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Can i use EGPU from mini pcie slot of Lenovo B570e

Q: Can i use EGPU from mini pcie slot of Lenovo B570e

hi, i saw exp gdc device for using external gpu in laptops.I have Lenovo B570e model with Core 2 duo CPU,6gb ram{4+2}.can i use egpu from mini pcie slot of wlan card?i don't mind using usb wifi adapter. there is also hardware button in my laptop for turning wifi on and off, which is not working properly and wifi repeatedly switching on and off if i turn it on.so if it is possible to use egpu, will that physical button affect egpu too?will that work?

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Preferred Solution: Can i use EGPU from mini pcie slot of Lenovo B570e

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I want to know if its possible to connect and eGPU using the wireless mini pcie port.And also is my bios wwan whitelisted? Becausewhen I try to open bios it shows insydeh20. And I didn't find anything related to wireless card. Please help.

A:eGPU using wireless card mini pcie port

There are some external GPU docks avaiable that use the miniPCIe slot on laptop motherboards, however, this would most likely bottleneck the GPU as there's only one or two PCIe lanes on a miniPCIe slot as opposed to the 16 lanes on desktop boards.You would also need a seperate power supply to power the GPU.Of course you would also need to remove your wireless card, but since you'd be tethered to a desk with a GPU sitting on it, I'm guessing you'd just be connected to the internet with an ethernet cord.Depending on how cables can be routed, you may just have to leave the bottom of your laptop off. I've never had the opportunity to use one of those devices so I can't pass judgement, but there are several YouTube videos available demonstrating some of those devices (there are even versions for ExpressCard and miniSATA slots if I remember correctly). Also, I can't help you on the BIOS issue. You may just want to make a seperate topic about that to get exposure since the title of this topic doesn't reference your wireless issue.

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Hello All, I'm looking under the hood of my 1st gen Thinkpad X1 Carbon, and I'm trying to identify the PCIe slots.  In particular, the following page states that I should have 2 PCI Express Mini slots:  https://support.lenovo.com/au/en/solutions/pd027202 Now I see the WLAN card and the WWAN card, and my natural assumption is that these are both in PCIe ports, but on closer inspection I see that the WLAN card's slot is only 19mm wide, whereas the WWAN card is the standard 26mm width of normal PCIe Mini ports. This raises some questions:  1. Is the WLAN connected to a proprietary slot, or is this just a different type of PCIe standard?  2. If the WLAN is connected to a proprietary slot, where is my second PCIe slot? Any help would greatly be appreciated. Regards,Adam Zebrowski-az  

A:Why is my WLAN card slot narrower than my WWAN card slot (PCIe mini)?

On closer inspection, it looks like my SSD connects to a similar-looking slot as my WLAN card.  I guess this means my WLAN card uses a SATA connection or something? I normally work with desktop PCs, so I'm unfamiliar with a lot of these laptop hardware standards. Regards,Adam Zebrowski-az- 

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Are there any extra available Mini-PCIe slot on Lenovo IdeaPad 700 15ISK such that I could plug in and develop Mini-PCIe based https://www.crowdsupply.com/fairwaves/xtrx in Arch Linux ? If only M.2 slot is available, do I need some adapters ? Will this XTRX Mini-PCIe card fit inside my Lenovo laptop ? Does the laptop have extra antenna that I could use ?

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Hey, Im looking at the speccs for my G50-80 notebook with a U3E1 motherboard and under the PCI Data tab it tells me that there are a total of 5 slot options where as 2 of them are in use and 3 are still available, one of which is a PCI-e x4 connection. I've previously opened up my notebook and as far as I could tell there were only 2 visible connections, one was a unused ribbon cable connector and the other one was, i assume due to placement, the unsoldered SATA-slimline connection. What I want to know, is there some kind of schematic for my motherboard that could help me locate these connections on the board?I don't care if I have to solder connections to it myself, I just need to know where I can find these ports on the physical board. I'm also curious to which generation of PCI-e the connections are running, since there seem to be no mention of them in the manual, again i assume its due to not having connection sockets soldered to them by default. It would also be useful to know if these slots are affected by the BIOS peripheral white-list. Hgran

Keep calm and keep tweaking! - "It's still stable." is just another way of saying "I'm a coward!"

