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Yoga 900, power lights on, black screen, Tried eve...

Q: Yoga 900, power lights on, black screen, Tried eve...

Would love feedback here. Power lights are on, screen is completely black.I've read other reports of this in the 900 and other Yoga models but I've never seen the solution Lenovo support offered. They said it was hardware issue, a no power-on-start issue.This is a newish computer. What do you think the issue could be?Pressing power button for 1 minute has no effect.Using One-key recovery, no effectF9, increasing brightness, has no effect. Black dead screen, I've tried all my tricks. Nothing has worked.

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Preferred Solution: Yoga 900, power lights on, black screen, Tried eve...

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


Would love feedback here.  Power lights are on, screen is completely black.I've read other reports of this in the 900 and other Yoga models but I've never seen the solution Lenovo support offered. They said it was hardware issue, a no power-on-start issue.This is a newish computer.  What do you think the issue could be?Pressing power button for 1 minute has no effect.Using One-key recovery, no effectF9, increasing brightness, has no effect. Black dead screen, I've tried all my tricks. Nothing has worked. 

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My yoga 2 11 screen suddenly went black. No lights. Won't turn on. 

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I went to use my laptop and it wouldn't turn on, the only thing that was running was the fan and it was much louder than usual. When I returned to the laptop a few hours later, the fan was finally off and the computer was unresponsive, no lights or sounds at all. I tried the hard reset and that didn't work. I tried numerous outlets and still no power. What else can I possibly do?

A:Black screen, no lights, no power

Hello @Khelm2701, Thank you for visiting the HP Forums! The Forums are a great place where you can find solutions for your issues, with help from the community! I read your post about the notebook not starting, and wanted to assist you!  I understand that the fan was running very loud, and now the notebook is not responding at all. First, try reviewing the following document, and let me know how it goes:HP Notebook PCs - Computer Does Not Start (Windows 10) Please let me know if this information helps you resolve the issue by marking this post as "Accept as Solution", this will help others easily find the information they may be looking for.  Also, clicking the Thumbs up below is a great way to say thanks! Have a great day!

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Would this problem be faulty mother boards there are 2 # installed - 431267-001  & are they available at what price priceI have done 15 second hard reset to no avail I am aware that this laptop op sys is obsolite but I wish to keep it as a store & fileing cabinete only

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I can't find the answer to this anywhere and I am not sure this is the right forum..but..I have a Toshiba notebook that has been giving me problems and worsening.

I push the power button and it lights and nothing happens...black screen. I push it again to turn it off, then I am constantly pushing the button on and off. After about ten minutes it will go right into the normal boot mode. Not sure why it is taking longer to get into this normal boot mode I have windows 7 and I have a Toshiba Satelite T 115-S1100. I would be so grateful for any help. Thanks.
Mike in St. Louis

A:Power button lights, but laptop does nothing..black screen, no boot

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My Thinkpad x240 has a black screen, but the mute, mic, fn button are all lit up. Additionally, the laptop is not turning off- I tried holding down the power button, but it does nothing.  How do I resolve this? Please help.

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    I have a Lenovo Yoga 13 that is out of warranty. I bought it in 2013.  With that out o' the way, my Lenovo Yoga 13's screen stays black even when the power is on...I see no Lenovo logo or anything AND the laptop keeps restarting on its own, so it is stuck in restart mode, with the screen staying black the whole time.  This laptop has been doing this (black screen even though power is on and shuts off and restarts on its own) for about 6 months now....(Jan 2017-June 3, 2017 as of this writing). This laptop works WHEN IT WANTS TO EVERY ONCE IN AWHILE, BUT NOT OFTEN.  I turned the laptop on now, and I'm typing on it now, **BUT when it doesn't work, which is most of the time**, it shows a black screen (I see nothing on the screen) even with the power on and constantly restarts on its own. Is this hardware issue a motherboard problem or a screen issue specifically? Specifically, is it the motherboard that needs to be fixed on this Yoga 13 or is it a screen issue? If it's a motherboard issue that needs to be fixed, how much would it cost? Or If it's a screen issue, how much would that cost to fix? Any help on this is much needed! 

