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Activation key out of uses, need to do fresh install of Windows

Q: Activation key out of uses, need to do fresh install of Windows

I built my gaming PC about a year or two ago, since then it's been my main computer, not just a gaming PC, and has gotten filled with useless junk I no longer need. The GPU has also started to crash quite a bit recently (ever since I installed the new driver).

So I plan to do a fresh install, the problem is, the product key for my Windows 7 Home Premium x64 disk has been used the max amount of times (all product keys have 3 uses (apparently), I used this one on my gaming PC, the new family PC, and then on my Macbook Pro (however, I ended up having to reinstall it to my Macbook as I was messing around with rEFIt trying to get Linux on there alongside OS X and Windows 7 and bricked the thing (luckilly there's that recovery hard drive on there, so I can still use OS X))).

Anyways; is there any way to do a fresh install with this disk despite they key being completely used up?

Preferred Solution: Activation key out of uses, need to do fresh install of Windows

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: Activation key out of uses, need to do fresh install of Windows

Hello Zukaro,

Is this a family pack copy of Windows 7 Home Premium, or just a normal retail full Windows 7 Home Premium copy?

Will it still only be installed on a total of only 3 computers and no other?

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I upgraded from Windows 7 to 8, and I no longer have the key for 7. From Windows 8.1 I upgraded to 10. Recently got an SSD, wanted to do a fresh install on it. Used media creation tool to make a USB copy. Booted from USB, formatted old hard drive, and loaded Windows onto new SSD. I picked activate later as the product ID i wrote down did not seem to work; and assumed it would auto activate.

Well, now Windows is not activating, and I still cannot enter the Product ID, I assumed that would be the "key".

Is there anything I can do at this point? Or am I just screwed and have to buy a Windows 10 license?

...I knew I should have just cloned.

A:Did a fresh install of Windows 10 on a new SSD, no activation

Found a Windows 8 key in an email from the upgrade, and it accepted that. Please lock thread.

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My father has a Toshiba NB200 notebook running Windows XP (which is no longer supported) and after having malware problems he asked me if I could upgrade it to Windows 7 for him. As it has no optical drive I downloaded a Microsoft iso file and created a bootable USB drive.

I have successfully installed Windows 7 Home Premium and done all the Windows updates. When asked to activate I tried the code on the label that was supplied on the notebook with the original Windows XP - it didn't work. So I phoned Microsoft to buy a genuine key but they said they can't help me as they no longer sell Windows 7 (only Windows 8 now). I know my dads Toshiba will not run Windows 8 and that even if it did my father (83) would never get his head around how it works.

So I tried a code that I had from and old dead laptop and it has changed the Product ID and still will not activate. Now I'm not sure if I buy a genuine key whether it will work with the changed Product ID (which
is an OEM for an Acer laptop).

Can I change the Product ID or will a genuine licence code work with it as it is?

Where would be the best place to buy a product key (don't need to buy the discs as they can't be used on his notebook)? I've had a look online but can't tell who is genuine and who are dodgy.

Any help would be appreciated.

A:Activation after fresh install

Now added the following:

Diagnostic Report (1.9.0027.0):
Windows Validation Data-->

Validation Code: 0
Cached Online Validation Code: N/A, hr = 0xc004f012
Windows Product Key: *****-*****-WJ2H8-R6B6D-7QJB7
Windows Product Key Hash: ckKNc+BBPDWmo1LUlOkraNjlQ34=
Windows Product ID: 00359-OEM-8992687-00006
Windows Product ID Type: 2
Windows License Type: OEM SLP
Windows OS version: 6.1.7601.2.00010300.1.0.003
ID: {E5337B52-A249-4BAB-9BF3-52B15DCF414D}(1)
Is Admin: Yes
TestCab: 0x0
LegitcheckControl ActiveX: N/A, hr = 0x80070002
Signed By: N/A, hr = 0x80070002
Product Name: Windows 7 Home Premium
Architecture: 0x00000000
Build lab: 7601.win7sp1_gdr.140303-2144
TTS Error:
Validation Diagnostic:
Resolution Status: N/A

Vista WgaER Data-->
ThreatID(s): N/A, hr = 0x80070002
Version: N/A, hr = 0x80070002

Windows XP Notifications Data-->
Cached Result: N/A, hr = 0x80070002
File Exists: No
Version: N/A, hr = 0x80070002
WgaTray.exe Signed By: N/A, hr = 0x80070002
WgaLogon.dll Signed By: N/A, hr = 0x80070002

OGA Notifications Data-->
Cached Result: N/A, hr = 0x80070002
Version: N/A, hr = 0x80070002
OGAExec.exe Signed By: N/A, hr = 0x80070002
OGAAddin.dll Signed By: N/A, hr = 0x80070002

OGA Data-->
Office Status: 103 Blocked VLK
Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007 - 103 Blocked VLK
OGA Version: N/A, 0x80070002
Signed By: N/A, hr = 0x80070002
Office Diagnostics: 025D1FF3-364-80041010... Read more

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Hello, first, heres what I am running:

Hardware: Acer Aspire One A0751h
OS: Windows XP SP3
Drivers: went to Acer's website to download all drivers (ie. Chipset, Video, Audio, LAN, WLAN, BlueTooth...)

Heres what happened, the Netbook came with Windows XP SP3 Home Edition installed, I wanted to see how Win7 would act on it, sadly it was a bit laggy in some areas for my liking compared to XP (keep in mind its only an Intel Atom 1.33GHz) mainly I think because Win7 is much more animated.