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I want to upgrade my pc with a new graphics card (specifically the GTX750Ti) And i need to know what version my PCIE Express is 1.0 2.0 or 3.0 ?(That i currently have my GT730 in)   I would really appreciate an answer, because if i don't get one then I don't know what to do.

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Hello, I'm planning to buy the Toshiba RC100 NVMe SSD to upgrade my Lenovo Y410P.Here's the specification for the Toshiba RC100: https://ssd.toshiba-memory.com/en-amer/ssd/rc100#more-specsFrom documentation, the RC100 needs 2242 M.2 B-M key socket which is the same as Y410P.But I'm not sure if Y410P support PCIe Interface as required by RC100. Anyone can help? 

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Hi guys, I wanted to know where the Mini Pci-E slot is located in the Lenovo y50-70 laptop. Also I wanted to ask if I can plug in to that slot an external gpu dock.  Thanks.

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Sorry in advance, i have seen that there are already many post like this but i can't find the right answer. I have a Lenovo B570e with Core i3-2328M and 4GB Ram, my model have only one RAM slot. If i put an 8GB Ram module in the only slot that i have does it work or the maximum for "one slot" version is 4GB? Someone have already tried this?Thanks.

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I currently have Motherboard Asus P5B-Plus Vista edition which has
1 x PCI-E x16, 3 x PCI-E x1, 3 x PCI 2.2

I plan to build a data server with this motherboard and buy Promise Supertrak EX8350 which is PCI-E x4 Raid controller card.

My question is. Instead of buying a new motherboard that has PCI-E x4 slot.
Can I just install the PCI-E x4 Raid controller card into PCI-E x16 slot which is normally for video card? And Just buy a cheap regular PCI video card for PCI 2.2 slot?

Hopefully someone could help me with this and I thank you in advance.

A:PCIe x4 Raid controller card into PCIe x16 slot

The 4X card has the long edge connector for the socket I assume, then yes. I have a second x16/4 slot that, iirc, they say will work as a 4x slot. That said, do they make a PCIE x1 videocard for the short slot?

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I was wondering if half-length PCIe and mini card PCIe are the same thing because I was planning on plugging in an external GPU.  Thank you for helping.

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I am planning to upgrade my video card. I saw this one from Nvidia. Geforce GTS 450. I checked the specs and i saw the "bus" and it says PCI-E 2.0 x 16. My motherboard(Asus P5G41T-MLX3) has PCIe x16. I also have researched that the PCIE is backward compatible meaning the GTS 450 is compatible with my mobo. Now, my question is, will my mobo which has pcie 1.1 only be a bottleneck for GTS 450? if so, what video will you recommend so i can play new games like need for speed shift 2 unleashed?

A:pcie 2.0 video card on pcie 1.1 slot

I don't think different versions would bottleneck that much that you could notice.. What are your system specs and what resolution are you willing to play it?

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Hi I am looking to build a thin mini itx motherboard pc with dedicated graphics for gaming and I could only find motherboards with a pcie 3.0 x4 slot. I found an x4 to x16 riser but I don't know if it works as I have not been able to find any examples of such a thing. I want to use a GTX 1050 TI with it. I would like to know if this is possible. I am new to PC hardware and am quite confused. if I can't run a 1050 TI can you please list some alternatives. Thank you

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Hi all

I have H61M-ITX board with 1 x PCI Express 3.0 x16 slot (blue @ x16 mode)

I wan to install there PCI Express x 4 card:

I made clean Win XP SP3 install + all MB drivers on top. After I inserted pcie x4 card and boot up. Win XP didn't detect the card (though leds on card are blinking from periodically)

I then tied LAN adapter I have to check if all is fine with MB. I took this one:

same behaviour - system doesn't see it but if I plug eth cable then leds on lan card blink.

please tell me what is wrong I do? I checked bios for anything related to PCIe and found nothing.

A:PCIe x4 card doesn't run in PCIe x16 slot

Have you tried updating your Intel chipset drivers? They can be found at Intel.com in the download center. They would have updates for the PCIe drivers and other assorted H61 chipset features.

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I want to buy an SSD drive for this laptop, but do not know what the protocol supports slot M2 and therefore can not determine the SSD model.

I want to buy an SSD drive in this laptop

A:inspiron 7778: M2 SSD slot: PCIe x2? PCIe x4?

The 7778 (Skylake version) is SATA - not PCIe.  

