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Problem reset to fabric settings

Q: Problem reset to fabric settings

Dear , i have bought a brand new pavilion notebook 17 , 17inxh version with Windows 10 .1) laptop startup just blocks On the HP logo2) did a esc multiple times to enter troubleshooting3) starting the setup to Bring everyrhing to fabric settings , but at 50% the blue screen pops up that there is a problem with putting it back to fabric setting .I need to clean the laptop because this was a showroom model and had an store account on it !Any help ?Manu greets

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Preferred Solution: Problem reset to fabric settings

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


so i was playing around with the recording settings in fl studio and i seem to have completly messed up my computers sounds. everything is echoing, and i was wondering if theres a way to reset the settings in FL studio 9 or even reset the sound settings on my computer or something?? anyones help would be great

A:reset fl studio settings? or reset sound settings?

hi, i was just wondering if anyone knew where there was a good audio recording tutorial for fl studio 9, ive been trying to figure out how to co record voice along with the musical track without the effects ... effecting eachother

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I bought a IdeaPad 700 less than 1 year ago.  A few days ago, there was a Windows 10 update.  I kept postponing the update.  2 days ago, I closed laptop and on it in a bag.  Later, I turned on the laptop, i got the screen to fix startup problem. Restoring to the last point didn't work.  I tried to reset the system; it encountered a problem.  So I tried OneKey recovery; it didn't work because the HD configuartion is not the same.  I didn't create a backup image.  So now I can't use the laptop.  What are my options?  The laptop doesn't have a CD/DVD drive.

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hi -
can someone please help?
the settings / preferences for my laptop touchpad magically reset EVERY time the computer restarts. (however if it hibernates, they remain the same) i am so preplexed by this, i am not even sure where to begin trying ot fix this.


it's a dell inspiron 9300 (brand new) running xp pro.

A:laptop touchpad settings reset problem

You should have a drivers and utilities CD,if it`s a new dell.Choose the custom test option,and look for something related to your problem.It might be just a matter of re-installing the drivers.

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I just restored my Dell Inspiron to it's original factory settings.

It has Vista Home 32 bit. I got the "Reset was succesfull" screen.

Now at start up I get my user name (there was always only one user acct.) and when I type my password it does not accept my password.

It may be possible that when I purchased the computer three years ago I used a different password and then changed it and have just forgatten that I did that but I doubt it.

Should I just throw this thing away or is ther any solution to get past the welcome screen?

A:Vista Dell reset to factory settings problem

Maybe there is no password at all at factory settings?

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I have a Toshiba laptop (Windows 7) and a Samsung SCX-3405SW all-in-one for my printer.
Until recently I had been able to print pages from a particular website without any problems. I would simply right-click the page, enter the page number(s) I wanted to print, and click print. Very easy. Now, all of a sudden, that no longer works. Now I must click on Printer Dialog Box and go to Printing Preferences. Next, I go to Type under Layout Options and use the dropdown arrow to change from Multiple Pages Per Side to Single Page Per Side. I now must follow this procedure every single time I want to print a page. I chatted with a Samsung technician earlier tonight and ended up downloading drivers, but that didn't solve my problem.

I have no idea what has happened. Why should I now have to go in and change from the Multiple Page setting to the Single Page setting for each and every page I want to print? I never had to do that before. I don't believe I'm doing anything different, so I figure it must be a setting(s) problem.

I would greatly appreciate hearing from anyone who might be able to help me return to the simpler way of doing things. Thank you.

A:Solved: Problem: I now have to go in and reset settings for every page I print.

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I have just become interested in putting my images onto fabric but didn't want to use the T-shirt paper transfer that Epsom offers as it comes with a plastic coating that adheres to the fabric. In my search for something else I found a paper they call "Fabric Carrier". It has a tacky substance on it and when pealing off the protective layer you can place, I presume on a reasonably thin fabric, and adjust it to lie smoothly then trim it to the size of the paper and feed it through my printer (an Epsom Photo 820) and end up with a result when pealed from the page that is just a printed piece of fabric with an image directly on it.
I was hoping rather then order it from the States, I live in Canada, and then pay shipping, duty and perhaps delivery charges, I was hoping to find this product in Canada or create my own. I was thinking that someone may have found a spray or mix that I could apply to my own paper and have the same result. Does this sound reasonable or is there too much chance of ruining the printer with an overflow of the product during the printing session?
Does anyone know of a Canadian source or how to create this on my own?

Too much spare time on my hands.