So I didn't have any original software for the XP so I had to search the internet to find an ISO, found one and installed it onto a CD and then my Netbook.

Now comes the time for activation, my original Key is about 95% visible but I'm positive on all but 1 character. I contacted Acer Support and they say that the key has to match the software. But the ISO I downloaded obviously is not going to come with the activation key I need... so, what can I do besides crack it, I really don't want to, to get XP Genuine again without having to buy another XP Disc and reinstall XP??

Appreciate the assistance...

A:[SOLVED] Activation Key - Fresh XP Install

First, you need to make sure your XP CD is legitimate to begin with. Saying you downloaded it off the internet sounds likely it's pirated.

On your other subject - activation. If you have the key and may not be able to read one or two characters, contact MS by phone. My experience with MS Activation team is rather good.

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A refurbished laptop with a valid copy of Win 7 Pro randomly locked up. I installed Win 7, from disk, but did not copy the activation code. Now I cannot reactivate it.

It has a COA on back, but this includes a number that is will not activate the laptop.
I can't even enter it in, since it starts with "00212"

Originally, it was sold with Vista, and has a Vista activation key in the battery compartment. This does not work.

thanks in advance for any assistance.

Diagnostic Report (1.9.0027.0):
Windows Validation Data-->

Validation Code: 50
Cached Online Validation Code: N/A, hr = 0xc004f012
Windows Product Key: *****-*****-CM74G-RPHKF-PW487
Windows Product Key Hash: 71BRYMECVaSXedfumfu8zryHJVY=
Windows Product ID: 00371-177-0000061-85088
Windows Product ID Type: 5
Windows License Type: Retail
Windows OS version: 6.1.7600.2.00010100.0.0.048
ID: {15FD7056-3561-4B3F-8E37-0347AF906875}(1)
Is Admin: Yes
TestCab: 0x0
LegitcheckControl ActiveX: N/A, hr = 0x80070002
Signed By: N/A, hr = 0x80070002
Product Name: Windows 7 Professional
Architecture: 0x00000009
Build lab: 7600.win7_rtm.090713-1255
TTS Error:
Validation Diagnostic:
Resolution Status: N/A

Vista WgaER Data-->
ThreatID(s): N/A, hr = 0x80070002
Version: N/A, hr = 0x80070002

Windows XP Notifications Data-->
Cached Result: N/A, hr = 0x80070002
File Exists: No
Version: N/A, hr = 0x80070002
WgaTray.exe Signed By... Read more

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I have a Dell mini that needed a fresh installation. Installing from the factory restore partition did not solve the inability to run updates.

So I have a Win7 installation disk and I used it to wipe the disk and install Win7 Starter again. I had pulled the product key from the previous installation that was fresh from the restore partition.

And activation failed with code 0xC004E003.

It looks like there is no more phone in. So I ran the WGA tool and here is its output. Any insight would be appreciated.

Diagnostic Report (1.9.0027.0):
Windows Validation Data-->

Validation Code: 0
Cached Online Validation Code: N/A, hr = 0xc004f012
Windows Product Key: *****-*****-MGJ3H-FT7VD-FG72J
Windows Product Key Hash: MajJQMO7x6C/zF514M1WFV804Hs=
Windows Product ID: 00342-OEM-8992707-00082
Windows Product ID Type: 2
Windows License Type: OEM SLP
Windows OS version: 6.1.7600.2.00010300.0.0.011
ID: {534977D3-E4E5-498E-A9B6-1EC5A8257B32}(1)
Is Admin: Yes
TestCab: 0x0
LegitcheckControl ActiveX: N/A, hr = 0x80070002
Signed By: N/A, hr = 0x80070002
Product Name: Windows 7 Starter
Architecture: 0x00000000
Build lab: 7600.win7_rtm.090713-1255
TTS Error:
Validation Diagnostic:
Resolution Status: N/A

Vista WgaER Data-->
ThreatID(s): N/A, hr = 0x80070002
Version: N/A, hr = 0x80070002

Windows XP Notifications Data-->
Cached Result: N/A, hr = 0x80070002
File Exists: No
Version: N/A, ... Read more

A:Dell mini fresh install activation fails

This baffles me because the product ID code from my data matches the installation. The only live support option MS is offering me is "premium", which I assume means paid.

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Hey, I'm installing windows XP onto a 500 g SATA hard disk that I just installed into a Dell Dimension 9100.

I have an .iso file that I need to place onto a DVD to serve as the OS boot disc. My DVD-R is in my Mac. So i need to burn this .iso file on the mac but have it boot the PC..

What is the proper file extension for the dvd file? is there anything I need to do that I'm missing?

A:Fresh Windows XP Install on a Fresh Hard Drive using a Burned DVD OS install - PLZ HL


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Hi hopeing someone here can help out.
built a new PC and installed Win 8.1 and updated it all.
had the BSOD clock watchdog time out since system 1st built
here is speccy link
minidump file zip
could only get access to 1/2 of the files ?
also attached is output of last 10 errors from mini tool box.
I am going to run 10 Pass memory test overnight to see if there are any errors with the memory.
Did speak to guy where i bought the components and his idea was to do full wipe and reinstall of windows.
I do try and leave this to last ditch attempt.
Thanks for all and any help or advice.

A:Clock watchdog timeout win 8.1 fresh build pc and fresh windows install

A wee update.
ran mem test over night. did 10 passes and no errors with the memory.

