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Monitor not Recognized after Windows Update

Q: Monitor not Recognized after Windows Update

Hi guys,

I got this problem probably 3 days ago, I woke up one morning and saw that my computer had restarted itself from a Windows Update.

I turned my monitors on, and it only seemed as if one was plugged in, (the Samsung on the right).

So I checked connections, had a look in screen resolution settings and CCC, and neither could detect my ASUS on the left.

After more screwing around, I unplugged both monitors, and then just plugged in the ASUS using its own cable and port that it always uses, and the screen came on.
So to me, this rules out cable and GFX card problems?

I now see in CCC that the ASUS is an Unknown monitor, it ALWAYS used to say ASUS.

Now when I plug in my Samsung, the ASUS turns off and the image moves over to the Samsung.

For the ASUS I use a DVI to HDMI cable (HDMI end at GFX card)
and the the Samsung uses a regular DVI cable.

Thanks guys

Forgot to add; I also tried graphics driver rollback, uninstall Windows Update and then downloaded latest AMD graphics drivers, none of which seemed to help at all.

Preferred Solution: Monitor not Recognized after Windows Update

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: Monitor not Recognized after Windows Update

jimbeis462, try a system Restore

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I just got a second monitor, and my HP Pavilion PC does not recognize that it is plugged in. The monitor and the HDMI cable both definitely work. Both displays are plugged into the PC with an HDMI cable. But when I go to Display Settings and push Detect, it just says "Didn't detect another display." Any help with this issue would be very appreciated!

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Ok. I'm confused. I have built a new computer and need to enable the on board sound in the bios. The only problem is that my monitor doesn't initialize until the computer boots into windows. It has just started doing this, but I've not changed anything from when it was not doing it before! When I reboot and hit DEL to enter the bios, the monitor just never comes on. If I reboot and let it go, it kicks on when the computer enters windows.

Any thoughts?!

The monitor is a Gateway 22" WS. Video card is an ATI HD3850. Let me know if you need any other info!

Thanks in advance for any help.

A:Monitor not recognized until windows!

For some reason either your computer is defaulting to the integrated video device (if you have one) or the other output port on your video card.

If it's the first, then just connect your monitor to the integrated video port and see if you have some setting in the BIOS to disable onboard video or select the primary video device.

In the second case, connect your monitor to the other output port.

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I was trying to set up my dual monitors today on my rig but the second monitor has black screen even though its powered up and connected to my machine. It might be worth mentioning that its a VGA monitor and I'm connecting it to a DVI port on my NVIDIA GTX 580 card using a VGA to DVI adaptor. Any help would be appreciated.

A:Second monitor recognized in Windows 7, doesn't show video.

Since you are useing windows 7 try pressing right mouse button on the wallpaper, and go to screen resolutions. In here you sould be able to customise both the screens.

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The Laptops Display is broken. It is not possible to see anything on it. The external Display connected via VGA is not recognized. I want to install Windows but it seems everything's happening on the broken display. The keyboard shortcut to change displays doesn't seem to be working.


Go to Solution.

A:Display broken and external monitor not recognized. Windows not installed.

I solved it through disconnecting the displays connector on the mainboard.

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I just ran Windows Update and now the computer doesn't recognize my phone. Nothing else changed. Before Windows Update it never had a problem.

When you go to Devices and Printers it is listed there as MTP and under Properties > Hardware it says Android Composite ADB Interface, with Manufacturer: Google and "The device is working properly". 'Google' is correct because it's a Nexus 4.

Other than that it's not recognizing the phone and it's not in Explorer.

Win 7 Pro 64 bit

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I can't get my printer to work after updating to windows 10! My usb ports are saying device not recognized i've tried uninstalling them and updating them but still saying the same! Any other ideas?

