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Dual Display Issues (Windows XP)

Q: Dual Display Issues (Windows XP)

I have the following system:

MOBO: ASUS P5N32-SLI Se Deluxe
OS: Windows XP Pro
Processor: 2.9 Ghz dual core
Memory: 4GB System RAM (it's 32-bit so only sees about 3)
Hard Drive: 250 GB x 2
GPU: Nvidia 9800GT x 2 running SLI mode

I just purchased a Wacom Cintiq12 drawing/display tablet and I'm trying to set it up as a second display monitor. The Cintig is plugged in to the same GPU card as my main monitor. There are two things I'm confused about. For some reason, In the Display properties settings tab, Windows shows me as having three monitors, when I should only have two. Also, after I installed the drivers for the Cintiq, one of the monitors was correctly identified as a the Cintiq, but after reboot it defaulted back to "Default" monitor in the drop down box. In any case, for some reason, I can't assign the tablet as a second monitor in the Windows settings panels. When I activate the second monitor and check "Extend my Windows desktop onto this monitor" and click apply, it unchecks it automatically and does nothing.

With my current NVidia settings panel, I do not see any multi display options for SLI mode (if there are any). I tried disabling SLI but that still will not display on the Cintiq. The only way I can get the Cintiq to display is to make it my primary SLI target on the NVidia control panel.

Does NVidia support dual displays in SLI mode? Is this a know issue? I want to run my main monitor and my Cintiq display simultaneously, but cannot, and I don't know if this is an NVidia issue or a Windows issue, or a combination of both.

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Preferred Solution: Dual Display Issues (Windows XP)

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)


I recently hooked up a secondary monitor to my ati 9800 XT, and its crap!

It's a Goldstar Stuidoworks 76i monitor. I have a dvi-vga adaptor and a regular vga-m/m cable. the problem isnt with the dvi cause if i plug my good monitor into the dvi adaptor, it works well and the 76i is still blurry.

the problem is if i change the resolution to anything greater than 800x600, the picture gets very fuzzy, and unusable. i've tried lots of different freq. combinations, and tried changing the colour as well. i looked all over for drivers for the monitor but i didnt find any for XP, i found something that was basically colour profiles, i loaded them, but they didnt change anything.

am i forgetting something? or is the monitor just CRAPOLA?

thank you so much for your help!!

-:evil: satan.

A:Fuzzy Secondary Display? 9800XT dual display issues.

Well since you checked to DVI adapter with another monitor I say your monitor is going bad. How old is it? There might be a label with the year on it the back. I have seen this happen to monitors only old 3 years old but usually it monitors older than that.

Other signs indicating its near death is a high pitch whine at higher resolutions or max brightness and contrast.

Tell us what you find.

Good Hunting

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OK so i just got two 17" lcd monitors for my computer and want to hook them both up for a dual display, with the desktop extended onto the second monitor. So far i've tried using the onboard graphics + PCI, as well as PCI+PCI, but niether works adequately. PCI + Onboard lets both screens be used, but only 1 displays correctly. The onboard graphics is fine, but for some odd reason the PCI card will only give me the options for a 800x600 resolution with 4 bit colors. As for PCI + PCI, it will only allow one PCI card to work at a time. Is there anything I can do about this without going out and spending money? I'm broke, so really any money spent is impossible. lol.

PCI 1= nVidia Geforce 6200 (Primary GPU)
PCI 2= nVidia GeForce FX 5200
Onboard=Intel chipset something or other....i had to uninstall the drivers to get my primary PCI card to work right again

I'm running Windows XP Pro SP3......Any and all help is appreciated Thnks

A:dual display issues

wow ok im an idiot. problem fixed wit a DVI adapter.

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Hi all

I have spent a long time investigating this with no luck yet. I have a 4k display and a second 1080p display. Using the Skylake onboard Intel HD 530 graphics. Either display alone works fine at native res, however in dual monitor config, the smaller display appears fuzzy/aliased. This is not just the text but the entire content and seems to happen for all apps including Edge. I have messed around with the display scaling with no luck. Even when both are set at 100% (making the 4k content super small) the problem persists. I have verified that both are at native res and have the latest drivers. Doe anyone have any more suggestions?


A:Issues with dual display 4k + HD

I could be wrong, because my only dual-monitor setup uses identical monitors, but I always though you would need a third-party app, like Display Fusion, to handle multiple monitors with different resolutions. Maybe this is still the case?

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I've had a two monitor setup for some time. I'm using an Acer monitor and a flat screen TV. Everything has been going fine until the latest Windows update last week.

My Acer was always the main display and it turned into monitor #2 after the update. I've tried all the ways to get the Acer back to #1 to no avail. On top of that, the TV has scaling problems and icons bleed off the bottom of the screen.

I've tried all the ways to switch them back but... nothing.

When I highlight #2 in Display Settings the "make this main display" is grayed out. Now I read that this means that monitor *is* my main display, but it's not. When I click on "identify" it always says #2. I've even unplugged the TV from the computer and rebooted without the TV attached. When I re-attach, back to the same thing. I don't even have to physically redo the setup. How can this be resolved?

A:Dual display issues

Support.Microsoft.com > Recovery options in Windows 10?

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I recently purchased two LG L203WT LCD monitors. I have an ASUS NVIDIA GEFORCE 6600 GT with a DVI and a VGA port. When I plug in both monitors, one will work fine a the native resolution of 1680 by 1050, but the other will only go to 1600 by 1024. I have updated all drivers. I'm pretty sure it's not a problem with the monitor bacuase the problem switches monitors when i switch the cables. through a complex process of switching between the dvi cable and a vga to dvi adapter, I can get them both to the correct resolution, but it reverts upon computer restart. The problem is not just with the monitor plugged into the DVI port, sometimes the one on the VGA port has the problem. could the problem be related to the fact that my graphics card only has one dvi port? Tigerdirect is selling a setup very similar to mine but the graphics card has two dvi ports. (http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/SearchTools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=3106998&CatId=2776) Should I buy a graphics card with two dvi ports? Or do I need a second graphics card? I'm completely out of ideas.

