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Custom Win8 Tiles Not Working Properly, Please Help!

Q: Custom Win8 Tiles Not Working Properly, Please Help!

Hi all,

I used to use olby tiles/modern tile maker to create custom tiles just fine. However yesterday this happened and now any custom tile I create looks like these, regardless of which program is used to make it:

I have tried the "rebuild cache" and "refresh" options offered with olby tile and modern tile maker... but they do not do anything.
Does anyone know how to solve this problem? (the shortcuts still work, just the image is always this; also, normal shortcuts made via windows pin2start look and work fine).

Preferred Solution: Custom Win8 Tiles Not Working Properly, Please Help!

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Custom Win8 Tiles Not Working Properly, Please Help!

Same problem here (Oblytile)

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I assigned a new shortcut on desktop to shutdown my pc and assigned a keyboad shortcut ctrl + alt + f12. The shortcut always works properly if i double click on the shortcut icon but doesn't always work when pressing ctrl+alt+f12. Can someone explain why is this happening ?

A:Custom keyboard shortcut key not working properly

Hello gidra,

Welcome to Seven Forums.

Not sure. First thought is that some app. you have running may be interfering. Do you have other shortcuts on the desktop with keyboard shortcuts? Do they always work? When the shutdown doesn't work, try one of the others to see if it's working.

Hope this helps.


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I have patched and rebooted using the UltraUXThemePatcher and it said it was successful. I've followed instructions of putting the theme file and the folder into my windows/resources/themes folder, then selecting it from the personalisation window.
The theme changes, however some themes don't work as expected. It's the same problem with most themes - the explorer window. For example, it's supposed to be like this:

However my one is like this:

The color has changed, albeit not to the one its supposed to be, and there is some strange border around the window. Only the buttons to close, maximize and minimize changed as intended to. Same for most themes.

I'm new to the theme stuff, maybe I missed out on some step, but all the tutorials I've seen only show to patch, then put it in the folder and click it to activate it.

Thanks in advance.

A:Windows 8 custom themes not working properly.

I don't use these kind of themes anymore but I'll try to help out.

Check theme readme, maybe you forgot some files, some themes patch Explorer as well.

Check the theme settings.
The color options from Personalization window may still apply: pick a darker color.

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I have a HP Pavilion with Win8 pre-installed. I have been using it normally for about 6 months now. I just thought to try Stardock - WindowsBlinds 8 or whatever you want to call it. I installed it and when the setup closed I did not chose whether I wanted to opt for the trial version or buy it. This where I think I did my mistake... The next time I tried to go my tiles screen, it wouldn't allow me to even go there! When I go to the bottom-left of the screen, instead of showing the tiles in a small format, it shows me nothing! And also now my laptop directly boots into the desktop instead of the traditional way of booting into the tiles screen. I eventually decided to uninstall it and went to the Control Panel. When I tried to uninstall it, it just wouldn't happen stating that XYZ couldn't be found or something like that. Then I did a graver mistake, I directly tried to delete the Program Files folder in the C:. But 3 files remained. And nothing changed. Then I reinstalled it and again uninstalled it but to no avail. Finally I tried regedit and tried deleting the keys left by Stardocks. At the same I ran sfc /scannow in cmd with Admin permissions. After deleting the keys suddenly the tiles appeared back ! Now to today.... When I turned my laptop back on today, I was greeted with the same problem ! I tried sfc /scannow again but it shows no problem was revealed!

This is very annoying and a big problem as I frequently use the Tiles screen for updates .

So now here are my ques... Read more

A:[HELP] Tiles in Win8 not showing!

I just reinstalled Stardocks WindowsBlinds AGAIN... and suddenly out of nowhere my tile screen is working again!
Even though it has been solved for now it seems (), please reply to my thread and please give me answers to my previous questions! Thank you!

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Does anyone know of a way to customize the Tiles of Windows 10 like how it's currently possible when using OblyTile in Windows 8.1?

While I'm really liking the concept of Tiles I, in general, do not like how they look like as everything end up a huge mess of different colors and styles - IF they even bother adding an image to it - so I kept doing my own but that's not of much use if I can't keep using them in Windows 10 :|

So yeah... Anyone got a solution or maybe a recommendation for different program that would allow this?

