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Importing/Exporting address book from Outlook Express (XP) to Outlook (Windows 8)

Q: Importing/Exporting address book from Outlook Express (XP) to Outlook (Windows 8)

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 8 Pro, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3770 CPU @ 3.40GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 58 Stepping 9
Processor Count: 8
RAM: 12248 Mb
Graphics Card: AMD Radeon HD 7500 Series (Microsoft Corporation - WDDM v1.20), 1024 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 1907376 MB, Free - 1815405 MB;
Motherboard: Dell Inc., 0NW73C
Antivirus: McAfee Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware, Updated and Enabled

Could someone please help me or direct me to a link, so that I may import my Outlook Express Contacts (XP) on one pc to Outlook (Windows 8) on a new pc? The other pc is a Dell Dimension 4700.

Preferred Solution: Importing/Exporting address book from Outlook Express (XP) to Outlook (Windows 8)

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Importing/Exporting address book from Outlook Express (XP) to Outlook (Windows 8)

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A friend is trying to move from Compuserve email to Outlook Express and needs to export all contact info.

I don't know which version of Compuserve or Windows she's using but Iif it's absolutely necessary in order to help her, I can find out.

Does anyone know any of the following:

a). The name of the file that Compuserve uses for contact info.

b) Is there a utility that can convert the Compuserve contact info into a
.csv file as in that format it can be imported into Outlook Express.

Any ideas will be greatly appreciated.

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Must export to CSV file for a newsletter emailing service. Follow the instructions but get "error exporting the address book" message.

I've done this before - got this message before - but can't remember how I got around it!

anyone know? Thanks.

(btw, campaign monitor is a great e-newsletter service.)

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I have new computer and want to xfer my Outlook Express info to new program ((Windows Live Mail) - I've clicked on the export tab but was unable to send them to a folder so I can make xfer - Has anyone been successful in doing this?

A:Solved: exporting messages/address book from Outlook Express

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I have installed outlook express and want to import my address book and messages from Outlook. Express is giving me an error message saying that it The address nBook failed to load. Outlook Express is incorrectly configured, please re-install. After removing and re-installing the same message comes up. It just crashes when I try to import my messages (Msimn illegal operation). Any solutions?

A:Outlook Express importing address book

Just updated to the new IE6 and outlook express, problem solved.

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Hi All,

Does anyone on of you guys out there know if there is a way of importing aol messegesfrom aol 6.0/7.0 into MS outlook 5.

Maybe someone knows of a tool or application that i can download or how to use if it is available Already in Outlook 5.


A:Importing aol messages and address book into outlook express 5

raz by the way welcome to TSG. I checked with MS Knowledge Base for importing AOL. NO go.

Why can't you "FORWARD" the emails to outlook express.

The address book you might be able to and I am not sure but with Yahoo you can export it and maybe AOL you can do the same. not sure but maybe someone else will know.

Just a few Ideas to think about. Also try AOL Email help and see if they have any suggestions.

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Hi All,

Does anyone on of you guys out there know if there is a way of importing aol messegesfrom aol 6.0/7.0 into MS outlook 5.

Maybe someone knows of a tool or application that i can download or how to use if it is available Already in Outlook 5.


A:Importing aol messages and address book into outlook express 5

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From either Outlook Express or the MS Works Address book:
then choose type file
choose Exchange Personal Address Book
The new Works address book import completes the action but does not ask for the file location ( I am trying to import a MS Exhange Personal address book into a Works Address Book, which appears to be the address book for Outlook Express a .wab not a .pab) so of course nothing happens and no data is imported. MS Tech Support is no help.

A:Importing Personal Address Book to Outlook Express

Then why not do it backwards, export into Works I think it is you want to import to.

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I hope that I have the correct forum for this particular question. I have an outlook express address book, which is in HTML format. How do I change the format to Outlook Express Address Book format and then import it?

A:Importing address book into Outlook express. converting format

You might have to convert to a text delimited file first, then import.

I am sure some ideas will come along.

