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USB hard drive ejection killing keyboard

Q: USB hard drive ejection killing keyboard

Hi. I have problem when trying to remove a USB connected disk drive; whenever I click on the icon in the bottom right of the task bar and choose the device to eject, once it's removed I also lose my USB keyboard - I have to manually unplug it then replug it to get it working again.

I only seem to have this problem with this particular drive, my USB stick doesn't provoke this problem.

The hard drive is a rather old Maxtor 60G, NTFS.

Weirdly, the mouse, which is connected by USB through a port on the keyboard, continues to function normally... The keyboard is from Apple, the aluminium Apple model. I never had this problem with Vista.

Any Ideas?

Preferred Solution: USB hard drive ejection killing keyboard

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: USB hard drive ejection killing keyboard

Hi gabor, that's a really weird problem!.....
Have you tried to eject it from Explorer??

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Hi there, I've got a brand new laptop with Windows 7 (64bit) and my hard disk seems to have constant activity.

All Windows updates are installed and my hard disk is defragmented.
I've tried Procmon and procexp as well as the hard disk activity tab of Task Manager and the culprit is the dreaded svchost.exe I have disabled BitDefender and ZoneAlarm just to check but the activity continues.

This is the screenshot of the highest activity instance of svchost.exe.
Can anyone help?

Many thanks

A:Help, W7 is killing my hard drive!

No expert,
Keep in mind your laptop came likely with tons of free applications and they are taking valuable space and using valuable resources. Go to msconfig and then to start up and you'll see all the applications that open and await your next command even if you don't ever intend to open them. So the first step is read here some excellent free advice and get slowly familiar with it all!
Understand there are no hard fast rules here for what you should always allow to start up.
I like my Antivirus, Logitech setpoint and Acronis schedule to start up. Keep in mind by disabling all you can always start your programs as you want, they just won't automatically be waiting for you to issue a command or retrieve updates or perform features within them till you open them.
Another thing to note by "disabling all" in msconfig, windows always reassigns what it will need to boot. But for sure have your AV program checked to open so it will automatically grab updates and work while you surf and such.

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alright i have a maxtor 120 gig HD, i just bought a new motherboard/cpu combo, i set everything up and i get 5 beebs from my motherboard, so i figure something isnt plugged in or what not so i check and everythings fine, so i re-boot and get the same 5 beebs and then the system is sarching for the drives and its not finding the hard drive it find the floppy and cd-rw fine but not the hard drive, so i do a little test i use my HD as a variable and got an old hd from another co puter as a control, well the system would recognioze the control or the variable at all what does this mean? could it be the jumpers on the motherboard or what?

A:Hard Drive Problem is Killing me

http://www.computerhope.com/beep.htm You can go here and it will tell you what your beeps mean. Also, more info is needed for the fine folks here to be able to help ya. MB name and model, CPU, RAM, all that kinda good stuff.

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Ever since I installed Vista, my HDD has been going crazy. When I had XP on, the HDD activity was really low and smooth since im using a SATA drive. Now that I have vista on its horrible. Files take longer to load, the HDD is never quiet. Its even starting to click! Which is a bad sign. What the hell is vsta doing? I want all this intense harddisc activity to stop. Whats causing it and how can I stop it?

Windows Vista Build 6000 Final

HDD Driver - 160GB Maxtor SATA

A:Windows Vista "Killing" my Hard Disc Drive!

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Every once in a while usually when playing poker my keyboard goes dead.
I can't chat and to make sure it's not the poker site I try to type in notepad
and other programs with no success. Can someone disable my keyboard? and if so how can I prevent it or detect it?

A:something killing my keyboard

try unplugging the keyboard from the back of the computer and plugging in again. see if that helps.

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I am sick and tired of this worthless security software. I used to play Mabinogi, a Korean MMO from Nexon, and of course they use that infernal GameGuard BS. Fool that I was, I tolerated its presence since I liked the game more than most. Well, trust me, I paid for it. Who knows how much it has altered the registry.

Worse, it has disabled my keyboard! I use Vista and a Logitech Wave Keyboard. Once in a while, Mabinogi fails to load up and I see a white screen instead of the title. My mouse works but my keyboard is disabled and I have to do a hard reboot. Upon reboot, it still doesn't work. I switch the USB to another port... voila, it works. But it will never work for that previous port again!

I didn't suspect anything until it happened a second time. Now I have two ports on my PC that refuse to work with my keyboard. Any other device works fine, just not the keyboard. This is BS of the highest degree.

I can only guess that it has modified my registry in some way, but I don't even know where to begin. Can anyone help me recover the use of my two USB ports for the keyboard?

A:GameGuard killing my keyboard and USB

I've since uninstalled Mabinogi, deleted the GameGuard folder, deleted the two hidden files it inserted into my system folder and deleted a registry key to no avail. Someone has suggested that GameGuard is using an "input hook", which I've never heard of.