Thanks in Advance =)

A:Custom Tiles yet?

Nothing available. The designer of Oblytile said that's it ! Will not be designed for Windows 10 !

As much as 10 is a great OS, you can't do this in Windows 10.

8.0 / build 9200 start screen

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I have a Chrome tile on my Win8 Start that opens Chrome on desktop and goes directly to Chrome default page.

I also want, as I have in XP and 7, a Start link that goes via Chrome to my Google Calendar. I actually already have this on my Win8 Desktop -- it's just a shortcut to Chrome with an argument that specifies my Google Calendar URL. Works great.

[I currently [still] have MSIE-10 as default browser. Want to leave it that way for now -- at least until I'm done beating on it. Otherwise a simple web short cut would work. ]

In XP thru 7 I can simply pin this shortcut to the Start menu and it works and it stays put.

I can do this in Win8 as well but, though the icon does show up on the Start screen, it disappears from the screen on first use of anything on the Start screen.

Weirdly; the shortcut does get copied to my Desktop folder and it does stay in that folder -- but it just won't show up on the Start screen.

Any ideas how to fix or work around whatever is going on here? (Also tried moving / copying it to the system's own start folder, but no luck.


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I have recently loaded Win8 to both my laptop and desktop and have come across a strange problem. On the laptop I can access all of the tiles in Startup, but on the desktop, I get a message saying "You are not connected to the net". Two things seem odd 1.I can access the net using Internet Explorer and my usual WiFi settings.
2. Both computers use the same WiFi internet connection.
Can anyone offer a solution please, am I the only one with this problem?


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How can I create custom tiles? Can it be done within Win 10, or does it require third party software? Links?


Bill W2BLC

A:Create custom tiles

Hi Bill.
We have a Theme thread here, and some of our members are really good at making custom tiles. You can start reading from here:
Solved Windows 10 Themes created by Ten Forums members - Page 121 - Windows 10 Forums

Hope that helps!

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Custom Tiles for Desktop apps: How to create.
Seen it in theory, but it needed a proof. And since I didn't see it in the Customization section yet: here goes.

We've all seen it:
One of our desktop programs gets added to the Start Screen. Then we notice that all desktop apps use a small icon in the middle of the medium tile. Looking like 32x32 with big padding/borders:

(this uses classic ICO files on shortcuts)

How do we change the icon or increase its overall size in the square?
(Check the NOTES below for important info.)

The theory:

Can be applied in practice:

(this uses PNG files like 'app' shortcuts)

How to get it done:
As the article in the above link describes, in our program's (exe) folder, we need a XML file with the same name as the executable followed by the ".VisualElementsManifest.xml" extension.

For example, for the executable file "contoso.exe", the accompanying XML file is named "contoso.visualelementsmanifest.xml".

Like so:
Don't forget the PNG files for the tile (150x150 and 70x70 pixels). In the example all images get loaded from the 'Assets' folder.
The color of the text can be black or white: aka "dark" and "light". The background color is noted in its HTML value.
So that can be changed according to your needs*:

*You may need to delete and re-pin a tile to be able to see the changes made in the XML manifest ... Read more

A:Custom Tiles (for Desktop Apps)

Thank you for the useful information

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......styling is everything
Not being satisfied of having tiny, unlike software icons filling your startcreen ? Being disrupted by this design gap that resolve the whole modern windows 8 feeling ? then this thread that is all about sharing and issuing requests for custom modern style icons and tiles is the right place for you.
Ive started making custom tiles and icons to my own need when I realized they've come out pretty sweet and what once was a design necesity for my startscreen quickly became an hobby.

My sets are organized in software categories. Each category has a set of tiles for windows 8 startscreen and a correspondent set of icons to be used on any desktop.

The Modern UI tile sets are comprising 512x512 PNGs to be used as custom tiles on windows 8 startscreen. You will need free Oblytile to do this

The Uinvert icon sets are great for those who want a clean and standardized desktop due to the icon minimun coverage. They include 256x256 both ICO's and PNG's.

Download them free at my deviant art gallery !

Comment and share your owns !

Subscribe to this thread and add me to your deviant watch if you have an account there to stay up to date !