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Hi,I have a X1 Yoga 1st Gen that will boot after being shut down into a black screen with just a mouse cursor visible.  It will sit at this screen forever until power down completely, then power up again.  After this power down=>up cycle, the OS will go a blue loading page, and sit there for about 2-3 minutes.  At the end of this 2-3 minute wait the computer will boot into the OS. To show the problem more clearly:1.  From shut down power on the computer2.  The computer will appear to boot into Windows, but instead will go to a black screen with a mouser cursor.  You can move the mouse cursor so the computer is not completely locked, but it will not go any further.3.  Completely shut down, then turn on again.  After doing this the computer will boot into a blue screen with a Please Wait message on it for at least 2-3 minutes.  When this step is completed you will be taken to the login screen. I am running Windows 10, and am fully up to date with all updates, and the system drivers have been updated to their most recent versions.  Any idea about what I should do from here? Thank you, Brad Ricketts

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I often charge my Yoga 720 at night and annoyed by the blinking lights on the sides of the laptop. Is there a way to turn off both the sleep mode light on the power button and the charging light on the other side, or either of them separately? Thanks.

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My IdeaPad Yoga 13 was working fine earlier in day & was charged.  I went to go use it later & it's completely dead - won't power on, no lights & no lights when charging. Please help! I desperately need my stuff on my laptop. 

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Hello to all  I have a Lenovo yoga Pro 2 and i have a big Problem!!!!!!!! The notebook dont turn on and the power button and the Keyboard are blinking and the Screen is black ..... I tryit to remove the Battery and the BIOS Battery too , power button pushed about 20-30 secs and then i tryed to turn it on  again but i still have the same Problem ...... Any Hints  or Solutions please  Thanks !!!!!!

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Hi all Having major issues you with my Yoga 910. It was working normally one day, then the next day when I powered it on and tried to use it, it would sort of freeze on a specific webpage (my online banking site, nothing sketchy). I would have no track pad movement, no keys worked, power buttons wouldn't do anything, but the screen stayed on and wasn't frozen- the cursor in a text field would continue to flash. I held the power button for ~20 seconds to reset, and tried again. Repeated this 3X total. Then, upon booting up again using the one key reset button next to the power button I tried to restore to a previous point. After clicking through the menus, it attempted to restore and restard. However, at this point, it would no longer boot up in to windows. It would say applying automatic repairs, then diagnosing problems, then a smalm black command prompt box flashes for just a moment. It then takes me to a blue screen saying it didn't boot up properly, restart or go do advanced options. I then tried reset functions, both keep files and full factory reset, but after only a second it says system couldn't reset and offers to shut down. I tried this several times, as well as running start up repair, and recovering to several previous points. Now when I try to recover to a previous point, it says "you must enable system protection on this drive." I tried every option offered in all of the advanced troubleshooting menus to no avail, so I powered off and went to... Read more

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Just a heads-up: I bought this Lenovo Yoga 13 Ideapad in 2013, so it's out of warranty. Proceed to read my problem..... I always get a black screen whenever I shut off my laptop and turn it back on again, which is why I lock my laptop instead. But when I DO lock it and get back on it the next morning, I encounter the Black screen of death and instead of my lockscreen immediately appearing like normal after I lock it and have left it overnight & try to get on it, I have to shut down my laptop and turn it back on because my laptop won't immedately take me to the lock screen so I can log into my computer.  Today (March 17, 2017), I had to shut down and turn on my laptop while pressing the rotation button button or the OneKey Recovery button (the button with a circle and a line going through it; I don't know exactly what it's called, but I think it's the recovery button OR the screen rotation button, on the right hand side of the computer: If anyone knows the name of this button, please let me know!)..I tried this 5 times and It wouldn't turn on. The 6th time pressing the Recovery button OR the screen rotation button on the right side of the laptop (whatever it's called), it did work and now I'm on my laptop typing like normal. But this Lenovo Yoga Ideapad 13 only works when it wants to. Is there any proven fix to this hardware issue? I was told that it was a motherboad issue, but what's the real culprit? And is the motherboard what's actually giving me th... Read more

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My Levono ideapad Y700 no longer turns on when I press the power button. The power light turns on and the keyboard backlight turns on when I press buttons on the keyboard, but the screen remains black no matter what I do. Also the small lights on the front of the laptop light up (ones next to the power light and the battery light). Please advise on solution. Thank you.