Thanks in advance for the help!

A:Dual display issues

What's the max res for the video card?
What's the max for each monitor?
Try lowering the res for both so the max up correctly..
If both monitors have DVI you can get a DVI Y monitor split..

connects to the video card --female with two male ends (for each monitor to connect)

Don't mix VGA and DVI together is has to be one or the other. It might work for some but I don't recommend it. Unless you use a VGA Y cable to split the two monitors.

Again don't max the res until you can get the both of the monitors to work correctly.

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Hi all

I have spent a long time investigating this with no luck yet. I have a 4k display and a second 1080p display. Using the Skylake onboard Intel HD 530 graphics. Either display alone works fine at native res, however in dual monitor config, the smaller display appears fuzzy/aliased. This is not just the text but the entire content and seems to happen for all apps including Edge. I have messed around with the display scaling with no luck. Even when both are set at 100% (making the 4k content super small) the problem persists. I have verified that both are at native res and have the latest drivers. Doe anyone have any more suggestions?


A:Issues with dual display 4k + HD

I could be wrong, because my only dual-monitor setup uses identical monitors, but I always though you would need a third-party app, like Display Fusion, to handle multiple monitors with different resolutions. Maybe this is still the case?

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Ok so I've researched for the past week and have found nothing so I figured I'd ask you guys for some help.

I just upgraded from XP to Vista Home Premium (32 Bit) and I'm having a heck of a time getting my dual display working. I'm using an nVidia 8800GT card with dual DVI out. The first is going to my 24'' HP monitor, the second is going to my 42'' LCD TV. In the nVidia Control panel, it is recognizing both however, when I go to clone the screen the secondary monitor turns on but it is just a black screen, no image.

I've been looking all over for fixes for this and have yet to find any, this is really hindering my production capabilities so any help would be much appreciated. Thank you.

A:Vista Dual Display Issues (8800GT)

Thats weird, cuz it's showing both.. hmm what driver are you running that 8800GT on. 175.19 or osmething?

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Hi All,
We've installed a number of Dell Optiplex 3040 machines running Windows 10 pro x64 at a customers site with dual Dell E2316H monitors connected directly via VGA and display port cables.
Two users have reported daily issues of the monitors flickering black and going off before coming back a few seconds later.
We've tried updating the graphics driver, firmware, changing power settings and swapping out cables for new ones - none of this has made any difference.
We've also asked the users to move desks and connect to working monitors. The issue followed the PC's and occured on the other monitors.
We only have remote access to the machines at the moment so Dell won't help troubleshoot.
I've seen other posts reporting the same issue with the Optiplex 3040's so wondering if this is a known issue.
Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

A:OptiPlex 3040 Dual Monitor display issues

Can you Private Message me a service tag of one of the systems that is having this issue? Also does it seem to matter what port/monitor is doing it, or are both monitors flickering?Best regards,Brad

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I've been having some issues with dual display with a T440s and a 40A2009US Ultra Dock. OS is Windows 7 64 Enterprise. I two identical Dell LCDs connected to the dock. One via VGA and the other DVI. Both displays are being mirrored and I can't seem to change it. There is only one monitor listed in Device manager.Both external monitors will only display an image if the PC is started closed from the docking station power button. Removing the laptop and replacing it on the docking station does not wake the monitors and there is no image until the laptop is manually shutdown and restarted. I have updated graphics drivers, as well as any driver related to the dock (USB3.0 etc). I have tried a displayport to DVI connector as well, no go. After some research I discovered the firmare may need to be updated. The synaptics package from the lenovo support downloads site gave me the message that my firmware was already up to date. The other fwdphb06.exe that is recommended elsewhere would not update. When I double-click the package there is no install prompt or process being run. There is an external monitor connected to the dock. I have swapped the dock for another, as well as the power supplies for each. I'm stumped. Any idea what my issue may be?

A:T440s+Ultra Dock Dual Display issues

I have the same problem and worse, when resuming from sleep it will often fail to bring up one or both of my monitors and I have to manually unplug their power cords to revive them. Worked fine with my old Thinkpad and dock. Trying the firmware update now... Lto 3 tapes

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Hello all,

I am running a HTPC with windows vista. My case come with a 7" touchscreen display, and i also have it connected to my 46" LCD. I have them running in extended mode (dual screen)
Problem is when i switch the tv to other output modes IE switch to xbox 360 and then come back to the HTPC, the PC pc will scan and reset the screen resolution. the tv will stay at 1920x1080 but the 7"LCD will move from 800x600( where it need to be) to 1024x768, this throws off the software that is running on the touchscreen and it just doesn't look right i always have to manually set the res back to 800x600, is there a way to lock the res to stay at 800x600? the tv holds the right res but i can't understand why the smaller 7" can't. this has been eating me for months now.

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Morning, Trying to figure out something here, this is, for all intents and purposes, something new for me, as I've been mostly a "Mom n Pop" Tech vs "Business Tech" so, anyway. I'm working with M900, and M910Q with Intel 530 Integrated for video. I'm trying to trouble the following issues to verify if I missed anything, before punting said minipcs to Lenovo for RMA. Anywho, issues: 1. A M910Q, only the DP port with the metal bracket will work. When the Primary is plugged in, any secondary plugged into the other ports will show up under that port when looking at it in the Intel GFX Display view. I figured this out when I changed the resolution on the 2nd monitor, primary changes. Primary is the live monitor. 2. We have a number of M910s and M900's where when trying to use dual monitors, thru DP -> VGA or DP -> DVI. Monitors would flicker like strobe lights. This can sometimes be bandaided by swapping cables and adapters, but not completely remove the issue. I will point out that we do not have any actual DP Capable monitors on site. Not yet anyway, and those that will be, are going to ThinkCentres with Discrete Cards in them... Ideas? Am I miss anything? I don't see anything in the BIOS to help me, and updating the drivers doesn't seem to provide resolution either. Most are running old drivers, but a few are running the latest for the machine.

