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Crack/tear on a ThinkPad L440

Q: Crack/tear on a ThinkPad L440

Dear Thinkpad Community I've got something strange with my ThinkPad L440. During closing the sceen the left hinge has made a crack/tear in the plastic cover on the back, near the air intake and the charger port. Does anyone have the same problem or is it just bad luck? This is my first ThinkPad and I've read many good things about the ThinkPad but this really dissapoint me. And it's just 8 months old...

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Preferred Solution: Crack/tear on a ThinkPad L440

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Crack/tear on a ThinkPad L440

I have the same problem, but my machine cracked next to the screw on the right side (near the ethernet connector). This is very worrying.

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Dears,when i decided to buy thinkpad l440 i was choose Intel« Core? i3-4000M , it was 3 months ago. Really, this is laptop is very good but now i want to upgrade my laptop cpu to Intel« Core? i7-4600M .please any advise in the following questions:1. is it possible to upgrade my laptop cpu to Intel« Core? i7-4600M ?2. my laptop still in warranty until 2017, so if the upgradation is possible is it can be made by lenovo or by myself? and the cost will be high? Best Regards


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A:thinkpad l440 cpu upgrade?

If you do it yourself it will certainly be cheaper, but the CPU is not considered customer-replaceable, so it may affect your warranty status. If you can do the replacement in a professional manner, so it doesn't look worked on, probably nobody will complain, as long as you keep the old part and replace it back before getting service. The FRU of the i7-4600m is 04X4049. You do not want to get one marked "ES" (engineering sample). The ES parts may not be final versions

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Hi All, How do I know which are the suitable version of driver for Thinkpad L440 for Windows 10 64bit as for every driver there are versions from different vendors. I am confused which one to use.  Thanks,Sunny.

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Hello, We are using many L440 in our office.I face same problems with most of them.Touchpad floats on screen.It moves on it own.I am not able to find permanent solution for this. In some i had replaced touchpad by claiming warranty..It works sometimes and sometimes not.I have updated bios, drivers but no luck I followed guides which had same issues...Uninstallaing power managment driver than reboot and than reinstall.. i tried replacing charger but still Please suggest me fix for them. thanks

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Hi everyone , My laptop type is 20AS-S29900 , 16go ram added , celeron 2950M=> i5 4300M,Once the Guarantee vanished i change my cpu , all was perfectly ok.Two weeks ago, i was using ''AIDA" to have complete informations about my laptop internals. The whole system froze , after a while waiting i forced the shutdown by pressing the power button.From that moment, once i power on the laptop am stuck to the boot screen :  ''Thinkpad      To interrupt normal startup, press Enter ''. It go nowhere, no bios , no OS , nothing , from my research i have to say my usb ports is fully ok, my ram is ok , my cpu is ok . Any idea ?

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Hello, We have a couple of L440 and i Need dissassemlbly video for this model.i have searched lenovo service training.They have not listed this model. Please provide me link to download video or any manual with details on how to open thid model.I already have experience with HP laptops.....  Thanks

A:Lenovo thinkpad L440 Disassembly

Welcome to the forum!
The Hardware Maintenance Manual (HMM) for your model can be downloaded here: click me!
I can't find the training videos for this particular training. 

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I wish to obtain definitive information about the internal composition of the trackpad for the L440 laptop given my allergy to wool felt. Does the trackpad use any felt cushioning or gaskets? I recently noticed what appears to be small particles of lint around the crevices of the trackpad, but before cleaning the periphery of the pad I wish to be certain that these particles are not from underlying felt material. I would hope to obtain an answer directly from Lenovo. Thank you.