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Hi all,

My hp, windows xp, started killing keyboards about a month ago went thru 3 now it is killing moniters. When we can get it to come up it has 2 error messages......mdata-dat not found then mkbdata-dat not found...some times it will stay up a long time before it dies other times only a min or 2. we tried an old moniter it still did same thing.
please help we don't have a clue what is happening...we have 2 computers so we can get your emails and try to do what you say!!


A:computer killing moniter/keyboard

read this it mite help?


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I installed a new hard drive on Dell Inspiron 1501 Laptop, started up and got to the "Press Any Key to Continue" message on black screen, but when I press any key nothing happens.

A:After hard drive install keyboard not working

Please do not start multiple threads on the same topic. Continue here.

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One day while using my computer i noticed my mouse stopped working which is plugged into my USB port. After investigating i realized my USB ports were giving power but my computer was not recognizing them. My keyboard still worked since it was plugged in the old Keyboard input however when i went to get an old mouse to plug in the mouse input it still wouldn't recognize it. My Control panel wouldn't open the "Mouse" menu either. After awhile i went back to try my computer and noticed now the Keyboard wont even work. Thinking it was a port issue i took my extra computer and just plugged the hard drive into the extra one and now i have the same problem so I'm pretty sure there's something wrong with my hard drive. I have no idea what to do since i cant log in or anything. Please Help.

A:Hard Drive not recognizing Mouse, Keyboard, or USB

Never connect or disconnect mice and keyboards that have the round PS/2 connectors without first turning off the computer.

Have a local friend who knows about computers take a look at it.

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I just installed a new k8m800-m7a motherboard. After installing it the computer ran fine. After the first shut down it has no power to the fans, hard drive or keyboard. I have replaced the psuand the power switch. I also used a different power cord. I cleared the cmos to see if that would help but nothing. The board seems to be getting power at least when i plug in the internet the light comes on. Can anyone give me some advice of something I am overlooking.

A:no power to keyboard, fans, or hard drive

please read the guides before posting common questions.


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a freind of mine gets disconnected periodically from the MSN chat rooms(or Windows Messenger,whatever). She does not get kicked offline,but just the Messenger part. She runs Win98. She is supposed to write the error message down next time it happens. She says IT says something about an "illegal operation",but thats all I have to go on right now. She also uses IE 5.
That's all I know so far. Any ideas?It will help when she gives me that error message.

A:ejection from MSN!

Possibly a memory conflict, See what she's running as far as background processes.

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I have Windows 7 installed on my new computer, but my firewire audio card and also some software wouldn't work properly with it, so I put my old hard drive with Windows XP installed on it into my new computer.

I can boot up Windows XP from the second hard drive at the bios screen bit, but when it gets to the log in screen, the mouse and keyboard will not respond. I have tried multiple mice and keyboards including the old school style non-USB keyboard. The keyboard works fine to press F12 to get into the boot menu etc but then just stops working completely when XP is loaded. I assume its some kind of driver issue or something like that but I'm pretty useless with computers and I have no idea how I can get my mouse and keyboard to respond in XP

Please if anyone knows how let me know, thanks!!


A:Booting XP from second hard drive Mouse/Keyboard problem

I was thinking about maybe if I copy and pasted all the drivers from my C: windows folder into the windows folder on my D: drive (old hard drive). Maybe this would let my mouse and keyboard work? I'm a bit worried though it seems like the kind of thing I do that seems like a logical idea but actually screws up my PC

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Hi,I am planning to order a P-51 laptop and I have made up my mind on which options I would be going for, which is listed below from my cart... Now there is an option for me to choose a first hard drive, 500GB HDD 7200rpm, for zero cost, in addition to my ordered 1TB SSD as a second hard drive...  My main concern is that I need to make sure that you will install windows on the 1TB SSD, and NOT the 500GB HDD... Is that an option...?! I am afraid that if I order the 500GB HDD 7200, that you will install windows on it, since it is labled "First Hard Drive"... This is why you will see that so far I have not included the 500GB HDD in below configuration. Also, is there a chance to get Arabic letters on my keyboard?!..  in addition to the English letters of course... Hope I make some sense in my question...Thanks.Sameh  Processor : Intel Xeon E3-1535M v6 Processor (4 Cores, 8MB Cache, up to 4.20GHz)Operating System : Windows 10 Pro for Workstations 64Operating System Language : Windows 10 Pro 64 for Workstations EnglishDisplay : 15.6" FHD (1920x1080), IPS, 10-point multi-touchMemory : 32GB(16+16) DDR4 2400MHz ECC SoDIMMGraphic Card : NVIDIA Quadro M2200 4GB GDDR5Base : NVIDIA Quadro M2200 4GBColor Sensor : With Color SensorCamera : 720p HD Camera with MicrophoneThinkpad Pen : ThinkPad Pen ProKeyboard : Backlit Keyboard with Number Pad - EnglishPointing Device : 3-button TrackPoint pointing device and 3-button multi-touch touchp... Read more

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When I safetly remove my flash drive, and windows says it's okay to remove it, the screen will lock up. Once I put the drive back in again things return to normal. I get a message about first shutting down my PC before removing my flash drive. I think it has to do with the Windows To Go Workspace. Is there a way to disable this feature? It is extremely annoying as I have no need for it compared to normal use of a flash drive. If this topic has been discussed already, please link me as I could not find anything.