A:Fabric Carrier

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I was trying to restore my pc, this did not work but after a few times it did work.
Now i can not start my pc, I get the error that a certain file is missing.
I also can not restore him anymore, I get the error that a partion is missing.
Can anyone help me? I am sorry for my english, i'm a non native english speaker!


A:Fabric restore problems

Is this a OEM manufacturer's PC with Pre-installed Windows 8?
Which as been updated to Windows 8.1?

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IT has Been a night And IT has been stuck for maybe 10 hours plz help

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Brand new Hp right out of the box and as best as I can describe it, it looks like a bed sheet if you placed something down on the bed, you would see the fabric ripple 360 around the object.   looks better straight on, but worse from off angle.   First if this is a thing, whats it called? Also I assume this is not a troubleshoot kid of thing, I beleive the screen is a bunch of layers and this would be a defect of one of them.  Although it is lessened by looking straight on it is still visiable and more so depending on the colors displayed.  So is this covered under warrentee? I purchased thru Amazon, would I be better off just returning and getting a new one.  Is it a common issue with this model?

A:Brand new screen looks like it has fabric ripples.

Hello @miyanc, Thank you for visiting the HP Support Forums! The forums are a great place where you can find solutions for your issues, with help from the community! I read your post about the issue with the display, and wanted to assist you!  I understand that it seems like your display is damaged. If you believe the notebook is having an hardware issue out of box, then you should try to return it to the place of purchase.  If this is not possible, then you may consider contacting HP Phone Support.  Please use the following http://www.hp.com/contacthp and create a case for your issue and contact HP. If you live outside the US/Canada, please click the link below to get the contact information for your region.http://www8.hp.com/us/en/contact-hp/ww-phone-assist.html Please let me know if this information helps you resolve the issue by marking this post as "Accept as Solution", this will help others easily find the information they may be looking for.  Also, clicking the Thumbs up below is a great way to say thanks! Have a great day!

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Hi All,
I am using List control in SPFx web part and implemented "View more" button click functionality to fetch items in batches. I am facing flickering issue while scrolling towards the window end or on multiple clicks of view more button. 
Please suggest on the same.
Environment- SharePoint Online
Webpart - SPFx with React.
Thanks in advance!

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Ok, this has been annoying me now for several hours. I've been everywhere on the internet tried malware bytes I'm not sure what else to do. 
I'll explain my problem, first it started off me not being able to connect to league of legends login server after restarting my computer several times I started looking into the problem, I couldn't figure it out. I asked them what might be the problem where they send me a guide to some network internet check thing. Then it tells me that my java isn't working for chrome to I try and install java and it doesn't work and comes up with "Java cannot install with the current internet settings" so I try look on the internet for some help, I try changing the lan settings but they just keep changing back, so I looked up some more stuff saying that I should use internet explorer when I found out that it doesn't even work, I tried reinstalling it. I'm not sure what else to do :/
Any help would be very appreciated thanks a lot. c:

A:LAN settings reset

Hi MaxUnix,Welcome to BleepingComputer. My name is dbrisendine and I'll be helping you with this problem. Before I get into the removal of malware / correction of your problem, I need you to be aware of the following:Please read all of my response through at least once before attempting to follow the procedures described.I would recommend printing them out, if you can, as you can check off each step as you complete it. Also, as some of the cleaning may be done in Safe Mode and there will be no internet connection then, you will find that having the steps printed for reference speeds the cleaning process along. If there's anything you don't understand or isn't totally clear to you, please come back to me for clarification before you start those steps.All of the assistants and staff at BleepingComputer are here on a volunteer basis; please respect our time given to the cause of helping others.If you are going to be away for more than 4 days, please let me know here. (I will do the same for you.) We do realize that 'life happens' and situations arise unexpectedly; we just ask that you keep us up to date.Malware removal is a complex, multiple step process; please stay with me on this thread (don't start another thread) until I declare that your logs are clean and you are good to go. The absence of apparent issues does not mean your system is clean; I will tell you when everything looks good for you to go and help you remove the tools we have used.If any of the security programs ... Read more

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I am pretty sure this post belongs in here but here I go. I Have just upgraded a user from 2000 to XP recently and the first thing I noticed is when she logs off and logs back on the next day that her icons are moved all around ( assuming to her 2000 setup )and if and when she starts up outlook it opens it like she has never opened it before !?!? Such as that box that pops up that says configuring outlook for user xyz. She is authentication to a domain which is windows 2000 advance server. Is there anything obvious that I should be doing here.
Thanks in advance.

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I accidentally deleted my nvidia graphics drivers, and the latest version doesnt work. Knowing the drivers which came with the computer will let me re install them. Thanks.

