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How to restart touchpad without rebooting computer?

Q: How to restart touchpad without rebooting computer?

I have an Acer Aspire laptop with touchpad (Elan software). I like to use the tap to click function. About once every few days, the tap to click turns itself off. The first indication I get is often that whole swathes of cells in a spread sheet suddenly select themselves or a tab on Firefox that I've tapped starts moving about with my cursor, as though I'm clicking and dragging. I'm sure it's not the hardware as a computer reboot resolves the problem. When I go into the settings, the tap to click setting is set to on. I have tried turning it off and on but this changes nothing.
I have been told that there's a way to restart the touchpad and reload its drivers without rebooting the computer. Does anyone know how to do this and if it's a simple process I could manage myself. I'm fairly techy but have no programming knowledge?

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Preferred Solution: How to restart touchpad without rebooting computer?

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)


I just noticed that MSE is frozen - given that the icon says "Scanning" I'm guessing it's been frozen since sometime during last night's daily scan, if not the night before that, etc. etc.

What I then discovered is that I can't kill MSE via the Task Manager - it just says "Access Is Denied". Even running taskkill from an elevated command prompt can't kill it.

That said, how can I restart MSE without restarting my entire computer?

A:Restart MSE without rebooting the whole computer?

It is protected from being killed - for obvious reason.

Restarting the computer is your best solution.

I would...
...uninstall MSE
...re-install MSE
But, that is just me.

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Hey kinda in a pretty bad situation right now.

about a week or 2 ago I downloaded the windows 8.1 update for my Samsung Series 7 chronos model NP700Z5C-S02UB I never installed the update after I downloaded it though. During the last week I notices the mute led on my keyboad wasn't lighting up and then tonight I realized the Fn brightness controls weren't working si i went to restart my laptop. When I did that I guess Win 8.1 decided to finish its installation after I had forgotten about it and now my laptop starts to boot shows the samsung logo screen for 2-3 seconds then automatically restarts. I can access the BIOS menu but I can't seem to get to the safe mode menu by pressing F8/ Ctrl+F8 or any combination of that. I was trying to do some searching and i'm seeing that I need to download and update some drivers to fix my issue. My laptop has the NVIDIA GT640M graphics card on it

Any help is greatly appreciated. I have too much important stuff on the laptop to go back to my last backup.

A:Win 8.1 installed on restart now computer keeps rebooting

I came across this thread in my search. it seems some people were having a similar issue.
Just a black screen and a cursor after 8.1 update

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How do I restart DLNA server without rebooting the computer? I've set up my Sony Blu-Ray player to connect wirelessly to my LAN. It does this perfectly. All the settings are correct and I can connect to the internet to reach all of Sony's applications.

The problem is with using Windows Media Player's built-in DLNA Server capability. On a fresh reboot, the blu-ray connects perfectly and I am able to stream media from my computer to the blu-ray. However, at some point when I'm not using the blu-ray, its ability to connect to the PC drops. The next time I go to stream my media, the blu-ray tells me the server is starting but it never does.

If I reboot my computer, it works perfectly again. Every time I reboot though, I stand a chance of losing my entire system. I'm constantly having to do start-up repairs on reboots (but that's another problem entirely). There has to be a service or a file that is causing this disconnect that I could restart or reload or unload or something other than a reboot.

It could possibly be my Kaspersky 2014 doing something weird, but I'd think it wouldn't suddenly decide on its own to disconnect the DLNA server connection. The next time I have this problem, I'll pause all protection to see if that helps.

In the meantime, does anyone know what I could reset when I lose the connection?

A:How do I restart DLNA server without rebooting the computer?

Now that I reworked the title, I was able to play with my Kaspersky. If I pause all protection, the blu-ray can connect to the DLNA server. Once I resume protection, the connection is gone again. It's odd that this protection against my own network isn't there after a reboot, but comes in later. Does anyone know what I'd be looking for in my security software that could be getting blocked? I've found no settings that ask for a MAC address or an IP. I must just be looking in the wrong places.

Yes, I can try the Kaspersky forum, but they've never been helpful before and I don't hold much hope for this either.

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I have restored my computer to the factory settings.( emachine T6520, Windows XP) It went through all the steps to restore my computer. Once it was done configuring it said : click on restart , I did. Once it shut itself down and started to reboot the Windows XP screen came up saying please wait.... Nothing else happens, it just stays on this screen and never restarts. What do I do? I do not know if this has anything to do with it but when it was configuring it went thru 1/36 screens. Once it was on 30/36 it seemed to repeat itself and then it jumped to 36/36 that when it said to click to restart. I have also tried powering down the computer and restarting. It restarts and stays on the Windows XP screen saying please wait...