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I have a two monitor display. A proview 1280x1024 and a Samsung 1920x1080. Both are at native reaolutions, with the Samsung as my main display, and the proview just used mainly as a Skype/music stream monitor. The proview had the problem up until recently, but I haven't really cared since it has very few icons and is covered up most of the time anyways. Now, something happened, and the Samsung has the problem with icons not fitting correctly. I moved something from my proview to the samsung, the samsung screen took a second to refresh after this before it slightly changed the icon size/space between icons, making the bottom row cut off.

I've already rechecked setting on the Samsung, the display isnt cut off with the V_position too low. The standard connection on the Samsung has died a year and a half ago, so I am running it with an HDMI cable.

I am running a Radeon HD 5700 series, which got its final driver update in November before being discontinued. That update has been downloaded since November.

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I have two hard drives (Drive0 - Windows 7 Drive1 - Windows 8). Windows 7 was working great, I booted off the CD, installed Windows 8 onto Drive1 but upon reboot I never get any dual boot options, it acts as only Windows 8 is installed. I don't think it matters, but Windows 8 seems to lock up on reboot too (maybe a seperate issue). But for now my computer is useless.

I tried disabling Drive1 in the BIOS to force it to boot to Drive0 but I get a Windows 8 start up error saying files are missing.

Any thoughts on how to get this dual boot setup corrected? Let me know if you need more info.

A:Dual Boot Issues with Windows 7

Physically disconnect the Windows 8 HD.
Make the Windows 7 HD, disk0 & first HD boot in BIOS.Also connected to the first Sata Port on the MOBO.

Boot up using the Startup Repair CD or Windows 7 DVD. (not the OEM manufacturer's Recovery Disk) If you have a Netbook, you will need a CD/DVD drive.
NOTE: Make sure no USB drives are plugged in.
Do not use a USB Pendrive for Startup Repair.
startup repair disc-create

Do a Strartup Repair:
Startup Repair - Windows 7 Forums
Note: You may need to do startup repair 3 to 4 times.
Startup Repair - Run 3 Separate Times - Windows 7 Forums

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I've gone through pages and pages of threads and many different sites to no avail. I have a factory installed Windows 7 64bit Samsung laptop. I have a single drive with an open partition ~200GB for Windows XP. With boot options set to optical drive, I have tried three different XP disks and all of them go through the disc loadup, but upon completion of "Starting Windows" the blue screen goes away, it flashes a black screen, Windows 7 load up screen flashes for a second and it once again says press any key to boot from CD.

I have tried disabling the legacy OS boot, AHCI, as well as deleting the 18GB recovery partition. Nothing is working.

Please tell me I am missing something! Thank you for your help in advance.

A:Dual Boot Issues: Windows 7 and XP

Welcome aboard

Have you followed the Option Two of the tutorial Dual Boot Installation with Windows 7 and XP ?

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Chances are something similar has been posted, but couldn't find any.

Have a system originally running XP/SP3. Added a second hard drive and did a clean install of Windows 7. When I try to start Windows 7 from the dual boot menu it starts a pre-boot disk check on the XP drive. If I allow the disk check to continue it makes both systems unbootable.

I then reinstalled Windows 7 but this time with the XP drive disconnected. The result was Windows XP and Windows 7 systems that work fine but I have to change the BIOS to switch systems. Tried adding a dual boot menu to the XP drive (EasyBCD & VistaBootPro) and had the same problem as before. Restored both drives without dual boot and then added a dual boot menu to the Windows 7 drive. Don?t have the disk check problem but selecting XP from the dual boot menu causes an immediate reboot and return to the menu.

Was able to do this with a second, similar system with no such problems.

A:XP and Windows 7 Dual boot Issues


First, disconnect the Windows 7 drive. Then make sure XP can boot without issue.

With the XP drive still connected, install Windows 7. When it is done, make sure the 7 drive is set to be the first in the boot order.

Then add XP manually to the BCD using EasyBCD 2.0. You will need to register first, but it is free.

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Bit of a weird issue here. I have two HDs connected to my computer. The first of these I installed Vista on some time ago, the drive was later corrupted and I can no longer access it. Later, I purchased and installed Windows 7 on the second HD. While installing 7, I stupidly DIDN'T unplug the first drive (the one with Vista) and 7 placed its boot files alongside Vista's on the first drive. Because of this, the 7 HD is dependent on the Vista drive to boot.

I would now like to format the Vista drive to reinstall a new OS, but cannot do so without breaking my 7 installation. What is the best solution to this problem? I would prefer not to fully reinstall 7 (without the Vista drive plugged in). Is there a way to migrate the boot files from one drive to another?

Thanks for any help!

A:Windows 7 Dual Boot Issues

Hi there is some info here which may help you please read all of it first

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Hi there. I already saw a thread on this subject, but I have a slightly different problem. I have a dual boot (I hope) machine, I had Mac OSX on it, it's a windows machine, I previously had Vista/OSX dual booted, but wanted to get rid of Vista because well, it was just awful. I left OSX on there to use while I searched for a solution, originally tried to install XPO on the other partition but due to Driver problems was unable to. Got myself Windows 7. Installed it on the free partition, but now there's no boot manager on boot. I don't have the option to boot OSX, just skips over and goes straight to 7. This is a problem as I make all my music using the OSX programs, plus all the savedata and stuff is there and would be an absolutel tragedy if I lost it. Tried to read the data using MAcDrive, but not even that will detect it, put that down to compatibility issues with 7 as was an error upon installation. Does anyone have any clue as to what I can try? Thanks in advance

Fujitsu Siemens Amilo laptop, Phoenix bios.

A:Windows 7/Mac OSX dual boot issues.

Ok, problem solved.