Windows 8 x64.

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I am having a issue with my father's desktop pc. He has an HP Pavilion p6310f:
AMD Athlon II X4 630(2.8GHz) Quadcore Processor
6GB of memory

Anyways, this computer has run perfectly the past 2+ years we've had it until tonight. I have been borrowing the keyboard that came along with it (wired USB kb) at night for my laptop, as I spilled coffee on my wireless one and haven't replaced it yet. Several times today, the Pavilion would "freeze up" and the only way I could get it to shut down was by either hitting CTRL-Alt-DLT, then unplugging the kb or manually turning the PC off. The third time I went to restart it I got an error stating:
"Checking file system on C: The type of the file system is NTFS, volume label is HP. One of your disks needs to be checked for consistency"

So, I allowed the chkdsk to run and when it got to about 40% complete it started saying things like "deleting such and such file on label xyz etc....". It did this for about 2-3 minutes. By the time the OS finally loaded we got multiple error messages that Adobe and several other applications were corrupted. I opened up the "HP ADVISOR/HP TOTAL CARE application that comes with the computer and it mentioned several things needed to be fixed and downloaded. It got halfway thru that and gave me and error saying:
"at HPAssistant.Data.dsActiveCheckRes.load ACResults(String filterCategory, Boolean include Ignored)".

This... Read more

A:Several hard drive system errors after disconnecting and reconnecting a keyboard

also, we tried boot from a restore disk my dad already had and the cd-rom drive doesn't even try to load it

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My Seaget external hard drive sometimes starts up at random and the keyboard and mouse become either completely or intermittemtly inoperable for a while - maybe 15/20 seconds. Is there a Setup setting I can invoke to prevent this? Seems to me the PC should hace commend of all funcrions.

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I am going to read the tutorial online. My keyboard not working was really the major problem, Thanks for being here and I apologize for taking up a thread like this. May the Lord bless you all.

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Dropped my cell phone on the right hand side of my keyboard and in front of the keyboard and my laptop instantly rebooted. Each time I reboot, it takes a very long time. When I finally login, I can see all my files but they take long to open. I did the F12 diagnostics and it gave me error message: 2000-01 42 for my hard drive not working.
It seems so strange that dropping something so light on my keyboard could cause this much damage! Could there just be something that disconnected?  Is there anything I can do to save some recent photos from my computer? Any recommendations on saving files or restoring function would be appreciated!

A:Dropping cell phone on the keyboard caused hard drive failure?

The drive needs to be replaced - yes, a sudden shock to the drive -- even a seemingly minor one - can destroy it.
To attempt recovery, remove the drive from the system, mount it in a USB shell, and attach it to a working system.  You may be able to recover at least some data. If you cannot, there's always the option of professional data recovery, though the cost isn't inconsiderable -- it'll start at $600 or so and can easily escalate rapidly beyond that.
Something like this is what you'll need;
Once the drive is replaced, be sure you purchase a backup drive - and keep backups going forward.

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Hi, I recently came on here speaking about how to proprerly shut off and power on my external hard drive, thanks again for the very helpful comments, it was appreciated.

Now, I have another issue, but with the same external hard drive and I believe it's cause of my own stupidity and haste.

Yesterday I absentmindedly started restarting my laptop, as I needed to fix something, forgetting that my external hard drive was attached to it. With my shock at my own stupidity, I quickly thought I could eject it and of course I couldn't. So, the laptop shut down and restarted itself, but I hadn't unplugged the external hard drive from the usb port, and in turn this disallowed my laptop from starting back up properly. So, I had to unplug the hard drive and manually restart the laptop.

Now, the laptop loaded and I, with concern, plugged back on my external hard drive to my laptop to make sure that no files were lost from what I had done. It eventually loaded, and it was fine, nothing lost. But, I then realized I didn't really have any use for my external hard drive so I went to click on the eject icon on my start up, to eject the use of the hard drive and I got a message saying that I can not stop the Generic Volume, that being my external hard drive. I paniced, and was confused cause I didn't know what that meant. Being that I had done that silly thing a few minutes ago; not disconnecting it properly, I felt as if that was the cause of the error. Nevertheless,... Read more

A:Generic Volume ejection error!

Might be your AntiVirus program has the drive loaded and you cannot eject a drive while a program has controll access.

