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French with a German keyboard without a numeric keyboard?

Q: French with a German keyboard without a numeric keyboard?


I have a laptop Asus R301L which means that I don't have a numeric keyboard and the keyboard is a German one. How can I type the French ? ? I can't use the ASCII code because I don't have a numeric keyboard and there is no shortcut on my keyboard. Any idea?

Many thanks.

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Preferred Solution: French with a German keyboard without a numeric keyboard?

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Issue since moving from IE9 to IE11 in the office

I've changed the Language Preference on IE11 to add both of them, English by default
Microsoft Office is already set to use both language

Although using Internet Explorer, we are having an issue where it only seem to spell check one language, giving errors when typing words in the other language.

Read on the internet some people that added both language in the keyboard layout, but that's not an interesting solution because first the French keyboard layout does all the English keys and second people tend to accidentaly switch language while typing
using shortcut or whatever

Any help regarding this issue would be appreciated


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I'm new here, and english isn't my mother tongue, then, please be indulgent ;-)

I have a problem with my numeric keyboard.
It is not possible to make it work in the same time as the alphabetic keyboard.

When I press numlock to make it work, it also change the alphabetic keyboard in numeric.

Example : numlock on uiojklnm, = 456123n0,

I have a QWERTZ keyboard.

Thanks for your help

A:Satellite Pro P300 Numeric keyboard at same time as alphabetic keyboard?

What notebook model do you have?
Did you update the BIOS?

If not, try it? most issues can be solved by BIOS update!

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I have a HP vt6200 Omnibook laptop with German Keyboard. Recently my internal harddisk crashed and I replaced with a new IDE disk. I installed Windows XP (English US) afresh. Also installed the necessary drivers downloaded from HP site. Now the german keyboard is not working. It types multiple characters & behaves erratically. When I connect an external US English Keyboard, it works perfect. I tried changing the language/keyboard settings. It didnt work.

I donot want to use German anymore on that laptop. All I want to use is only English. Now I am unable to use the laptop keyboard at all. Pls help !

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when i try to use function key + numeric keyboard its not working *,-,+ working fine with function key just 0 to 9 not working, when i tried its jumping in excel some time at the end and some time on opening of sheet. working as scrool or page up and page downNote: Mouse Keys are turned off

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How do I input the special character Omega (ALT+2+3+4) on a keboard that does not have a numeric keypad 

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HiHad the acer aspire  PC for a week and its great. It came with a wireless keyboard which is working except for one thingThe keyboard numeric pad is not working and tried some solutions on the internet. Does anyone have any suggestionsThanks Furcat98

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Since the upgrade to the anniversary 10 edition, out numeric keyboard can not be used for number entry.  I have tried the numbers lock.  I have also updated the keyboard software via the properties using the windows key and "x" to open the device manager.  I don't want to go backwards to the 10 version if I don't have to.  The current winodws  version is 1607.  Any information on how to fix would be apprectiated.

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I have moved from the US to Germany and would now like to swap my keyboard to German in order to be able to use the "umlauts" needed over here...
Can someone point me to a site were I can buy them? (Yes I know that I can change the layout in windows, however it is really confusing to get an z while typing y...)



A:Need Keyboard with German layout

Hello Johannes

I do not know which Portege notebook you have but Googling around I am pretty sure you can find keyboard with German layout. Second solution to this is to contact nearest authorized service provider. They can order the right keyboard for you.

Oh yes, the one more thing: check eBay. There you can find so many hardware components for different notebook models.

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I have here a Microsoft Internet Keyboard (French version) that supports french layout. I set the keyboard to:

French(Canada) - French
--Canadian French
--Canadian Multilingual Standard

Regardless of the setup I use, not all the keys on the keyboard output properly. If I use the ^ with vowels the put the accent above, however when doing the characters on the ~ and 1-9 keys I don't get the appropriate characters.