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After the newest update on May 21, I get that message when I plug in my phone to my laptop. The phone will charge, but it will not connect to the computer. The phone does not have a problem because when I plug it into my old computer running Vista, it works fine. Since I use my phone as a modem to connect to the internet, I can't get online with that computer in order to download anything. I tried to do a system restore, but that failed. I undid the updates, but still get the same message. I'm afraid the update changed something and I don't know how to fix it. I see numerous threads all over the internet saying this is a common problem. I am not very tech savvy. I have tried several of the things mentioned such as restarting computer and removing battery for hard boot, but nothing has helped. Help!

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Hi all,
I have a Precision 5510 with Intel Integrated graphics and Nvidia M1000M.  Everything has worked fine until this morning when I updated my Windows 10 using the routine Windows updater.  Now, I am unable to open the Nvidia Control Panel or select applications to use the more powerful Nvidia graphics card.  The system acts like it does not recognize the card.  All my drivers and BIOS are up to date, but I reinstalled my Nvidia drivers nonetheless (from Dell) using a clean install.  Still no luck.  I also ran the component troubleshooter and it was able to test the card, but I wasn't ever given a report on it's status because the browser froze while the report was being generated.

Has anyone experienced similar issues?  I really need to be able to run the Nvidia card on my machine to power some graphics intensive operations.  Any suggestions are appreciated.



A:Nvidia M1000M not recognized after Windows 10 Anniversary Update

Hi again,
Just a quick follow-up, I checked the BIOS settings and only the integrated Intel graphics card is shown yet the Nvidia card still is recognized in the device manager (even though I can't use it).  I'm at a loss what is wrong and I just hope the card itself or the motherboard are not malfunctioning.

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Following a Microsoft update to Windows 10 64 bit on my thinkcentre M93, it boots normally but does not recognize the lenovo mouse.  I have used the alt/shift/num lock to get my pointer back and downloaded the driver again but no luck.  I have run all the update programs from both Lenovo and Windows without success.  I understand many people are having compatibility issues with Window updates.  Anyone have a fix?

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I tried replacing the hard drive on my Inspiron 9300 with a 200G drive.  The administrative computer tools in Windows XP recognized it, but the BIOS showed it as 130G or so.  I finally had to replace the drive with a smaller one.  I had the latest BIOS version.  Is there a BIOS fix that will allow the larger hard drive to be used?

A:Hard drive not recognized by BIOS but recognized by WINDOWS Inspiron 9300

Not on the 9300s that use EIDE (parallel ATA) drives, no - the limit is 137G in BIOS setup.

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So I jsut went out and got a DVI cable to connect my second monitor to my GTX 460, however when I did, the screen stayed off and the power light is blinking green (Standby?), however when rebooting my PC the BIOS & windows loading screen come up on my second monitor (SyncMaster 930B) but switches over to my main (ViewSonic VX2235) and the second one goes blank. I've tried detecting a second display but it never shows the SyncMaster. Any help?

A:Second monitor not recognized

Update your nVidia driver. Drivers | GeForce Then open the nVidia control panel by double clicking the nVidia icon in the Task Bar and configure the secondary display.

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Okay, the computer we have was working last night, the monitor was all good..we turned it on the next day and the monitor isn't being read or detected. We tried two different monitors and both don't work, so its not the monitor itself....is there anything we should try to do to the monitor chip(the one inside the computer)?

A:Monitor isn't being recognized!

What kind of PC is it?

If you have a spare graphics card that can be used in that PC, that would be my next step.

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Hopefully one of the many experts here can help me. Santa brought me an LCD TV/monitor combo that has both VGA and DVI inputs. My Dell pc has a video card with both outputs. When I connect a DVI cable between the two the TV does not recognize the PC at all ("no cable connected"). When I connect the two via a VGA cable it works fine. Do I have to change a setting in my PC to activate the DVI output or what? I've looked under the settings for my card (Geforce 4 Ti 4200 64mb) but see no mention of DVI output. I have upgraded the nvidia drivers to the most recent ones. I am running WinXP SP2.
Any suggestions are appreciated. Thank you.

A:DVI not recognized by new LCD monitor/TV

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okay so I got the updates for XP Home for my friend cause she needed a reformat. So loading windows goes well, so I go and get the windows update package install it ect. Then the next thing I know when it is finished and I have to restart, the monitor loads up to the welcome screen and it blank, so there is no welcome screen.