Currently included:
3Ds Max - Alibre - Architools 3D - Artlantis - AutoCAD - Basefount - Blacksmith3D - Blender - Cheetah3D - Cimatron - Cinema4D - CorelCAD - Cubicspace - Dassault Systemes - Daz 3D - EIAS 3D - E-on Vue - Form Z - Gameware - Golaem Crowd - Grome - HOOPS - Houdini -... Read more

A:Orphydian's Windows 8 custom tiles & icons thread

Very nice! I'll have to download and use these!

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Interested in finding out if anyone is doing custom theming on Win8 like was done a lot with Win7.

I tried to do some of this on my Tablet PC using WindowBlinds -- but that crashed it so bad that I had to do a Refresh, which basically required my to reinstall everything again.

On Win7, I'm using the app that allows non-MS themes, but I didn't get around to configuring that on my Tablet.

A:Anybody doing Custom themes on Win8?

Hi Mark! I have a thread up on full customization. Win 8 is pretty angry right now with the eye candy, but with some digging, you can trick it out. I'm working on custom tiles for applications right now, splash screens, icons, user tiles and main metro layouts. I should have a full documented tutorial here soon. I'm attending the MS conferance @MS next week. Hopefully I can a bit more solid documentation!

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I know you can change the Metro background in Windows 8.1 with different default pictures and colors and your desktop picture.

But how do you use a custom image for the Metro background? The custom image not being the same with desktop image...

A:Custom Win8.1 Metro Background


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I have a Dell Studio 1747 and it has Windows 8. 4GB of RAM and Intel Core i7 CPU. If needed more information is available.
It had somekind of a problem when it had windows 7 and I had to send it to get fixed. They installed windows 8 and it used to work. After sometime, it started to get really slow on boots and it would come to the login screen and sometimes would freeze and I would force shut it.
I was very angry after it got very slow so I opened the inside and cleaned the fan. Of course since im just a starter I couldnt close it properly but I finally managed to close it badly. The problem got better through time but last day it just came back in the worst form.
When I turn the computer on only the windows logo would appear and how even if you leave it there for 10 minutes it wouldnt load. It sometimes give a bluescreen and restarts. If you close it before the bluescreen when you reboot it you get automatic repairing thing. It shows the same screen with only the text under it and it shows me a black screen after a couple of seconds. The resolution of the screen is lowered and I can understand that because my cursor gets bigger and I think the computer is trying to get to the Advanced Repairing Options. But it can't.
Now I don't want to use this computer anymore I hate it and will buy another one but I need to save some files! It would be okay if I can just boot it in Safe Mode but I cant do it since F8 or Shift+F8 was removed and I can't access the normal settings since ... Read more

A:Win8 Cannot boot properly!

They installed windows 8 and it used to work

Does it mean the OS now on it is an illegal copy ?

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I had a couple of major issues when trying to get my desktop to sleep properly in Win8 CP. I finally pinned down the last of the issues and it now works without errors, rebooting, getting hung up, and/or waking my other computers. I will list out the stuff that I needed to do:
Set the BIOS to S3 sleep.
Turn off hibernate in advanced power options.
Kill the mouse and network "let these devices power on the computer" in device manager's properties.
Make sure that the network adapters are allowed to go to sleep in the DM properties.

It was this last one that seemed to do all the damage. By not turning off the network ports, Win8 was trying to come on during sleep when another computer came on the network ( I THINK...). When I let them get powered down, sleep was not interrupted and my HTPC does not come out of sleep any more.
Here are the setting I used:

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I need some help please! What I would like to do is this:

1) Create custom Windows 8.1 image, which includes things like Office 2013 and perhaps 1 or 2 other general applications, as well as custom Metro look (by removing many default apps)

2) Use WinToGo wizard on my Windows 8.1 Enterprise to create my Win8.1ToGo USB stick, using my custom .wim file

3) I will want to then use a cloning software to make copies of this so I can produce many more sticks.

4) When I then boot into my Win8.1ToGo USB stick I do not want to see any of the 9 initial screens you normally get, i.e. "Personalise", "License Terms", "Settings" etc (I'm assuming an answer file will take care of this).

5) At the end of this I want to be booted into the Win8.1ToGo Desktop so I can use a custom script to do things like name the machine, and add it to the domain. I cannot and do not want to use Task Sequence to do this.
I have not been able to find anything on how to create the unattend file for what I want. Is there an official/supported/recommended process for the above, or am I on the right track?