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I have several devices - two eReaders, a couple of Garmin navigation units and a couple of cameras - that when connected to Windows show up as two separate drives. In the past I've been able to eject both drives for any of these devices with a single click from the "Safely Remove Hardware" system tray icon. I can still do so on my Windows 7 machine, but the Windows 8.1 machine now requires each of the drives on these devices to be ejected individually. After a bit of experimentation I have found that update 3013172 (https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/3013172) is causing the problem - after uninstalling it, I have the previous behaviour back.

As far as I can see, it's not a security update, so I shouldn't cause any problem by uninstalling it. It seems to me that MS didn't think things through before releasing this update. They should have made the behaviour user-selectable, so that one could choose which way to jump.

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Hey everyone.

I got my Toshiba notebook a few months back and have been having this problem from the start. At first, it wasn't happening very often and hence it wasn't that big a deal but now it's getting annoying due to the frequency.

What happens:
After I eject any form of USB connections (occurs most frequently with my external HDD and other sorts of thumbdrives), my wireless network connection disconnects.

I always try to go to the "network and sharing centre" tab and "disable" and "enable" the connection, but it rarely works. Most of the time, the pop-up that says something like "enabling wireless connection" doesn't go away. It sort of 'hangs', but not exactly either, as I'm still able to use other parts of the notebook. I've tried many things but the ONLY fix I've found is to restart the computer.

HOWEVER, it isn't a normal restart. It takes about 7-10minutes to restart. There is this blue ms dos screen (is that what it's called??) right after it restarts but it's only there for like, 3 seconds and then it asks me if I want to start windows in normal mode or safe mode.

I would really appreciate it if anyone could provide any sort of fix for this.

Thanks so much in advance!

A:wireless network disconnects after usb ejection. please help!

Hi since your getting bsod's please follow the instructions here

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I have a Dell Inspiron 1501 laptop, which has been refurbished. I recently bought a MyBook external hard drive, which died within a week of hooking it up to my PC (stopped being recognized all of a sudden, and then would not even start). A similar thing just happened to the replacement Seagate Free Agent Drive I bought. I got a error message (Windows has failed drive write) and now the hard drive hums, beeps, stutters, and no longer works.

What is killing them? Is it the power strip I have them plugged into? Is it the USB hub on my PC? I didn't have the hard drives for more than a week, in fact I've only had the Seagate for four days. Both hard drives stayed on for the 4-5 days I had them, but it is not an option for me to have them off most of the time.

Anyone with some insight into external hard drives and PC's PLEASE give me some advice!

Edit: I'm running Windows Xp, and neither hard drive works on any other PC in the house. The Seagate won't even power up anymore.

A:What's killing my external hard drives?

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The computer is running a geovision dvr camera system. Model GV-800-16.

It has a Asus 661GX/661FX MB, P4 processor 2.3 ghz. one gig memory. OS is XP home.

The problem is, it destroys the HDDs after a very short time. It has ruined the third one. The first HDD that came in it from the manufacturer I don't remember the brand name. Since then I have put in a Samsung, and a Western Digital. It will recognize the samsung but wont format it. It will not even recognize the WD.

I'm all open for suggestions...

A:Computer killing hard drives.

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Hey everyone....this is my very first post here, hoping you all can give me some insight.

I have an Asus K53TA laptop that I've been working on for a friend. When he purchased it used, it had a 640 GB hard drive. After about a month of using it, the hard drive crashed. Wouldn't spin, showed no signs of life. I figured, eh, it happens and went ahead and ordered a brand new 750GB hard drive. I got the new hard drive in, installed it, did a fresh install of Windows 7, loaded all the drivers, and did all the Windows updates. I sent him on his way. Within a month, he was in contact with me to say that he was having the same problem as before (insert boot disk on startup). He gave it back to me and it was the same thing as before--wouldn't spin and showed no signs of life. I sent the hard drive back for a replacement (as it was covered under warranty), and installed a temporary 160GB hard drive so he could use his computer.

I got the replacement 750GB in while my friend was on vacation, and while he was on vacation, he let me know that the replacement hard drive was doing the same thing. When he got back into town, I took a look and sure enough, that hard drive wouldn't spin, and showed no signs of life. I put the new 750GB in, installed windows, etc. and within 24 hours, we were back to the same problem. This time, though, he had freezing issues and a BSOD before it quite working. Of course, he didn't record the BSOD, so I took the hard drive out and hoo... Read more

A:Laptop killing hard drives?

Really hard for me to believe that this is a software problem, so I moved your thread from the Windows 7 forum to Hardware.

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I am trying to install a program that comes with multiple disks. I can't complete the installation because with disk 1 is finished and the program asks to insert disk 2, the 1st disk will not eject. I can't here any sounds coming from the drive. The only way I can get the disk out is to restart the computer and hit F2 upon startup and go into the BIOS and then hit the eject button. Any suggestions?

