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Microsoft Office Word 2013 unable to save?

Q: Microsoft Office Word 2013 unable to save?


I'm a former IT Systems Technician, and my girlfriend is a work-from-home writer. I've recently migrated her PC's original processor and ram from an HP motherboard to an ASRock board, linking the original WD Caviar Blue 1TB drive to the board as a secondary drive to collect documents and storage from, while running Windows 8.1 (up to date) on a Seagate Barracuda 250GB for the main OS and programs drive.

With those specs out there in the open, now it's time to get to the root of the problem.

As a work-from-home writer, my girlfriend depends on the ability to save her documents to Microsoft's OneDrive and upload them to her publisher, but with this error showing up, she cannot get them to save. I have never seen such a message in my many years of IT service, and I'm completely baffled.

I am the administrator... So now I turn to you guys for help.

Preferred Solution: Microsoft Office Word 2013 unable to save?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Microsoft Office Word 2013 unable to save?

Do have have more than 1 version of Office installed on the machine? The error message seems to be indicating that there are 2 or more MS Office products installed that are in conflict with each other.

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In Word 2013 I am hooked on event DocumentBeforeSave. When user wants to save document, backstage view is displayed with possible locations and also recent folders. After user selected one of recent folders, event DocumentBeforeSave is triggered. Where is the information about selected path stored? I need to display Save dialog(Dialogs[WdWordDialog.wdDialogFileSaveAs]) directly in this event, but first I need to know which path user selected. Otherwise default path is selected and it could be counfusing for the user.

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Every time I go to use 'Microsoft Office Word 2013' on my Windows 8.1 Computer,
the 'Collapse Ribbon' feature is always ticked, meaning it's invisible when I'm compiling a Word Document.
Even though I can manually untick the 'Collapse Ribbon' feature, I'd like it unticked permanently, so the Ribbon's always there when Word is opened.
Can anyone help ?. Be as detailed as you like.


A:Microsoft office word 2013 hassles.

Same answer as other thread.

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I am trying to store some information to a document on Word Microsoft Office 2013 and I have been saving most of the information I managed to do most until started saying Word(Not Responding) what is happening and how can I get this sorted? I am trying to save to a USB Flash drive but that is not working sometimes or the USB is faulty.

A:Microsoft Office 2013 Word not responding

Check this MS website for a possible solution to your problem. I notice from your System Specs that you only have 1 gb of RAM, so that may be adding to problems if you are trying to multiple operations at the one time.

Office 2013 Word Keeps Freezing (Not responding) - Microsoft Community

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When start Microsoft office 2013, pop-up meassage the application was unable to start correctly(0xc0000142).Click OK to close the application.

How to resolve this error??

A:Unable to open Microsoft office 2013

Hello Jason and welcome to Seven Forums.

Try repairing your Office 2013.

Repair Office programs - Outlook - Office.com

If still having problems you could try uninstalling and then reinstalling. This Microsoft KB article has an automatic "Fixit" button as well as manual instructions for uninstalling. It also provides a link on how to reinstall Office 2013.

How to uninstall Office 2013 or Office 365

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My computer is windows 7, currently I found that unable to open Microsoft office, after double click Microsoft office will prompt out "The application was unable to start correctly(0xc0000142).Click OK to close application."

My computer have install Trustport Total Protection, when I enable Trustport Total Protection then Microsoft office 2013 can open like normal. Guy, have any solution??

A:Why unable to open Microsoft Office 2013?

Hello i recommend reading this: App-V 5.0: On these 0xc0000142 errors and where they are coming from. - [email protected] - Site Home - TechNet Blogs

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errors include:
winword.exe-system error - d2d1.dll missing
there was a problem sending command to the program
run-time error "53", file not found: advpack
I have run virus scan - nothing detected (save for something found days earlier which it said was taken care of...)
Please let me know what else to provide.  All I know is "something isn't right"

A:unable to use microsoft office 2013 and malwarebytes...possibly others too

I am also still having mcafee pop up and say that it has handled a trojan infection...yet the original problems continue.  And I am discovering other things the computer will not do that it used to do....certian links on the internet also result in a d2d1.dll file missing...
In the past I had a fully working office 2013, now I can not use it or install malwearbytes.  I'm sure there are other issues too...