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Windows 7.0 was preinstalled on my Gateway desktop and did not come with any backup disks. I purchased and successfully downloaded/activated Windows 7.0 Ultimate. A year later my system became unstable and was advised to reinstall the Windows. In so doing, Windows was over-written and wiped out the desktop and other installed programs.

At this point I have re-installed all of these programs and was then alerted by Microsoft that I needed to activate Windows. The activation failed - "The Software Licensing Service determined that this specified product key can only be used for upgrading, not a clean installation".

I have checked the tower, as well the original shipping box for a label containing the product key for the initial Windows 7.0 without success.

Is there any way around now purchasing Windows 7.0 OS?
Assuming that this is what I must do . . . is there any way to download & install the 7.0 OS without having to rebuild/reinstall all of my additional programs?

Microsoft has informed me that I must successfully activate the OS within the next 8 days . . . HELP.

A:Activation of Windows 7 Ultimate following a fresh installation

See the workarounds here...
Clean Install Windows 7 with Upgrade Media | Windows 7 content from Paul Thurrott's SuperSite for Windows
- or simply try Operator activation.....

telephone activation (operator calls)
Click on the Start button
in the Search box, type
and hit the Enter key
follow the instructions, but when asked which service you require by the telephone ansafone, do NOT reply - this should force an operator to respond, who can deal with you

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My music computer started having problems with Windows 98 locking up at irregular intervals, and after a while the thing simply wouldn't boot up all the time. The lockups had been getting worse, so naturally I thought I had been vicitimized by some spyware/adware/virus infection and took measures. After countless hours, I finally gave up and bought a new hard drive, installed it, and put on a fresh copy of Windows 98 SE from my recovery CD.

It worked fine - for a while.

Now the computer is exhibiting the same symptoms with the new drive as it did with the old drive. I tried running the Seagate SeaTools to see if I could find any abmormalities and it checked out fine. What is odd is that the computer locks up at no particular place, with no particular interval of time. Quite often I can't even get it past the Windows splash screen.

My uneducated opinion is that this has to be a hardware issue, and I'm feeling frustrated by my inability to isolate the problem. If anyone can make suggestions as how I should proceed, I would be very grateful, indeed.

The computer has an AMD Athlon processor with 512 MB of RAM installed on an Azza 366X AS motherboard by the manufacturer, CyberPower Inc... It clocks around 1.4 ghz... The computer has a CD-R/RW, a Toshiba DVD-ROM, a 1.44 floppy drive, a Creative Labs SoundBlaster Live 5.1, GeForce 64 meg video adaptor, a 56k modem, a Turbolink switching power supply (375atx) and extra cooling fans. The original drive is an IBM Des... Read more

A:Fresh drive, fresh Windows 98 install, same old lockups!

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HI, I just installed windows 2000 professional onto my computer. Everything works fine except that the resolution is really grainy. On some web sites I cannot even make out what the words are. I found out that when I go into my monitor settings in display properties I am unable to install the drivers for my monitor. Does anybody know a way in which I can get around this.

A:monitor drivers unable to install on fresh windows 2000 install

Are you really referring to the monitor drivers or the Dispay Adapter drivers?The symptoms you describe sound like the latter issue.

Monitor drivers are no big deal to install, and even if you don't, Windows should use compatible plug and play drivers. Still it's a good idea to install them -- but you get them from the Monitor vendor site. You get the Display Adapter drivers from the Display Adaptor vendor's site.

What Display Adapter model do you have? And are they properly installed?

To install a Monitor driver, you download and unzip the .inf file from the Vendor. Then you select "update driver" and browse to the location of the file you unzipped. Once installed your Monitor should be recognized by model number.

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I've been extremely frustrated with both the screen flickering and crashing during sleep issues.  I figured before I buy a laptop from another company that I would at least try a reformat. I was expecting devices to not be fully installed after the reformat but Device Manager does not show any issues.  PC is also running fine besides the fact that the trackpad doesn't right click properly and the resolution is off which probably can be addressed by installing the proper drivers.  What else should I install, though?

A:Yoga 2 Pro - fresh install of Windows 10 - what should we install from Lenovo's download page?

Download/install Lenovo System Interface Foundation for Windows 10 (32-bit, 64-bit)...IdeaPad.... That should install, among other things, Lenovo Vantage (ex-Companion.) Use its System Update function to find drivers/updates, download and install them on your system. You don't have to install everything but if you have "screen flickering and crashing during sleep issues" then I'd make sure to at least get the latest chipset, display, video, power management, etc. drivers.
P.S. If you suspect that particular driver(s) may be causing issues, then install them one at a time to identify which one(s) are bad.

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-Running Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit Service Pack 1

Hello there, I've just built a new computer and am having trouble installing Windows updates on my fresh install.

When I go to Windows Update, I get the following message:

Install new Windows Update software

To check for updates, you must first install an update for Windows Update. Your automatic updating settings will not change

To install the update, Windows update will automatically close and re-open.

When I click 'Install now', the window disappears and I am then confronted with the following message:

Windows could not search for new updates

An error occurred while checking for new updates for your computer.

Error(s) found:
Code 800F081F Windows Update encountered an unknown error.

Does anyone know how I can get updates to work? Is there some way that I can manually download and install this update for Windows Update?

Thank you.

A:Unable to install updates on fresh Windows 7 SP1 install

I'm guessing that your installation media already contained SP1, is that correct? Since this is a clean install my first thought is something happened during the installation process to damage or corrupt some system files. I'd try the Microsoft troubleshooter first.

