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Can't check for updates, SURT fails.

Q: Can't check for updates, SURT fails.


I can't check for Windows 7 Updates. I get an error saying that the service isn't running, even when it is (I checked services.msc). I tried running SURT, but I get an error 0xc8000247. I tried sfc /scannow, didn't work. CBS logs are attached. Thanks.

Preferred Solution: Can't check for updates, SURT fails.

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: Can't check for updates, SURT fails.

You're probably also getting a 'non-genuine' error??

This may simply be caused by a bad set of Intel Rapid Storage Technology drivers -

Installing the Intel Rapid Storage Drivers
try downloading and installing them from here - https://downloadcenter.intel.com/Detail_Desc.aspx?agr=Y&ProdId=2101&DwnldID=22194

(you want the iata_enu.exe download)

Once complete, please reboot twice, then post another MGADiag report.

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good evening, I have tried following your instructions to post information regarding the error, but surt fails to execute the hotfix.
For the past month, I kept getting disconnected from my wifi, it would stop working, and could not run the troubleshooter either.
I ran windows updater, it did update some files, but failed with 3 having to do with microsoft net framework.
I play FSX and P3D, today I tried upgrading my P3D to a new version and it failed as well, never happened before.
since I could not run surt, can you please guide me thru what steps I can take, this is driving me crazy and those games are what keeps my brain distracted from thinking about a bladder tumor.
I am enclosing the error logs as well.

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Ran CHKDSK /R, no issues found.
SFC /SCANNOW fails, "Windows Resource Protection could not perform the requested operation". Same thing when run in safe mode.
Ran the hotfix, no change.
CBS log attached.

Any assistance gratefully accepted!

A:Check for Updates fails 80073712

Hi GerryWolfe, welcome to the forums!

0x80073712 is a very nasty error and I'm not very hopeful this is fixable, but let's have a look.
If you navigate to C:\Windows\system32\config, you will see most of your registry hives. There will, or at least should, be a file in there called components, how big is it?

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The system came preinstalled with Windows 7 Pro 64-bit and kept failing. I tried clean boot, resetting update, sfc scan, memtest and everything was fine. I reinstalled windows and have gone through all of the above again, as well as using Microsoft's FixIt tools. I get error C80003FA. Can't get anything to get these updates to go through. I can send the computer back, but would rather fix it and get it deployed to user. Any ideas? Thanks!

A:Refurb PC, Reinstalled Win 7, check for updates fails

Did you reinstall windows on top of existing one or you formatted the drive and installed Windows?

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I understand that this SURT is supposed to resolve the eternal "searching for updates" so I would be extremely please if someone could tell me where this marvel can be found
Thanks a lot for your time

A:where can I find SURT tool to kick w7 updates

I don't know about SURT but the following will resolve the Windows update problem.

Follow these instructions exactly.
First, set Windows Updates to never check for Updates.
Next reboot your computer, then install KB3020369, if not installed.
Then install KB3172605.

Windows updates should return to normal. You can then reset your updates to automatically check for updates if desired



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I've got a system that was acting weird on, running slow, etc. I did an repair install of Windows 7 SP1 over the existing OS and can't get all of the Windows updates to roll.

I attempted to do SFC /SCANNOW and it reports no integrity violations.

KB947821 was run overnight and this evening, I found the computer still running it with the "Searching for updates" prompt.

CBS folder is attached.

SFCFix shows:
SFCFix version by niemiro.
Start time: 2017-01-07 21:29:07.744
Microsoft Windows 7 Service Pack 1 - amd64
Not using a script file.

SUMMARY: Some corruptions could not be fixed automatically. Seek advice from helper or sysnative.com.
CBS & SFC total detected corruption count: 0
CBS & SFC total unimportant corruption count: 0
CBS & SFC total fixed corruption count: 0
SURT total detected corruption count: 111
SURT total unimportant corruption count: 0
SURT total fixed corruption count: 0
AutoAnalysis:: directive completed successfully.

Successfully processed all directives.
SFCFix version by niemiro has completed.
Currently storing 0 datablocks.
Finish time: 2017-01-07 21:29:17.739

I've looked around the forums online and tried various things, but can't seem to get the updates to pull down correctly.

Thanks in advance for any assistance that can be provided.

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Hello, I recently replaced a defective HDD in my laptop with a new WD Black 750G HDD, re-installed my Windows 7 image using my recovery DVDs, but can't seem to update Windows OR start Windows Defender (error 0x8e5e0247). I followed the steps from "Windows Update Posting Instructions" and am listing the results:-

1. System Update Readiness Tool installation resulted in error:0xc8000247.

2. Also performed SFC Scan three separate times and received the same "WRP found corrupt files but was unable to fix some of them." (see attached CBS)

When I manually try to install updates, I get "Windows Update cannot check for updates because the service is not running. Restart your computer." But if look in local services (Task Manager) Windows Update is started & running.

Any help in resolving this issue would be greatly appreciated.
PS: There were some programs included in the restore, Norton AV being one of them. I uninstalled it, then downloaded the Norton Removal Tool & ran that as well. I'm mentioning this because it was recommended several times in other threads regarding this same error.

A:Cannot install Windows Updates & error 0xc8000247 while running SURT

Any Help?

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How's that for a Topic?

