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How to force IE 11 to ask for saving password again for just one web site, after having accidentally sellect not to remember password for that particular site (without losing all other stored credentials)?

Q: How to force IE 11 to ask for saving password again for just one web site, after having accidentally sellect not to remember password for that particular site (without losing all other stored credentials)?

How to force IE 11 to ask for saving credentials again for just one web site, after having accidentally sellect not to remember password for that particular site. Please, take into account that:

- I'm totally aware that storing credentials is not a good security practice, but in my particular case this is what I need to do.

- I know that reseting IE or similar approachs will do the job, but doing that I'll lost more tan 70 web sites credentials. I need a solution not involving loose all the web credentials stored.
- I also know that there is way to do the trick "lying" to IE using a modified but similar username, but this only works in some web sites, depending on the kind of login mechanism used. In my particulare case this trick also does not work.
- I also know that there was a registry hack for this particular problem, but this does not work with IE last versions.

Any help would be very apreciated.

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Preferred Solution: How to force IE 11 to ask for saving password again for just one web site, after having accidentally sellect not to remember password for that particular site (without losing all other stored credentials)?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


On Win2000 IE6 remembers passwords for all sites I visit but one. It asks each visit if I want it to remember and I click YES, but it doesn't remember. Anybody have any suggestions to get it to remember this password for me?

A:IE6 won't remember password for one site

Is it possible the site blocks saving the password?

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I stupidly agreed to IE9 storing a password for entering a third party forum site.
How can I remove this?
I have tried IE9 Tools/Options/General/Browsing history/delete/passwords with no success.
Clicking on "About delete browsing history" link on "Delete browsing history" window goes to "Windows Help and Support" window which says "Topic not found"on this version of Windows./
Can anyone help please?

A:Delete password stored by IE9 for third party forum site

I think that the article in this link will solve your problem.
In Internet Explorer, how do I remove stored information? - Knowledge Base
Paste if that does not work, download ccleaner, it will most assuredly remove the cookies that remember the password. It will, however, remove other cookies, that you may want, but can replace.

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Form passwords work fine, its just .htaccess

It wont remeber the username or password

A:IE Wont Remember passwords, if the site uses .htaccess for the password system.

Please help me..this is a annoying problem

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Hi there,

I've got a laptop running Vista that I connect to the WLAN at university, but every time I connect, I have to re-enter my credentials because for some reason the "Save this user name and password for future use" check box is greyed out in the 'Enter Credentials' dialog.

Does anyone have any suggestions?



A:Vista laptop 'Enter Credentials' won't remember username/password

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We have a number of users where, when they change their network password, their Outlook will start prompting for the username and password.  This will happen every day until credential manager is cleared out. Then things go back to normal, until the
user has to change their password again.  It seems that once this problem happens this user will always have this problem.  The users are frustrated and is very vocal about how IT can't seem to fix the problem.  Any idea how to fix this permanently? 
Articles I have read say this is a known issue and there isn't a fix.  Office 2013 is the version.

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My company have two computers: A & B. In computer A, I want to access computer B and I use command: control userpasswords to enter windows credentials. Then I click to add windows credentials and type address network, user & pass of computer
B. But when I restart, I cannot access computer B. I must type it again. 

I try to use: \\computerB and tick on remember my credentials but it not work.

What would I do?


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Is it possible to recover a password giving access to a web site automatically registered by IE7 (OS : XP SP2) ?

A:Password recovery on a web site


i am not sure but may be or not


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I'm confused ... have battled my way around the Tutorial section but have either missed or failed to find the answer to my issue due mostly to being rather techy dim.

I recently had to change a password to one particular site and would like to be able to add/change this update to my saved passwords rather than be reminded the existing password no longer works in IE 11.

Can some kind person help me do this please?

A:How to update one site password in IE please?

Because of a currently running playback in Chrome, I don't have IE open right now, can't see the settings. Did you, in Internet Options, set IE to save passwords?

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does anyone know how i would do this as im building a web site
for the use of family and freinds and would like to resrict the access of unwanted users.....
relatively simple instructions as poss please !
treat me like an idiot "ive earned it "

sorry i forgot to mention i would like to restrict access after the index page so that it will be possibble to see that right away
but then require password to accesss the rest of the site

A:can i password protect my web site ?

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Is it possible to password protect individual folders on an ftp site so that not everybody that accesses the site has access to all the info on the site but only specific folders? If this is possible how do I do it?