Dual Booting the Wind – OSX and Windows 7|Gear Diary

This article will explain everything

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hi , please help me
i have a fresh installation of windows 7...then i try to instal xp.when windows xp requires first restart at boot it says error loading operating systems.then i cant do nothing , i cant even start windows 7 . the only way is to instal windows 7 (again)on local disk D and then to delete it when i finaly startup. this was the first time.. now i tried again and this time its the same just there is no error loading operating system message...only a black screen...
should i try to install xp first... i was thinking about when i were installing xp it asked me to format ( ntsf(quick) , ntfs or leave current settings (or something like that)) i selected the last one...does this have anything to do with it since i formated it on windows 7 before. and i saw you wrote that it might be a bad copy of xp , but that is impossible is there any other solution ??

A:help! Dual boot Windows 7 and XP issues

Where you are exactly is a little confusing, so maybe some information will help.

Which hard drive you have set as primary in the bios is very important. If you change the drive order or remove the primary drive and boot, the other drive will become primary and the boot files will be put there.

XP will overwrite the Win 7 boot files, so if you can, you should install XP first and then Win 7.

You might try doing a startup repair using the Win 7 DVD to see if you can get Win 7 running and then we can fix the XP install and get you dual booting.

I personally like to use independent installs on 2 hard drives, so if I ever want to remove one, it is easy.

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Dear LenovoThis is a know problem with intel HD 4600 graphics driverhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dYfeOnFZegI&feature=youtu.beA recent update solves that problem.  https://downloadcenter.intel.com/download/27267/Graphics-Intel-Graphics-Driver-for-Windows-15-40-?pr...But only drivers modified by Lenovo works on ThinkPad laptopsProblem is that the most resent lenovo graphics driver has an outdated version of the intell Graphics driver.https://pcsupport.lenovo.com/dk/en/products/laptops-and-netbooks/thinkpad-w-series-laptops/thinkpad-...What should I do? Hope to get some help

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Good day I am using the ThinkCentre M910s and would like to use a projector from VGA and the local screen on display port. However, both display ports are not giving any signal to the monitor. I have tried another monitor and a different cable with no luck. The computer does not Auto detect the monitor as well. Plaease assist with any solutions or ideas you might have to resolve this. Much appreciated.  

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Im trying to get a dual boot setup going on my laptop, but Im having a lot of trouble with the installation. I want to have 2 installs of Windows 7 64bit, running on 2 partitions on the same SSD. One partition/install of Windows for audio production, the other completely separate for my own personal use. The audio partition/install will have no networking devices enabled, no antivirus or any other clutter, just my audio software and thats it.

I have tried making the partitions in the Windows 7 installer, installing into the first partition, then once thats done installing into the second. I have tried installing the first time across the whole HD, and then once Windows is running, in the Disk Manager utility running a shrink on the HD, then rebooting and installing the second install into the newly created partition. For some reason I keep getting all manner of weird behaviour though. My SSD isnt getting recognised on boot, its hanging during the Starting Windows splash animation, a couple of times I think the SSD wasnt even seen by the BIOS.

Heres my specs to start:
MSI GT680 Laptop with
- Intel i7 2630QM 2.0GHz,
- 16GB DD3 RAM,
- NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460M 1.5GB,
- Micro-Star International Co MS-16F2 Motherboard

I got a Samsung EVO 840 SSD, with 500GB of storage, for my primary drive, and a HGST 7200RPM 1TB for my secondary. I have tested the Samsung SSD and the HGST with SeaTools, using Short and Long tests, no problems. I have an old Intel SSD and an old WD H... Read more

A:Windows 7 Dual Boot Setup Issues

Work through the steps for Overcoming Windows 7 Installation Failures - Windows 7 Help Forums.

Try new media written to stick with tool in Step 4.

Check for firmware update for the SSD and BIOS update for the PC.

Do you have UEFI BIOS? Check in BIOS setup for any sign of UEFI, CSM, Legacy BIOS and Boot Priority settings for UEFI.

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Hi all,

have had windows 8 and 7 dual booting nicely for a week or so now thanks to 'theog' giving me a hand last week.

I have noticed a bit of an issue though: i have both OS installed in an ssd and have docs etc located in a normal
harddrive. Thing is, whilst i can access the files fine from Windows 8, if i then try to access the same files from
windows 7, it keeps coming up saying the relevant section is unavailable. If i then manually go into the harddrive and
access the folder, it comes up saying with an error:

"you dont currently have permission to access this folder. click continue to permanently get access to this folder"

click continue, and its fine until you next boot into windows 8 and then back into 7.

I have added the 'location' into the docs properties of windows 7, also tried putting in new permissions and giving everybody full control, but this hasnt fixed the issue.

Any assistance would be much appreciated.


A:file issues on windows 7+8 dual boot

I have not had a problem running W7 and W8 alternatively, but I do have the same user name for both systems

When I first started W8 there was some message about getting file permissions.

I did have difficulty running Vista and W7 alternatively, possibly because I used different names.

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Evening All.

First post here, but as with most members Google led me here because I'm having some PC issues so I thought I'd get some advice here if no-one minds.

I have a Dell Vostro PC - it has 2 SATA HDDs and a DVD Drive. The original default OS was Vista Home Premium. Recently I wanted to try out Windows 7 Ultimate so I decided to set up a secondary partition on my primary HDD to install Win 7 there to test before taking the plunge with a full upgrade. This worked fine - I created the partition in Vista, defined it as the Y drive and successfully installed Windows 7 there no issue. All was well and I could dual boot both, although I have to say I mainly used the Vista install with the occasional Win 7 test.

However, in the last 24 hours things have gone very wrong and now neither installation works. Strangely nothing has been installed or changed on the machine yesterday to trigger this.

If I attempt to boot into Vista I get a Winload.exe error with error code 0xc0000428 telling me that winload.exe is missing or corrupt. Last night, I managed to get past this error once and into safe mode to perform a virus check, but since then it constantly cycles with the same error when booting or attempting to access advanced boot options.

If I attempt to boot into Windows 7, I get a bar saying Windows files loading and then the machine reboots without loading further. Same again if I try to access Advanced Boot Options for Windows 7.