A:Lenovo flex 3 1580 Nvidia graphics drivers fabric version

You might check to see if the earlier drivers are still present on your system by doing the following Right-click on StartSelect Device ManagerLeft-click on Display Adapters to expand.Right-click on your display adapter, and select Update DriverSelect "Browse my computer for driver software"Select "Let me pick from a list of available drivers on my computer"This should provide a list of drivers previously installed on your systemTo switch to one of them, choose an older driver and click Next.It would be hard to know exactly what driver was installed when your system was new, because Lenovo does not provide release notes for its drivers as its certifies them, but older drivers for the Nvidia 940M card should be available from Nvidia, as well as newer driver versions that those release by Lenovo that may resolve your problem. which can be found here https://www.geforce.com/drivers Good Luck,     

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Yesterday Firefox was working just fine and then all of a sudden it was like everything was set to default. I restored most of my bookmark tabs, but still the navigation toolbar re-sizes and resets every time I restart firefox. All of my search engines are gone and it won't let me add new ones. I have no Idea how this happened. Can anyone help?

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Hey guys, I've had a little problem with my laptop. I had closed it this morning and went to class then to other places...I just got back, opened up the lid and turned it on...the screen had turned a lot darker, and I had forgotten how to brighten it up so I thought I'd restart it. Well...after restarting it...everything appeared as if it was brand new, except the programs and stuff were there, but my start menu was cleared, all my personal settings for Windows XP was cleared...and I ended up having to brighten up the screen after I found out how. Does anyone know what this could be? I think I had a virus recently but I'm not sure I got rid of it properly. Any ideas?

A:Windows settings reset

bump ~~ please help

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How do I restore my labtop to the factory settings?

A:Reset to Factory Settings

Hello, Thank you for posting in the HP Support forum. Welcome ! I see your computer originally comes with Windows 7 or 8/8.1 but if you upgraded it to Windows 10 and you want to get back to Windows 7 or 8, there are two options: - factory recovery / reset. Instructions>> http://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c04758961>> http://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c04758961#AbT8  - return back from Windows 10 (available 30 days after Win 10 was installed). Instructions >> http://www.howtogeek.com/220723/how-to-uninstall-windows-10-and-downgrade-to-windows-7-or-8.1/  Let me know if you need further assistance on this matter.

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I would like to reset my computer to factory settings due to many issues.    How do I do this, and will I loose the windows program and microsoft programs?    I do not have my  orginal intall disk for Windows or Microsoft.  PLEASE HELP, Lala

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hello how can reset library settings by deafult in win 8.1 pro x64?

A:reset library settings in win 81.

Hello Vasilis,

You should be able to reset the settings by opening each Library's properties, and clicking on the Restore Defaults button like below.

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I've been trying to get rid of whatever virus I have by going back to original factory settings. It makes like it is running the reformat but never does. Windows stays open, it periodically accesses the hard drive, etc. I did not make a bootable disk but still can. I'm afraid that it would be infected and would be worthless. the microsoft help people told me to get a copy of Win 7 on a disk, which for me would mean buying one. I haven't gotten to Dell What do I do? Right now I'm really afraid to use it so I went back to my old HP laptop.

The machine runs Windows 7 Pro 32 bit. on a Dell Vostro desktop.

A:Cannot reset Windows to out of box settings

What have you done so far to try and fight this issue?

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I have upgraded this tablet to Windows 10.  I am trying to reset it but the message "A Configuration Change was requested to clear this computer TPM.  It goes on to say to press <vol_up> to clear the TPM  Press <vol_down> to reject this change and continue.  I have pressed F10/vol up key and nothing happens.  How do I contunue?

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I'm starting to get a little peeved about my new computer and the web settings. Everytime I restart my computer, I'm noticing that my web settings are being reset for some reason. In particular, I'm looking to change my homepage from the default "MSN" website to something else (blank page, CNN, anything OTHER THAN msn.com). I can do this through the "internet options" in the control panel for IE, and through the webpage settings for Firefox, but everytime I reboot, it's back to MSN.

I've never had an issue like this, but it's got to be some small setting within the settings of my new computer. For what it's worth (if it helps), my computer is a Lenovo laptop, and I'm using the Symantec Client Firewall.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

A:Web Settings Reset at Reboot - How Can I Fix This?

this may help http://www.oreillynet.com/windows/blog/2005/03/is_microsoft_a_home_page_hijac.html

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we have some stations in our organization that keep losing their settings for unknown reasons, which causes some applications to break. we cannot determine when and why exactly this happens. the users don't seem to have permissions to change the settings
themselves (and even if they did- they wouldn't  know how to change them)
is it possible to monitor printer settings changes with already available tools such as event viewer or scripts?
also, is there maybe a way to re-apply the settings by logon script or other automatic method?
thanks for the help.