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We are trying to convert word document to PDF and able to do the same on staging server with Microsoft office 2007 professional setup using

Hide   Copy Code
method from

Hide   Copy Code
from below code :

Hide   Copy Code
paramExportFormat, paramOpenAfterExport,
paramExportOptimizeFor, paramExportRange, paramStartPage,
paramEndPage, paramExportItem, paramIncludeDocProps,
paramKeepIRM, paramCreateBookmarks, paramDocStructureTags,
paramBitmapMissingFonts, paramUseISO19005_1,
ref paramMissing);

However it is not working on production server with Microsoft Office 2013 standard edition and gives below error upon running from IIS :

Hide   Copy Code
Retrieving the COM class factory for component with CLSID {000209FF-0000-0000-C000-000000000046} failed due to the following error: 80070005 Access is denied. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80070005 (E_ACCESSDENIED)).

I am not sure if this is due to office setup difference or we need to add any add-in ?

We have tried giving rights to DCOM config as well.

Please assist.

Thanks in advance.

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Hello Community,

I'm having an issue here, and reading through threads and forum posts - i'm getting nowhere.

I get no error messages when trying to open a file from a mapped drive.

I have a user onsite unable to open any Mircosoft Office 2013 files from any of his mapped network drives. If he takes the files, copies them locally to his laptop, then open perfectly fine. However, if i try to open a office file from their mapped drive, it just opens up a blank document.

--I've done the changing folder name of the Microsoft folder within %AppData%, still no luck.
--I've tried repairing Microsoft Office, still no luck.

I don't want to uninstall office, then re-install as i will have to drop the computer off our domain (Group Policy for some reason, blocks office.) *I'd prefer this to be the final option.

Surely there must be a fix around? Much thanks!

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On Microsoft Word 2010, when you go to either the Open or Save as dialog boxes, you see a folder tree called "Microsoft Word", under which in my computer has Templates. In Microsoft Excel, it has a similar affect, showing "Microsoft Excel". I want to remove this tree from view, and ONLY want to see "Computer" (or "This PC" on Windows 8.1). Is this possible, and if so, how?

Can this be done locally and/or through group policy?

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Good morning,

I recently upgraded from Office 2010 Pro to Office 2013 Pro. However, after the install, all of the office products are showing as <NAME> (desktop) - i.e. Word (desktop), Powerpoint (desktop). Yet, when they are opened, the program is shown as Word 2013, Powerpoint 2013, etc. When I try to pin a file to the taskbar, it pins it under the Word (desktop) program, but when I open that file, it opens in Word 2013.

I am able to pin both Word 2013 and Word (desktop) to my taskbar. I am ONLY able to pin files to Word (desktop), but files only open using Word 2013. Both options open the same program. It is frustrating to have one program pinned just to have files pinned, only to have those files open in another taskbar "tile."
Why are they separate? Is there any way to get rid of one?

Any assistance is GREATLY appreciated!


A:Updated to Office 2013 Pro: Word (Desktop) vs Word 2013

Hi PrimetimeHero welcome to Windows Seven Forums.

It does seem that you have a duplicate set of short cuts to your Office products.

Normally it is best to store your Office product files in your Documents Library, under their various Folder titles such as Word Documents, Excel Spreadsheets etc. This keep them all in the one area for easy location.

Check to see whether you have duplicate copies of the actual files & if so make sure they are up to date & correct & delete one of them. Then delete the duplicate Shot Cuts then open your Documents Folder in your Documents library. Then locate a file in Documents such as Word xxx & if you want to have a short cut to it on your Desktop, right click on it & use Send To (create Desktop short cut).

As your information is not really clear, perhaps you could post back with more info on where your various Office files are actually located.

Below is a screen shot of my Documents Folder to expalin what I have been saying.

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Quite a basic question that I can't find the answer to ...

How do I change the default save location for Office 2013 apps for all users in a domain?
To do it locally I see you can by Options > Save > Default Local File Location ... but what about all users? Is there not a group policy? A reg entry?

Ideally I want all users to save to c:\users\%username%\onedrive for business

Please help - this is such a simple thing but so problematic!

A:Office 2013 Default Save Location

Hi, Welcome to Seven forums.

Try this link. Set the Default Save Location to Computer in Office 2013 | trekker.net

There is a method of policy you can apply.

Keep us posted.

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I'm running Word 2013. Up till a week or so it worked fine, but now it freezes completely whenever I try to save or save as a document, new or modified, in my C:\Users\Tom\Documents folder, even though it does seem to save or save as correctly if I choose subfolders in ...documents or other separate folders.