A:Slot Load disk ejection problems

You can try copying everything on the 1st disk into a folder on your hard drive and running it from there.
There will probably be a setup.exe file that you should double-click to start the install. With any luck it will run ok and still ask for the 2nd disk which you can now put in the optical drive.

EDIT : if you don't see a setup.exe file look for a file named install.exe or similar.
if you can't find anything look for a file called autorun.inf, open it and it should have a line like "open=somename.exe" run whatever file is there in place of somename.exe

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I've had Dell machines all my life and was always happy with them. Last November, I finally replaced my beloved 9-year-old Inspiron with an Inspiron 5758.
Three months later, the hard drive crashed and was replaced under warranty. Six months after that, the replacement failed. I replaced it myself with a Seagate. Now, 3 months later, that one has failed.
The original had Windows 7 factory installed. After the first crash, I used an image to restore. After the second crash, I had to do a fresh install because I didn't think there was any way I'd suffer another crash so soon and had become lax in backing up.
I'm prone to hibernating and have heard W7 doesn't handle that well. In all the crashes, however, I had recently shut down/restarted and was not coming off of a hibernatation. I had a couple browsers, Excel, and the like open. In all the cases, programs had became unresponsive, the machine blue screened, and then wouldn't boot, with "no hard drive found." Using a case, I could connect via USB and retrieve data from the first, not the second (boot record destroyed), and unsure on third (image running now on new drive).
I'm wondering if anyone knows if there's is known model-specific issue with the mother board or other part, Windows 7 corruption issue, or something else I should be considering.
I'm at the point where I run file backups daily and images monthly, which I know it's a good practice, but I'm more than a li... Read more

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I called on an old friend/customer today and found out that the New Toshiba laptop I installed for him last summer has had two hard drive replacements since then. It runs Vista Home.

He was told first by a technician at the Toshiba Service Center and later by another tech that there is something in Vista that's killing the Toshiba laptop hard drives.

A solution to this would be nice, but mainly I'm asking all you tech's out there if you've seen or heard of this phenomenon?

Any authoritative info would be appreciated.

The Shadow

A:Is Vista killing Toshiba hard drives?

I know that when an OEM company replaces a hard drive they don't always send the same manufactured drive. I don't think Toshiba makes their own hard drives. And I know Seagate, Western Digital and Maxtor are fine from my work experience.
I believe it is just bad luck.

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I seem to have Sata hard drives going on me all the time but not the IDE drives and I was thinking is it all possible that it could be the Sata port causing this? Can an Sata port damage a hard drive?

A:SATA motherboard port killing my hard drives?

It's most likely a power supply issue, not SATA ports...

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If this is in the wrong sub-forum, my apologies to the moderator. Move it where ever you deem more appropriate. None of the other sub-forums seemed more appropriate, as I am not asking for technical assistance -- just reporting an unusual set of events (for me) that might be of value to other techs. (I'm an experienced professional computer technician.)Two weeks ago, I cleaned a scareware virus (PAV) from a PC. The drive was acting flaky, so I did a scandisk and repaired what appeared to be typical file damage. After that, the drive was unreadable. I reloaded the OS and restored data from the backup and everything was fine. I don't see this kind of damage often, but I know it happens sometimes, so I didn't think much about it.Last week, I cleaned another scareware virus (a different one), and the drive also became unreadable after correcting drive errors. Only this one had an an unusual twist. The BIOS will not detect the drive until I force it to. After saving the configuration and rebooting, the the BIOS again does not recognize the drive. Additionally, before correcting the damage, I saw a warning from Eset that ATAPI.SYS was infected. (Take note, elise025.)I have run three types of diagnostics on this drive, and all say it is fine and bootable -- no partition errors or anomalies. Further weirdness: I can read the drive fine from another system as long as it's on an the PCI-IDE add-on adapter in my "cleaning" PC, but it will NOT register at all through the ... Read more

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I have a problem on 2 different systems that just started about 3 weeks ago.

Specs for computer 1

Windows XP 64
Asus A8N-SLI Premium
AMD 4400x2
GeForce 7800GTX
Turbo-Cool 510 Express SLI power supply
Specs for Computer 2
Windows XP Home
1Gig cheap DDR
Asus P5P800
Intel P4 530J (3Ghz)
Turbo-Cool 510 Express SLI power supply

Both machines are using this case

Machine 1 also has a PCI usb card which adds another 4 usb ports.

Now to the problem. If I attempt to use a USB flash drive in any of the usb ports on these 2 machines(yes, i have tried them all at least once) it immediatly kills the drive. no error message, no indication it found the drive and no flash of the drive led. They simply don't work afterword. I have numerious other USB devices attached (keyboard, mouse, digital camera, card reader, headset) which all work fine. Disconnecting all usb devices and trying the drive by itself has no effect on the problem.

