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WiFi Dongle or Smartphone?

Q: WiFi Dongle or Smartphone?

Is there any benefit to using a USB WiFi dongle versus a smartphone for connecting my laptop to the internet when out?

Both would be using a mobile data package, so would be connecting to the same service I presume.

Is there any benefit to getting a WiFi dongle?

The phone I plan to use is the Moto G:


Preferred Solution: WiFi Dongle or Smartphone?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: WiFi Dongle or Smartphone?

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I am looking to replace my tired Linksys WRT54G router that is about 10 years old. I love the router, and its even better with DD-WRT on it, but I'm starting to have troubles with the wifi dropping all the connects for a couple seconds when running all my wireless devices. I have 3 smart phones, 2 tablets, 1 Chromecast, a smart TV, and Roku + a laptop or 3 in my house right now, and it seems like its getting to be a bit much for it.
I have had to completely re-flash the firmware twice this year to get the wifi working again, so I'm thinking its time for replacement.
I have been thinking about just getting the new WRT54GL for $50, but I'm also thinking it might be a good idea to upgrade the wifi technology past wireless G .
I'm wondering if my Tablet (Nexu 9), and our smartphones (Razr HD Max) along with the Chromecast will take advantage of the new wireless standards and higher speeds or not? If they will can someone recomend a decent wireless router that takes DD-WRT nicely in the sub-$100 range? Thanks!

A:Looking for new Wifi Router - Will Tablet/Smartphone take advantage of new wifi Standards?

I been programming in Android/Linux since 2010 and there is code that supports VHT is Very High Throughput. Right now the standards are HT is High Throughput .

As for DD-WRT firmware is like your overclocking your router pushing it beyond the OEM limits. I use to use DD-WRT but had quit many years ago since the routers that used that firmware would fail too much.

So best to buy a better business type enterprise router wired then you can use WiFi router as AP or just get WiFi AP(access point). To me WiFi Router is also Wired Router, but to use just a wired router and use WiFi AP through a switch is better. If one or the other goes you can easy replace them. Where as if the WiFi Router fails you would need to replace it.

If you really want to use DD-WRT then Look at Buffalo WiFi Routers some come pre-installed with DD-WRT on them. Frankly you really don't need DD-WRT today because newer routers or WiFi routers are much better built and offer much more power NPU = network processor units and 128, 256, 512, 1GB of RAM some have Dual Cores.

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My girlfriend just got a Motorola Triumph today, with Virgin Mobile as the carrier. Since we're in a bad spot for internet connectivity with Virgin Mobile's network, we decided to try connecting the phone to our wireless router. The phone connected just fine, but when we tried to go to any websites, it kept saying it couldn't connect to the site. We've tried restarting the phone and reactivating it, as well as turning airplane mode on and off as I have seen working on a few other forums. The 3G works all right as long as we don't wander in to any bad spots, but the wifi refuses to work at all. My dad also has a Blackberry through Sprint I think, and that also refuses to work with our wireless routers. We have two routers, both set to open, so it's not an issue of the wrong password or anything. Laptops can connect wirelessly just fine. SSID broadcast for the routers is turned on. We've tried restarting the routers as well. The two routers are a Linksys and a Belkin (unsure of the models at the moment). If anyone has any ideas to try or any advice to offer, it would be much appreciated. If any more information is needed, I'll be happy to provide it as soon as I can. Thanks in advance!

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My laptop works fine on my network for 80% of the time but the rest of the time I get yellow triangle and the system says limited access. The annoying bit is that when this happens my smartphone is still connected to my wifi network and works perfectly so I can only assume there is a fault on the laptop. I take out the network adapter plug then plug it in and the laptop usually reconnects but sometimes it can take about half an hour!

My laptop is an acer aspire6935 and the operating system is windowsvista home premium. The wireless router is connected to a desktop via a yellow data cable.

Any Help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

A:WiFi works on smartphone but not on laptop!

I take out the network adapter plug then plug it inClick to expand...

these are powerlines connecting between you and the router via the house electrical system - is that correct ?
if not what are they

do you have another PC - you can try on the same cable connection ?

would you post the following tests when the internet is working OK, and then repeat ALL the tests when the internet disconnects.
Make sure you also indicate on the reply which tests are for what condition.

ipconfig /all
If you cannot access the internet with this PC, then you will need to paste the results into something like notepad and then copy onto a machine that can access the internet and post the results in a reply here.
Save the file to a USB flash drive or other removable media. Plug it into the working computer with internet access and copy the file and paste here.

We would like to see the results from an ipconfig /all - post back the results in a reply here.