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Hello guys, i'm having a bit of trouble with my Sound Blaster Xfi Fatal1ty titanium, the issue is as follows:

There's a huge heat sink that prevents the card fitting properly into the single pcie x1 slot on my board, so what i rly would like to know is if it is possible to have it working on a pcie x4, risk free ofc. I've done a few searches on this forum and i've read it is possible but i rly want to be sure before doing anything. Another doubt i have is if i need to make any changes on my bios cuz i'm not sure if pcie x1 and pcie x4 slots work on the same power specs.

Thx to all in advance

A:Pcie x1 sound card in Pcie x4 slot?

If the card performs in a PCIe x4 slot, it should be ok... I don't think you will damage anything

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If I buy a video card thats PCIe x16 2.0 and plug it into a PCIe x16 slot will the card run?

A:PCIe x16 2.0 work in a PCIe x16 Slot?

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Here is something I recently found out. I have tired this and it works.

You can use a PCIe x1 card, or a PCIe x4 card in a PCIe x16 slot. They work fine. So if you think you are short of PCI-e slots, you may not be. A shorter PCIe card works fine in a longer slot.

On PCIe X1, X4 and X16 slots, the first 18 pins are all wired the same, so as long as the PCI-Express card fits in the PCI-Express slot, it should work.

This is not the case for the legacy PCI (32-bit, non-express) slots, that are not PCI-Express. Those are not compatable with PCIe cards.
Picture of assorted PCIe and PCI slots.

The top four slots, in the picture above, are, from the top to bottom,
PCIe x4 slot , PCIe x16 slot, PCIe x1 slot and another PCIe x16 slot. A PCIe card that can physically fit in any of these slots will work, even if it doesn't fill the entire slot.

The bottom, 5th slot, is a PCI legacy (32-bit) slot. PCIe (express) cards will not work in this slot. It only accepts legacy PCI cards.

Here is the PCI-Express page on Wikipedia showing pinouts, etc.
PCI Express - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

YouTube Video showing PCIe X1 card in a PCIe X16 slot.
x1, x4 pci Cards Fit Into x16 pci-e Slot - YouTube

Here are links to discussions on this subject at Tom's Hardware.

"Can I install a PCI-e x1 Wireless network card in a PCI-e x16 slot?"



http://www.tomshardware.com/answer... Read more

A:Using a PCIe x1 card in a PCIe x16 slot

It's been like that since the beginning of PCIex !!!

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Hi there i need some help regardless a cpu, does my motherboard support SR0X6 (Intel Core i7-3540M) ?
hope sombody can help me here
Mod's Edit: Additional information added to Subject line for clarity of issue.

A:Lenovo B570e

HMM page 77  and page 78, item 11 has your supported CPU list.
Intel I7-2820QM 2.30G 8M 4c D2 PGA processor     102001055 Intel I7-2720QM 2.20G 6M 4c D2 PGA processor     102001071Intel I7-2630QM 2.0G 6M 4c D2 PGA processor       102001070 Intel I7-2620M 2.7G 4M 2c J1 PGA processor            102001069
Mod's Edit: Additional information added to Subject line for clarity of issue.

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im planning to get an external GPU, im just wondering,
which should i get pcie adapter or pcie mini adapter?
which is commonly used?

actually im not sure about what im asking on this thread, can anybody explain if i got it all wrong?

A:What is the difference between PCIE & PCIE mini?

Could the "mini" actually be a "low profile" card? Slim design cases (also called compact cases) will not accept standard height cards and must use the "low profile" type.

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Hi there, I have Lenovo B570e(site telling me b570e2) With i3-2328M CPU and LENOVO Emerald Lake (version FAB1). I'm so unlucky so i have only 1 slot for ram (never lucky :c ). I want to buy 8gb, but i don't know what ram will work at my notebook. How can i choose? And what RAM will work at my notebook ?

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I have a b570e laptop and it has no os even dos, and also the dvd reader is not working. How do i enter bios in this situation? 

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I have a Lenovo B570e and this morning I got the crazy idea of changing the "onboard" LCD screen with a Full HD LCD. Does anyone know if there is a FULL HD screen compatible with my model?It has an Intel HD Graphics 3000 that can handle this resolution so I was wondering if it was possible.Thanks in advance.