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I have OE5 and trying to import a saved address book from floppy and get an error message 'An error occurred during the import process. The import process could not be completed.' and when I try to open the saved file by itself it says 'the file has been locked by another application. Try closing the other application and try again later.' I closed everything that was running and I can't see any settings that is preventing this import. My WAB properties are correct. Any suggestions?

A:Solved: Importing saved Address Book in Outlook Express 5

outlook express versions have to match.

if your .wab file was created with OE ver 5.whatever, then it will only import to the same OE ver 5.whatever. its a drag, I know. If your running a newer version of OE, I don't recommend reverting to an older version to get your wab file. if the file is important, you could try downloading eudora light, use that programs import to get your addresses, then go back to outlook express and import other address book from eudora light.

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I am tring to import my outlook Express Address book to windows 7. It indicated I did indeed imported the files, but They do not show up in my contacts list. I also added my Comcast mail account to the windows mail list and they do not show up there either. I am totally confused. Help!

A:Solved: Importing Outlook Express address book to Windows7

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I have a flash drive with my backup files and folders from outlook express. I purchased a new pc which came with windows7, which did not come with an e-mail program. So I went and purchased a copy of outlook 2007. How can i import the .dbx files into my new outlook? And i no longer have access to the old pc which had outlook express on it.

Please help!!!!!

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I have outlook 2000 and i would like to export my address book.

now i have opened the address book (i.e Tools/Address book) then i selected File now the Export & Import options are not highlighted and so i can not import export the address book.

please assist.

A:exporting outlook address book

Go to File>Import and Export. I then choose "Export to a File", then I choose "Microsoft Excel", then in export from: I choose "Contacts".

This produces a pretty good spreadsheet of my contact information. I simply delete the columns I don't need.

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Is there a way to export AOL's Address book to Outlook? I figured it would be an easy find but I was wrong. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

A:Exporting Aol Address Book to Outlook

The only way I've found is very awkward, indeed, unless you tried a java script. It does not appear that AOL has provided an export, likely for obviously but unfortunate reasons.
This export tip will give you only the email addresses and no other information you might have saved. It can be done with Groups. If you have Individuals not in Groups, first use the Groups THEN the next step:
(Based on a right-handed mouse
AOL 8.0 (or 9.0 BETA)
(1) Click Write as though to write/compose a new email. Leave open.
(2) Click on Address Book icon

Put cursor in Address Book Window.
With Mouse, click Select ALL
(Or while holding Shift Key down,
select individuals and/or groups)
Then click to choose SEND TO
Follow instructions to Send To which places addresses
in the Send To Window of the email being composed.

With Mouse cursor, In the email SEND TO window,
right click to select ALL.
right click to select CUT.
With Mouse cursor, In the email Compose/Write menu,
right click to PASTE.

From AOL Tool Bar:
Click: File
Save As
choose a directory/folder on your harddrive,
and choose a filename (i.e. AOL_AdrBk.HTML) with HTML or TXT extension.

Then save it.

If you use the HTML extension, you can open an Excel Spreadsheet with:
File Open AOL_AdrBk (Excel opens HTML as though it's an XLS file.)

From Excel, you can export to CSV format, or choose a format depending on whichever Exce... Read more

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Can anyone help me with the procedure for doing this . Im formating and need to save and restore these .

A:importing and exporting message folders in outlook express

OutlookExpress has pretty easy Help instructions to follow regarding Import/Export. Try this

Start OEX and click on Help>Contents and Index>Search, key in Export and then click on "Find Topics". Then click on the topic your interested in.

If that doesn't help, <a href=http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=KB;EN-US;Q270670&> this <a/> MS article explains it in detail. And obviously when following those instructions, you want to be saving the files to a floppy diskette.

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(1) I need to move OE mail messages from one computer to another. I am confident that my issue is not the first time this has come up.

Please refer me to the article/discussion where direction has been given to the expoting and importing of OE mail messages.

(2) I have the dbx files saved from an installation of about 6 months ago (including the 'folders.dbx file) and I cannot get these files imported.