I first noticed the problem while trying to install QuickBooks.
It complained about the .NET framework.
When I went to Add/Remove Windows components, it was blank.
I googled and studied more.
I tried SFC /scan now. "Windows Resource Protection could not perform the requested operation."
Notice Application log is full of 1001 - Windows Error reporting with the following:
WindowsWcpOtherFailure3Not available06.1.7601base\wcp\componentstore\storelayout.cpp

SURT appears to install, but really doesn't run.
There are more symptoms, but that's enough for starters.

CBS logs attached.

I appreciate any help you can offer.

A:Updates loop, SFC won't run, SURT doesn't work, Can't System Restore

The CheckSUR reports this...

Checking Packages
(f) CSI Unable to Query Store Version 0x00000002
This means that there is a major problem with your registry.

I need to have a look at your COMPONENTS registry hive

Please copy the C:\Windows\System32\config\COMPONENTS file (no extension) to your desktop and then compress it - upload the compressed file to your favoured fileshare site (preferably Dropbox or OneDrive) and post a link.

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EDIT: Please see my updated information a few posts down.

Hello, I'm having issues on a Windows 7 64 bit system. If the updates install, then upon restart it fails configuration and reverts back. Otherwise the the updates will fail and I get the following when using the windows fix it for windows update tool.

I am running a sfc /scannow currently. The failure code on all the updates is 80200001.

Thanks for any help.

update: the sfc /scannow

"Verification 100% complete.

Windows Resource Protection did not find any integrity violations."

A:Windows Updates Fails configuring updates and reverts back

Hi bro,I had the same problem 3 days ago and I have solved the problem so, I think, I can help you,first of all I need to know if you have any antivirus tool intalled on your computer,if it so,[download CLEANER sofware from filehippo.com-it's important]uninstall them,for this action use safe mode by pressing F8 button,when you boot with safe mod you will not be able to uninstall your antivirus,because you have loaded only the drivers that needs safe mod,that's why you must delete your antivirus manually,for best result go to control panel-->folder options-->mark "show hidden files,folders,archives" apply and ok then go to user folder and open AppData\Local\"antivirus folder" and delete it,after this open AppData\Roaming\"antivirus folder" and delete it as well,at the end,you have to delete the main folder of your antivirus,that is installed on C or another drive.for example:C:\Program Files\ESET.After that open cleaner go to REGISTRY and scan for issues and if you get[I am sure you will get errors] any problem,fix them[delete them,you don't need to save registry settings before deleting] after cleaning registry, you have to run cleaner,so, go to software main window and press RUN CLEANER button[it's the last step] and restart your computer with normal mode.Now you can install updates and configure your windows safely.I hope this will help you

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Windows Update spins forever on "checking for updatse". The Win Update Troubleshooter gives error 0x8024402C. I have tried numerous fixes including some KBs - no success.

Today I tried steps 1 and 2 that you recommend should be run before posting on this problem.

1. The SURT installer has been spinning > 3 hrs on "searching for updates on this computer".

2. I ran "sfc /scannow". It says "Windows Resource Protection found corrupt files but was unable to fix some of them" and refers to CBS.log - but that is an empty file.

Can anyone advise me?

A:Windows Update spins "checking for updates"; SURT installer spins

Hi Bill,
have you tried the fixit from this link

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I have never posted on a forum before so apologies if I am doing this wrong. The problem started when I tried to plug in my (new) iphone to my Dell pc. The device was not detected so I tried to update my itunes software - update failed and I received a Windows 7 error. After searching through multiple forums and trying to download windows utility cleaner, etc - nothing has helped. Also, if I try to run the 'Check for Updates" link on my computer - if NEVER stops searching for updates and there for I cant update anything. Not sure where to start

A:Windows Check for updates keeps running-all installation/updates fail

Let's start with the easy stuff

To properly analyse and solve problems with Activation and Validation, we need to see a full copy of the report produced by the MGADiag tool
(download and save to desktop - http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?linkid=52012 )
Once saved, run the tool.
Click on the Continue button, which will produce the report.
To copy the report to your response, click on the Copy button in the tool (ignore any error messages at this point), and then paste (using either r-click/Paste, or Ctrl+V ) into your response.
- **in your own thread**, please

Please also state the Version and Edition of Windows quoted on your COA sticker (if you have one) on the case of your machine (or inside the battery compartment), but do NOT quote the Key on the sticker!
How to Tell

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I seen that someone else had this same problem in here so I copied and pasted this problem here in my own Thread cause I'm having the same problem, but seems that I couldn't use the help that was giving to that user cause it was for that user only.

Windows Update now says, "Restart your computer to install important updates." When I do, the computer shuts down, saying "Preparing to configure updates..." When it restarts, it says, "Configuring updates...100% completed..." then restarts again. Upon reaching the welcome screen this time, it says "Failed to configure updates...reverting changes...Welcome" and returns me to my desktop. At this point, when I try to manually check for new updates (or if I just leave Windows Update alone until it checks itself), Windows Update tells me "Restart your computer to install important updates," and the process loops again, so I cannot check for updates.

Report- Windows 7 Please Help.zip

If you do not want to download the report here it is..


Advanced SystemCare Diagnose Report v1.0
Date: 2012/10/23 11:41:44

01 - Operating System

0101 - Operating System : Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit (6.1, Build 7601) Service Pack 1 (7601.win7sp1_gdr.120830-0333)
0102 - Language : English (Regional Setting: English)
0103 - BIOS : BIOS Date: 09/23/09 11:58:43 Ver: 08.00.10
0104 - Processor : Intel(R) Core(TM) i3... Read more

A:Cannot Complete Installing Updates, or Check for New Updates HELP

Hello dlolley and welcome to Seven Forums.

