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XP nor can a Canon ImageRunner 2330 to a Server 2019

Q: XP nor can a Canon ImageRunner 2330 to a Server 2019

I have a Canon Imagerunner 2330 and an XP SP3 Connect to a server that has been updated to Windows Server 2019. The XP machine has not been able to connect because it uses a primitive protocol, the server does not use and the Canon seems to be in the same situation were the Canon folk recognize as a potential Bug!

But also The Imagerunner Box had been able to scan documents and email to email users. It suddenly stopped.
it is configured to use gmail as it's SMTP server using smtp.gmail.com port 465 and now displays "Server Error" whenever we try to send an Scanned Document via email. Please advise

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Preferred Solution: XP nor can a Canon ImageRunner 2330 to a Server 2019

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


I recently installed a new USB to IEEE-1284 cable from my new Dell computer with Windows 7 to my ImageRunner 2200. This printer was previously installed on a computer with an IEEE-1284 connection on both ends. I installed the updated drivers for Windows 7 that I downloaded from Canon's website but can't get the printer to communicate with the computer. It doesn't find it in devices and printers. What could be the problem?

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We have a Canon imageRunner 1025N multifunction printer/copier/scanner in our office. Up until today, it was directly connected to one of our office computers through a USB cable. Now it's been networked. One of the functions of this printer is that it could scan in documents to the computer. But now that it's networked, the scanner feature seems to no longer be an option. As far as I could tell with the manual, the scanner will not work if it's networked. My question is that if this is true, can a printer be connected to a networked AND connected to a computer through the USB cable at the same time (without any functionality issues) so that we can scan our documents again? Any help would be much appreciated, thank you. (And if there is no one with an answer, any help directing me to where I could find an answer would be appreciated as well since I cannot find how to get help through Canon's website.)

A:Canon imageRunner 1025N Scanning Issue

You may just need to reinstall the Canon software from the CD and configure the scanner as being Network connect rather then USB. Also the brochure suggests the unit support Scan to Email and Scan to FTP, you can configure that if its network connected, that's generally how most Xerox units are setup at the sites I visit. The Canon website seems to very lacking, you may have better manuals on the installation CD.

But there should be no reason it can't be connected both ways, however the scan to email or a network drive would be better.

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I am trying to install the drivers for a Canon Imagerunner 2200 copier, facsimile, etc. from the original installation disk and it does show drivers for Windows XP in a selection list. When installation begins it recommends that I don't continue installation because the drivers aren't tagged for XP. I went ahead with the installation anyhow and the printer doesn't show up in programs. I went to Canon's website and downloaded drivers for the printer and they are unzipped and saved to documents and settings. The problem with this is that I don't know how to install the drivers after they unzip. When I look at all the files I don't see something to run the installation like setup, etc. Any help would be great.

A:Canon Imagerunner 2200 Driver Problem

is there an .inf file - that's what you need to point the driver to
so goto add a new printer and manually set from there and say you have a disk and then point to the folder you have unzipped the files to

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I am trying to send faxes on a Canon Imagerunner 2200 but it fails everytime. It sends a page to me titled "error tx report". It tells me the tx function was not completed. It doesn't show any code though. Does anyone know about these problems?

A:Solved: Canon Imagerunner 2200 "Error TX Report"

TX simply means Send, so you have a send error. Have you check the telephone jack for service? Can you dial out using a regular phone on the fax line? Have you tried a new phone cable? Also has this unit ever worked for you for faxing or has this just happened, and if its just happened to error now then has anything changed?

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I'm new to the imagerunner c5870u and it is already preconfigured from a previous tech who worked at my firm-
When i click send it has some people on our network configured to do one click sending to file but for one person it does not work.
I looked at the path it sends to (usernameX/scanned-docs) which i ensured exists on the users computer which it did..
I dont know how to edit any settings on the printer because it didnt come with a manual
basically i just need to get it to be able to send to him.
I do not get an error code which means im assuming its sending the files somewhere
Any help would mean the world to me
Thanks!!!!!!! ​

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And I have a Server 2019 where my Windows Xp machine won?t connect
And I have a Canon printer the won?t connect either. But the printer is a business class Copier and should scan to email and stopped

