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Lenovo X1 Carbon 2nd gen Left side usb and headphone jack suddenly stopped working

Q: Lenovo X1 Carbon 2nd gen Left side usb and headphone jack suddenly stopped working

Lenovo X1 Carbon 2nd gen Left side usb and headphone jack suddenly stopped working. I just used both jack and usb previous day but now they both are not working. Any solutions for this.

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Preferred Solution: Lenovo X1 Carbon 2nd gen Left side usb and headphone jack suddenly stopped working

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


Hi i bought recently my lenovo g50-45 just two days ago watching a video on youtubee my headphones suddenly stopped working.I check the audio and all looks normal.Only when the plug is not all into the slot i can hear some sound but not the actual sound of the video or anything.I also tried different heaphones none of them working.Please help and sorry for my english 

A:Lenovo G50-45 headphone suddenly stopped working

Hi Kwstas_chris,
Welcome to Lenovo Community!
As per the query we understood that you are facing issues with microphone not working on your Lenovo  G50-75 laptop.
Go to Control Panel,click on Hardware and Sound Click on Sound then you devices should come up ; speakers, Digital Audio, and headphones plug your headphones in, then select headphones at the bottom and select set as default option !! then when you disconnect your headphones it automatically switches to the speakers and when you plug them back in it automatically will switch to headphones!!
Hope this helps. Do post back if the issue persists!
Best regards,       
Ashwin. S

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Headphone jack stopped working.  When headphones plugged in, sound still comes out of the speakers.  Not the jack.  Tried different headphones. 

A:headphone jack stopped working.

Hi @carol25,Thanks for becoming a member of the HP Support Forums. I understand you are having an issue with the headphones. I will be glad to help you. Please follow the steps from No Sound or Distorted Sound from Speakers (Windows 10). Please keep me informed of how things went. If you require further assistance, let me know and I will gladly do all I can to help you.Please let me know if this resolves the issue by marking this post as "Accept as Solution".To simply say thanks, click the Thumbs up below!  Thanks.

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Ok so im playing wow and all of a sudden my sound goes off and i cant hear music or anything so i minimized and unplugged my headphones and plugged em back in..still no sound. I unplugged them and restarted my computer and they still dont work. I rly need help with this it happens often with my computors for some reason .

Computor specs:
HP a6763w Desktop

Operating System - Genuine Windows VistaŽ Home Premium with SP1

Processor - AMDŽ Phenom 9150e X4 Processor
Processor Speed - 1.8 GHz
Bus Speed - 2000 MHz Hyper Transport 1.0

Memory - 7168MB PC2-6400 DDR2 SDRAM

Video Graphics - Integrated GeForce 6150SE nForce 430 graphics

Hard Drive - 640GB (7200RPM) Hard Drive (SATA)

Optical Drive - SuperMulti DVD Burner with LightScribe Technology
Card Reader - 15-in-1 Digital Media Card Reader (SD, MMC, RS-MMC, MS, MS Pro/Duo, Pro Duo, SM, xD, mini SD, CF I/II, MD, MMC Mobile, MMC+

Audio - ALC888S chipset, High Definition Surround Sound Capable, 7.1 channels

Network - 10/100 Ethernet (RJ-45)

Keyboard - HP multimedia keyboard

Mouse - HP PS/2 optical mouse

Headphones:Cyber AC-9620 Gaming Headset

I have the latest drivers for everything and its definantly the jack thats not working because i tried the headset on another computer and it works
****just found out if i go to speakers and hit test i can hear the test sound but i cant hear anything else

******Ummm when the jack isnt all the way in but 1 notch from being all the way in i can hear fine....

A:Front headphone jack has stopped working

Reinstall the sound drivers

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I have had Windows 8 since last November or December and only until recently I have had problems with the headphone jack. My laptop is Dual boot between Linux and Windows 8. Linux was put on after the Windows 8. I know there isn't anything physically wrong with the jack itself, because the headphone jack works perfectly fine in linux. I have tried to search the internet for solutions and I haven't found anything that is helpful, so I have come here.
My laptop is a Dell Inspiron N5110 that came with Windows 7. I had a few problems with drivers when I first put Windows 8 on the laptop. The display driver needed an update, but that was easily fixable. I don't think that this is a driver update problem because the headphone jack DID work, just recently has it stopped working.
I have tried to go into the device manager and search for driver updates, nothing. I am attaching link to a picture of my device manager incase it is helpful:
The EBT1000 headset and headphones I'm pretty sure are for my HP headset. I have tried right clicking on the sound icon and clicking on playback devices and showing all disabled devices like some websites said to do.

