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64 bit software support (or lack of)

Q: 64 bit software support (or lack of)

I'm curious who has had enough problems with the lack of 64 bit software support that they are considering going with the 32 bit version when Windows 7 is released in the Fall.

Personally, the lack of a Cisco VPN client, some poor software support, and a few driver issues, is really making me reconsider going with 64. Then again, I have not tried out the XP virtualization.

Preferred Solution: 64 bit software support (or lack of)

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: 64 bit software support (or lack of)

Not me. I've got all the driver support I need to productively use x64. The only shortfall I see, for me, is the last of Flash for 64-bit. For that I just use 32-bit Firefox.

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about a year ago i bought an HP dv6605us laptop.

i wasnt sold on vista so i un-installed it and put xp on.

found enough drivers to make it function but its not enough now. i need something that'll let me use the video out.

just incase i figured i'd leave the Vista recovery partition still on the computer.

i boot up the pc, hit f11 for system recovery....nothing.

is it not possible to "recover" vista through xp? its probably a stupid question lol.

i know this is the only place i'd find the best answers. thanks guys.

A:fed up with hp's lack of xp support

platonjk said:

is it not possible to "recover" vista through xp? its probably a stupid question lol.

i know this is the only place i'd find the best answers. thanks guys.Click to expand...

I found a possible answer for you on the HP web site.


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I have had so much stress after buying a brand new HP 250 G4 notebook! I've only had it a couple of months but since the start there have been browser and sound issues. Wish I'd got my  money back! I've spent hours on the phone to many HP customer support reps who have tried to fix the issues. I've even had my notebook sent off for repairs. When it was returned to me the sound issues had not been resolved despite the speakers having been replaced. I called HP again who then got me to install new drives. Issue still not fixed. My case has been kept open and I've not heard from any HP rep for a week. I know I'll have to call them! I'm fed-up and wouldn't recomment HP to anyone! Anyone else have any advice on how to get some decent support. My issue has been going on for two months! I'm based in the UK!

A:Lack of HP Support



I have brought your issue to the attention of an appropriate team within HP. They will likely request information from you in order to look up your case details or product serial number. Please look for a private message from an identified HP contact. Additionally, keep in mind not to publicly post personal information (serial numbers and case details).

If you are unfamiliar with how the Forum's private message capability works, you can learn about that here.

Thank you for visiting the HP Support Forum.

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I have a x360 it scrashed, worked for hours online with teck and them they said we will send you a box i got it the next bad now i have been over a week for a return shipping lable that i was told would be in the box call after call goes no were, this is the same proble i account with my HP840 that was found to have the wrong parts and hard drive when i sent it to a purervisor and he looked inot, i sent the hp840 back to the factory twicw and it came back worst that when i sent it of, HP has a very bad QC/QP dept that need to have everyone of them ran off. even this new x360 has had problems straight out of the box, its time to close the door on HP as i have given them every change and move on th dell or something elese, I know how a computer works and can or may just build my own with American made parts

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Ever since I got my new pc I have been attempting to contact MS Support in the UK to answer a very simple problem.

I bought Windows Media Center from Arvato GmbH in Germany. Their email address is none functional. When I bought it it fitted into the pc great, then my pc broke.

I have a new pc and nobody seems to want to help. I called the UK support number to be told that the number has changed to a 'less expensive' number - so I dialed that. After the usual robitic responses I actually reached a human being, although speaking a barely distinguishable accent. I told her the full history. 'Now let me get this straight, you have Windows 8.1'? 'Yes' I said 'but the problem is Media Center product key not working in Add Features in 8.1 - I have paid for a product that I cannot download.'

*click* nobody on line

After several attempts to call them back, I got a phone ringing somewhere, and ringing, and ringing - you get the picture? Then another robot told me there is an error *click*

After another few attempts I gave up.

If Apple Macs were not so damn expensive I would stick MS where the sun does not shine.

Edit: Wow! finally got to 'speak' to MS via social media software. Gave them the details, we shall see ........

