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Email retrieval

Q: Email retrieval

Can your emails be erased from the original source, and if so can they be retrieved?

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Preferred Solution: Email retrieval

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


Hello, I have an account on oe6. I don't have my old computer anymore and am borrowing my friends. He has oe6 also and I was wondering if there is any way to get my account on this system. I am still hooked up to the same cable modem as my old computer. Thanks in advance.

A:OE6 email retrieval

Hi blynbrk

Welcome to Tech Support Guy Forums!

Open Outlook Express,
File > Identities > Add New Identity
Name the Identity

Click on Yes when asked if you want to switch to the new Identity.

Key in your account information, just like what was on your old computer.

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Are you able to retrieve deleted email messages sent and received that were emptied out of the trash bin 2 months ago?

A:email retrieval

Welcome to TSG!
Normally most would tell you they are lost forever, and up to awhile back I would of to!
I was researching dbx files, they are the ones that contain the information in outlook express, and I discovered something unusual. Even though I deleted something out of my inbox into the deleted folder and then out of the deleted folder it still had much of the information retained in the Inbox file but not displayed. Not sure why that is but I was tipped to it when I cleaned my Inbox and the file size still remained the same!
This may work to your advantage.
The file we are after is the inbox.dbx
Shut down Outlook Express and then do a Start-Find typing in inbox.dbx once the inbox.dbx is found and there may be several of them look for the one that is the largest in size with your name on it of course, and open it in Wordpad. Scan through all the jibberish and you may find the information you are looking for.
I know it is a shot in the dark but is worth a try.


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I had written a long email that would be hard to replace. I went to have a bite to eat, and when I came back Micro$oft had given me an update and rebooted my computer for me.
The email appears to be gone. Is there any way to retrieve it? Seems to me that it's still on my computer someplace. I've gone to Sent, Deleted Item, etc., but it ain't nowhere around. Any suggestions would be appreaciated.

Disgusted with myself for not copying it,


A:email retrieval problem

The only place I would think it could be is in the drafts folder. If it wasn't saved though I think it is lost.

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A while ago I had a great program that would retrieve my hotmail (free) emails and AOL..
I cant remember what it was called...

can any advise of that or any other free program that will do this?


A:Hotmail email retrieval...

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My Alienware Aurora desktop quit booting a couple nights ago. Called tech support, only fix was to reinstall Windows 7 putting all my data (and programs) in a windows.old folder. I'm trying to recover my contacts and email messages. I think I've found the contacts - windows.old/users/logon name/appdata/local/microsoft/windows live contacts/{3024982304}/DBStore/contacts.edb. I am unable to import them back into Contacts or to even view them.... Any fixes?

Also, can anyone tell me 100% what I need to backup from windows.old to make sure I have all of my email messages? I need to finish the backup and then call tech support again to completely format the hard drive and start over again. I can't lose these messages.

Thank you!

A:Contacts and Email Message Retrieval

This should help: Location of Windows Live Mail Store Folder.

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I know many have this issue, but I haven't found a clear answer on how to fix it. CCapp, part of nortonIS, crashes constantly when checking email. It also seem to lose connection to the servers while getting email as well. Does anyone know what to do to stop this from happening? Has it been fixed in the 2005 releases?

A:ccapp constantly crashing during email retrieval

you might check the norton site and might need to un/reinstall depending what they say.

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I'm not really sure where this belongs but I'll just but it here. I forgot my password for an account on another forum, so I had a resent link sent to the Windows mail (not hotmail) account connected to that forum account. However, I cannot recieve it because for some reason that email account refuses to send or recieve messages until I verify the username and password, which I don't know and can't guess (it rejects everything.) In the meantime it spits various error messages all basicly saying that it has a server error. So now I need to find or reset the email password as well, but I can't figure out how. I've sought help from several places and either gotten no response or still further technical difficulties got in the way. Can anyone help me? This has been very annoying.

One solution I haven't tried is to delete the email account and recreate it. If I did so, would the forum still send password the reset links to it, or would the site no longer recognize it?

A:Double email/forum password retrieval


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I've just started using Outlook 2002 and I'm runnning into two things that are bugging me...