Troubleshoot problems with installing updates - WindowsUpdate_dt000

If that doesn't work I'd try running the System Update Readiness Tool.

What is the System Update Readiness Tool?

If still no joy, and only because this is a very recent clean install, I'd just reinstall Windows 7 again. If the problem persists I'd start looking into the possibility of a bad installation disk, hardware issues, etc. Please post back if any of this helps or not.

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I plan on reformatting Windows 7 x64 due to some hardware issues. Basically, I would like to be able to have things like Windows 7 settings, themes, ect imported. Any tips on how to do this?

edit: I do have separate partitions/harddrives to backup files, program data, ect.

A:Tips for importing my Windows 7 install to a fresh install?

Windows Easy Transfer
Ill get the link

When I went from Vista to 7, I used it. Tranfer everything to a finger drive and then transfer to the new OS.

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I'm unable to get windows to install properly properly and have spent the around 20 hours in total trying to troubleshoot it the last 2 days.

It started with a failed overclock attempt, and reseting uefi to default settings.
When I booted up again the start menu didn't work. I attempted to arc /scannow among some other fixes to no avail and therefore opted to reset windows 10.
This resulted in an error message (unable to configure windows 10 for this hardware or something along that line.

I Then I made a usb with windows media creation tool on another computer, and attempted a clean format and fresh install of the drive, with no success. This time it left me stuck in a reboot loop at the oobe phase (use express settings.. blue screen, please wait. ) with no error.

After another format, I tried to install windows 7 and upgrade from there. I had some success, but the windows 10 would log in with a black screen and working mouse and keyboard shortcuts. After 5-10 minutes the Rest of the interface loaded, the start menu however did not work, nor did windows update or the search bar.
I've tried various fixes, but nothing seems to help, or introduces another issue.

I'm running out of ideas, and cant seem to track down the root issue. Could a component be broken?

I have gone through several attempts to reinstall, but every method results in one issue or the other.

The strange part about that would be how windows 7 installed and ran perfectl... Read more

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Hello there!
Okay I have a problem that I can't seem to solve.
I bought a new computer that did not come with a operating system.
So I set up windows 7 64bit. All that went smoothly.
Then when it came to driver installation the problems came.
The computer has no CD drive, so I cant install it from the cds I got with it.
Tried with wired internet connection, nothing. Missing driver
Tried putting the driver for the Ethernet thingy on an usb. Computer did not find the USB drive. Tried all ports on the machine.
Sooo, I basically need to get internet into the computer so I can setup the rest of the drivers.
Tried a wireless WiFi USB stick, but again, the computer does not find the USB's.
BUT it did find my wireless keyboard and mouse assembly? Weird.
Cannot seem to get the computer to recognize a usb memory stick.
Any ideas guys and girls?
Thanks in advance!

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I swapped out the HDD on my wife's laptop with a new SSD, and did a fresh install of Windows 7.

My wife liked the live mail, and the photo viewer, and had the 2009 version on the old system, I think.

Anyway......you can only install the new Windows Essentials 2012, or it's individual components....or so I thought.

I tried doing that, and first it hung on the "install", until I got fed up and cancelled. A couple more attempts, and it said it couldn't install mail, movie maker and photo viewer. I tried the offline installer, tried finding an older version....with no luck.

It would keep installing OneDrive though, if I tried to install the entire suite.

One thing I found out is, that if there are any components/program files from previous versions, it won't install, or so I read. If I go to C:\Program files, and/or C:\Program files(x86), there are folders for Live essentials components. Obviously it came with the fresh Windows 7. I'm pretty sure that is the reason, but if I simply try to right click and delete those folders, it tells me I need permission from TrustedInstaller to make changes to the folders.

It's ridiculous.

Any help/feedback GREATLY appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

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Can not install full fresh Windows 7 it says cannot install windows 7 it says hard disk in gpt style.

The hard drive in this HP p2-1343w Desktop PC
HITACHI HDS721010CLA632 JPT41A SATA 6.0 1TB hard drive
Deskstar 7K1000.C HDS721010CLA632
P/N 0F15013 MLC JPT41A
I am trying to help a lady friend from Church.
She has a HP p2-1343w Desktop PC with Windows 8, "Which I hate".
Can not install full fresh Windows 7 it says cannot install windows 7 it says hard disk is in gpt style. I tried some steps to covert gpt to mbr so I can install fresh full Windows 7 but don't know what to do from here.
Please help thank you.
N4TUX Boyd

A:Can not install full fresh Windows 7 it says cannot install because...

Hi N4TUX is there currently an operating system on the pc?

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Using the DISM, restorehealth, etc.. all do not seems to work. Advise. Spend 3 days doing it... even reformatting and reinstall OS.

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Just wondering what everyone rushes to install on a fresh install of Windows. If this type of thread has been done already, sorry feel free to merge.

I tend to format and reinstall so often that I keep all my apps on a USB stick install them all then use File Hippo's update checker to update anything that's been updated since I put the installers on my stick, I also copy the new installers over to my stick for the next time I reinstall.

My first install is Anti-virus, which used to be Avast but i'm now using MS security essentials. I let it update and scan then reboot install any available Windows updates.

Second install is Firefox which is my favorite browser and I use to surf around while windows update is running.

After closing Firefox my third set of installs are plugins: Java, Flash Plugins (IE & non-IE), Shockwave, Adobe Air, and Python.

The rest are:

7-zip: Great utility for handling all kinds of archives (doesn't integrate into the shell well on Windows 7 yet)

Abiword: Light weight word processor. For the most I use this to compose longer blog posts and replies to private messages. It beats launching Open Office.