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Hello, I have this problem while Im traveling for work to our second base.There is only a Wi-Fi network that goes thru controller and AP. On first attempt I connect just as normal, but after 5 min. it disconnects me and it seems like the network dissapearedfor me. I have to restart the AP or my network adapter which is really annoying when it happens every few minutes. Also I noticed that something similar is going on on my home Wi-Fi, it doesnt disconnect me like in the first case, but it feels like it keeps reconnecting every few minutes (I have difficulties loading a video on youtube while on smartTV its not a problem or on any other device connected to the same network)I tried- uninstalling the driver and installing different one- reinstalling current driver- do this (https://support.lenovo.com/cz/cs/solutions/ht502846)- bunch of other stuff My spec- Lenovo ThinkPad L440- Windows 7 Pro SP1- Wireless driver - Intel(R) Wireless-N 7260 (HW ID PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_08B2&SUBSYS_C2628086&REV_6B) Thanks in advance Reiter 

A:Thinkpad L440 Win 7 keeps disconnecting from specific wifi

Hi Reiter,1. Have you tried installing Wi-Fi driver from Intel Website directly?2. Have you tried toggling between Power Plans? (Power Saver to High Performance)?3. Change Wi-Fi Adapter Settingsa. Go to Control Panel > Network and Internet > Network Connections, right-click Properties.b. Click Configure
c. Click Advanced tab- Roaming Aggressiveness: set as Lowest- Transmit Power: 100%
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I have tried to update the BIOS on my thinkpad with the utility running on both Win 10 and Win 7, when the computer restarts after prompt to continue the update, it simply boot up normally, then tried with CD, starts the update, shutdown and restart botting up normally again without updating, I have tried the recommended settings included in the instruction, any help or advice it's apreciated.

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hi,just refurbished an old Thinkpad L440 but when i switch it on and boot windows with battery, it shuts off after reaching the desktop and the power button light flashes a few times. it also refuses to power up when i put the laptop in the dock with battery plugged in, if i remove the battery it powers up.also boots to desktop and runs fine without battery. could it be a motherboard fault? i have two batteries one old and one brand new, both lenovo genuine. i don't have the original psu but found a slim tip 230w lenovo psu on ebay and have been using that, do i need a lower wattage psu? might that be the cause? i also purchased another motherboard. i have since checked online the psu specs and the 65w, 90w and the 120w psu are all 20v just like the 230w.  specs; fhd matte screeni7 4910mq (temps are fine)16gb ddr3l120gb m.2128gb ssd500gb hdd in optical bayintel wifi

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So what happens is when I start my laptop it beeps once and straight goes to lenovo diagnostic screen. I ran all the diagnostics, HDD, RAm etc and it all passed.  I exit the aplication then the laptop restarts and again goes to Lenovo diagnostic screen on its own. Cant even access boot. When it says Press Enter to disrupt boot , even pressing enter does nothing. It straight goes to , Lenovo Diagnostic. Please help.

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hi,just refurbished an old Thinkpad L440 but when i switch it on and boot windows with battery, it shuts off after reaching the desktop and the power button light flashes a few times. it also refuses to power up when i put the laptop in the dock with battery plugged in, if i remove the battery it powers up.also boots to desktop and runs fine without battery. could it be a motherboard fault? i have two batteries one old and one brand new, both lenovo genuine. i don't have the original psu but found a slim tip 230w lenovo psu on ebay and have been using that, do i need a lower wattage psu? might that be the cause? i also purchased another motherboard. i have since checked online the psu specs and the 65w, 90w and the 120w psu are all 20v just like the 230w.  specs; fhd matte screeni7 4910mq (temps are fine)16gb ddr3l120gb m.2128gb ssd500gb hdd in optical bayintel wifi

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Confirmed having happened to five separate devices now, so this is not a random glitch. Installing KB4467691 (Windows Security Update) will cause the laptop to hang at the "Lenovo" splash screen at startup. It will have the standard "press enter to interrupt boot" message, but will not respond. SOLUTION: Hit enter at startup before the boot hangs, to access the BIOS. Under Security, disable SecureBoot. Windows should now launch successfully. It's possible that you can then remove KB4467691 and re-enable SecureBoot again, but I have not yet been able to confirm this.

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Hi, is there any way to install express card slots on thinkpad l440 with qm87 chips?

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hello,I am Younus Shah Stl My Lenovo Thinkpad L440 cant boot into windows nor bios. Stuck in windows loading and loop. And after few search this kind of yoga books only enter bios from windows and since this cant boot into windows i cant reinstall windows. Any idea. ThanksPlease Guide.