1. I can't find a way to set it up so that my email is automatically retrieved like I could in Outlook 98. Have they removed this feature? I used to have OL98 set up to get email every 5 minutes so that if someone was trying to get in touch with me I wouldn't have to think about doing it manually.

2. Even though I've got one accounts set up as "Save this password...", it either doesn't get saved as it should or it has the wrong password in it.

Any ideas or suggestions?


A:Outlook 2002 --> Automatic Email Retrieval & Passwords

For your 1st question try under Tools, Options. Click on the Mail Setup tab. The second item on this tab is entitled "Send/Recieve" Click on the "Send/Receive" button and you can set up how often you want Outlook to check for mail.

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my dad use Windows Live Mail, he wants to use something that will run in the tray and tell him when he has emails, he wants to be able to click on it and it should open his default browser on his WLM inbox

Windows Live Mail the program is not what he wants to use so please don't suggest it.

I tried a few like Pop Peeper (full email program)
and Inbox.com (which was good but reported every 'read' mail in inbox as 'unread'..e.g. 238 unread mail!!)

does anyone know of such a program that can run in tray, notify of new mail and click on it opens browser with hotmail?


A:WANTED: Hotmail Notifier for Desktop ..(notifier only, not email retrieval)

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Hi friends,
I am Dianne Brown, a new member of this family. Happy to meet you all.
When my system was affected by the virus, I took the backup of the system. But now I am unable to retrieve it. Can anyone suggest me how the retrieval can be done?

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I just purchased a Gateway laptop and installed an administrator user account. My operating system is Windows XP service pack2. My keyboard is EXTREMELY sensitive and I think I may have hit the caps lock key at some point. My problem is that now I cannot log on to the adminstrator. Is there any way to retrieve the pass word? Please help!!! I am a full-time student through an Internet based school, and all my school work is on that page. Not to mention I can't do anything with my settings.

A:password retrieval

Sorry, we cannot assist with forgotten passwords or bypassing passwords.
# Passwords - Please do not ask for assistance with forgotten passwords and/or bypassing them. As there is no way to verify the actual situation and/or intentions, no assistance will be provided and any such threads will be closed.Click to expand...

Please read the Forum Rules before posting again.
Closing thread.

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Hello, thouught I had it;but no, now neither of the video cards seem to work. Monitor stays idle. Checked monitor; and it's fine. Have been swaping the 2 video cards Ihave between the dell 4500 and a 5852 compaq tower. Can't get either one to work. Didn't get any error messsages. The monitor just stayed idle. Think I fried something?? First post I thought it was bad motherboard in the Dell dimension.

A:file retrieval

how do you know the monitor is idle? do you start up the computer and it freezes?

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I have an old hard drive that is hooked to my current machine via an ATP-USB bridge that I basically use for data storage. Firefox was (and still is) installed on that hard drive...is there any way to retrieve the bookmarks from it? Thanks.

A:Retrieval of bookmarks

Firefox stores bookmarks by default in a proprietary format (.json) which can't be opened to see the bookmarks individually, but you can import the file into Firefox (no other web browser will recognise it).

On Windows Vista, the .json bookmarks files (Firefox keeps several of them in the same location, in date order) are here:


To navigate through that path you will first need to enable Show hidden files & folders in Control Panel >> Folder Options

Since the host drive is from a different Windows installation, you may also need to Take Ownership of the user folder & sub-folders if Windows denies access to them: How to Take Ownership of Files and Folders in Vista

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i recently gave my pc to a supposed 'expert' for a planned 2 days as i was getting error messages such as 'common client user has encountered an error and must close down' more and more often. At the time he took my pc away i could access all my files and those of the other users (im on xp home). After 4 days and many phone calls later, he returned the pc with 2 discs which contained both of my children's files but none of mine. I run a small business from home so he has effectively wiped my pc, rebooted and failed to save/retrieve any of my vital data. Can anyone explain how this could have happened, im pretty sure there was not a virus on the pc but that the files became corrupted as my son downloads music regularly and this has happpened before but all my data was transfered and saved. He told me that nothing could be done, I have paid him 100 to effectively ruin my business - i phoned someone who specialised in data retrieval who said he could prob retrieve but would charge 100 to do so - have told the original pc guy this, hes now agreed to try and retrieve data for free but i am not confident!
Has anyone any suggestions for me - how could this happen, i am suspicious that he has made an error and failed to check he has backed up all the pc info before wiping it. Is there any way i could find this out, can i sue him and is 100 excessive for doing what he said he was going to do?
Hope someone has some suggestions as im on the verge of going ... Read more

