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E50-70 laptop battery suddenly died and back to life.

Q: E50-70 laptop battery suddenly died and back to life.

Hi All, My laptop (E50-70) is almost 3 years. The battery behaves normally most of time. But sometimes it died suddenly without plugging into mains after 5 minutes used when it was waken up from sleep mode. This happened many times even the battery was fully charged before entering sleep mode. But everytime, when I took out the battery from laptop, and put it back then plugged into mains to charge it. It behaved normally again until unexpected same incident happened again. Do you have similar experience? Any idea what's wrong? Many thanks,Cheers,J

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Preferred Solution: E50-70 laptop battery suddenly died and back to life.

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


Hey everyone,

My laptop (i'm not sure the make or model matters) suddenly died, it was working fine one minute, left the room for around 30 seconds, came back and has seemingly has no power. The machine has been running purely off the power adapter because there is no battery. There's no lights on, indicating an electrical connection; it's completely dead. I used a phase tester to confirm a good power adapter, so the problem seems to be with the computer. I don't think the electrical input socket (?) is at fault cos it's not loose.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Maybe it has something to do with that internal coin-shaped battery?

I'd really appreciate any help because i'm completely at a loss as to what i should do next...


A:ZE4500 Laptop Suddenly died, lights out, no sign of life, boo

Could be a dry joint on power connector, underside motherboard try wiggling to see if you get some response, coin battery is only to retain CMOS information.

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Hi all,
Lately I've had my laptop plugged in a lot because I've been running some design analysis software thats required a long time to solve. Anyway my laptop suddenly just cut off today whilst on battery. Straight away I assumed it was the battery as I had a similar issue back in 2010 with my old device. I've had my current laptop for about 2 and a half years. I ran a battery report which came up with the following information:
Cycle count: 489Design capacity: 48840Last full charge: 38373
So its obvious my battery isn't at full capacity as expected. However, could this be the cause of it randomly losing power? I'm thinking more of a calibration issue. Any ideas on how to calibrate?

Many thanks in advance!

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I recently found out my laptop's battery is going defunct. The laptop is about 3.5 years old or thereabouts. I never really used it on the battery much except just to move it from here to there or in case of a power out. So the battery never got much use. But it was always plugged in.
But now I find that it only powers the laptop for about 10 minutes before is warns that it is low, then shuts me down. This is supposed to be a 2.5 or 3 hour battery.
Plus it's a Lithiom ion and those are not supposed to have the "memory effect" like nickel metal hydrid or whatever. Right?

So it goes from 100% full to 5% in a manner of minutes.

So like, what can I do to bring some life back into this thing? Or is it toast?
It's an IBM A31.

A:Best way to bring life back to a laptop battery?

i would look into purchasing a new one, draining puke: out the battery and fully recharging it might help(as it would with a car battery from one of my experiences)

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Scan result of Farbar Recovery Scan Tool (FRST) (x64) Version: 18-07-2016
Ran by daniel (administrator) on DANIELTOSH (20-07-2016 12:55:33)
Running from C:\Users\daniel\Downloads
Loaded Profiles: daniel (Available Profiles: daniel)
Platform: Windows 10 Home Version 1511 (X64) Language: English (United States)
Internet Explorer Version 11 (Default browser: IE)
Boot Mode: Normal
Tutorial for Farbar Recovery Scan Tool: http://www.geekstogo.com/forum/topic/335081-frst-tutorial-how-to-use-farbar-recovery-scan-tool/
==================== Processes (Whitelisted) =================
(If an entry is included in the fixlist, the process will be closed. The file will not be moved.)
(AMD) C:\Windows\System32\atiesrxx.exe
(Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.) C:\Windows\SysWOW64\tbaseprovisioning.exe
(Realtek Semiconductor) C:\Program Files\Realtek\Audio\HDA\RtkAudioService64.exe
(Check Point Software Technologies Ltd.) C:\Program Files (x86)\CheckPoint\ZoneAlarm\vsmon.exe
() C:\Program Files (x86)\TOSHIBA\PasswordUtility\GFNEXSrv.exe
(AVG Technologies CZ, s.r.o.) C:\Program Files (x86)\AVG\Framework\Common\avgsvca.exe
() C:\Program Files (x86)\Realtek\Realtek Bluetooth Filter Driver Package\BTDevMgr.exe
(AVG Technologies CZ, s.r.o.) C:\Program Files (x86)\AVG\Av\avgwdsvca.exe
(AVG Technologies CZ, s.r.o.) C:\Program Files (x86)\AVG\Av\avgidsagenta.exe
(Synaptics Incorporated) C:\Program Files\Synaptics\SynTP\SynTPEnhService.exe
() C:\Program Files (x86)\TOSHIBA\TOSHIBA System Driver\TOSTABSYSSVC.e... Read more