According to the Advanced SystemCare diagnose report you provided there seems to be a problem with something called Tuneup 2012 or Tuneup Utilities. I'm not sure if this is a different product from Advanced SystemCare that generated your report or if Tuneup 2012 is a part of Advanced SystemCare. In any case, these tuneup utilities can cause major damage to operating system files, the registry, etc. I would suggest uninstalling them. Windows 7 isn't like XP which required constant tweaking to work right.

Then I would run a full anti-virus scan with your installed anti-malware suite. No anti-malware product is 100% effective 100% of the time. If there was such a thing we'd all be using it. So after running that scan I would follow up with some additional scans using these free tools. Don't forget to update the data bases before running the scans.:


ESET Online Scanner

Windows Defender Offline

If the scans come back clean you could try rolling back your computer to a date/time prior to the update problems using system restore. I would also run a system file checker scan from an elevated command prompt (option two.) If problems are found, run the scan 3 times and reboot the computer after each scan.

System Restore

SFC /SCANNOW Command - System File Checker

When you're finished with the above you can try installing the updates again. Do not use the automatic update setting. Use the setting called Never Check... Read more

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For a while now I have been experiencing a strange problem. My laptop keeps changing the Windows Updates without my consent. I know this has been raised in the past but my problem is slightly different.

I prefer to choose "Check for updates but let me choose whether to download or install them", however periodically the settings change without my consent to "Never check for updates".

This is very frustrating as I am constantly having to keep an eye on this, and change the settings back to what they were in order to receive critical updates, or indeed any other update.

The laptop was bought new just under 12 months ago and came with Win7 Home Premium 64Bit pre-installed.

Has anyone else experienced this, or can anyone advise on a fix?

Many thanks for any help offered.



A:Win7 Updates changes settings to Never Check for Updates

First off IMHO constantly doing updates isn't always the best thing to do. MS is not infallible and sometimes puts out updates that cause problems.

If your system is running fine why bother doing updates all the time.

If you want all the updates then set it to check, download and install Auto. then you don't have to worry about it at all.

If the problem continues, the setting being changed to Never Check then more then likely you have some malware, of some type, on your system. Windows does not do that by itself. If anything it would change it to Always check, DL and install Auto, not the other way.

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Is there a good way to sift through updates without going the "check for updates" route? I'm hoping for a method to find updates that actually effect system performance or robustness, rather than security updates. I mean, other than reading the descriptions manually.

It would be nice if there was an easy to use database instead of Click go to web page, read, repeat while trying to keep my place in the list. That's a nightmare.

A:Quickly sift updates without Check For Updates?

Doubt it? I haven't seen or heard of any other way to do it. Some patches depend on what other patches have already been applied so picking and choosing manually may not work the way you think it will. I would think it could actually impact performance negatively. It's not something I would do.

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My last successful update check was September 11, 2012. Some updates installed successfully, others failed. The failed ones were:

Update for Windows 7 (KB2719857) Recommended
Update for Windows 7 (KB2735855) Important
Update for Windows 7 (KB2741355) Recommended

Windows Update now says, "Restart your computer to install important updates." When I do, the computer shuts down, saying "Preparing to configure updates..." When it restarts, it says, "Configuring updates...100% completed..." then restarts again. Upon reaching the welcome screen this time, it says "Failed to configure updates...reverting changes...Welcome" and returns me to my desktop. At this point, when I try to manually check for new updates (or if I just leave Windows Update alone until it checks itself), Windows Update tells me "Restart your computer to install important updates," and the process loops again, so I cannot check for updates.

Things I have tried:
-FixIt (MicrosoftFixit.wu.LB.137271463094452760.1.1.Run)
-Manually installing the failed updates (each one tells me that "The update is not applicable to your computer")
-Startup repair (though, I'm having no problems starting up)
-Rebooting in safe mode, then restarting
-Disabling F-Secure firewall and antivirus
-System Restore to a point before these updates were attempted (this resulted in a message saying that System Restore failed, but at the same time, System Restore also presents m... Read more

A:Cannot Complete Installing Updates, or Check for New Updates

There are a few hundred MS Fixits - which one have you used?

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For the last few days, every time I download a program, usually games, when I try to unzip the program I get an error. The error is crc check failed.
It has happened on mutilple programs from mutiple suppliers.

I ran Spy Bot and Ad Aware and the each found problems that I deleted, but I still have the same issue.

Any ideas?

Running Windows XP home with all updates.

Virus software is AVG.

A:Crc Check Always Fails

Are you on dial-up or a high speed line? Chances are your files are getting corrupted during the download. Also, if you're on dial-up and you are having some trouble with it, it might be that the phone line in your house is miswired - the pair of wires being used may be reversed. I have a tester for that and have often found reversed lines in people's houses. You can use the internet but it often has problems or is slow.

Otherwise, it might be your memory or some other hardware problem.