What I have tried so far is using MDT2013 and the install.wim from the Win8.1 ISO to create a basic deployment share and a basic Task Sequence. I have then tried using the unattend.xml that was created from C:\Deployment\Control\Win81DEPLOY\Unattend.xml and dropped it onto the Win8.1ToGo stick under \Windows\System32\Sysprep. Booting from the Win8.1ToGo stick then gives me... Read more

A:Deploying Win8.1ToGo - custom image/multiple sticks

I can't seem to find my link to the article, but there was a documented issue with sysprep under Server 2012r2 if you used "copyprofile=true" (however that reads) in your unattend.xml file. Server 2012r2 and Windows 8.1 share some code, so I tested sysprep leaving that out and it worked for me.

Another issue you might run into is activation. You have to have a KMS (Key Management Server) to activate WTG and keep it activated. Setting up a KMS is trivial IF you have the key.

I'm not using MDT, so you may have other issues I haven't run into as well.

Good luck with it.


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Hello. I apologize if I'm not putting this in the right section, but did not exactly know where it should go >_<.

Anyway, I have a friend who was using an extremely old computer that died recently, so he decided to custom build a new PC. I helped him pick out the parts for his PC, as I am kind of familiar in building a custom PC, since I built the one I am using now. So, I helped him pick out the parts, and he got them and attempted to put the computer together. He said he had experience in building a PC, but it was so long ago that he might be rusty at the whole deal. And the fact that he lives out of state made it so I couldn't exactly help him.

Well, the first problem started when he said that the Power Supply was a tad too big to fit in the case's hole for it, which I found kind of odd. But he worked around the problem, he said that the problem was that the PSU was a bit too tall and kind of touched on the roof and fan. I didn't think that'd be a big deal.

He had some problems putting in the CPU's cooling system, saying it was tough for him to hook it down. But nothing too bad.

Now the real problems started when he hooked it all in. When I first did mine something went wrong and I fried my motherboard, so I made sure to tell him to make SURE he mounted the motherboard correctly. So, he said he made sure and all that, and today he said when he hooked up JUST the motherboard to the Power Supply that it received power, it had the solid... Read more

A:Custom PC will not properly start

here is just a stupid question ...but is he installing all this new "stuff" in that old computer case? or did he buy all this "stuff" designed for an ATX case and in fact is not in possession of an ATX case at all but some other form factor? PSU's always fit properly when installed with the recommended case size.

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Oops, entered in error - please delete.
problem caused by user error.

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I just installed windows 8x64 pro in my sony vaio 4gb ram 64 bit 1080p screen. I tried adjusting UAC, updating the nvidia drivers to most recent, tried a local account as well as not local, and made sure my resolution was at 1080p. still a no go, any ideas?

A:Tiles not working

Hello Joey, and welcome to Eight Forums.

Do you mean that the Store apps do not open or work?

If so, then it has been reported that if you had a 3rd party security program (AV/firewall) installed when upgraded to Windows 8, that uninstalling/reinstalling them fixes this.

Hope this helps,

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HI first post to this site. Sorry if this question is in the wrong section but please help.
After running win 8.1 for several months (mainly by running desktop and working as I always used to with occasional forays into the win 8.1 start screen and clicking tiles), I have discovered that just recently many of the tiles don't work correctly or at all.

Two different examples; in the win 8.1 start screen I can see news displayed in my 'news' tile, cant see a tile displayed in my clock tile to name 2.

If I click on the affected tiles, the screen fills with the coloured background and the news icon (or clock icon) then I get returned to the desktop with this 'tile' now an icon in the bottom menu bar, no content is shown. Some however do work such as my Facebook, internet explorer, music and LinkedIn tiles to name a few.

I don't know if it is relevant but just recently I have been having issues with Drop Box not being able to start on power up and telling me to sort out permissions. On one occasion it asked me to change inheritance settings (don't know what that is) but it did not work so I changed them back. Not sure if this can have left issues or if so how to fix them.

Finally to solve this I did a system restore but what ever date I pick it ends up with the same non helpful message that says there was some error and so it did not happen. Am I the only one that things a bit more info from Microsoft on this would help rather than the equivalent of a 'don't know shrug'?