The drives work fine in my 3rd and 4th box before I try them on machine one and machine 2. After being subjected to machine 1 and 2 neither will work in 3 or 4.

I have tried several different makes and models of flash drive and they all die.

Each machine is on a separate circuit in my home and multiple circuits have been tried.

I am fairly sure this is some kind of power issue but I am not sure how to test the voltage on the ports.

Can someone give me some help here?

A:USB Ports Killing my flash drive

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Hi, I couldn't find a comment on this anywhere; wondering if anyone else has run into this:

I did a clean install of Windows 7 (Professional 64-bit) to my Asus M70Vn (originally Vista). After that, if I put a disc into the DVD drive, it will run correctly for a while but then stop reading and start spinning constantly. It doesn't even stop spinning for a restart, only a shutdown.

It's now happened after two installs, just the same way. The drive would even do the same thing under Ubuntu (installed via wubi). But it's definitely Windows 7 that does it, since it worked when I went back to Vista inbetween.

I can't even install a new driver for it because Asus' site doesn't show one. Is there an alternative place to look for Windows 7 drivers? Should I install a new BIOS?

A:Windows 7 install killing optical drive

Install the Vista Driver in compatibility mode and see if that fixes it.

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Firstly, I do not have iCloud, iPhoto, Aeroglass or Bitdefender, which have been cited by others as culprits for this issue.  The AV is McAfee. 
I have updated three other PCs to Windows 10 without incident, including an older Dell Inspiron, but my parents' Dell Inspiron N5040 laptop has been a real headache.  The migration was from Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit to Windows 10 Home via online upgrade.  Prior to the upgrade the laptop had been behaving quite normally. 
The outstanding issue is that every few minutes and without warning the Desktop and Task Bar refresh automatically.  If you are in Windows Explorer or the Control Panel when this happens, you are ejected.  If you are in an application, the app loses focus and you lose anything you have just typed.  The laptop is usable, but the problem is very irritating and likely to deter my mother from using it. 
Task Manager showed that CPU usage was momentarily spiking at 100% when these refreshes occurred, but didn’t help at the process level, so I downloaded and ran Process Explorer.  This shows that, when these refreshes happen, there are momentary peaks of activity in ShellUI.exe and ShellExperienceHost.exe, the former apparently fractionally ahead of the latter.  I have turned off Cortana and all the other user-adjustable search settings, but it makes no difference.  There appears to be no way to disable these processes.  I do not have the Deskto... Read more

A:Desktop & Task Bar refresh every few minutes after Win 10 upgrade - with loss of focus, ejection from Win Explorer or Control panel

Uninstall McAfee and use Windows Defender instead. 3rd party antivirus programs that were running before the upgrade are not compatible with windows 10. AND more important--N5040 and other N computers do not have the right drivers for win 10. That is why Dell doesn't recommend upgrading. Make your life better by reinstalling the previous OS. You have only 30 days to rollback. Your problem is incompatible video drivers and you cannot fix that.

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I have a drive problem I need help with...my system stopped booting from my primary drive (Seagate 500gb SATA2), but showed no error messages, A partition mamager showed there were 1140+ GB of partitioned space on the 500gb drive! Most of the 1140gb is contained in two UNKNOWN PARTITIONS, totally inaccessible, My only act so far is to add another Seagate 250gb drive and do a clean windows (XP Home) install. The system boots from the new drive, but adding the 500gb drive back as a non-booting partition causes the system to fail at boot time. Any suggestion on a path to understandthis would be appreciated! Regards, steve
ASUS P5K-V, Intel Core2 Duo 6550 at stock 2.3ghz, 2GB Corsair RAM, Seagate 500gb and 250gb SATA2 drives formatted NTFS. Windows XP Home, Kaspersky Internet Security

A:Huge UNKNOWN PARTITIONS killing my Boot Drive!

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Windows 10
Start - Settings - Ease of Access - Keyboard

Everything here is off. If i turn on the On-Screen Keyboard no keys are Highlighted (indicating they are depressed/stuck )
When I use the hard keyboard and sometimes even the onscreen keyboard its as if either Ctrl, Alt Win or something are pressed down as it just types shortcuts.

-H- typed into chrome browser address bar via onscreen keyboard types as normal
-H- typed into chrome browser address bar via hard keyboard brings up -Chrome://history- But now also on the onscreen keyboard Ctrl is Highlighted.
I click on the onscreen keyboard to deactivate the now highlighted Ctrl button and try again. Now things are different, as now both the onscreen keyboard and the hard keyboard both bring up ?Chrome://history- when -H- is typed ( Shift is not depressed )

This seems to randomly cycle one min onscreen keyboard works fine, next the keyboard works fine or they either work or none of the work rendering the computer useless.

I cant help feel it?s a software issue but im no pro and I don?t have an additional external keyboard to try but as the onscreen and hard keyboard work ok for a while sometimes I assume something is up and that?s what brought me here.