A:Y700 Laptop Power Button Lights Up but Black Scree...

Thats a power issue, simply "Hard Reset"  by removing the power cable from the laptop and then press and hold the power button for more than 20 seconds. Then wait a few seconds and turn it on simply! If it doesn't work, do it 2-3 times, for me it worked the 3rd time.After that, go to a service centre cuz then it might be a hardware issue!

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I was in the middle of a BIOS update and my laptop unplugged so now the screen won't turn on.

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I have a compaq presario R3000 and now I cannot even try to reboot with its install cd because nothing lights on the screen so I cannot even press F8 to to go to the BIOS reinstallation setup beginning.

Last two times that something lighted on, it got to the initial windows screen and froze and the last time I think it just went to the the begining warnings of pressing F2 or F12. Then I took the battery out and while I was having the laptop running in AC I tried to take the battery out when almost on its place and put it back on. Norhing lights on the screen since then.

When I press the power switch the power swith remains lighted on and so do two lights on the front side of the laptop, but , as I said, nothing on the screen lights on.

I would like to know if there is still something that I can try for reistalling the operating system fron its install cd, and I surely appreciate any advice or comment about this aforementioned situation.

A:Nothing lights on the black screen

I am not giving an answer. I am the dragster 1981 member who posted the question on the preceding post of this thread, So, please read the preceding post and see if you can give me an answer to my following question:

How can i know if the screen is faulty and it does not light? Or if the motherboard does not work, is replacing it with a good one the only way to know?

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I have a compaq presario R3000 and now I cannot even try to reboot with its install cd because nothing lights on the screen so I cannot even press F8 to to go to the BIOS reinstallation setup beginning.

Last two times that something lighted on, it got to the initial windows screen and froze and the last time I think it just went to the the begining warnings of pressing F2 or F12. Then I took the battery out and while I was having the laptop running in AC I tried to take the battery out when almost on its place and put it back on. Norhing lights on the screen since then.

When I press the power switch the power swith remains lighted on and so do two lights on the front side of the laptop, but , as I said, nothing on the screen lights on.

I would like to know if there is still something that I can try for reistalling the operating system fron its install cd, and I surely appreciate any advice or comment about this aforementioned situation.

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hello!  My Pavilion dv7 screen has gone black.  There are 2 lights flashing - one next to caps lock and the other between the end and page up keys on the upper right corner.  I've read the previous posts about doing a hard reset which I have performed with no change.  I've also hooked up an external monitor but am stil unable to see anything.  Unfortunately, my farm's  books are on this laptop and I need to bill out.  Any additional suggestions? thank you! Stacey

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Hi guys,

When I power on my L50-C I get a Black screen with the cap and num lock lights on. Both the cap and num lock keys stayed locked on.

I have removed the ram and it boots the same. Removed battery, tried from AC power still the same. Any ideas?


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I have a Compaq F500, and when I turn it on, the power button, power indicator, and Wi-Fi indicator all light up, but the screen does nothing, and after about 30 seconds, it restarts, and it's as if it is just failing to start. If there is a way to just wipe the hard drive without having to boot up the computer, that would be a great help. Also, I don't really know that much about hardware, so elaboration of anything an inexperienced person wouldn't know would be helpful, too.

A:Power on, lights up, screen does nothing.

It sounds initially like a bad Motherboard, But that's only a guess as many other things could be causing this. First, I would want to know if you had any Viruses lately, or if the unit was dropped recently. Sometimes viruses can wipe the Boot Sector of the Hard drive, while this is rare it's worth considering. Does the screen appear to be illuminated at all? If it illuminates without booting, the screen is probably not bad and this is what I expect from what you're describing.

You'll want to approach the issue as an over system problem at the motherboard level, possibly at the hard drive level. The main thing is, you want to see the familiar boot screen before moving forward.

It's possible too that your laptop has a bios reset Jumper on the motherboard, yes that's inside the case of the laptop. Don't try to fix it yourself unless you're comfortable trying this. And, if you do, make sure to properly ground yourself.