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Hello, I am planning to change my wifi card of my laptop Thinkpad L440 to switch from the dual band N 2.4G to the dual band AC 5G, I currently have Intel« Wireless-N card 7260 is the card Intel« Dual Band Wireless-AC 8260 would be compatible with my ThinkpadL440.Have a nice day.

A:IS Intel® Dual Band Wireless-AC 8260 COMPATIBLE WITH THINKPAD L440?

Hi leso60,Warm Greetings & welcome to Lenovo Community, happy to have you here.As I understand that you have query regarding Wi-Fi card upgrade for your ThinkPad L440
leso60 wrote:
Hello, I am planning to change my wifi card of my laptop Thinkpad L440 to switch from the dual band N 2.4G to the dual band AC 5G, I currently have Intel« Wireless-N card 7260 is the card Intel« Dual Band Wireless-AC 8260 would be compatible with my ThinkpadL440.Have a nice day.

Sadly, Intel« Dual Band Wireless-AC 8260 is not listed in ThinkPad L440 parts list, so it means it will not work.
I hope the above information helped you.
Please feel free to post in Lenovo Community Forums if you have any further queries!
Regards,Prabhansh_______________________________________________Tap that Kudos button if I helped.If you find a post helpful and it answers your question, please mark it as an "Accepted Solution"!

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Work purchased a T410s for $1700 in August for me. LCD vertical band issue within 3 months (4 days of downtime)Shift key doesn't work well within 6 months (40 days of annoyance)Palmrest cracking at 7th month. (?)I'll be lucky if this POS works after a year. This is my last Thinkpad ever.  My T43 is in better condition to this day than paperweight.  The T43 battery wear is only at 80%.  The battery wear on this T410s is at 87% and I stop charging at 80%, start charging below 50%, never drain it below 20%. I call tech support and asked for a new palm rest so I can just replace them myself and they told me I had to send it in to see if it's even "covered" under warranty.  I need this for WORK and hence it would completely negate the purpose of the purchase of a business laptop.  I was going to purchase two more for two new employees that we hired but these policies and issues completely reversed all feelings I have about Thinkpads.   Lenovo, you can only milk the brand for so long before you lose loyal customers like me.

A:T410s Palmrest Crack - Last Thinkpad Ever

The T410s is known to be problematic. The T410 and T510 don't suffer from LCD or palmrest issues.

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Hi,Today, to my horror and dismay, I noticed that the casing of my P51 has started to crack at the bottom right front corner. On the picture of the side view, you can clearly see that something is slightly bulging up from the horizontal center of the image towards the right corner, and you can see the discontinuity of the crack.  The top view shows the extend of the crack.  I take very good care of my machine with only minimal transports in a laptop bag and at all times using a wireless external keyboard and mouse. So it basically just stays flat on my desk all the the time without any additional handling other than opening or closing the screen lid. What the heck is happening? The slight *upward* bulge shown in the first picture seems to suggest that there is some stress there, and that the stress ultimately led to the crack, which tellingly is located above the location of the bottom screw hole. What can I do about this? Can I go to a Lenovo Service center to get this fixed as part of the warranty? Has anyone else had the same problem?


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A:Thinkpad P51 case shows crack

I cannot be sure without seeing it, but to me, it looks like the stress from the hinge has cracked the rear cover.  That kind of damage is usually caused by the user opening the lid from one corner, rather than using two hands or lifting from the middle (near the camera).  If it is user-inflicted, the warranty probably wouldn't cover it unless you purchased accidental damage coverage.  As I said, I cannot be sure without seeing it.

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I have a Thinkpad X1 Carbon and take very good  care of it and keep it in a laptop bag with padding. Today I used it, closed the lid and put it back in my bag. When I went home and wanted to use is I took it out of the laptop bag and opened up the lid and there was a black block at the top left of the screen.  I noticed a crack but is in the inside of the screen and not on the outside and I can't feel anything with my finger or I can't see any scratch or mark. There is a vertical pixelated line from the top of the bottom of the screen. The only thing I can think that could have caused is was when i opened the lid I used the top left corner to  open the screen. All I can think of is that because the lid is so thin and  flexible putting pressure on one part of the lid caused the problem. If there is zero external damage cause will the warranty cover fixing the screen? 