A:ftp site password protection?

yes, sort of.
you need to set up different users, and allow different users access to different directories.

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I tried to log in to Firefox forum, but had forgotten my password.  To correct this, I tried to get my password reset via email, but found that I had forgotten my username, which I originally had to modify because my name was in use.  My email address was not enough, they wanted the username too, so my application was not accepted.  I tried registering, which confirmed that my email address was already in use.  Dead end. What a silly problem.  Is there any solution other than getting a new email address?

A:can't log in to site or reset password

Not that I can envision.

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I'm confused ... have battled my way around the Tutorial section but have either missed or failed to find the answer to my issue due mostly to being rather techy dim.

I recently had to change a password to one particular site and would like to be able to add/change this update to my saved passwords rather than be reminded the existing password no longer works in IE 11.

Can some kind person help me do this please?

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Having trouble getting into a site that needs password. 2 of my computers will not go to site, says no access.
Yet third computer goes right in no problem. What do I need to do to fix the 2

A:Trouble getting into a password site

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Basically I want to set up a site where people have to pay for a membership. I already have a domain and hosting as well as root access. What else do I need to do to get this set up?

It's basically going to be very much like your average porn site, only I won't be offering porn, I'll be offering other exclusive downloads. Can anyone help me find out how to do this?

A:How to set up a membership/password site

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I have a Dell Inspirion B130 Laptop with a Dell Wireless 1370 WLAN Mini-PCI Card.
Windows XP

~No previous problems with this~

At home I have to use Dial-Up, because where I live DSL and Cable are not available yet.

I am a student at a local college, last semester I accessed their wireless service with no problem coming home and using my dial-up.

The other day I took my laptop to school, I connected to the service, but I could not access any sites, I kept getting the page error message.

So, I brought my LT home and connected to my dial-up, now I am unable to access any webpage that involves a password, I can get to the login page, but then I get the "cannot open page error".

I have reformatted, and it is still doing the same thing...

Any ideas?

And what setting do I need to change to access sites after I am connected to the wireless at school?

I did turn pop-up blocker, my firewall, cleaned my cookies and temp files, I am dumb-founded right now!

I know this is something simple!


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Hey guys so I uh accidently clicked the option not for this site. When I had logged into a website and now I cant see it on that particular website. I was wondering if anyone knows where I can change this setting

EDIT: I forgot to mention i'm using IE11 and I cant edit the thread title. My bad!

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Until recently, when my.yahoo opened on booting, it would open to my customized page. However, when I now boot up, my.yahoo needs my username and pw to open. I'm not sure why this is happening (could it be my use of CCleaner?), but would like to be able to have certain sites that have usernames and pw's to open automatically...can this be done?

A:Opening web site without having to enter password?

If you clean off the cookies that save your login then you will have to log in when you go to the site. Go in CCleaner and uncheck the Cookies option in the browser you use. That should save your login cookie info.

Another way if your browser supports LastPass is to use LastPass extension. It will fill in user name and password and then you just click Login button.

I use LastPass on Chromium, Firefox and Opera. Seems to work very well.

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is there anyway to access your site besides the cpanel, i have changed the cpanel password but someone is still hacking it and crashing my site... what can i do to stop this

A:can someone access the backend of your site without password

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Hi folks

Just a quick question for you. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I am looking to rerelease my very simple www site soon - mainly for family comms and kids etc and I would like to include a limited restricted area, maybe a few pages etc where I could include work related material and that I could allow certain people to access when I provided them with a password etc..

I have found free password hosting companies on the web which all look good and reasonable, but is there a more pragmatic way that I could do it myself? I have heard of the htpasswrd feature but do not know how to implement it. Would anyone be willing to explain how I could utilise this please?

I have XP, FP2002 and am willing to learn - any ideas?


Edit - thought I should add that I have just found out that the htpasswrd file is the file that contains the user/member/password info and that I need a script to manage this - is this correct? If so, how and where do I use the script file?

A:Web page/site password protection.... how to ???

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All of a sudden My internet Explorer and Mozzilla are demanding that I input a username and password in order to access a certain web address. If I don't put one in or if I try what I think it should be ... and apparently it isn't. then I get a message saying that "the connection was refused when attempting to contact with www.carmike.com" (mozilla) or "you are not authorized to view this page"(Explorer)

A:password prompt for internet site

i guess you need the right password and username for the site,have you used a cookie cleaner lately ,if so you will need to put in the right info to excess the site

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i have entered my username and password atleast 10000 times and still neither firefox nor IE can remember. Can anybody here:
1. Give a script that can load username and password automatically?
2. edit source code of this page and fill the user ID and pass automatically.