If it were me, I'd try disconnecting the hard drive and attempt to boot from a CD. If you still get no screen activity it could be the Motherboard or screen. Motherboard would
be likely bad if this method proves that the system continues to reboot. Keep in mind that Bad ram may cause the unit to reboot also. If it's bad Ram then you might just have to replace that for a low cost without having to pay for service.

Check out these things and report back.

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When i start my labtop the screen turns on the Dell logo that shows its loading once that page goes off my screen wont turn from black? If i go to power options it stays on for like 3 more seconds then goes out agian.

A:Screen Black lights Up Black

flourescent tube is out where can i find a new one?

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Have an HP laptop that shut down during a game on Facebook. Upon reboot, had an error message. Researched message on HP's site, found message was related to hard drive failure. Purchased exact hard drive again and replaced. Tried recovering with disks purchased originally for laptop from HP and got message, system recovery disk did not support this system. (Disk numbers did not match packaging). HP sent new disks, when inserted got message no bootable device found. Contacted HP tech support, was told to power on laptop and repeatedly hit the escape key. Nothing happened, just a black screen. Was then told to unplug laptop, pull battery and hold power button for 20 seconds, then to power on and hit escape repeatedly again. After this attempt the light beside the Caps Lock key and the light beside the Altec Lansing Logo were flashing about once a second and still had black screen. HP tech support then stated the motherboard was bad. Now can't even get into the Bios. I no longer have the original error message as I thought the new hard drive would fix the problem. Just wondered if HP was correct and the motherboard was bad... Have a HP desktop and was told by them it was the motherboard and it wasn't.
Laptop info: Product # WA970UA#ABA Serial # CNF0153HK5 Model # G61-631NR

A:HP G61-631NR Black Screen, lights flashing

Is it under warranty? If so, let them handle it.

Pretty much any fault with a laptop is a motherboard fault as everything is on the motherboard.

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hi,new here,I really hope someone around here can help me...

I have an HP Desktop that is about 3 years old, it has an AMD Athlon Processor, Windows Vista, 2GB Hard Drive and a very old Nvidia 6150 Card...

a couple of months ago the computer stopped working properly, it would turn on, but it would freeze or sometimes, it wouldn't start....I took it to a tech guy who had it for about a month and he couldn't find what the real problem was! then when I had lost all faith, I went into the HP website and saw that my pc's model had an alert from HP, in it it said that some of those models had a bad motherboard and that they would extend warranty and replace the motherboard for free...

I contacted them and they sent DHL to pick up my computer and I got it back 2 weeks later and it had been working great until today!

this is a family computer, but hasn't been used as much lately because now most family members have laptops, still it's used for about 5 hours a day...this morning someone turned it on for about an hour and then turned it off without a problem...3 hours later someone turns it on and this is what happens:

1. Computer makes noise, no beeps, only normal computer starting up noise.
2. The light that checks the cd drive turns on.
3. The fans are running.
4. Power button is on, but when I turn on the monitor it says "no signal" and it goes to sleep.

I turned it off, the computer and the little box it is connected to, for... Read more

A:I can see lights, fans are running, but screen is black

I think the first idea in this Guide may help http://www.techspot.com/vb/topic113137.html
But you may need to contact HP again (if warranty still exists), here: http://www.techspot.com/vb/topic100655.html

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I've browsed around various threads and I still couldnt find an answer, so I'll try my luck by asking.

My hp dv5 laptop does not boot up straight away, all that happens a blank screen awith flashing keyboard lights. I can get it to start but only after repeatedly turning it on and off for an hour or two( many wasted hours -_-)
This all started as a minor issue where it would take about 3 or 4 restarts and then would proceed to boot up normally. As time went on it grew increasingly longer, so i looked around on various forums and I read a few problems people had with poorly applied thermal paste on heatsinks. I bought some paste and disassembled my laptop to the mother board( cleaned it out in the process) the previous thermopaste had cemented and so I removed it and applied the new paste. Once assembled, the problem still remained.
I'd appreciate any help as I don't have big mulah to spend on new laptops or expensive parts. Thanks in advance