A:Will not restart after rebooting

See if you can start in Safe Mode, then check device manager to see if any drivers are missing.

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hi friends,
i just installed w7 ultimate in my PC.
after installing OS i just restarted the system. but it is not restarting. monitor is off and CPU light also glowing. monitor shows black screen. it is not responding.
if i forcebly shut down it and start means it is booting normally. while restarting only it is not responding.
please suggest me.

A:rebooting after restart

Welcome to Windows Seven Forums.

Try running a startup repair: Startup Repair

Further information here: What to do if Windows won't start correctly

And here: Windows Vista or Windows 7 no longer starts, and the Startup Repair tool does not fix the problem

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My computer has a problem that whenever you try to restart it,
or shutdown and turn on, it gets stuck on the first boot screen.
(Before windows xp is booted)
I need to restart to install a program, but i need to do it without getting to that boot screen.

A:I need to restart withouth rebooting

Can you boot into Safe Mode? (press F8 at bootup till you get the Advanced Boot Menu) Here go to Start/Run and type chkdsk C: /R and press enter, Now type a Y and reboot the computer. the Check Disk utility will try and fix any file errors at the next boot up.

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I have had this problem since I built this computer 6 months ago. When I restart, i dont think the mobo is restarting, because nothing shows up on the moniter, and there is a beep from the mobo when it starts normally, and when i check system logs, there are no logs during the time of the warm restart, the logs dont start until the time of the cold start. I never fixed it because it wasnt a big deal, i hardly ever restart my computer and if i need to, i simply shut it off, and do a cold start. Another symptom is if i shut the computer down for sometimes 1mn to 15mns, it automatically boots back up, it's really weird. It has nothing to do with the virus trouble I recently had, as i stated, this problem was occuring since I built it. The problem might be drivers, anyone know a good place to find all the drivers i need?

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Windows has downloaded some update files 1607 to drive C but when rebooting it doesn't even start the update at all it just reboots as normal with the update options still present in the start menu no errors just no update attempted.

I've ran the update troubleshooter and tried checking for more updates but it doesn't stop searching for them.
Would it be safe to delete the update files on drive C and see if windows re-downloads them again maybe?

I've downloaded the anniversary update exe. but it looks like its stuck at 0%

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Hi everyone. I made a mistake on a Toshiba laptop. I turned off the touchpad in Device Settings. Now the touchpad is dead & I don't have a mouse to navigate with. I need to restart the touchpad without the use of any mouse. Is there a way to navigate in Mouse Properties to Device Settings to restart the touchpad?

A:Need to restart touchpad using just keyboard.

hi well you could use the tab and arrow keys and the enter button to navigate to device manager.

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Can someone give me some advice on how to remove the automatic restart on my XP SP3 based PC which is continuously rebooting without stopping at the error screen that indicates what the issue is?

The error screen is only visible for a second before the reboot begins.

Without Windows access to the startup options, is there a way to disable auto restart?

A:Solved: How to edit Automatic restart option when system continously rebooting

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I have purchased a new z50-70 and have had it for a week, part number:59436278. Most of the time the touchpad works very well, but I have found problems when a very small piece of dust finds its way on the touchpad or a very slight moisture is on my fingertips. This is frequently causing the touchpad to not be as responsive as it should be. Frequently, the touchpad won't move properly, just moving slightly when it would normally move all over the screen, I have to either blow air on the touchpad or wipe it with a paper towl or something of that sort to get it to work properly. Sometimes it occurs for no reason also. When the touchpad is working properly the computer is great to use, I am wondering if there is anything I can do, possibly update the BIOS?
On an unrelated note, I was using microsoft word earlier in the day and the computer restarted really out of the blue, the screen went black and then the black lenovo screen appeared. I did not to my knowledge do anything to cause this and there was no update pending. I adjusted the position of my computer before hand, is it possible that I may have hit the system restore button? Whatever it was it's very important to me that I prevent this from happeneing again in the future, as I am frequently doing things that I would rather note lose. Any ideas on what happened, or suggestions on how to prevent this in the future?
Thank you.
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A:Problems with Touchpad and a random restart (Z50-7...

Hi, I tried to search after the solution for my (my girlfried's) problem  with her laptop but I didn't found nothing... The problem is the following :  If she slides her finger on the touchpad suddenly jumps over with 2 - 3 cm or across the screen, or if she wanna click on something jumps over or just simply she cant move on a button because it's "shakes" around ... Sometimes I feel like "somebody" controlls her laptop with an another mouse.  To find out that's the windows 8 's problem or the touchpad's problem we bought a microsoft wirelles mouse and it worked without any problem...  I uninstalled the touchpad driver , tried to disable and enable but nothing helped for me.... Probably the touchpad is faulty ?  I hope so I 'll recive good answer or solution ...