I h... Read more

A:some tiles not working under win 8.1

Run sfc /scannow in the elevated command prompt.

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I've been using Win 8 Pro for quite a while now with no problems at all. For seemingly no reason, the Win 8 tiles don't respond and several have now changed to a plain colored tile with no logo of any kind. The Store tile will flash as if it's going to open but then abruptly stops. The other tiles don't respond at all. I've tried the App Trouble shooter. It pointed out problems and indicated they were fixed, but didn't have any effect on the tiles. I tried going to the MS site to "back in" to the Store, but that didn't work. (Honestly I'm not at all sure why this was suggested, but I tried anyway). I turned off all security software. I'm not using any proxies. I'm not getting any error messages. I'm in the process of running SFC. . I tried to do a Refresh but I got a message saying that files were missing and I needed to run a disk or recovery drive. When I put a Win 8 disk in, it was rejected. This is getting pretty tiring, None of the fixes I've tried to this point have worked. Any words of wisdom? I really don't want to do a complete recovery if I can avoid it.

A:Win 8 tiles not working

Did you try doing a System Restore to a time before this happened?
What happened when SFC /scannow completed?
Your HDD may be failing. Go to Search and type CMD right click the CMD results and Run As Administrator. In the Elevated Command Prompt type chkdsk /R and press enter. Now type a Y for Yes and restart the computer. Check Disk will start at the next bootup, it may take a while. If this fails or hangs, the HDD needs to be replaced.

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I have created a customized outlook form with a text box in it. Whenever I, or another individual, create a form it is not visible to the people that we send it to. But, the form is visible to he and I. The people we send forms to only get the standard email message with no user defined items. I have put a check in the box to make the form a one-off, but it is still not visible on the reipeients computer. The same users that are unable to see my forms are able to create forms and send them to each other, and myself, as a one-off and they are fully visible. Also, some of the older forms that were created using outlook 2000 were intially only showing up as the default email message format until one random older form was opened. After that form was opened, all the older forms were able to be displayed properly but that started the problem with the newly created one's showing up as the default message format. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling outlook but that did not solve the problem. Publishing the form to the exchange server is not an option. We have to send the form's as a one-off. ALL of the computers are configured with the same versions of Windows XP SP2 and Office 2003 SP2.
NOTE: I also noted that when I try to create the form on my Windows 2000/Office 2000 SR-1 computer I get the same results.
Any clues what I can do to get the one-off forms to display properly?

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Okay i already tried running sfc/scannow but live tries are not working, they are working only on the mail, the all used to work, the weather and news but now live tiles are not working is there a fix pls?

A:Live Tiles Not Working

Did you do an upgrade install? Might need to start over with a clean install since you are having several problems concurrently (this one and Windows 8 Freezes after sleeping and powering on.).

Still, you could try creating a new user account of the same type with which you typically login. Copy everything you will need to the new account (from C: > Users > Old User Account) if the new account works. Then, delete the old account. You can go back to the original user name similarly. Before you do so, make sure that deleting the original user account also deleted that user's folder in C: > Users. Sometimes this folder does not get deleted. If not, then going back to the original user name creates a minor only superficial "problem." To delete the folder, you may have to take ownership. I would not go back the original user name using any other procedure.

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Upgrade from Windows 7 Home Ultimate 64 to Windows 8 64 bit

I found suggestions for:

1) deleting OLE from the Registry under Local Microsoft Software - did not work
2) Create alternate users - did not work
3) User profile change - did not work
4) change Display settings - did not work

A:Windows 8 Tiles Not Working 64 bit

Hello pcbishop. Welcome to Eight Forums.

Use an imaging program to save your work.
If you can, try a clean install on unallocated space.

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 8 Single Language, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-2328M CPU @ 2.20GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 42 Stepping 7
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 1925 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics 3000, 770 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 226288 MB, Free - 119792 MB; N: Total - 225161 MB, Free - 62123 MB;
Motherboard: Sony Corporation, VAIO
Antivirus: Windows Defender, Disabled

System tiles are not working but other tiles are.
Shows an "x" mark on it as in image attached.
On clicking shows an error of "This app can't open!''