I've tried installing the MS Intellitype Pro software to no avail. It worked before the computer was formatted and XP put back on it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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Hi Guys

I am currently learning french and I would like to be able to type french accents on my keyboard.I know there is a way of setting up the keyboard in XP but I have forgotten as it was a long time ago since I last had to do this.UK keyboard as oppossed to US as I am in the UK.I found a site on the web that gave me these instructions....

start>control panel>keyboard>language settings this is where it falls down as my PC does not display language settings just pulse speed and cursor speed..can anyone point me in the right direction please

TY Colzie

P.s I searched the forums and could not find a thread with a similar theme hence this thread admin.

A:keyboard in French

Hi colzie

Rather than going straight to the keyboard applet in Control Panel, try just the "Regional and Language Options" applet:

Start/Control Panel/Regional and Language Options/Languages tab/Details/Settings ... "Add" -- and choose the French options you prefer for "Input Language" (there are six different French versions to choose from), and choose French also for your "Keyboard layout/IME".

See if that does it
Best of luck
. . . Gary

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My systems' data is below.
My problem: My Keyboard's Numeric Pad quit working. I doubt the connection, but some time ago I installed IE 8. It seemed to give problems unknown with IE 7. It was on your program, I believe, that the advice was given to uninstall IE 8 and re-install IE 7, which I did. Unless I'm not remembering well, the number pad worked okay for both versions. Is there something to fix this within my system? Has the Keyboard gone bad? (All the other keyboard function seem n okay. Got a solution?

FCC ID: AQ6-7D30
CU DATA: Dell Computer Corporation
Dimension 4600
Service Tag F91N031
Express Service Code 33198683437
Processor Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 2.66GHz
Processor Speed 2.60 GHz
Memory (RAM) 4096 MB
Operating System Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition
Operating System Version 5.1.2600


A:Keyboard's Numeric Pad quit working

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I am having issues with few of my numeric keyboards not working. I tried doing basic software trouble shooting without any result. I tried BIOS test for keyboard. The keyboard failure ID: PQCE20-7PJ8A0-XD7WMG-G0R03. Please help here. Regards,

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Hi all. I'm confused. How do you do ALT codes without the numeric keypad? I mean the Fn key is there, but then what? I have since found that you can insert them via the on screen touch keyboard, but surely you can still do this on the keyboard right? What I want to type is which is usually Fn + ALT + 130. I contacted HP support who had no idea what-so-ever. I've done a search of the site and couldn't find anything either. Anyone got any answers? Thanks, Pony

A:Want to type é but Keyboard has no Numeric Keypad

Hello Pony, I don't have an answer to make the keyboard create a numpad but I read about adding Scripts to turn certain keys into the numpad. I have not used those.I do use a work around that will hopefully help a little. Turn on the On Screen Keyboard.Type in the Search bar Run and select it.Type the letters OSK and hit Enter.When the keyboard opens, click on Options.  When the dialog box opens, tick the box for Turn on Numeric Keypad.Hit OK.  Select the Numlock key on the on screen keyboard to show the numpad.One the physical keyboard, hold the Alt key down and click on 0233 of the On Screen Numpad.( I just use the Alt key shortcuts rather than Fn+Alt. Its just easier)   Hope that helps.  

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Hi I have a problem with an Advent Laptop 7113 running Vista.

I loaned this spare laptop to my 36 year old son whilst his Dell was away being repaired, now he has returned the laptop back to me with what to me seems to be an unusual problem: the numeric lock is permanently on, most of the toggles, F pads, enter and scroll are not functioning. It is impossible to get into the bios via F2 as this is also not functioning. I note that during the boot the numeric lock is off, and only comes on when current user is selected for windows. I have been into regedit, current user, control panel and keyboard and the keyboard setting is set to 2, and I have then reset it to 0, however when the machine is rebooted and you go back via regedit to check the setting for the current user, the keyboard has reset itself every time to 2!!!

I have also gone to default under regedit default, control panel, keyboard, and reset the default from the long numeric string to 0, and this remains constant, however, when I try to log back on as my normal password and current user, the numeric via Regedit is seen to have reset itself again to 2!