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1) Suppose there are two user-defined data-collector sets: SQL and SQL-MEMORY. If I use

logman start/stop SQL or logman start/stop SQL_MEMORY
- both commands succeed.
2) If I export, for example, SQL data collector set to the xml file, delete the SQL from Performance Monitor, import it back by 
logman import SQL -xml C:\Distr\SQLServer2019\COUNTERS\SQL.xml

and try to start using the same command  (logman start/stop SQL ) the following error arises:

The same error arises when starting SQL in GUI.
This error does NOT arise if the SQL data collector set (its xml file) is imported manually!

It means no data collector sets can be started after being imported by
logman import command ... why???


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Microsoft's Windows Server team released a preview of the next Windows Server product, Windows Server 2019, yesterday to the public.

Windows Server 2019 Preview is available for any participant of the Windows Insider program but the post on Microsoft's Windows Server website is unfortunately a bit vague when it comes to actual downloads of the preview version of Windows Server.

The very first thing you need to do is register an organization account or a personal account; Registering in this case means that you join the Windows Insider Program with the account so that you may download and use Insider Builds.

Once you have done that head over to the Windows Insider Preview Server download page and select "Windows Server vNext LTSC PReview" under available downloads. You can download localized versions of the Server 2019 Preview ISO and have 24 hours to download the 4.2 Gigabyte ISO image from Microsoft.

Microsoft plans to release the final version of Windows Server 2019 in the second half of the calendar year 2018. The company plans to release System Center 2019 as well which will support Windows Server 2019.Click to expand...

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Hello, is there any support for 2019 and if not, is there any information about a future update for Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics?

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I have an application running .NET Framework 4.7.2 which we have recently started migrating onto Windows Server 2019 servers. We have started receiving reports of issues in Internet Explorer 11 having issues with controls (which we can replicate). Some of
the errors we see in the console include.

'WebForm_FireDefaultButton' is undefined
'WebForm_SaveScrollPositionSubmit' is undefined
'WebForm_DoPostBackWithOptions' is undefined

When an app pool recycle is performed on the application, the issue seems to go away for a period of time, but does return.

I recently came across the following article in which the symptoms appear to be very similar, but for a previous version of Windows Server.


Has anyone else experienced similar issues with software running on Windows Server 2019 accessed with IE11?

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I have a little problem with a fresh installed windows 2019 server.

I have a default trusted site zone gpo, and on the 2019 server its applies but there are now entry in it.

If i disable the gpo, there are the sites what i have set up in the gpo and i can add new sites.

I want to login to a powerbi gateway, and ie didnt open the login screen just a white page.

I tried to search the forum but no luck.

Anybody has the solution for this?

Thanks for the help!


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After installing windows server 2019 on ThinkCentre M720q Network / **bleep** / Ethernet card is not detected. Can anyone please help me to locate windows server 2019 on ThinkCentre M720q Network / **bleep** / Ethernet card driver? Thanks,

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Hello,I want to run Windowsserver 2019 on my Thinkcentre.But I can't find a install the LAN driver. I try the original INTEL drivers but device manager doesn't find the driver :-( have someone a tipp for me?  gojira 

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I'm having an issue customizing the Start Page registry key in Windows Server 2019 (this method works fine in 2016) I would load C:\Users\Default\NTUSER.DAT and add \Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main\Start Page REG_SZ "Company specific URL"
and when a new user logs in they'd get the "Company specific URL" but with Windows Server 2019 this isn't working.
I have also tried adding "First Home Page" and "Default_Page_URL" and it doesn't make a difference, it seems some sort of mini setup is configuring the registry keys and ignoring or overwriting what I entered into NTUSER.DAT from the
Default user profile.
I've also got IE Enhanced Security Configuration disabled for Admins and Users along with the following other registry keys set that all are working fine.
[HKEY_USERS\DefaultUser\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main]
"Friendly http errors"="no"

[HKEY_USERS\DefaultUser\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings]

[HKEY_USERS\DefaultUser\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main]

Wondering if anyone has found a workaround or missing key that also needs to be set, thanks.