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Hi everybody,I have a Lenovo yoga 2 11'. Windows 10 1511. About one month ago I shutted it down, I don't remember if it was charged or not. I turned it on some days ago and seems that the battery died. What can we do?EM is installed and says that everything is fine. The computer works fine if plugged, but if I unplug it doesn't. Windows and EM say that "battery is charging at 0%". The LED is orange and blinks.If you need other details feel free to ask.EDIT: Latest BIOS installed, Windows is updated, there is no "USB Always on" option in the BIOS.?

battery-report.zip ?47 KB

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My 2 year old moderately used laptop battery suddenly died after a windows update. Everything was working fine, the battery still held charge for over 2 hours and now it doesn't work at all. When I hover over the battery icon it says '79% available (plugged in, not charging)'. If I pull out the charger my laptop stops as though it doesn't recognise there's a battery. I ran the HP battery test and it told me the battery is dead. How can a normally functioning laptop battery suddenly die after a standard update? I see there are a number of customers complaining about the battery not charging when switched on but my battery doesn't work at all - although it apparently is 79% charged. Is this normal for HP laptops?

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I've been using this laptop for a few years now, and while it has its fair share of small problems (track pad not working, keyboard coming loose and sometimes not working, speakers slowly dying, start ups where the screen doesn't turn on.) Despite those issues I always found a way to either fix or at least work around the problems until today.I was just watching YouTube videos when the laptop without any warning shut off instantly, even though it was plugged in, and mostly charged. After that none of the power lights would go on at all, not even the charging one. I tried unplugging it, removing the battery, holding down the power button for 30 second, and every combination of those steps I could think of. Is there any hope of saving this laptop, or is it bricked?

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I own a Dell Studio 15 laptop, usually I get about 3 1/2 to 4 hours of battery life on powersaver mode, depending on what I have turned on and stuff. But when i checked my battery a day ago, I only had 1 hour and 45 minutes of battery life at 100%!! I know that battery life drains over time, but this was so sudden! I lost 2 hours of battery life overnight! Could anyone explain what has happened and how I could go about fixing this problem?

Thanks a bunch!

A:Battery life suddenly drained

if windows 7 you can manage battery a bit better but batteries do suddenly go, like a car really, one day it starts next dead, can try to fully drain it then fully charge it and whilst charging do not use the laptop till fully done this may help

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Hello, first I apologize, if my post will have grammars errors, english is not my native language.Well - I have an IdeaPad 700 since a half year. On Monday I noticed, that the time for how long my notebook can run on battery dropped from about 4 to 2 hours. Plus I experience from the same moment some display blinking now and then (it blinks 3x times a day - for a second there is a black screen). I looked up the battery capacity in Lenovo Settings and it says, that there is 39 Wh form 45 left...which doesnt sound for me, like it should cut the time to a half. I did a malware scan, i looked in my power plan and in the battery consumpting Software and I found nothing suspicious...One think is strange - when the battery goes to ca. 30% the remaining time starts to improve. Like in was 1:15 time remaining when on 60%, when it goes to 30% i get 1:30 ??? Im starting to think, that it has something to do with the last big Windows update, that happened on September 30. but im not sure, if i wouldnt not notice the problem earlier. Or is my battery just bad?Thanks for answers.

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I had my laptop on, and took a break with out shutting it down. When I came back it would not boot up. The symptoms are, both power LEDs are on, no video, it does cycle the CD on as if trying to boot, but will not boot from the CD. Is it possible that the mother board is not dead?


A:HP G60 laptop died - signs of life?