The entire keyboard was replaced about 5 months ago as it had a broken key pad.
I suppose the moral of the story is to not loan spare machines to sons, who seem to treat laptops like mobile phones: i.e. little respect and throw them all around the room!
I should also add that the combination Fn Numeric is also not functioning.

Using a mouse I am able to get into... Read more

A:Numeric lock on: keyboard only partial!

Welcome to the forums. I have one plan of action,there may be others coming on this to help. Use this program , and check the events log and then press the start orb for results , and lets see if we can see what may have happened : VistaForums SysInfo Tool

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In Windows 10, NumLock is active but numeric keys do not respond. Problem started after installing Windows 10.

A:Numeric keyboard does not respond after Win 10 upgrade

Perhaps try a Windows Refresh or Reset to remove the Win8 drivers.

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i have problems whith the numeric keyboard, sometimes it works and all the number, sometimes  only work some number  after software hp upgrade it worked, now after the last software hp upgradesome number like 789123+ return key  don't work anymore

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Hi, I'm looking to purchase a portable model HP 17-x040ca (or similar). Is the laptop comes with the Canadian French keyboard? If not, what should I do to get the French Canadian keyboard.Thank you.

A:canadian french keyboard

@PierreLep? Make sure when you purchase the laptop the you want a Canadian French. Look at page 79. http://h10032.www1.hp.com/ctg/Manual/c05122688 REO

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Hello everyone,I want to change my UK keyboard to a french azerty keyboard on my Thinkpad p51 but I can't find any place to buy one...Could you help ? Thanks

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I have a E5-532T which I bought in Canada. It shows some french and other things on the keys such as 1/4 1/2 3/4.These are all in green, but I have no idea just how to access them. The Function key is not it, and I was wondering, does anyone know how to us them?

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Hello Everyone,

I have Toshiba satellite s-50. My problem started after updating windows 8.1 to windows 10, of course! First the touchpad just stopped working, for no reason. My solution was to uninstall the drive and restart the laptop. And from time to time I had to do this proceed. Two weeks ago windows updated, and the touchpad issue's gone.
. Unfortunately, another one appeared. The feature "mousekey", which is turn it on at ease access to use the numeric keys to use them as a mouse, It's turning itself on. And doesn't matter how many times I turn it off, few seconds and it's on again. I've tried uninstalling the drive, which after windows the last updating was "ELAN". Then I replaced by the Toshiba drivers, which is "Synaptic", and uninstalled the drives, the problem is the same. Because of that, I can't use my numeric key, which is annoying!! If anyone can come up with something I will be grateful.

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I purchased this computer yesterday.The number keys on the right of the keyboard aren't working.There is no number lock button to press, to turn it on.Can anyone help me solve this problem???Thanking you in advance. John.

A:Numeric keyboard not working, no number lock key.

Please see HP Numeric Keypad Troubleshooting .  If you found my answer helpful please say thanks by clicking on the Thumb's Up icon.        If my answer solved your problem please mark it as the Accepted Solution. Thanks!

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hi there,using a rather new T460p with win7.I have 3 different languages installed on my computer and since a couple of days I have this strange bug when writing in german sometimes the position of the keys on the right side move one line down. very strange!so when I click I get -or when I click I get the that is above it, and so on.this does not affect the left side at all, and is only noticeable with a few keys.I can't reproduce this and don't know why it starts but eventually it goes away after a while, in which I usually also use other programms.this is very disturbing since I can't type preperly and I have no idea in which direction to look. if it's a bug or a trojan or what.I have kaspresky as virus protection...would appreciate your help!thanksnili

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Hello, my German company is providing me with an Thinkpad X1 Extreme; however, it will be arriving with a German layout.  Is it possible to switch this to an English layout and if so, what would the correct part number be and how would I go about ordering it? Thanks in advance and kind regards,Jared

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Had purchase my acer w1-810 in Germany. The sysrem is in german.I' dont catch a word in german.So help to chznge my acer into french or english.