Audacity: Program for manipulating audio files. Mostly use this to cleanup intro and outro gaps on rips.

Any Video Converter: Pretty simple and easy to use video converter so I can play them on my Zen.

Ccleaner: An awesome temp/internet files cleaner.

Google Chrome: I use this as my secondary browser.

Coffee Cup Free HTML Editor: Really... Read more

A:Fresh Install of Windows -- What apps do you install?

Don't forget to install Malwarebytes:



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Hi. I have installed a whole new windows 7 pro x64. My new mobo an ASus p5e3 pro along with new ram pc12800 gskill 2x2 ddr3 (running in 1066mhz due to my q6600)

Everythingi s running perfectly...except some random BSOD. 4 total this week.

I have posted a pack of dump file in here, the last 4 ones are the ones that represent the 4 BSOD I had and that I cannot explain.

the others ones are for various reasons, crashes who happenned during installation but that I was able to resolve.

What is weird is that my BSOD only happenned when I was surfing explorer on when the CPU was idle at night, with utorrent running.
today mc pc got BSOD at 11:54 AM after 1 night or running perfectly. it is open since then and running perfectly again.

All the afternoon for 4 hours it loaded utorrent, I cam back from the university and started to play empire total war and lot of MW2 multiplayer.

Everything is working perfectly, no BSOD !! But I'm afraid to leave my pc open this night...when the BSOD happen I usually have to reboot manually because if it reboot by itself it lead to a DOS screen saying to select a boot device.
Help me someone... I cannot believe me G-skill memory are faulty, otherwise they would have failed in-game.

I suspect nvidia drivers 195.62 can be responsible for thoses bluescreen. The power management tool is not working properly and whatever the option I choose in the nvidia panel it will sometimes lower my frequencies and sometimes it will keep the stock one.

A st... Read more

A:Random BSOD - Fresh install, fresh system

I think I must also mention that BSOD didnt always give the same message, wich lead me to confusion in my troubleshooting research.

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I have been trying to install Windows XP Professional on my brothers laptop. Everything has gone smoothly, to the stage that, after the first GUI setup, the computer boots up, and the 3 blue blocks move across the screen. It goes across twice, and then the screen just goes blank.



A:Fresh Windows XP Install

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Hi guys,
I've been wanting to ask this for a few weeks but felt I needed to search properly before creating a new post, but after not being able to find one, i have decided to ask....
I am looking to perform a clean install of Windows 7 on my desktop. (wipe the hard drive clean). Now the PC is a custom built one, IE not a specific model.
I have had problems before when reformatting my laptop by wiping the hard drive with drivers for everything (wireless being the worst!) and only managed to get around it by googleing the laptops make and model and downloading the drivers off the manufactures website.
Since my desktop  is a custom built one (Build by overclockers), is there any 3rd party software, or even better, Windows software, which will allow me to extract all the drivers installed on the PC and burn them onto a disk so I can just install them off that once I have formatted the hard drive?
I hope I have explained this properly and that someone can help. It would be greatly apprciated.
Kind regards,

A:Fresh install of windows 7

You can try some of these freeware programs
Or you can backup them manually from windows

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Hello, I have Acer E1-470-6806 from BestBuy Montreal, Canada in 2013/14. It came with preinstalled Windows 8. I want to reinstall Windows 8 as Linux was installed on it and it does not have any recovery partion as well. I don't see any product key sticker on the laptop, wondering how could use an Windows 8 ISO to install it and then download all acer drivers manually to have my Windows 8 machine ready. Please advice. 

A:Fresh install Windows 8

acerck, Your Windows product key is stored on a chip on the mainboard.  When you install Windows 8, the Windows 8 installer automatically retrieves it.  Windows will automatically activate when you connect to the internet.  There's no need to enter a product key. Here's vanilla Windows 8.1: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows8 You can also purchase your eRecovery media from Acer: http://www.acer.com/worldwide/support/ https://store.acer.com/store/acerna/DisplayDataValidationServicePage http://store.acer.com/store/acerna/en_US/home/ThemeID.30483300 There's lots of posts on this forum that give step-by-step instructions on how to install vanilla Windows 8.1 or Acer erecovery media.  

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hey everyone need some help, i had windows 7 installed on my pc and i had a really bad virus, so i did a low level format and reinstalled windows. now as i try to load it after it says windows is starting the screen goes black and nothing happens but it starts in safe mode fine any ideas thanks

A:fresh windows install help...

As there was a virus attack, yo ushould have performed a clean installation formatting the entire C drive, as described in STEP 7 of the tutorial Clean Install Windows 7 .

At first, try Troubleshooting Windows 7 Failure to Boot , and if failed still, try ... Clean Install Windows 7 .

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is there a way to install a upgrade version of windows 7 to a fresh new hard drive? or is there a way to make dvd boot at post and start the install?

A:help! windows 7 fresh install

Hi ms say this is not allowed and breaks the rules from what i read
this is some info re upgrade http://www.microsoft.com/windows/win...derations.aspx http://blogs.zdnet.com/Bott/?p=1477&tag=content;col1

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Ok ive done this before 100 times.  But this is different for some reason.  I believe on the hard drive the motherboard drivers for the SATA drives are gone.  I think this is due to a virus or something.  This is on a Acer Aspire 3450-UR30P. When I try to install windows it does not find the disk drives.  I have 2 Sata Western Digital Drives connected correctly.  I have checked the cables and replaced them and still does not see them.  Also trying to boot from the drive with windows still on it I get BootMGR is missing. I been trying to find all the drivers I would need (not in a .exe file) and throw them on my flash drive or even a disk and have the windows installation program grab the drivers from there.  This computer did not come with a Acer Windows 7 Recovery disk.  And for some stupid reason they want 20 bucks for it which I tried to do but their site is messed up and would not put the payment through.  Im starting to lose hair now......