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I am using windows server 2019 terminal server and can't find remote desktop service manager mmc to manage active session. If it is discontinued, is there any other tools I can use to manage sessions on terminal servers.

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I have some white / blank box that appears in Outlook 2019 / Excel 2019 after my computer goes to sleep. The only way to get it to go away is restarting Outlook / Excel. Any ideas how to fix this?It wasn't happening with my old Yoga 3 Pro... but since I got my new Yoga 920 it's happenning....and it's REALLY ANNOYING!

A:Lenovo YOGA 920 (92013IKB) - White Box in Outlook 2019 / Excel 2019 after computer goes to sleep

MORE DETAILS from another user reporting the same problem...https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/all/windows-10-1809-cannot-change-screen-brightnes... Windows 10 1809: floating white shapes on screenAfter updating to Windows 10 version 1809, I have experienced several strange issues with my display. I am using a Lenova Yoga 920 laptop. These problems go away after rebooting the computer, but then re-emerge after using the computer for a while, and persist until I reboot again. It is getting very irritating, and interfering with my work.  - A mysterious floating white circle appeared on my desktop background. I cannot click on or interact with it, and changing the desktop background does not remove the circle. Then, a second circle appeared. Now, there is also a floating white rectangle. The rectangle poses the biggest issue, because it remains on TOP of whatever other windows I have open, constantly obstructing part of my screen unless I reboot the computer. The circles remain on the desktop background. I have attached a picture of these weird white artifacts on my display. Things I have already tried:- Installing all available Windows patches and updates- Updating graphics driver- Checking/unchecking auto-brightness settings

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Details to Reproduce

Our SP versions are given below ? SP 2010: Running on SP2 and Apr 2017 CU (KB3191846) Version: 14.0.7180.5001

SP 2013: Running on SP1 and Oct 2018 CU (KB4461458) Version: 15.0.5075.1000

Summary: Markus Wulftange from Trend Micro's Zero Day Initiative has found a Remote Code Execution Vulnerability on Microsoft SharePoint Server CVE-2019-0604

Vulnerability Name : Microsoft SharePoint Remote Code Execution Vulnerability CVE Number : CVE-2019-0604 Attack Type : Remote Code Execution Vulnerability Attack vector
: Network Attack Complexity : Low Confidentiality Impact : High Integrity Impact : High Availability Impact : High Xforce score : 9.8

Description ? When software fails to check the source markup of an application package. ? An attacker who successfully exploited the vulnerability could run arbitrary code
in the context of the SharePoint application pool and the SharePoint server farm account. ? Exploitation of this vulnerability requires that a user uploads a specially crafted SharePoint application package to an affected versions of SharePoint. ? The security
update addresses the vulnerability by correcting how SharePoint checks the source markup of application packages.

Detailed analysis ? MS Released a patch on February, The original patch only addressed the Microsoft.SharePoint.BusinessData.Infrastructure.EntityInstanceIdEncoder in Microsoft.SharePoint.dll
but not the Microsoft.Office.Server.ApplicationRe... Read more

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We've recently installed Server 2012 on a new Lenovo ThinkCentre M700 and unfortunately it's unable to pick up the network adapter. We tried the Windows 8.1 versions of the network drivers from the Lenovo site (as they share the same kernel) but they didn't work.
Have also tried downloading the server 2012 versions of the specific drivers direct from Intel's website.
Has anyone had any luck finding a server 2012 network driver for this machine? 


Go to Solution.

A:ThinkCentre M700: Ethernet Network Driver - Server 2012 & 2019 - Intel I219-LM

m700 wrote:
Have also tried downloading the server 2012 versions of the specific drivers direct from Intel's website.

What is the issue with the drivers downloaded direct from Intel?  

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I've already asked the
question regarding auto-starting the data collector sets and have posted MS's answer - now it seems the issue can be much broader: I failed to make my user defined data collector sets start according to their schedules, for example:
I created a test data collector set (with several CPU counters), saved it as a template and tested it on Windows Server 2008R2 and Windows Server 2019:


I've tested various user defined data collector sets on all my Windows Server 2019 computers - physical and virtual, domain and non-domain joined, the result is always the same - the data collector sets just don't start and the following event(s) get registered
in the Diagnosis-PLA log:

Here's the codes' description -

No issues arise when starting the data collector sets manually.
Can anyone tell me if it works on your computers with Windows Server 2019?