A:Windows 8 tiles are not working..

If it were me I'd update to Windows 8.1 and hope that will, as a side effect, fix this problem.

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Okay so i bought a computer from ibuypower and i just got it. I decided to make sure it worked by just plugging in the power and starting it up. The lights turned on, fans started churning and it looked fine so i turned it off by pressing the power button again. I then plugged it into my moniter and started it up again. This time it did the same thing as it did wihtout the moniter but nothing showed up on the screen, I waited about a minute and still nothing happened. I tried again and same thing. So i tried it with my new moniter and same thing so i know it is not the moniter. I then decided to take a look inside the cmomputer. So i took off the side pannel and looked inside (dont worry i didnt touch the mobo or anything) and i notied there were a few cables that were not plugged in nbut i did not see any obvious locations to plug them into. One of them was coming from the graphics card and another one had "SATA: written on it. Could someone please help me? I have pictures if you want them, just email me at

A:new custom built comp wont start up properly

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I have the problem since a few weeks (mostly after a tile update), and I'm not the only one, my friend has it too on both his laptop and desktop, that the live tiles, or actually some of them, for example weather, are not refreshing anymore. It just shows the blue weather tile. When I open it, it works though, news the same. Any idea on how to fix this? Also I tried to deinstall and reinstall the weather app, but now it doesnt even show the "use live tile" button anymore (look at picture).

A:Live tiles not working anymore

I like to start with simple things that might work: system restore especially if you know about when your problem began and sfc /scannow (may need to run multiple times--say 3).

No luck with those attempts. Try creating a new user account of the same type with which you typically login. Copy everything you will need to the new account (from C: > Users > Old User Account) if the new account works. Then, delete the old account. You can go back to the original user name similarly. Before you do so, make sure that deleting the original user account also deleted that users folder in C: > Users. Sometimes this folder does not get deleted. If not, then going back to the original user name creates a minor only superficial "problem." To delete the folder, you may have to take ownership. I would not go back the original user name using any other procedure.

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Last week I had to reinstall windows 8, as it was stuck on automatic repair loop message, I couldn't do anything with it, restore, refresh etc. Since I reinstalled windows 8.1 and the updates, I have noticed loads of problems. my drive letters have been changed I cannot access PC settings, all the app tiles are not working, I tried uninstalling and re -downloading from the store, keep getting an error message telling me they are unable to install my apps...What is going on??
I have searched the net for more information but it seems very scarce on the ground. Microsoft's site is absolutely useless, I am tearing my hair out deciding whether to try a new install of windows 8 or will it leave me with the same problems again. Any advice appreciated

A:windows 8.1, no pc settings, tiles not working

hello and welcome to eightfourms .you could try running dism ,as shown in tutorial and then run sfc /scannow.

dism= DISM - Fixing Component Store Corruption in Windows 8

sfc = SFC /SCANNOW Command - Run in Windows 8

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ok so i got a new compaq pc and my old polkaudio speakers wont work! does anyone no what the problem is? i no that they are connected properly, and the volume is cranked to the fullest and all sounds still play quietly. the speakers worked properly on my old pc though.

A:speakers not working properly, sound is very low, connected properly, please help!

I think...

1.You may have accidently adjusted you sound configuration settings.
2.You may not have the correct sound Drive (Or none at all). If so check your sound card and browse the web for installable driver (The acctual drivers don't cost anything)

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My TSG info is below. I upgraded to Win 8 in January and have not had any real issues, other than watching videos in the news tiles. This includes the Microsoft, US News, CBS news or Republic tiles. I get the standard message:

We're having problems loading this video, please try again later.

Is this a common issue and is there a fix? Note- I can play videos that are on my laptop just fine- it is only with the tile videos that I get this message.

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 8 Pro with Media Center, 64 bit
Processor: AMD Turion(tm) II P540 Dual-Core Processor, AMD64 Family 16 Model 6 Stepping 3
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 3834 Mb
Graphics Card: Microsoft Basic Render Driver, 7 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 458601 MB, Free - 124420 MB; D: Total - 18032 MB, Free - 2601 MB; F: Total - 99 MB, Free - 88 MB;
Motherboard: Hewlett-Packard, 144E
Antivirus: Windows Defender, Disabled

BTW- Defender is NOT disabled.