So does anyone know what to do?

A:My monitor is not recognized!!

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Hi, I have a Rad 5 LCD 15" monitor and in display properties it shows up as a CRT monitor. The icon for lcd shows up but with no option to change it. Any ideas why my pc does not recognize it as LCD? How might I get it to show that it is an LCD?

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Hello everyone here at Tech Guy (.org), I'm in a situation which has got me a little flustered. I recently was using my computer (dual monitoring - one LCD Monitor using a DVI port, and one CRT Monitor using a DVI port with an AGP adapter). I had shut down my computer thinking I wasn't going to be using it for the rest of the day and later realized I had needed to get back on. I go to turn on my computer and my primary monitor display (LCD monitor using the DVI port) could not find a signal. I then turned on my CRT monitor (using the DVI port with an AGP adapter), and to my amazement, I found myself looking at the Windows XP login screen. I figured that my multiple display had just "messed up" a little and that all I needed to do was go back into my NVIDIA control panel and make my LCD monitor my main display once more.

When I opened up the control panel, I found that there wasn't even an option for me to have dual displays, and my computer was not picking up my LCD monitor at all. I rebooted my computer once more, and avast - no luck once again. So I thought maybe my DVI port on that side went on the fritz and so I switched the adapter over and plugged my monitor into that port. Still no luck. I went and reinstalled my video card drivers, and still no luck.

I don't see how my monitor could have done something like this within an hour that it was off while I was wrapping Christmas gifts. The only explaination I can even think of is that my cord... Read more

A:LCD Monitor not being recognized

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I have a Dell Dimension XPS R400 (old). It does not recognize the monitor any more. The message on the monitor says "No Sync Input". I have tried 3 different monitors and get the same result. Is it possible that I disconnected/loosened something on the motherboard when I installed an additional HD?

A:Monitor not recognized

What video card? Yes, if you weren't careful installing the drive you could have bumped the video card, dislodging it, that would cause the monitor to give you this signal. Or your video card has broken. Me thinks, you bumped the video card. Check to make sure it's pushed all the way down in the slot.

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My junkie daughter grabbed my monitor, acting like she was going to throw it. By doing so, she pulled the cable as tight as it would go. A couple of weeks later, the usb for my wireless mouse started acting up and then, after going through the computer, taking out cords and re-seating them, the monitor is no longer being recognized.

I thought perhaps that the monitor port had been disengaged so I sent the motherboard back as a warranty. I received the new motherboard today, did the install and the monitor is still not being recognized. I tested the monitor and the cord by hooking it up to my laptop and everything works fine.

I have a MSI 785GTM-E45 motherboard, am running Windows 7 with 2G ram. I have built computers for years now and cannot for the life of me figure out why this is acting like this. I do not have a separate graphics card which I can to test this. Since the monitor works fine when hooked up to the laptop, I know it is not the monitor or the cables.

I have tried taking everything out of the new MB and replacing it to no avail. Everything is still a no go.

Any help would be appreciated. My only other option is to send the CPU back as a warranty but I doubt that is the problem.

A:Monitor not being recognized

try a cmos reset

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I have a HP pavilion a400n. When I turn the tower on it works.. but the monitor goes to sleep "power button turns orange." When I unplug the monitor from the tower it has a self test screen pop up but I can't do anything.

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I've read a few of these "invalid format" problems and didn't see one dealing with the problem showing up after windows update.  The original problem was that windows update would not work and run all night. So I followed the steps at this
After that windows update did it's first run (62 mandatory updates). once they were installed and the computer rebooted is when no picture would show up after the Microsoft logo.  I went back to the Restore Point before the updates and the machine works
fine.  Tried the steps on the link above a second time and the same thing happens.  I am wondering if one or more of these updates are causing the problems.
- I've swapped out VGA cards, changed resolution after booting up in Safe Mode, went into MSCONFIG and shutdown all the none MS updates and lastly I started removing updates in reverse order of installation, but stopped at 52 remaining to send this out to
everyone and see if I could get an assist.  Thanks