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Hi, Guys.

Do you know about the Microsoft Release for CVE-2019-0708 | Remote Desktop Services Remote Code Execution Vulnerability this May 14, 2019?

Are the security updates for this considered emergency and out-of-band? Please advise.

Thank you.

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Running the following cmdlet on a Setting that is in the "NOTSET" state works fine, after setting it to Enable/Disable using the following powershell cmdlet:

Set-ProcessMitigation -System -Enable SEHOP

I get this error:
Set-ProcessMitigation : Destination array was not long enough. Check destIndex and length, and the array's lower
At line:1 char:1
+ Set-ProcessMitigation -System -Enable SEHOP
+ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    + CategoryInfo          : NotSpecified: (:) [Set-ProcessMitigation], ArgumentException
    + FullyQualifiedErrorId : System.ArgumentException,Microsoft.Samples.PowerShell.Commands.SetProcessMitigationsComm

and I am unable to ever change the setting again using PowerShell commands. The same process works without issue on Windows 10, the issue only seems to exist on Server 2019. Changing the setting using the Windows Security GUI works as expected.

For other controls, such as DEP, CFG,  I still get the error, but the command applies the new setting properly anyway. So far SEHOP is the only setting that is unchangeable, but there may be others as we haven't tested extensively yet. It fails for both
System and App level settings.

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Hi Team,

I have a situation, where, we have commissioned new Windows Servers 2019 in our DMZ zone.

We manage Windows Defender Antivirus from SCCM server. Since the new servers are in DMZ, our SCCM server cannot push Antimalware policies to the server.

I have exported the required Antimalware policy. Is there any way, where I can import those settings in these servers manually?

Balaji R

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I am trying to identify this connector in the photo on the end of my printer cable. I have removed it from a Canon Imagerunner 2200. The other end of the cable is a DB 25 connector. Can anybody please help me identify what this is called?

A:Connector Identification for Cannon Imagerunner 2200

Centronics, it's the old standard printer port found on the printer end: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IEEE_1284

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I need to install drivers for a Cannon Imagerunner 2200 in a computer with Windows XP. The original drivers are not tagged to XP and won't install. I can't seem to find the right drivers on Cannon's website. Does anyone know where I can find them?

A:Cannon Imagerunner 2200 Drivers for Windows XP

Found these using a Google search ...


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Have Windows 7 64 Bit

Cannon Imagerunner C2380 Printer.. Looking for a drive. Can't find anything anywhere.

I have downloaded numerous drives and nothing works.. Can't even find a Universal Driver!

A:Solved: Cannon Imagerunner C2380 Printer Driver HELP


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Hey all,
Not sure where to port this so her seems the best place.
Been trying to get the Microsoft Camera Codec pack for Windows 7 64 bit (http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=26829)  to work with images from a Canon 60D. The latest file was released only a few months ago yet it doesn't state on
the website that the Canon 60D is a supported camera. However, is this merely missing info - are Canon RAW (CR2) all the same?
I have installed this CODEC pack but the files still cannot be opened in Windows (such as Photo Gallery Live viewer).
Is it REALLY the case that the 60D isn't supported, or is something else wrong?
Many thanks


A:Microsoft Camera Codec pack 64bit - Canon RAW file (CR2) from a Canon 60D

The new version now says that CR2 (60D and 600D) are now supported, or so they say... i have not tested it myself.

Here... http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=26829
Best Regards,

Hazem ElshabiniHazem Elshabini

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I recently uninstalled and reinstalled the software (Multipass Manager 3.01) for my Canon C5500 printer; during the reinstall, I am receiving the following error "Failed to register mpservic.exe to windows NT as domain or service". Can anyone give me any insight on how to make the software register this executable to the service MPSERVICE? I tried to remove all entries for the Canon printer in the registry and reinstalled the software; but I am receiving this same error everytime and the software is uninstallled after the error. Please help!!