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Hello, hope you can help. Have a Dell 4500 with damaged motherboard? Which is to say When you start it up the monitor stays idle. I've taken the video card out and placed in another tower;works just fine. Is there some way to get these files? thanks much Phil

A:File Retrieval

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Hi guys

I sincerely hope for some help here.
Have a Econonometrics book online in pdf format in which I had done a ton of notes. Stupidly I had not saved and of course my computer shut down. I turn it off again and open Adobe. It asks me if I want to restore the unexpectedly closed files and I clicked yes. Unfortunately my desktop was set up to open all things in word as a default, so therefore Adobe showed me an error message, causing the restoration process not to work.

Now I managed to put desktop to read pdf-files as they should be read. However, I can't seem to access the restoration process anymore!
Please, does anyone know how to make this appear again?


A:Adobe retrieval help!

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can i retrieve information from a damaged floppy disk?

A:info retrieval

A data recovery service can but I don't know if you could. How is it damaged?

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MY fonts seem to be disappearing and then re-appearing. When i first turn on computer there is only one font available. After a few minutes, I check back on word and Publisher and the fonts have REAPPEARED!
buT, all fonts, except for four, have permanently disappeared out of the Fonts folder in the control panel. They must be there, though, because they appear in the programs. please help

A:Font retrieval

Sounds to me like you need to click on the Newsletter link at the left, go to April's newsletter (yes, there'll be another one soon!), and take the steps under Hard Drive Maintenance in Article III.

Then, if you still can't see the fonts in the fonts folder, do a search for *.ttf files on your entire C: drive. See if you can find them. If not, why not go to a DOS prompt and get yourself to the C:\windows\fonts folder and do a dir to find out how many files DOS is reporting?

Let's start there.

[This message has been edited by Dreamboat (edited 06-30-2000).]

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I was recording something from my minidisk recorder to the PC.I left it as it was about an hour long. When I got back to the PC the recording was over but the mouse seemed to have died, I couldn't stop the recording and it seemed that all I could do was to manually stop the PC and reboot. ( the mouse is connected by USB so it wasn't a question of dead batteries)When I rebooted I got a message saying I hadn't saved my recording but it was still in the temporary files did I want to delete. I clicked on no but I cannot find it in the temporary files. I looked on C drive and found a load of tmp files but none of them had todays date.1. Is there some way of retrieving or do I have to do it over again? 2. What can one do about a mouse that seemingly dies? It was fine after rebooting.

A:file retrieval

Did you go to Folder Options and click 'Show hidden files and folders'?

The first place I'd look is C:\Documents and Settings\username\Local Settings\Temp (I'm assuming you have XP).

You could also try C:\WINDOWS\Temp.

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I added a USB 2.0 card to my desktop so I could copy/backup my files to my external drive quickly which it did. Was able to backup 40 gb in 20 minutes. After replacing the internal hard drive I now want to recover my files but it is very slow compared
to the backup time. I'm using the same USB 2.0 port but the restore time is 10 times slower. Any ideas as to why?
BTW- I used the free version of xxclone when I replaced the internal drive and am very impressed with the speed and ease of

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I have lost a file (.wpp) which is my website file and I desperately need this as I need to update my website. I have checked my backup but cannot find it there

I have ran several file retrieval software through my hard drives (I had to reinstall Win7) but to no avail.

Can anyone recommend a good (great would be better) application for searching out lost files after a format and Windows reinstall please?

I cannot afford a specialised company so if I can do it myself all the better.

Thanks for any/all input. Oh, I don't mind paying for the right application.

Best regards

A:File retrieval

Hello Graham,

You might see if you may be able to use Previous Versions to hopefully find a older copy of the file to restore.

Hope this helps,

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I recently lost a hard drive and all the data on it. Didn't back-up anything. I'm an idiot.

Problem is...I had a picture that I took as my background. It still appears as Windows opens and closes. It does not appear as my background though, and I can't seem to find it. I'd really like to at least save this pic of a waterfall that I took on a hike a few years back.