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I have a pavilion dv9000 notebook running XP and every time I change the pointer speed for the touchpad to its fastest setting it will reset itself to the default setting after I shutdown and reboot. I need the touchpad on its fastest setting because of the wide screen and the fact that I don't always have my wireless mouse w/ me.

The only cause I can think of is having a Logitech wireless mouse installed. The setpoint.exe program for the wireless mouse runs in the background whether or not the mouse is connected. Could this be the problem?

Any advice is greatly appreciated!

A:Touchpad Settings Reset After Restart

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Hello everyone,

Insert any USB device to this computer, Computer keeps restarting and it wont stop doing that until I remove the usb device. I tried with all the usb ports on this computer and problem is the same. Even by hooking up a usb keyboard or mouse, computer wont get to the login screen. it keeps on restarting. It wont even go into 'safe mode'.
Anyone have any clue whats going on and the solution to fix it?

My appreciations in advance!.

A:Insert a USB device to this computer, It is going to restart and restart and restart

scroll down to 400, might help.


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ŬI have a HPTouchsmart 600 PC desktop with windows 10 installed on it.  I used my pc ,and when I was done, I put it on sleep mode.  The next morning I went to use it and it would not boot up.  It goes to the screen that gives me the choice of :   ESC. (Boot Menu)    F9 (Diagnostics)   F10  (Set Up)   F11(System Recovery) .  I can go to these, such as Boot Menu, but I am affraid I will mess something up. If you don't choose any of these, a black screen comes up that says  "bootmgr missing"  "press Ctrl/Alt/Del  to restart.   Nothing happens and goes back to black screen "bootmgr missing"......... Never had any problem before; most important is recovering my pictures.  I have the "My Passport Ultra", Auto and Cloud backup (2TB).  I got to place where I got my computer ready to save on cd disc, but stopped. Take too many discs. It won't let me go to a system recovery point because i am in (i think it's called) recovery mode and I can't get out of it to set a recovery point.   It seems that it is my OS, everything that I've tested says it's ok.Please, anyone with any suggestions.  Thanks, bmw1

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Have Toshiba Satellite L355-S7905 with Vista. Several days ago, my keyboard stopped working. Then followed my touchpad. My power light is also not working.
Keyboard works in Bios and at Startup brand screen. Have uninstalled and updated drivers for keyboard and touchpad. Checked Bios, everything is fine in there.
I redid the computer back to out of box settings. Still didn't work. The computer won't shut down properly when I restart. It will go black like it has shut down but I have to press the power button to completely turn it off and then press it again to get it back up. I flashed Bios and check boot order, nothing.
Now that I redid my computer. My updates hang after updating Windows update agent. I have let it check for updates for 27 hours and nothing. I installed IE9. Disabled firewall. Nothing.
The other day power went out and drained my battery until it went off. When starting it back up, keyboard worked again, and so did restart. After several hours, keyboard stopped working. I have taken battery out, and power plug and pressed power button for 30 secs and then replaced battery and turned it on. Still nothing.
So keyboard is not working, touchpad not working, power light is off even though computer is on, volume dial not working, but did after battery drained from loss of power. It's not restarting properly and checking for updates just hangs for over 27 hours now. Many problems all at once, can anyone help me?

A:Keyboard, touchpad, restart and update problems

Forgot to mention the updates worked when I redid it months ago finally after deleting Norton and norton's registry keys. It finally found the updates after six hours. That was in early March last time I recovered to out of box setting.

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Have Toshiba Satellite L355-S7905 with Vista. Several days ago, my keyboard stopped working. Then followed my touchpad. My power light is also not working.
Keyboard works in Bios and at Startup brand screen. Have uninstalled and updated drivers for keyboard and touchpad. Checked Bios, everything is fine in there.
I redid the computer back to out of box settings. Still didn't work. The computer won't shut down properly when I restart. It will go black like it has shut down but I have to press the power button to completely turn it off and then press it again to get it back up. I flashed Bios and check boot order, nothing.
Now that I redid my computer. My updates hang after updating Windows update agent. I have let it check for updates for 27 hours and nothing. I installed IE9. Disabled firewall. Nothing.
The other day power went out and drained my battery until it went off. When starting it back up, keyboard worked again, and so did restart. After several hours, keyboard stopped working. I have taken battery out, and power plug and pressed power button for 30 secs and then replaced battery and turned it on. Still nothing.
So keyboard is not working, touchpad not working, power light is off even though computer is on, volume dial not working, but did after battery drained from loss of power. It's not restarting properly and checking for updates just hangs for over 27 hours now. Many problems all at once, can anyone help me?