A:Trying to install fresh windows 7

Are the drives detected in the BIOS?

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i used my maxblast disc to clean my hard drive now that i try 2 reinstall windows back everything i try fail i changed the bios to boot from cd rom and floppy [i have the 6 disks of xp bootables what do i do now i cant get anything to work thnxxxxxxxxxx

A:fresh install of windows xp

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Hey i'm new here but i'm severly needing help, i just moved to my grandmothers after my dads divorce and I brought my kick-*** computer with me. but.... THE INTERNET WONT WORK!!! Also i have installed my drivers, and its a windows xp fresh install.

I noticed that in "My Connections" theres only verizon wireless connection (i have a travel card) but thats it o.o. I have comcast right now. Right now i'm on my grandmothers snail pc, with my computer hooked up and right next to me. PLEASE HELP. (I use a modem not a router).

Please help,

A:Windows Xp fresh install

i have installed my driversClick to expand...

Please confirm that there are no warnings or errors or Unknown or Other devices in Device Manager.

What are listed under Network Adapters?

I use a modemClick to expand...

Dial-up? Internal or external?

Broadband? If so, what kind? Connect to it by ethernet or USB?

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Hi guys
After a fresh install of windows 7 should I do windows update first or install my drivers?
I7 920
6Gb ram
Ati 5970

A:Windows 7 fresh install

Windows 7 installer is mostly driver-complete, with newer arriving quickly via optional Windows Updates.

Only provide your own drivers if any are missing in Device Manager, or performance dictates.

This is not XP or even Vista. MS spent a fortune getting Win7 drivers in the installer and via Updates.

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My problem is that I am unable to do a fresh install of Windows 7 over and existing installation.

I've been working on this problem for over 2 weeks and can't make any progress. I won't bore you with all the details but here's a brief summary of the background:

-I'm working on an older computer that was being used as a back up.
-It had Win 7 Ultimate and Win XP installed in a dual boot arrangement
-After a Win 7 crash, the system wouldn't boot past the Boot Manger screen (it froze)
-After a lot of different attempts, It finally would boot to Win 7 but the Boot Manager screen was still frozen. (It timed out to Win 7)
-Win 7 operated like it was stuck in molasses (CPU usage at 100%)
-I removed Win XP and formatted that partition and using tutorials from this forum and changed the bootmgr to remove XP as a choice
-Win 7 boots but still runs like molasses.

I decided to give up and reinstall Windows.
-I have the BIOS set to boot first from the DVD drive, 2nd from the HDD
-When I try to boot from the Windows DVD, I get the message "Searching for boot record from CD"
-Then I get the message, "Press any key to boot from CD". I do this but the system still boots from the HDD to Win 7

I have attempted F11 & F12 from the POST screen but the system seems to ignore this and still boots to Win 7.

I have searched for suggestions but most recommend booting from a system restore disk or the Win 7 disk which doesn't work.

I suspect that my pro... Read more

A:Can't do a fresh install of Windows 7.

Can you get to a working PC with a cd burner ?

Make and use a Partition Wizard boot cd.

Boot from the cd.

Delete the entire drive down to unallocated space.

Then create a Primary Partition, then align, format and mark it active ( all done with PW cd)

Click apply in the top left corner.

Remove the cd, put your install disc in and restart the PC.

Use the 1 time boot menu key to bring up the boot menu and choose your cd/dvd drive.

Post your results.

Bootable Partition Manger | MiniTool Partition Wizard Bootable Edition

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I'm just wondering how to do a fresh install of windows 7, as it keeps freezing lately, ive tried system restore but keeps coming up that it hasn't done it...so id rather re-install from scratch again so ive got nothing on my system...Any help would be appreciated

A:How to do a fresh install of windows 7

Hello rbcuk
Have a look here -
SSD / HDD : Optimize for Windows Reinstallation
Clean Install Windows 7


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Hello. Is there a way to install fresh windows 10 without .ISO, usb and dvd? I updated my windows 7 to windows 10, but now I want fresh install, is it possible to do it? Like just to start setup.exe and install it ... I've seen some yt video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LCOn9EHMQe8 so I was wondering is this even legit, will it work like that?

A:Windows 10 fresh install?

Hello Squickly,

First, I will call false on the description for that video since Microsoft will always provide free Windows 10 ISO files to directly download from Microsoft. That alone makes me question anything the video says.

Windows 10 ISO Download
You can refresh or reset Windows 10 without an ISO, DVD, or USB since Windows 10 is installed with an image. You would only be prompted for installation media if there was an issue with the built-in image.

Reset Windows 10

Refresh Windows 10

If you wanted to do a clean install of Windows 10, then you will need either an ISO or USB to do so though.

Windows 10 - Clean Install

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After fresh install of windows 7 on dell inspiron 1750; wireless network visible in list but cannot connect EVEN IN SAFE MODE!?!