Is it stored on the motherboard itself? Is that why I can't find it? I tried searching the computer, and through some reading here, realized I should let it search hidden files too. No luck so far. Where could it be? Its still somewhere, cause I see it evertime I start up.

A:Background pic retrieval

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Hello, I want to perform a clean install of Windows 10 on my Notebook, does anyone know a good reliable program to retrieve the product key and all the details so that I can use it while reinstalling? Thanks and Regards,Zarak.

A:Product Key Retrieval

That isn't necessary it if is already activated.  The license key is now called a digital entitlement.   It is located on the Microsoft activation servers and entitles you to reinstall Windows on your notebook. I have reinstalled Windows 10 perhaps 12 times on the desktop PC I am typing this on. All I have to do when installing is click on the I don't have a key button"" to skip putting in the 25 character license key. As soon as I go online after the installation is complete, it is activated.

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Hi guys,

ive got a server set up and wanted to know if it was possible to get the MAC address of people connected to the server.
Im hosting a gaming server which quiet frankly some do mess up the game with their hacks, i thought banning their MAC address would solve the problem, but i have no clue how to get it.

Any help would be much appreciated.


A:MAC Address Retrieval

Quote: Originally Posted by Jackal

Hi guys,

ive got a server set up and wanted to know if it was possible to get the MAC address of people connected to the server.
Im hosting a gaming server which quiet frankly some do mess up the game with their hacks, i thought banning their MAC address would solve the problem, but i have no clue how to get it.

Any help would be much appreciated.


Mac address isnt as helpful as IP. If they use 2 computers they will each have a different mac addy but the same IP. Yes you can ban by ip. Google it


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Recently, a friend wanted to transfer the data from the two drives (WD Caviar 855 and 425 Mb) on an old computer that was no longer working to a drive on a new computer running WinXP.

Since I have several USB external drive boxes, I thought the easiest way was to put the old drives into one of the boxes and transfer the data to the new machine via the USB port as I have done successfully many times for several business clients.

Neither drive could be read in this manner by the new machine. In fact, the new machine would not even acknowledge that the drives were plugged in.

Back at the lab, I tried to read them in this manner on two of my computers (both WinXP) -- same result.

Finally, I slaved the drives to one of my older machines running Win98. The drive could be read without problem. In fact, they could now be read on the WinXP computers over my LAN.

At this point it was easy to transfer the data to CD or external USB drive. Problem solved.

Still... why was there a problem with these drives? I have not had a simalar problems with other drives using the same equipment. And yes, I had set the jumpers apropriately: Master for USB external and Slave for internal slave.

I was led to understand that the old drives were running under NT. Could this explain anything?

A:HD Data retrieval

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I am able to auto-logon on to my W7 so I never see the password. I am adding a task to the system scheduler and to complete the task. I am asked for the password. I type in what I thought it was but I get an error that I have the incorrect user name or password. The user name is WILLIAM, the one I log in with so I must have the incorrect password. Have tried possible iterations but still won't work.
Is there any way to retrieve the password?

A:Password Retrieval

Is there a possibility that its maybe asking for the "homegroup" password ??

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I'm using DOS to retrieve e-mail from a crippled comuter. All the files have a .dbx extension (AutoCAD database). When I move them via a Zip disk to a fully functional computer, how can I open them and get Outlook Express 6 to recognize them?

A:E-mail retrieval

You would use the same program to unzip them that you use to zip them when you moved them. Then place them in the same file as where you got them from.

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I have lost my CD with a serial number for my Photoshop 7. I have it installed on my PC with win 98. Is there any way to find that S/N inside my system? Software legally purchased and registered.


A:Photoshop 7 key retrieval

There are two programs that MIGHT give you the key. I cant say for sure since I dont have any adobe programs installed.

one is Aida32 which displays license keys for most software. the software is discontinnued but you should be able to find it with a google search. you need the enterprise version for the license key info capability.

the other is a newer freeware program called SIW system info for windows and it will display the registration keys for many installed programs. the program does not install just run it and then open the programs menu and select the program and in the right hand box it will display the program info incuding most times the regestration key.

you can get SIW here.