Hopefully this is clear enough to be understood and to help others who may have the same issue.

Thank you so much for your time.

In -Device Manger ? Keyboards-
The keyboard driver is dated 2006 so tried to update the driver but s... Read more

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Hi all,
I am attempting to install Win7 in an Inspiron 1545 with a new SATA hard drive that was purchased. When i insert the drive, I get "Internal Hard Disk Drive Not Found." I have verified the drive is not showing in the BIOS, I've already attempted to reseat the drive several times. In addition, I've attempted to load the chipset drivers, SATA drivers, etc from Dells website, the drive still does not show in the OS install when booting to DVD or in bios.
I dont believe it to be an issue with the new drive, as I plugged the new drive into another model Dell laptop and it recognizes the drive fine in BIOS, also I can still boot to the previous hard drive in this laptop without issue when i plug it back in.
Is there a specific driver, etc that I need to use for the drive to be recognized or other thoughts people have?

A:Inspiron 1545- replacing hard drive, new SATA drive not found "Internal Hard Disk Drive Not Found

This is strange - either the new hard drive has a rare compatibility issue with your onboard controller (I use a 500Gbyte in my 1545 without probs)) or it is a mechanical problem.I would take a close look at the physical dimensions and compare your original hdd with the new one.Watch the video (even though it's about a 1525 (similar to an 1545) and an SSD hdd) -  go to 2:20

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ok i have a Seagate Barracuda 250GB HP Model VB0250EAVER (ST3250318AS) SATA Hard Drive and i need to the max of hard drive i can run or allow on my DEll Optiplex 740  small factor tower plus  also need help about if i can upgrade my  ADM Athlon Dual core Processor 4850e  and higher?

A:want to upgrade my hard drive Seagate Barracuda 250GB HP Model VB0250EAVER (ST3250318AS) SATA Hard Drive

Any 3.5" drive at 2T or under should work fine.  Upgrading the CPU would mean buying used - these CPUs went out of production not long after your system was current - and that was a decade ago.

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My lenovo Thinkpad Yoga S1 wont boot at all I've tried unplugging the battery,etc The only way I can get the computer to boot is when I unplug the hard drive then it boots into boot manager I've tried to reset bios without any luck The last thing I did was update my bios before it wouldn't boot anymore  any ideas?

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My lenovo Thinkpad Yoga S1 wont boot at all I've tried unplugging the battery,etc The only way I can get the computer to boot is when I unplug the hard drive then it boots into boot manager I've tried to reset bios without any luck The last thing I did was update my bios before it wouldn't boot anymore  any ideas?

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I'm amateur pc user. Been trying fix problems all week. Changed power box due to over heating, used AVG & Superantispyware. Keeps asking to reboot and choose boot device, and several hints of mysterious behavior inside machine. Feels like something is eating it (paranoid spirituality). Anyone know what's going on. Please be gentle with me;Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2Scan saved at 14:43:58, on 30/04/2010Platform: Windows Vista SP2 (WinNT 6.00.1906)MSIE: Internet Explorer v8.00 (8.00.6001.18904)Boot mode: NormalRunning processes:C:\Program Files (x86)\IObit\Advanced SystemCare 3\AWC.exeC:\Program Files (x86)\ASUS\AASP\1.00.61\aaCenter.exeC:\Program Files (x86)\SUPERAntiSpyware\SUPERAntiSpyware.exeC:\Program Files (x86)\Kontiki\KHost.exeC:\Program Files (x86)\IObit\Advanced SystemCare 3\Sup_SmartRAM.exeC:\Program Files (x86)\DT Utilities\DT Utilities PC Backup Pro\mgCtrl.exeC:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Java\Java Update\jusched.exeC:\Program Files (x86)\AVG\AVG9\avgtray.exeC:\Program Files (x86)\Entriq\MediaSphere\EntriqMediaTray.exeC:\Program Files (x86)\Entriq\MediaSphere\\EntriqMediaServer.exeC:\Windows\Integrator.exeC:\Program Files (x86)\Trend Micro\HijackThis\HijackThis.exeR0 - HKCU\Software\Micr... Read more

A:Unknown problem,system restore&recycle bin&2nd hard drive vanished, 2nd hard drive

Hello and welcome to Bleeping ComputerWe apologize for the delay in responding to your request for help. Here at Bleeping Computer we get overwhelmed at times, and we are trying our best to keep up. Please note that your topic was not intentionally overlooked. Our mission is to help everyone in need, but sometimes it takes just a little longer to get to every request for help. No one is ignored here.If you have since resolved the original problem you were having, we would appreciate you letting us know. If not please perform the following steps below so we can have a look at the current condition of your machine. If you have not done so, include a clear description of the problems you're having, along with any steps you may have performed so far.Upon completing the steps below another staff member will review and take the steps necessary with you to get your machine back in working order clean and free of malware.If you have already posted a DDS log, please do so again, as your situation may have changed.Use the 'Add Reply' and add the new log to this thread.Thanks and again sorry for the delay.We need to see some information about what is happening in your machine. Please perform the following scan:Download DDS by sUBs from one of the following links. Save it to your desktop.DDS.scrDDS.pifDouble click on the DDS icon, allow it to run.A small box will open, with an explaination about the tool. No input is needed, the scan is running.Notepad will open with the results.Foll... Read more