This should also work for windows 8
Hold the Windows key and press R, then type CMD then press Enter to open a command prompt box
(A new dialogue box - black with white font, will appear on screen ):

In the command prompt window that opens, type the following command:

Note that there is a space before the /ALL, but there is NOT a space after the / in the following command.

ipconfig /all > network.txt & network.txt

It will export the results into note... Read more

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Im using a 17" Lenovo y700 ideapad laptop. Recently (maybe 4-6weeks-ish) my wifi becomes disabled wheneve it loses connection to the modem or disconnect from the modem, by:1) my modem restarts (either manual restart or due to power outage)2) after I switch off from using my iphone's hotspot.The wifi icon at the network tab is greyed out -> as if it was disabled, but clicking it does not do anything.I can fiddle with the airplane mode but that doesnt change anything. The problem does get rectify after restarting - but its a real hassle having to restart everything after a modem reboot or after using my phone's hotspot - just to get the wifi re-enabled.During this time the device is listed as 'Enabled' in device manager, and a scan does not detect a problem with the wifi card/driver. This does not occur every time, there doesnt seem to be a specific pattern to the error occuring. Anyone having the same problem? Solutions?

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I'm just trying to set up my first wireless network. I've been all over the net today and can find nothing that works or matches my configuration. Ad Hocs seem to be for connecting computers, and routers are for dial up or broadband.

What I have is a desktop running XP with a wireless card. I have a wireless printer and a wireless media player. I have a SMC router, but I see no way to configure it, when its plugged it I don't see it anywhere.

My Acer Liquid E Smartphone is my modem. I have no hardline.

I have run the wizard on the desktop, but my printer cannot see the network I created, and when I list wireless networks available to connect to, my neighbours shows up but the one I created does not.

What am I missing? If someone can point me at a step by step tutorial (not video please, my cell service is not good enough for streaming video) I'd be ecstatic!

A:Solved: trying to set up wifi network w/smartphone modem

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Thanks for replies to my postings. I find many smartphone WiFI phone apps for non-windows smartphones.

I tried the following.

MobileVOIP, Wi-Fi Calling, 3CXPhone, https://wiki.voip.ms/article/Softphones

The above are not working with Windows Smartphone with WiFi in USA.

I like to pick the insight of this forum.

Thanks for helping.

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I am having trouble getting my Datel Wifi Max Donlge to work (Hope this is in the right place). Everytime I try to connect to it with my Nintendo DS it says Error Code 52000 Unable to obtain IP address.

I have no idea what the problem is (I suck at computerage). I'm on XP so it should work...any help here guys. Oh yeah and I have sone everything that Datel's site recommends if it is not working. If you do know what the problem is please explain thoroughly and don't use complicated words and stuff as it will just confuse me.

Much appreciated

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What is the best USB Dongle to buy so I can use WiFi on my computer and if I have a Dongle running, can I still use my ordinary keyboard and mouse or do I have to buy WiFi ones please>



A:WiFi Dongle


I posted here:
Is My Computer ok for WiFi

From the sounds of what you want to do in that original thread, you don't need a wirless adaptor.

Lets keep the conversation in the original thread.


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Just installed 7 on an ancient IBM R31 laptop which barely ran XP and it works great! No DVD drive so I installed via a flash drive on a USB 1 port(!).

Problem is that I cannot get on the internet because I can't get my LM-001 wifi dongle to work. Tried XP and vista drivers, no errors but just no network available.

Any ideas?


A:LM-001 wifi dongle

Quote: Originally Posted by spoons


Just installed 7 on an ancient IBM R31 laptop which barely ran XP and it works great! No DVD drive so I installed via a flash drive on a USB 1 port(!).

Problem is that I cannot get on the internet because I can't get my LM-001 wifi dongle to work. Tried XP and vista drivers, no errors but just no network available.

Any ideas?


Hello spoons, and welcome to Windows Seven Forums!

In this thread, I discuss using a wired USB adapter (really cheap) to connect an old laptop to the Internet. Adapters are due any day now and am waiting to test the idea.

Will Windows 7 Run on a Pentium 3?


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I am having trouble getting my Datel Wifi Max Donlge to work (Hope this is in the right place). Everytime I try to connect to it with my Nintendo DS it says Error Code 52000 Unable to obtain IP address.

I have no idea what the problem is (I suck at computerage). I'm on XP so it should work...any help here guys. Oh yeah and I have sone everything that Datel's site recommends if it is not working. If you do know what the problem is please explain thoroughly and don't use complicated words and stuff as it will just confuse me.