A:Solved: save username and password for this site:

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Site:    bleepingcomputer.com
Server software:    cloudflare-nginx
Was vulnerable:     Possibly (known use OpenSSL, but might be using a safe version)
SSL Certificate:    Now Safe (created 3 months ago at Apr 15 21:52:53 2014 GMT)Assessment:    Change your password on this site if your last password change was more than 3 months ago

A:Warning Change your password on this site ,if than 3 months ago

This site does not use SSL therefore this site was never affected by heartbleed.

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I can not log in to my yahoo e-mail account. When I click on the sign in button the site just keeps on refreshing. I also can not sign onto myspcae. The screen just keeps going back to the log in page. I have tried to sign into other sights that require a password and they do similer actions......please help!!!!

A:Internet Explorer won't allow password access to any site

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Hello all,

I help out part-time at my local library. One of our research stations (Win2k), just can't seem to remember the login/password info for a site we frequently access. We make sure the "save password" box is checked when logging in. After IE is closed and restarted, when a patron tries to log in, the username/password fields are blank, even though we saved it previously.

We have that info saved on our other research stations and the info never gets lost. It's just this one problem system. All the systems are running Win2K and have latest IE version and updates. All the settings are near identical.

The site in question is www.corptech.com. It is the login part to their secure site. It is a research database in which we allow patrons to access. That is why we keep all the login/password info saved, so patrons can go directly into the site. The problem system can never remember this info, so we always have to retype the info to login, which is a hassle.

I have double-checked the settings (autocomplete, privacy settings etc.), run adware/spyware/virus scans and uninstall/reinstalled IE. I'm still having this password problem. I downloaded Firefox and the password manager remembers the info successfully everytime. But not IE on this one system. So it seems to me something is wrong with IE. I have even tried clearing all the cache, cookies, temp files, then reattempting to login and save the info. It still isn't remembering.

Every system at the lib... Read more

A:Problem with IE remembering password for site login

Have you tried opening up the cookies completely or at least making an exception for that domain to allow all cookies?

I would also wonder what 3rd party software you have running (firewall, antivirus, etc).

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I can not log in to my yahoo e-mail account. When I click on the sign in button the site just keeps on refreshing. I also can not sign onto myspcae. The screen just keeps going back to the log in page. I have tried to sign into other sights that require a password and they do similer actions......please help!!!!
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Computer Specifications
windows xp

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About 5 hours ago, I was checking my emails on my Iphone and found an email on an account I don't use often. 
The email title : Registration on Turbobit.net
I've NEVER heard of this site before! I clicked on it and in the email it says "You have registered in File Sharing Service..."
Your Login: MY EMAIL
Your Password : A PASSWORD I USE FREQUENTLY! (but not the password to the email itsself) 
Ever since reading this email, I've been pretty freaked out and I don't know what to do. The fact that one of my few passwords has been used to sign up to a website I've never heard of/ didn't sign up for.. makes me wonder what other info and other passwords whoever signed up for this has of mine.. I searched the site name and found another person 2 months ago had the same exact problem. He received the same email with his password in the email. 
What steps do I need to take to protect myself? I'm scared of logging into any bank accounts on my computer to change passwords. I feel like doing so, will only give them more information! I don't know whether the password was tracked through my laptop, my desktop (Both Windows 7) or my iphone (if possible). I don't know where to start. 
Any help would be appreciated. Thank you. 

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This question is for Edge, but I didn't see a forum specifically for that.  I had one website that had saved my username and password, but would not save a new password after having changed the password on the site.  Each time I would go to the
site it would attempt to login using the old password, despite me entering the new password each time.  So I deleted the entry for that site in the password vault.  Now that site will not prompt me to save my username and password.  Even checking
'remember me' doesn't help.  Most posts I've seen on this issue don't seem to have a working answer, so I thought I would try here.  Any thoughts are appreciated.

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When I signed on to my computer about 15 minutes ago I tried to log-in to my bank account using the same user name and password that has been working but it said I was wrong and so it froze my account.   So I requested an email to reset my password with them and I am still waiting for it.
Then the next thing I did was I got an email from you guys (BC) so I used the url and tried to sign in and it said that one was wrong too.    I know it was not wrong and the fact that both these things happened first thing has me concerned.
As to my password here I got the email and the temporary password and it said I could change the password once I am logged in but it said to go to my "User CP" and I must be stupid or jinxed today because I cannot find where to change my password with this site.
So I have two issues - where do I reset my password here and
Why am I suddenly having these password issues?