A:Solved: Videos not working with Win 8 news tiles

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Ever since Windows 10 has been used on my Desktop, I've always been able to access the Tiles by pressing the Start Button using the left hand Button of the Mouse.
Yesterday the Button stopped working normally, and to shut down the Computer, the right hand Button on the Mouse has to be pressed.
The Icons are still there, however the Tiles are missing.

It's possible a recent Microsoft download may have caused changes.

I now can't access Microsoft Office and some of my other Programs, as the Tiles are no longer there.

Can anyone help me get the Tiles back ?
What's happened I wonder ?.

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I recently noticed that all live tiles for universal apps downloaded from the store are not working. Live tiles for modern apps and built-in universal apps (weather, store, maps ...etc) seems to be working fine, but the new facebook, twitter or any UWP apps have static tiles. I have tried repinning, reinstalling but nothing works.

This is happening on my desktop and my laptop as well.

I appreciate if someone can help me out with this issue.

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I'm torn between letting Windows 8.1 automatically sync to my Outlook.com account and use the interfaces provided in Windows 8? Or just add URLs (as apps for the start menu) for Outlook.com mail, calendar and people. The latter is a much better interface (IMO) and the only thing I seem to lose is the live tiles for mail and calendar that come with Windows 8 mail and calendar.

Am I missing something here? Is there an advantage to using the inherent mail, calendar and people apps? I just don't like their over-simplified look and inability the change things like calendar colors, etc.

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Trying Windows 8 at work and bought new Samsung 700t tablet. Windows 8 works fine with local user (linked to live id) and all our software including Symantec Endpoint 12.1.2. As soon as I join to domain (server 2008) and reboot the live tiles no longer function. Have total reset several times and tried refresh and restore points. My guess is that has to be default behavior of Win 8 GPO compared to 2008 domain GPO. We are very plain on our policies and so far have not found anything on local computer or GPO that can correct issues. Any ideas?

A:Joind Domain and Live Tiles stop working

The problem is GPO related. Windows 8 is looking for tile notifications GPO settings and if the domain is Windows 2008 then there are no domain policies relating to Windows 8 Live Tiles. In the absence of the policy Windows 8 assumes "Enabled" which will "Turn Off Tile notifications".

The way I fixed was to add a Server 2012 to the domain (just member server, not dc) and add group policy managment to the server roles. This will allow you to manage GPO and include Server 2012 and Windows 8 eelements. Manage all GPO from this server. In the default domain policy (any gpo will do though) Browse to "User Configuration, Administrative Templates, Start Menu and Taskbar, Notifications". In the "Turn off file notifications" change state to "Disabled" as this will allow Live Tiles to work.

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I have this weird issues where my games and videos tiles have just "blanked out" if you will, (see screenshot attached).. when i try to click the link it takes me to the store yet when i go to watch a video if i right click on the designated file and open with the metro video app it does work until i go back to the start menu and try to click the video app yet again and it takes me to the store over and over..

what can I do to fix this without losing any of my files?

A:Metro apps stop working, tiles black out!

If you can, right click on the app and on the bottom, click on uninstall and do it for both of them.

Go back to the Store, right click on the screen, you'll see an option My Apps. Just re-install those 2.

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I have attached an image with the problem i have, I don't know what has happened but every icon there without an image won't open. I.E Weather App and other Microsoft apps that where previously installed? Has anyone else had this problem and knows how to fix the error?

A:Windows 8 Tiles - None of the tiles will respond.

Hello t3rr11, and welcome to Eight Forums.

Syncing the app licenses may be able to help with this.

App - Sync License in Windows 8

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Windows 8 Start Screen Customizer worked well for this in W8. However, it doesn't work with 8.1. I've already emailed the developer, but without a response.

Is there an alternative method to getting no tiles show on the start screen or if possible, just one tile and the rest unvisible until scrolled over?

I like the start tiles and my alternating wallpapers, just would like a minimal start screen.

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I have a surface pro 2 and i use it at work so i ideally want my "work tiles" on the front screen and them at a certain time then say switch to my home/play tiles at say 6pm. Is this possible to have a set of tiles for a certain job rather then setting up two accounts?