Things I've tried so far are:

1. Booted f... Read more

A:Windows Vista and 7 Dual Boot Issues

According to a quick google search here's what you should do:

Boot to your Vista Recovery CD

A) Run a repair installation

B) Go to the Command Prompt section and run the following commands:

bootrec.exe /fixmbr
bootrec.exe /fixboot
winload.exe is missing or corrupt (no it's not!)

For future reference, System Restore and Repair Installations will fix most system related problems.

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I'm having some troubles trying to get Ubuntu 15.10 64 bit dual-booted with Windows 10 64 bit.

Firstly, I burned the latest ISO from the official Ubuntu website to an 8GB USB formatted to FAT-32 using Universal-USB-Installer.

I then restarted my computer and changed the USB boot order to position 1, proceeding to boot through the USB and then selected the 'Try ubuntu' option. The computer successfully launched into the Ubuntu operating system, however when I selected the install desktop icon and have confirmed setup installation, I am greeted with the following error:

Force UEFI Installation? This machines's firmware has started this installer in UEFI mode but it looks like there maybe existing operating systems already installed using BIOS compatibility mode, If you continue to install Debian in UEFI mode, it might be difficult to reboot into any BIOS-mode operating system.

I looked around to find the cause, I've tried disabling Fast Boot in the BIOS and Windows 10 operating system as well as looking for alternative installation approaches using Legacy (non UEFI) BIOS, however the issue still seems to be occurring.

Could anyone help me with this please, can provide more information on request.

A:Issues dual booting Ubuntu 15.10 and Windows 10

This tutorial worked for me:

Installing Ubuntu/Linux Mint on UEFI System with Windows 8 / 8.1 / 10

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So I have a few issues with my Dual Monitors with Windows 8.1.

Drivers are all up to date, it's two ASUS Monitors, and I have some odd quirks I want to fix.

1) When I press the Start button to get to the Live Tiles, If I do it on one monitor, and then try to do it on the other, it switched the start screen with the tiles to the other monitor. I want to be able to have the start screen and live tiles open on both screens. It was working fine, and then it stopped all of a sudden.

2) Is there any way I can make certain programs load to certain screens? As I stated with the above issue. If I have IE on the right screen, and then open start screen on the left screen, and then try to open start screen on the right screen, it moves IE to the left and puts the left back to my desktop.

3) I know I could search for it, but I figured I'd ask for a simple response while I'm typing this, how can I set it up so that both of my desktops have different backgrounds?

4) When I put my cursor into the top right side of either my left or right monitor, the charms show up, and the same if I put my cursor in the top left on either monitor it shows what apps are running, is there any way to make it so the charms only show on the right monitor and the apps only show on the left? So I can go either all the way to the left or all the way to the right, I find sometimes I accidentally hit the charms when trying to go to my right monitor and it won't let me, it's annoying

A:Windows 8.1 Dual Monitor issues/questions

Welcome to Windows EightForums, Airhoodz.

There may be others I’m sure, but I know member alphanumeric is one king of multi-monitors. I don’t see him on at the present moment. You may want to leave him a message with a link to your thread here.

View Profile: alphanumeric - Windows 8 Forums

In the mean time I found this via WinKey/Q.

Connect a second monitor or projector - Microsoft Windows Help

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I am currently running Windows 7.

I downloaded Windows 8 Pro and used the disk management tool to create a partition. Then, I installed Windows 8 there.

Everything runs smooth, however Windows 8 just boots automatically every time without giving me an option to choose at boot. When I check MSCONFIG for boot options, it doesn't read Windows 7 anywhere.

So, I press ESC during boot menu, select my hard drive from there and then the Windows 7 bootloader shows up as it used to always before this Windows 8 installation. Then I can just boot into Windows 7 without any problems. Upon checking MSCONFIG from Windows 7's side, I don't see any options for Windows 8.

I downloaded Easy BCD on Windows 7 side and tried adding the Windows 8 partition but the whole process repeats as previously stated and even if I go into Windows 7 bootloader by pressing the ESC key and selecting my hard drive as boot options - I do see Windows 8 there but it gives an error on selection.

I am thinking of deleting the Windows 8 partition and starting from scratch. My only concern is, if I do that, will it not boot Windows at all since currently I have to go through device boot options to load Windows 7?

Any help to solve this will be really appreciated.

A:Dual Boot Issues - Window 7 & Windows 8

Can you post a screen shot of your disk management window?

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Hey there!

I have a screen tablet (Ugee 1910b) for drawing on my computer. The tablet touch is working fine with the pen and the display is working, it's only the calibration that is off.

The touch field on the tablet, as well as my laptop trackpad, is tracked to the entirety of the two screens (as my dual monitor setting is on 'extend') rather than just the tablet. When I try to run the tablet driver's calibration function, I'm unable to click on the dots for calibration because the cursor responds instead to my second screen.

Would anyone be able to help solve this? Any help at all is much, much appreciated.

Monitor One (Laptop) : ASUS X555LAB
OS: Windows 10, 64-bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-5020U CPU @ 2.20GHz (4CPUs), ~2.2GHz
Resolution: 1366x768

Monitor Two (Tablet): Ugee 1910b
Tablet does not have a OS/Processor - it is not a separate computer, it is only a second monitor with touchscreen ability
Resolution: 1440x900

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Windows 7 64 turns off the monitor 1 signal after startup. At login, it powers off monitor 1 and powers on monitor 2. Windows 7 behaves as though dual display is working even though monitor 1 does not display. It's the same for single display, the monitor will not work on cable 1 except at startup.

Both 'Extend these displays' in Windows Screen Resolution and 'Extend' in the Nvidia Control Panel is selected. And changing which one is primary does not turn on monitor 1. Nor does switching the position of display 1 in either (ex. left/right/top/bottom).

GeForce 8400 GS; Dual Monitor Solution 59 pin (DMS-59) to 2 VGA adapter -tried two of these adapter cables.
Latest Driver: 306.23 - installed a clean reset install of the latest Nvidia driver released last week.
Same Resolution: 2 of the 4 monitors I have tried have the exact same 'recommended' resolution (1280X 1024), both 60Hz, and even chose 16 bit color for both instead of 32 to reduce resources.