A:Microsoft - Lack of Support

I purchased windows 8 pro and media center retail product keys when 8 first came out..
I recently re-used both key numbers to install on a NEW computer. this is allowed with retail keys, but it is limited in time frame.. You can not do this with oem keys... First disconnect from your internet connection, input the key, activate via phone.. had to do it for the pro key and then again for media center

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I am returning the Dell described below. Decided to do that on or about Sept.23 and I began applying to Dell for their RMA number. The timing of my ordering and then receiving the Dell was an almost impossible time. I am blessed with the C.O.P.D. disease and a head cold began to make it's presence known---and how it did!! Still have it and you never want the combination of these two "killers" to hit you together. I began to have my anxiety depleted when I could not get in touch with Dell; or rather no contact with any sympathetic soul and in fact, it was pretty much just the opposite. Support in India is strictly for no one. Well, they got my Scotch/Irish anger burning and I didn't give up---it was like not being able to contact anyone at Dell Support. I really and truly felt helpless; it was like no one was home.
Dell kept saying that I had 21 days to return the computer and I had among the several items in the computer box this one page of printed info with Dell logo in several places so I scanned it and sent it attached to one of my many emails to anyone at Dell I could find a name for. Today, I got my answer. Who ever approved it said he(?) was making an exception and gave his approval. Don't really see how an exception was made when the "letter" I scanned and sent to them clearly said 30 days and in which I was well within the boundary. I did threaten Dell with letting PCMag and Smart Computing know about their lack of support and commu... Read more

A:Dell and their lack of support

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I have been trying several times over the past few week to get a response from Auslogics using their web based form (the only way I can find of contacting them) and have had no response whatsoever from this. This is concerning a registered version of BoostSpeed. Has anyone found a way of getting a response from them?

A:Auslogics Technical Support (or the lack of it)

What problem are you having with it? I assume that you have looked at the FAQs http://www.auslogics.com/en/faq.php?...ed/product.faq

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Right after i installed the 64 bit version, i assumed that chrome already had such a version released, but after a closer inspection i realised it was still a 32 bit one. After looking further into the matter i found out Google only released it for Linux users, which is beyong my reasoning.

After that, i tried firefox, which apparently had a 64 bit version available, yet it asked for no apparent reason for me to give my administrator name and pass, which were incorrect according to the installer, and it exited. It eventually crossed my mind to right click and select 'run as admin' and it worked fine.

Also, i have noticed the built in IE browser is 32 bit aswell, which seems odd.

On top of all those, is the information that adobe flash player does not support 64 bit browsers true? EDIT: i tried using the 64 bit version of firefox to browse youtube, but it keeps saying i need an additional plugin, i install the adobe plugin, yet it keeps giving me the same error, which to my mind means adobe does not support 64 bit yet?

A:Lack of browser support for Windows 7 64 bit?

Hi as of yet I have not seen any real support for the 64 bit browsing, so for the time being you will have to live with the 32bit unless someone else knows of a answer

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Hey Lenovo team, The P50 website for Lenovo India ( http://shopap.lenovo.com/in/en/laptops/thinkpad/p-series/p50/ ) does not have a configurator & online purchase platform unlike the US website ( http://shop.lenovo.com/us/en/laptops/thinkpad/p-series/p50/ ). I emailed TheDoStore support ([email protected]), requesting information on the configuration options available in India and got the following response: "... unfortunately we don't have an expert who would be able to respond to you. We would like you to please call 1800 3000 9991 where an expert will be handle your query and give you the best possible advice.  ..."  - Not the most encouraging of emails. And the 'expert' team at 1800 3000 9991 was not very competant. They could confirm only the configuration that was available in stock and could not even confirm if other options (see below) were either out-of-stock or not-launched/not-available in India. Could somebody help me out with the following?Processor: Are the i7-6820HQ & Xeon E3-1505M options available?Display: Is the 4k IPS non-touch available?Storage options?And what are the buying options for the P50?Is 1800 3000 9991 really the only option? Or are there other resellers? Is it expected to be listed elsewhere online, where I can see and verify the configuration, rather than just trust an 'expert' over a phone call?

A:P50 in India - Lack of support (even) for buying?

 I suggest you post this to the Feedback of Support Websites part of this forum. Lenovo employees will carefully read your post in my past experience.

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------TPs own: X31 (2003), X61T, X200T, Tablet 2, P50 (2016); Win 7/8.1/10, Ubuntu8.04-16.04.