-Dual boot Windows 8 and Linux Fedora 18
-Laptop is a Dell Inspiron N5110 that came with Windows 7
-Not physical problem w/ headphone jack
-Don't think it's a driver problem, but might be
-Headphone jack works fine in Li... Read more

A:Headphone Jack stopped working with Windows 8

Go to the Dell Drivers site for this model and download the Audio driver for your model: Driver Details | Dell US

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Since the Windows 10 anniversary update my headphone jack no longer works. It worked fine until then. Now, when I plug headphones in the system recognises the fact and a message pops up saying  'you have just plugged a device into the audio jack', but no sound comes through them. If I unplug them, the message is displayed that I have unplugged them. I have tried 3 different sets of earphones, so they are not the problem. Anyone else had this issue and come up with a solution?

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This happened when I first upgraded from Vista to 7 32-bit last year, when the front output jack stopped working, and I ended up getting an extension cord to travel from the rear port.

Now I've upgraded again, and none of them work. I've got up to date Realtek codecs.

Any help is appreciated. I know I need to give more information, but it's 3am here and I can't for the life of me think what it should be.

Thanks in advance

A:(Realtek) Upgraded to Windows 7 64-bit, headphone jack stopped working

I tried everything, something isn't right here all of them don't fix my problem. I tried to restore to early time before I update it, it didn't work. I tried to follow every single instruction from the basic setting, still doesn't work. THIS IS WINDOWS FAULT, their market share is going down and they do little trick to make money. I tried to contact support and it says, "charge may apply." ONLY BECAUSE I HAVE OEM in my ****ing product ID.

My hardware is TOTALLY FINE, I believe yours too. WHY I know mine is fine? BECAUSE I USE UBUNTU ON THE SAME DEVICE! Open Source is your friend, you can trust it.

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HI there I am having a peculiar problem. The right-side USB port (the one next to the Ethernet port) of my 3rd Gen X1 Carbon (model 20BT) has stopped working. Windows reports two USB controllers, and Linux does the same. The ethernet port works as expected. I even replaced the USB/RJ45 system card and the problem persists: The Ethernet port works, the USB port does not. No peripheral is being recognised (I have tried a wireless mouse, a usb flash drive and a Yubikey) and no power seems to be available from the port.  I was thinking that if there was some issue with the motherboard then one of the USB host chips would not be recognised, but this does not seem to be the case. I am now thnking whether it would be worth it to replace the motherbaord or just purchase another (used) machine. The warranty has expired. Any ideas? Thank you! Frixos

A:Right-side USB port stopped working on 3rd Gen Thinkpad X1 Carbon

Hi frixosk, Does it mean that the one on the Left-side still works? If yes, you may consider to work with a handy USB hub like this. 

"May the Force be with Lenovo"

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So the other day i was spinning a fidget-spinner whilst watching a video on my laptop but then the spinner dropped and hit the keyboard, and when this happened the screen went completely black and there was this terrifying loud grinding noise like the laptop was screaming in pain or something, then i held the power button until it shut down. And then when i restarted the computer everything seemed fine until today when i realised the headphone jack isn't working. I've tried it with two headphones so far. How the heck could this happen? are Dell laptops so fragile that a fidget-spinner could permanently damage it? or is there a fix somewhere that i'm missing. 

A:Dell XPS 15 (9560) headphone jack stopped working after a bizarre crash.

Thank you for your message.This could be just a coincidence that the audio jack has stopped working.Run a hardware diagnostic by following this link http://bit.ly/2fJuGXBDo you get any pop-up message when you plug in the headphone?Is the audio normal on the system speakers?Open device manager- expand sound & audio- right click on the audio driver & click on uninstall ( do not check the box that says delete driver). Restart the computer, this will refresh the audio driver.For my reference, click on my Dell username & send a private message with the service tag, registered name & email address.