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Recently I seen that there was some windows & driver updates I could do so as usual I installed them but then noticed that my taskbar was missing.. after awhile for searching for an answer I seen that it said I had 3 monitors instead of my normal 2 and my main monitor was set to the third. Easy enough I fixed that but given some more time trying to get rid of this "third monitor" I somehow made the screen only project onto that monitor and I can no longer see anything with my screens.. Any ideas =\

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Ever since December 13~14 of 2017 my 2nd monitor connected to my laptop has been very glitchy and laggy.
It feels like 2 frames playing at once. I know the issue is a windows 10 update since I went back to an earlier version and it was fine. (when I do go back my windows automatically downloads the update and when it does despite not restarting the glitch starts happening.) Its gotten to the point of my throwing up trying to solve the issues cause it makes me nauseous. I wanted to screen capture it but when I replay it back its working perfectly fine or doesn't capture the gitter I see. I can capture it on my phone if you want to show it.
Btw its not my graphics card since my laptop monitor plays it smoothly and when I move it to my 2nd monitor it does the gitter.

My 2nd Monitor: MSI G24C
Laptop: Razer Blade Processor: Inter Core i7-4702HQ CPU @2.20Ghz
Ram: 8GB
Display adapters: Intel HD Graphics 4600
Please if anyone can help me. Its been haunting me for a week now.

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Before last summer, it seems like I only connected to M$ and only M$ when running a windows update. Tonight I decided to get a Windows update, and I knew it was going to be a hassle, because usually FX won't run after Windows updates because of something to do with the way these windows updates change Oleaut32.dll and the "shell light-weight utility Library" (whatever they are, it's always the same after each windows update and I have to tinker with both the HIPS & DC/reload FX from FW application monitor ). 1st M$ has got to DL it's Windows Validation ActiveX (for the hundred'th, or more time--and btw, M$ needs a new system because this one sux), then after DL it 3 times it wouldn't work, so it said to use the alternate validation method, which I did. This doesn't happen too often, but every once-in-a-while, it does. So I did, it says basically, OK you're approved, then it kept going back to custom/express, and it kept saying that I needed to go thru the validation gig again, and it just kept going in a circle. Finally, after about the 6th go-around, I DCed from the 'net, cleaned out all the temp files, Cookies, etc. and attempted it again. Now it won't connect to M$. So I DC from the 'net again, make sure I've got A-updates & BITS on and set to Auto, Checked ActiveX, yeah, the validation is there, Yeah, the 2 M$ Addresses are there under "trusted sites", and then try again.​ Now it take... Read more

A:Anyone monitor their connections when you get a Windows update?

I just did a windows update and it connected to Level3.

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Ok, so today I installed a bunch of new updates (dont remember any of them) and one of them apparently caused a problem I have become familiar with. If i try to enter the nvidia control panel I get this message:You are not currently using a display attached to an Nvidia GPU. This problem seems to be caused by installing new drivers, intel or nvidia. So I went and did my fix method which involves uninstalling all the nvidia and intel drivers, then restarting once. This causes the monitor to display nothing which is what normally happens. I then restart again and everything is fine. I imagine that during the first blank screen restart the computer is installing old drivers that work. So anyways, this time after the second restart I still got no display at all. For some reason my computer wont recognize my monitor or video card or both. I am very confident that none of my hardware is broken. My main video card is a gtx 560 and the other one is some intel hd thing that came with the computer. On start up I get a message showing my monitors logo after that I get a message that says no signal and the monitor goes into power saving mode and displays nothing.

So basically to sum things up, I uninstalled my nvidia drivers and now my monitor gets no signal and displays nothing.

A:Monitor displays nothing/isn't being recognized

"My main video card is a gtx 560 and the other one is some intel hd thing that came with the computer"...

"the other one is some intel hd thing"
This is your motherboard's on-board video and it should be disabled in the bios, so that the 560 can work properly. The 560 is PCIe x16 right? Is the PCIe slot enabled in the bios?