A:black screen, flashing keyboard lights

Error blink codes

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 Hi all,First post!  My Dad's Lenovo laptop goes to a black screen when starting up, so is unusable.I haven't seen it in the flesh yet but have started to research things for him and have found that 'black screen' shows up quite a lot for Windows 10 and Lenovo PCs! We were so impressed with my Dad's PC I've ended up with the same model myself:Lenovo YOGA 500 Convertible Laptop, Intel Core i7, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD, 15.6" Touch Screen.Also labelled as: Yoga 500-15IBD Laptop (ideapad)  I see some people mentioning hardware failures and others device driver problems with the graphic card etc. but haven't read a definite cause/fix for this so far. I've just found this recent critical BIOS update for this PC which mentions the black screen problem:Software name: BDCN63WW Version 63[Important updates] Fix Win 10 lid close black screen issue.http://support.lenovo.com/gb/en/products/Laptops-and-netbooks/Yoga-Series/yoga-500-15ibd/downloads/D...I haven't seen this mentioned in the forums? Has anyone else used this?If the PC always boots to a black screen I'll obviously have trouble installing this! I'm hoping that it will boot in Safe Mode or I'm going to have some trouble installing it?! I don't know whether to install the BIOS update on my own machine which is running fine - I think I'll wait until I see my Dad's laptop first which will be in a few weeks. Has anyone had any experience of this BIOS update or other comments on this?Thanks. &nb... Read more

A:Yoga 500 'BLACK SCREEN' - BIOS update: "[Important updates] Fix Win 10 lid close black screen issue"

I'm still wondering about this... I've just updated the Lenovo Companion after seeing it mentioned in another thread. It looks like this s/w is supposed to scan the PC and recommend Lenovo updates - critical and nice to have ones. Initially the Companion was showing a critical update for Lenovo SHAREit and a recommended one for my BIOS. It says I'm currently on BDCN28WW and offered something like v61 and not the 63 I mentioned in my first post? After letting it update SHAREit and re-scanning the BIOS update is no longer being offered and still shows me on v28 ??? I'm not sure I trust this 'Companion' app!My laptop seems to be running fine so I don't want to break it updating the BIOS if it's not required. For all I know my Dad's broken one may be broken because it upgraded?! Does anyone else use/trust the Companion app?And has anyone else seen it change it's mind on recommended BIOS updates?Thanks.

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Hello, a week ago I had what I am now refering to as Major Disaster Number One. When I turned on my Laptop it didn't boot had a black screen and made loud beeping noises. This was eventually resolved by removing one of the memory cards as one of the slots was defective. In the meantime I had done quite a lot of fiddling with the system.

The PC had been working fine for a whole week until Major Disaster Number Two happened today. This time thankfully no loud beeping but black screen and flashing num/caps locks (twice). According to the HP website 2 flashes indicates a BIOS problem. I did what was recommended and took battery out and pressed power button for a minute. Tried this several times in different combinations but with no success. Tried reconnecting hard drive and swapping memory around again.

Actually something I should mention is that when I first turned it on today it came up with a white screen, totally white, and after waiting a minute I impatiently turned the computer off at which point it refused to turn on again.

I have looked on various forums including this one but don't know what the PC terminology "post" and "flash" mean with reference to boot up and bios.

Thanks in advance for your help.

EDIT: Btw some info about my system (I just read about how to ask for help) I have a HP Laptop DV5-1004nr running Vista 64 Home Premium. Something about my computer experience: About 10 years ago I worked with computers extensively during the Windo... Read more

A:Help - system not booting black screen flashing lights!

Welcome to Vista Forums MrMoggins.

Is your laptop still under warranty?

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My power button lights up, I can hear the fan in the computer running and my screen lights up (to an extent) however, the screen is still black and unusable

A:Hp envy x360 screen lights up a shade of black but nothing e...

SydneyD1229 Hello;Allow me to welcome you to the HP forums!I read your post about your PC having a black screen and wanted to help.Here are some troubleshooting steps you can try: HP Notebook PCs - Troubleshooting Black Screen Displays with No Error Messages During Startup or Boo...Good Luck========================================================================I am a volunteer and I do not work for, nor do I represent, HP.---------------------------------------------------------------If my posts helped you, please click the Thumbs-Up symbol to say thanks.If my posts solved your problem please click "Accept As Solution".========================================================================

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I'm not sure if this is in the right area or not.