Much appreciated

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I am having a very frustrating issue where neither wifi or portable modems will work on my computer. I will try to give as much info as possible

The specs:
-Vostro 3400
-windows 7
-dell wireless 1510 wireless-N WLANN Mini-card driver version
- standard modem driver version 6.1.7600.16385 (win7_rtm.090713-1255)
-i'm in India

Idea 3G netsetter X230E - was working for 3 weeks and now it says its connecting shows "internet access" but i cannot load any internet pages (yes i tried recharching my credit ) I tried to uninstal the modem and now i get this error message: "Error 633 the modem is already in use or is not configured property"

wifi - i have tried multiple wifi hotspots that are working for everyone else but not me. I can connect to the networks and sometimes can get a minute of connection but then the network either kicks me off or the internet page will just load to infinity.

I'm going crazy here!! Any suggestions for where to start? thank you so much for helping me out

A:Wifi and dongle not working

What firewall / security suite or anti-virus do you currently have on the PC - or you have ever had on the PC in the past - any trial ware - like Norton, kaspersky or Mcafee or any free security suites like zonealarm, AVG , Webroot etc

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My wireless router is on the first floor and on the other side of the house from where my room is. Because of this, my laptop has a hard time keeping connection to it and my Nintendo DS can't even connect to it. I do have my desktop in my room which is on a wired connection. I'm looking for something I can connect my desktop to so I can get an internet connection to my laptop and Nintendo DS and other devices in general. Does anyone have an idea?

A:Looking for WiFi-type dongle

5 port ethernet switch and wireless access point. use the current hardwired connection in ur room to a 5 port switch then plug a wireless access point into it for wifi in ur room.

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Hello, I have recently had to reformat my computer and my sons nintendo WIFI usb stick no longer allows him to connect to the wifi on his wii, ds, etc... It connects for a half second and then drops the connection. I haven't changed anything since reformatting and It appears a few things are going wrong when I install it. The software installs successfully and for some reason windows installs its own drivers and establishes the usb as a local area connection, which I don't believe it did before. The error codes on event viewer are as follows 1) Your computer has automatically configured the IP address for the Network Card with network address 000D0BF8EB0B. The IP address being used is 2) The DHCP allocator has disabled itself on IP address, since the IP address is outside the scope from which addresses are being allocated to DHCP clients. To enable the DHCP allocator on this IP address, please change the scope to include the IP address, or change the IP address to fall within the scope. As far as the Firewall and antivirus everything is the same as before, which worked without any issues. Let me know if there is additional information needed. I do not have a wireless router, I have ATT DSL and I am running windows XP home.

A:Nintendo Wifi USB Dongle

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Hi all,

I have a Linksys N WUSB100 v2 wifi dongle which used to work perfectly under win 7 home premium x64. I then installed VMWare workstation for software testing and it no longer works properly.

It appears in device manager fine and I have installed the latest driver from the official web site, however it does not appear under network connections.

If I connect the adapter to a VM it works as I would expect it to but when I disconnect it and reconnect it to the host it still does not work.

Has anyone encountered this problem before?

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Hi guys,
I'm having a problem that's driving me crazy.

2 days ago I got a virus with my pc, so I decided to format, and everything was cool.
I just had a small problem: I had to manually connect to my wifi network (also if i thicked the option "automatically connect")...so I uninstalled the driver of my usb wifi dongle key, and reinstalled them: since that moment it stopped working.

I use windows 7 professional x64, and the dongle it's a Netgear WNA3100.
The problem is that when I try to install it, it get stucked in the "looking for the device" phase.

I already tried to install the drivers in safe mode, disable and later uninstalled the antivirus (Avast) and the firewall (Zone Alarm). Still no luck.
I also tried all the drivers versions, still nothing.
The strange thing it's that I can install the driver (also if most of the time they get stucked in the process)...but if I go in devices managment, I can see the wifi dongle as installed and working. At the same time though I can't use it.

I tried the dongle on my laptop, and it worked.

So, to go on testing, I bought a new usb dongle from Belkin (the Surf N300 N micro adapter), and same thing...didn't work on my desktop (the one with the problem) and worked with the laptop.

I've really no clue on what do to, but it's clear that the problem lies in the system.
My motherboard drivers are updated, so as windows.

Any idea? my next step would be formatting again but that'd be so bad, c... Read more

A:Can't get any wifi dongle to work!

I worked out a solution after driving myself crazy: on BIOS I disabled all the USB ports. turned on the pc, restarted, re-enabled the USB from the bios.
In this way I was able to install the USB wifi dongle, but I still had the not-automatically connection on startup...and I found the solution on the microsoft site:

open search, type "services.msc" open services.
Scroll down to "wlan auto config" right click, stop the service.

Navigate to
"C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Wlansvc\ delete everything in this folder leaving only a folder called "profiles" delete everything in the "profiles" folder except for a folder called "interfaces" delete everything in the "interfaces" folder)

Restart "wlan auto config" connect to your wireless network, enter
your passkey, (ensure the connect automaticly box is checked)

Restart your computer job done, your computer will now connect to your wireless network automaticly on boot.