A:Thinkpad X1 Carbon has internal screen crack from opening lid

I always tell people that it is best to use 2 hands or, at least, to open from the center.  I agree that the lid is thin and flexible.  I suggest taking it to a dealer and talking to a person.  With screen problems, it is best if both parties are looking at the same thing.

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I bought a Lenovo ThinkPad L380 Yoga in August 2018. It has been used very carefully without any drops or other accidents. Today, I discovered a hairline crack on the palm rest just next to the bottom-left corner of the touchpad.  I contacted Lenovo support regarding this matter, and after seeing the photos that  I sent them (the same photos are attached here), they have concluded that it is a customer induced damage (CID) and will not be covered under warranty. The only justification for their conclusion was that there is no such issue reported in other laptops. This justification was made over the phone when I requested them an email regarding their justification. It is only the hand that is kept around this region of the palm rest. If it cannot bear the weight of the hand, I suppose the build quality and material is pretty cheap although the price was about 1800 NZD.  Have you also come across similar issues with the same L380 Yoga? What are the situations/scenarios for such a crack to happen when the device has been properly used and maintained in accordance with the product information guide? Cheers!!

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Ok all problems aside i reformated an now im on a fresh level. My video card however doesnt work, well it does but after a short period or when i try to go into a game the colors scamble an i have to restart an upon me doing so again it does it again.

I have tryed everything reformating, updating new drivers an such an this is the result i had. To start off maybe to help you understand my problem just a little more, I have a Gateway computer the AGP slot which i thought i didnt have for the longest was covered up by a little black case which gave me the impression the company (gateway) didnt want this AGP slot to be reveled mainly because the way its settled into the case the card would be to large an hover over the tower. W

hich i would have to remove the case an expose my hardware. I had the card in an everything was working the only thing i thought was wrong was the way it looked but it did work, a little pressure from the side of the case but it worked.

hmm i dont know what to do i payed good money for such a ****** card i now know but i still would like to be able to get this to work. Any help appericated. I had no problem with the card until i was installing it again after i moved it around, also my ram slot was pressed up against it a little bit an i moved it an when i restarted it started scrambling :|


2.2ghz Gateway pc
256SD Ram
Asylum Geforce FX 5600 Ultra<---Problem (scrambles)

A:A tear to my eye:'( help.

Did you install the drivers that came with it? did you install the latest version of DirectX? Did you set the BIOS for the new card and all of the AGP settings according to the manual?

Not sure what this means:

didnt want this AGP slot to be reveled mainly because the way its settled into the case the card would be to large an hover over the tower

Could you take a pic of your installation and post it ?

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A:One tear

How, when and where did this "Microsoft Teck" get into your machine?

How are these "RED Errors" displayed?

Post the spec's of this machine and quick using ALL caps, it is shouting.

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Hi, will disconnecting and reconnecting VGA plugs a lot wear and tear and reduce quality, and eventually brake?

I am disconnecting and reconnecting about 3 times a day.. Thanks

A:Wear and tear?

well if you're shoving it in and tearing them out i would say so..
otherwise a good quality card and good care to it can last you years (and millions of plugin plugouts) without any/not much damage..

but eventualy, like everything else they will die.. common deaths include frying the bugger (or if it had a good life) components refusing to operate properly..

try swap monitors or the vga plug with another pc see if its still workign first (if that was the problem you're asking) before you decide to bin it..

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Hey i was wondering what the long term affects of playing powerful games such as crysis far cry etc can have on your computer system. Does constantly playing games gradually wear out the system and make it slower and less powerful and can it even reduce the life of your pc? thanks in advance ps i have an alienware so before you say it depends if you have the right requirements.. i do

A:Wear and tear!

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There is a light next to battery status that flickers on and off. It seems to be about HDD activity(it flickers very rapidly aftet boot during which time PC is not responsive...busy?). It also flickers as rapidly during any scanning...like, anti-virus, sfc /scannow, diskcheck, defrag, disk cleanup, system restore, etc.

I tend to do these scans very often, easily several times a week. I also turn off PC at least once daily. I might even be trigger-happy with SR at the slightest suggestion of malfunctions. Am I wearing down my HDD?