(3) How can I import a single message folder, like the 'Inbox' from one computer to another? If this can be done, and I import the inbox.dbx file into another computer that also has an inbox.dbx file, will the imported file replace the file that is resident? Will the names of the mail folders imported have to be changed to be different from those that are resident on the computer to which the importation process is to take place?



A:Exporting/importing Outlook Express Mail Messages

http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?...kb;en-us;270670I found this reference in an earlier post in the forum. Regards,John

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I have exported my address book from Outlook 2003 on my desktop to my laptop that is also running Outlook 2003 (office 2003).

The only problem, when I exported the address book it also exported deleted items, that had been deleted years ago.

Is there any way to export and just export what is currently shown in the address book and not the old deleted items. I'm using the export a file option.

A:Exporting Address Book from Outlook 2003


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I have been trying for days to exporting my bosses address book from his PalmVII to my microsoft outlook (Office 2000). Does anyone know the secret??????????

A:exporting palmvii address book to outlook

Do you have synchronization software? Do you have the cradle attached to your PC? I would think, however, that you should have him synch palm pilot to HIS contacts, then have him share his contacts folder with you...

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I do not use O E at all, but I have a friend that does, can someone please tell me step-by-step how to Export the Address Book to a Floppy for backup purposes, and I will relay that to him ?

A:Outlook Express - exporting addr book


Instead of rewriting the procedure here is a weblink the explains the process quite nicely. Address book backups are quite easy actually.

Click Here for Article.

Let us know if that helps.


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I have a problem importing my old Outlook address book into Outlook 6. I had a problem with importing messages but after scouring the threads I was able to resolve the problem. My operating system is Windows XP Home.

I installed my old hard drive as a slave on my new pc. I was previously using Windows 98 . I've found the wab file on the old drive, copied it to my new drive and tried to import it into Outlook 6. I get the message.
"An error occured in the import process. The import process could not be completed"

I'd appreciate some help

A:Importing Address book into Outlook 6

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I have over 13 years of Outlook Express folders and addresses that I desperately need to convert to Outlook 2007. I should have imported them into Outlook before I made the "Easy File Transfer" to the new Win 7 machine, but didn't know I needed to do that. Several years ago I had imported the files into Outlook, although that data did transfer it is now way out-of-date and full of duplicates.

The up-to-date data is still in my old machine and also in an external hard drive backup. I have isolated the Outlook Express personal folders into .dbx format and the addresses into .wab format.

Is there a way this can be reformatted into Outlook? Or is there some other way? I would probably also need to delete what is already in Outlook first, or I would have many more duplicates.

I welcome any suggestions.

Dick Sevier

A:Convert Outlook Express Folders and Address Book to Outlook in WIN 7

See if this Microsoft tutorial can help.
Import your messages or account from Outlook Express to Outlook - Outlook - Office.com

Please note : there is ........
a link for Outlook and OE installed in the SAME computer
a link for Outlook and OE installed in DIFFERENT computers.

Hope that helps.

Editing ...... I don't use Outlook nor did I ever use OE, so I can't help you much other than to offer you the link above.

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I have tried to import my .WAB file from Microsoft Office Outlook 2002 to Outlook Express. I used File, Import from within Outlook Express. I select the .wab file to import, and I get a message in about 1/2 a second saying it has been done but no addresses are imported.
Do you have to have both programs open? Is there another way to import addresses into OE?

A:Import Outlook 2002 address book to Outlook Express

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how do i transfer my outlook 2000 address book to outlook express 6?

i've switched to express (because address auto complete) but in the address book it only shows name and email.
i also want home address, phone numbers, etc to show and can't see how to "switch it on"... can anyone help?

thanks in advance

A:how do i transfer my outlook 2000 address book to outlook express 6?