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I've had this second hand Lenovo G510 (20238) and when i got it, it had an audio jack that i was assuming busted. I have been using a usb headphone adapter but since that broke, I might as well look for help. When I plug in the headphones, it doesnt show up on the sound tab. I've tried various different types of headphones (all working till this day) and nothing shows up. The speakers work fine and sound passes through HDMI fine as well.I've tried hard boots and factory resets. Is there something i didnt install? Please let me know ASAP. Thanks.

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Hello, When I plug in my headphones right after a restart they work just fine. except for when i unplug the headphones and then plug them back in they decide to not play any sound. same happens when i mute the headphones while playing music and try to unmute. and i know sometimes when you mute you have to bring the volume all the way down and then turn it back up and it'll work but it's not doing that anymore. the computer recognizes the a device was plugged into the jack but no sound comes from them. the only solution i have found is restarting my laptop everytime this happens which is really annoying. I've gone to the control pannel > hardware & sound > manage audio devices. and i can see that the realtek hig def speakers are playing the music. theres no headphone icon or anything. i'm worried its a hardware issue but that also wouldnt make sense because i have no problem after a restart. please help. it's very frustrating

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Really need help, im a DJ and use this laptop for it!! My headphones only have sound coming from 1 side, ive tried reinstalling drivers etc and everything else ive read online.  I need this resolved ASAP so any help is appreciated. Thanks

A:Headphone jack only plays out 1 headphone (Right side)

Hi @chadhogan121 Welcome to the HP Support Community! I saw your post regarding the problems with sound only coming out on one side of the headphones. I will be happy to help you with that. Have you tried a different set of headphones to see if the same thing happens? This HP document No Sound from Speaker will show you how to use the built-in Windows troubleshooter. Give that a try.

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There's this annoying white noise on my left speakers(Logitech X-540 Speakerset), though I think it's not my speakers that are causing it, but something else, because when I connect my iPod to my speakers there's no white noise.

So I was wondering if anyone could tell me how to get rid of this noise

A:White noise on left speakers/left side of headphone

Sounds like either a driver malfunction or more likely a failing sound card. Most of the stuff below (Windows & Programs) wouldn't likely be causing problems. I'd be willing to bet it's a hardware problem (due to it only being one side).

Figure Out What's FailingIf you're using a secondary sound card
*** i.e. you have a second built in one on your motherboard, enable that.
If you still hear the sound on a different card, then it's something within Windows and not a problem w/ hardware.
If you don't hear the sound, then it's something w/ drivers or your hardware.
If you don't have an extra sound card, see if you can find/buy one Replace DriversDownload & Install a Program like Guru's Driver Sweeper
Uninstall your sound drivers w/ Driver Sweeper
Download and install the latest drivers for your sound card.
RebootIf the sound is still there and you couldn't test a secondary card you're likely dealing with either a hardware failure (most likely with sound only happening in one speaker) or something in Windows failing.

Repair WindowsIf you want to try to fix windows, you can do the following:
Run an elevated Command Prompt and run this command:
sfc /scannow
Peform a system restore
Perform a repair install.Test to see if a program is causing the problemType msconfig into start menu search and hit Enter
Go to the startup tab and disable everything.
Restart computer
Do you still hear the sound?
Yes -- Not a program
No -- A program is likely causing the problem.If no... Read more

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I have X1 carbon 6th gen. I've sent my machine to the Depot repair center because of some issue. I got back my machine, and the headphone jack started to malfunction. I am attaching The problem is that whenever I use a headphone that has a remote controller, some apps keep pausing and resuming sound. I tried to use different headphones and apps, and also to reinstall apps (and even windows!), but the problem persists. So I sent my laptop to the Depot center again, and I've just received the product today. But the problem still exist! This is so frustrating.. The day I sent the machine Feb 15th. After about 40 days, my laptop is getting worse. Here are videos that show the problem.https://youtu.be/v_9KjGGNueshttps://youtu.be/LOj6UeA6uCM I am not sure that the problem will be fixed if I send it again to the Depot center . Any idea about how to fix it?

A:X1 carbon 6th gen - The headphone jack is malfunctioning.