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Is there an easy way for me to type in French, including accents on a USA keyboard, other than memorizing the alt codes?

A:Type French easily on USA keyboard?

You could make yourself a character store (e.g. on a notepad) from the character map that you find in All Programs > Accessories > Ease of Access. Then you copy the characters from there and paste it into the text. That is not very convenient either, but gets the job done for the occasional email or so. The notpad shortcut you can pin to the taskbar for easy access.

But if you need it frequently, I would get a French keyboard and make the appropriate settings (which you can easily switch back and forth). E.g. I am right now typing from a German keyboard - in Florida.

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Hi everyone, I just received my Y40 and found out that it came with a French keyboard. Could anyone verify that this is an anomaly or does everyone get French keyboards. It makes no sense at all to automatically sell french keyboards to Canada when most people do not speak french. I understand they need to offer the optionality, but they shouldn't automatically assume that people want french keyboards.  This is very frustrating as the Lenovo website shows the US version of the keyboard. I'm talking to support and trying to figure out what can be done. If anyone has any success stories that they can share on rectifying the situation, please do share to help all of us fellow Canadians out. Thank you for all of your help!   

A:Complaint - Y40 in Canada - French Keyboard

So no one else has this issue with the Y40? Maybe I just got the wrong one then? 

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i have the model SK-8821the french is set up in window 7 as keyboard language.but the ALTCar are not matching the key i am tapingI find it really frustrating to not be able to tape correctly my special character and have to look for it one at the time.

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I can not change my keyboard from French Canadian to US. I tried the usual things; pressing CTRL+ALT and using the keyboard icon on the taskbar, and even though it says it is on the US keyboard, it is still French Canadian. Then I removed my other keyboard options from the control panel so it says I only have the US keyboard available, but it is still French Canadian. I have no idea where the apostrophe is on this keyboard, and it is driving me crazy.

A:My keyboard will not change from French Canadian to US.

Uh, how about moving to Canada, and learning to speak French?

Try to run a System Restore to a time prior to when the problem started happening.

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Hello, I search a French Keyboard for Thinkpad X220, because mine is damaged.Where can I buy this ? I live in France.I found one on Ebay but it's 70$... Lol... Thanks a lot !

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So this has been happening on and off since I upgraded to Vista from XP. It's only been going on in Fire Fox. When I type somewhere, this text box for example, sometimes a small letter E with a downhill accent pops up instead of the ' key. After restarting Fire Fox the problem is fixed. Any ideas what this may be?

A:Random French letters appear when I use keyboard

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What causes the disabling of the upper numeric key to not respond.. shifted or not.. Bill... in this box they ARE! the problem JUST disappeared.. why do they sometimes work? Bill

A:the numeric keys at the top of my keyboard do not respond.. shifted or not.. Bill

For a laptop the Fn key can sometimes do funny things

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I hope this is the correct forum to post this question.

I just purchased the Sculpt ergonomic keyboard which included the numeric keypad. How do I open the battery compartment of the numeric keypad ? There seems to be a lock of some kind because it seem very hard to pry open. I don't want to use too much force . The battery compartments of the keyboard and mouse are held in magnetically.

At the back of the numeric keypad there seems to be a round disk for a screw driver . Is this the lock?

There are also two graphics below the round disk : a triangle with a vertical line and the other is just an "i" . What do these mean?


A:sculpt ergonomic keyboard numeric keypad issue

Read the manual? If its not included download it. It should tell you what is what.

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I am running an english Win8 with german keyboard (and german regional settings).

That works fine except one thing: When I start Win 8 then always the English keyboard layout is enabled in the Login Screen by default.
I always have to switch in manually in the lower right corner.
When I proceed the keyboard in Desktop is switched corrently!

How can I tell an english Win8 to start AUTOMATICALLY with german keyboard layout already in the Welcome screen?