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I am running OS Xp Pro with Office Xp Pro.With OS 98 I was able to add new contacts in Micrutlook and they would also be in Outlook Express automatically.I have looked everywhere on XP to share contacts etc but cannot get the same result.I have to export/import to get the new contacts into Outlook Express.Thanks for help.T

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I just installed Outlook 2007. I have 2 problems. I am using Windows 7 Home Premium. I can't import my address book from Windows Live, Hotmail or Gmail. I have searched and can find only the opposite (to export). I have exported from Windows Live,Hotmail and Gmail, but they are different and won't work. The other problem is I can't change the stationary. It is grayed out and says no other themes installed. I reinstalled the themes and put in the extras. I have folders named stationary that has files in them. you can click on them and see them. I can't find a way to tell the program where they are. Any help will be appreciated.

Thanks, Clint

A:Importing address book in Outlook 2007

Re your [first}problem importing an Address book into MS {Office} Outlook 2007...
See if this link provides you with some help.

Importing and Exporting Address Books in MS Outlook 2007 | Information Technologies | University of Calgary

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I want to somehow get my address book from netscape and import over to Outlook Express but I cannot figure out how to do this other than copying and pasting EACH and everyone. When I try it it asks for address book .WAB heck if I know where to find this lol....


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I'm ready to pull my hair out over this, I just started working as the tech guy at this law firm and out of all the incredibly difficult things I fell really accomplished for solving... this thwarts me.

I have a list of like 1200 names and something along the lines of 20 different columns of information for each name (i.e. last name, first name, client ID, home phone, etc.) which I am switching from this archaic program they were using into outlook. To do so I copied the dBase file to Excel XP and asked the paper clip how to import it to Outlook (in case you couldn't tell before how desperate I am, now you know) and he said:

Name each column of information you want to send
Go to Outlook and hit File>import
Chose program, then file
Select location in address book (i.e. Contacts)
Drag each named column into whichever section in the contacts list I want.
Here it also says that if I want to add a section I can click a button for it, but I don't have that button either (this is XP pro)

And then it should all be okay, so to try it out I loaded a names column into "Name" and the corresponding e-mail addresses into "e-mail", and all I got was the field "display name" showing the e-mail addresses as well as the "e-mail address" section displaying the e-mail addresses.

So I figured I was just doing something stupid, and I just took the whole dBase file to Excel and then just tried to import without mapping the location of e... Read more

A:Importing Excel XP to Outlook XP Address Book?

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Hey it sounds simple enough but here's the delema,
I had to insert a new hardrive into my system and I installed XP on this new HD.

My old HD, with outlook and the rest, is now my e: drive, I
partitioned c: into C: and D:,

I want to get my old messages and also my address book from e:'s outlook to c:'s outlook.

I have found my .wab files for my address book but I cannot find the .pst files for my messages.

As well I couldn't figure out how to import the address book so I cut it from the folder in e: and paste it in the same folder in c: but outlook still doesn't read it??

folder = c or e\Documents and settings\zeke\application data\microsoft\address

is this folder right or am I on crack.

any help would be appreciated.


A:Outlook XP address book and message importing

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Hi TSG's. I have a new PC and am trying to import the address book from outlook express on my laptop to Outlook on the new pc via a usb drive. I imported my favourites to internet explorer without a hitch but cant do the dame for my address book. Any ideas (of course you'll have ideas, you always solve my problems!!!!) Thanks

A:Solved: Importing address book to Outlook

Hi woodies

A couple methods can be used:

Export the Outlook Express Address Book as a Text File (Comma Separted Values), then Import the .csv file into your Outlook Contacts or Address Book.
The options for my Outlook 97 are for Contacts, yours may be different.

In Outlook Express:
File > Export > Address Book > Text File (Comma Separated Values) > Name the file > Browse to the Desktop > Select the fields > Finish

In Outlook:
File > Import and Export > Import from Schedule + or another program or file > Next > Comma Separated Values > Next > Browse to file > Next > Select Destination Folder > Finish

Or in Outlook:
File > Import and Export > Import from Schedule + or another program or file > Next > Personal Address Book > Select Destination Folder > Finish

Using the first method and creating a .csv file makes the file available for backup purposes and available for other messaging programs.

Let us know if this works for you or not.