2 choices:
1)  The repair order will have a number to contact in case of an issue.  Call them.
2)  If there is a dealer nearby that does warranty service, carry it in.  It is easier to discuss if both parties are lookung at (or listenubg to) the same thing.

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Hi, I own a new X1 Carbon (with the terrible adaptive function keys), and my combo audio/mic jack does not seem to work properly. Specifically, when I try to plug in headphones (or use an application like Skype) while the sound is running from the speakers, it does not switch. Conversely, if I start a video wearing headphones, and unplug them, the sound does not come out of the speakers. Can someone please advise how to troubleshoot this? Thanks in advance.

A:X1 Carbon combo headphone/mic jack does not work

Hi Dave0888,
Welcome to Lenovo Community!
As per your query we understood that you are facing the issue with Audio port on ThinkPad X1 Carbon.
Please set the default setting on Realtek High Definition audio application from control panel.
If you are unable to find the application or set the application, please download the driver from Lenovo Support page and install it.
Also please download ThinkVantage System Update utility and install it, and after installing it please run the application so that it will check for the latest drivers and automatically install it.
After installing all the application please restart the system and check it once.
Below is the link to enter the downloads page and download latest application accordingly, please click on "Select Product" then in "QUICK PATH" enter the MTM no. select the exact model.
Hope this helps. 
Best regards,

Hemanth Kumar

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I am using ThinkPad X1 Carbon 6th gen with the HDR display. With new Realtek audio driver (ver. released May 15th) which enables Dolby Atmos, I have been experincing audio clipping noise through the audio jack when headphones are plugged in. I know my headphones are quite fine since my five year old Lenovo Y500 or my phone doesn't seem to have this issue. I sent my machine to the depot since I was experiencing this issue and a few more issues. After getting my machine back I am still experiencing the same audio clipping issue whether it's listening to music using Google Music, or watchin Netflix. The noise is really anoying when listeing to acoustics.I am just wondering if any others are experiencing the same issue?

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I have a 5th Gen X1 Carbon that the left USB port only provides power on. I can charge my phone but I cannot use any data or peripheral device. I've been all over the forum/net and have seen this question a hundred times but never an answer. The USB on the right side functions normally.  The laptop was wiped with a clean Windows 10 image. The Lenovo System Update software is installed with all updates installed. The Lenovo Service Bridge says there are no updates required for drivers. I have removed all of the USB drivers and rebooted. The USB and Always On are enabled in BIOS (hence power).  Does anyone have a good fix for this not working? 

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Spoiler (Highlight to read)  My laptop madel is Lenovo g570 It suddenly stopped working while I am working on it. Its is also not showing any response on using power button is it dead.plsplspls!!! need suggestions.

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the usb 3.0 stopped was working fine but last week both stopped working. i have checked drivers, but that dosent seem to be the problem. they can charge my phone but dosent decect it or anything else. the usb 2.0 port works fine as usual

A:Lenovo Y50-70 USB 3.0 ports stopped working suddenly

hi haemming,
Welcome to the Forums.
Can you try the following:
1. Boot into the BIOS by continuously tapping F2 on boot-up. Once in the BIOS, hit F9 to load factory default settings then hit F10 to save and exit (this reloads the hardware configuration of the machine). Once inside Windows, uninstall the USB 3,0 driver (Device Manager > Universal Serial Bus Controllers) then scan for hardware changes.
When the USB device comes back, try to test your phone or any USB device (e.g., USB mouse, flashdrive, etc.) and observe.
2. If same problem, try to power down the machine > press the OneKey Recovery button > select System Recovery and test if the mouse will work on the USB 3.0 port
 - Sample image
Alternatively, you can also hold the Shift key then restart Windows and observe if the USB mouse will work on the Windows 8 Advanced Options.
If none of the above method works then I recommend you contact the lenovo helpdesk and report your findings as the USB 3.0 port is definitely malfunctioning and requires service.
Support phone list
Let me know how it goes..