A:Work tiles and play tiles

Not really. Only way is to set up two accounts, or place all the tiles for work & all the other tiles into a folder. Personally it is easier to just use Stardock software's Metro Mix and do everything from the desktop.

At least then you can do what you want, and have them grouped on the desktop.

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This is a follow up to a previous thread to do with a side project Iíve been playing with.

On the MAIN form in the attached, scrolling through the records should go through all the players (as in the PLAYERS table) Ė yet this is not the case. I have six players, yet only four records appear. Can anyone see what Iím doing wrong with the form?

OBP, if youíre reading this D and assumption that you can't keep away from Access related threads I know): Iíve restructured your changes to the tables from before, so that only one stake amount is placed per week.

A:Solved: Access Form not working properly having finally fitted a working (or is it) s

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i purchase this product on 12 July, 2015. Now in PC, windows 10 not working properly, start menu not working, USB  socket not working

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I have sort of an odd problem. I have a desktop computer that is connect to the internet wirelessly. Everything works fine there. I also have an xbox360 connected to the desktop via an Ethernet cable. I use this connection primarily to stream movies from my computer to the xbox. Today in the middle of a movie the movie stopped playing and gave me an error saying xbox isn't connected to the computer any more.
I checked the physical connection and everything was fine. I looked at my desktop (running windows xp) and noticed my LAN connection wasn't properly running. It said I have limited or no connectivity. So I tried repairing it, renewing it, disabling and re-enabling it. Nothing worked. In fact I get this error: "An error occurred while renewing interface Local Area Connection : unable to contact your DHCP server. Request has timed out."

I also noticed I have a 169.254.xxx.xxx IP address, if that helps at all:
EDIT: Forgot to mention I also reinstalled the driver for the LAN card.

A:Wireless working fine, Wired not working properly.

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I purchase this procuct on 12 July, 2016 from flipcart. now in PC windows 10 not working properly, start menu not working, some facility disappdear, USB  socket not working

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I upgraded from XP to Vista Ultimate. I have all updates both optional and
required. Since the upgrade I've noticed that when I am in IE and click on a
linked video (for example, a .mov file or anything like that instead of
getting the video I get a 404. Every time, without exception. Youtube still
works for me, so I don't know why it wouldn't be a problem there too... it's
only when I actually click on the link to a video. I've trid it in Safari and
it works for me, so the problem is definitely IE.

Also, if I click on a link and it makes a new page pop up, after about 20-30
times of doing this (during the course of the computer being on) IE will not
let me open any other links that create a new window. I tried restarting IE,
but it doesn't work. I also tried starting alternative internet browsers
after IE caused it to not open new windows, but every alternative browser
wouldn't work properly either. This is really getting to be an aggravation,
as I have to restart my computer every single time this happens.

Short of a complete reformat, I really don't know what to do. I hate to
format because I don't want to take a full day out of my life just to fix
something that should have worked properly in the first place. Anything you
guys can advise me on would be appreciated more than you know.

A:Clicking on videos not working & pages not working properly

go to your computer support site and update video driver
exactly match your system.
hope its work

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What Antivirus works with this build ?

~updated 05/01/2011~

*AVG - Doesn't work on 7850 (Work on 7955)
*Avast - Doesn't work on 7850 (Work on 7955)
*MSE - Doesn't install on 7850 (Install on 7955)

Avira - Works (reported by Dwarf)
PC Tools AV - Works
ClamWin - Works (no real time protection)
Panda Cloud Antivirus - Works (reported by Bill2)
NIS 2011 - Works (reported by yowanvista)

What else have you tryed?


A:Working Antivirus for Win8

That's worrying. PC Tools AV is not too great I hear. I'm still waiting on a download so can't try anything yet. What about Avira?

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previously i had windows 7 in HP Probook 4430s

fingertouch was working fine to lock and unlock the pc...

recently i installed windows 8 enterprise in same pc...

but this time it is not at all working...
Plz help...

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Hi everyone,I just reinstall win8.1 on my y50 (old one got virus and i format it and reinstall the OS)so when i try to use OKR , it shows that "Current System can not support backup"does anyone know why?Also what other preinstalled software does laptop come with?Thank you.

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Hi there, I'm new here . Is it possible to customize win 10 tiles more than 4x4 tiles?

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