A:HDD wear...and tear

With normal use a Hard Drive is expected to last anywhere between 5 and 10 years.
Turning off the computer no longer extends the life of a hard drive. It years ago but these newer hard drives are meant to be used and turning off does not prolong the life. In fact, turning the computer off is the reason it is busy when you boot. It is performing the tasks it would normally due when not busy (in your case turned off). You should boot the computer, about once a week, so that any errors can be corrected at boot.
Bottom line, with today's modern hard drives just be sure to turn off properly, and this is the best thing that you can do to keep your hard drive in good shape. I have also heard, that overuse of chkdsk (with both boxes checked) does hurt the drive.
You may want to download the free crystal disk to check on the condition of your hard drive and to check its progress
CrystalDiskInfo - Software - Crystal Dew World

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I have been receiving screen tearing for quite a while. It starting happening 3 months ago on my laptop. It is the Acer Nitro 5 with the specs of i5 7300HQ, GTX 1050 ti Mobile Max Q, 8gb ddr4-2400, 256gb ssd, 1080p display, and 15.6 in. I have tried reinstalling windows around 6 times already, reinstalling graphics drivers, capping FPS, and adjusted the nvidia control panel. The intel graphics are the display graphics and I haven?t experienced this before but now I have to use v sync to fix it. Is there any way to fix this? I cap my FPS but I still get screen tearing and I prefer not to use v sync. Thank you.

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yepp, Alright, well I got my brand spankin new BFG 6800GT OC card about a week ago, its freaking awesome... but I came in from the ATi world and im quite clueless about multiple monitor support with the card (3) Yep.... I can get two monitors to work with it (obviously) BUT .. windows only recognizes it as ONE monitor thats running at 2048x768 resolution.... so basically my problem now is not actually that it recognizes it as one monitor, which is annoying but easy to deal with, but im wondering what that would do to a triple monitor setup... You see, I have 3 very fine LCD monitors sitting in front of me, but only 2 are going. I have a few PCI video cards laying around and im wanting to use one as a second card for a triple monitor, but im not sure how to disable AGP with this 6800GT, let alone im wondering if there would be driver conflicts or confusion once I install the 3rd monitor. Ive googled as many "help support" as I could and got nothing more, so im resorting to you guys... Any suggestions to what I should do?
::For all you ppl that dont like to read a crapload:::

- - My problem is that I have a 6800GT, and dont know how to disable AGP, so I can use a 2nd card ( a PCI card ) I have laying around for a triple monitor setup - -

plz help cause yea i have the equipment here... just not the troubleshooting skills ( driverwise )

A:Hey guys... need help again (tear)


Why do you want to disable the AGP slot??? Wouldn't you be adding the PCI card in ADDITION to the AGP Vundercard you have now?

What you need to do (and I don't recall how) is to specify which is the priority slot.
Also, I believe that there is more than one way to specify multi-monitor support, which is why you are seeing the realestate defined differently than you expected.

I have not messed with multi-monitor support myself, but have done a little reading on it.

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alright. i've got the latest updates from spybot and adaware and ran both and fixed the few problems i did find. here's the issue(s) i'm having and i hope that someone can help.

apparently something got downloaded even though i run zonealarm 24/7 and am usually very good about what i let connect and whatnot. i also run spyguard 24/7 as well and it didn't catch anything. i've run my avg virus scan and found nothing along with norton and found nothing with that. but when i run housecall by trendmicro it tells me i have the worm bizex.b and i can't get rid of it. to make matters worse, everytime i restart my computer a ton of windows installer boxes come up and it tries to install different things. it does not tell me what though. i usually catch it in time and just hit cancel over and over again until i have closed all of the boxes. if i don't catch it though a random filename with an .exe extension shows up as wanting permission to connect through zonealarm. of course i do not allow it so i don't think my security has been compromised but it's bothersome and i want it fixed nevertheless. i finally got smart and went into msconfig and unchecked several things that i thought might be the root of the windows installer app launching on startup and sure enough it worked, but i'm fairly certain i still have this virus on my machine and i've tried everything i can think of to get rid of it, to no avail. here's my hijackthis... Read more

A:i am about to tear my hair out

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Hi guys, hope someone can advise me here........ Iv searched in forums and other sites and got some info first but i still arent sure.........