One of the infamous HP motherboards... Hopefully you still have warranty on it

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Hello, first I apologize, if my post will have grammars errors, english is not my native language.Well - I have an IdeaPad 700 since a half year. On Monday I noticed, that the time for how long my notebook can run on battery dropped from about 4 to 2 hours. Plus I experience from the same moment some display blinking now and then (it blinks 3x times a day - for a second there is a black screen). I looked up the battery capacity in Lenovo Settings and it says, that there is 39 Wh form 45 left...which doesnt sound for me, like it should cut the time to a half. I did a malware scan, i looked in my power plan and in the battery consumpting Software and I found nothing suspicious...One think is strange - when the battery goes to ca. 30% the remaining time starts to improve. Like in was 1:15 time remaining when on 60%, when it goes to 30% i get 1:30 ??? Im starting to think, that it has something to do with the last big Windows update, that happened on September 30. but im not sure, if i wouldnt not notice the problem earlier. Or is my battery just bad?Thanks for answers.
Mod's Edit: System model added to the front of Subject line to improve visibility / clarity.

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I have had my HP Spectre for a year.  Only on occasion do I use something requiring graphics. Mostly I am using word and power points at the moment.  This past week, all the sudden my computer is overheating and I am only getting about 2 hours of batterylife whereas a few weeks ago I was getting at least 5 hours if not more (sometimes average around 7).  I shut down my computer last night with over 50% of battery life and booted it up today and it had 20%.  And was instantly hot to the point it is hard to do anything on it.   Has anyone experienced this?  The computer is just barely a year old.  My HP computers in the past normally last about 4 years before giving me problems.   I suspect it is because of the recent update to Windows 10 that happened last week that I was forced into, but I can't figure out how to problem shoot that. 

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Over and over again. It is a Samsung RF511 notebook and I've already took off the key, cleaned it and then reinserted the button. I've also reinstalled the keyboard through the Device Management and operated the virtual Windows keyboard. I'm afraid it's a malware fault.
I'm new over here and any help would be extremely appreciated. Thanks in advance.

 FRST_05-11-2016 00.53.16.txt   76.8KB
 Addition_05-11-2016 00.53.16.txt   45.21KB
 hijackthis.log   15.56KB

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I made the mistake of using my laptop without the charger and letting the battery run down. I launched The Sims 4 before getting up and grabbing my charger. I didn?t check to see if the laptop was actually charging after I plugged it in, simply because I?ve never had an issue before. So I set my laptop down and walked away, letting my game load. I left the computer alone for nearly 20 minutes. I came back and as soon as I went to use it, the screen went black. Luckily though it wasn?t entirely dead. I pressed the power button and it came back on briefly. The battery symbol had an ?X? and it said 0%. I noticed then that my charger wasn?t completely plugged into the machine. So I plugged it in properly and  I didn?t see a little charging symbol or anything but it didn?t shut down immediately - The Sims was still running in the back ground. I loaded up a world and after a minute or two it died. I tried to turn it back on but I wouldn?t turn on. So I let it sit unbothered, charging for several minutes. I tried to turn it back on and nothing happened. The power button wouldn?t even light up. However, when I do press it, there?s a little red light that blinks at the bottom of my laptop. I went online and tried to find some solutions. I tried the one where you detach the battery and the charger and hold the power button down for 30-60 secs and that produced no results. I think it might be a charger issue, but how do I know for sure? Any... Read more

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So I haven't used my laptop for a week or so, and when I started it up a few days ago, the battery life turned from a solid 7+ hours to a mere 4 hours! I actually timed how long it took before the battery went down by 1% before this happened, so I did the same test after. When I tested it, for the first time, the battery went down 1% after 270 seconds(almost 5 minutes). Now it seems to lose the same amount of battery in a weak 140 seconds(just a little bit more than 2 minutes!). Can someone please help me find the cause and if I can fix it? I loved this laptop because of its excellent battery life.

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My Gateway Solo 1450 notebook suddenly "died". I have no clue as to what steps to take to get into it to retrieve my important files.

Although the problem started with a message that indicated a "Missing Operating System" (Win XP Home)... there are clearly BIG problems left to be solved. And without help I'll be lost.

There seems to be NO LIFE at all except a dull orange power indicator on the case (which really ought to be green to indicate proper power. Nothing works. No other lights, beeps, fan... or anything at all.

I have tried a few things, but have made no progress at all. HELP!

Thanks in advance for any advise and/or suggestions-

A:HELP bring suddenly dead Gateway notebook back to life!