Linux worked: Dual display worked immediately when I tried it in Ubuntu 10. So, it's not the hardware. It works in Ubuntu 12 too but not properly -it won't transfer windows across displays.
My Windows 7 64 is an upgrade from Vista 64. One person in another forum with the same problem resolved theirs by reinstalling Windows 7. But another got the same problem only after a fresh clean install of Windows 7 64 with the same GeForce 8400 GS and DMS-59 when it had previously worked in Vista. Dual Monitors - On... Read more

A:Dual display 1 not displaying except on startup; both display in Linux

are you Cloning these displays or extending, Don't Use Windows Setup use Nvidia's. It seems Nvidia like too take control. Go into there Display setup and change it there.

Good luck. I can if your happy too show you how Via Remote Assistance. Msg me for Details.

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My ThinkPad T500 running 64-bit Windows 7 Professional Edition worked great on and off a mini docking station with 2 external monitors. The dual-display setup allowed me to have more desktop space; when needed, I can take the laptop off the docking station (following undocking steps) and use it anywhere. This convenience no longer holds after upgrading to Windows 10.

With the T500 in the docking station (LCD lid closed), I can use the dual-display setup as in Windows 7. However, after shut-down and remove the T500 off the docking station and the T500 laptop becomes unusable because its LCD display doesn't show anything after boot. (While booting the laptop's display shows the ThinkPad boot logo and then some DOS-mode boot messages and then the windows 10 logo and its dotted spinning wheel; after the initial boot the display went blank and the Windows 10 desktop doesn't come up.)

The only way to make the T500 laptop usable on its own is to go through a "preparation procedure" and here is how the procedure goes: While the T500 is on the docking station in the dual-display setup with the 2 external monitors, open the T500's lid and set its display as the main display and then select to disconnect the other 2 external displays (in the Settings -> System -> Display page); then , in the T500's LCD display, select the shut down. Once the T500 is properly powered off, remove it from the docking station and the T500 can work on its own as a laptop supposed to be. W... Read more

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Last week i try to instal a dual-boot system windows xp on windows 7 installed ,i couldn't shrink the disk c: from manage (it said something about defragmentation, i have 2 disk drives with no partitions
,the disk c: it has 74.5 with 40 GB free) to create a new partition with 20 GB ,i know that easeus partition will help me because i did do this once(but was dual boot windows 7 on a windows xp installed)
i made one partition(with 20 gb from C: with easeus partition then
i restart my computer and easeus made his proces after a moment -> restart and then i should put the windows in the dvd-rom but the system was blocked like this http://img695.yfrog.com/img695/2573/86486920.jpg del/tab was not working
-> restart again but this time i push del fast to go to bios but i didn't go to bios it made his usualy components verification (everything was ok) and then was blocked there.

I made my decision to go to a friend to format my hard drive(+instal athe windows on the disk) and everything was ok on his pc so... to explain i record my problem now( my english sucks).

On my pc it remains the same probl. but i could reinstal my windows (windows xp) and i have this problem on my startup MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service the first half is a delay the last half is when i restart to go to bios.

A:Installing dual-boot windows xp on windows 7 issues


I don't really understand your problem, but try pressing F11 during the POST. The manually select your drive from the resulting window.

Hope this helps,

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Good afternoon,
I want to install Windows 8.1 Pro (x64) on a newly created primary partition for testing purposes in a dual boot (windows7 Pro (x64), however my hard drive is already partitioned into C and D. D basically has all my data on it. What I noticed was that my D partition is also marked as primary, don?t know how that happened. Booting from the Windows 8 disc I choose to custom install which should give me the option to install on the newly created partition F but this does not show up in the available partitions to install on. I thought maybe by converting my D partition to a logical drive (extended) would fix the problem but this just results in the D partition no longer showing up in Windows. This is all a little embarrassing as although I haven?t set up a dual boot machine for years I should know where I?m going wrong, think age is catching up with me.
I?d appreciate some assistance with fixing this issue please. Oh just as a footnote, I decided to take 20GB or so from D partition to create the new F partition, this and formatting etc was done in Aomei 5.5 Pro as it was the only one of a few softwares I tried that allowed me to not only see unallocated space but also create a primary partition. I think there is a 3 primary partition limitation as far as I recall although there are workarounds I don?t care to complicate this further as I stated previously, I only want to run Win 8.1 for testing purposes.



A:Dual boot Windows 7 Pro and Windows 8 Pro partition issues

Why would you leave out the drive map? Please follow the instructions given here for posting screenshot of Disk Management - Post a Screen Capture Image

You can have 4 Primary partitions but would need to convert one to Logical to add any more.

The Windows 8 partition is way too small so I'd use Partition Wizard CD to borrow some space from C to add it to: How to extend partition easily with partition magic ? Partition Wizard video help.

You're also missing the System Flag which apparently should be on the partition marked Active. Run Startup Repair - Run 3 Separate Times to see if it appears. This proves that the System is bootable and marks the partition booting the OS which will also be dual booting.

If after these changes the Win8 installation media doesn't see the target partition please post back a picture of what it does see. Where did you get Windows 8 media? How is it burned?