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Bought Outlook online months ago and didnt save the key. Anyone know how to find it again?
The Microsoft sites are nightmare to navigate. thanks - p

A:outlook key retrieval

You should be able to go back to where you got it and get the key again.

Hope this helps.


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I want to know what internet sites have been visited by other users on my computer, but they have CLEARED the history so that I cannot retrace their steps.
Any info is appreciated on how to restore that history so that I can visit those sites. I have windows XP and using netZero. Any suggestions or instructions?? please...HELP

A:history retrieval

Hello and welcome.. Check and see if this is what you are looking for.
http://www.networkmagic.com/nmlp/in...ger software&gclid=CIHg-eaekIwCFQJUZQodfyFQBg

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I have burned a back up CD on a Lite-On CD burner using Nero. I went to the disk today to look at some information and the CD was blank. Knowing that I just viewed the contents not too long ago, I felt this was an impossiblity. I stuck the CD in both the DVD dive and the CD burner and both showed it as blank. The odd part is that when looking in the properties of the DVD & CD burner, the D VD showed it to be full to capacity, and in the CD burner, it showed to be empty. I pulled it up on Nero and the CD had 200MB on it, but did not display the content; therefore, I know it is on it. My question how do I retrieve it?

A:[SOLVED] Need help in retrieval



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my cpu is dead and i am attempting to retrieve data from the hard drive. i've removed the hard drive, placed into a compatible computer (same brand), but cannot retrieve data that is password protected.

what do i do to either remove the password or be able to unlock the data by inputting the correct password?


A:data retrieval from HD

I have done the same thing in the past, and have never been prompted for a password. Try contacting the manufacturer of the drive.

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Long time visitor, first time poster.

I have been trying to fix up my computer for months, using my brothers laptop and visiting various tech sites. After each fix, everything seems to work fine, but every time I turn it off and on again, the same problems arise (problems that prevent me from using Windows). Eventually, different problems seemed to come along with the usual ones. It feels like I'm putting plywood over quicksand.

I'll spare you the details. I'm sick of trying to fix my computer. It's 5 or 6 years old, I should have bought a new one a while ago anyways.

What I want to know is if there is a way to retrieve particular files using only what is offered in the Boot Menu. I still can't get into Windows and I'm almost certain that the problem has become fubar.

Can anyone help me out here?

A:File Retrieval

What I usually do is pull the hard drive out of the computer and attach it via USB to another computer using one of these: Newegg.com - VANTEC CB-ISATAU2 SATA/IDE to USB 2.0 Adapter

There are better ones, which I actually use, but for a one time use, this should be fine.

Once you attach the drive, it should show up on the other computer as an additional drive. You can then move your data from it.

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Dear all,
I'm running Vista Home, 320GB HD 4 Gig Ram, Dual core processor at 2.66 GHz.
It's a Sony VAIO Laptop.
Problem: Just recently I cannot retrieve/read my messages in MSN. I have removed any downloaded progs
but still no joy? If using F'Talk that's OK. So, I can see my mail but unable to open it? Incidentally, if I open something up with an already active window it goes behind the current window? I have to minimize the window at the front, clicking on the most recent window does nothing?? I have performed a restore, no avail. Removed Google and reinstalled, I think I'm clutching straws
here so any help would be appreciated.

A:MSN and message retrieval

Are you talking about e-mail? Using a browser or a client? Google is a company. You can't uninstall Google. Did you uninstall Chrome, the browser? What does that have to do with MSN messages?

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I have a friend whose computer was killed by a surge. I have a USB 2 enclosure. Could I install his drive and access the info on the drive? That is if it still works.

A:Data Retrieval

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I wanted to save a group of emails(50+) I had in a folder. I used File, Folder then Compact. This saved them. Found them with Explorer in Windows/applications etc. they are there ok in terms of file size with .dbx extension , but no way can I seem to retrieve them . How do I get them back to view/print. Many thanks Oh System is Output Explorer.

A:File retrieval

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I have outlook 2003 and basically had some trouble after a computer format. It initially retrieved all of my messages from my inbox and through a series of events that is far to lengthy to get into, they were all deleted. How do i retrieve them again. All of the messages are still on the server, but even if i mark them all as new, Outlook will not download them. I have also tried uninstalling and reinstalling office; nothing is working. Any suggestions?