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well just been in touch with support to find out if a new bios is coming out to support graphics cards that most people have. (HD5450 nothign over powerful) Sorry not suported in any way, only 3 crappy cards are supported officially. Basically told to sling hook Remind me not to buy IBM again from the total lack of support or updates.PCI-E standard - not if your IBM 


Go to Solution.

A:M57 and any graphics cards - total lack of support - and do not buy

just as a note i have a motherboard from over 2 years ago with a standard pci-e slot and it works on that!!!! 

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I'm trying to open a port so I can set up my FTP. I've tried port forwarding, port triggering, etc. and no one can ping me. I set up the port as 21 and, using the router's IP address, which isn't my dynamic IP address from the ISP, I'm so firewalled I can't get out.

I did go to whatismyip.com and got a number, which I pinged and got results on all four packets. When I run IPWatch, I get the router's 192.168._._ number.

BTW....this is a Dell 2350 Broadband Router -- brand new.

The wonderful thing is that Dell Support WON'T support Advanced settings -- they DON'T KNOW HOW! However, for $40, they will trnasfer me to a technician who can help me. Figure that one out. For a $70 router, I can't even get support to set it up. I'm dealing with tech support in India, so have the language problem and don't feel I should have to pay for something that the salesman assured me I could do (which was to be able to set up an FTP).

Presently I'm working on a Dell Dimension 2400 desktop with an Inspiron 8600 laptop and okay there re file sharing, etc.

I know I can't ping myself and even called my ISP provider who tried to see if he could see (ping) any or all of the ports. I'm freakin' stuck and MADD AS HELLLLLLLL at DELL!

I want to set up my Titan server so that I can share homemade media shows w/pics to family and also am working w/a company in Atlanta and I'm out here in the middle of the Pacific. I... Read more

A:Dell Broadband 2350 Router & lack of Support

You don't need to worry about quoting the "192.168._._ number" - everyone on the planet using NAT uses that (well nearly everyone!). It's the public dynamic IP address you may want to withhold from the rest of us!

For port-forwarding you need to set-up in the router port-forwarding to the LAN IP address of the PC on which your Titan server is operating NOT the IP address of the router. Your external user tries to FTP to your public IP address, that hits the router and the router forwards as per its config to the device on your LAN running your server: that way the external user gets through the firewall without knowing the internals of your LAN. If you have a dynamic public IP address that's obviously going to change from time to time (it does what its says on the box! - it's dynamic) which can make access for external users difficult -- so you may want to look into a Dynamic DNS service (such as offered free at www.dyndns.org or www.no-ip.com) where you can get a domain name and your external users use that rather than an IP address and the DynDNS service keeps the domain name in line with the changing public IP address.

On the ping question: it may be that the router is configured to not respond to pings from the internet - some/many routers have this facility (for security reasons) and it is often the default but I do not know the model in question. If you have the possibility in the management GUI too enebale/disable ping you can switch on... Read more

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Does anyone have an email address that will put me in contact with someone in Canada? I spent three hours trying to get help that wasn't through the telephone, telling half a dozen people that I couldn't use the phone to get help. Technical support won't chat with people in Canada and I just jumped through a dozen hoops, only to end up in the same place. If anyone could please offer any kind of advice that would be greatly appreicated. Thank you.

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I have a household with Two Dell desktops and Three laptops the oldest laptop being a 37 month old N5110.  Kids in school you know the drill.  Of course the oldest is mine, the purchaser, the N5110, After reading about Dell not supporting this product for Windows 10 software update. I pulled my old Sony from the retired computer pile in my home office, and with a few auto updates I got a reservation for Windows 10,  So this past week I decided that if Dell drops the N5110 upgrade path I'm dropping Dell from my approved vendor list, Designating Dell to be just another Apple, stranding its customers by not providing a migration path.  The reasoning behind the Intel / Microsoft PC compared to alternatives in the 80;s was the future upgrades.  I have the Intel CPU & MS O/S but I guess I screwed up by purchasing Dells.
Oh I even tried the BIOS fix,  I already have that version installed.  I guess I just wait to see what Dell does after reading N5110 post I'm afraid that I'll have to select another Vendor, I did it to Apple in the 80's, But I'll stay with Windows and find another preferred hardware vendor if they strand this laptop with no future.  I think it is funny that someone defined the laptop lifecycle at three years at dell. Plus I use Dells in the office.   