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Hello, The camera is not working on on the machine with Windows 7 Home Basic. The divice manager shows that it works properly. Pressing Fn + ESC does  not help either. Anyone faced the same problem? Thank you

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Hi, today my laptop lenovo b570e was on charging and i was using it while on charging all of the sudden it completely shut down no slow off process like "shutting down Windows" all of the sudden it went in off state and now its no going to on. Things i have already tried are put the battery out like for cool down and then i also tried using direct supply still it didnt on again....then i also tried pressing power button for 30 seconds it still didnt on.i put cooled battery back again still not on. Please note that temperature was 40 and laptop was hot from the side of fans. Now its full cooled but still i'm not able to on it again. I'm a freelancer need to complete projects if any of you can help me on this please ASAP.Intel core i34gb ram500gb HardiskWindows 7

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hello my laptop brand is Thinkpad B570e and im using this laptop for a few months now.and now im facing a problem which  is becoming realy anoyying me!i recently bought Windows 8 Pro and i made a Bootable USB Device to Install Win8 using USB.but when i shutdown/Restart the Computer and Press F12 or F2 nothing happens at all it continues starting windows.i tried Pressing Fn+F1, Fn+F2, F12 nothing helped i searched the whole internet and couldnt found a solution.

A:Cannot Enter to Bios Setting in Lenovo B570e !

Hi.Is Windows 8 installed on your machine, or is it running through a USB device? If 8 is installed on your machine, then make sure you do a complete shut down of your machine. To improve boot times, Windows 8 does a hybrid boot, meaning it keeps certain things running. To do a full shut down of the system, you can open Command Prompt and type "shutdown /s /t 0" (without the quotes.) This will do a full shut down (cold restart). It seems whenever you are rebooting/shutting down, it is only doing a warm restart which will skip BIOS.Let me know if I can assist you further,Adam

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I'm using Lenovo B570e, Since I installed Windows 8.1 pro on It, I Can't access bios settins any more every time Am trying to access it it Says "Please wait......, then windows start to boot. Please guys assist me on this issue.

A:I Cannot Enter to Bios Settings In Lenovo B570e

If you have a wireless keyboard, try a wired one.   Sometimes the wireless doesn't come online quick ehough to break into the BIOS setup..

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Hi. So I have a Lenovo B570e laptop 4gb ram 64 bit operating system. I updated to Windows 10 about 4 months ago. I was able to connect to wireless networks effortlessly. But all of a sudden I am unable to connect to any networks. There is no wifi icon in the notifications tray. Nor do I have the wifi option when I got to network settings. It only shows "status", "ethernet", "dial up" and so on. I've tried uninstalling the wifi adapter multiple times but nothing happens. Also, when I go to change adapter settings and try to enable the wifi adapter, it doesn't enabled. It just stays disabled. I've also tried installing new drivers but I keep on getting and error message saying "update.ccp 1203".

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I was hoping to boot from the SD card a live linux, but it appears there may not be a way to do this?  If it's not possible, is there a way to boot from a small portion of the regular drive, then load into the sd card? Basically I don't want to have a USB slot being taken up by a drive and the SD card slot is just really convienent. 

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Hi friends,

I am not a computer savvy and all I wanted to know what is PCI, PCle x16, PCle x1 slot. As, my mother board had came up with these facilities and I don't know what the use of this slots and how can they helpful for me. So need a detailed explanation over these structures.

Has my mother board has 1 x PCle x16 slot
1 x PCle x1 slot
2 x PCI slots

A:About PCI and PCIe x16 slot

The PCIe x16 slot is for GPUs, it is the highest bandwidth of them all. I can explain more later, I am in a rush now.

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I have a Dell Optiplex GX280 and it has a PCIe x16 slot on the motherboard. I want to know if this slot is a 1.0a or a 1.1 and if a PCIe 2.0 x16 GPU will work in that slot.

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Hi guys,

I recently added a second monitor to my computer. Upon the initial boot up, my PC would get stuck at the windows logo screen and go nowhere. (x1900xtx ATI card, ASUS A8n SLI Mobo)

So then I began trouble shooting:

took off the new monitor
reseated the card
power cycle
check wires
a 2nd pcie card was used in the main pcie slot and still bad but works on secondary.

it wouldnt even boot up in safe mode when the graphics card was installed in the primary PCIE slot.