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My T410i hard drive died, I have Windows 7 Home Basic OA key, but how to install on new hard drive? I had to replace the hard drive, I realise from the help pages I should have written down the error messages before replacing... Either way I am unsure how to obtain the Windows 7 Home Basic software to re-install.I have the key, where should I go - the microsoft site says it came pre-installed so I need to contact the supplier - Lenovo, but on the product list T410i is too old and not listed. Thanks in advance for you time.CheersPaul

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I recently used my system image disk to restore on a new (larger) hard drive but now when I look at the hard drive from the computer view it shows my hard drive as being the same size as the old one instead of being the size of the new one. I'm not sure
I'm making much sense so I will post a picture...

Is there anyway to fix this? Does the drive really only have 286 gigs on it?

A:System Image disks installed on new hard drive show new hard drive same size as old one

You have to be logged in as Admin to perform these operations.
Go to Start, and in the Search box, type in DISK MANAGEMENT. Pick the Control Panel item "Create and format disk partitions." Once Disk Management comes up, right-click on the area of your disk and select "Extend volume..." Move it out
as far as you want, making the whole thing one drive.
If that doesn't work for you, then you can download Easeus Partition Manager Home
http://www.partition-tool.com/personal.htm  and create a boot CD from it that will accomplish the same thing (and more, if you want to read up on it). It's a free program and works
with 32- and 64-bit Windows. I like it and use it myself.

SC Tom

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I have a customer's Satellite L305D S5895 laptop. This was shipped to me by the customer who tried to install Windows XP Pro, Vista and none would install. He said he tried all installation CDs he had and finally gave up on it and shipped it to me.

When I got it the partition were deleted so I tried to install Win 7 and when I do doing a custom install I get an error saying the hard drive can't be formatted on disk 0 or it will give an error that no hard drives were found.

I reset the bios to default and no matter what I do it won't format or find the harddrive. I was going to upgrade the bios but the only way I found to upgrade the bios is after windows is installed. There is no way to make changes to the bios for settings that would have to do with the hard drive. This has a Toshiba MK2546GSX (S1) hard drive.

When installing Win 7 I get the normal windows, "windows is starting", "Select Language", "Select System", "Type of install", "Custom Install", "Delete partitions", "New Partitions", "Format", then the error message "Windows cannot format a partition on disk 0. Error: 0x80070057"

This happens regardless what system I try to install. I've tried two different versions of XP, one of Vista and 3 Win 7 and each time a different install CD.

System Specs
AMD Turion (TM) 64 x 2 Mobile CPU
CPU Speed 2.00 GHz
Toshiba MK2546GSX (S1) hard drive
Pioneer DVD-RW DurkD08l... Read more

A:Solved: win 7 can't find hard drive or can't format hard drive on clean install

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I see it can be done from an installed to an external, but can it be done in reverse, taking the external cased hard drive and cloning it to an internal? The old hard drive is from an xp laptop, and I can aquire another xp laptop if I can clone this way. Perhaps if I set the enclosure hard drive as master? All ideas are greatly appreciated. Many thanks

A:Clone a laptop hard drive from an external case to an internal hard drive

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I had a thread earlier and forgot to ask a couple of questions.

I was told I could take a hard drive from a windows 98 computer and the person is buying a new Windows xp so I can hook up the win 98 hard drive as a slave to the new computer with win xp so I can drop and drag or cut and past files that they want off the 98 hard drive put on their new computer.

Now If their new computer with the win xp on it, if there is an ide cable going to the hard drive and nothing else then I can hook up the win 98 hard drive to the same ide cable as a slave and no problem.

However if the windows xp computer has the hard drive on the ide cable and also the cd-rom then is it ok just to hook up another ide cable to their mother board and hook the hard drive from the windows 98 computer on the end of that ide cable as the master? and by turning the computer off, and then hooking up the hard drive and then turning the computer back on it should reconize the windows 98 hard drive in my computer right away right?

If I would have to put the windows 98 hard drive in the new computer on a seperate ide cable is it ok to have it as master? cause the hard drive that is already in it would be master to but it would be on a different ide cable.

I am hoping the new computer just has the hard drive on an ide cable by itself so I can just hook the other one up as a slave and get the files and be done with it.

How ever if someone could give me a couple or three scenario's with ide cables and hooki... Read more

A:Solved: windows xp hard drive with win98 hard drive-question if someone has time??

Yes - you understand it correctly

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