Please help I have been stuck for days now. All drivers udated and windows updates installed, (still was'nt working before all the updates)

A:Fresh windows 7 install

ensure you are typing the password properly. ensure that the type of encryption you are choosing is correct. reboot your router. uninstall and reinstall your wireless card drivers. update your drivers. can anything else connect to the internet via your router?

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Hi guys,

Has been a while since I posted here so please bear with me...

I currently am working on a Lenovo b570 laptop spec is:

Windows 7 ultimate x64
Intel i5 2nd generation
8gb RAM
320gb hdd
On board graphics driver.

So I've been having problems with this laptop for a month or so now. In which it would not let me view a .h264 format file in a web browser, download the video, displays fine. Any other video format will play through my browser.
After a particularly long day of messing around trying all sorts of things such as completely removing and reinstalling the activeX, making sure the graphics driver is up to date etc. I decided that enough was enough and took the drastic measure of reinstalling windows (as the computer was filling up with useless junk anyway). Now my problem has arisen that after reinstalling windows, reinstalling my drivers and testing the video playback (it now works, fantastic!) I have come across the problem of not being able to use my product key to validate windows.

I get the error message along the lines of "this is a windows anytime upgrade key and cannot be used for a fresh install"

My computer originally came with win7 home premium (32 bit with 8gb of ram but that's another story) and I upgraded it to ultimate through anytime upgrade.

I have both my home premium and ultimate license keys handy and would prefer not to have to reinstall from my backup I made prior to reinstalling windows.

Could somebody please tell me there i... Read more

A:Windows 7 fresh install

See this article: Windows 7 activation error: invalid product key

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I want to fresh install Windows 7 on my new SSD. My Windows is OEM version with product key on the laptop. Can I download Windows 7 ISO and enter my product key for Windows 7 OEM? Thanks in advance.

A:Fresh install of Windows 7

thunderstorm773 Basically -- no.  Most likely, since the HP OEM versions are not available for download, then any version you do download is likely to be Retail, and those will not activate using the HP OEM key that came with your laptop. What will work is restoring your machine to its original factory condition using HP Recovery Media. This is a set of DVDs and a CD, or USB stick, that will erase the hard drive (removing all data, settings, and applications, reinstall the original OS, drivers, and some HP Utilities. In some cases, you may be able to order a USB stick instead of disks.  You have to order these from HP; they can not be downloaded.You can look online for Recovery Media starting with the linked paged: http://support.hp.com/us-en/driversOnce there, input your Product name or number. On your Software and Drivers Download page, select your Operating System and and Version. Click "Update".  If HP Recovery Media is available for your machine, down near the bottom of the page, you will see an entry for Order Recovery Media-CD/DVD/USB. Click the "+" symbol to expand that entty and click on Order Media for details.Or, if you prefer, you can do the same by contacting HP Customer Service:If you live in the US or Canada, contact information is on this page: http://www8.hp.com/us/en/contact-hp/phone-assist.html#section1If you live elsewhere, contact information is on this page: http://www8.hp.com/us/en/contact-hp/ww-contact-us.htmlNOTE: After you ge... Read more

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I am looking for some help with a windows xp fresh install. It's been 2 days of unsuccessful attempts for me.

I changed mobo and processors in my computer as well as update ram. When I went to install windows xp, it would get to 8% of the install and then tell me that an error has occured and windows will shut down. I tried several times over and got the same error. My hard drive was formatted for the fresh install so there was no windows program running on the harddrive. I search the net and found a thread that said to check the memory. I removed one of the modules from the mobo and low and behold, I installed windows.
After installation completed, I installed the drivers for the mobo, video card and other things. I started to install some software and when I did a restart on the computer, the system just started constantly rebooting after it was running fine. Threads indicated a possible memory prob. Changed the memory stick and still nothing. I was able to go into safe mode and turn off the constant reboot to get and error message and then searched that error message. I checked for more threads and found that there may be a Netgear wireless problem with the driver and sp2. They suggested removing the wireless card and then restarting the computer. I did that and nothing. I changed power supplies thinking that maybe power was not getting to all of the hardware for some reason. Now when I started my computer, it would show the mem size and video card in... Read more

A:Help! Can Not Install Fresh Windows XP

Sounds to me like you have eliminated almost every possible problem except 1 the actual cd itself. Are there any scratches or is it dirty????

are you overclocking this mobo/processor at all?
another thing... what is the
drive cable settings... ex.... is hdd on Primary Master, what is primary slave???? One other possibility is the IDE cable as well.

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OK, PC I'm working on is a HP m8200n with integrated video card.The PSU fan was inop causing over heat condition,case fan was noisy and the HD had corrupt files for boot up Bsod. I replaced the PSU from a 300 watt to a 430 watt,new case fan and new HD WD from a Seagate 500g. Now at the very end of installation completing, the screen went to a smaller size as though it was adjusting from video driver,then again adjusting to a screen that could not see (all lines ). I left it alone but it did not reboot,cold boot just made me have to reinstall OS. I have never seen this before and assumed it was due to the windows 7 drivers it was installing.I ended up reinstalling Vista.Any thoughts or has anyone run into this before?

A:Fresh install Windows 7

Did you try updating your chip/set, video, drivers from your models # support page?

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A couple months ago i bought my computer, it came with no windows 7 discs. How would i go about putting a fresh install of windows 7 on it?


A:How do i do a fresh install of windows 7?

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The old hard drive on my computer crapped out so I just bought a new one and I am trying to install windows on it and I have gotten lost.

The drive I am using is http://www.seagate.com/support/disc/iguides/sata/100320529a.pdf

I have a dell windows cd that came with the computer, I also have the windows cd key that was used on the computer.