A:N5110 Windows 10 upgrade and lack of Dell support

I have a similar problem.  The only laptop i have is N5110 Inspiron. It was one of the best configurations of that time. 
I am very much unhappy about the BIOS compatibility issue which stops me upgrading to windows 10. 
I blame both Microsoft and Dell for this. Now its like none of them wants to take up the responsibility to provide a fix. If this has to be the trend in future it will become a norm to washout devices after every 3 years. Which is not value for money. 
I hope dell comes up with a upgrade to BIOS or they reachout to Microsoft to fix the issue and upgrade on what ever is existing. I know its not a joke  cause every hour spent writing that code for a 1 person would cost too much of money.But again its  their duty.

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I'm sorry to write this kind of issue here on a public forum, but was forced to and I can see that I'm not alone In a short words ... after a long service repair of my Yoga 710 and a long way of proveing to the seller that the hardware has a defect (fan is blowing straight to the microphone making noise), I've got money refound on 03.04.2017 !Total time that I was without funds and without a laptop lasted from 10.01.2017 to 03.04.2017 (83 days, including Lenovo Service Support - 32 days). I have got only one sorry word from Lenovo nothing more. That's all for my effort to contact them, explain everything, loosing my nerves, all invonvieniences at my bussiness etc. I asked finally what will you do if I want to buy new Lenovo product in the future (maybe small discount for me) but didn't get answer until today...Where should I write an email concerning complaint about Tech Support  ?  

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Started about a month ago - pops up over and over and over and over - about every five minutes or less.  I've got a Dell Studio XPS with Windows 7 Professional.  Another forum said to just uninstall Dell Support Center (Support Center Software) - but when I try to uninstall it - THE SAME STUPID WINDOW POPS UP ASKING ME TO INSERT THE SOFTWARE.  I tried doing a Browse and it's looking for DSC20.msi.  I haven't managed to find it yet.  I have at least found \Program Files(x86)\Dell Support Center but there's so many sub-directories...
I shouldn't have to be jumping through so many hoops just to uninstall a program.  This is driving me crazy and I haven't found an answer online yet.

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I have a bakery and I need a program to run my business. I need a program that I input the order, it prints out the order for the cooks and it automatically sends the information to an invoce. I have around 150 customers. Right now I input the information in excell, but I don't know how to send that information to an invoce. For this reason I go to quickbook and input the information again to print out the invoce. I need a way to send the information from excell to quickbook. For example if I modify the information in excell i want it to be modified in quickbook and the other way around. I need to know if there is software already design to do this kind of job for a bakery. Please give me the links of the programs.
Thank you,

A:Software support

Try here


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Hi ladies and gentleman!

I am searching for reliable, secure, and fast Remote Support Package and/or Remote Administration Software on the enterprise level.

I know about RealVNC, TightVNC, Windows Built-in Remote Support, but Iím looking for something ďmoreĒ reliable, with less user interaction & knowledge required.

Anyone on here know of any out on the market? Iíd appreciate any links or information that you could provide.

It would be great if someone has actually tested or used some of the software & could recommend it, but even if you havenít used them any type of reference would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks & have a wonderful day!


PS: I did a search, but I kept ending up in the malware & virus removal section.

A:Solved: Remote Admin Software or Remote Support Software

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Anyone familiar with any good remote support software, similar to www.realvnc.com ? I'm looking for something that can connect from a customer's site to the support site, even if the customer is behind a firewall/router. With VNC, you have to configure the router to forward ports to the particular computer.

Here's one that was advertised here on TSG: http://www.networkstreaming.com/benefits.html

But, well, their site didn't exactly impress me. GotoMyPC isn't really an option, as you need an expensive license for each client computer -- I'm looking at something more from a support point of view. Any other suggestions?

A:Looking for remote support software (like VNC)

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I hope I'm posting this in the correct forum.
Does anyone have a preference in remote support software. I've tried remotepc, but it seems to not connect more often than it does. (I've worked with their tech support and we were unable to resolve.)

A:Remote Support Software

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I have Win 10 (10240) installed and a new Samsung 850 Pro SSD to install.
The current versions of the Samsung supplied software, Magician 4.6 (I downloaded this because the one supplied with the SSD wasn't the current one) and Data Migration 2.7 don't recognize the SSD.
I've tried everything I can think of.