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I have just bought a new ASUS Transformer TX300 notebook on last Friday. I was very irritated about
the poor performance of this i7 CPU notebook. The machine runned very lag and I have
to wait even I just type something. (But at the very beginning when I tested the machine
in the shop every thing was fine) In the Task Manager, there is always the Windows
Module Installer Worker which is always utilizing CPU, Memory and Disk. Windows
update ALWAYS FAIL. Since the day of purchase, virtually none updates were installed. Every time I check
for updates, there are lots of items but when I clicked install updates, it
starts downloading and after half an hour the download progress was still 0%. And
sometimes I could choose to update and restart. However, when I get into the screen
about Windows Updates recently installed updates, all items failed to install. I tried System recovery last night. And the problem is still there. What has improved is that, gladly, the machine runs much faster tonight, commensurating what should an i7 machine performs.
Attached please have some screenshots which were taken to signify the seriousness of the issue and my heart to have this problem fixed asp so that my ssd in the new notebook won't get hurt...

A:Updates always fails


Are you able to install any of the updates individually?


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Whenever I start up my laptop, It tries to do a disk check and everytime it fails, saying I need to use system restore to get rid of a recent software package installation....

Well, I tried using system restore but it says there's a file system corruption on Windows C: and I need to check it for errors before I can restore....

Anyone know how I can fix this?

A:Disk Check on every startup that fails.

Open an elevated command prompt.

Elevated Command Prompt

At the prompt type

chkntfs /x c: (where c: is the relevant drive letter), hit Enter. (this tells windows to stop running chkdsk at boot).

Now boot into windows and again in elevated command prompt, the following then hit Enter.

chkdsk /f /r c:

Let chkdsk run, it may take a while.

Hopefully this should fix hard disk errors. Also download the hard disk diagnostic for your brand from this site and run it.

Hard Drive Diagnostics Tools and Utilities (Storage) - TACKtech Corp.

If the hard disk passes the tests, you can try reenabling chkdsk at boot.

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Have Tyan Tempest i5000XL, 2x Xeon 5355Quads,4GB Corsair Reg PC667FB-DIMM, Evga 8800GTX graphics, Adaptec4800SAS with 2x Seagate cheetah in Raid.
Running Check it CPU test passed, motherboard test passed except cache test which failed, when running memory test rig locks up. Have run PCMark05, will not do overall score as internet browsing test initialization fails, HDD test [ 9148] and graphics test [ 10959] are good, CPU test [8493] and memory test [ 4354] are low. So is there a connection to the failed cache test? I had overheated the cpu's on build and the rig shut down, could there be a cpu or motherboard issue?
Thanks for your thoughts

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My sons laptop
is currently stuck at the screen "Configuring updates: Stage 3 of 3 - 0% complete. Do not turn off your computer."
It has been like this over that last several hours or so. It keeps rebooting to the same screen like its in a loop.
I have turned it off and tried safe mode but it goes back to the same screen. Ran the diagnostics that came with the laptop and everything passed, no problems noted.
I have the reinstallation dvd for this laptop.
What do I need to do to attempt recovery of the OS and will any data he has be kept or will it be lost?
His computer is a Dell Inspiron 1525, 3 GB RAM, Windows Vista Home Premium, SP1 (maybe SP2), 32 bit.

A:Configuring Updates Fails

Try it a few more times. Only, once it gets stuck, just reboot it. Wait just a little bit when it does that...like maybe 3-5 minutes. Eventually it will stop trying and load to original without the update.

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if this is wrong please can some kind person move this to where it should be please..

I recently over this last week upgraded to windows 8 PRO from win 7 Ultimate....... all went fine until the pc tried to update windows... it has 51 critical or important updates to do and it will fail every time and then spendnearly an hour rolling back changes then doing it all over again...... wish never done it now!!

Can some kind person tell me why this is happening?

Upgraded my 64bit PC, I have attached my snippets of the details of the updates failures... I have followed every procedure I can think of, the only one left is to put the darned win8 disc back and see what happens!

many thanks to anyone to offer help and advice..... am silver surfer with some knowledge but not complex commands etc

A:Windows 8 pro fails 51 updates!

The date and time in bios could be wrong. No error code?

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My sons laptop is currently stuck at the screen "Configuring updates: Stage 3 of 3 - 0% complete. Do not turn off your computer."
It has been like this over that last hour or so. It keeps rebooting to the same screen.
I have turned it off and tried safe mode, goes to the same screen.
I have the reinstallation dvd for this laptop.
What do I need to do to attempt recovery of the OS and will any data he has be kept or will it be lost?

A:Configuring Updates Fails

MS about it The update is not installed successfully, you receive a message, and the computer restarts when you try to install an update in Windows Vista and Windows 7 -METHOD I

because it is laptop and don't you have Vista DVD instead use Vista Recovery Disk
Create a Recovery Disc

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I have the dreaded "Windows cannot complete the update process. Undoing changes." I've tried going to the page where Microsoft has the update fix. https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/...e-issues/en-us That doesn't help. I've tried searching for answers on Google and here, but I'm not finding any particular error. It just "fails". Looking at the update history provides nothing useful. It just says that the updates failed with a generic error code, so I can't figure out which update is causing the problem. Because of Windows's intelligent update system, this means that NOTHING gets updated because apparently if it fails on one update, Windows removes the failed updates AND all the non-failed updates.

Now that they've all been downloaded to my computer, I can't figure out how to install them one at a time to figure this out. Does anyone else know? If they weren't downloaded yet, I could just do them one at a time. But apparently they are already on my computer somewhere. I need to delete them and install them one at a time.