I had my laptop on and running fine for a few hours accumulatively (because I did put it in sleep mode ocasionally) last night and then one time I turned it off and when I turned it back on it lit up but nothing came up on the screen.

I turned it back off by holding down the power button and decided to let it cool down. Later I turned it back on and it was working fine seemingly and then it would "turn off" because the screen went black but the lights were still on. Then it would refuse to turn on for a while. I let it set overnight and I turned it on and it seemed to work again but then it did that thing I mentioned where the screen goes black but the lights are still on and it won't turn back on now. Well, it will turn on because the lights will be on but nothing will show on the screen.

I also think there might be a chance there is a virus on it. My alert keeps popping up and telling me that there is but it says it's quarantined and infected or something. I don't really know how to explain it.

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I have a Gateway M685-E laptop running XP and Ubuntu, this morning when pushed the power button nothing would load.

The AC LED stays on as well as the light under the power button, while the NumLock and the CapsLock flash on then off, which might be normal.

The screen stays black but you can tell it is getting power by the shade of black it changes when it powers up.

The last time I used it I shut it off by holding the power button.

So far I have tried:

Removing AC power and battery
Removing RAM
Removing CMOS battery (or whatever its called, it looks like a watch battery)
Removing Hard Drive

I'm praying that its not a fried Mother Board, could it be a corrupted BIOS?
Please help,

A:Laptop won't start: black screen - lights flash on then off

Is this the same laptop that's in your other topic ?

If it is I recommend you use the other topic only and remove this one.

That would keep all the information in one place and make it easier to help you.

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Hello guys im new to this website. Well i have a problem with my computer. My brother shut down the pc by pushing the power button. I tried starting up my pc but all i hear is a continious beeping noise. Both the led lights are on and for some strange reason my cd drive light is blinking. Can you guys please help me? Thanks in advance.

A:PC Wont Boot!Black Screen!Beeps!Lights flashing.Please help

I think there is problem with ram either ram stick is not plugged properly or ram stick is gone bad.try to change ram stick see what happens


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Model CQ61 319WM This is a friend's computer.  Yes, it's old.  But, it was working fine until it went into sleep mode last night.  Hasn't come up since. Searches took me to this HP support page.  Win+B and Power on does not show the BIOS restore screen.  It just shows the same black screen.  It mentions trying more than once.  I tried at least a half dozen times.  Removed the battery and unplugged the power for a few seconds prior to some of the tries. The BIOS download (sp48895.exe) does not provide the option to format a USB drive as bootable.  I searched around and created my own bootable thumb drive.  Then, copied the BIOS files onto it. Unfortunately, that method also uses the Win+B and power on to bring up the boot order screen.  All I get is black. There are a bunch of "black screen" threads on here.  I've read several of them.  But, I haven't found any others that appear to apply to this model. Suggestions appreciated. Drake Christensen

A:Black screen, Num+Caps Lock lights blinks slowly

Hi,Please try a hard reset and see if it works.1. Power off your laptop2. Remove the a/c adapter, battery and everything that is attached to your laptop.3. Hold the 'POWER 'button down on your laptop for about 10 seconds.4. Plug in the a/c power supply (without battery) and power on.Regards.

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My G50-80 Laptop (Lenovo) - Type 80L0 running Win10 stopped working back in 2016, My warranty ran out right when it returned from repairs and lucky for me it just happened to break 2 weeks after being repaired! I tried a few things back then but nothing worked and I gave up, buying a cheap laptop just to get me through my job. I'm returning to this laptop though because I feel like it can be fixed and I want to give it to a friend if I can fix it. I've tried hard resetting, with and without battery. Opened it up, reseated ram and memory. I can't access BIOS. I plugged it into an HDMI display to see if something was wrong with the laptop display. I might have done a bunch of other things I can't remember. Nothing has worked. I did notice when reseating that my laptop had room for a two-part memory but the second part wasn't there, I don't know if this was a mistake by the repair team? Or if it's not needed. (My computer knowledge is lacking.)  I sent my laptop in for repair because the USB got overloaded and broke every input on the right side of the computer. They replaced everything but what the computer needed to work again and sent it back, so I sent it in again..... This time it came back fixed. My warranty ended. And then it broke 2 weeks later. I'm tired of my laptops crapping out and I just want to fix them myself so I don't have to keep buying what I can't afford. (Also can't afford to send it in and have it fixed, if nothing works I guess I'l... Read more

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My lenevo laptop Z570 is not shutting down. The screen is black but lights r still on.