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Hey, I really need help. I'm having problems with my laptop. It's a dell inspiron 7559 and was bought around January. Recently I have seen that the battery has no longer been as hot as it used to be when I first started using it. Along with the sleeve on the tip of the screen power adapter (below the part where the adapter lights up) has started to come off, exposing the wires. The battery has continually dropped down its percentage rate ever since I bought it, and it won't go back up. It is currently at 0% battery life and it says when you highlight over the battery icon ( plugged in, not charging). It also happens to show the BIO setup when I start the computer and shows that the batteries wattage and type cannot be determined. In the BIOS setup, the ac adapter type is unknown. The battery has not been through any harsh conditions along with the laptop. I have tried removing the battery, starting up the computer with the ac adapter (which is 130 watts), then adding the battery back, and ac adapter, then turning it on, but it had no effects. If I remove my ac adapter while my computer is on ,it instantly turns off. If someone can support me with this issue, it would be gladly appreciated. Thanks.

A:Laptop battery not charging, battery not identified, 0% battery life

It sounds likely the charge circuit on the mainboard is damaged.  Contact Dell to have the mainboard replaced under warranty.

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was carrying my lenovo flex 4 in a laptop backpack from point a to point b in a sleep/hibernation state. Upon removing it to use again, the power wouldn't come on as well as the power button led wouldn't/won't lit up.

Did a hard reset, removing battery, pressing power button for 1 min etc, still dead.
I thought it might be the adapter which looked burnt by the two prongs, hence ordered a new oem adapter, still to no avail.

Geeksquad apparently charges a good $50 just for a diagnostic, hence I'd like to know if it's the motherboard or other component based on the symptoms and circumstances.

How can a motherboard die simply from carrying a laptop without dropping it or bumping into anything, which i didn't.

Otherwise, what would be a good diagnostics, that's cheap, including diy?

grateful for answers

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One day when i was working on my laptop is just died......then i tried to start but its not open....i thought may be it need some charging...... But even charger is not charging.....so what can be the problem....i am thinking may be motherboard problem.....can any one help me.......i have hp 250 g5 laptop....please help me...will be waiting for reply thanks

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My son's laptop was plugged into the wall, since it won't run off the battery, and the plug came out of the back of the laptop and it turned off. He now can't get it to boot at all. I had him take the battery out completely and try to run it off the adaptor only, but the battery light comes on briefly and the Windows Vista logo comes on briefly and then it won't go any further....nothing at all. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


A:Laptop Died....Battery?

It is most likely the Adapter jack. The solder connection between this and the mainboard tends to develop cracks, and all it takes it a awkaward yank or press to break. It is fixable, best to bring to a computer repair shop, preferably one that has a reputation for doing this kind of repairs. Shop around, some charge over $200.00 (>100 is what i charge).

However if you feel brave, you can at least LOOK at the connection by checking out your laptops dissassembly guide. Simply do www.google.com and enter your laptops make and model, look up dissassembly, and follow the guide to get down to your motherboard, and take a look at it!

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Ok...this morning my son went to turn on his laptop and NOTHING happened. Battery??? How do I troubleshoot this???

A:Solved: Laptop died....battery??

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I was doing work on my laptop when suddenly it made a small "bzz" sound as if powering down and switched off. It will not turn back on and I have tried removing the battery for 5 minutes and putting it back in with and without AC plugged in, but it will not turn back on. I haven't really had any problems at all before this, and I have a lot of vital work that I had not yet backed up that I really can't lose. It is 4 years old and I got it in 2012 so I'm pretty sure it's out of warranty.  Any suggestions to turn it back on/ get back any work I may have lost?

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My girlfriend has an HP laptop with vista in it, its just used for homework. She doesnt download anything because alot of it is forbidden in her college. But her battery died one night and when she turned the computer on, it gave her the safe mode screen, and she tried to start windows normally, and tried safe mode, and today she tried last known good configuration, but all 3 options take her to windows and her system hangs, it takes about 8 minutes for the welcome screen to go away, and logging in is out of the question, because she puts her name in, and clicks ok, and her background ends up black. She did ctrl alt del, and it took 3 minutes for the screen to come up, still no sign of the desktop, task manager took an entire 2 minutes. I told her to click new task, that took an entire minute, and typing in "explorer.exe" took minutes because the system kept hanging. Why is it doing this? Its acting like a hard drive thats just fallen on the ground. Her laptop endured nothing of that nature though. Why is it doing this?