(Interesting note - I notice that the first fail was a "Windows 10 Home" update back on July 28th. I haven't made my computer eligible for the free upgrade yet, so I'm not sure what that's all about. Then every few days, I'll get the same Windows 10 update error. I'm assuming it's failing because I've elected NOT to install it yet. Those are the only errors until about 3 days ago. Now MOST updates fail, incl... Read more

A:Updates complete up to 96% then fails

It's update KB3078071. It's the cumulative update for IE11 and some other things. Apparently this creates an issue so bad that when you try to install it with other updates at the same time it causes them all to fail. This is apparently a semi-widespread issue that Microsoft has yet to address. This update was released only 5 days ago, and I have no information on how widespread the problem may be. Apparently, not everyone is having a problem with it.

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Could someone help me solve this issue. I was able to receive updates from microsoft for sometime but just recently the following updates refuse to install successfully after using the manual update.

Update for Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 Junk Email Filter (KB974771)
Security Update for Microsoft Office 2003 (KB972580)
Security Update for Microsoft Office 2003 (KB974554)
Security Update for Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 (KB973705)

When I click on start > turn off computer then turn off button, it goes to the normal shutting down mode, then starts installing the 4 updates above then shuts down but when I turn back the system on, going to start > turn off computer, the turn off button still has the updates are ready to be installed sign on it..

What could be causing this problem.. I would appreciate any help because this has been going on for some time now and am very worried about it..
Microsoft Windows
Version 5.1 (Build 2600.xpsp_sp3_gdr.090804-1435 : Service Pack 3)

A:Automatic updates fails

try this


and then if needed, this


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 Last Monday morning my wife logged on after a sunday night ms update. When she tried to open programs, she received info alerts indicating program files not found. after re-booting, the icons on desktop started slowly disappearing. after another reboot i tried to enter Safe Mode only to see options to select system recovery or start windows normally. neither worked.
 So far I have ran Kaperskys tdss killer, Hirens boot, and AVG recovery. All found some instances of trojans,viruses etc, which have all been cleaned (as far as they say) except in AVG scans that identify a JS Phish file somewhere in Mail, that does not respond to "heal" option. All system (and otherwise) files still exists, I can see them during various scans.
 When booting now, machine displays HP screen with the F key options, but all I can select is Boot order from Netbios or other boot drive selections.  It just seems like the boot order has been manipulated or moved.
The machine is a HP Pentium T1300w desktop
I am stumped, any help would be appreciated.

A:win 7 fails to boot after MS updates

How are you running these scans, from discs?
Have you tried to boot into Safe Mode?
Have you tried restarting the computer two or three times?

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WIN 7 X 64 fails when trying to load MS updates. I see lots of users have the same problem and have tried many of the suggestions that I found on the forum. I have Malwarebytes and MS essentials installed.

Security updates for MS.NET are successful as are Definitions for MSE, the Bing Bar updates and even updates for Office 2010 (even though it is not loaded on my computer) but none of the Security Updates for Win7 x64 based systems will load. Every bootup for weeks it says ? you have 37-40 updates? If I tell it not to update, sometimes, somehow, it does it any way and in the middle of my word processing a box pops up that is counting down to a reboot. If I don?t walk away it just shuts down in the middle of my typing.

If I ignore the ?updates available? it changes my log off box from ?shut down? to ?load updates and shut down?. If I don?t pay close attention and change the default back to ?shut down? each time I get stuck loading all the same updates that didn?t load the day before. Dirty pool.

Of course if I tell it to load updates it will finish and then wants to shut down. During shut down it spends a very long time loading ?definitions?? Then when I reboot it spends even longer trying to load updates. I must walk away. This ties my computer up for a very long time and then always has to run ?start up repair? to get the PC to boot after loading updates. I walk away again. Every once in a while start up repair fails and the only way to use my co... Read more

A:WIN 7 X 64 fails when trying to load MS updates

Try installing the larger files one at a time.
The smaller one can be all at once.

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Hi guys, I'm currently experiencing some kind of weird behavior of my windows 7.

Sometimes it justs random restarts. The other weird thing, is that this random restart never occurs when I'm in from of pc, it justs happens for example if i leave my computer downloading anything among the night. I've checked it to be sure this was not a trojan, or someone attacking my computer manually, and definitely it's not, it just random reboot.

To keep bizarre on, when i was installing a new game called "Dirt 3", i've got another random restart on every install try. At this point i just realized that something wrong was happening on my pc.

So, I've ran memtests without any bad result. PSU and GPU tests..

What's left? Hard disk of course.
Sometimes when those random reboots appear, my computer is unable to boot in normal mode, I've to enter safe mode, clean shutdown then restart in safe mode.

These win7 fail boot, also happens sometimes after installing Windows updates.

I've tried to check my hard disk, and surprise, when computer reboots and try to chkdsk before win7 starts i get the black screen saying that i can skip hard disk check bla bla bla... when chkdsk starts, reboot again.

Every single time i try to chkdsk computer reboots.

I'm desperate so I've tried just to perform disk checking error from win without repair just to see the logs. That's what i get:

Chkdsk was executed in read-only mode on a volume snapshot.

Checking file syst... Read more

A:Check Disk fails pc random reboots..


Welcome to SevenForums.

First and foremost, NEVER, NEVER defrag a disk that has problems. You will only make bad matters first.