A:Reinstall of Canon Multipass 3.01 software for Canon C5500 printer

Two things to try: If you have anti-virus software, disable it, uninstall the cannon stuff. Reboot (be sure av is still disabled), and reinstall. Then reenable av, restart for good measure.

Another suggestion from Canon, though not apparently EXACTLY your issue:


Also, see this document.. it most likely is not related, but..


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I have a Canon i850 printer which I have immensely enjoyed using these past four+ years. For one thing, I've never had even one paper-jam during that time.

My understanding always has been that it is best to have separate components, so that's why I've always owned a dedicated printer. However, it appears that the present-day trend is more toward all-in-one units. Actually, I'm in the market only for a printer, but if the Canon MP600 all-in-one is technologically advanced far beyond my i850, then I would strongly considering buying one.

The MP600 has a scanner (which I don't need, although it would provide me with a back-up) and it has several modern features of convenience which my i850 doesn't have. What I would especially like to know is whether or not the MP600 produces appreciably better results with both text and photos than my i850. Also, would it be faster and cheaper in the long run than the MP600? While quality of results is more important than anything else, speed, economy, and convenience also enter into the equation.

(I was also considering the Canon PIXMA iP6700D photo printer, but from what I've read so far it appears that the MP600 all-in-one is more highly-regarded.)

I would appreciate hearing from anyone who has an opinon on this matter. Thank you very much.

A:Canon i850 printer vs. Canon Pixma MP600 All-in-One

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everytime i try to open or remove itunes i get a window that pops up and says that windows is trying to configure itunes and then it stops and refuses to open because of error 2330. i have tried a system restore and ive tried to uninstall the program - neither have worked.

please help, my ipod needs updating badly!!!

A:Error 2330

Using search term 'error 2330 itunes' (no quotes) in Google found 24,600 hits. Check them out- here's the first page:

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My Inspirion One 2330 first came up with blue screen, now all I get is the black screen.  It will not come on at all.  I hear the fans running but nothing else.  Is there still a way to get it to come back on?  If not, is there a way to use it as a monitor only?

A:Inspirion One 2330

Always include version of Windows in your posts.
Try this for starters:

Power off and disconnect power cord from rear of PC and from the wall
Press/hold power button for ~30 sec
Reconnect power cord to rear of PC
Reconnect power cord to wall
See if it boots now

If that doesn't help try pressing the Input-source selection / Display-off button (#7 on the right edge) if you have that optional button, in case you accidentally pressed it and turned the screen off. Wait a few sec between presses to see if the screen comes on.
The system has a VGA-Out on the rear, so you could try connecting a monitor that accepts VGA input.

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I bought quite a number of refill inks for my Canon S100SP printer. However it stopped working last week. Fixing it will be too dear, and getting a new printer will waste my refills. Do you know any Canon printers which can use the same refill inks as this printer? Perhaps a printer which is faster than this one and uses the same ink?


A:Canon printers similar to Canon S100SP

Use a Google search with the cartridge models for the ink cartridges you have.

That should turn up compatable models, otherwise we need to reverse the procedure (search to determine the cartridge model, then find what else it fits).

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Recently I have found that when I try to import CR2 RAW files on to my hard drive Windows Explorer opens recognises the drive containing my CF card but then tells me it cannot import the files because they have been corrupted. I replace the CF card into
my Camera and it tells me that it does not recognise the card and the images will not show on my Camera. I reformat the CF card in the camera shoot images, see that they can be viewed on the camera but when put the CF card into the reader on the computer I
get told the images are corrupted and cannot be read.
I am therefore unable to now download RAW images to the computer, I have downloaded FastPictureViewer Codec Pack to no avail.

Any steps that I need to take to recover the situation and allow me to import my raw images to this computer.

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I have have a terrible time uninstalling Itunes. It gives me a 2330 error. I have used Reg ed, manually removed all itune and ipod registry info and itunes folder from my programs. I still have a ipod folder that I cannot remove. If I try I get a message saying requesting to reformat my c: drive. Can anyone help.

A:PLEASE help me with itune and error 2330

Hi, welcome to TechSpot! :wave:

What exactly is the error? Does the computer reboot, or at what stage does the error message come, and what else does it say?