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I have a annoying new off/on problem.
When I press "Ctrl" key, my Outlook will start open. Not once, but for every time I hit "Ctrl".
That often gives a lot of Windows to close 
Any ideas for me ?
If you reply me, please make it simple, I am no geek in pc.
Greetings from

A:Reset keyboard settings, or ....... ?

What is the make and model of this computer?
Try doing a System Restore.
Click on the Start orb .
In the Search programs and files box type System Restore.
Under Programs right click on System Restore, then click on Run as administrator
When System Restore opens click on Next
You should now see your restore points listed by time and date, click on a restore point prior to the time your problem started, then click on Next.
Click on Finish to initiate the restore.

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What exactly does that do if you choose that option?

A:Tools...Reset Web Settings...

I've never chose this option before, just wondering if someone else has and knows what it does?

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I have windows 7/ 32 and i am looking to restore the registry settings back to factory.

I once had a little tool from here something like RESTORE_regisrty.reg

or if you no of this tool , or any other way that you may no how thanks.

A:How do i reset registry settings

Take a read through this Tutorial by Brink and see if this is what you are looking for.

System Restore

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eaach time i   each time i try and search the web i get an error message "Opps try again"

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I am looking to reset my network settings altogether; I want everything forgotten and my Network and Sharing Center to act as it did when I first installed Win 7. I've tried looking through several options myself and browsing several threads, but no luck.

Can anyone provide a tutorial for bringing everything back to default?

A:Reset Connection Settings

i have the same problem too.
I made some changes to the registry, regarding the lag in games (it's a thread here) and wanto to turn it to default.
Please help

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Do you know how to redo the dvd setting on the powerdvd12 on the g51 lenova its dtuck on zoom all i can see is the actors chest no mattercwhat dvd
Moderator comment: New post created. Subject edited. Was: Re: Lenovo Bootable Media Creator (BoMC) 10.3

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Here is my problem. I enjoy working jigsaw puzzles online. Sometimes when I click on a piece of the puzzle, move the cursor to place the piece where it goes, the piece is dropped and I have to re-click on the piece to move it. Sometimes this happens a couple of times before I get the piece set. Is there anyway to solve this problem.

Another problem I have is that many time when I move the piece, try to drop it and move the cursor for another piece it won't drop and follows the cursor. Then I have to set the piece where I want it, double click on the piece which highlights the piece, then the piece is dropped and I can go to another piece. This is annoying. Is there anyway to stop this from happening. Thanks.

A:How to reset browser settings????

See a tutorial here,
Confirm this reset process,
Reset process first opening Internet explorer
You can also go as far as seeing if this will help Clean boot,

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i found that everytime i startup or resume my laptop the connection settings on my browser are rest to a proxy server.....??? so i always have to configure the connection settings to "Direct connection to the internet"....i find that this happens to both my firefox and internet explorer....is there a way to make it always start with this setting, because i cant see any button that does that..

A:Reset connection settings

The settings for Firefox for direct connection to the internet are - Tools > Options > General > Connection Settings - and now make your choices.

You could also check that all is ok in the 'Network and Dial up Connections' folder in the Control Panel and the 'Internet Options' folder, there's a connection tab with a settings option.

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Hi, I have a dell latitude d600 and I was just wondering if there is a way to reset my computer back to factory settings? Any help would be much appreciated.

A:Reset To Factory Settings?

If you have the recovery CDs or XP disks run the install will format and reinstall to the factory setting. If you do not have the Dell CD you should order them while you can.

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I need to reset my CMD to it's default settings how do I do that?

I am using Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit..

A:Reset CMD to default settings?

Hello CriticalError,

Could you me more specific on what settings for cmd you want to restore to default?

If you mean the default associations for the .cmd file extension, then you can download and merge the CMD option in the tutorial below to do so.

Default File Type Associations - Restore

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Hello, I have a HP Envy x2, which I purchased refurbished with Windows 8 pre-installed. After I upgraded to Windows 8.1, I starter to notice many problems such as; the tablet wouldn't start all the time, the secure boot was disabled (but I fixed that), the app store doesn't work all the time, and Windows Update can't check for updates. The HP did not come with a recovery thumb drive or DVD. And I need "recovery media" to be able to refresh/reset my PC. I have tried multiple times to create a recovery drive, but my "Key" for Windows 8.1 is not valid and I do not know where my Windows 8 "Key" is. (By the way, I really don't know very much about Windows at all. Windows 8 is my first version of Windows.)