I have a program i want to install, its an .iso file, i have poweriso and iv been told i can run - install this iso via poweriso so i dont have to burn this program to a disc, i dont have a cd burner so basically, im asking can i download and install software ending in iso without havin to burn to a disc, is this possible?

fiona xxxxx

A:Someone please help b4 i tear my hair out lol

this might answer your question: http://www.magiciso.com/tutorials/miso-whatiso.htm

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Haven't used this laptop in 4 or so days, finally turn it on and there's some serious problems. This is WINDOWS 8.

The screen is tearing ridiculously. The last time I used it, it worked perfectly, I have no idea why it'd stop working.

I have tried restoring it, but that didn't do anything, and some restore points failed and I got an error saying that there may be a corrupt file in my c drive.

This is the error:

I have plugged my monitor into the laptop and the tearing stopped on the monitor but continued on the screen. This makes me think the laptop screen is messed up physically, or it may be the graphics card.

If anyone can help, or show me a place where I'll find help, I'll be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

If more information is needed let me know.

A picture of what is happening:

A:Massive screen tear, need help!

UPDATE: Trying to do CHKDSK /R and it's currentley "scanning and repairing" but it's stuck at 27% complete.

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Hey there people, I wonder if you can help. I have a problem with the proxy server I have called CC Proxy.

Two versions of the story, long and short.

I had a server running CCProxy to allow my network to connect to the internet.
The server was running on a Duron based machine with Windows 2000 and worked perfectly.

I've had to switch the proxy to another machine running Windows XP, everything's set up just the same as before, but no computers can get access to the internet any more.

I had a server running CCProxy allowing my network to connect to the internet, Server was running a Duron based machine with Win2K and worked perfectly.

I wanted to play Half-Life 2, but since HL2 requires internet, and their software will not work with Proxys, I've been forced to move it to my own personal computer and turn my computer in to the server.
My computer runs WinXP Pro SP2.

I've installed and set up the proxy exactly the same as before, I can see in my Zonealarm that it is accessing the internet and I've set it to allow all connections through the proxy.

All other computers can ping the host, but none are able to access the web.

If anyone has got any suggestions, they would be greatly appreciated by my aching head.
I suspect a problem ... sorry.. 'feature'.. of Windows XP is responcible for the problems so if anyone has any suggestions please let me know.

Many thanks in advance.

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Alright, I have an audio file that has information in it that I require to determine a solution to an issue with a 9-1-1 system. The problem is, i need to really increase certain parts of the file and decrease others, anyone know of any tools that can do this? Just think CSI and what that one guy used, something like that.

A:Tear into an audio file

Not freehttp://www.goldwave.com/You might try looking throughhttp://sourceforge.net/for opensource apps.

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do cdrws wear out after too many uses? i had always figured they did, that after they started getting scratched, they would be unreadable, thus unwritable and unerasable. but i have a cdrw here that has no visible scratches or smudges, and my burning software is telling me this:

Media- cdrw
Writabe- yes
Free space- 0mb
Used space- 0mb
Total disk space- 0mb

i tried doing an erase, but it still tells me the same thing. anyone know why?

A:cdrw wear and tear

Yes, they have a finite number of reburns before they die, also they can fail due to age as well, once one gets above 3-4yrs old its usually done for anyway


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Hi. I picked up a Dell Inspiron 3847 Desktop with Windows 8.1 pre-installed. Initially, looking at the layout I was like, "huh?." Though after installing the Classic shell I was feeling a bit more comfortable with the new set-up.

Though I was a bit freaked when I opened the Task Manager and noticed there are 76 processes/programs running after start-up. My old XP machine had 25 process/programs running after start-up, making me wary of what is necessary and what is Dell bloat. I'm still working on that.

Anyways, I prefer using high contrast themes. I was wondering if constant switching between hi-contrast themes (alt + shift + print screen) and regular Windows themes causes any extra wear on the system?

Are there any actions that cause extra wear and tear on a Desktop?

Another question. I use winrar frequently. In Windows 8.1 I cannot point the mouse on single file and drag the mouse to select multiple files from the winrar queue, an action that worked well in XP. Is this something new in Windows 8.1 or can I make a configuration adjustment to allow this action?