Anyway, please be sure to read the guide in my signature and to search Google and the TS forums before posting. Enjoy your stay at TS!


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How much wattage do i have left for upgrading a gpu? Saving up for a new computer but i want to get a gpu for my current one (p6-2330). I am thinking of waiting until june 27th to get the rx 480 which uses 150w, so with a pavillion with a 300w psu and a6-5400k (default 2330) how much extra wattage can i get for a gpu? (Sorry for awful formatting, not so sure on how to format this question)

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I apologize, there are already threads on this here but they appear to be closed threads and none of the "fixes" have worked for me.

While trying to open iTunes i get this message, "An error occurred while attempting to create the directory:C:\Program Files\iTunes.Resources\en_GB.Iproj.iPhone Prefs.nib"
So i figured the easiest way to fix it was to delete it and reinstall via add or remove programs but it wont let me saying "The installer has encountered an unexpected error installing this package. This may indicate a problem with this package. The error code is 2330." and then a second that says "Fatal error during installation". I get the same messages when i try to repair iTunes or delete it with CC cleaner.

In another forum it said to go into mycomputer, c drive, program files, and then delete all of itunes manually. I was able to delete everything except for the folder en_GB.Iproj which contains the folder iPhone Prefs.nib. I tried to open the iPhone prefs.nib folder but got an error message that said disk drive c is not formatted do you want to format it now. I said yes, then it said your harddrive will be wiped clean do you wish to continue and i said no and started to flip out.

I also tried the instructions here support.apple.com/kb/HT1275 but got the same error messages.

I can go into mymusic and click on any of my audio files and itunes will open with all of my songs and playlists but when the music plays it o... Read more

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I have a Dell Inspirion 2330 AIO

I am having a problem with Graphics Fan activation problems on my motherboard

It is intermittently speeding up and slowing down consistently

I also am aware that Graphics Chip is unremovable as it is part of the motherboard

I have uninstalled all drivers for the AMD Graphics card and all fan noise stops.

All drivers have since been reinstalled though update and noise is back again

Graphics Chip Fan speeds up to high RPM then slows to slow RPM

Question: Would isolating a suspect driver be the issue? Or would motherboard have to be replaced?

I have tried Diagnostics and they all come back to a passed system

Does not seem to make any performance issues but if GPU chip is Faulty not sure what to do here?

Chat Conversation End

Type a message...

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I have an Inspiron One 2330 with the following specs:

Intel Pentium G2020
Windows 10

I just recently upgraded it to Windows 10.
I wanted to upgrade the CPU to core series (i3, i5, i7) but I don't know which should I get.
I know that I can get a I5-3550S or I7-3770S, but is there any other choices that I could have?

A:Inspiron One 2330 Upgrade

Ivybridge,I5-3550s, 65w, 4c,E1
Ivybridge,I7-3770s, 65w, 4c,E1
Ivybridge,I5-3450S,2.8,65w, 4c,E1
Ivybridge,I5-3330S, 65w, 4c,E1
These are the CPUs tested and shipped with that model.

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Hello: I have a Dell inspiron 2330 All in one, about 2 years old.  It is not booting up.  I connected a wired keyboard and tried to push F12 to get into boot options, but I don't think the keyboard is getting power at all.  As soon as I power it on, the screen lights up and then blanks and I hear the hard drive, but nothing happens.  I tested the monitor with my laptop and it is fine.  I recently updated the OS to Windows 10 and it worked fine for more than a month. 
How do I get to the boot screen if I wanted to use my USB rescue drive ? 

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I have Inspiron One 2330 and I want to have RAID1 array on it.
Does anybody knows, if its possible? (with removing DVD and installing second HDD instead)
Does bios support it?

Thank you for reply.