When I go to

Control Panel--->Clock, Language and Regio-->Language

then the
- topmost entry is English (Windows display language: Enabled; Keyboard Layout: German)
- the second second German (activated: Date, time and number fomatting; Keyboard Layout: German)

As you can I: Although I assigned a german Keyboard layout to the english Win8 entry the WinOS starts with english keyboard layout.

Because users sometimes use characters "z" and "y" (which are switched in the language layouts)
in their password and they mistype it when they do not pay attention to the keyboard indicator.

A:How do start english GUI AUTOM with german keyboard layou?

Have you set Windows to use your account's settings (English with German keyboard) in Control Panel > Region > Administrative?

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Hello. I am French computer scientist living in the US, and I am currently looking at replacing my old Elitebook 8560w by a Zbook Studio G3. My only problem... is that I often need to switch between two languages, english, and french, and a french keyboard is far more practical for me. So I am looking at buying a Zbook Studio G3 in the US but with a French keyboard. So I have several questions:1) Are all Zbook Studio G3 keyboards the same in terms of physical dimensions and connections?2) If yes, can I just replace a Zbook Studio G3 US keyboard with a Zbook Studio G3 French keyboard without any technical problem?3) Do Zbook Studio G3 keyboards have a spare part number?4) Is there any way to buy a Zbook Studio G3 French keyboard?5) What is my best chance to obtain what I want: a Zbook Studio G3 bought in the US with a French keyboard? Thank you very much.Vincent  

A:French keyboard replacement for a US Zbook Studio G3?

@vreverdy? This is for HP ZBook Studio G3 Mobile Workstation Model numbers: 15-ap000 ? 15ap099 For question 1&2  YES. For question 3.For use in France841681-051  For question 4. http://partsurfer.hp.com/Search.aspx?SearchText=841681-051 For question 5. Talk to sales rep. http://store.hp.com/static/live_help_call_not_available.html REO  

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Hi - I am sure there must be a way to be able to type my French accents on letters. Have not been able to figure out and have searched all over the internet. Any help would be appreciated

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My office computer runs Vista and sometimes the keyboard language switches over to French. The strange thing is that the keyboard is only in French within Microsoft Word. In any other program (Chrome, Excel, Notepad...), it's still in good ol' English. Also, the selected language at the bottom in Word is still English, so it's still spell checking the right language. Once I restart Word, it goes back to English. There must be a sequence of keys I'm hitting that switches it to French. Or...?

A:Microsoft Word and the keyboard switch to French

Quote: Originally Posted by buggaby

My office computer runs Vista and sometimes the keyboard language switches over to French. The strange thing is that the keyboard is only in French within Microsoft Word. In any other program (Chrome, Excel, Notepad...), it's still in good ol' English. Also, the selected language at the bottom in Word is still English, so it's still spell checking the right language. Once I restart Word, it goes back to English. There must be a sequence of keys I'm hitting that switches it to French. Or...?

ARe you:

using a legit, english language office?

What keyboard layout?

What language setup up (eng-us, en-uk, etc)?

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Is there any way i can get around this? the lay out for this means i have to guess or remember what keys functions are because they dont match up and its a real pain, even if it was in the french format then i can see what i'm pressing rather than having to press 10 keys to find the character i desire.

I am running windows 7 and the computer is a sony vaio vgn-cr21s. can you purchase decals for the keys for Australian english?

Any help would be great.

A:Help, french keyboard running Australian windows 7

It may be more difficult re-mapping all the special embedded keys of a laptop but Windows allows you to change your keyboard layout for standard keyboards and you could use an external USB keyboard.

How to change your keyboard layout

And, yes, you can purchase key decals: Amazon.com: English US Non-Transparent Keyboard Sticker On Black Background: Office Products

This is an example any large computer or office supply store in your area should have something similar in your local language.

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Hi, my keyboard for messenger is french but in all other applications it is english. Does anyone have any idea how i can change it back to english in msn?