A:My laptop Lenevo Z570 is not shutting down. The screen is black but lights are still on.

Hold the power button till all lights goes off, then turn on again

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Context of the problem
Laptop model: L322XBIOS version: A08
I seem to be having virtually the exact same issue as this one.  
Except I am on A08.  
Basically the laptop will not boot, I cannot even get into the bios because it never boots to the dell logo.  It started happening maybe a week ago, but after a few trials normally it would work again and boot into windows.  At this point though it will not boot at all.
I have tried his solution at the bottom of the page, but after 30 plus trials it still will not update the firmware to A09.
I am currently completely unable to boot to the dell logo, or windows, every time it tries to start it hangs with the keyboard lit up, and the screen fully black.  I can boot to the dos bios update utility as he explains in his post, but again it will not update the firmware ever.  Any idea what I should do?
Is there anyway I can force it to boot into the bios so I can try to change some settings?  I looked but could not find any jumpers in the documentation for resetting the bios.  

Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.

A:L322X Will not boot, keyboard lights up but screen stays black.

Hi quade.broadwell,I recommend you to remove the battery and disconnect the adapter, press and hold the power button for few seconds and release to drain the flea power .Now put back the battery and connect the adapter and power on the computer.
Also, refer the following link for more troubleshooting:http://dell.to/10KNPJ0Awaiting your response!

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Hey all. Got windows 7 on my g555, with truecrypt on the drive, if it matters.  Last night, closed down the cover of my laptop before i fell asleep, like always, today it doesn't respond at all when I opened it back up.  Forced it to shut down, and haven't seen anything but a black screen since. The power light comes on, the fan comes on, and that's about it.  Can't get to the bios, can't do ANYTHING.  Tried unplugging it for a while, pressing power 10 times, holding power down for a minute, ran the battery entirely dry THEN discharged the caps, ...I've read many solutions where its the built up static charge that's the problem, but not here.  I've tried all versions of the solution I could find, all very similar, but none worked.  I took out my RAM and put it back in, and same for the hard drive.  No dice. The only lights I get at all are the power light, and the battery charging light next to it.  Can't get the CAPS LOCK, num lock, any of that to do anything.  Cannot boot by CD/DVD as I cannot change the bios, and can't get any response from any keys or key combos that I can think of (including the one-touch restore). Any advice?  What can I try here to get this sucker going again?  


Go to Solution.

A:G555-0873 Black screen, No splash, no bios, not even caps lock lights

any help? thoughts or ideas?

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Hello to you all, my Dell family!

So here is what the issue is:
1. Sounds buttons are flashing as follow - both left and right are blicking, while the midle one is stand still (just lighting).
2. Screen remains black
3. Hard-drive is ON (also chceck on HD tune - totally OK)
4. Change my cell primary battery - won´t do anything.
5. Can´t get to BIOS, can´t reach win - because of the black screen.

What should I do? 

Thank you very much in advance.

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sounds from hd like beginning to boot, but screen remains black. tried rescue disc, 95 windows floppy,
installed new memory, used wrist strap and problem started. reinstalled old memory problem remains.
hp pavilion 7125/windows 95/intel133mhz pent/48 mg ram 1620mbhd,cd rom will open/close lights up while hd is making noise then everything stops, exept scroll lock, num lock and sometimes caps lock lights stay on keyboard.
monitor is ok...connected it to son's computer and works fine.

A:screen blank, keyboard lights up,hd lights up, no light on floppy, no boot

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When i press the power button evrythings... looks ok

all fans starts

the led on my keyboard flashes...

but the flashing led on my screen that indicate that it's sleeping does'nt stop flashing.... which mean it does'nt receive any information...

When i press restart it often solve the problem and my screen computer starts perfectly


.... the problem still there..