I have tried running Word in safe mode. No help.

I have done a complete repair using control panel/programs...no help. It seemed to have uninstalled MS Office 2013 completely and reinstalled it completely, and nothing improved. One minor problem I have with this is that I've lost my product key from the original version, and I can't retrieve it from Dell, where I bought the machine, so I can't activate the reinstalled MS Office 2013! It'll run till next Tuesday, then it'll be dead. My bad, but that's not what's causing me this grief.

I have checked the hard drive with AVG PCTuneup disk doctor and found no errors. I've defragged with that routine also; no help.

I've tried running Word with and without first launching any browser. The problem occurs whether or not I've launched a browser.

To my untrained eye, it seems as if whenever I try to point Word to my normal ...documents folder, to retrieve a doc stored there so I can work on it, or save a new doc there that I've just created, or "save as" a doc I've retrieved from a different folder, Word can't find that spot on my hard drive. But i... Read more

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i just went from windows 2000 to windows 7 professional and we had to reinstall all programs....
i need to open my company logo which was saved in microsoft office word 97-2003 - my new program is microsoft works word processor - i have tried saving it in different formats on my old computer but nothing seems to be working....
any suggestions?

A:Converting files from Microsoft Office Word 97-2003 to Microsoft Works Word Processor

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Formerly using an older version of outlook I did not have this issue. This started when I upgraded to 2013.

I have some form letters prewritten and saved as Word docs in a folder on my desktop. When I want to email one of these word documents to someone I start a new email and attach the document.

The document starts with "Hello, ". I used to be able to attach a document like this, open it, and add a name, such as "Hello Joe,". I'd then simply click save and close the Word doc. The change would be there and I can email the attachment. Now in 2013 outlook, when you make the change to the name and hit save, it wants me to save the document to a location on my computer (my docs, desktop, etc.) rather than to the attachment.

It is a pain to first have to open the word doc, change the name and save it, and then attach it to the email after the fact.

Is there a way to enable saving the changes in a word doc after it is attached? I can still make changes to an Excel sheet and save the attachment like I used to; I just cannot do this with a Word doc.

Any ideas would be appreciated.


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Unable to open Microsoft Office documents(excel,word) in Internet Explorer when we enforce strict TLS 1.2 protocol (Disabling SSL v2,SSL v3,TLS 1.0, TLS 1.1)on the webserver. We tested by removing strict TLS 1.2 and IE is able to open the document fine.
Error description : We see a Microsoft Excel Security Warning with the following content.
Certificate error
The application experienced an internal error loading the SSL libraries.

When we disabled SSL V2 and SSL V3, the document opens fine but when TLS 1.0 is disabled we are seeing the  pop-up with certificate error. We tried to open the reports in CSV format, 2007 format and 2003 format and all of them have the same issue. Does
Internet Explorer have any restrictions when TLS 1.2 is strictly enabled ?

Note : We are able to download the document using Internet explorer and the document opens fine from local but opening the document from the browser fails with certificate error.

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Running Windows 7 on my desktop. (MS Word on my Windows 10 Dell laptop is trouble-free.) It constantly freezes (every 3rd or 4th time I save during an editing session) on save or save as....have to reboot the program. Happens on all docs. Looked this issue up online, the "solutions" didn't work for anyone. I uninstalled/reinstalled to no avail....it was solid for 3 days, now back to freezing. Any ideas?

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I recently purchased an ASUS Windows 8.1 64 bit computer.  I transferred my Microsoft Works Version 8.0 word processor and spreadsheet files from my old computer onto the new computer.  I just purchased the Microsoft Office 2013 Home and Student Edition (64 bit version) from an online vendor and installed the software onto my new computer. 
I have no problems opening my Works spreadsheet files in Excel.  However, when I attempt to open a Works word processor file in Word, I get gibberish.  I did some research online and found out that there is a Microsoft tool called Works 6-9 Converter which allows one to open Works files in Word.
I downloaded the Works 6-9 Converter tool from the Microsoft Support website and installed it on my PC.  However, when I subsequently attempted to open a Works word processor file in Word, a dialog box appeared with the error message "Word cannot start the converter Wks9Pxy.cnv" and the file did not open properly (i.e., I got gibberish).
I did a little more research online and found out that uninstalling the Works 6-9 Converter, then downloading and installing the Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package, and finally reinstalling the Works 6-9 Converter may correct this problem.  I followed these steps, but unfortunately when I attempt to open a Works word processor file in Word, I get the same error message and the file does not open properly. ... Read more

A:Cannot Open Microsoft Works Files in Microsoft Word 2013

Reboot after any changes you make.