A:Solved: Live Messenger, keyboard is french

I just reinstalled and it worked

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Help please! I just installed Service Pack 2 and lost the configuration on my French Canadian keyboard. I opened the Control Panel, then Regional properties, gave French Canadian as the input language by default with the addition of British English as a second possibility. When I wanted to change the keyboard setting to look like my FC keyboard I was given the choice of French Canadian Legacy or French Canadian Multilingual keyboards. The keyboard I really want allows for an accented capital E automatically. I am not quite sure which it is nor do I know of any site that shows it specifically. On the keyboard layout I am looking for the @ symbol is attained by 2 plus altcar. There are also more dead keys than on the standard French keyboard which is what I get.
I cannot seem to be able to reconfigure to have the FC keyboard.

My sytem is Windows XP.


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Hey there, I am actually having a kinda odd problem. I am french-swiss and I use a french-swiss keyboard. I bought my Y900 with one. Now I just dont find out how to zoom in with the "strg" + "+" Funcition. Pls see the attached picture of my keyboard.Obviously I press ?"strg" + "shift" + "1/+". But what happens then? Google Maps just flips into the Earth View. So I just dont know how to zoom in with a hotkey. And I need it for beeing fluid in work. So please help me somebody who understands what going on. Thank you so much in advance!?

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Hi All, I visit thee forums frequently but rarely post. Anyhow, on to my issue -

I am running an HTPC on Win7 64-bit. I have a Microsoft Arc keyboard, no mouse. I can do most navigation, etc with a keyboard fine (majority of the time it's in Media Center anyhow) but there are a few applications/buttons that are inaccessible without using a mouse/cursor. Windows has Mouse Keys built-in but you must use the numeric keypad to control which is not an option for me (or most laptop users probably). I have done some searching but haven't found a solution yet. Ideally, in a perfect world, I wish I could do something as simple as when I hold down another button the arrow keys could be used to move mouse instead of normal arrow key movement.

A:Help Please! Control mouse/cursor with keyboard lacking numeric keypad

hum....and can you please tell me again why buying of an USB mouse is not an option for you?

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I've been trying to get an external keyboard (USB) to work with my Z830 running Win 7 (64 bit). I've tried three different USB keyboards into different ports and also a wireless keyboard.

The keyboard itself works fine but I can't get the numeric keypad to the right of the keyboard to work.
It allows me to move around the screen ie when the numlock is off but when the numlock is on it doesn't do anything.

I've looked in the bios and changed the settings relating to legact devices and also the numlock option but to no avail. The numeric keypads on the keyboards have worked on other machines.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated.



A:Satellite Z830 - Numeric keypad on external keyboard won't work


I?m not quite sure about that but my assumption is KBC code is missing in BIOS.
The Satellite/Portege Z830 keyboard does not support the numeric keypad so possibly this is the reason why the numeric keypad on external keyboard cannot be activated.

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Dear Mr. and Mrs.I already search the replacement parts for this notebook and asked in german shop support (they can not help me with that).I bought a real nice V330-15IKB 81AX for my croatian relatives. Unfortunatly i did not think of the keyboard and they can not live with a german keyboard set to croatian layout.Now I would like to replace the original german keyboard with a croatian one. If you can tell me which part to buy and even better where to buy I would be very happy (even more my relatives).The other option is to get stamps for the keys, but that would be an ugly solution for a really well made product.Thank you in advance!Thomas

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Living in France you cannot avoid a French keyboard, they're everywhere. So I learned using the azerty, but stuck to English.

This is of course beyond the people designing Windows.

So how can I have Windows 8 speaking English, but using French options for the rest (?, keyboard, date format, metric)?

And of course, ALSO WITH METRO please. It seems independent of the "real" OS.

Thanks in advance

A:French Keyboard, , metric and date with English speak W8

A lot of these changes can be made through the Control Panel > Clock, Language and Region
If it affects Metro, I do not know.

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Please help! I got a beautiful Toshiba laptop Windows 7 and the language is French & the keyboard is in French!!! I tried to follow the steps online and the vids, with no success! I don't speak French so it makes it that much tougher, please help!!!!

A:Switching a French Laptop to English including keyboard

Have you tried the following?


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