A:System is hanging after battery died on laptop

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So a few weeks ago I was using my Acer Aspire M5 series and it died on me, which isn't that surprising my battery has always sucked, but now it won't turn back on or charge. I've tried different cords, and the charging light never comes on and it never turns on either. Recently when I tired a new cord I noticed that I could hear a constant clicking sound. I don't have the money to take it in right now, and it's extremely inconvenient because I have online classes that I need to work on. I've tried searching for answers, and a few months ago I had to find a new cord, and it's almost like this laptop doesn't exist. It took me over an hour to find a cord online for it and I never found any specific information on it when I searched for it. It's been extremely frustrating. I've really hit a brick wall with this laptop, and I'd appreciate any help or advice I could get, on the problem or the laptop itself.

A:Acer Laptop Died and Won't Turn Back On

It sounds like possibly the charging port plug is broken. It is a fairly common issue on these laptops. Take a light and look into the port and see if you can tell if the pin is missing or broken. Then it depends on how comfortable you are with opening your computer to test and possibly fix.

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Okay so here's a challenge, I need to find a laptop that can last about 6 hours or better on a battery for around 700$ - 1000$...
It only needs to be able to do word/email/internet type things... something semi-decent for a normal person that doesn't do anything that requires powerful components...
I myself have never seen such a thing exist... so I'm asking everyone here...

A:Laptop with 6 hr or better battery life?

Here's the best answer. Buy two batteries

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Hi, Is it best that when a laptop is in use, it should not be plugged in. Basically, run on battery only, then only have it plugged in to charge the battery. If it's plugged in and in use will it wear out the batter quicker.

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Just curious...

I have 3 laptops. 3 yr/old HP gets just under 2 hours. 1 year old HP gets about 2 or so hours and my 2 month old Lenovo gets nearly 4 hours.

A:What's your laptop's battery life?

2 month old compaq does about 5 hours on high performance,and 6 on balanced,8-10 on power save.
runnning vista premium 32bit

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I'm new to the boards. Apologies if this is a tired topic, but I would appreciate feedback. I'm about to buy my first laptop, and am finding out that the one I'm trying out, a low-priced model (Toshiba Satelite M30X/M35X Series), lasts only about an hour and a half before needing to be recharged (if playing a dvd, it lasts only about an hour). Somehow I had guessed that batteries lasted longer in laptops. Am I nuts?
Two questions:

1. What is the normal life for a laptop battery?

2. And if I want to stay in the relatively low-price arena, what are the best laptops to consider in terms of battery life?


A:laptop battery life

1. I'd say between 45 minutes and 3+ hours. My Thinkpad lasts on average 2 1/2 - 3 hours doing office work.

2. Depends if you think Thinkpad is in the relatively low-price arena.

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I recently bought a brand new Sony Vaio laptop and it stated that the battery life of this laptop is 3.5 hrs. Now since the battery is fully charged on my laptop it is telling me that I only have 2.50 hrs at a 100%? Anyone know why that is, or do I have to go back to the retaiiler and purchase a new battery ?. The laptop is covered under warrenty, since I only purchased it about 6 days ago.

A:A laptop Battery life

That sounds about right.....if you go into Power Options in Control Panel...you can set things for power saving and make the battery last longer.......

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what is the best way to use laptop ??always pluged or pluged after when battery is law

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I have a Toshiba equium m70 and the battery life is pants.

Is there any way of increasing this by possibly buying a bigger battery?

A:Laptop battery life

Many laptop models have high capacity batteries available, check with Toshiba.

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Im trying to figure out how to make my laptop LiIon battery last longer. Ive been searching the internet, but the information is very varied. Some say its best NOT to discharge the battery completely, others say I should use the 40%-80% range, and again others say I should charge and discharge the battery completely on regular basis. Why are there so many different suggestions?

A:Laptop battery life

What you really ought to consider is a multi-cell battery for a laptop.
Some are only three cell, others are four or six sells. When I switched to a 9-cell battery for My Thinkpad T-60, my world changed for the better.
As for your question, most actual tests show it is best to totally discharge the battery periodically, then recharge it. Otherwise you run into problems of battery "memory" where it has a difficult time creating a full charge after a period of partial charges.

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my little cousin got a new acer laptop for christmas and he already managed to screw it up. instead of trying to figure out how to fix it the right way i just did a factory restore on the machine. problem is, just as the machine was about to finish its install the battery died. now when i start it up an error message comes up saying that windows was not shut down properly and needs to be rebooted. then it reboots over and over and over again.

how do i fix this problem? is there a way to initiate a factory restore before this message shows? pressing f10 or something?

A:Solved: laptop battery died just before install finished. what now?