If someone know how to get a log file that would help me to determin the problem...

1- Does reseting de cmos could solve sumtin..
2- To reset cmos i need to remove the bateri for about 30 second ?
3- does a poor batery could make such problems...
4- I need hlp

Or if someone have already experienced that problem and could tell me what you did to solve the problem... i just baught a power supply antec 480 but i didnt solve anything.... my 3d card is brand new... and my cable looks fine... but who knows...
pls HLP ME

(information about this error must be written in some log files?)

Thanks for replies

A:PITCH BLACK!!!(black screen when you press power you know what i mean?)

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I bought the Lenovo Y40 a few years ago and RARELY used it.  But when I did it worked fine until I upgraded to Windows 10.  Since then the screen flickered when on battery power only.  I just recently installed latest Windows 10 updates (9/12/2017) hoping it would resolve.  Now the screen goes black entirely when unplugged.  I have tried seemingly ALL the suggested posts on Power Management and even replugged in the display.  So many people seem to have had this resolved via Power Management - I can't seem to.  Help!

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have a T7500 that when rebooted, will take anywhere between 10-15 shutdown/startups before getting boot screen. Power button is green and 3 4 stay green when it is attempting to boot. I can't find what error this might indicate... any help would be much appreciated...



A:T7500 green power button 3 4 green lights, takes several attempts before getting boot screen

ubearcat,The led error represents ACPI S3 Suspend to RAM Windows Standby State. Try the steps below to resolve.Changing the power management options in the operating systemSometimes just changing the software settings in the operating system power options will fix the issue. Access to the power options in Windows can be done through the Control Panel. Depending on your version and view by settings, you may or may not see a power option link. In that case, look for power options under the hardware category. Once there, create a new plan or modify an existing plan, changing the advanced settings as needed.If changing the operating systems power options does not fix the problem, you can try changing the APCI setting to the computers Basic Input/Output System (BIOS).  Once there, you need to look for Power Management Options. There you will find the different ACPI standby states.

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Hi,     after lenovo boot up screen on my yoga machine ( Yoga 700-11ISK Laptop (ideapad)), the laptop screen turns blank and stays like this.    It can however connect to an external screen through the micro hdmi connection.    I run the Lenovo diagonstics (online and offline) but it didn't find any problem.    Any clues? Thanks,Nicole.


Go to Solution.

A:Yoga 700-11ISK Laptop (ideapad) black screen after lenovo boot screen

Solved by installing the latest intel display driver from the official website.

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Keyboard and signal light are lighting,, fans run for a short time,, then stop.Need helps. I do a lot of steps that learn from internet like 1. Click the power 30 s 2.reconnect the cmos battery 3.bios resetBut no one idea workssss,, computer still at black screen and the system can't run. 

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Yoga Pro 3 1370 This is an old laptop that I've had laying around. The battery went dead a few years ago and I chose to upgrade. I recently decided to sell it so I purchased a new battery. Everything works perfectly. However, there is a black screen.No Lenovo logo on boot up.Cannot get into the BIOS menu and the screen display.There is absolutely no picture. After reading I tried an external display and discovered the laptop works as well as the touch screen. I wondered if it was a software issue but when I tried to reset the laptop I receive the following message: "There was an issue resetting your PC. Nothing has been changed."This happens when I try to rest from the settings, the recovery button, and the advanced startup menu.I'm sure I could replace the LCD but is it really necessary to do so because the touch screen works?I'm not an expert by any means so my apologies if any of this sounded ignorant. Any advice or suggestions will help!Thanks in advance. 

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I picked up this Alienware 5700 off ebay to hopefully refurbish for my son but I'm new at this and still learning and so this thing has me baffled. The laptop is in pristine condition but shows no signs of life. When I plug in the power supply the green light on the power supply goes from solid green to blinking rapidly to the point you can barely see it. To me that would mean a short somewhere right ? If so where ? Has anyone else ever had experience with something like this ? I just don't want to go buying a new battery for a laptop that maybe fried already. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:No power, no lights but green light on power supply blinks rapidly

Remove the laptops battery and try the AC power only. If the green light does the same, it still could only be a bad AC adapter, or at worst, a shorted laptop motherboard

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