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When I first turn on my computer in the morning the monitor doesn't recognize anything. But then if I turn off the computer and then turn it back on the monitor works. How can I avoid having to restart my computer every time I turn it on?

thanks for the help.

A:monitor isnt recognized.

Are you doing a proper shut down every night?

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Hello everyone,

I used to have 2 monitors connected to my pc, both working fine.
Now i got 2 new monitors (LG Flatron E2240) and i tried connecting them the same way as i had my previous monitors connected.
What i see is that both new monitors have a VGA-output. So i put a connector on them so i can connect them to the DVI-slots on my videocard (Radeon HD 6800).

Now i just cant seem to get a second monitor to work. It stays black, receives no signal and both windows 7 as CCC (AMD Engine Control Center latest version) do not recognize a second monitor.

Both monitors work fine if i connect them as a single monitor to my pc. Using the second slot on my videocard just doesnt seem to work.

I did install the drivers that came with the monitor, no effect.
Tried to use different resolutions on both monitors, no effect.
Tried looking for answers, but found nothing, so here i am ;-)

Hope anyone can help me and ofcourse willing to give extra info on this if needed.

Thanks allready!!!

A:Dual monitor not recognized

This the monitor.

E2240T | LG LED, Sincerely yours! | LG ELECTRONICS Nederland

It has both a VGA and a DVI port on it and you need to use the DVI connection on at least one of them. The reason that only one will work using the VGA connection is that the only one of the DVI ports on the video card supports a VGA connection via a VGA-DVI adapter.

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Hi, I have a pavilion g6 with w7 home. it was working fine with both screens working then I moved. now the second screen is recognized but black. amd radeon graphic card - they just did an update today. I did a reset but hasn't made a difference.

A:2nd monitor recognized but black

Then you moved... Moved house/ physical movement of monitor?

Have you tried switching sreens ie swap primary/secondary to see if the screens comes on or stays black?

Drivers don't sound like the issue.

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I finally agreed to update Windows and now my 2nd monitor is not recognized. I have nothing but a black screen and I cannot even find the 2nd monitor as something to add when I go to the control panel. Any way to roll back the update or do something to make my 2nd monitor recognized again?

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i am using my laptop and tv screen to watch the same thing. if i retrace my steps to setting it up this way, once i get to the graphic properties, the box tells me i must have another monitor attached in order to choose dual or extended. but i am watching the duel monitors right now. how come i get this message.

i downloaded some vids, can play them and hear them on my laptop and tv but cannot see the vid part on the tv. i can hear the sound, can see windows or real player starting up but cannot see the vid on the tv. do you think i might have accidentally reset something governing the tv vid reception? incidentally, if i stream the vid from the same site, i can see it on tv and laptop. think the problem is on their end? seems like it.

and lastly, i scan a lot of things. after each scan a box pops up so i can type a name for the file and put it somewhere. the place to put it always is listed as my pics but i change it to my docs. i scan again and my pics is back again. how do i change it for good.

what if i want to just scan a lot of papers and eventually put them in a folder when i am done. is there a way to eliminate that box from popping up. i use dell 922 printer all-in-one.

A:Dual Monitor not recognized

i'm using an ati card,
so when i go to:
display > properties > advanced,
then make your choice there of the tabs,
i can do multiple monitors, tv,
and combinations of them,
not familiar with your dell printer,
would be most helpful for someone trying to help though,
if you either post some of your pc specs, os, etc.,
either on your personal page, in your sig line, or in your thread,
when you ask for help,

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I just picked up an NEC MultiSync FE991sb monitor and when I attached it to my computer, it is not recognized. The device manager sees it as a default monitor. Have tried to install NEC software and it says there is no supported monitor found. Never have had this happen before.
Any Ideas what is happening?

Intel 2.4 GHZ Celeron
1 GB DDR Ram
NVIDIA GeForce 4000


A:Solved: Monitor Not Recognized

nothing silly like a bent pin in the lead not connecting ???
I have had a number of problems with bent pins - colour problems and blank monitors

Do you have a digital connection

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I replaced my monitor with another, newer monitor that I had sitting around not in use. When I plugged it in, I got a message about a analog signal and it went to sleep.