After a disk passes chkdisk, then you can defrag which you don't need to do anyway at this stage of the game. Unschedule Defrag until after your computer is working.

Now advising correctly will be much easier if we knew something about your computer.

Please read carefully, and carry out following so that we have a better idea as to how to advise you.


User CP (3rd item in the top menu bar) |
Your Profile (left-hand column, Edit System Spec |

To gather info, use
Speccy - System Information - Free Download
or SIW or the System Info tool,
Use System Info to see your System Specs

Please add the word laptop or desktop or netbook to the
?system manufacturer? block.

Provide full windows version info, for example:
MS Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit SP1

Use the ?Other Info? block for Optical Reader,
Mouse, touchpad, wifi adapter, speakers, monitor, etc

Scroll down and click on the SAVE CHANGES button.

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I have been unable to update win 7 for over a year, and noone has an answer including Ms.

I have tried every reset, reinstall, repair and fix it known. All to no avail;.

i have run SURT several times, tried every fix there is and it always fails to configure.

I believe I know what it is and can get no answer on it. I have only a manual logon connection.

it cannot be set to log on manually or during boot. I beleive the updates now try to 'talk back" to the windows update server after boot up configuring ends, prior to the computer being booted up.

I think it fails because of no connection, even the standalone installers do the same thing at 99% after restart and configure.

I have cbs files for the last 3 days and it will now allow me to attach them, plus the ones going all the way back to last sept which should show every error that has happened. The latest one is a 2.86 GB file which seems huge in my opinion. (tried it in IE, FF wouldn't allow the dom window.both failed to load the files I need to direct email them)

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I started out with this machine running Windows 8.1.  I don't know how it got there but it seemed more or less fine.I proceeded to install Windows 10 update but that failed in any number of ways using both the web interfaces and from DVDs within Windows.  I did want to retain all that could be retained.After many attempts at this, I gave up (although I did image the system and could go back).I restored the factory software which turned out to be Windows 8.It still refuses to accept many Windows updates.It just failed to install Windows 8.1.I seem to be getting further and further away from Windows 10 all the time! What is the secret formula?  :-)If I can retain the "oritinal" Windows 8.1 and files that would be great!I surely want to retain the Windows licensing.

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Greetings all. I've managed to get rid of the blue screen on a Gateway M-2624U laptop by replacing the hard drive, now I'm facing the problem of Vista not logging off or shutting down. I've reinstalled the operating system several times to no avail. It hasn't shut down correctly since the OS reinstall (not a driver problem, since there were no specialty installed). I've also tried to install updates via Windows Update, but I always get 'downloading updates' but it's stuck at 0%. I've tried to manually install updates and some work, some don't. I've tried all kinds of Google'd results, but nothing works.

I'm out of ideas, this laptop is driving me up a wall.

A:Vista fails to log off, install updates.

I would start over following the same steps to get a perfect Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7 using only the methods and tools in the tutorial.

Short of that with the corruption you've somehow accumulated I would do a Repair Install

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My system continually attempts to install updates to Windows 10.  However upon download and attept to install, I receive a message that installation for updates was unsuccessful.  Then I wait 5 minutes while the system then uninstalls any changes.  I have changed settings to stop auto updates which has had no affect.  I also ran the automatic repare tool provided by Microsoft which had no affect either.

A:Windows 10 fails to install updates

Hi, Windows 10 is a Microsoft product. What is the error message ? One way to work on Windows updates: do not update all in one go, split them to few smaller batches and you will know which one failed. Regards.

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Recently I have been having issues with Windows Update. There are Three updates that I cannot install whether it be through Windows Update or downloading them manually from the Microsoft Website.

The update codes are:

KB2984976 &

When trying to update through Windows Update, I get the error codes 800B0100 & 80073712. Although when I try to install them by getting the updates from the website manually, it notifies me that the updates don't apply to my system even though they're for Winows 7. I am still able to install definition updates and another XML update worked, but not these Three. I have run DISM to attempt to restore PC health which does not even run, I also have run sfc/scannow now multiple times but it always reports that it "was unable to fix some of them"

I followed all the instructions in the posting thread and in the attachment section it says the max file size for a zip folder is 8MB although my CBS log is 20MB, what should I do? My version is Windows 7 64 Bit Home Premium.

Thanks in advance.

A:Windows Update fails with certain updates only

Please follow the Windows Update Posting Instructions and post the requested data
If the file is too large (8MB compressed), remove the older CBSPersist cab files until the final file is below the limit - you can always post them separately after zipping them. (the forum doesn't allow the upload of bare CAB files, for a number of reasons) Alternatively, upload the full set to your favoured fileshare site (preferably DropBox or OneDrive) and post a link.

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After installation of Windows 10 on my B50-45, the laptop requested that I install "Lenovo Updates" which ends up being LU.exe  I did that, and now when I start the program from the Desktop shortcut it installed, I receive the error message "Network Problem". 
This is not an Internet access problem, as all installed browsers work correctly.
Any suggestions?
Mod's Edit: System model added to the front of Subject line to improve visibility / clarity.

A:B50-45 - Lenovo Updates app fails on Windows 10 wi...