So I took the video card and installed it in the secondary pcie slot and everything works fine as if nothing is wrong.

for good measure, i place the video card back in the primary PCIe slot and the still get the same behavior where it would not boot into windows.
I am staring to think my motherboard is bad. Do you guys agree? Do you think there are other things I can do to really pin point it's my motherboard?

A:bad PCIe slot?

I could be wrong but I seem to remember a manual switch on the motherboard for the second pci-e slot. If not then I believe you are right about the board and incidentally I also believe that baord was mass produced but had a myriad of issues so to get this much use out of it is a miracle.

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my PC is works just fine except for when I'm gaming, then it crashes after a couple of minutes. i have replaced the PSU and GPU, tested my ram and CPU for errors, and they passed. detached any unnecessary components but after all that it still doesn't work. does this mean i have a bad motherboard?

A:bad pcie slot?

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Ok so this is my first post here so hey guys!

I have been having trouble figuring out what the problem with my setup is. The computer will freeze, give me a BSOD and restart without warning. This only happens when playing games, namely WoW. At first I thought it was the PSU, i tried switching it out with my roommates (who has not had this problem) and the blue screens still continued. So I finally thought I had figured it out when I took out my video card (radeon x1300) and used the onboard graphics. No more restarts...no problems whatsoever, except for the poor performance of onboard graphics of course.

So today I received a new x1650 pro in the mail and I rush to install it, missing the performance greatly. Well an hour or so into playing...bam, blue screen again, same exact situation as the previous setup.

So could this be a bad motherboard, or PCIe slot? The system performs flawlessly with onboard graphics, and will perform fine with the video card, it will just randomly blue screen and restart about once every couple hours when playing games.

My System:

Mobo: BioStar Geforce 6100, using the nforce 410 sb
Processor: AMD Athlon 64 3500+ Socket 939
RAM: (2) 512mb pc3200 ultra
PSU: 450w no name brand im guessing...came with case
Vid Card: first was Asus x1300, second try is sapphire x1650 pro

Well guys, sorry for the long winded first post, but I think I got all the info in there, hopefully someone can offer me some insight.

- Daniel

A:Bad PCIe Slot?

I'll bet your cheapo generic PSU is failing.... also test your RAM with memtest 86+..

replace your PSU.

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My System Specifications:

Motherboard : Intel DG965 RY
Ram: 1 GB
160 GB HDD ( seagate ) 7200RPM
PCI Express

Now here is my problem with the AGP card couple of months back everything was running perfectly fine.

But all of a sudden my AGP card has started malfunctioning ........this has started when i updated the ATI drivers
when i was playing NFS prostreet it gave me Blue screen and i thought its a problem with operating system and i reinstalled windows Vista.... then it worked fine for a month now againg the same thing has started ....when i connect my monitor to AGP slot it stays on desktop for 2-3 minutes and computer shutsdown....now i am running my computer on onboard VGA....
can anyone help is the AGP gone bad or the PCIE slot has gone bad.......
note: fan on my AGP is spinning normally

A:can anyone help is the AGP gone bad or the PCIE slot has gone bad

I believe you answered your own question with this statement: "this has started when i updated the ATI drivers"

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SSD 540mb is the fastest your going to go no matter what you do using your SSD connection . M.2 3000mb read 1500mb write using the PCIe x16 lane. Now the ? if you use a M.2 NGFF PCIe X1 riser card for your M.2 on your PCIe X1 will you get the 3000mb 1500mb or 540 SSD speed. Because in theory your still using the PCIe lanes and not the SSD connection on the board. I really want to know the answer to this because after 35 years of doing pc work i've never tested this out. TIA to all who help

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Is there any way i can install a graphics card on my motherboard?The motherboard does't have a PCIE slot. 

A:PCIE slot

@MikeNampui?, welcome to the forum. I can't find any specs for your computer.  The only information that I can find is the End of Life Disassembly instructions.  If you have a USB port on it, you can possible use a USB video adapter.  I am not certain that this would be any better than the integrated video, however.  It sounds like you are not satisfied with the integrated video performance.

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I've made a thread about the mini PCIe slot on the Ultra Small Form Factor DC7800 and using an SSD. Apparently this slot can't be used for that, but what about the mini PCIe slot used with a USB 3.0 adapter such as this one..http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16815124123&nm_mc=KNC-GoogleAdwords-PC&cm_mmc=KN... I know space is a concern, but can the slot accept such an expansion card?