Now it says I do not have permission to EDIT MY POST ABOVE?
strange again
But I have permission to EDIT THIS ONE ---
I found the link in the email to my USER CP and it was confusing but I skipped these one to change my email address and tried to change my password but I can't tell if it changed or not - I did not get a message it was changed just everything I typed in was gone and it was asking the same question.   If I sign out I might not get back in because THIS IS A WEIRD [email protected] [email protected]

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I've searched all over the place for this same issue with no luck. I've come IE won't save passwords, IE won't prompt to save passwords, and IE won't save passwords on certain sites, but I have been unable to find why on one computer it will prompt to save
the password for a site but it won't prompt to save on that same site on a different computer with the same browser.

So let me start by saying this, both computers are the same model, have the same OS, and same version of IE. (Dell OptiPlex 3010, Windows 7 Pro SP1 x64, and IE 11). I have verified the site in question allows passwords to be saved. It works on one computer
and not the other. Even if we try the same username. The company that runs the site has also verified this (Can't post the site name for privacy reasons).
I set this new user up on this computer and have done the following:
1. Made sure that prompting to save passwords was enabled in Internet options
2. Reset IE to defaults
3. Added to site to compatibility list
4. Added site to trusted sites
5. Restarted computer
6. Tested password prompt worked on another site
I know this is kind of vague, but if I am missing anything it would be greatly appreciated if someone could point it out.

Thanks in advance.

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http://www.theregister.co.uk/2011/03/01/password_management_site_xss_bug/Password management site LastPass has plugged a security hole in its website that created a means to extract the email addresses - though not the passwords - of enrolled users. The cross-site scripting bug meant that logged-in users induced to visit a malicious site would disclose their email addresses and sites associated with a LastPass account, along with password reminders and a list of IP addresses used to access the site.The bug was discovered by independent security researcher Mike Cardwell, who was unable to exploit the flaw to extract passwords.LastPass - which boasts close to a million members - stores website login details in an encrypted container, safeguarded by a master password. Users log in to extract this information either directly via the website or by using a browser extension.

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DSLReports - site user password intrusion info

Anyone with a account there had better check there email they have for the account and the thread in the link above.

A:DSLReports - site user password intrusion info

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The company I work for has a control room where they have to enter data into excel spreadsheets with lots of links and macros, so we password protected the sheet so that they could only manipulate the cells that they needed. Myself and 2 other employees have access to the spreadsheet. Someone changed the password and the person does not remember what they changed it to. Is there any way to reset the password?

A:Password protected sheet in excel and can't remember the password

Do you have a backup from before the password was changed?

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HP Pavilion Sleekbook15-BOO3TUwin. 8 64 bit. Sir, i set my  Notebook  password as images password... but after one week,  when i  open my notebooknow it is asking me word password to type... since, it has been long time /  one year,  now i had forgot my word password.if it ask me to to do images i still rememberbut  word password i dont rememeber Sir. sir,is there any way without loosing my c drive i could reset my passwordor to appeared a images passwordthank you sir.

A:Forgotten words Password only remember images password

Hi tovishe, Since you are facing where in you have forgotten the Windows Password to log into your account please click on the web links given below should be able to help you to resolve the issue on your unit.Managing User Accounts and Logins (Windows 8)Please follow the steps mentioned under ?Resetting a lost password in Windows 8? from above link.What to do when you forget your sign-in password (Windows 8)If in case the above does not help the only option is to perform HP Recover (OS reinstallation) kindly click the web link below. By doing this your unit will be returned to factory setting and you will lose all data stored on your Hard Disk Drive.Performing an HP System Recovery (Windows 8)Please follow the steps under ?Recover your HP notebook computer -> Recovery when Windows 8 does not start correctly?

Let us know how it goes!*Although I am an HP employee, I am speaking for myself and not for HP.*Make it easier for other people to find solutions, by marking my answer ?Accept as Solution? if it solves your problem.* Click on "Purple Thumbs up" button to the left side of my post to say thanks!RegardsAhmed

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When I turn on my computer it asks for the administrator password or power on password. I forgot it and entered something 3 times and got a system disabled message with code 843448331

View Solution.

A:Dont remember admin password or power on password. When i tr...