Try these 2 keys at the same time immediately after start up =
Alt + F10

And please please, never do an Install or repair or a Bios upgrade with Just the Battery power. Allways have your Laptop pluged in for these types of Important jobs.

Good luck

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Hello everyone.

A few hours ago my computer was in sleep mode and unplugged when the battery died. Upon plugging it back in, I was met with an empty black screen. I turned it off by holding the power button, but the laptop refuses to boot now.

Upon turning it on, I get the Toshiba start up screen for less than a second before it goes to the Windows Error Recovery Page. Both options (Launch Startup Repair (recommended) and start windows normally) results in a screen that says 'windows is loading files...' with a status bar, then moves on to another screen showing another status bar (this one green with the microsoft corp at the bottom but no graphic) and ultimately to a black screen with a white cursor. From there, nothing works. The same happens if I try to start it in safe mode (with or without networking).

I have a system repair disc for the laptop but I haven't been able to do anything with it.

Fortunately 99% of the info on the laptop is backed up. Unfortunately the 1% that isn't is the most important (class notes for the last 4-5 weeks).

I have the extended warranty on it from best buy that actually expires in 4 days, but I certainly don't want to ship off my computer for who knows how long with those files on there.

Any advice would be tremendously appreciated.

A:Laptop not booting after the battery died during sleep mode.

Welcome to Seven Forums. you might try Launch Start up Repair 3 times to see if it will recover the boot sector.

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I just acquired a used Compaq Armada 7800 laptop, Pentium II 300Mhz, running WinXP Professional.

On and off during the day I checked various things, to more or less familiarize myself with what I had bought, etc. Everything seemed fine, including the battery.

Later in the day, with the unit plugged into the AC, I was installing some software, and during the installation the computer suddenly went "dead". I pressed every button I could find, including the power switch. I disconnected/reconnected the power cord, and removed/reinstalled the battery, but nothing produced any signs of life. No screen; no indicator lights; no sound; no nothin'.

I didn't know what else to do, so I just let it sit. About 15 minutes later I tried again, and voila! It came to life. I used it for about 40 minutes, installed the software as I previously tried to do, and everything worked fine. I then merely closed the cover and let it "sleep" for the night. The folowing morning I opened the lid and the computer came alive, as if nothing was wrong.

I suspect this wasn't just a one-time event, and expect it will happen again unless I 'fix' something. Can someone please tell me what might be wrong, what I should look for or do, to prevent this from happening again. Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions.

A:Why did my laptop die and then come back to life?

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Hello,My computer decided to black screen today. I had put it to sleep when it was low battery and it died while in sleep mode. I fully charged it and tried to reboot it, but no display. It works on an external display, but can't display anything on the laptop screen. Any suggestions on how to fix this?

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I'm writing this from my phone so bear with me, also, i know nothing on computers so please simplify as much as possible. I have an hp windows vista laptop that is not wanting to connect to the internet. I have the new clear internet and i'm using the usb wireless modem deal. It was working excellent up until 3 days ago when my laptop died because i forgot to plug the cord in. I rebooted the laptop next thing i know the internet isn't working. It recognizes the device but won't connect and there are 10 signal bars (the max) showing that it's good. It attempts connecting but isnever successful. I tried the usb modem on my friend's laptop and it worked perfectly fine so i know the laptop shutting off triggered something. I have called the clear tech support team and they went through every step. I installed/reinstalled so many times. they had me do some commands like netsh winsock, ipconfig delete, etc but i believe the issue is on my end i just don't know how to resolve. Thanks in advance for the help.

A:Solved: Internet won't connect anymore after battery died on laptop

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I have a multitude of Windows 7 Lenovo X200 Series laptops, and I am trying to figure out what Windows services I can enable/disable to help extend the already fleeting battery life.  Of course, getting replacement hardware is one option, but I am more focused on what can I do with Windows settings to extend battery life due to budgetary constraints.  Anything helps.  Thanks much.

A:Extending battery life on my laptop

What do you mean by extend battery life - time between charges or lifespan of the battery itself ?
If the former, then you could try turning down the screen brightness a little, and turning off the wi-fi except when you need it. If it is the latter, then the advice I got from one battery supplier was to charge the battery to between 95 and 100% of capacity then run the laptop on the battery only until it was down to 10-15% capacity before plugging the charger in again.
Chris Cosgrove

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I bought a new HP computer (model dv2828ca) and for some reason on Vista it shows the % of how full the battery is, but it doesn't tell me how much time I have left on the battery.