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I just upgraded to Windows 7 Home Premium (x64).
I have two monitors: a 24" Dell 2407WFP-HC, which is just a standard, non-touch monitor, and a Wacom Cintiq 21UX, which is a pen-enabled display.
I've got two issues, which may be related.
The Wacom is pressure-sensitive, but in Photoshop the pressure-sensitivity isn't registering. The lightest press creates a line with the same thickness as the heaviest press.
Also, every press results in the little swirling circle Tablet PC thing, which wasn't the case back when I was using Vista. In Vista I would get that only the first time I pressed the pen to the screen.
The problem seems specific to Photoshop, as I do get pressure-sensitivity in Corel Painter.
I'm not sure if this is the cause of the issue, but when I go into the Tablet PC Settings in the Control Panel, on the Display tab under Display Options there's a drop-down menu listing both monitors. When the Dell monitor is selected it says "Pen Input Available" and gives me a Calibrate button. If I choose the Wacom, it says "No Pen or Touch input is available for this display," and the Calibrate button is greyed out.
If I click the Setup button under Configure (still on the Display tab), both screens turn a light grey and the Dell screen shows a message saying "Tap this screen with your tablet pen to set it as the Tablet PC screen," with the option to hit enter to move the message to the other display. I do that, then tap the Wacom,... Read more

A:Windows 7 Touch/Pen Display Issues

In case anyone is interested...
Which monitor is listed as being Pen and Touch enabled depends on which one is set as primary. Changing it didn't resolve my Photoshop problem.
However, I took a shot in the dark and disabled "Pen Flicks." That solved the Photoshop issue.

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After upgrading from factory installed OS Windows 8.1 to Windows 10,  I began experiencing issues with laptop display (icons larger than normal, stretched screen, split screen at bottom of display).  I assumed that this was a graphics driver issue, so I began searching HP Support site for appropriate driver.  Unfortunately, I have not been able to locate a driver that supports Windows 10 under this model.  Can someone assist me with this?  Is there even a compatible driver?  Just looking for options.  Any assistance would be great appreciated.

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I'm not sure how to accurately describe this. In certain cases, my fonts just don't show up. Everything was working fine, and then when I went to a new page on my Facebook, half the text just didn't appear. I restarted my computer, but it didn't help. Any pop-up box I get doesn't have text, either. The computer works fine, I just can't see certain websites/text. I also checked my font folder and it appears that I have all the fonts I could possibly want, its not like Arial got deleted or anything. It's really starting to get irritating, so I hope someone can help! Thanks! :)

A:Windows 7 Font Display Issues

Please Try to Repair Your Computer with Windows 7 Repair Disk.

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got a 15 inch 4 k display on my laptop and im having some issues with some programs. for example, the steam login screen is extremely small, same with battle.net client login screen. ive turned off dpi for both, if it would be on, id have to deal with them being too big and blurry. anyone know what to do here ?

thanks in advance

A:windows 8.1 scaling issues with 4 k display

Seems like Windows 8.1 doesn't have support with 4K monitors yet.
Wait until Windows 10, or else research it.
Hope it helps!

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OK, so my setup is PC HDMI-> Dennon AVR HDMI-> projector.

My issue is that as of recently the video output has been spotty. What happens is the pass-through video works just fine when the AVR is off, but if I power the AVR on there is no output. It doesn't always happen, but when it does I have a hard time troubleshooting it and cannot ever figure out what the problem is. As of late, it has gotten worse and I'm very frustrated with the whole ordeal. I know it's some W7 issue, but I can't figure out how to fix this. Any help?

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Hi there,

I'm not even sure how to describe this problem, but I'll give it my best shot. In a nutshell, all my text/font display settings seem to have changed.

I downloaded a freeware program today called avi2dvd, to convert avi video files to iso files for burning to DVD. I tried it out, got frustrated with it, and uninstalled it. After I uninstalled it, I went to check my email. That's when I first noticed that all the text in my yahoo email account had changed - it seemed smaller and chunkier, like it was at a lower resolution.

I clicked on a few more pages and it was the same for all of them - the text was just not as...smooth. Not as readable. And definitely smaller. It's not just a font size thing, I'm not that much of a newbie, I tried enlarging the font and it's definitely a resolution thing, not just a font or size issue.

Then I tried out some other programs, and found out that the problem was system-wide. I use a writing program called Final Draft, and the text in that is also less readable.

Now here's the weird part. In trying out different programs to make sure it was a system-wide problem, I found one program that hadn't been affected: IE. Crazily enough, all my web pages display fine in Explorer. Go figure.

So yeah, I don't know what else I can tell you. It's driving me nuts, and any suggestions would be welcome.


A:Solved: Windows XP Display Issues

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I formatted my laptop and reinstalled Windows 7. I installed all the necessary Drivers. When I open any game (for example, Spider Solitaire) I get a popup stating graphics accelerator is not enabled or the device driver is not updated. TO resolve this I updated my Display Driver. After this windows does not shut down completely. Also, when browsing(both Chrome and IE 11), the page crashes. When I uninstall the driver update, windows shuts down fine and I dont see any page crashes in browser, but I am unable to play games and unable to watch videos (they dont play at all, sometimes I see a lag).

I have tried updating the driver automatically under Deice Manager and also through Windows Update. Both has the same results. Below are my hardware/software details.
Laptop Make - Acer Aspire 5755
OS - Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit
Display - Intel(R) HD Graphics family

A:Issues with Display Driver in Windows 7

Well as that comp has the following graphics suggest you go to Nvidia
Graphics : NVIDIA GT 540M with Optimus technology

i suspect this is a counterfiet install, if further help is required please copy/paste the output of this tool

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followedHi all,  I've purchased the Y700 Touch-15ISK Laptop (ideapad) a month ago and having some display issues. All the softwares and programs that i've downloaded to the computer as very small text and display that it's imposible to read. attached a few examples. ???? I've already updated all drivers, changed font size and followed all the instructions without any luck. Anyone can help here? Thank you

2.png ?743 KB

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(in case this gets to be TL;DR, there is a concise list of findings at the bottom of this post)
Hi; first time poster here...apparently i'm a bit rusty at building machines from the ground up, because this is the most problematic build i've ever had. I've worked through all the hardware issues (i hope), but there's still one nagging issue i have left to sort out: multiple displays.

My goal with this is to have only one monitor: my 42-inch Sony LCD. I can get Windows 7 Ult x64 to display on this monitor, but only after it's loaded and is at the login screen. Before that, it appears that my machine will not even LOAD the OS without a desktop-sized monitor (an old Dell that i haven't gotten around to taking to the shooting range yet). This was true through installing the OS: if i didn't have this smaller (19") monitor connected, it wouldn't even begin loading. It didn't show on the larger display at all until I had completely installed the OS and logged in the first time.