Does anyone know when Samsung with update their software to support Win10?

A:Samsung 850 Pro SSD Software Support for WIN 10

Originally Posted by vcbacon

I have Win 10 (10240) installed and a new Samsung 850 Pro SSD to install.
The current versions of the Samsung supplied software, Magician 4.6 (I downloaded this because the one supplied with the SSD wasn't the current one) and Data Migration 2.7 don't recognize the SSD.
I've tried everything I can think of.

Does anyone know when Samsung with update their software to support Win10?

No but I hope they do soon. After I upgrade(for real this time and not a preview) I'll miss RAPID Mode both my Samsung Pro's until the update.

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I'm looking for a list of free PC support software, maybe someone has encountered such a list.

One software I tried and liked a lot is :
PCPal (www.pcpal.com) -
but I would like to get some kind of list so I can compare and choose from.

Thanks - R.

A:Free PC Support software

There are a lot of free programs here http://www.all4you.dk/FreewareWorld/links.php
Use the search box if it will help.


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hey befor i post my question. where would i go to find itunes support. im trying to clean up my collection of ofter1700 songs and i dont really wanna spend over six hours doing it again. every time my comp crashes i put all my songs back from my back ups and each time i have to go back and edit them all over again. where do i ask? and yes i know i just asked here. lol

A:[SOLVED] software support

You can ask here. After you edit your songs the way you like them then Back them up overwriting your previous backup. Now your backup is edited the way you like your songs to be.

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hello pls i need help, just got my notebook last month, as i was scanning my system.. i found out lots of threats.. as u can see i am tryin to remove bargain buddy and n-case (pad lookups and interstitial ad delivery) as i was tryin to remove the programs... it always said that if i will tend to remove the program some of the free software installed in my computer will not work properly.. i want to knw wat software are those... and if i will remove the program what are the risk or things that might happen

the software am talkin about are:

bargain buddy
interstitial ad delivery by n-case
pad lookups by n-case

i have an hp notebook


A:Does anyone knows what free software does this support...

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if no one knows the answer can anyone tell me were I could find more extensive knowledge on computer music recording problems

A:music software support

Can you be more specific? What type of music recording software are you using?

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I came across this software called navigate.click that guides you through Windows tasks, I tried the free version and liked it, I was considering buying the Premium version but would like to know if anyone else has used it before or if has been reviewed before

A:Windows help guide software (support)

Welcome to the forums rramalho!

Well ................ can't find any reviews of this software period. So from an admittedly quick look see at their website I can only say....... I'd save my money. Almost every "wizard" they promote can be accessed through the Settings tab in Win10. For the ones that can't the Windows Club has an entirely free program that matches or excels these peoples offerings. Its a good idea in theory I suppose but the reality is........ you can/could do everything they do entirely free. Not to mention the Tutorials here and at our sister forums, which again are entirely free. (and written by some very talented people btw)


Ultimate Windows Tweaker 4 for Windows 10

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Driver support says your money is 100% guaranteed refund if unhappy. then when you ask for a refund you keep getting the runaround. Not a very honorable.

A:Driver support for my laptop software

Hi, Sounds like you get a scam. Are they from REAL HP ? Regards.

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can we a support member to look through the support page for this model notebook, and see if everythings up to date , alot of these drivers are from 2014,  http://support.hp.com/us-en/drivers/selfservice/HP-ENVY-17-Notebook-PC-series/5442838/model/5447791 I downloaded support asisent but it wont register or update anything , as its a clean ISO install, tryed it multply times

Driver Booster 2 Beta - Best Tool For Updating All Your Hardware Drivershttp://www.iobit.com/products.php

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I can't get software update drivers without paying for Assistant

A:Why is it so difficult to get software driver support from H...

Hi, You can't get it because hp notebook 15-305dx is not a right product. I think it is hp notebook 15-f305dx. If yes, please use the following link:        http://support.hp.com/us-en/drivers/selfservice/HP-15-Notebook-PC-series/8499333/model/8788166 Regards.

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This is a request that Microsoft add RAID-5 software support for Windows 7.  If the older servers can do it, why can't the new workstations?

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Hello, im testing Teamviewer5 remote support software and i have "pc performance problem".
If im controlling clients pc, then clients pc screen colors are not normal in my pc screen and menus should move little faster.