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I have put this in the virus section rather than hardware because this problem has appeared on my friends computer too. Actually his was first to have the problem. He thought it was his headphones and bought a new pair still nothing doing. I thought it was his system because he had dropped it, but then my system now is experiencing the same symptoms. I have tried a speaker test without headphones and the built in speakers play both channels properly it is only through the audio jack that this problem occurs. It plays the left channel normally and the right channel lower and through the left side also. I have tried a safe mode system restore and reinstalling the audio drivers. The other symptom that I am experiencing is with the WPD driver regarding my external USB 2.0 card reader not reading cards. I had the same thing with the built in SD card reader too but fixed it with a driver reinstall, but I can not find a download to reinstall the WPD and uninstalling then reinstalling does not work. The error is code 10 device cannot start.

Both are ASUS laptops his a K53T mine a X53U. I am assuming it is a virus and not a buggy windows update that is causing this. Please let me know what you need from myself in order to help me fix this problem like a Hijack log and anything else that you need. Thanks. If I should try asking in hardware first please let me know too. Thanks and have a great day.

A:Audio Jack plays both channels via Left side only

Also all my restore points except the one that was created for the SD card reader were gone too.

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I had to have the hard drive replaced in my computer due to a defect in the drive. Ever since the hard drive was replaced, the head phone plug-in that is on the face of the tower does not work, but the speaker plug-in that is located in the back of the tower, works just fine.

I cannot figure out what is wrong. The audio driver installed for my system was obtained from the Dell website along with the majority of my other drivers.
Any help would be great.

System Information:
Dell Dimenstion E310 (Desktop)
Windows XP Professional SP3
Audio: Intel Integrated Audio

A:headphone jack not working... but speaker-jack work

Do you know if the front panel audio jack is plugged into the motherboard?

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Hello. I am a Forum and Windows 8 Newb.

I really liked the sidebar that popped up from the left of the screen showing what you had open in Windows 8. Now it's suddenly gone and I don't know why.

Also, I've noticed that when I launch Chrome from the Start page, it no longer opens a Chrome browser independent of the Desktop, as it used to. Now it just opens Desktop and launches Chrome from within there.

I don't know if these two problems are related but I really liked it the way it was before. Any ideas what I may have fouled up?


A:Left Side Pop-up App Sidebar Suddenly Gone

This tutorial should cover your Chrome issues. If you have problems, then please reply. Please explain the circumstances under which your sidebar problem occurs.

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I have recently purchased a 6th gen x1 carbon from lenovos website and upon using the PC over the weekend it has produced a very annoying clicking noise to the bottom left of the PC. I took apart the back and stumbled upon a battery that makes an awful creaky noise (like battery parts inside are not stable) -Has anybody else experienced this issue? - or reached out to support and can provide some steps they might go through? I have a 3 year warranty on this device but wanted to check the internet before thinking its a defect. Its a minor annoyance but for something I paid $2,000+ for , I can see this becoming a bigger annoyance.Thank you!

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Nothing different happened between turning off the computer & turning it on to keep working & yet all of a sudden the touchscreen doesn't work?? It's almost as if it was turned off? Is that a setting that can be turned off or does this need to be fixed or something?  So annoying!! 

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All drivers are fine. I have tried disabling and enabling & reinstalling HID touch screen drivers but it didnot work. I have also reset the PC . But i didn't fix. I dont think its a hardware problem. Any solution??   

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Hi,It seems that the headphone jack on my Lenovo Z40 has started to fail. I have to fiddle around with headphone cables to get proper sound, and my speaker doesn't produce any sound (presumably because the computer thinks headphones are plugged in). What are my options for repair? I assume the headphone jack is part of a board, how much would it cost to repair it?Thanks!

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So after 3 years my laptop finally started to show it's age. My headphone jack broke down. Only one headphone is working. No, it's not a headphone issue and neither a OS issue (I checked with other pairs and on Ubuntu). I disassembled the laptop and everything seemed fine, but I guess I gotta change that port to fix everything. Sadly, I couldn't find any original components, but only second hand from other generations. Do you think these one would be able to replace the one I had? (Lenovo G50-30) (Lenovo IdeaPad Z510)

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I have a problem with this port other than it being very frustrating. I just bought the Hyper X Revolver headset, and since it is a combo jack I bought a splitter with the plugs for headphone/mic and the one end to plug into the computer. When I plug it in, the computer shows that I have plugged something into the jack. The sound is working just fine, but the microphone WILL NOT WORK. I have tried everything. Anyone else had the same problem with this piece of junk port? If so, how can I fix this? Thanks!