My work here is done

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So I move house tomorrow, and the apartment building I am moving into has free wifi, which is rare and fantastic, the only issue is, I have been using powerline for ages so now need to look at alternative methods of connecting.

I have a TL-WR841N by TP-Link, and I was wondering if I am able to use this in a similar way to a wifi dongle, so connecting the the building wifi and then plugging my PC into the router via a ethernet cable?

Basically they have on the ground floor a wifi router and I will be in the basement, so I am worried I will need quite a strong wifi signal to connect to it, hence wanting to the use the TP-Link, as its got two aerials and a very strong signal on it. I know this is something best to ask when there, but I want to know if there is anything I can do while I still have the internet to make the process easier once I've moved..

If this is not possible, does anyone have any suggestions of wifi dongles which have very powerful signal ranges?

Thanks loads !

A:Can I use my router like a wifi dongle?

If the router has Wireless Bridge (also called AP Client) mode it can be used as you desire (to "extend" a wireless network to an ethernet segment). Check the user guide or browse through the configuration pages to determine the router's capabilities.

Many USB wireless adapters have an integrated antenna and are just one piece (like a USB flash drive) while others have an external antenna and include a short USB cable. In general the latter type are better for working with a weaker signal and, of course, are more easily placed in a better location.

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I need a basic lesson in the usage of a USB WiFi Dongle....... and I really mean a very basic lesson.

Q1. What exactly is this piece of kit? (Yes, I did Google it but I need something more than a Wiki explanation)

Q2. Does equipment have to be "WiFi Ready" in order for it to work?

Q3. Other than the obvious USB Port, what else does equipment need in order to make use of this technology?

Q4. What should one pay for a WiFi Dongle of a reasonable quality?

Please keep answers simple...... this is new territory for me



A:Solved: USB WiFi Dongle

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Hey guys,

I wana brows internet from ipod at home, i use a usb dongle on my pc,

Can i make my pc a hotspot using a usb dongle + a usb wifi router or something?

Help, thanks

And my dongle is a normal huwaie dongle.

A:WiFi hotspot using a USB dongle?

MyPublicWiFi - Virtual Access Point

With this your pc needs a wireless addapter, i guess it'l work on a USB Wifi addapter as well or mayba a dongle.

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Hello there,
Thanks in anticipation for the help.
I have just bought an ex-lease Lenovo thinkcentre PC (original model M58 7360DLM).
I am sure there have been some modifications to its original configuration. I bought it with Core 2 duo 3.01 GHz, 4GB Ram, 500GB HDD and windows 7 professional. It has 8 USB ports, 6 at the rear and two in front. I am using an EDUP N8508GS wifi dongle to connect to the net. I have noticed that my download speeds drop from 20MBps to under 1 MBps if I use any of the USB ports at the rear. This is consistent with all the rear USB ports. This has me flummoxed. I have updated chipset drivers etc in vain. My thoughts are that there might be USB-2 ports in the front and USB-1 at the back. But when I read documentation for this thinkcentre, it says that all ports are USB-2. PLease help. Thanks.

A:USB and wifi dongle issue

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Hi Members,

can anyone help me with this BSOD i got after installing a wifi dongle on a new PC with Win7 32Bit.

attached are my minidump files

A:BSOD after installing wifi dongle

Hey there!
BugCheck 1000008E, {c0000005, 82841e85, 9845f9f8, 0}

Probably caused by : rdyboost.sys ( rdyboost!SMKM_STORE<SMD_TRAITS>::SmStReleaseRegion+1f )

BugCheck 1000008E, {c0000005, 82a60593, 99fb2c2c, 0}

GetPointerFromAddress: unable to read from 82983718
Unable to read MiSystemVaType memory at 82963160
GetPointerFromAddress: unable to read from 82983718
Unable to read MiSystemVaType memory at 82963160
GetPointerFromAddress: unable to read from 82983718
Unable to read MiSystemVaType memory at 82963160
Probably caused by : ntkrpamp.exe ( nt!ObpCloseHandleTableEntry+28 )

BugCheck 50, {d2b37597, 0, 9097f5c3, 2}
Could not read faulting driver name
Probably caused by : dxgmms1.sys ( dxgmms1!VIDMM_GLOBAL::ReferenceDmaBuffer+269 )
Run sfc /scannow and chkdsk /r.
Install the latest updates from Windows Update.

Do the exact same steps for chkdsk /r but instead of typing in sfc /scannow type chkdsk /r.

SFC /SCANNOW Command - System File Checker

Update your DirectX drivers.