A:Keyboard, touchpad, restart and update problems

Forgot to mention the updates worked when I redid it months ago finally after deleting Norton and norton's registry keys. It finally found the updates after six hours. That was in early March last time I recovered to out of box setting.

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Hey, my hp envy  x360 keyboard and touchpad stop working after restart or sleep and the pc opens up in table mode, moreover autorotation do not works. But when I shut it down and start again it works fine. Can some body tell me how to fix this issue.

A:HP Envy x360 Keyboard and Touchpad do not work after restart...

Hello @Deep284, Thank you for visiting the HP Support Forums! The forums are a great place where you can find solutions for your issues, with help from the community! I read your post about the keyboard issue, and wanted to assist you!  I understand that it seems like you are having multiple issues with the Operating System. Did this issue start to happen recently, or did you always have trouble with the notebook?  Did you install any updates recently?  If so, you can first try performing a System Restore, to set the notebook back to its previous working state. If that does not work, then try resetting the notebook using the following document: HP PCs - Microsoft Push-Button Reset (Windows 10) Next, make sure that all of you drivers are up to date, using the Windows Update. Please let me know if this information helps you resolve the issue by marking this post as "Accept as Solution", this will help others easily find the information they may be looking for.  Also, clicking the Thumbs up below is a great way to say thanks! Have a great day!

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I'm working out of a computer repair shop and we've got an L450 that randomly stops receiving any input from the touchpad.  It seems to particularly happen when you try to do anything "complicated" such as move the mouse as press in the trackpad at the same time, or double tap the trackpad to move something. The only way to have it start working again is shutting down and restarting the notebook completely. We've replaced both the trackpad and the motherboard, and it still happens. So it's definitely a software-side issue. It happens on both Windows 8.1 and Windows 10, on both the drivers available from the product page and the newer drivers found through having Windows search for driver updates available online. After some research, I'm seeing that Lenovo notebooks seem to be a fairly common problem across many models spanning the last 5 years or so. Anyone got any ideas? The notebook is sadly 1 month out of warranty, so sending it in is no longer an option.

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 is anyone else having this problem ? I have 2 of these 5555 s and they both have the same problem

A:touchpad 5555 stops working have to restart to regain control.

Which version of windows is on both system ? Windows 10, 8.1 or 7 ? The touchpad is by Dell ? If you don't know, type Device Manager onto search box and then expand Mice And Other Pointed Devices, see image below:

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I have to update my Vaio Update software (version 3) to version 4. The instructions on the Sony website say:

1. Download the file to a temporary or download directory (Please note this directory for reference later).
2. Uninstall the existing VAIO Update and restart the unit.
3. After the unit has restarted, please go to the directory where the file was downloaded and double-click EP0000162589.exe.
4. Follow the instructions displayed in the installation wizard.
5. After installation is completed, please restart the computer.

All is clear to me, except that I don't know whether "unit" is another word for "computer", or something different altogether...? If they mean the same thing, then the same word should be used. Anyway, I don't know whether I have to reboot my computer after removing Vaio Update 3 or whether I can install version 4 directly after removing version 3. Sorry if this sounds silly.

A:Solved: Restart the unit=restart the computer? Didn't understand Vaio Update instruct

ok download the file to for example my docs next uninstall version3 and restart your comp next get the file from my docs double click the exe follow the wizard instructions when finished restart again hope this helps

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I have my daughter's computer here, trying to fix it. She's a single mom with not much money so she has no way of taking it in and having it fixed. It started shutting down with a blue screen with a bunch of writing on it that shut down too fast to read. I caught page fault and memory dump. I tried to restore to an earlier date, but it wouldn't do it. I tried a system recovery, and it still did it. I did a full system restore and now after it installs...when it goes to reboot...it goes to the boot options i.e. safe mode, last known good configuration, etc. It does it over and over. Sometimes that blue screen with all the writing will pop up before it reboots. Any suggestions, short of shooting it and burying it, would be much appreciated. She was so excited that her sister gave her the computer and now this!


A:Full System Recovery Then Rebooting And Rebooting And Rebooting.....

