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to Find a word in a row and display the word that entered through text box

Q: to Find a word in a row and display the word that entered through text box


I need to write a macro to display the word entered through the text box. I have a column with a word say "ABC" in the row number 3. First i need to search that column, and i have a word say "No" in the work sheet . So i need to display the text(entered through text box) in the column "ABC" whereever i have the row with text "No".

I have written using the cells and the numbers, but when i dynamically change it to another column, this does not work.

Sub Gen()
TextBox1 = InputBox("Please Enter the text")
If TextBox1 <> "" Then

For j = 4 To ActiveSheet.UsedRange.Rows.Count
If Cells(j, 10) = "No" Then
If IsEmpty(Cells(j, 36).Value) Then
Cells(j, 36).FormulaR1C1 = TextBox1
Cells(j, 36).Select
With Selection
.HorizontalAlignment = xlGeneral
.VerticalAlignment = xlBottom
.WrapText = True
.Orientation = 0
.AddIndent = False
.IndentLevel = 0
.ShrinkToFit = False
.ReadingOrder = xlContext
' .MergeCells = False
End With
End If
End If
Next j
MsgBox ("The value cannot be NULL")
End If
End Sub

Preferred Solution: to Find a word in a row and display the word that entered through text box

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You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: to Find a word in a row and display the word that entered through text box

I'm still unclear what you are asking for. Is it possible to upload a sample workbook showing exactly what you want the macro to do?


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We commonly use one of the following placeholders to indicate something to check before completing a document. I would like to build a macro that is initiated when printing or saving that searches for:

? and red text and highlighted text.

I want it to start searching at the beginning of the document and let the document author modify the text or click Next - as he could if the Find routine was run from the drop-down menu.

Can anyone suggest the right code?

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I'm using hyperlinks in a word doc (2003) but when I try to edit the hyperlink so that the link has meaningful text instead, the link won't open. When I change the text, it gives me options of where to save the text on my computer and I think it's this that's the problem. Once I've changed text to display, it's 'looking' on my computer instead of on the net. Can anyone help with this? Hopefully quite soon as I've got a deadline on this doc and don't want to look like a numpty!

Thanks very much

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I am using word 2010 and windows 10 on a Dell Inspiron 5559. I have reinstalled my printer and it's drivers and I have checked that the text colour is not white.
I am having problems with printing word documents. Within a word document any images print fine, as do the lines in a table but no text will print (in any colour).
I can see the text correctly in the word print preview panel.
Even the print test page prints with no text.

Can you help? Thanks

A:Word 2010 stopped printing text in word documents

what printer is this this ?

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Hi Everyone

Does anyone know how to merge part of text from a MS Word document to a seperate MS Word document??

I need to merge: Company name, Date, First line of there address, and a specific code relating to them. which is on the first MS Word document

The Second MS Word document contains a box containing four blank rows this is were i would like this information to be merged into

I need to get round copy and pasting the information in from every document as i have over a thousand!!

If Anyone could Help i would be VERY grateful

Kind Ragards

A:Merging text from word to a sperate word doc

control -a will highlight all items to be copied.

other than that - it's pretty much cut and paste. unless you are asking about templating.

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Greetings! I've searched everywhere for the answer to this issue. It must be common, but I can't find it anywhere. I'm using MS Word 2007, but the problem was the same in 2003. I sometimes get a text box that is behind regular text. I need to move it. One normally just selects a text box and drags, or cut and paste, it where one wants. However, when it is behind text, it can't be selected. I have found no way to select normal text and "send it behind."

How do I get to this text box that is behind my regular text? I've been told to "move the regular text out of the way, then you will be able to get to your text box." But the text box moves with text!



A:Text box stuck behind regular text in MS Word 2003 and 2007, Can't select text box.

You can't post a link to your computer to post an image. We cannot access your computer. Upload the png image as an attachment please. To do that, scroll down to "Manage Attachments" then click on "Browse" to locate the file on your computer then "open" it and then click on "Upload" and submit your reply.

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hello every one

my sister done 10 pages for her course work and she alway save it on her memory stick.
but some how, when she try to save it this time it doesn't work and the the microsoft word file turn to notepad file and when she open it, it came up with lot of question marks, i hope there is a way to convert it back into words

thx for reading and help is needed

this is the corse work>>> Rescued document.txt

A:Microsoft word file turn to notepad file with non word text

any responses here?

