Seven Days" it did NOT show up.

What's going with that?

Then, later in the same day, I entered a new Task, giving it a Start date and a due date of Today -- 7/27/06. But when I went into Tasks and chose to show Active it did two things that were really weird:

1. It did not show the Task has Start and Due dates of today. 2. It did show the Task that has a Start date of 8/1/06 and a Due date of 8/3/06 (it's Reminder is also 8/3/06). (Note that when I choose to show Next Seven Days this one still fails to show up, which it seems it should do.)

On more experimenting with that Task with a Start and Due date of today that didn't show up in Active after I created it, well, once I went in and changed the Start date to yesterday, closed it (which resulted in it showing up in Active, in red), and then re-opened it and changed the Start date back to today, then it DID show up under Active. But why didn't it show up under Active when I... Read more

A:Outlook Tasks date filters acting very weird

Okay, sorry... upon more experimenting I'm learning the quirks of the program:

1. Next Seven Days is really today and the next six days, so 8/3/06 was no included.

2. TaskPad in Calendar defines and treats Views very differently than Tasks does.

3. Active shows everything but Deferred so I'll "assume" I accidentally had that selected as the reason why a Due date of today didn't show in Active (I "hope").


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I have two mailboxes added on Outlook 2010 but I only want to view the tasks for my personal account - not for the secondary shared account which I monitor as there are so many of them.

This seems to be the way to do it: How to filter out flagged emails from a specific account in Outlook 2010's task list - Super User
but it just doesn't work. It either removes all or none entries from both mailboxes.

Has anyone managed to get this to work successfully?

A:Outlook 2010 - hiding tasks from additional mailboxes

Hello lolalou, maybe this will work for you

Share Task

Try unchecking folder visible for the shared acounts

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I am trying to print up my task list in outlook 2002. I would like to print it up using the memo style as opposed to the table style. The problem is it won't let me print multiple items on one page. It has the print each item on a separate page checked and shaded so I can't uncheck it. Does anyone know why this is or how I can get around it. The table view doesn't have the detail I need like the time spent. To do each one on a separate sheet is prohibitively wasteful and time consuming.

A:Printing multiple tasks on a single page-outlook xp

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Hi Folks,
I found the following thread:

At best I am capable of copy pasting code - and I guess I'm slightly failing at that even.
I simply wish to be able to update an excel with dates of future tasks, in a particular column, and have these automatically appear as tasks on a particular date in calendar. Ideally column a (name of task) and column F (date in format 1.1.1.) would both be incorporated into the task, which would be allocated to date X in calendar.
I am using Outlook version 14.0.4734.1000

I have associated with Outlook 14.0 object library already. This is what i have so far (the first line is incorrect, presumably amongst others):

Sub ExportAppointmentsToOutlook(14.0)
Dim olApp As Outlook.Application
Dim olApt As AppointmentItem
Dim blnCreated As Boolean

'Read the table with appointments:
Dim arrAppt() As Variant, i As Long
arrAppt = Range("A2", Cells(Rows.Count, "F").End(xlUp)).Value
On Error Resume Next
Set olApp = GetObject(, "Outlook.Application")
If olApp Is Nothing Then
Set olApp = CreateObject("Outlook.Application")
blnCreated = True
blnCreated = False
End If
On Error GoTo 0
'Create the outlook item for the table entries:
' Row 1 = date
' Row 2 = starttime
' Row 3 = endtime
' Row 4 = Description
' Row 5 = ... Read more

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