Hi there, Wizard-
Thank you for writing in to the Lenovo Forum - happy to have you here today.
Would you have a problem with your Wi-Fi? Would you be using the updater under Lenovo Solution Center or similar to ThinkVantage System Update . (Troubleshooting System Update: on bottom of the Article)
You may also run Lenovo Solution Center for a Check-up > Hardware 
" Warnings appear due to the state of the network your PC is connected to and not the state of the wireless LAN hardware in the PC.  For example, the user may not be connected to a wireless LAN network or the wireless LAN network may not have access to the internet. "
Update us how it goes.
Tap that kudos button if I helped  If you find a post helpful and it answers your question, please mark it as an "Accepted Solution"! 

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The most recent batch of 28 Win7 x64 updates caused increasing instability of my 5 year old PC, ultimately necessitating a complete reinstallation of OS and, of course, apps. Given that my installation disk is 5 years old, the initial reinstallation led to an attempt to apply the ~200 updates that have been issued over that period. That went about as expected, necessitating a second reinstallation. This time I turned auto-update off, and have been trying to apply the updates 10 at a time, in numerical order. Aside from being time-consuming, the results feel unstable, with some updates failing and forcing Windows to rollback, only to reveal they're still applied after the next boot.

Is there a better way? If I bought a new copy of Win7 would it have most of these updates built in? Thanks for your help.

PS - I do a complete image backup every night via Acronis True Image 2016. I tried to get Acronis to restore everything, but my system (whether in Acronis' boot environment or Windows) is not recognizing the USB drive containing the images (naturally).

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The most recent batch of 28 Win7 x64 updates caused increasing instability of my 5 year old PC, ultimately necessitating a complete reinstallation of OS and, of course, apps. Given that my installation disk is 5 years old, the initial reinstallation led to an attempt to apply the ~200 updates that have been issued over that period. That went about as expected, necessitating a second reinstallation. This time I turned auto-update off, and have been trying to apply the updates 10 at a time, in numerical order. Aside from being time-consuming, the results feel unstable, with some updates failing and forcing Windows to rollback, only to reveal they're still applied after the next boot.

Is there a better way? If I bought a new copy of Win7 would it have most of these updates built in? Thanks for your help.

PS - I do a complete image backup every night via Acronis True Image 2016. I tried to get Acronis to restore everything, but my system (whether in Acronis' boot environment or Windows) is not recognizing the USB drive containing the images (naturally).

A:Reinstalling Win7 fails due to 200 updates

Maybe the steps in this post will help you:
Advice please on best way to install updates for Windows 7

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Title. Can't install any updates. I read online that I have to edit the registry. Tried but windows tells me I have no permissions.

Thanks in advance

EDIT: When trying to do a system restore I get this error http://puu.sh/o6XO4/12326e1edc.png

A:Windows fails to install updates.

Permissions? See repairs in
Tweaking.com's repair tool- file system and registry.

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I was told to post in here with my Vista update problem. Here's the 5 page thread in question. They told me that I'd be better off posting here.

If you need any additional information, let me know.

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Rebooted my computer the other day and let 15 windows updates install as I was headed to bed. Next morning, I get a boot loop. I stopped the reboot and got a "Video Driver failed to initialize" BSOD. Error is 0x000000B4 (0xFFFFFA8007698010, 0xFFFFFA800769A000, 0xFFFFFA800769D000, 0x0000000000000003).

Last known good config and safe mode both hang at classpnp.sys then reboot. I tried running repair multiple times, unplugging all usb devices (except mouse- don't have a ps2 anymore), to no avail.

This install was a fresh install of W7 Ultimate x64 I bought from school (Volume Lic agreement, not retail) on a system I built two years ago (specs in profile). I have a restore image from shortly after install that I could revert to, but would probably be better off with a fresh install. However, I'd like to avoid that for time and configuration reasons. If it is a driver problem, is there a way to reinstall from the command line? I'm pretty sure I have some recent drivers already downloaded.

I realize this could just be a coincidence and my video card is bad now, but I can't believe the updates didn't goof something up. You would think I could still boot in safe mode though...

Also, the posting instructions don't specify if your tool works (or would be useful) from the command line. Is it?

A:Vid driver fails to initialize (0x0..B4) after updates

Update: I ran the repair utility again, and got into the details and noted everything passed except for:

Root Cause Found:
Unspecified changes to system configuration might have caused the problem.
Repair action: System files integrity check and repair
Result: Failed. Error code = 0xa

In two other places is says it couldn't find the root cause of the problem.

I ran sfc /scannow and it said other repairs were pending and to reboot and run again. I did, and it said the same thing.

Aside from copying classpnp.sys from the wife's laptop, any other ideas to try?

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Currently trying out the Scannow method but tried most of the above bar the re-install. Not an option as I'm currently using this PC for Uni. Dpn't have the time to mess around and re-install on a whim like I used to.

Any other suggestions would be great.

Edit: also forgot to say I'm currently downloading the update to try manually installing it.

Scan didn't find anything, now to wait for the download to finish.

These are the four updates that keep failing on me.

A:Win 7 SP1 fails with 800B0100 error along with 3 other updates

Managed to get one of them to install by

Quote: Originally Posted by NoelDP

Use Fixit 50123,reboot, then fixit 50202 in normal mode, reboot, and then 50202 again in Aggressive Mode - this will clear your Update History (but not the INstalled Updates listing). See if that helps.