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I'm having exactly the same problem. I want to insert data into the text form field, but I do NOT want the text in the document to move out as I type. I want the data to fit in the underlined space I've provided, without bumping out the characters outside of the form field area. It's been suggested I use the "fixed column width" but that isnt an option I have available. I have Windows XP Professional version 2002, using Windows 2003. No one has been able to answer this question, so maybe the answer is a different application needs to be used, if so, which one?Thanks.

A:Inserting text in Word doc using Forms toolbar-text keeps moving as I type

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Is this possible? In word 2013 i am making a for sale poster and i want to put phone numbers at the botton from left to right and cut between them with scissors so people can pull off the number as you have i'm sure seen many times. But how can i rotate the numbers so the text is at a 90 degree angle to the text in the body of the ad?

A:change line of text in word so it's laid out 90 degrees to other text?

Look in the character or paragraph format memu - select the angle you want. Sorry I can't provide exact instructions, I use a different Office suite, but the 'align text' or 'text alignment' feature is in most.

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I have created a document in MS Word 2010 that has a textbox with a background color. When I print the document to my printer (have tried multiple printers) or print to PDF, the textbox prints but the text itself does not print. (see attached image)

Upon further investigation of the PDF, I found that the text is actually layered below the textbox. For some reason, Word is printing the textbox on top of the text itself.

When I take the textbox, copy it to a new document, and try to print, it prints correctly.

I have also checked my printing preferences and I believe all the settings are correct.

Does anybody know how to fix this?

A:Solved: Word 2010 not printing text inside text box

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Ok this is wierd I have a client using Office 2007 pro and some of her docs that she recently updated and the problem is when she prints the docs text that she deleted is printing over the top of new text she inserted into the doc.

Now when you have said doc open in WORD the deleted text is not there in any view and does NOT show in "print preview".

I opened said doc with WORDPAD and the deleted text shows up at the bottom so its still in the word doc somewhere imbedded so it prints over the top of the actual text in the doc.

Any thoughts this has me baffled.

A:Office 2007 Word printing deleted text over new text

First thought which comes to mind is, has your client pressed "hide" instead of "Delete"...

Remove hidden data and personal information from Office documents - Excel - Microsoft Office

How do I find and remove hidden data and personal information in my Office documents?

You can use the Document Inspector to find and remove hidden data and personal information in Office documents that were created in Office Word 2007, Office Excel 2007, Office PowerPoint 2007, and earlier versions of these Office programs. It is a good idea to use the Document Inspector before you share an electronic copy of your Office document, such as in an e-mail attachment.
Open the Office document that you want to inspect for hidden data or personal information.
Click the Microsoft Office Button, click Save As, and then type a name in the File name box to save a copy of your original document.
Important It is a good idea to use the Document Inspector on a copy of your original document because it is not always possible to restore the data that the Document Inspector removes.
In the copy of your original document, click the Microsoft Office Button, point to Prepare, and then click Inspect Document.
In the Document Inspector dialog box, select the check boxes to choose the types of hidden content that you want to be inspected. For more information about the individual Inspectors, see What information can the Document Inspector find and re... Read more

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I am using MS Word 2000, I am able to insert a graphic in to a text box, my question is - Is there a way to set the text to wrap around the graphic within the text box? When formatting the graphic the layout tab is grayed out and unusable.

I have tried inserting my graphic in a seperate text box, yes the graphic is now movable, but still cannot wrap the text around this new text box with graphic.

Any help will be greatly appreciated!!!


A:Wrapping text around graphic in MS Word text boxes

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Don't know if anyone will know how to do this, I know there is a way but can't remember how to do it. I need to be able to type in a phrase, and have another phrase above it (like superscripted) but on that same line right above the main phrase. Any ideas?

I'm using Word 2000 and Window's IME to type my Japanese papers and I need to be able to put the pronunciation for some of the Kanji above the Kanji in case I foget it.

Thanks, hopefully.


A:MS WORD 2000: typing text above text in one line??

What you can do is insert a comment.

Outline the word in the document, then click on Insert, Comment.

A comment box will appear at the bottom, type in what you want, then click Close. The outlined word will know have intials after it, and if you hover the mouse over it, a comment box with whatevr you yped will appear above the word. You can double-click the initials to change the comment text.