Without being able to see the error message, it's hard to tell. But I'd guess it's one of two things: either the hard drive is too full or a piece of hardware, such as a drive or sound card or something, has failed. If the hard drive is too full and there isn't enough RAM to load Windows into, it tries to swap some data over to the hard drive, but being no room, it simply shuts down and dumps the memory. There are things that can possibly be done for this, but more info is needed. If you have upgraded Windows from an earlier version, and the system is a FAT 32 system, you can get in and delete files with a Windows boot disk, such as from Windows 98. Sometimes, you can start the system with something like Ultimate Boot Disk, which uses a scaled-down Linux operating system, and then use included tools to delete or move files.

If a device has failed, the only way to troubleshoot it is to remove devices. If you get lucky, you can find the bad one.

When you restored Windows, I'm guessing you did an over-the-top reinstall, and didn't lose any data, is that right? Or did you do a complete wipe and restore?

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I have a laptop with Win 7 and Dell DDP that keeps rebooting after error message "Windows has now to restart because the CMGShield service terminated unexpectedly". It is in a loop. It keeps restarting.
How can I fix it?

Thank you,

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I saw another user had this same issue and have learned from that I need to analyze the Event Viewer and then look at the .dmp files to acertain the posible cause of this XP server rebooting a few times a day without warning.

I have attached the .dmp file here (I cannot get windows to read it).

Can anyone analyze it to see what may be the cause?

Thanks so much!

A:Computer rebooting. Event Viewer says: The computer has rebooted from a bugcheck

The minidumps are flagging iaStor.sys and tcpip.sys. Is XP fully udated to Service Pack 3 and beyond?

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My computer has started restarting itself several times a day... I looked in the event log and see a bunch of these errors (listed below)

Can anyone tell me how to look in the memory.dmp file? I cannot seem to get it to upload on this site, it keeps erroring out. (Perhaps a work firewall) ... I can attach it later if that would help ... can anyone help me figure out what is causing this? This computer was previously working fine. I *think* this loosely correlates with when I updated to Microsoft Office 2010, but I'm not 100% sure about that.

The computer has rebooted from a bugcheck. The bugcheck was: 0x0000007f (0x00000008, 0x8e7e4750, 0x00000000, 0x00000000). A dump was saved in: C:\Windows\MEMORY.DMP. Report Id: .

- System

- Provider

[ Name] Microsoft-Windows-WER-SystemErrorReporting
[ Guid] {ABCE23E7-DE45-4366-8631-84FA6C525952}
[ EventSourceName] BugCheck

- EventID 1001

[ Qualifiers] 16384

Version 0

Level 2

Task 0

Opcode 0

Keywords 0x80000000000000

- TimeCreated

[ SystemTime] 2011-11-03T14:33:13.000000000Z

EventRecordID 28351


- Execution

[ ProcessID] 0
[ ThreadID] 0

Channel System

Computer CMCD088574


- EventData

param1 0x0000007f (0x00000008, 0x8e7e4750, 0x00000000, 0x00000000)
param2 C:\Windows\MEMORY.DMP

A:Computer rebooting. Event Viewer says: The computer has rebooted from a bugcheck

How to find and post your Minidump Files:

My Computer > C Drive > Windows Folder > Minidump Folder > Minidump Files.

It is these files that we need (not the folder). Attach to your next post the five most recent dumps. Notice the Manage Attachments button at the bottom when you go to post the next time. You can Zip up to five files per Zip; if you only have one or two you don?t need to zip them, just attach as is. Please do us a favor and don?t Zip each one individually

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When I try to restart the computer from the start menu it shuts off. It takes about an hour or two before you get the HP logo and then windows starts. It has been doing this for a few months now. Other than this it goes to the internet and does everything
else just fine. At this time I do not have 800 dollars to purchase a new computer. What is the problem. In BIOS there is section that says "BIOS days start, from Sunday to Saturday, with hours and minutes.
What should the parameters for this section be? I have a HP OMNI 120-1120t Intel (Leon) IC NA PC, BIOS LEO_707.rom V7.07, that is running WIN7 PRO 64-Bit Service Pack 1.
How can I stop this from happening?
There are no threads relating to this issue.

Tony A. Smith,III.

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Hello I am fairly new at these type of forum boards and posting information accurately! So please bear with me!!

I am having some problems with my brother's computer, which used to be a emachine
w888 and lucky for us had never had problems with it till the motherboard before it recently was fried!

So my mom and I decided to upgrade his entire computer and the only part that is actually part of the WHOLE emachine is the hard drive put into the new tower.

So we got in the new barebone system and the mobo in it is a K7MNF-64 with an AMD XP Thoruoghbred 2800+ *even though the reciept says different for our motherboard*. Anyways the computer is running Win XP Home SP2 and whatever is on our emachine restore CD.

Well we turned it on and the computer automatically tells us to select the computer to start normally or boot in safemode with or without netowrking. Well any selction we choose after the computer just reboots.