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Microsoft Outlook 2013 (365) continues to crash every 2 months on my laptop. I have had 3 sessions with Microsoft support online since November. They are unable to fix the problem so it won't continue to reoccur. They have reinstalled it on 3 occasions and within 2 months, Outlook is unresponsive. Cannot receive/send any email. All my email I have to get on my iPhone using pop secure server from GoDaddy redirect. It not GoDaddy cause I can see the email if I go to GoDaddy email and they say it is an Outlook issue with Microsoft.....

A:Microsoft Office 2013 or Microsoft 365 Outlook crash

Ok its been 4 days. I guess I am the only one with this problem. Tried Microsoft again and they don't have an answer to their own software issue which reoccurs for me every 3 months........

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Anyone know how to globally reset the Word window size? It appears to be setup in a landscape layout (rectangular - 11ish wide by 8ish high), but I prefer the reverse so it looks like a 8.5X11 page. Where can I have any new Word window automatically sized the way I want it?

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One of my user is having this problem on her Windows XP PC:

Dell GX260 with Windows XP Professional running 512MB RAM, Office XP, Acrobat 5.0

When opening a Word file & edited in Word XP, the user cannot SAVE or use SAVE AS the file, when try to exit out the file, get prompt to either SAVE, CLOSE, or CANCEL the file, at that point it will still not save the file, the only way to exit the file is to hit CLOSE to exit.

I initially thought this might be a Word Xp problem, so I ran the repair tool in Office XP, that did not fix it.

I then uninstalled Office XP, reinstalled Office XP, but that also did not fix the problem.

I then ran the Office update to download the latest patches from MicroSoft, but that also did not fix the problem.

I then UNINSTALLED Acrobat 5.0 from the PC, that FIXED the problem.

WITHOUT Acrobat 5.0 on her PC, the user was now able to open & edit a Word file, and able to SAVE the edited file, also able use SAVE AS to save the file as a new copy.

I then reinstalled Acrobat 5.0 thinking the previous copy of Acrobat 5.0 on the PC might be corrupted, as soon as Acrobat 5.0 was back on the PC, the same problem with the SAVE feature came back in Word XP.

I then installed the patch update for Acrobat 5.0, that did not fix the problem.

At this point, I am out of clues on how to fix it....The user tried Acrobat 6.0 before on the same PC, but decided to reverse back to Acrobat 5.0 because of format problem with 6.0.......so Acrobat 6.0 is no... Read more

A:Unable to Save/Save As/close Word XP file with Acrobat 5.0 installed

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Hello. I recently switched to Word 2013. It's taking some getting used to.
In prior versions of Word when I would "save as" or "open" I would get a folder list. If it were the first time since I had opened the program it would be my default setting: in my case, "My Documents." If I had opened a document and tried to "save as" it would show the most recent folder I had opened.
In Word 2013 instead of a folder list I get a list of recent documents. I also get a choice of Recent Documents, One Drive, Computer and Add a Place. This requires that I go through extra clicks to get to the proper folder. Is there a way to switch to a folder view?
By the way, what is this One Drive business?
Do I need to Add a Place each time I open a folder?
Thank you.

A:Word 2013 Issues: Open File; Save As; One Drive, etc.

You can select a default folder to save to, or set the default to Computer, and then navigate to the folder you want to save to -- File>Options>Save, check Save to Computer by default. You can select your default folder here as well.
When Saving As, you should be seeing a list of recent folders you've saved to, to the right of the OneDrive and Computer options.
If you have an outlook.com, live.com or hotmail.com email address, you can download the OneDrive application to your desktop and use it to save and sync files and folders to storage in the cloud. If you don't have email accounts with any of those, you can ignore the OneDrive option.