A:Outlook Message Retrieval

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I made an adjustment in Autoruns and the result was that my system no longer recognized the network adapter and I could not get on the internet. While I was trying to figure all that out I was going to go into safe mode. When I did a restart/F8 I noticed an option to troubleshoot the computer. It asked me for my administrator password. I apparently set one when up when I loaded Windows 7, but drew a blank...and still am...on the password. Is the only way to solve that reloading the operating system or is there some other way to retrieve a password. Thanks.
(I was able to reverse what I did in Autoruns and the network adapter was then recognized, so I am back online, but am uncomfortable not know the PW should I have issues in the future when I may NEED to know it)

A:Solved: Password Retrieval

If you did not set a password, leave it blank and hit enter.

Other than this we cannot help with passwords, it is against forum rules.


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Does anyone know the correct AT&T POP Server Name to set
up POP EMail retrieval in Hotmail ?



A:Hotmail POP Retrieval From AT&T Worldnet



This will only work if you are dialed into an AT&T Worldnet access number.

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I'm running Windows XP Professional.

My computer froze up (first time since I reformatted my hard drive and did a fresh WinXP install back in June 2009) and I had to shut it down with the power button. I had some infomation written in my Windows Notepad that I would like to retrieve if at all possible, and no I did not save the file before the crash.

Does anyone know if it's possible to retrieve my info or is it just a lost cause?

Thank you for your help,

Jeff Walters

A:Solved: Data Retrieval

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Error number - 0x00031402, 0x00000002
If you can help please advise. I am getting this error every time I re-boot my Windows XP laptop.


Patrick Ireland

A:Retrieval of THotkey Failed

pireland said:

Error number - 0x00031402, 0x00000002
If you can help please advise. I am getting this error every time I re-boot my Windows XP laptop.


Patrick IrelandClick to expand...

first time posting here.........
was there a reply for this issue? i am getting the same error at startup

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this is an odd one...!

my dad uses an old 486 with windows 3.11 for workgroups for some business of his. Unfortunatley, the system does not power up any more my guess is that the psu is shot. Anyhow, is there anyway of getting data from the hard drive?

I have a few new computers (all less than a year old) running XP. I also have an external housing (raidsonic icy box, usb2.0 and firewire) for an internal hard drive

Because the 486 is so old, I don't have a way of connecting the external drive straight to the old computer. However, can i whip out the hard drive from the old computer and put it in the external housing? Will the format of the old drive be an issue?


A:data transfer/retrieval

You can remove the old hdd, put it in an external casing, hook it to a USB port of your xp computer and it will appear just another drive immediately. All the files are accessible. What you want to do with the hard disk thereafter is entirely your choice.

Just remember your old hdd is likely to run at 1/4 of the speed of the one in the XP machine. This is no big deal because the USB is a bottle neck already.

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How does one retrieve data on a hardrive without any start up files or is it even possible to contain data without start up files?

A:Hardrive data retrieval

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I am attempting to retrieve pictures, etc from a relatives HDD. I have connected the HDD as slave with the proper jumper settings and have verified it in BIOS. After XP has fully booted it detects the drive in device manager, and disk management says online with HDD specs (size, free space, etc) as well. The only thing missing is the drive letter, and I cant for the life of me figure out how to make this drive accessible. When right clicking the Disk 1 box it only gives me 3 options; Convert to Dynamic Disk, Properties, Help. When right clicking the partition field, only Delete partition is available.

This slave HDD is a Fat32 file system, could that be causing the issue? Also, I do not want to format this drive as I would lose the data! Please help!

A:SOLVED>Data retrieval from old HDD

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Ok.... i connected my camera to the computer and was editing a picture....
didnt like the edit so i deleted it by complete accident forgetting the camera was plugged in and that the pic would go from the camera as well...
it didnt go to the recyle bin and i cant find it anywhere....is there ANY way i can get it back????
i reeeeeeally need that picture!! :(
please help me!! thanks!

A:retrieval of deleted file?????

you can try undelete programs.

free trial http://www.undelete.com/
free http://ntfsundelete.com/

there are others out there, just google undelete

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