Any suggestions?

A:monitor not recognized by computer

Okay. What exactly was the message about analog signal? Which cable do you use to connect your computer to your monitor? Is this a VGA connector or a DVI one?

Also, monitors with multiple connectors have the option to choose which one to use a signal source. For example, if your monitor accepts both VGA and DVI connectors, you can access monitor's menu and try either to see if you've got signal. You should refer to monitor's manual to see where exactly can you find this function.

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Ok I am trying to do this I have my ASUS monitor for when I play like hard core PC Games or racing sims on my PC but then I have an HDMI running to my TV both monitors can run 1080P so on and so forth. I have done this before but until recently. When ever I re seed the connection to my tv from my computer the connection works, however if I do anything, anything at all I lose the connection until I reseed my HDMI cable. I run two video cards, the HD 5770 and the HD 5870, I cannot use any of the ports on the 5870 because the primary card (for some reason) is the 5770 (so at least I have a hdmi port). I am trying to find out why I am not keeping the connection with my tv so that I can watch shows and stuff like that.

A:Second monitor is only recognized after reseeding.

I would remove the 5770 and put the 5870 in the first PCI Express-16 slot (closest one to the CPU) and get the monitors working off that card alone, and not even use the 5770 at all, that's not nearly as good a card, and the extra PCI Express-16 slots might not even be full speed slots, which is common and so it would actually be a performance detriment.

See where you are at after that as far as the monitors working goes....

I used to use a 5850, but I am at a 7950 now.

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After updating windows (10.0.16299 build 16299) my monitor did something weird with it colours... Before the update it was working perfect.

The monitor i am using as my 2nd screen is a regular samsung tv.

I tried switching the hdmi cable, didn't work.
I tried uninstalling the monitor driver and reinstalling it, didn't work.
Rebooted a few times, didn't work.

my specs:

intel core i7-6700
32gb ram
windows 10
nvidia geforce gtx 1070

Thanks in advance

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if I ever take a screen shot in a game or something that takes snapshots, comes out all tinted yellow. It used to do it in photoshop when I would paste the print screen in there, but I edited the monitor profile in photoshop. This happened when windows update, updated my monitor driver and I think is screwed up. How do I fix this?

A:Small monitor issues after doing windows update

anyone? is there a way it maybe duplicated my display settings or something?

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I recently did an install of windows vista update (32-bit) earlier today.

i re-booted, it had the sceen "please wait while windows configures files"

it turned off, then turned back on.....and nothing, black screen. lcd monitor said 'no signal', tried a different monitor, same thing.

i am running an amd athlon dual core 2ghz, 4gb ram (vista shows 3.25gb), 320gb HD, and geforce 8500GT video card.

Did windows update fry my video card? the monitor works on my old pc just fine.

A:Did windows vista update, now monitor won't work

also note that i can hear windows start up, just cant see anything.

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I noticed my pc seemed to be having some high cpu usage and when searching my browser was sometimes redirected. I tried to access windows update but it just hangs when searching for updates. Also when opening the resource monitor that hangs as well.

Any help much appreciated

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: AMD A6-3600 APU with Radeon(tm) HD Graphics, AMD64 Family 18 Model 1 Stepping 0
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 7892 Mb
Graphics Card: AMD Radeon HD 6530D, 256 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 939431 MB, Free - 436646 MB; G: Total - 381551 MB, Free - 90671 MB;
Motherboard: Gateway, SX2370
Antivirus: avast! Antivirus, Updated and Enabled

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Just re-installed my Windows 7 on my laptop because it was having issues. Now, my monitor fails to send it's correct maximum screen resolution of 1920 x 1080, but rather sends 1024 x 768 thus that's what Windows recognizes.

I believe the issue is with the EDID, because I have installed different drivers and none of them worked so I just switched back to the most recent one.