Updates left are:

Security Update for Windows 7 for x64-based Systems (KB2419640) - Error Code -> 8024200D
Update for Windows 7 for x64-based Systems (KB2345886) - Error Code -> 800B0100
Windows 7 Service Pack 1 for x64-based Systems (KB976932) - Error Code -> 800B0100

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Hello everyone new member here, could you assist me with a Windows Vista problem please.

My Vista is patched to Service Pack 2 and has 41 updates to install, But fails everytime.

Where can I start looking to fix this problem. I have Malwarebytes installed ready for any diagnostics.
Kind Regards


A:Solved: 41 Updates to install and fails

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Hi, Windows 8 will not install updates it says Windows Failed to install updates, Reverting Changes. I have had so many problems with Windows 8, i might go back to Windows 7.

A:Windows Fails to install Updates

Hello Dominic,

What is the full error message and number that it's giving you?

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I'm trying to install Ubunut at the same Windows OS partition (i.e. C However, it seems that using "wubi" caused some problems to my partition.

I try to perform a check disk on my C: drive but it fails. It gives me the error "windows can't check the disk while its in use". So, I tired to schedule the check until after the reboot. Surprisingly, it fails too. after the reboot, when the timer runs out, it fails and gives me an error that reads "cannot open volumes for direct access...Autochk cannot run due to an error caused by a recently installed software package".

I also read few of the similar problems over here and tried some solutions, but non has worked for me.
for example, I tried running the "sfc /scannow" hoping it can do some fixing, but no hopes. I tried to perform the check disk again but the main problem still persist.

Now I want to be able to fix the problem, run the disk check, and get rid of any errors caused to my HD by the linux installation works I done.

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I just bought a Western Digital Black hard drive: WD Caviar Black 1TB Internal Serial ATA Hard Drive for Desktops WDBAAZ0010HNC-NRSN - Best Buy

I have it attached to this motherboard: GIGABYTE - Motherboard - Socket 775 - GA-P35-S3G (rev. 1.0)

The symptoms of my computer are that Windows may run very slow, disk usage is high, and Windows explorer will stop responding often. When I boot into safe mode and run Western Digital's Data Lifeguard Diagnostic the extended test succeeds. When I'm not in safe mode it fails and says "too many bad sectors." The quick test does not finish in Normal mode and says something like "error code 02 - interrupted by a hard or soft reset."

Windows update will also say "Windows cannot search for updates with error code C80001FE."

What could be the reason for this and how can I trouble shoot it?

I have installed all the drivers necessary on my computer. I have AHCI set in the BIOS also. It is a fresh install of Windows 7 Ultimate.

A:Hard Disk Check Fails In Normal Mode

I would RMA the drive back to Best Buy and get a replacement. The drive is obviously bad. It happens a lot more often than many people think. Erase the drive and take it back and tell them it is defective and failed Western Digital's diagnostic test.

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I installed the Win 7 RC on my system a few days ago and ran into problems after installing the following three updates:


I have done a clean install a couple of times and each time after these three updates are installed when the system reboots it goes into the Startup Repair wizard and detects the problem as:

"missing or corrupt ndis.sys"

I have tried doing a system restore to a point prior to these updates being installed but I still see the same error. If I disable automatic updates and don't install these 3 updates the system is stable.

Has anyone else run into problems with these updates?


A:Windows 7 fails to boot after 5/26/09 test updates

Hi mgebhart, welcome to the forums.

Have you tried booting in safe mode? If you can get in on safe mode then you might want to try the following.

In the start menu search bar type CMD, right-click CMD when it appears & select 'Run as administrator'. Once open, type sfc /scannow which will scan your system file integrity & should restore any corrupt files.

Hope this helps

Added pic:


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This desktop has Win XP Pro service pack 2.
Have had weird crashes with different programs used getting exception codes.
I normally use Firefox 3.x as browser but I thought maybe a fix would be to check Microsofts update website.
To do so I used IE 7.

MS update page says
Files required to use Microsoft Update are no longer registered or installed on your computer. To continue:

Register or reinstall the files for me now (Recommended)
then has a error code and goes to download again. and back to above.

MS update program is functional and started
I even went so far as to manually download SP3, it fails to install
I then installed Win XP Pro ( a overwrite and not blowing out all existing other programs)
that did nothing in allowing MS updates to work
Reinstalled the MS update program, made no difference

BIT protocol is working as needed for MS update program

In internet searching slants that the win XP has been hijacked and windows update is prevented from working ?

I downloaded the hijack program mentioned on this forum and results below

any help as I have a lot of software used in my work no longer supported and do not want to have to reformat and start all over again
At this point cannot do any MS updates, and have odd failures when running certain programs and vendors say not due to their software which had worked fine for years before this on this desktop

Many thanks for any help

Not sure what this log could pinpoint as to what the problem is

Added... Read more

A:WinXP Pro MS updates fails odd exception codes

Bump, I posted this 2 days ago and really need some advise on a cure as I need this P/C functional for my work

Thanks for any help

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A 2008 R2 Server, which hasn't Patched since the time it built. Latest it has is  some security updates of March 2017.
Recently I pushed all pending updates (Security and Non-Security) of last 2 years. 23 updates were detected by Client. When installed it said 17 Succeed
r, rest failed.
However when I verify the from 'Add or Remove' I don't even see a single update installed. But my main concern is this, Bluescreen error started showing since the time it has re-booted Post to Patching. 
Window Update log also says Updates are installed.
Any Idea where else can I check the reason of these blue screen? 

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