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Hi. The aux jack on my Laptop is only working on the Left channel. This is a hardware problem, not a software problem, since the right channel will work if I position my aux cord at a very specific angle. I want to know if there is any way to fix this problem or replace whatever part of the laptop connects to aux cords. Thank you.

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When I plug-in my headphone jack to laptop, It isn't detected. I tried different headphones on my computer but it didn't work. Also I tried these headphones at different devices, they worked. I updated drivers, BIOS and I tried to delete drivers and re-install them. But still these aren't working.

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None of the connections/ devices on the right side of my Laptop seem to work,except the DVD slot.Pluggin in an usb device will give no feedback from the system.Pluggin in a card reader will not return feedback from the system.No output if I plug in a headset in the combined audio connector.No exclamation marks in the device manager.No error feedback if I conduct a scan with the Lenovo Service Tool.Has anyone advice for this please or a similar experience before I go for guarantee service?RegardsDaniel

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Hi , I am not getting any audio from my Lenovo X380 yoga through the 3.5 mm audio jack. The audio works fine thru internal speakers and usb audio. Infact when i plug in the 3.5 mm earphone its not detected at all . Earlier in my T450 the earphone would get highlighted when the ear piece was plugged in. Have tried all the fixes  but no luck, the same earphone works on all other laptops.  tried updating connexant driver and all other drivers from the lenovo site but no help .  

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Does the "audio combo jack" on the Lenovo G710 conform to the CTIA or the OMTP standard? That is, is it left/right/gnd/mic or left/right/mic/gnd? And why is this information so hard to find?

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One time it was working and the next it was not. I get sound from the laptop's speakers whether the headphone jack has headphones plugged in or not. It worked fine and then POOF, it didn't! I have restarted and also checked all sound settings, and can see nothing "physical" upon close inspection of the jack.
Any ideas will be most appreciated!
(can't see myself opening the laptop and trying to do repairs--a tower, yes, but laptop, no)

A:Solved: Lenovo Y510 Laptop headphone jack quit

I downloaded the driver again from Lenovo website and VOILA! It is working again!

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I was using my headphones when I was at Starbucks. Then I came home and the headphone jack wouldn't work. The speakers work. My headphones work on other devices. I've uninstalled/reinstalled RealTek Audio driver. Still doesn't work. Rebooted countless times. Done all sorts of Internet research. Running Windows 10. In Control Panel, Sound, Manage Audio Devices, Sound - Speakers icon appears but no headphones. I'm running out of ideas. Anyone experience this ever? Please HELP!

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i have a Dell Inspiron 17 5000 Series Laptop,
works fine
few months ago jack started acting up, but i found that changing the volume fixed the issue,- when i plugged in headphones, it would only play thru one side, i turned up the volume and it would start playing out of both, then turn volume back down and continue.
although for a few days now, this fix is no longer working, and the pc is playing audio out of side of my headphones
Also if i wiggle the the headphones jack inside the pc it somtimes will play properly for a split second then go back to playing on one side.
-NOTE- headphones r not the issue- they work fine on my phone- audio technica ath m50x
pretty sure its a hardware issue
tried cleaning out dust with some small brushes didnt work.
do not want to buy a usb sound card
any help would be appreciated

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My headphone jack is not working all of sudden.

I am not sure what kind it is, maybe you can help me with that too...


A:Headphone Jack Not Working?

If your using vista, play around the the settings in the control panel under the sound tab.
At least that fixed my problem.

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I updated to Windows 8 today, and everything seemed to be going well until I tried playing music through my headphones. They worked fine on my iPhone, but once I plugged them into my laptop, no sound came out.


I ran windows updates today.

A:Headphone Jack Not Working

It looks like, with the "High Definition Audio Device" that you only have the basic function Windows installed sound drivers.

Try installing the PC Vendor's sound driver. Same way for HDMI install the Video Card vendor's drivers.