Now I have checked the cables to the power supply, the IDE cables and floppy cables and everything is in tact and everything is running fine.

But just to seem sure of myself I did boot to the DOS prompt from the restore CD and I noticed with that CD I cannot access the C drive and basically says it is not there! The BIOS does pick up our Hard Drive, so maybe was thinking if that was the whole issue was the hard drive??

But was also thinking that maybe an emchaine hard drive was unable to access on a computer other then an emachine!!

Any help is appreci... Read more

A:Upgrade computer keeps rebooting after selecting to start computer normally

You're sort of right on the hard not being able to use the rest of the computer. What's happening is windows is trying to use the old hardware from before the upgrade.

It's kind of an easy fix. You will need a full version of windows xp. Basically, you make like you are going to do a clean install. Windows setup will detect an existing installation and ask if you would like to repair this installation. You do. All your data will remain intact from programs to music. You will have to visit windows update and apply any necessary updates.

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My gateway laptop keeps reebooting itself. It goes to a blue screen for a second ,ntfs.sys page_fault_in nonpaged_area 0x0000000050(oxe1261000, ox00000000, oxf703b695 ox000000001. I have tried recovery disc and cannot get anywhere. Please if someone can help. Thanks

A:computer keeps rebooting

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Hello guys I am new to this forum. I have a really ig problem. My computer keeps rebooting!! I have replaced my motherboard...my memory, cpu and video card. etc. checks out well on other motherboards. I formatted my hardrive, reloaded windows (painstakingly cause it keeps rebooting then too), tried a HD someone wasn't using..still keeps rebooting...Even though I've finally loaded XP...still reboots..randomly..getting error messages about it may be my hardware, IP or something else..can't recall at this pt in time...checked my boot log...which says some drivers haven't been loading..specifically...Did not load driver Processor.Did not load driver Audio Codecs..and some more of those..and at the end there's Did not load driver AFD.SYS..a lot of times.. I Need HELP this is driving me up a wall.

A:Computer keeps rebooting

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when trying to turn the computer on it keeps rebooting itself , it won't stay on. After a while it will stay on after many attempts.
When i can get it to stay on it gives me overclocking faild message
any ideas whats going on?

A:computer keeps rebooting

Could it be the power supply?

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basically what has been happening for the last month or 2 my computer has been rebooting on a daily basis and whenever it reboots (normally while im on guild wars, flyff or Runescape) but sometimes it occurs when the computer is on and idle when it reboots it diplays the blue windows screen on startup i have scanned for viruses nothing scanned for spyware (using ad aware 2007 fully updated) and found nothin i print screened the last error report i got from windows i hope this helps you to better understand the problem (using windows xp)Link to print screen of error code

A:Computer Keeps Rebooting Can You Help Me Please

It looks like a driver error, I need a little bit clearer screenshot to be sure.

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My computer keeps rebooting for no apparent reason. It will sometimes do it right away or it will reboot after a few hours. It is getting real old especially when it happens while I am playing games online. It is not a heat issue because I have my computer case off and a fan blowing into it. The wires are not loose because I have checked. I have changed it so that I will see a BSOD everytime an error occurs and here is what the message says everytime--- Driver_IRQL_Not_Less_or_equal

Stop oxoooooD1 (OXBACEFACE)
emkx2k.sys - address f807262e base at f803c00, date stamp 3bb96773

Does anybody know what this means????
Here are my specs
Windows XP
Radeon 8500
Sb Audigy
512 megs ram
20 gig harddrive

A:Computer keeps rebooting

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My 550 mhz computer keeps rebooting after it's on for 0 or 15 mins. No beep codes. could it be a cooling problem? Thanks!

A:Computer Keeps rebooting

Check and make sure your fans are all working.
check that the cpu heatsink/fan is attached properly.
Use some compressed air to blow out the dirt and dust from the case, case openings, and fans.

Try removing the cover and place a small fan blowing into the case, does that help the problem. If so, you either need to fix or add some additional cooling

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Thanks for your help.

Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
Scan saved at 10:00:40 PM, on 7/8/2007
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP2 (6.00.2900.2180)

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Digidesign\Drivers\MMERefresh.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Command Software\dvpapi.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\LightScribe\LSSrvc.exe
C:\Program Files\Alcohol Soft\Alcohol 120\StarWind\StarWindService.exe
C:\Program Files\Viewpoint\Common\ViewpointService.exe
C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.6.0_01\bin\jusched.exe
C:\Program Files\Zero Knowledge\Freedom\Freedom.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\AOL\1161310148\ee\AOLSoftware.exe
C:\Program Files\Creative\SBAudigy2ZS\Surround Mixer\CTSysVol.exe
C:\Program Files\Creative\SBAudigy2ZS\DVDAudio\CTDVDDet.EXE
C:\Program Files\Creative\MediaSource\RemoteControl\RCMan.EXE
C:\Program Files\Adobe\Acrobat 5.0\Distillr\AcroTray.exe
C:\Program Files\Viewpoin... Read more

A:My computer keeps rebooting

Anyone see anything fishy with my HiJack Log?