I put in the dell cd it went through all the steps. Everything seemed to be going fine. It never asked me for my CD key, it also never asked me if this computer would be connected to the internet.

The computer boots but the only thing on the desktop is the recycling bin. I look into the display settings and I can only get 2 screen size resolutions. I can not connect to the internet. I am confused about what I am supposted to do next.

I have been using the guides...

I would appreciate any help,

A:Fresh Windows XP Install Help

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Im attempting to install a LEGAL VERSION OF WINDOWS 7 BETA. They are offering a trial until August.

I have a new PC but no OS besides win98(new pc is not even booted yet) and would like to try usign the new windows 7 beta, LEGAL VERSION.

I dont have a CD burner so... I was hoping theres a way to put in my spare HD which has the Windows 7 Beta ISO on it.

Then boot/load that through the boot screen and install it onto my new computers HD.

Then use windows 7 beta LEGAL VERSION as my OS.

thank you in advance

A:Fresh windows install - from ISO

In a nutshell ... No ....

You'll need to burn the ISO to cd/dvd and boot to that.

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Hello I just went out and purchased a OEM copy of MS XP Pro and after I activated the OS. I was wondering since I like to format and reinstall the OS at least twice a year. how am i going to get around having to activeate it over and over because i know you can only use it once.


A:Windows XP fresh install

This article may help you http://www.microsoft.com/technet/pro...e/xpactiv.mspx.

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I am trying to reinstall windows on another computer of mine. The boot priority is CD-ROM first, and when it loads the XP install cd, and I try to install windows, it simply tells me that it cannot detect the hard drive, which does not make sense because I run windows from the hard drive everytime I use the computer. Someone please help.

A:Trying To Fresh Install Windows

go into the bios and change the boot order

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I'm sorry but I'm new at this but I'm at a loss at what I'm suppose to do. Just got in the mail 2 ssd's and the HD7870 video card along with a copy of windows 8.1 complete (retail). My boot ssd (one I'm trying to install on) is a 60gb Mushkin and the other is the one I was going to put games on the 240gb Mushkin.

So I hooked the 60gb one up and put in my install disk for the 64bit of windows 8.1. It went through the install fine, then it said it needed to restart to complete and when it restarted it gave me the black screen of death. It sat there for over 30 minutes then the screen turned to a yellowish orange.

So I formatted the ssd, reinstalled fresh again. Same thing.

I then tried the 240gb thinking maybe I had a bad ssd. Same thing.

Then I tried an old 500gb Seagate that I knew worked but I formatted it and installed. Same thing.

So back to the 60gb I went, formatted, reinstalled 8.1 then it did the black screen again. So I tried booting over a couple times till it gave me the option to start in safe mode with networking. It started in a black screen with the blue windows logo... and stayed there for an hour.

I then tried the command prompt methods of BOOTREC/FIXMBR, BOOTREC/FIXBOOT, BOOTREC/REBUILDBCD and restarted with same black screen. *after the rebuildbcd, it said copies of windows = 0???*

So I tried to start using the install CD as a recovery drive, it brought up the option to install windows....

I'm not sure how I can get dumps or test st... Read more

A:Fresh install on Fresh SSD of 8.1, restarts into BSOD

Hi MitchellTyner,

First, I looked up your motherboard and it does not formally support any OS beyond Windows 7 so that could be an issue right off the bat; however, if you are running the latest BIOS, you could try and set your BIOS to default values and try that clean install without the 7870 first. Then, if it works, you could try installing the 7870 thereafter. BTW, good luck in finding all the correct drivers for your older hardware as well.

Clean Install - Windows 8


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Hello all,
My wife has a 2 year HP laptop.  It came with Windows 8.  I had an old licence of Windows 7, and installed it.  Don't know if I still have the CD, but defiantly have the PC with presumably the code with the original Windows 8 licence.
Over time, slow....
Today, she did the Windows 10 upgrade, and conditions are about the same.
Planning on reformatting the hard drive and performing a fresh install.
What are the steps to ensure I have a legal Windows licence?
Also, I am sure I could look it up, but any links to a good tutorial or advice would be appreciated.
Thank you

A:Fresh Windows 10 install on HP laptop

Assuming the Windows 10 installation says that it is Activated, then you can simply perform your fresh installation of Win 10, and it will automagically activate when it connects to the Internet without the need for any licence key. During the upgrade a "fingerprint" of your laptop hardware was stored on the Microsoft activation servers, and so they "know" that particular laptop is licensed for the Windows 10 version that you ended up with.
The licence of whichever OS was installed when you ran the upgrade will have been converted to a Win 10 license but you have no key or anything to document that. Your licence only exists as the authorised hardware fingerprint on the MS activation servers.
Edit - Re method - use the tool from this page
to either create a bootable USB drive (if your laptop supporters boot from USB) or a DVD, and use that to start the re-installation

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Hi All,
I just assembled new system and installing OS now. The CPU i have installed is a
Intel Core 2 Qx6700 2.66ghz along with a copy of Windows Pro 64-Bit. I press F5 during the Windows Setup process and presented with HAL screen to select proper CPU, only im not to sure what to select here for this CPU. Multiprocessor or Uniprocessor?

Any help be appreciated. -Thanks!

A:Fresh OS Windows Install HAL Selection CPU

You don't have to select anything, thats only if you want to choose something other then what the system automatically determines you should be using. So restart the Windows installation and do not press F5 and the appropriate HAL will be selected.

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