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This issue keeps coming up time and again and it may vary per Outlook program but I am using Outlook 2003 and I believe the Outlook Address book is in the .pst file but in no way can import it into the program. Not using import...I have moved the .pst file from a retiring desk top and have copied that file to the appropriate new folder but for the life of me it will not find the "Contacts". What is the best way to do this?

A:Solved: Importing Outlook Address Book

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Quick question...
where can I find my OE 5.5 address book in Windows 2000? Thanks!

A:(Solved) Windows 2000 - Where is the Outlook Express Address Book?

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I just purchased a new computer and installed WordPerfect 11 and it is working ok except when it comes to using the address book. While using my old computer with WXP I exported my address book to a file and then transferred that file to my new computer. When I try to import, nothing shows in the import window so I can't navigate to the file I want to import. Likewise, when I try to export as a *CSV*TXT file there is nothing in the export window that will allow me to select a location to export.

I have tried a repair by inserting the WP11 disk and selecting "repair" but I then receive a message that I must have Internet Explorer 4 or higher. I have Interent Explorer 8 with Windows 7 Home Professional so can't figure that one out.

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Running XP Pro SP3, Outlook Express 6, Internet Explorer 8
Unable to use outlook express functions that require address book/reference. following error messages received:
When launching outlook express after system restart, get following
The address book failed to load. outlook express is incorrectly configured, please re-install.
When atempting to use Creeate, Reply, or Foward, get the following
There was an error opening this message
When attempting to access the address book, get the following
Unable to open the address book. The address book may not be initialized propertly.
All attempts to download/re-install outlook express 6 have failed! Looking for any suggestions.
Thanks in advance for your help.

A:Outlook Express Address Book

If it won't reinstall, I suggest you go to http://www.mozilla.com and download Thunderbird, install it and import whatever you can rescue from OE. Thunderbird is a far superior e-mail handler anyway and OE has now been superceded by Microsoft with Windows Live Mail.

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Two problems.
1/.I cannot edit my address book in outlook express.ie.no edit no delete then add again.

2/. On my laptop my settings are the same as my PC but a different provider and I keep getting the same error readings ie.
The server could not be found.(Account) `jaguar.supanetwork.co.uk`,SMTP Server:`smtp.relay.plus.net`. error number: Ox800cccOd)
The server could not be found.(Account) `jaguar.supanetwork.co.uk`,
POP3 Server :jaguar.supanetwork.co.uk`, error number: Ox800cccOd)
This is exactly what is said, unfortunatly I seem to have lost the ability to take a screen shot or I would have sent you that.
Please can you HELP.

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I am running Win XP SP2. Problem is in Outlook Express Address book; my group address lists are being limited in number of addresses. One is stuck at 18 total names, so I started a second similar group and it is limited to 9. If I try to add a name to either of these, it goes on but another name is bumped off. Nothing is on MS KB or anywhere else that I can find on this. Everyone I talk to says there is no limit on address book size. Help!

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When my old computer with Windows 98 finally died, I had almost everything backed up to a cd, everything except my e-mail address book. A friend of a friend did some magic and put the folders from the e-mail program on another cd. He said to look for the wab files for my addresses. Now I have a new computer, Windows XP. When I attempted to follow his instructions, all I can find is dbx files and it is unreadable. And of course the guy is long gone. Can anyone help me with this PLEASE. I am totally lost.

A:Outlook Express Address Book

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Is it urban myth or is there a ' bogus ' email you can enter at the top of the Address Book which will block viruses that feed off of the Address Book.?

A:Outlook Express Address Book



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Can anyone tell me how to get the mobile number in the view when looking at the address book? Only business, email home is coming up even though when you hold the cursor over the name it does bring up mob numb in a box.


A:Outlook express address book

Try double clicking on the name.

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outlook express 6 is unable to open address book please reinstall outlook

A:Outlook express ^ address book

Check the event viewer for more specific information.

Uninstall IE 8.
Backup *.wab & folders containing *.dbx

Try to open OE. If it will open, tools > accounts > mail > export settings.
Save file.

Delete OE identity / identities.

Re boot.

Re-create OE identity / identities.