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Hi I've just bought a Toshiba Wi-Fi dongle for my TV .Now my TV is LG .But the dongle was 97p so figured why not as LG dongles are 40...
Is their any what to convert/change the data to work on my TV. It's crazy I know.

A:toshiba wifi dongle convert

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My problem is as weird as it sounds.

I have a Tenda Wifi USB dongle that I use with my Windows 8.1 machine. It's pretty great, only that it requires a new USB port to feed from every few months. After it sucks a USB port dry, it slows down the internet to a crawl and I have to put the dongle into a brand new USB port to bring it back to speed again. Then a few months passes and it destroys that USB port and I have to put it into another new port. Rinse and repeat. I have completely exhausted my desktop's USB ports in the back and I am now resorting to using the ones I have on the front.

What could be the problem here? I hope there is a solution to this madness. I have tried uninstalling the dongle from the device manager but it doesn't seem to help!


A:USB Wifi Dongle Needs New USB Port Every Few Months!

This: Download USB Oblivion - MajorGeeks should clean up the traces your USB device left and let you start from beginning.

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I'm looking for help with my wireless internet!
I have a packard bell netbook and have had problems connecting to the internet for a while using wireless connection, it is connected but often goes off ALOT and so impossible to watch movies and streaming.
When i troubleshoot the connection it usually comes back on, and ALWAYS comes back on when the option of 'repair as administrator' is given.
The rest of the house connects fine wirelessly so it had to be something to do with my laptop maybe the driver im not sure not very good with it all!
I have bought a dongle 802.11 n WLAN with the hope of it picking up the connection better, but it will not install!
''device driver software was not successfully installed'' appears everytime i try!

can somebody help me out?
sorry if this has been asked and already solved!


A:Wifi and dongle - on a notebook/netbook

Make sure you have the latest wireless driver for the integrated adapter from Packard Bell's web site. If you already have that driver reinstall it in case the installed instance is corrupted.

What operating system?

What security applications are, or ever were, on the system?

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I just upgrade from 8.1 to 10 version 1803 64-bit.  Is my Lenovo G700 capable of supporting Bluetooth via a WiFi adaptor dongle?

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Hi, I've bought a Ralink USB wireless adapter and am looking to connext my son's computer to our wifi network. The dongle's installed and searches for the network but finds nothing. The wifi is on, my laptop is using it now. Is there anything simple within Vista that I've possibly failed to switch on - I'm not familiar with Vista at all.
I've tried searching for networks using the dongle's software and Windows but fail each time.

A:Windows Vista and a WIFI Dongle

See if this fixit will work. Reboot after doing it. You should not have to do anything. If other devices can connect to your Wifi then Vista should also.
If you still cannot connect, right click the USB wireless device in Device Manager and select properties. Under the Details tab select Hardware ID's in the dropdown box. Copy and paste the first line in your next post.
Do you have a make and model number of the dongle?
And by the way, welcome to BC.

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Hello guys,I' am back with a new problem for you 'geniuses' to solve.Well,as I have bought a brand new pc now,I shifted my old[though still working] pc to another part of my house.I currently use this wifi router:- http://www.amazon.in/D-Link-DIR-816-Wireless-AC750-Router/dp/B00PVDF83A . I have an internet connection of 10 Mbps,so I have no problem sharing the connection with my other PC,which my little brother intends to use[mostly for objectionable material that adolescent boys tend to do,I think IMO].So,I checked up on the internet how I can share the connection of my internet with another PC,it seems all roads led to a term known as 'wifi dongle'.I have known wifi dongles from companies such as reliance to provide internet connection,but it never occurred to me that it can be used to share a wireless connection of another router.

These are my queries:-

1)Can a wifi dongle be used as,let us say, to share a wifi connection with another pc[just like a mobile does].

2)Will the wifi dongle act as a wireless receiver for my other computer?

3)How reliable is this ****?

4)If you have the time,explain to me in a layman's language,how a wifi dongle truly works,and how it may function in different scenarios?
If the above queries are satisfied,then recommend me a nice wifi dongle in the 500-1.5 k[Rupees,I live in India] range.[Check the warranty period,preferably 2-3 years].Have a nice day

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I have the same exact adapter this guy did, and he was able to get it going by switching his router to 5 Ghz. https://forums.techguy.org/threads/usb-wifi-adapter-not-working.1179788/

I don't have that option, and it is not officially supported in Windows 10. (2.4ghz only router)

Is there maybe some way to force windows 10 to use windows 7 style drivers? This is becoming more and more of a common issue as older adapters refuse to work in Windows 10. Enabling some kind of legacy driver/networking mode directly in the OS via a 3rd party tool would be awesome not even sure what to search for on that though.