Is the problem in too slow internet connection or is my PC too slow?

My pc is Sempron 3100+ (socket 754) 1GB ddr ram, nvidia 5600 128MB agp

Client computer is ibm T30 laptop P4 2Ghz, 786MB ddr, 16MB videocard (have no wallpaper)

My and client`s internet connection speed are bouth 4Mbit/s and are wired connections.
I can repair problems, but i would like to get it little bit faster and with more normal colors in my screen.
Should i use Matrox or Quadro videocard?
Sorry for bad english language.

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Can anybody tell me how to properly remove the "HP Support Assistant" software? I have 3 HP computers here in the office, all of which are barely out of warranty, and all of which have a lot of problems lately. Getting support from HP seems to be impossible, so I am hoping somebody here can help. Every time the computers are powered up, the "HP Support Assistant" runs, consuming 100% of CPU and making the machines unusable for several minutes. The computers are running Windows 7 Professional, Windows 7 Home Premium, and Vista Home Premium, if that makes a difference. The "HP Support Assistant" produces a pop-up error message after 5 to 7 minutes, telling us: "We are sorry! HP Support Assistant can only be run by one user at a time. Please switch to the user that is currently running HP Support Assistant and close the program before you start HP Support Assistant on the other user you choose." But in every case, there is only 1 user account, and only 1 user ever uses each machine. All three of these HP computers began to do this within a week after their respective warranty had expired. I've been trying to get an answer from HP since April 2011, with no luck at all.  Because the machines are now out of warranty, I would like to remove any/all HP software that is not absolutely necessary, especially the HP Support Assistant which has never been anything but trouble. Thanks in advance for any advice/suggestions you can offer.

A:How to remove "HP Support Assistant" software?

Hi, Download and install the free version of Revo Uninstaller from the link below. http://www.revouninstaller.com/download-freeware-version.php Run revo and use it to uninstall any HP software you don't want.  Right click on the icon of the program you wish to remove and select Uninstall.  During the process you may be asked to delete registry entries, just select all and then click delete.  Do the same for any left over files and folders.  Once the uninstall has completed, reboot the PC.  Repeat as required. Regards, DP-K

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I've got a Story external hard drive from Samsung. It came with software (decription below) to manage the automatic backups each night, day, etc. I have it set to do incremental backups every night and a complete backup every Friday night.

I need some help to figure out what is causing some backups to fail and why I can't shut the program down after a fail.

The situation: Occasionaly when I come in in the morning, the pop-up showing the backup's progress will still be open, with an error message of "Backup has failed." There is a flower(?) rotating on this screen that looks to me that it is still working on it. There are two buttons at the bottom - Pause and Exit. I can click Pause and that makes the flower stop spinning. Exit is grayed out. After pressing Pause, both buttons are grayed out and the message "Backup has failed" is replaced by "Preparing to stop." I have left that box open for hours and it has never 'stopped'. Of the minimize, maximize and close buttons, only the minimize button is not blocked out. It always ends with me using Task Manager to stop the program.

The software: Samsung Auto Backup, v. 4.1.519.0. The file Properties tell me that it is from Clarus, Inc. Lots of .exe files. The only manuals/support that I can find for it are on how to install, set up, operate. No troubleshooting. I did manage to track down a tech 'support' in a Clarus office in Korea, but the language barrier got in t... Read more

A:Samsung Story software support??

Provided the drive is in proper working order, you might have better luck with SyncBack Free or Karen's Replicator that is also freeware.
I use both on Win7, XP and a win2k computers with no issues ....to external drives and flash drives.

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I was talking to a rep from Best Buy (I know...), and I explained that I'm looking for a PC that comes pre-installed with Windows 7 for my girlfriend's sister. She really has no interest in moving to Windows 8 currently, unless she has no say in the matter. Dell's website currently still lets you choose 7 or 8, but Best Buy only gives you 8 if you buy a Dell from them, no 7. So the rep told me that she should strongly consider moving to 8 because all newer versions of software will not run on 7 so she will be unable to use the latest versions of her various software because they will only support 8 as new software and updates come out.