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Hello, I have some Optilex XE's that I'm setting up and would like to know what Wifi Cards are compatible with the internal PCIE 2x slot.  It appears to be locked down to a specific card.  When I put a Wifi card in there, it comes up as Unknown in the BIOS, and the OS doesn't see it.  When I move the card to SLOT1, the PCIE x16 slot, it works and the OS can see it.  Searching support with the service tag comes up with nothing useful.  Also please note, this is not a mini port, it's a regular 2x port.  So a mini pcie card will not work.  -Matt

A:Optiplex XE PCIE Slot 6

What form factor?
The manual says it's a PCI-e x1 slot not "2x" that you indicated. So if you're actually using an x2 card, it's not going to work.
And the bus is only PCI Express 1.1, so any x1 card has be backward compatible with PCi-e 1.1, if that's possible.
What about using a USB WiFi dongle?

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i got a dell optiplex 780 series that i upgraded with a 430w psu with a+12v rail of 32Amp
and an evga gtx 650 but when i plug it in the pcie slot the fan of the card runs when i power on but the card doesnt display a thing on the screen(dell e2010h)
I upgraded my bios to A15 but that didnt help either 
i tested the card on an optiplex 380 and it was working perfectly with the settings of the bio at default
so am puzzled what could be the problem?????

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Hey everyone... thanks in advance for helpful information...

Well, to start, here are my specs:

Dell XPS Gen 5
3.4Ghz Pentium 4HT
Dell mobo: DP/N DH688
460W PSU
1Ghz DDR2 Kingston RAM 800Mhz
500Gb SATA WesternDigital HDD
?!? PCI ELSA ERazor 4Mb GPU ?!?

Also, a tested and working GeForce 6800PCIe card which I am trying to install...

Here is the situation:

I came across this beast from a friends parents. They were getting rid of it after a new laptop purchase. Said they couldn't get it to start anymore. They had stripped everything from it, so... after an HDD, stick of ram, and a PCI video card (no onboard video), I had this thing rippin' in about an hour. I used it for while as is, then decided to try and upgrade the GPU.

The problem...:

As soon as I plug in the power to the PSU, the system revvs, as if starting to boot, but then stops immediately. It continues to do this in 2 second intervals, similar to an engine trying to turn over.. During this time, everything starts up... every fan, HDD, the GPU fan... but does not continue to boot. No beeps or anything. As soon as the PCIe slot is vacated, the systems boot perfectly with no problems. That obviously narrows the problem. I know there is power to the PCIe slot, as the fan spins during the revving. Could something be shorting out? Is the slot toast? New motherboard? I'm stumped...

Anyways, any help would be greatly appreciated. I've been struggling with this for a couple months now. Can'... Read more

A:PLEASE HELP!!! PCIe slot issues?

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This is my pcie slot (dell inspiron 3250)

what is my pcie slot?? 16x? 2.0 or 3.0?? 25w or 75W (its length is ~8,8cm). i can't find information about it in dell website?
i am planning to install a gtx 1050mini, of course i'll purchase a new psu for this card,but it requires a 75w pcie slot.THAT IS THE PROBLEM
i find that 3650 now can fit gtx 1050, that means 3650 has pcie 75w right?? so the same with my 3250??

A:what is my pcie slot power (25w or 75W)???

There's no way you're going to put a 75W card on that board and in that case.
You need a very low-power (25W or less) video card for it.

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My P50 M.2 comes with a SATA SSD which I am thinking of upgrading to PCIE SSD. Would it be possible?

Go to Solution.

A:P50 M.2 Slot for both PCIE SSD and SATA SSD?

Yes. Actually, if you chose the 512GB M.2 SSD when ordering, it's the Samsung PCIE version.

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It seems that every new motherboard has at least one pcie x1 slot on it. But I don' know what you can use it for. Does anyone know what kind of components will fit into this type of slot?

A:what is a pcie x1 slot good for?

Basically it's the Latest advancement in Video Cards .
Said to be better then AGP or original PCI cards.
Go to ati.com for more details.

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does my laptop have extra pci e slot that is free my laptop hp pavilion g6 1242se

A:Extra Pcie slot

Unlikely most Laptops have Pci e Mini slot 1x Used for Network Controller ..

Take it this would be for Graphics Upgrade ... Not really worth trying ..
How ever below is an interesting Project ...
How to make an external laptop graphics adaptor | News | TechRadar

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