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hi, all, here is my problem:
my computer has been rebooting itself without any notice for the past year, during this time i have reformatted my computer twice but see no improvement. at first it will maybe does this once a week or so, lately is getting worse to a point 3, 4 times a day, which i can't stand it anymore. i have used couple antivirus program to scan my system and found nothing, currenlly have kaspersky running. so please help me to solve this nightmare.

here is my system specs:
Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 2.80GHz
Intel motherboard Model D865PERL
Version AAC27646-208
Serial Number AZRL32500271
Version RL86510A.86A.0089.P21.0502132202
1G memory
windows xp on 120g maxtor
2 more 160g harddrives
video card: sapphire radeon x1600 pro
after the first format, i only saw 2 kind of error messages
stop: 0x0000008e (0xc0000005,0xbf804996,0xa6e6986c,0x00000000)
win32k.sys- address bf804996 base at bf 800000, datestamp 43446a58

stop: 0x0000001a (0x00041284, 0x05396001,0x0000029e0,0xc0503000)

After second format, which i updated the bios and it has since been going crazy, i saw a total 7 different ones. here it goes.

STOP:0x000000D1 (0x000000B9, 0x00000002,0x00000000,0xAA348A6F)
tcpip.sys - address AA348A6F base at AA33F000, datestamp 444775d3

2. STOP: 0x0000008E (0xC0000005,0xF79ABDA1,0xF77E6A94,0X00000000)
npfs.sys - address F79ABDA1 BASE AT F79A7000, datestamp 41107b86

stop: 0x000... Read more

A:computer rebooting every so often

It could be down to your computer is overheating,a very common problem that can cause rebooting, can you hear the fan running? it may well be that the vents at the back of the computer (asuming its a tower you have) are blocked with dust etc and require cleaning to allow the heat to escape,thats the first thing you should check,it may be that you need to get inside the computer and give it a good blow out with compressed air .....if you click on this site http://www.tigerdirect.ca/static/html/heatprotect.html it will give you a good idea about overheating .....

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I am running xp , but it keeps on rebooting after i switch on.Non error messages.

It tends to do it every five to ten minutes. I have clean installed on a new disk recently with XP pro, and i made sure i cleaned everything outn in the pc so no dust.

Any help would be appreciated.

A:Computer keeps on rebooting

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ok my desktop [compaq // windows xp sp2] keeps restarting and restarting and i cant even get to the desktop page. it all started when i installed a program which needed to be installed in safe mode, ok so i restarted it in safe mode and installed the program then it said it need to be restarted in order for the program to be active or watever, ok so i did it ... then it restarts and right where the login page would be at, it restarts AGAIN

could any of you guys help me out?!

A:computer help // keeps rebooting

Can you reboot to safe mode?
If so, then uninstall the program you installed, and see if that solves the problem.

If you don't mind, what is the program you installed that you would have to do it in safe mode?

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:knock: hi can anyone help over the last few days when i start my pc in the morning it goes as far as the blue screen then reboots it does this for about 20min so i cant get on my pc can anyone help thx bobyboy

A:computer keeps rebooting xp

More Info...


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Hiya peeps im new to all this and i have just rebooted my computer with a disk that i got off the person i bought the computer off ages ago and its booted up ok but then when it comes to the welcome screen it asks for a password but i totally have no idea wot this is. Now it wont let me do anything else like try another disk to reboot it with or anything, Just wondering if there was a way of turning this password thing off so it doesnt come up or if there is anything else i could do please, any help would be very helpfull, thanks

A:rebooting my computer

Can you please give us a little more information.

What is this disk you are using to boot with?
Why are you booting off a disk?
Are you having problems booting normally?
Have you tried leaving the password blank and just pressing ENTER?

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I used my laptop this evening, shut it down, carried it downstairs to use it and when I turned it back on I got a screen that said : Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt \Windows\System32\Config\Sytem

It then says I can repair it if I boot from the original CD and select R on the first screen. I did this and then it just asks me which installation I want to do, but it only gives me one option. When I select that option (which I believe is C:\Windows nothing happens.