I saw the use of monitor asset manager on a previous post, so I ran that and received this output. Hopefully it helps.

I appreciate any and all help regarding this matter. I believe my specs are posted on my profile.

A:Native Monitor Resolution not Recognized

Here is the attached monitor asset manager output.

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Greetings all, new here... Generally fend for myself when it come to these sorts of things but after hours of following threads and uninstalling/reinstalling drivers, connecting, disconnecting, I figured I'd try to get some help.

Just bought this machine, Asus K50IN laptop with an Nvidia G102M 512mb graphics card in it. I work as a DJ and VJ and this is my primary machine and means of living, it needs to be reliable in different scenarios and work its a*s off an average of 5 nights a week.

So long story short: bought machine, installed a clean version of Win 7 Ultimate and then all relevant drivers... Things worked great the first week. No issues. Then 2 nights ago I plugged into my normal rig (a toshiba projector with an extension monitor daisy chained to it at one of the clubs I work in) and everything was tinted bright pink. I messed with it for a few minutes but I was late already and there were people to entertain so I played anyway with this weird pink tint over everything.

Last night, back to work again... Came early to try and fix the bugger before I would be pressured to play. Adjusted settings in Nvidia control panel, messed with color, resolution, etc. At some point while doing this the secondary display went black and never came back on.

I have reset all settings, completely uninstalled, updated, etc etc etc... Even on my secondary monitor at home, same deal. Monitor is on and says all is fine and working properly but my desktop won't extend to the sec... Read more

A:Secondary VGA monitor on and recognized but black!

Quote: Originally Posted by nzl

... bought machine, installed a clean version of Win 7 Ultimate and then all relevant drivers... Things worked great the first week. No issues. Then 2 nights ago I plugged into my normal rig (a toshiba projector with an extension monitor daisy chained to it at one of the clubs I work in) and everything was tinted bright pink.


At some point while doing this the secondary display went black and never came back on.

I have reset all settings, completely uninstalled, updated, etc etc etc... Even on my secondary monitor at home, same deal. Monitor is on and says all is fine and working properly but my desktop won't extend to the second monitor. It stays black. Mouse rolls over there then takes its time coming back. It's on, and the computer thinks everything is hunky dory.

I've tried about everything software wise I can think of and am starting to think the VGA out may be buggered.


Hi nzl! I am a new poster here as well!

I am inclined to agree that your "VGA out may be buggered". If you are plugging two separate known working "monitors" into your laptop vga port and neither is displaying anything, then it is pretty good deductive analysis that the vga port is "buggered".

The reason I agree with your final (if hesitant) analysis is that, after the initial install, you stated that everything worked fine. Then after a bit things went pink. And th... Read more

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hello. recently i decided to get an external monitor because the lower half of my laptop screen is blanked out due to dropping it some months ago. anyway, i wanted to watch things fullscreen, so i found an old external monitor. the first time i plugged it in, and for many other times, it worked just as one might assume -- fine. however, recently i just tried to connect again and while the computer clearly recognizes the input of the vga (it makes a sound and resizes the screen a bit), and whereas it initially immediately went to dual display on the monitor in the past, it just displays that there is no signal. furthermore in the screen resolution menu it tells me "another display is not detected".

i made sure to update all of my drivers to no avail, have tried other monitors, etc. i'm getting frustrated as this is a simple matter usually of just plugging in the vga between both the laptop and monitor, but this has become a matter that has consumed considerable time now. can anyone help me resolve this issue?

A:external monitor not being recognized via vga cable...

1.Go to the display settings, and make sure that the second monitor is not turned off, and that "Mirror Displays" is not

2.Press the function key and switch from lcd to screen (you will see a symbol on your keyboard) this applies

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So I am having this extremely frustrating problem. My bootcamp partition on my MacBook pro will not recognize my TV. I have a MiniDisplayPort to HDMI adapter, with the HDMI going into the TV. I have tried custom drivers, updating / rolling back the drivers, different HDMI cords, and different TVs (Samsung and LG). The TV is displayed fine when running OSX. I have posted this problem on about 6 different sites today, and no luck so far.