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Well i did a big report on my computer with Word Perfect i couldnt print it so i took to school on my flash drive. IN my first class i edited it on Word 2007 and in the class i could print it they had Word 2003 and i couldnt open my file and now i cant even open it in word perfect. I doubt i can use the laptops for a while anyway i can open this on wordperfect

A:Solved: Word Perfect- Word 2003 - word 2007

If you saved the file in the "new" Word 2007 format (with a file extension of .docx) then you will be unable to open it in the other applications.

For Word 2003 you can install a converter, but I know of no XLM converter for WordPerfect.

When using Word 2007 you need to "save as" Word 97-2003 format to retain backwards compatibility.

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I know the Include Field will include part of the text from an Include File if it is in a bookmark. The format is {IncludeText "File Path" Bookmark}. I have 2 files: Source and Target.

Source is a form template. I included a Text Form Field and gave it the bookmark AA. I also included other text in a "normal" bookmark, BB.

In Target I have 2 fields: {IncludeText "C:\\Source.dot" AA} and {IncludeText "C:\\Source.dot" BB}. The text from BB shows up, but the one for AA is blank.

If I go into Source and look under Bookmarks, both AA and BB are there.

BTW, I have tried it with the Source form both "Protected" and "Unprotected" and it didn't make any difference.

Any idea why this is happening, and more importantly, any idea on how to make this work? If not, it seems like a real bug in Word 2003 as they are both definitely considered to be bookmarks.

Thank you,


A:Word 2003 - Include Text Field - Not Including Bookmark Text if in Form Field

Thread reopened for user to post solution.

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I have a document that is hundreds of pages long.

Within this document there are certain sentences, phrases that repeat and I need to find them in a practical manner.

Now I could go through manually, look for lines I suspect are repeated elsewhere and search for them, but that would take forever.

Is there any practical way to do this with Word 2010, Windows 7 Index or some other piece of software?

A:Word Document find and replace, find duplicates

Hello qochi, welcome to the forum.

Lots of information here to use in 'Search and Find' :
Find and replace text by using regular expressions (Advanced) - Word - Office.com
One simple word of advice - before proceeding, please save a copy of your document.

Please post back to let us know if that fits your needs.

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When I type something in Word, the cursor moves along but the text isn't visble. How can I rectify this ?

A:Invisble text in Word

If you highlight the text you can't see, can you see it then? If so, try changing your font color to black (if it's not already, and assuming you're on a white background).

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My I.S. co-worker approched me to see if there was a way in which you can type for example a sentence and hit return and it show up in another line with out typing it again.

This has something to do with barcodes at work and it has to be in word not excel. Any help do you think???



A:Duplicate text in Word.

Does your co-worker have a problem with cut&paste? It takes a few steps but is rather easy once you get the keystrokes down.

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Can I sort of standardize text boxes for a specific document, i.e. whenever a new textbox is inserted it always has the same height and width and is always on the same position relative to the left margin of the document?


A:Word 2010 - Text Box

Yes. Format a text box as you like including postition then select the text box. Clicking one of the points/dots/little circles in the corner of the text box makes it easier to select it and not the text inside.

Once you have it selected click the text box icon in the ribbon and you should have the option "Save Selection to Text Box Gallery", fill out the details and now you have your text box template.

If you left the category as default (General) it'll show at the bottom below the built-in text boxes the next time you click the text box icon.

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I have a multi-page text with many names, which are often repeated.
I would like to create an Index of all these names, showing on which pages they occur.

I am using the "Concordance file" method:
first I went to "Table" and entered the names in the first column;
then I went to Insert>reference> Index and Tables > Automark, and clicked on the Concordance file - which brought up my WORD file showing all paragraph and tab codes; Then I went back to Index and Tables and clicked OK, and an index did come up, but it was neither complete nor correct.

Now what?

And my original WORD file is now full of these pesky codes - how can I get rid of them?

A:Indexing WORD text

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Now unfortunately I don't have the word doc but what I saw was a doc that had some text that was underlined with 'dots'? when you copied and pasted this nothing showed? and doing print preview also did not show the text? kind of hidden? just wondering what was going on? (dots may have been the underline format?)

A:text not showing in Word doc?