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When I click on a name in my address book and I click "Send Mail"
A box will appear "Inbox setup wizard" giving me the options for Microsoft mail or internet mail.

I know a couple of weeks ago I tried to download a desktop theme and my outlook express was no longer my default email.
I got my Outlook express mail top become to default, but how to I switch my address book?



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OK it goes like this. You delete the unwanted addresses in your address book. You then save it as a new address book.

After that you import it into another account and guess what, all the "deleted" addresses are there not just from that time - but the very begining time well so it seems.

Anyone know how to delete entries correctly and save the address book properly not remembering "dead" addresses ?


A:Outlook Express 5.5 Address Book


Have you tried the long method? You could try saving it, then exporting then importing it back again. I know this sounds like a long winded approach, but it may work.


Did you get any error messages coming up?



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My old Gateway desktop screen died, so I bought a new Dell. The Gateway screen cable is not compatible with my Dell. I have a transfer cable for Windows 7 and I had Carbonite on the Gateway and have it on the Dell, so the .map file is probably there somewhere. The problem I have is that I was running Outlook 2003 on the old computer and I am running Office 2007 on my new computer, but it didn't have Outlook. I bought- Outlook 2010 but it won't let me import the old file. I really need my address book. Help!

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I recently transfered a HDD from an ailing computer to a new one. On the old one I was unable to get XP backup to work so I used Nero Backitup. I have the old files in a restore folder on the new computer but I can't figure out what the names of the files are that would contain my address book and my folders, such as Inbox, Deleted mail, and Drafts. Or how to restore them. I've has quite a bit of luck restoring other areas of the HDD but not here. A big help would be to know what the names of the files are.

Mobo K7n Msi
HDD Maxtor 40G 7200/ata133
1024 DDR 400 Ram
Athlon XP 2100, Shopping for an XP 3000 to exercise the 400FSB

Can someone tell me how to get my thread title in BOLD?

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I accidentally deleted my Outlook Express address book. Now I cannot send outgoing e-mail. The messages say that I need to re-install it, but when I try to do that using the latest update from the Microsoft website, it says that I have a newer version of Internet Explorer and will not reinstall.

Evidently Outlook Express is part of Internet Explorer and cannot be installed separately.

How can I get an address book so my Outlook Express will work correctly?

A:Outlook Express Address Book

I really don't think just adding an address book file will help you because if I am not mistaken, Outlook Express usally creates a new blank address book if it doesn't find one in the default directory. If you want to give it a try anyways, I have attached a blank address book to this message. Just save the attachment and change the file extension from .txt to .wab and then copy it to the directory that normally contains your Outlook Express Address Book. The path will be something similar to what I have typed below. If you can't find the path, just search for the directory called "Address Book" and dump the file into there. What is the exact error message that you are getting?

C:\Documents and Settings\YOUR USERNAME\Application Data\Microsoft\Address Book


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Can anyone help me export ALL fields from the Outlook Express Windows Address Book (WAB) to Excel or CSV? I believe that the WAB DLLs have a bug. In any version of the WAB you cannot select "Spouse" or "Children" as a field to be exported.

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How can I make my address book display display mobile phone numbers? I managed to synchronize my mobile phone address book with Outlook Express 6, using a USB cable. Now I want to download it to my address book on my new mobile phone. (This should be much easier than just putting in the sim card, as my sim only holds 250 contacts, wheareas the mobile phone itself holds lots more, & it's very fiddly switching sim cards, then copying from card to phone, deleting from card, back into old phone, copying again, etc. etc...) But before that, I want to check over my address book to delete old, duplicated & unwanted contacts. The problem is, when I display my address book, it lists Name, E-Mail Address, Business Phone, & Home Phone. I cannot find a way of making it list Mobile Phone, even though this info is stored on it; if I click on any entry & click Properties, it correctly lists Mobile under the Summary tab, also Mobile number can be edited under Home tab.

In Outlook Express Help, search for address book mobile lists ... 0 topics found.

Any ideas? Thanks

A:Outlook Express Address Book

Hi RicardoVerdi,I don't quite understand your question.... is it address book mobile lists.

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