If nothing works, I will just buy a MDP to VGA adapter and do it that way without sound.

Nvidia GT 330m 512mb
4 gigs ram
Intil i7 2.67 ghz
Windows 7 Pro x64

Any help at all would be greatly appreciated.

A:2010 MBP - External Monitor Not Recognized?

hey, welcome to seven forums!

first, try updating your graphics drivers, reboot.
try again, but if it doesn't work use the MDP alone, eg its only option for a display. also if you have more then one MDP try each of them.

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So I have multiple external monitors. When I'm not usually all of them, I turn the ones off I don't need. I just press the power button on the front of the external monitor.

The problem is when I move my mouse, it will still go in the direction of the monitor that's off, causing me to lose my mouse, because I can't see it.

Is there anyway to prevent the computer from seeing the external monitor when I have it powered off? The external monitors are Dell U2414h monitors and the laptop is Lenovo x230 Tablet with Windows 7. The graphics card is intel hd graphics 4000. Thanks.

A:External Monitor Still Recognized When Powered Off

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Hello, bear with me because it is quite a long confusing story. I have recently send the y510p away to get the screen repaired. Because I needed something to work with meanwhile I took the SSD from y510p and put this in an older laptop with a clean install of windows10. In the y510p I put an old HDD with Elementary OS installed on it. Today I received the y510p and turned it on, the screen worked perfectly and I could use the Elementary OS installed on the HDD. I then took the HDD out again and put the SSD in, I was planning to do a clean install on it again but it still had windows 10 installed from the older laptop.I put everything back together and powerd it on, the screen lights up but remains black.I hooked up an external monitor through vga and saw that the windows 10 had booted from the older laptop.When I try to get in the bios (I think it's F2) both monitors remain black. I have the feeling it goes to the bios, but cant display it on the monitor? (I cant find a way to display the bios on the external monitor.)Could it be that the motherboard doesnt recognize the new screen? At the moment the only way to get any visual on the main monitor is to boot Elementary OS from the old HDD. Please help for I have no other ideas. JTADDED: I can currently use the SSD with w10 on the y510p through the external monitor. But I would like to do a clean install and ofcourse use the main monitor aswell(The main monitor does not appear i... Read more

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Am running HP m1180n desktop, xpPro. Was using a Dell 17in lcd monitor; worked fine. Switched to a Sylvania 32in lcd TV, using PC mode; worked fine. Temporarily went back to Dell 17in (appr 3mos.); worked fine. Switched back to Sylvania 32in; now get a message "Format Not Supported". Tried Dell 17in again; works fine.

Why can't I use the Sylvania 32in anymore? Is there a setting that i can apply to either the desktop or the Sylvania (am already using PC mode on TV) to make it work again?

A:Solved: larger monitor (tv) not recognized

most probably you are on an unsupported resolution or refresh rate.
i recommend lowering the resolution all the way on the 17in, and then switching to the 32in. that should work fine if that is the issue and then you can increase the resolution again as needed....

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Second monitor does not appear after system goes to sleep, with out going into display settings and re-detecting it. Video card driver is up to date.

Any ideas for a fix?!

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A few months ago, I finally upgraded from a CRT to a flat screen monitor and I started having a whole bunch of issues. I found out the problem was my video card and bought a new one which fixed all those issues, however one problem has returned just as of yesterday.
Every 2nd time I startup my computer, it doesn't recognize my monitor. The computer turns on fine, but the monitor says "no video input". If I shutdown and restart again, all is well, but on the next shutdown the same thing will happen.

It's consistent with being every 2nd time as well. It's not like it works for a bit then stops. It's exactly every 2nd time.
When I had the problems a few months ago, it did this with several different monitors I had tried when troubleshooting at that time, so I'm guessing it's not the monitor itself, however I no longer have a 2nd monitor to confirm this.

Anybody have any ideas what might cause this?

A:Solved: Monitor not recognized every 2nd bootup

try downloading newer drivers for your monitor.


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