I have like 4 battery's from older HP laptops, and all with different life expectancies. I would like to know, when I put each battery in my laptop how much time I have left until my laptop is out of battery.

I tried installing a Vista widget which shows the battery % and it was advertised to also show how much time left until the batter is dead, but sadly it only showed the % and not the time left. I also hate widgets, but if it's my only option then can someone send me one that works? If not, can someone please show me a better/good way to see how much battery time is left?


A:Laptop battery life not showing

All of my laptops never showed time just the % of charge.

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I found some good tips for managing your laptop battery. Too late for mine, the battery will run it for only 16 minutes.
Upgrade Your Life: Revive a dying laptop battery | Upgrade Your Life - Yahoo! News

A:Prolong Your Laptop Battery Life

I've had mine almost 2 years in November. My notebook is always plugged in so I never have the battery in. I drain it down to about 30% and take it out, leave it in a drawer on my desk then once a month recharge it and run it back down to 30%. According to S.I.W it only has 4% wear so seam to work for me.


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I've had this laptop for under 3 years, and in the last 6 months the battery has gone from charging to 100% to very quickly 0%. The AC adaptor still works fine, so now my laptop is basically a desktop. If the unit is unplugged for even a moment it shuts down. I am well beyond the 1 year warranty period that HP places on their batteries (shocking that anyone would think 1 year an appropriate length of time for a laptop battery to last). I was expecting the battery to last longer, my previous laptop's battery is still working after 8+ years. While I probably use the laptop a little more than the average user, I have read a number of posts with "laptop battery dead" in the subject but I can't find anything to let me know the life-cycle, and if my expectations are unrealistic.  

A:Laptop battery life for HP Pavilion 15

Hi, There are many types of batteries. Please read the following article, specially part from Safebattery.com    http://www.idganswers.com/question/7814/how-many-charging-cycles-should-a-laptop-battery-last Hope this helps.

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Hey everyone, I've been using my Asus G55VW for just over a year now. It's been having a maximum of 3 hours of battery life since I got it. Once, about 4 months ago, the battery life dropped and it shut down completely at 30% battery left with no warning at all. I fixed that issue by creating a battery calibration power option and it worked and I got the battery back to normal.

About a week ago, I turned on the laptop the laptop and noticed I had 1 hour and 30min battery life at 97%. I did fully charge it the night before and pulled out the adapter. So i get only 1.5 hours battery life now and it used to still function like normal and gave me battery low warnings. A few days ago, it stopped giving me warnings all-together and shuts down at 15%.

I tried calibrating but it the method I used before did not work. Is it possible the battery is on it's last legs?

Asus G55VW laptop
Intel Core i7 - 3630QM, 2.4GHz
Geforce GTX660M 2GB
Windows 8.1

A:Laptop battery life drop

Yes, I suspect the battery is at fault

Battery life is quite poor, if they are kept plugged in and at 100% charging can shorten life - often now you have power management that does not re-charge batteries to 100%

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Ok, I have a two-year old HP G5000 series laptop with Vista. I always have it on AC because it has such rubbish battery life, but I recently took it into the garden and downloaded 2 battery meters from the net. After 6 minutes they both said 7 percent remaining. It's been on charge for about half an hour and the charge is apparently 8 percent now... I knew it was worn, but not that worn! I can't use the standard Vista battery meter because it's greyed out under the Notification Area tab. It says it has about 7 mWh out of 90 mWh capacity, just checked... oh dear... If that is pretty bad, then is it possible to get a replacement from HP, or get an alien battery?

A:Help! 6 minutes battery life on laptop!

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As the title says I want a new Laptop but my concern first is maximum performace in portable solution.

About battery now will it last enough to watch a movie in...

1. ...medium x264 quality and

2. ......10-15Gb file HD x264 movie video quality

I'm not asking for playing from a dvd since it consumes more battery and probably I'll remove it to add my "intell 520ssd 180GB" and already I've done my blue-ray drive external from my current laptop.

Probably I get this laptop:
Asus N551JK with gtx850m, 7200rpm HDD 1TB

A:Laptop Battery life with i7-4710hq cpu

Asus N551JK-CN166H Notebook Review - NotebookCheck.net Reviews

There is a section about battery performance if you scroll down.

In short under load (maximum brightness) it lasts: 1h 16m

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