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So today when I go to plug in my headphones into my laptop, the video I was trying to watch today still is playing through the main speakers. I tried multiple pairs of headphones and it still didn't work. The volume coming from the speakers doesn't even shut off, it just keeps playing even though I have headphones plugged in. Any suggestions?

A:Headphone jack Not working!!!

Originally Posted by shortmantuff

So today when I go to plug in my headphones into my laptop, the video I was trying to watch today still is playing through the main speakers. I tried multiple pairs of headphones and it still didn't work. The volume coming from the speakers doesn't even shut off, it just keeps playing even though I have headphones plugged in. Any suggestions?

It is recommended to fill out your system specs. I have no idea what your system is or what audio driver/manager you are using.

If you have a realtek HD audio card- Install the audio manager, and set it to allow setting to pop up when jacks are used. That way you can tell it if you inserting headphones,mic, etc, and it will mute the external speakers and use the headphones-otherwise it plays out the speakers (this is common if you have a realtek card, and use the default Microsoft hd sound driver/software codecs. You may also note the "volume knob" does not work)

If you have a realtek card install the realtek driver/audio manager here:http://www.realtek.com.tw/downloads/...&GetDown=false

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I buy au003tx 2 days before ..laptop speaker working properly but no headphone detected plizz solve it

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my earphone jack is not working which means i cannot use my earphones to listen to audios and video on my laptop.May i know whether its a hardware problem or some software issue.?.please help
Mod's Edit: Additional information added to Subject line for clarity of issue and moved post to its own thread.  This post originally was in a G500 thread concerning Dolby issue.

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Well, I have a new computer. And I recently bought a Headset & Microphone, to play games with. It was all working perfect, until my brother plugged in the Headset plug, into the microphone port. And I disconnected it because it was wrong. Then, when I went to plug it into the Headset Port, it wouldn't read.

I've checked the headset to see if it was the plug, but it wasn't. I opened my computer to check if the connections to the port are okay, and they are. I believe it might be a software issue, but not sure as to what to do now.

Many thanks if you can help me.

~ Nino

A:Headphone Jack Not Working

I tend to think it's a hardware problem, but to make sure open up your Device Manager and expand all of the +'s. Look for yellow exclamation points. That would indicate the problem device. Also check your sound and microphone configuration. I know this link is for skype, but it addresses the same problem and has pretty detailed solutionshttp://www.skype.com/help/guides

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Headphone jack not working, when I plugged headphone in sound keep comming out of my laptop speaker I have 2 little yellow triangles as well in device manager as shown in screenshot, can anyone help me so tensed.

A:headphone jack not working

What error message do you get when you right click on the yellow warning signs in the device manager?

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Since  "Sound"  did recognize my headphones when plugged in, I changed it to the default and it played through the headphones and cut the sound from the speakers.  When I unplugged the headphones, the sound went back to the speakers.  Yay!!  thank you all for the help. 

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Hi, I have an HP Pavilion 17 Notebook PC. Over the past few months my headphone jack has not been working properly. It started off with the headphones having to be held in a certain place to prevent sound coming out of the speakers at the same time as the headphones (I have tried every pair of headphones i own) . Over time, this has been getting worse and now, sound comes out of the speakers regardless of whether i have any heaphones plugged in. The headphone jack is really wobbly and i'm assuming i'll need to take my pc to a repair shop?Thanks in advance  

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I have just tried my headphone jack for the first time and the sound does not come through them. They still come out of speakers despte the headphone being plugged in. I have tried the headphones on other devices and they work fine. Looking on YouTube I have updated the drivers  and then put my headphones in the headphone socket, and checked the Sound driver (Realtek HD Audio) on the "Playback devices" tab -  it shows a headphone icon with a red down arrow next to it with a description "Realtek HD Audio 2nd Output" and "Not Plugged In". How do I get this socket to "plug in"  ? Or is this a hardware problem ? Thanks in advance for anyone's help.  

A:Headphone jack not working

Hi @Loft62,I hope you enjoy your visit to the HP Support Forums. I understand you are having an issue with the headphone jack. I will be glad to help you.Please post the full product number and operating system in use on your computer. See the following, if you need help with that information.How Do I Find My Model Number or Product Number?Is the Windows Version on My Computer 32-bit or 64-bit?Please get back to me with above information, so I can help you better.

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