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As of Office 2013 an annoying popup displays when closing a document in the internet browser.
Please create a document X with the automated field savedate in it. save.
Create another document Y wit also savedate in it and create a second page by CTRL+ENTER  and save.
Now drag document Y into the internet explorer and after it is loaded, click on back in the browser. You will see the message

It could be that when you drag and drop a file into the internet explorer this will not open.
I had to adjust some registry entries:




What I also found is that it works fine on a 24"screen when the internet session is maximized.
When I drop the file into a minimized screen, and push back the message appears.
please help,


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I have installed the Microsoft Professional 2013 on my Dell Desktop computer and find that Microsoft Outlook
is much different than the previous version I was running Office 2010
  I caused about 20 emails to be deleted off the email server when I selected delete the email after having
completed reading.  In outlook 2010 there was a setup where you could tell Outlook to not delete the
email off the server.  I am unable to locate where to check or set it up in Outlook 2013.  Can someone
give me some direction, can this still be setup or no longer available is Outlook 2013?
Thank you for your assistance.

A:Microsoft Office 2013 Using Microsoft Outlook

Can you tell us the type of mail account you are using POP3, IMAP, Exchange?

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I've just purchased Office 2013 as a stand alone on disk. Is it possible to set Word to open to a blank page by default as in Office 2010, instead of the selection menu of various pre-formatted pages?

A:Office 2013 Word settings

Click on File->Options and un-check "Show the Start Screen when this application starts"

Do the same for excel & Powerpoint

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Windows 8.1 My default footer now indicates ?Page x OF x? and I want to add the File / Directory Name. I can?t find any indication on how to do that and I know I had it on my previous Word 2000. So how I can add to my default template the File / Directory name on the Footer?

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I'm getting ready to go out and purchase Microsoft Office 2013 for Windows 7 from Best Buy, will they be giving me a DVD or will I have to go to the Microsoft site to download it and if I do what browsers are supported

A:Microsoft Office 2013

In my opinion it's always best to download anything to do with Microsoft using I.E. Microsoft lovers Microsoft. I have no idea how Best Buy sell things.

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Why can't I load Microsoft office 2013 into win 8? All I get is this message.

A:Microsoft Office 2013

I have Office 2013 and it installed and works fine on my PC.

Are you trying to install it, or run the product once installed?

If installing, how are you trying to do that? From a download from MS? From an installation DVD? From a USB stick?

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Anyone have this installed yet?

The color schemes in Outlook are horrible, I have the dark gray on and there is still way too much white.

Is there anyway to get a different theme.. some kind of Add In?

A:Microsoft Office 2013

I use the free libreoffice.


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When I try to write a letter or memorandum or email in Act using Microsoft Office 2013 32 bit, a window pops us and says: "Act! Could not open our word processor. This may be a result of inadequate security permissions in Windows. ACT! Word Processor" and I close this window and another window pops up and says: "The word processor driver is not running."
What do I do now? Can this be fixed. I changed all the permissions in ACT to allow. Still doesn't work.
Thanks for any help.

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Hello everyone(This is my first post)I'm running Windows 7 with Office 2013. I got the military discount version. When I try to run programs it gives me this error stating 'Were sorry, but Word has run into an error that is preventing it from working correctly. Word will need to be closed as a result'I have searched everywhere, done all the obvious things to fix it, and even contacted Microsoft support to help. They of course did all the same things I did again, then went into advanced troubleshooting. They told me there was registry issues etc. and for a repair would be $150. It went down to $100 when I told them no, so I'm trying to figure this out without the need to empty my pockets. I of course used a free registry fixer and tried it all over again but to no success.Hoping I could get some more in-depth answers.Thanks!!

A:Office 2013 "We're sorry, but Word has experienced an error..."

Anyone :/

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I think we have been over this infuriating topic before.  In my previous version of Word (2007) I had an Avery add-on that appeared in the header and when selected provided a menu of templates, by number, from which one could select any template one wanted.
I now have Word 2013 (as part of Office 365) and have installed an Avery add-on which instead of providing a menu allows you to search for online templates.  I want to use Template 5160 (for address labels 8160, so the 8160 template would do just as well).  When I type that into the selection window I get a whole slew of "decorated" label versions but nothing like a plain 5160 which is what I want.  I do not want "decorated" labels on my business correspondence, yet Avery offers me nothing else.  Maddening.
So what do I have to do?  Uninstall the Avery add-on, and install the older version (if I can still find the disk?).  Get rid of Word 2013?  I don't really want to do that because I want to maintain compatibility among the various computers I use, and the ones in the office use Office 365.  What do I have to do to be able to print plain-Jane business labels on Avery label sheets using an identifiable template?
I gather that many others have had the same problem.  Is the answer simply to ditch Avery altogether?  I'd hate to do that because I use it for printing business cards (customized for each of our employees) as well as for printing labels.
... Read more

A:Avery templates in MS Word 2013 (Office 365)

Not sure if it will help but did you see this Microsoft Forum thread.