Tera Byte TB-0135B usb wifi dongle with external antennae

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If I connected a USB A-F/Mini B 5Pin-M Gender Changer into my Ipaq RX5500, then connected in a USB wireless dongle, would I be able to use the wireless on my Ipaq when travelling around ie, hotels etc?

I know there is a wireless than connect via the memory card, but it is not available in Philippines, and expansys will not reply to emails from me?


A:Ipaq to Mini USB dongle to USB wifi

um, does the ipaq rx5500 not have integrated wireless lan? i wasn't able to find the specs on the rx5500, but the normal 5500 does have integrated wireless as far as i can tell.

as for connecting a wireless dongle to a pda in general, no that will not work, because no wireless usb dongle manufacturer makes drivers for the windows mobile operating system.

your best bet is probably an SD card wireless lan adapter.

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hey i get an error when installing that says Internet Connection Sharing error.(6)
i installed it on my sisters computer and it worked fine. i tried sharing my normal internet but i get an error

An error has occured while Internet Connection Sharing was being enabled.
Internet Connection Sharing cannot be enabled.
A LAN connection is already configured with the IP address
that is required for automatic IP addressing.

by the way, before i formated my computer and restarted completely it worked fine and now it doesn't.

please help

A:Solved: Wifi Dongle error while installing

What game are you trying to install?

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Dear All,

After I updated Windows 10 x64 to version 1803(OS Build 17134.112) I'm unable to use any Wifi USB dongle as I used before updating? Also I'm trying to install drivers from CD but I'm getting this notification see pic:

Please if you could tell me any solution for this one! Also I would like to mention that I had also similar driver issues in other machines after I performed this version of Windows 10 on them, what could it be?


A:Windows 10 - Any Wifi dongle driver issue

Try rolling back the driver to the previous version and/ or look for an updated driver on the computer manufacturer website or Realtek website. Always make a restore point before changing drivers to be safe.

If you need more help then provide the following:

Show Driver Details
Go into Device Manager
Right click on your wifi adapter
Select Properties
Select the Drivers tab
and either provide a screenshot or provide the following information to your reply
Device Provider
Driver Date
Driver Version

Show Driver Hardware ID
Go into Device Manager
Right click on your sound card
Select the Details tab
Choose Hardware Id's under the property window
and either provide a screenshot or add the hardware id values to your reply

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So here I am sitting on my desktop Vista machine (Acer Aspire M1610 model) being able to connect to my D-Link 615 wifi router by ONLY using a Belkin wifi dongle.

I cannot get my machine to connect with an ethernet cable...?! I have tried several different cable but still no joy.

When I go to 'Network & Sharing' centre in Vista, I can see the Belkin Wifi connection (which is obviously how I am being able to connect and type this!) but the wired connection just constantly says, 'Unidentified' - Local Access Only....

Just to add some more info - I also went to the Command Prompt and typed in ipconfig/renew and after a few seconds, got the follwing reply:

'An error occurred while renewing interface Wired Connection : unable to contact your DHCP server. Request timed out. An error occured while releasing interface Loopback Pseudo-Interface 1: The system cannot find the file specified.

Ethernet adaptor Wired Connection:

Connection-specific DNS Suffix:
Link Local IPv6 Address: f380::e1ec:305b:4bd1:81e2%17
Autoconfiguration IPv4 Address:
Subnet Mask:
Default gateway: fe80::28ea:87c3:9cff:145e%17
Can anyone help me out here......?!

A:Can Only Connect using WiFi dongle & not via ethernet cable

....anybody?!?! Over 100 views and nobody has any idea on a possible fix?!

I also noticed a post further down which has had over 10,000 views and only 7 reponses...not holding out much hope....!!!

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I've got an old Dell running Windows XP home edition. It was running fine on the wireless adapter til I decided to move furniture and computers around.

Now, I am reconnecting everything, I can not get an internet connection. I know the best scenerio is to get a new pc. I'd prefer to wait. This is the kid's computer. As they are young and just learning, this perfect for now.

Any ideas where to get a new driver for the Sakar M04617?? I found an old thread on this topic, though the driver links no longer work.


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Belkin usb wifi dongle f5d8053 v3 stopped working after windows 10 updated yesterday. Device manager says no driver for it.

Tried uninstalling and reinstalling driver. Tried letting Windows use a generic driver (none found). Tried different USB ports and powering off the system. Nothing.

No system restore points available to use. Dongle has worked with win 10 for months.

Any ideas? Thanks

A:Win 10 did an update and now my wifi dongle stopped working.

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I've got a 3 mobile broadband dongle I'd like to share over WiFi. I've already ticked the ICS options in the properties of the connection, but I've tried several times to use the internet with both iphone and ipod touch without any joy.