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Good morning to one and all
I have a question about updating my computer I have a Dell Inspiron 2330 all in one with there specs

Dell Inc. Inspiron One 2330 00
System Service Tag: C8LSTX1 (support for this PC)
Chassis Serial Number: C8LSTX1
Enclosure Type: All-in-One

3.40 gigahertz Intel Core i3-3240
128 kilobyte primary memory cache
512 kilobyte secondary memory cache
3072 kilobyte tertiary memory cache
64-bit ready
Multi-core (2 total)
Hyper-threaded (4 total)

Board: Dell Inc. 0PWNMR A00
Serial Number: .C8LSTX1.CN7443135507F0.
Bus Clock: 100 megahertz
UEFI: Dell Inc. A09 11/02/2012
6018 Megabytes Usable Installed Memory

Slot 'ChannelA-DIMM0' has 2048 MB (serial number 3BABC746)
Slot 'ChannelB-DIMM0' has 4096 MB (serial number 426E82E9)

I want to upgrade to i5 or i7 with more ram

could someone give me some options please


I see this is in the wrong forum it should be in (
PC Custom Builds and Overclocking)sorry about that

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c:/program files\itunes\itunes.resources\ja.iproj\ipod setupassist.nib
plz help-keep getting above error-have tried to unistall itunes and repair to no avail-it will not remove-keep getting 2330 error in package. Cannot repair quicktime either. I have tried cc cleaner to no avail. Plz help!

A:iTunes 2330 error

well, maybe you can turn to Apple support discussion center: discussions.apple.com

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Hello: I have a Dell inspiron 2330 All in one, about 2 years old.  It is not booting up.  I connected a wired keyboard and tried to push F12 to get into boot options, but I don't think the keyboard is getting power at all.  As soon as I power it on, the screen lights up and then blanks and I hear the hard drive, but nothing happens.  I tested the monitor with my laptop and it is fine.  I recently updated the OS to Windows 10 and it worked fine for more than a month. 
How do I get to the boot screen if I wanted to use my USB rescue drive ? 

A:Inspiron 2330 does not start

Thank you for writing to us!
I would suggest you to follow the below steps to boot the system into Safe Mode with networking and check.
Switch ON the system and switch OFF the system 3 to 4 times when the Dell logo appears. This will make the system to go into ?Windows 8 Advanced Startup Options? screen.
Please select Troubleshoot option and choose the advanced options. Now choose the Windows Startup Settings option and then click the Restart button.
When your PC reboots you will be able to boot into Safe Mode with networking from the Advanced Boot Options screen and check if the system reaches the start screen.
If the issue still persists, I would suggest that you run the diagnostics on the computer by following the steps mentioned below and check if there is any issue with the hardware on your system.
1.  Turn on or restart the computer.
2.  Immediately at the Dell logo screen, starting tapping the ?0? key (zero) once a second until the One Time Boot menu appears (if the computer boots to Windows turn the computer off and try again).
3.   At the One Time Boot menu, press the <Down> arrow key to highlight Diagnostics, PSA+ or Enter ePSA, then press <Enter> to begin the hardware Diagnostics.
4.   Write down any error codes listed. Reply to us with the error codes.
Let us know your findings

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I have Inspiron One 2330. The fan is quite loud and never stops. I tried to  update the BIOS, but is said that I have the latest BIOS version. What else can i do? 
Thank you

A:Inspiron One 2330 Fan Noise

Hi OPTA12,
Thank you for writing to Dell Community Forum.
Please run the on-board diagnostics <<F12> and capture any error codes or message you might receive.
Please private message us the service tag of the system along with your email id.
(Note: please don't mention the service tag or email id on the public forum as it contains your personal information).
Regards,DELL-Akshatha MSocial Media and Community Professional#IWork4Dell

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I have a 2014 Inspiron One 2330
It will not start, The fans run the screen becomes a light grey but the PC  does not get to the dell logo or BIOS.
The screen works If I press the screen settings button it displays the setting graphics.
The dell help desk diagnosed it as motherboard failure.
I have replaced the motherboard with no change it does exactly the same thing as before.
If I  remove the RAM beeps away but no change to the grey screen?
The PC has run perfectly for 3 years. No hardware modifications running on windows 10.
I have undertaken the power off reset procedures no change.
Any ideas?

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I have a one inspirion 2330 and the problem is that when turning it on screen and does not give me if I connect a PC using HDMI video gives me another pc and not yours that is what could be? or that would be my problem?

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