Is there even a shred of truth to this? I find that hard to believe. So then all newer versions of Winrar, 7-zip, Open Office, ImgBurn, etc will only run on 8? That sounds like utter nonsense to me. Perhaps she's just talking about Microsoft software? Can anybody chime in here?

A:going forward, new software won't support Windows 7?

One example I can think of is, Windows XP.

Release date: October 25, 2001 - Still supported (until Aprirl 2014 that is)
Windows 7 is very "young" compared to Windows XP.

Make of it what you will.

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Well sir I just had a horrible experience when I install XP 64 bit on my computer. I found that I could not get a driver for my HP printer or my kensington multi display adapter ... they just totally disregarded this OS. They have drivers for all the other OS including XP 32 bit, but not 64 bit. I was so mad. I filed a formal complaint with the BBB on both companies not that is would do any good. But I wanted to make it clear I am furious. I had to format the drive again and install XP 32. Had to start all over again installing things.

How stupid can these people be not to provide a driver for that OS ...

Ok ... that's the end of my rant.

A:Stupid Software People Won't Support XP 64

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Does Windows 7 x64 Pro support RAID 5 in disk management? It shows up as an option but it always grayed out.

I have (4) 500GB drives and would really like to use RAID 5 on the 3 that aren't boot drives without all of the BS of using my MoBo controllers and finding the right drivers.

A:Software RAID 5 Support Window 7 X64 Pro

According to Technet forums, it doesn't look like Windows supports this at the software level
Raid 5 in Windows 7 Professional?

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I do quite a bit of work helping other people to fix their computers and have been working with PC's for over 25 years and also have A+, Network+, and CCNA certifications. In receiving some remote support from Symantic with my antiVirus softeware and noticing how easy their remote software worked I found out that they use a product called "LogMeIn Remote Support". I went to their web site and discovered that they charge $130.00 per month. The LogMeIn product was so simple. I will use the example of a support person/company and a customer using the phone as it's initial contact.

1. User phones support company and explains issue(s).
2. Support person ask for permission to take control of user's computer.
3. Support person gives user a URL to goto which automatically opens the LogMeIn screen and a field to enter a PIN number (which is provided by the support person) and the the user clicks the "Continue" button.
4. A small Java applet is installed on the users compter and the LogMeIn opens a chat box or they can continue using the phone.
5. Support takes control of users computer and fixes the problem. (LogMeIn also allows for a reboot of users computer if necessary and reboots be to the LogMeIn program just where it left off without going through steps 1 - 4 above, again).
6. When the remote session is ended the LogMeIn software removes the Jave applet from the users computer, leaving no trace.

Well, $130.00 a month is probably worth if tec... Read more

A:Solved: Remote Support Software?

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The application is does not give me any buttons other than Exit button, but telling me to select Install. This is not helpful. Please fix. 

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I have HP Photosmart Wireless B109 which works with other computers I have.  I recently obtained new laptop running Windows 7 Pro. When I try to install printer drivers (either from disk or from web) I get error message after system check which says that 'this computer does not have the necessary USB software support to allow completion of USB installation. The installation cannot continue until this is resolved'. I have contacted the laptop supplier and downloaded and reinstalled the USB drivers and then rebooted. There is no problem with my USB connections. However, I still get the USB error message when I try to install the latest HP driver. The laptop supplier insists that the problem is with the HP printer software and not with the laptop.

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dont know how to download from hp sopport asisitant

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Driving me INSANE!!  Every forum I read says to Uninstall the Dell Support Software Center to get rid of this window popping up over and over to tell me to insert the support disk.  Started about a month ago - pops up over and over and over and over - about every five minutes or less.  I've got a Dell Studio XPS with Windows 7 Professional.  Another forum said to just uninstall Dell Support Center (Support Center Software) - but when I try to uninstall it - THE SAME STUPID WINDOW POPS UP ASKING ME TO INSERT THE SOFTWARE.  I tried doing a Browse and it's looking for DSC20.msi.  I haven't managed to find it yet.  I have at least found \Program Files(x86)\Dell Support Center but there's so many sub-directories...
I shouldn't have to be jumping through so many hoops just to uninstall a program.  This is driving me crazy and I haven't found an answer online yet.

A:CANNOT uninstall Dell Support Software Center

Oh and BTW - I've already done a search on my entire PC for D*.msi and only two Microsoft installers come up that have nothing to do with this!