The only other option I am given is to install Windows XP, except when I try to do this it says that there is already an OS on the partition I selected. About a month ago the laptop died and we had to reinstall the OS and erase the hard drive in order to do so. I know that if I install windows XP at this point it will take me back to square one. Everything important was backed up, but as many of you know it takes several days from the reboot to get everything else reinstalled and working on the computer. Last time I had to reinstall all the drivers. So, I would prefer not to do that again. Is there any other way to fix this short of reinstalling the OS?

I'm also curious why this keeps happening. I ran a security scan 2 days ago and we use Zone Alarm for our firewall, so how do I keep getting viruses that disable my laptop like this?

Thanks for any help you can provide. My laptop is a Dell D810 Latitude

A:Need help rebooting computer

For clarity, are you saying you haqve had viruses since you reinstalled XP? Are you able to boot into Safe Mode? If so then access the internet and do a search for ESET's NOD32 free online scanner. This is compeltely safe to do by one of the best antiviruses on the market(you will have to allow them to install their Active X). Let it do a full scan. I would also suggest you go to the Virus & Malware forum here and read the UPDTATED 8 Step sticky.

There are better options than Zone Alarm that don't take up nearly the system resources.

The #1 security against infections are internet habits. One can have the very best in security software but a persons decisions will overrride.

The second best thing is to have a router. I cannot streess enough the absolute importance of a router. Followed by a good antivirus; then a firewall and antispyware/antimalware programs.

Besides ZA, what are your other softwares for security?

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This is a new motherboard, cpu, memory and drive. It was working previously with 2GB of Ram. It came with 4GB Ram but one of them was bad so they sent 2 new ones and we sent them back the bad ones. Put the new RAM in and computer started up ok for just a few minutes and then it started rebooting on its own. It will get as far as the windows start up screen then reboots. Before the windows start up screen pops up we get a blue screen with writing but it flashes on and off so fast we can't tell what it says.

When rebooting we get a good solid single beep and if we go into CMOS it shows that the memory is there and that it is working. What can be causing the problem? Could it be a conflict with the memory and motherboard?

Any help you can give us would sure be appreciated.


A:Help! Computer keeps rebooting

I would remove the new RAM and see if the problem continues What brand did you buy and are you positive it's compatible?

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I recently fitted in a new power supply and it worked fine for a week. But now everytime I turn my computer on it reboots after about 2 minutes with no warning signs. Its like every button on the front of my computer is being swtiched on, the disc tray opens and closes, the floppy disk drive opens and shuts and the computer reboots. Any suggestions please?


A:Help - Computer Keeps Rebooting

Hi Ayden,

First, with the PC turned off, I would disconnect all peripherals except keyboard, mouse and monitor, open the case and carefully disconnect power and data connectors to the floppy and all optical (CD/DVD) drives.

Start the PC to test it and report back.



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hey all, i'm sure this might have already been discussed here, so if it has sorry.

i have a emachine W3507, (i know ..lol) i recieved one error message before it froze up. kernel 32.dll might be missing. ok, so i did a full system restore with the op disc. i don't care about loosing anything on this computer, just want it to run again. now it says-- NTDLR is compressed press Ctrl+Alt+ Del to restart. it just loops over and over. can't start in safe mode, i went to other sites to try and fix this and got no where. so, geeks, can you fix it ? thanks, ahh computers lol

A:Computer keeps rebooting

See if these help:




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I am having problems with a laptop. I updated Spybot from a mirror site (Fast test) and when I went to re-start the computer, it goes through the entire start-up, I get to the desktop, but a McAfee window pops up telling me that Active X control is not updated. (It has been that way for a while, Ive always just closed it). It seems to be stable then, wham, it reboots. I tried a restore point almost a month back with no positive result. I can't figure out, as the only thing that has been done is the update for Spybot.

Spybot does not detect anything. Thanks for any help.


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My computer randomly reboots. I get this box that pops up, and tells me that Windows/System Authority needs to shut down my computer. It counts down from 60, and then reboots. This happens maybe once or twice a day. I have updated my virus definitions, and done a full system scan, and nothing was found. I even downloaded the sasser fix from Symantec and ran it...for the heck of it, but it said the sasser worm was not found on this system.

I also went into services and looked at the RPC properties to make sure that none of the settings were configuring for reboot. They are all set as "Take No Action."

Any ideas how I can keep the system authority from rebooting my computer?

A:computer rebooting

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brand new computer as of 8/5 and the screen goes black and reboots alot, also when it reboots it says locked under my name, so how do I fix this?

A:new computer,keeps rebooting

Hello angelhomebody, welcome to Seven Forums!

Have you changed any settings in the BIOS?

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