The router I have is a Netgear dg834g with latest firmware. The dongle is connected to the side USB port on my laptop.

Can someone provide any ideas on how to do this?


A:How to share a mobile broadband dongle over WiFi?

Some wireless vendors inhibit ICS when you're using their dongle, perhaps that's the issue?

You should consider a 3G router which allows you to connect that device directly to the router and share the connection.

What's the ISP and the EXACT make/model of the broadband dongle?

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Hi there,
I can't seem to get my digital video recorder to pick up the wifi via a new USB dongle. My phone can pick up the wi fi signal but not the recorder. The name of the wifi shows on the digital receiver IP setting. I have the right settings e.g WPA2Personal, password, and wireless all selected. Is there a common problem that I haven't thought to look for?

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I am new here and totally desperate. I narrowed down the problem to the fact that USB flash drives and WiFi dongles (these devices have been tested sofar) prevent the pc to enter sleep state (energy saving).
When I detach the dongle or the drive sleep state immediately works fine, with the dongle/drive attached the screen turns black but all fans keep on working (psu, cpu, etc).
What makes the whole thing even "funnier" is that after boot and automatic connection to the router I can access sleep mode without problems. It works fine and I can repeat that numerous times UNTIL I open my internet browser or check my emails in my email client. At that point sleep mode does not work anymore - or lets say - works as described above. I have to restart the pc again to be able to enter proper sleep mode until I actively start using the internet again.
I changed all energy saving options imaginable, played with powercfg readouts, edit registry regarding IPv6, etc etc.

Drivers are up to date, BIOS is updated, BIOS settings are optimized defaults, I tried all USB ports, asmedia driven, intel driven, USB2.0, USB 3.0, I even tried another dongle from Ralink - same situation. As mentioned, same happens with flash drives.

Any ideas?

Edit: all necessary Specs can be found in my system specs

A:Wifi Dongle prevents Sleep State in Win7

Look at the power management tab of the usb device properties, there is a box that says,... Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power.

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Hello, friendly helpful people!

I have a specific problem with getting a WEP password to work for my new Macbook. (I also tend to be long-winded, very sorry!)

I have a Nintendo WiFi Max USB dongle for a wireless network. I have a WinXP desktop, and I want to connect the Macbook to a WEP-protected wireless network. The desktop is wired to the cable modem. I succeeded today in getting the Macbook to connect to the wireless network, without WEP being enabled. That's not ideal, but I can't figure out where in the "ZyDas Wireless LAN Configuration Tool" utility to figure out what the password is, how I can change it, and if I even got it to work if the Macbook would accept it.

Question: How do I set a WEP password for a WiFi Max dongle?

_____________Conciseness ends here_____________

Background: We haven't needed a wireless network for awhile. We got the dongle for the Wii, several months later, my husband got a WinXP laptop, and he successfully connected it to the dongle. He deployed, I shut down the needless (and less secure than wired) wireless network, was plenty happy with my WinXP desktop wired to the cable modem, until the hard drive started squealing about a week ago. Decided to go back to Mac (college Mac was pre-powerPC, ran ?7.5?, and I thought it was all that because it had a CD player and Netscape 1.0) ending my exile in Windows world through Win98 and WinXP because I refuse to go to Vista. I'll leave the desktop to serve as a relay... Read more

A:Solved: Wireless Ntwk: WiFi dongle + WEP pswd

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Few weeks back I upgraded my router to a dual band not realizing my laptop only worked with 2.4ghz g/n spec. Because I was having an issue with another network in my neighborhood causing connection to the internet to be spotty. I fixed the problem by purchasing an external usb dual band dongle. Only problem I have now is there's a blue led that flashes letting you know your both connected and how fast the connection is by flashing faster.

My family and I live with my wife's uncle, so our bedroom also serves as living room, including tv and office. With my laptop being right next to me. Needless to say, this flashing blue light is driving me nuts when I'm trying to get to sleep. So, I'm wondering, can I wrap some electrical tape around it without affecting signal reception or transmission? I would consider just pulling the USB dongle out when I'm ready to sleep, but afraid I might damage the dongle and mess up the port by constantly plugging and unplugging the dongle. Sorry I've rambled on so much! Chalk it up to me not getting enough sleep!!!

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I bought a WIFI LAN Wireless Network Adapter Dongle

I have win xp home on my laptop where i'm trying to install it.
when I plug it in - I hear a noise that it connected but it's not prompting me to install it.
How do I install and configure this?

A:installing a WIFI LAN Wireless Network Adapter Dongle

if there was a driver disk with it, run setup on that. If you are on Vista the driver may need to be upgraded. You may need to be on SP2 or later on XP. Once the system recognises the device you will need to know the password to access a secure network.