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I am having problems with my Text Boxes in Word 2000. I inset my text box and place it in the location I want but what is out there is a gray 3-D looking box. When I go into the Format Text Box settings all I can do is remove the fill color. The Lines and Arrow settings areas are grayed out so I cannot even remove the lines. Also this is happening when I use any of the drawing tools, line draw, circles, etc. it puts the same 3-D looking shading on all of them and most of the settings are grayed out. For the lines and arrows...and the only settings I can access on them is the Start & End styles and line thickness. If anyone knows what is going on and can help me I would greatly appreciate it!


A:MS Word Text Box Problems

Go to View>Toolbars>Drawing to see if the Drawing toolbar is selected, if not do so. On the drawing Toolbar you will see options to apply shadows. 3D boxes etc, here you can apply or remove them.

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I want to highlight text in Word and have each character changed to an X.

How can I do that?



A:Replacing text to X in Word

"Highlight" is one of the options in Word's Replace function. Replace...format...highlight

This will replace each block of highlighted text with the replacement text. I.e. it would replace the capitals in "scraTCHmychin" (if they were highlighted) with a single x. If you want to replace each letter with a corresponding one then I don't know how to do that.

The highlighting will remain. If you don't want that you can use "no highlight" in the replace box.

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While working in Word 2003, my text is often corrected. The problem is the corrections made aren't necessary. What is causing this and what do I need to turn off?

A:Word keeps changing my text

I'm in linux, and can't do the procedure, but this should work.

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What software is available for converting a file now in PDF to Word?

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If you take a look at the word doc attached at the bottom of page 2, there is some text missing? If you acc the Header/footer it appears that this is the culprit as you can see the text behind it. Wondering what has actuallt happened and what the fix is?


A:hidden text in word doc?

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I need a way to add text comments in "Word document What I want is a way to add corrections, suggestions, etc. to the document, so that they don't interrupt the text flow, but still easy for everyone to know, which part of the sentence they are related to. They should also "disappear" when compiling the document for printing. please help me

A:how to add comments in to word text

Just google for "word document add comments". There are innumerable webpages on that subject.

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I am editing a previously created document. A portion of the text has a strange behaviour, almost as if it has been grouped together in some way.

When scrolling through the text it looks the same as everything else.
When the cursor is placed at the paragraph start of the particular text this whole portion becomes hilighted in grey.
When the cursor is placed anywhere within this particular text, this whole portion becomes hilighted in grey.
When the cursor is placed at the paragraph start of the particular text and the "shift + right arrow" is pressed to select 1 character, this whole portion becomes selected.
When the cursor is placed anywhere within this particular text and the "shift + right arrow" is pressed to select 1 character, just the one character is selected.

What I want is to remove this "grouping" (for want of a better word) so it is the same as the rest of the document.

A:MS Word text selection

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I am writing a scientific document and I need to display some errors after a numerical result, eg. Ca = 54.678 +1.321 -0.935. The only problem is that I need the two errors to be stacked on one another within the same line of text. Sort of like having the +1.321 superscripted and the -0.935 subscripted, but in the same place:
Ca = 54.678

but all on the same line.
I have seen this somewhere over the years, but I have no idea where or how they did it. I tried inserting a transparent textbox within the text, but that isn't practical, so does anyone have any better ideas?
Good luck and thanks,

A:Stacked text in Word

Insert-Object, choose Equation Editor.

It's just what you need, I think.

If you can't find it, you need to install it from the CD.

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A user is using Office97 Word , when she is typing a document and needs to go back and make changes or correct mistakes , the text she is tring to type overwrites the existing text and won't allow for spaces etc... I remember this sorta thing happening back in days I used wordperfect but do not know how to fix it. It doesn't happen all the time, and doesn't seem to matter if it's an new or existing document. I'm thinking it might be some sort of text or template setting.

Can someone please explain why word does this and how to fix this annoying typing problem, thanks in advance.

A:word and typing over text

At the bottom of the Word screen see if there is a small box with "ovr" in it and is it clearly visable (not dimmed). If so, double click it and see if it will dim. This toggles from insert to overtype mode.