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I recently reinstalled Windows 7 on my PC, coming from Windows 10. Installed all the drivers and upgraded bios without any complications at all. But when I press a hotkey-combo, for example FN+F5 to lower screen brightness, I recieve an error saying "hpCaslNotificiation has stopped working". If I press this, or any other FN+key combo I'll get this message (even though the screen does in fact dim). Even if I press ten times, I will get ten error messages on top of each other. I have the latest Hotkey Support drivers installed right now, and I have tried to install an earlier version to no avail. Can anybody help me?  Probook 640 G2, I5, 16GB RAM, 256SSD Win7 Pro x64 Regards

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My company has been using Gotoassist for remote support for several years now, and recently decided to explore competitive offerings.  An exhaustive search led us to ScreenConnect.  ScreenConnect has several features I believe sets it apart from others.  First, it is self-hosted.  For some, this may not be a benefit as it may require some technical knowledge to get up and running depending on your configuration.   We are a fan of self-hosted apps as it gives us the control over configuration, customization, and updates.  The next thing that sets ScreenConnect apart is the customization.  Virtually anything you can think of is customizable (Logo, Heading, background, wording throughout the website, etc.)  The product even has an option that is optimized for use in an iframe on your existing website.  On the client side, the tray icon and executable name can even be customized.  If you are looking for a product that can be customized to look as if it were your own, this is it. I am also very impressed with the product support.  I have yet to call support, but the documentation available is excellent, and easy to use.  I had no problem configuring a custom host name, installing an SSL certificate, setting up new roles/users, or segmenting the hosting areas to allow technicians to only see their initiated sessions.  When in session, I have found the toolbox and annotation tools extremely helpful and the docking... Read more

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I have a LG GSA-H55N DVD Rewriter which I bought to backup my hard drive & store my data before getting rid of the French version of Windows 98SE, which I think was missing things & replace it with an English version.

My computer a Pent II 333 MHz recognizes the drive as a HL-DT-ST DVD-RAM GSA-H55N & works just fine as a CD-Rom. My problem is that the software that came with it does not support Windows 98SE & both the paperwork & the CD both state to contact LG for Windows & DOS support. Of course they come back & say that they do not!! (Power DVD, Power Producer, Nero Express)

All I want to do is be able to backup my data & download programs for later installation as I have found you cannot Install from C: to C:, in a pinch I could download to my D: DOS FAT16 drive & install from there maybe but have not tried that yet.

There must be something out there that will let me get this unit to Burn, but I have not been able to find it on my own yet, then maybe I don't know what I am looking for. Any help would be greatly appreciated as I have a bad case of JS/Downloader.Agent & the only cure is to wipe the drive & start from scratch I guess. I hope this is the right Forum for this, but this is my 1st Thread. :blush:

A:LG GSA-H55N software does not support Windows 98SE?

hi welcome to the site.
You could try a free burning program such as the one below.

As for the JS/Downloader.Agent try making a thread under the Malware thread someone may be able to help you with that as i dont know much about it

hope this helps


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Hey guys,

I've been searching the web for a while now but can't seem to find anything appropriate for my needs, even though I'm pretty sure something must be out there.

What I'm looking for is some sort of free collaboration software similar to etherpad, which also supports tables. I'm planning on using it in an un-techy environment, so it shouldn't distract users with too many options. Also document editing should be pretty self-explanatory and as wysiwyg as possible.

I want to install it on my own server, and I want to be able to password-protect documents, so I'll be able to email the link to the document & the password to whoever I want -- without forcing them to install some client on their side or forcing them to register in any way.

Again, what I'm looking for is basically etherpad with password-protection and tables. I don't necessarily need a full-fledged project-management suite. If there is one out there that can do what I want, and display documents on a compact, easy-to-understand webpage, that would be ok, too.

Anyone have any suggestions?

P.S. If this thread would be better placed in a different sub-forum, please move it.

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I tried Comodo Back-up but couldn't get it to work. I asked for advice in the Comodo Backup forum nearly two months ago, but haven't received a single reply.

So I'd appreciate a suggestion for a simple, easy-to-use back-up program that has an active online user community.

I'd like a program that will constantly monitor my system and automatically back-up the files I modify as soon as I save them.

A:Back-up software with online user support

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