An observation. After I start Windows I open the Task Manager and observe the Disk process bouncing up and down between 1% and 100%. After a minute or so the Disk process simmers down and rests at about 0-1%. I dumped the Mcafee free AV that came pre-installed because it appeared to be the main hog. Now I see a Windows process spikes the Disk (redline @ 100%) momentarily before returning to 0%. Is th... Read more

A:Question about wear and tear

Nothing you do or can do "electronically" causes wear and tear. Electronics don't wear out as such.

The practical aspects are how much reading and writing to the hard disc is occurring, meaning that if the disk is being thrashed then the wear is higher... in theory... in practice I suspect its a bit of a non issue though.

Processes... I just looked on this installation (its W8.1 Enterprise running on an 8yr old laptop) and I have 27 (it varies, just looked again and its 30) as showing in task manager along with two apps.

My main PC is a Dell (and I clean installed W8.1 on that) but can say that bloatware is an issue with standard PCs as supplied from the manufacturers. My Dell had W7 preinstalled along with all the other unwanted stuff. First thing I did was clean install W7 from the Dell supplied discs.

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So recently I came across this strange bug with my computer, basically the screen splits across the monitor as if it were extending across another monitor (images to help show what I mean below)

This first started when I was playing Battlefield 4, the screen tore and then my system promptly crashed and restarted. This again happened when i logged back in, so I used system restore and went back before installing BF4. So far this has prevented it from happening again, but is anyone aware what has caused this? I would like to prevent it from happening again.

*Also to note, when I tried using snipping tool to take a screen cap, the tearing got worse so I had to stop and physically use a camera to take a picture

A:Strange Screen Tear Problem/Bug?

Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling your graphics drivers?

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flavallee pleast help. cybertech says you're the person to ask for help. My desktop computer has slowly gotten slower and slower. Ha!

Here's my HJT log:
Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 12:05:45 PM, on 1/22/2009
Platform: Windows XP SP3 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.6000.16762)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Real\Update_OB\realsched.exe
C:\Program Files\Creative\Creative ZEN\ZEN Media Explorer\CTCheck.exe
C:\Program Files\Qwest\QuickCare\bin\sprtcmd.exe
C:\Program Files\iTunes\iTunesHelper.exe
C:\Program Files\Java\jre6\bin\jusched.exe
C:\Program Files\Messenger\msmsgs.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support\bin\AppleMobileDeviceService.exe
C:\Program Files\Bonjour\mDNSResponder.exe
C:\Program Files\Google\GoogleToolbarNotifier\GoogleToolbarNotifier.exe
C:\Program Files\Google\Common\Google Updater\GoogleUpdaterService.e... Read more

A:Slow computer making me want to tear my hair out

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I have windows 7 7600 x64 and using the newest official Catalyst drivers from ATI for the Radeon 4890 1GB video card I own.

However I have noticed some little issues in games. Two games Im currently playing Trine, and Mass Effect show what I call a tear (its not anything missing) but when your running around you see a visible line move its way up the screen like your watching a fast refresh on PC-Anywhere or something.

It does not effect the game at all, or slow it down and its not 100% of the time its when your running or moving side to side etc. Always while in motion.

I thought maybe it was a vsync issue so Checked that in the graphic settings for Mass Effect but no difference. Does anyone know what Im referring to if there is a proper name and how I can go about reducing it or eliminating it in games?

In Trine it does it as well when IM running and jumping around (side scroller)

appreciate your input and help.

A:4890 1GB screen tear issues? or sync?

No, you were right about the screen tearing being a vsync issue. Check your 3D settings in the Catalyst suite and try setting it to "Always On"

However, the settings in CCC don't always over-ride game settings.... it's worth trying anyway

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Hi Gang,

I have three hard drives. The first two, C & D are connected internally. I also have a CDRW and a DVDRW connected internally. They are E and F.

To add a larger, third hard drive, I put a USB adapter on an internal hard drive. A Molex Splitter provides electricity to the D Drive and the G drive simultaneously.