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Hello Tech support!,

This is my first post here so hey everyone! .

My enquiry is about a brand new Belkin N150 F6D4050ed that i bought last week.

I had to buy it because my previous Wifi Dongle just stopped working all together, it was an excellent dongle, gave me full signal strength and never cut out.

Then i bought the Belkin.. I installed the drivers, (There is no software though, unless someone can point me to some?) plugged it in, since then, i have had 2-3 bars constantly, mostly 2 bars, The router is only 8-10 Feet away from me in the next room which is seperated by a very thin wall, It cuts off all together if a body stands in front of it, such as my brother coming in to chat.

I have tried to move it around the room with no joy, All laptops and other wireless devices in the house connect to the router fine (Including downstairs in the garden even), So maybe its not setup properly? or faulty? Im not sure.

Im a gamer, so i need a stable strong connection and its impossible to stay in games with this dongle.

Any help is much appreciated! as the Belkin Troubleshooting is a bit vague and doesn't really apply to me. Thanks!

A:Belkin N150 Wifi Dongle signal strength.

i would suspect its faulty
lets see an xirrus screen shot

Run Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector
Download and install
If you cannot access the internet with this PC, then you will need to copy the program across to the faulty PC
Save the file to a USB flash drive or other removable media. Plug it into the working computer with internet access and copy the file and paste here.
Direct link to the program is here http://wpc.475a.edgecastcdn.net/00475A/XirrusWiFiInspectorSetup.1.2.0.exe

{If the above link does not work heres another link http://www.pcworld.com/downloads/file_download/fid,77196-order,4/download.html}

Then run and install the program - on a wireless enabled PC/Laptop
if you get an error - You need NET Framework installed for the WiFi Inspector to function.

Run the program

A user guide is available here http://www.xirrus.com/Products/Wi-Fi-Inspector/xirruswifiinspectorguide1-2-0.aspx

post a screen shot of the program running - if there are a lot of networks showing can you click on "networks" top lefthand area - so we can see all the network information, and also post which network "Adapter Name" (1st column) is yours on the list

To post a screen shot of the active window, hold the Alt key and press the PrtScn key. Open the Windows PAINT application and Paste the screen shot. You can then use PAINT to trim to suit, and ... Read more

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I've recently moved to a new place, where I share a WiFi connection with other tenants (meaning I have no access to the router or the direct external Internet connection, which however I know is fiber optic, very fast and stable). I didn't use WiFi at my old place; so, when I moved here, I purchased a cheap USB WiFi receiver dongle for my PC (a desktop running Windows 8.1 Pro, full configuration in the signature below). It worked fine for a few days, then my connection started getting terribly slow (dial-up speeds or worse) and unstable.

However, my cell phone always connects to the WiFi network flawlessly, and I noticed that my PC's connection was likewise fast and stable when instead of using the dongle, I shared my phone's WiFi access through its USB cable. So, I resorted to using that. Fine, except that it's inconvenient when I need to leave the PC connected and go somewhere else taking my phone - that's what cell phones are made for, after all. (Just for the record, my phone is a mid-range LG model, running Android 4.4.2 KitKat.)

Thinking that maybe it was because of a bad dongle (it was a nondescript brandless Chinese thingy), I bought a fancy new D-Link one with the fastest 802.11n support. Again, it worked very well for a couple of days, then my connection became slow and unstable again - but great when I use the phone and the respective USB cable (you bet I'm using them now). The nature of the problem varies, too - sometimes DNS, but mostly Windows shows nothing wr... Read more

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Hi folks,

I have my internet dongle plugged into my laptop(ASUS) and everything is fine lan 4 is showing on the adaptors.
Here is my problem when I unplug the dongle lan 4 disappears and my connection is lost.
the WIFI light is off, when I press the Fn + F2( which is my WIFI) nothing happens the light doesn't go on.
I`ve tried using the Fn key to turn sound up/down that's fine.
Any help is greatful

Thanks in advance.


A:My laptop loses connection to wifi if i unplug dongle.

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I have a 3 Network USB Dongle which is the only thing that will work for receiving broadband at a remote location.

Also have a Kasda WiFi router

It has a USB port on it (whether it is connected to anything inside?)

We want to send wifi around the house with the 3 Network broadband - can we utilize this router or have to get something else


A:Solved: Use Mobile Broadband Dongle with WiFi Router ?

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hey y'all, i've got an issue with my dongle. the title states the main symptom. before that happened, i needed pressure to get the conductors to connect, and before that, it worked just fine. this all happened over a span of 4 days. can anyone tell me what i need to do to fix this without replacing my dongle? im trying to start an online bike store and need this adapter working ASAP.

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