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In both Word 2003 and 2007 you can begin to type something like "Dec" and it will "ask you" if you want "December" and you can hit enter and it will add it. In Word 2003, I can type a word or phrase, go to "new auto text" and give it a name (usually smaller than the actual word) and then it will do the same thing (ie: "Ent" will trigger it to ask if I want "Enterprises" and then I can hit enter to insert). Though I can create an "autotext" OPTION in 2007 that allows me to go through an autotext menu and CHOOSE to insert my special word (ie: Enterprises), I cannot find a way to get it to do the trigger to enter it for me. Has this feature been taken out of 2007 or am I just missing it?

Thanks for helping!

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hey ya'll...in word, i'm trying to get a selected text to "arch" . is this possible without using the WordArt feature, but with using whichever font i wish? thanks.

A:arching text in word

No, only using WordArt will allow text to be placed in anything but a straight line.

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I am trying to make the first 5 letters of a word (e.g. standard) format to bold whenever I type them in Word, using VBA code. I have tried a few options, and can make everything format bold, but not just the first 5 letters of a word!

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


A:Replacing Text in Word using VBA

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When I copy text into a Word 2007 document (say from an interner page) it does not take up the whole line from left to right margin. The left margins are of course fine, but if I want the text to extend to the right margin I have to go to the end of the line and hit the delete key. This enables the text to fill up that particular line, but then I have to do it on the next line. And the next....

Obviously there is a better way. Probably something incredibly simple. I just don't know what it is...

Any help?

A:Word 2007 text question

Use Find & Replace. I don't have Word 2007 on this computer, so I can't give you the exact steps. But one of the options is to find special characters such as the paragraph, newline, or carriage return. Then either put a space in the replace box or leave it blank.

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Using Office, Word, v 7.0.

I want to sort text groups by alphabet.

My document is layed out like this.



Obviously, when I entered the text, I used the enter key and it put in the paragraph after each line of text.

I want it to sort and appear as follows.



Can anybody help?
When I try to follow the help directions, it sorts every line rather than the groupings.

Has to be an easy way, but I've been unable to figure it out.


A:Office Word ver 7.0, how sort text?

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The text in my documents is in a fairly narrow column, instead of spread wide to the edges of the program screen. Things were find on another computer, but when I moved to a new PC and started loading up documents they were narrower.

Note 1: The documents print fine. It's only their appearance on the screen that's narrow.

Note 2: Nothing in the 'page setup' options area has helped.


A:Word 97: Document text is not spread out like it used to be

any thing in view
have you got web layout or print layout ??
is it set to normal

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Dear All,

I have the following issue.

I have a text in microsoft word 2010 with this style :

want to

and i want it to be converted to seem like this
i want to go home

ie, multiple lines, to become one.

Any ideas?

Thank you in advance,

A:Word 2010 - Text Condensation

me too have this problem... basically when we are copying something form the pdf format to the word one... i use to do it manually ... if some body can help it will be great

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I have Word 97 on my computer, which uses the XP operating system. No problems with Word program until a few days ago. Now, every time I launch Word, it opens with three pages of text that I cut and pasted into a previous document about a week ago. I can't figure out how to change the settings so that I get a blank document when I open a new document. Can anyone give me the answer or direct me to a site with the answer?

A:Automatic text when Word is launched

Do a search for the normal.dot file (it's a hidden one I think) and delete it. Word will create a new blank one the next time you start it.

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I have just finished writing a thesis, but have decided to put an auto header on every page (MsWord). So far, as I enter the auto header into the first page, that's all I get. How do I get it to auto header every page?

A:auto text (headers in Word)

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I hope this is an easy question for a change. I have some personal documents (about 100 pages in a few .docs & .rtfs) created by ocr software and all the text seems to be in text-box like things called 'frames'. We need to change them into ... well, regular word-processing files without the frames. Question:In Word '07 (or Office '07), how do I move (or convert?) the text within the frames to formatted text in documents, please? I think the frame-things are the biggest problem and I don't quite know the 'correct' question to ask, so here are a couple other possibile questions that might help someone find the answer I need: How do I remove the frames and keep the formatted text?How do I remove the frames but keep the text with its font-sizes and indents?I don't want the text-box things and I need to change the font anyway--what should I do to get the text and have as little formatting as possible to do after?I don't know what frames are but they are in the way, and I don't need the old page numbers, or headers, or etc., but how do I get the words and still know what bits of the words are titles, chapters, italics, etc. (if possible) to make refomatting easier on me & Mrs FC after getting just the words?Please write if you have questions or answers!F&C

A:Frames to text w. formatting in Word '07?