I only use the third hard drive occassionally. I usually use it to contain backups of the other two drives or to play movies that have been stored on it. Its 160GB. The other two are 20 and 40GB. (C&D)

Because I only use it occassionally I like to disconnect it by unplugging the USB port only. I also like to disconnect it to protect the already stored backups from possible viruses that might infect the other two drives.

My question is, should I also be unplugging the Molex connector to the drive?Does it make any difference? Does it add to any wear and tear to keep the molex connector in?

One of the other reason I also like to disconnect the G drive is because every time I restart the computer I have to plug in the USB connector to the drive, otherwise I wind up with two drives showing on my Device Manager.

I don't like to disconnect the Molex because I have to unplug the computer and open the case every time I do it.

Windows 98SE. Seagate 160GB, divided into two parts using Partition Magic 8.0, Partitions are labeled G and H. G is 60GB H is 90GB. Cluster size is 32kb.


A:Question About USB Hard Drive Wear 'n Tear

Get one of these ....

And plug the Seagate in it.
It has a front panel power switch.

You can do everthing externally, cept boot from it.

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I have to use my mothers laptop to transfer mp3s from CDs to a mp3 player, now here is the problem, she thinks that using her CD player will shorten its life expectancy, I argue that they have brushless motors that dont wear out, she argues that the dust on the CDs (even if cleaned) will settle in the CD drive and cause it do malfunction.

I would really like to know from the experts now, how and if making use of a CD rom drive affect its life.

And while we are at it, she also doenst let me put much on the hardrive under the arguement that it slows the computer down, is that true? but even if, the computer would run fine after deleting what I put on, no?

I really would appriciate an expert answer on this as I simply cant argue from my point of knowlege.



A:Wear and tear on a CD drive - life expectancy proportional to usage?

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I'm trying to screen record and I have to use basic mode so the record will be smoother. However there is screen tear, I tried enabling v-sync in amd settings no luck. What gives?


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Hey everyone, I got my X1 Yoga 3rd gen a couple days ago with an HDR screen, and noticed that when I scroll up and down in Chrome and OneNote, there is a screen tear quite noticeable with a zig-zag shape is like this: +++++            +              +                 +++++++++++++++++++++++                                                                              +                                                                                 + I had the same problem when I got the 2nd gen X1 Yoga, which was fixed after a graphics driver upate from Lenovo. Anyone else experiening this issue? Is there a way to ask if Lenovo is aware of this issue / plans to release a driver update to fix it?  Thanks a lot,Jack

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I'm trying to screen record and I have to use basic mode so the record will be smoother. However there is screen tear, I tried enabling v-sync in amd settings no luck. What gives?

A:Windows 7 Basic Mode no aero screen tear issue

Any chance you could post a screenshot ?

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Hey guys, I need help! I have a Lenovo y700-14ISK with a dedicated AMD Radeon R9 M375 graphics card. Everything runs fine when I'm not gaming but when a program uses the high performance graphics card my screen tears and flickers like mad(see youtube link). As soon as I switch out of the window, the screen tearing stops. I've tried a combination of changing Vsync and settings with no avail. Thus I think is it something wrong with the Radeon M375 graphics card, maybe with the connection?Radeon driver up to date, BIOS up to date, OS windows 10 youtube link

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Read the entire referenced webpage below. Apparently, the problem is in the BIOS or HDD firmware, and also affects Windows and Mac platforms (especially laptops) as well as Linux despite the problem being reported against Fiesty and Gutsy Ubuntu:

Article Explanation of Ubuntu Hard Drive Wear and Tear.

Ubuntu doesn't touch your hard drive power management settings by default. In almost all cases, it's more likely to be your BIOS or the firmware on your hard drive.

There are two fixes documented: choose wisely after reading the entire article as there is a trade-off between laptop battery life vs HDD life. I would choose in favor of the solution that extends the HDD life at the expense of battery life. Just my $0.02 worth of advice.

-- Tom

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I would normally think it would prevent it alittle but when i was in performance moniter It was by far the biggest user of the disk. I ask because have to keep this hard drive going until i can afford a new one.

One last thing, when in device manager and the hard drive properties if you turn on write caching and advanced performance could it cause anything bad to happen? (other than loss of data on power outtage)

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