Hi, Enter   31022215 Regards, DP-K

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i delete my cookies on this one website but it still remembers my username and password
how does it know. does it store things on my computer. or it know from my ip.. thanks

A:besides cookies how does a site remember

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eIt asks me this question every singl time I enter a password. I check the box "never for this site" and No Thanks and it just keeps haunting me. I even went in and disabled the feature. Still haunting me. Annoyed!!!

A:would you like password manager to remember the password for

Hi Stelly66, Welcome to the HP Community, I hope you enjoy your experience! To help you get the most out of the HP Forums I would like to direct your attention to the HP Forums Guide First Time Here? Learn How to Post and More. I see you are having an issue with your password manager. I will be happy to help but I will need some additional information please. What is your operating system? What is your product number? What browser are you using? Thank you,

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A database containing details of more than 20 Million users of a Russian-based online dating website has been allegedly stolen by a hacker and made publicly available for sale through an online forum.
A hacker using the online alias "Mastermind" on an online forum used by cybercriminals claims the responsibility of the hack into an unnamed online dating website, according to recent reports.
The leaked credentials are claimed to be 100% valid in a posting to a paste site, and Daniel Ingevaldson, chief technology officer of Easy Solution, said that the list included email addresses from Hotmail, Yahoo and Gmail.
"The list appears to be international in nature with hundreds of domains listed from all over the world," Ingevaldson said in a blog post on Sunday.
"Hackers and fraudsters are likely to leverage stolen credentials to commit fraud not on the original hacked site, but to use them to exploit password re-use to automatically scan and compromise other sites including banking, travel and email providers."
The list of leaked data contains over 7 million credentials from Hotmail, 2.5 million from Yahoo, and 2.2 million from Gmail. 50% of the credentials were for people based in Russia, and 40% came from the European Union.

However, it is unclear how the credentials from the dating website were stolen and if the database contained the passwords in encrypted form or in plain text.

20 Million Credentials Stolen From Russian D... Read more

A:20 Million Credentials Stolen From Russian Dating Site 'Topface'

Which reminds me....

Yes, I know all Russian women are beautiful. But I still laugh at this and besides....it was made maybe in the early '80s during the Big Chill.
It was just one of the ways we Americans coped with that....through humor.

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Went on an old fansite I used to go on but when I did the page was blank and looked like a scanner or loader had just appeared. Went off. Stupid me then hit cached under it in google and it looked like my ip address was in the top bar of the window. Found out it might have been an attack site now. I called m company right away and they changed the up address (And said it didn't mater if the router wasn't through them) Am I safe?

Tried downloading AVG but got errors (I have no disk space) then it said no internet conectivity, even though I have it, then finally no matter how many times I downloaded it, it was corrupted. (Maybe because it never installed all the way) Downloaded Malaware bytes (Heard if it doesn't install tha's a problem but it did).

So far: Internet connects. Same homepage. No added toolbars. No added desktop icons. No redirects. Can go on antivirus protection sites. No pop ups. Seems to run at the same speed.

went on an old fansite I used to go on but the page was blank and looked like a scanner or loader type thing displayed. When I hit cached under google it looked like it had my ip address in the top bar. Freaked out I asked a friend who found it listed as an attack site. So I instantly called my cable company that managed to switch my ip address (They said it didn't matter if my router wasn't through them when I asked and that it should be safe now) Tried loading avg but got errors (My compouter has no hard disk space) and then when I tried redo... Read more

A:Went on attack site accidentally

the link is


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A little bit of topic, but is it possible to disable option to remember passwords for each site ? It really annoys to me answer on any new site login to choose not for this site, Chrome has option to disable this, but haven't seen ut on IE?!?

A:disable option to remember passwords for each site?

Click the 'Cog' symbol in the top right of the Internet Explorer window. Then goto Internet Options > Content tab > AutoComplete Settings > Un-tick 'Usernames and Passwords on forms'.

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Hi guys, as title states. I am trying to figure out, where if anyplace, does a movie that you stream from an online free movie place get stored on your computer? I have searched all over and I can not figure out where 30 gigs of hdd space that has been eating up after watching movies...??? I want to delete that crap off my hd.

I am running Vista x64 bit SP 2. Any help is appreciated, thanks!!!

A:When streaming a video from a free movie site does it get stored on your comp?