I still need help but I found 1 part of the solution!Happy update! To get the text without the frames:1. Turn on formatting marks in the document.2. Make sure there is a paragraph symbol somewhere on the page before the frame of text (the text-box like thingy) you want to "convert".3. Click on the text so the frame is outlined.4. Move your cursor to the edge of the frame until it becomes a crosshair cursor (the cursor you get if you were going to drag-and-drop clip-art).5. Right-click the mouse; a pop-up menu opens, click the choice "Frame Options" near the bottom of choices.6. In the bottom-left corner of the next menu-box is a "Remove Frame" button--click that and you get the formatted text at the paragraph symbol in #2!Problem Related Questions!A. Is there an easy way to do steps 1 to 6 over-and-over again quickly, please?B. How do I get Word to always show all graphics regardless of whatever "layer"(?) they are on, especially if they are transparent and covering something else?(I have to go to work now--I will explain more of what I found later. )F&C

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I just recently upgraded to Word 2007. I am having an issue that is basically making me want to pull my hair out. I am trying to create a document that has a picture in a table. I want the picture in the table, with NO effect whatsoever on the text, so when I insert the object I set the text wrapping to "behind text." However, the text IS STILL moving when I move the object. I swear I have done this a million times in older versions of Word and have never had this issue. I am at a loss. ANY help would be greatly appreciated!

A:Text Wrapping Word 2007

http://www.brad.ac.uk/lss/documentation/graphics-word2007/graphics-word2007.pdf has a good description on using the more advanced wrapping features in Word 2007.

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I want to make the .Text value = a variable so whatever I copy onto the clipboard becomes the value of .Text. In the macro below, the value of .Text is fixed. How do I get .Text to equal the clipboard content?

Sub Tempstore()

With Selection.Find
.Text = "cat"
.Replacement.Text = "^t^t"
.Forward = False
.Wrap = wdFindContinue
.Format = False
.MatchCase = False
.MatchWholeWord = False
.MatchWildcards = False
.MatchSoundsLike = False
.MatchAllWordForms = False
End With
Selection.MoveLeft Unit:=wdCharacter, Count:=1

End Sub

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Hello guys i have a word document that is formated like this

| Steve Smith| 210494837|*
| 23/04/2009 | number unavailable
| 23/07/2009 | number unavailable
| 23/08/2009 | number unavailable
| Peter Kat | 213124597|*
| 23/07/2009 | lack of information

And i want to "convert" automatically using a macro to end up like this

| Steve Smith| 210494837 | 23/04/2009 | number unavailable
| Steve Smith| 210494837| 23/07/2009 | number unavailable
| Steve Smith| 210494837| 23/08/2009 | number unavailable
| Peter Kat | 213124597|23/07/2009 | lack of information

I've tried several ways to approach this and even found something similar in this forum but i was unable to solver this problem keep in mind i'm going to do this for a word doc with 11.000 pages so that's why it isn't so pointless

Thank you and please help me

A:Parsing text in Word to become importable

Can you post a sample doc with all sensitive info removed?

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How can I make a reverse image of text in Word (Office 2010)? (change the font)

Not a Mirror Image below the text..


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I need to have text rotated 90 degrees counter-clockwise in Word 2000. I found (in help menu) how to make and format a text box to do just that, and it looks good...except for the rectangle around the text. Said rectangle was made when I made the text box, but I do not want it to print. Is there a way to rotate text without the text box? Or a way to use the text box, but hide its border when you print? (Windows XP)

A:Solved: Rotate text in MS Word

Don't know the version you're using, but try this;
Right-click on the edge of the box and click on 'Format text box'
In the tab 'Colors & lines' click on 'Color' and select 'No Line'

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Hi guys,

Is there a way to script or and option that enables text to automatically appear when you press the enter key? I want the students to be able to keep adding names into a textfield everytime they hit enter. For example:

(name, degree, department/field)
(name, degree, department/field)
(name, degree, department/field)

I want "(name, degree, department/field)" to appear on the next line when they hit enter. Any thoughts? Thanks!

A:MS Word - Auto populating text

Are you doing this in a table?

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