If i disconnect the smaller monitor, or even have it powered off, when i reconnect/turn it on, it would be sitting at a blank screen (as if it has a live feed, but nothing is displayed).
I have set Windows to ONLY display on the large one. With this setting, it STILL shows the loading screen on the dinky monitor and then flips over to the large monitor at the Welcome screen. Disconnecting the small monitor under this setting yeilds similar results: BIOS shows on large monitor, when Windows sta... Read more

A:Multiple Display issues in Windows 7 Ult x64

Welcome to TSF.

Do you have any video on the 42 inch LCD screen during POST with only it connected?

Have you tried booting to safe mode with just the 42 inch LCD connected?

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Hello, I would like to dual boot windows xp and windows 7. I currently am using windows 7 but I would like to install windows xp alongside it on a separate partition. I created the partition in disk management in windows seven and I booted from my xp disk and it goes through the beginning processes and then says entering windows setup and then goes to a blue screen saying that my computer needs to be shutdown. Please help me bypass this or something. Thanks.

A:Dual-Booting Windows XP and Windows 7 Issues

You may have installed Windows Seven in the AHCI mode.
XP will blue screen because the AHCI drivers were not installed for XP.

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I have a HP all in 1 Pavilion 23 desktop and was running windows 8.1. I pushed off upgrading to 10 until I heard about the return of the start menu. Once I heard that I went for the graded. However, i am have 2 problems.

1. My brightness is very low, being an all in one there is no physical button and the keyboard shortcuts down work. I can not find a brightness adjust in windows 10 in display or power management settings. (Updates graphic drivers did not help)

2. I have an external 500 gb hard drive I was using for backups. In 8.1 it held multiple backups without any issues. I tried to start a backup in windows 10 and half way through it says the hard drive is to small. The master drive has only 596 gb on it. After not backing up the OS and installed programs it should have plenty of space even without file compression of any sort. As on now I am not back up and it worries me.

Thank you for your help.

A:Issues after upgrading to Windows 10 (Display and Backup)

To increase the brightness, go to Settings->System->Display. There you will find a slider bar where you can adjust the brightness of the screen.

Need to know what software you are using to perform backups ?

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I purchased T480 (Type 20L5, 20L6) Laptop (ThinkPad) just a week back and the text displaying on my screen is blurred. OS is windows 10. Is there any fixes to this or could be it an issue with the display card. I tried updating the drivers and various solutions online but the text is still blurred. Please help Regards,Fawaz

A:Display issues - Blurred text on Windows 10

It is most likely driver related, and updating the driver would be the easiest thing to try.  If your system is running Windows 10 1903 and has the Intel UHD Graphics 620 adapter, you many want to try out the latest driver from Intel if you do not have it already.  The current 1903 compliant driver is Version: (Latest) Date: 6/19/2019 which is newer than the version Lenovo currently has posted. To check the versoin you are currently running, right-click on start and and select Device Manager, expand the Display Adapters section, right-click on your Intel UHD Graphics 620 adapter, select Properties, and then select the driver tab. If you decide to try the latest Intel DCH driver, you must first switch to the Microsoft Basic Display Adapter, or you will be told to use the driver from your OEM (Lenovo) when you try to install the one from Intel Before starting, download the latest Intel DCH driver for your graphics adapter using the link below, and disconnect any external monitors for the time being. Right-click on Start and select Device ManagerClick on "Display Adapters" to expand, and then double-click on your Intel HD Graphics adapterSelect the Driver tab -> "Update Driver" -> "Browse my computer for driver software" -> "Let me pick from a list of available drivers on my computer"Select ?Microsoft Basic Display Adapter?Click ?Next? (note that yo... Read more

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wasent sure how to word this as its 2 problems in one .so sorry about that. problem 1. i can not get my samsungtv to display at post in safemode or the loading screen. but it displays when window 10 is loaded. luckly i have an hp2009 monitor connected aswell as this is the only way i can display and access my bios and safemode. but it is a real pain when updating graphics drivers because if i do not have mulitmonitor enabled and switch to the hp2009 as main display when unistalling the driver i will get no signal on my samsung half way through the uninstall and have no choice but to force the reset button witch prob messes up installation.so its worrieing to say the least.. problem 2. my desktop dose not seem to display programs correclty. and sometimes i am missing icons in my start menu and background desktop unless i leave the default size of text at 100% however since my native res is 3840x2160 everything is just to dam small and its impossible to navigate properly. the recommended is 300% for my display yet if i do this most programs do not seem to take effect and are still small.and in some cases the text is out of place and cut of. it dose not display correctly. im not sure what to do.. if anyone can help that would be great.

A:980ti/samsungEU48JU6400/windows 10 display issues

Most graphics cards activate the secondary monitor only in Windows. To properly identify both monitors and have optimal resolution, you must download and install latest nVidia drivers directly from nVidia, not Windows Update. Your problems indicate that you have generic Microsoft drivers installed and you cannot select the appropriate resolution for your Samsung or change the scaling. Update the graphics drivers and then try to change settings from nVidia Control Panel. You can either select monitors in the Control Panel, or with the Win+P combination.

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I have recently upgraded my computer from XP to Windows 7. All software transferred over nicely. I am using Peachtree Complete Acct. 2012 and with Windows 7, all info and reports are difficult to read...as if in 'draft mode'. I have tried adjusting fonts and themes and Windows display settings. Nothing seems to work. I want to print a trial balance, but it is so small i would need a magnifying glass to review it. Has anyone encountered this problem and found a fix?

A:Display issues Windows 7 64bit and Peachtree

Hello Welcome to TSF! Can you post the make and model of your machine? Also I see that Peachtree requires Net Framework 3.5

Go here to download and install Microsoft Net Framework 1.1 through 3.5 Download .NET for: Desktop, Server & Development | Microsoft .NET Framework. You have to install them in order.

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