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

A:Can't Reset to Factory Settings


We always assume you have made your Recovery Disks using the OEM manufacturer's Recovery Media Creator app the first day you had your new PC.
& made the Startup Repair CD. (Windows 8 only)
Recovery Drive - Create with USB Flash Drive in Windows 8
System Repair Disc - Create in Windows 8 (Windows 8 only)

You can order the Microsoft official HP/Compaq OEM Recovery disks from the HP/Compaq OEM manufacturer's website.
How Do I Order or Download System Recovery Software? - YouTube

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How do i reset my router so that i can configure it to another network.

A:Reset router settings

Most routers have a little recessed reset pinhole bottun on the back or bottom. Usually you can reset via that button by using a toothpick or paperclip and pressing the button for 30 seconds.

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Hi all,

I've been stuck using this router as a sort of switch for years now. basically I got this router from a friend and he turned dhcp off. my computer is connected to this router, which is also connected to another router. is there a way to find this router on the network and change the dhcp settings?.. the router in question is a netexcell inetshare104... and it's connected to a linksys. Thanks for any help.


A:can't reset DHCP settings

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I just reset my settings in fl studio 10.0 . So now majority of my 3rd party vst/ vsti are not recognized when trying to load them. How do i get them to show back up in my channels without reinstalling them?

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I want to download an image of thinpro 5.2 for t420 but I have got none. I need to reset t420 unit to factory settings. Thanks.

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Hi,. I have an HP Envy Phoenix with 1 Tb hard drive....64 bit.

It was originally a Windows 7 computer that I upgraded to Windows 10. I decided to do a factory reset and set it to start Friday night andwhenI looked at it Saturday it was still going.....12 hours. I restarted the computer and it started up with the HP symbol and a turning circle.....then HP symbol goes away but the spinning circle remains.

I got on the phone with HPsupport and he tried a few things that didn't work.....computer goes to HP as soon as the box gets here.

Any suggestions....I hate to be without my computer.


A:Reset to factory settings

Hi, assuming Win 10 was working for you, is there any reason, functionally, that you would wish to return to Win 7?
(I could quite understand if you had some..!)

Bear in mind that once you have upgraded to Win 10 on a PC, you can clean install Win 10 at any time you like.
If so, if you haven't already got it, you can download Win 10 and create bootable USB drive or DVD, and use that to install Win 10.

I would, however, check your disk before doing anything significant.

Having a bootable medium is useful for recovery purposes.

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I have a Compaq Presario CQ56 that I am trying to reset to factory settings but when I go through the steps of resetting everything g is fine until I get to the Compaq recovery manager the system recovery is so I can highlight it to do the reset. It will only let me do the system restore in that tab and I don't know why. Can someone please help get me last this? Thanks in advance

A:Can't Reset to Factory Settings... Please Help!!!

Hi Please find the link given below might help you. Link

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So I'ev decided to reset my computer back to its factory settings. everytime i do, i get the message "There was a problem resetting your PC. No changes were made."

i HAVE reset my computer in the past, and it worked fine. howeer i am not able to now. does anyone know why? how can i fix this? my computer desperately needs to be reset.

note: I DO NOT HAVE A CD, OR USB, OR ANYTHING. my computer doesnt even have a disk drive (i have to use a USB one from the 90s if i want to use disks) all the results ive found online say to use the CD installer the computer came with. mine didnt come with one.

what do i do?

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problem still persist.. get continious messages that my search settings are being changed can someone help me?

HJT files is attached! thanks!

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I'm running both my ps3 and laptop through the dvi port in my 22 inch samsung pebble monitor. The laptop is connected in a dualview configuration to the screen.Until i get a KVM to split the connection; i'm having to manually disconnect/connect the cables according to use. The problem is; everytime I disconnect the DVI from the laptop when it's on, the settings reset; and i'm left with a blank external monitor when i reconnect later on. Is there anyway to make windows save the settings? I configured in Nvivdia Control panel, and there doesnt sem to be a setting for this there. Cheers
Mat b

A:Monitor settings reset.

im on xp btw

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My networking is messed up. What's the easiest way to reset my network settings without having to format my computer and reinstall the OS. I'm running Windows XP and trying to network it with 2 other comps both running XP as well.

A:Reset networking settings?

Go into network settings and remove all of the components and protocols and then reinstall them.

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