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I was perusing a site forum, and opened the link to a member's personal webpage, which turns out to be a known hacker site (which I found out after the fact). The site triggered an insane reaction from my browser, which cuased hundreds of pop-ups and audio. The pop ups were halted by my comp/antivirus/etc, causing them to never display any images, but the boxes multipled endlessly until I used ALT+F4 to close the browser. Since then, my comp has been working poorly, and CCLEANER ended up "cleaning" a size of 70 MB the other day when it normally never exceeds 16 MB after a comp restart. Many of the files in the cleanup process were labeled binaries, which may be good or bad. (Right?)Anyway, I've run mrt, defender, and did a mcafee scan (all FULL scans) for the past 2 days but nothing "negative" has been found. But my comp is acting different and I am slightly paranoid, so I ran hijackthis today and was wondering if someone could analyze the results and ease my mind.Any help is GREATLY appreciated.Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2Scan saved at 8:59:52 AM, on 6/24/2009Platform: Windows Vista SP2 (WinNT 6.00.1906)MSIE: Internet Explorer v8.00 (8.00.6001.18702)Boot mode: NormalRunning processes:C:\Windows\system32\Dwm.exeC:\Windows\system32\taskeng.exeC:\Program Files\McAfee.com\Agent\mcagent.exeC:\Program Files\Synaptics\SynTP\SynTPEnh.exeC:\Program Files\SiteAdvisor&#... Read more

A:Accidentally visited a hacker site

Hello and welcome to Bleeping ComputerWe apologize for the delay in responding to your request for help. Here at Bleeping Computer we get overwhelmed at times, and we are trying our best to keep up. Please note that your topic was not intentionally overlooked. Our mission is to help everyone in need, but sometimes it takes just a little longer to get to every request for help. No one is ignored here.If you have since resolved the original problem you were having, we would appreciate you letting us know. If not please perform the following steps below so we can have a look at the current condition of your machine. If you have not done so, include a clear description of the problems you're having, along with any steps you may have performed so far.Upon completing the steps below another staff member will review and take the steps necessary with you to get your machine back in working order clean and free of malware.If you have already posted a DDS log, please do so again, as your situation may have changed.Use the 'Add Reply' and add the new log to this thread.Thanks and again sorry for the delay.We need to see some information about what is happening in your machine. Please perform the following scan:Download DDS by sUBs from one of the following links. Save it to your desktop.DDS.scrDDS.pifDouble click on the DDS icon, allow it to run.A small box will open, with an explaination about the tool. No input is needed, the scan is running.Notepad will open with the results.Foll... Read more

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I have Vista and DSL. I've had times where I'll go to a site and it will seem like the site is hanging. Then the network indicator (in the system tray) will turn to a "!".

My main question is, is it possible that something is wrong with one site, and Vista is "fooled" into thinking something is wrong with the whole internet connection??

Or is Vista always going to be accurate about losing the connection?

It doesn't happen often. Every few weeks I might suddenly see the globe disappear and there is just the two computers, but then the globe will return after a minute. However today I had to reboot the DSL modem and it was okay.

A:Losing internet - one site or all?

I dont know of the OS being fooled. You are hanging because of the bad connection.
Take the speed test and then ping test and post results here.
Speedtest.net - The Global Broadband Speed Test
Try during clean boot. It may be a conflict
How to troubleshoot a problem by performing a clean boot in Windows Vista or in Windows 7

When it happens type event viewer in search, by search and take not of any errors, from administrative tab.

When it happens right click on the newtwork icon, lower right and then diagnose and repair.

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When I am at the destination of a URL, and do a save as html, all the pictures and text seem to get saved. However none of the audio comes with it. Is there a way to save the audio along with the pictures, layout and text? a perfect example that I would like to save everything is at: Http://mywebpages.comcast.net/singingman7/TNOTW.htm.

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Is there a way I can save this site ( the entire presentation) to a CD, and or my HD ??


WinXP Home.
Nero (if this matters)


A:Saving a site to a CD

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HELP!! Simple problem, but I don't know where to look anymore. The person who uses the site works from a laptop that she connect to the LAN when she needs to work. She connects to the site, pulls information from the DB for editing and when she wants to save it, it says it did, but it just throws it away.

It works on ALL the other computers we test. She is working with the administrator passwod now and I'm stumped! Could it be the mobile unit on the network or the version of IE? She uses 5.0.

Guys, if you have ANY hints please help!

A:Trouble saving from site!

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If she is saving something like the HTML code the file will be so buried by default I don't think she'll ever find it!
Make sure she is saving it where she can find it and let us know (if possible) what she is saving.

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