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I think we have been over this infuriating topic before.  In my previous version of Word (2007) I had an Avery add-on that appeared in the header and when selected provided a menu of templates, by number, from which one could select any template one wanted.
I now have Word 2013 (as part of Office 365) and have installed an Avery add-on which instead of providing a menu allows you to search for online templates.  I want to use Template 5160 (for address labels 8160, so the 8160 template would do just as well).  When I type that into the selection window I get a whole slew of "decorated" label versions but nothing like a plain 5160 which is what I want.  I do not want "decorated" labels on my business correspondence, yet Avery offers me nothing else.  Maddening.
So what do I have to do?  Uninstall the Avery add-on, and install the older version (if I can still find the disk?).  Get rid of Word 2013?  I don't really want to do that because I want to maintain compatibility among the various computers I use, and the ones in the office use Office 365.  What do I have to do to be able to print plain-Jane business labels on Avery label sheets using an identifiable template?
I gather that many others have had the same problem.  Is the answer simply to ditch Avery altogether?  I'd hate to do that because I use it for printing business cards (customized for each of our employees) as well as for printing labels.
... Read more

A:Avery templates in MS Word 2013 (Office 365)

Not sure if it will help but did you see this Microsoft Forum thread.

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I have a Lenovo T430 ThinkPad Business Laptop and I am donating it. It has Microsoft Office 2013 installed, I don't know if it came on the laptop or if it was installed after the fact, regardless I do not have the product key. I want to run the Lenova recovery to return it to the factory installed settings, but I want to make sure that I keep Microsoft Office. any advice?

A:Recovering Microsoft Office 2013

Google for "magic jellybean" - - it recovers product keys -- at least the Windows key. Also find Belarc Advisor - - it lists multitude of keys

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Hi guys,

A friend of mine showed me her laptop today and she showed me something that i find very weird. Her Microsoft Office 2013 has an FPS counter on the upper right side and lower right side of the window pane! I have no idea where did this come from and if it is even possible to remove it. She's greatly annoyed by it and I got very curios about this thats why I am posting it here. Btw, here's a screenshot of it.

As usual, any suggestion would be appreciated highly. Thanks!

A:Microsoft Office 2013 with FPS Counter

Bump o_o

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I have reinstalled my Microsoft office 2013 pro plus 64bit because i bought an SSD that replaced my HDD.

Last time i installed this on the HDD it took up between 2-3 GB of space on the drive.
When you look up system requirements for office 2013 it will tell you 3GB space required, 64bit or 32bit.

This time around installing it and after all the updates through Windows update, it took about 6 GB.
I am wondering why, is this right ? Is this possibly due to service pack updates till now ?

Thought i read last ones were end of July 2014.

I did do a Disk Cleanup, even removed updates in download folder in C: Windows/Software Distribution.

I also know it creates a hidden folder on C: drive called MSOCache, this only holds about 830MB.
Told by some it is required to be there in case of a install repair and updates.
This is not that much of the amount that i am in question of.

Well i can not seem to find any answers online to verify if it is correct to be taking this much space up, if so i am fine, just wondering if it is right.

A:install of Microsoft Office 2013 Pro Plus

Update on this topic, talked to Microsoft support they tell me this is normal to be this size and also due to my system settings and specs.

Since i installed it again, was 57 updates, although i can not see how big each update is now, do not think i downloaded 3GB of updates unless they expanded during installation.

Said something else about language packs possibly being cause, do not see any of those in the updates. When i reinstalled it i usually do not uncheck anything not to be installed, just all the defaults.

Revo uninstaller
shows it at 1279.80MB but again not including updates and service pack.

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Hey there!

When i tried to install Microsoft Office 2013 i get a message saying "This 64bit product may not be installed with Microsoft Office Click-To-Run" so i went and uninstalled ALL previous versions of Microsoft Office and tried again, Again i was still prompted with this message, any help would be appreciated,

A:Cant Install Microsoft Office 2013

The "Click to Run" only works for the 32 bit version as far as I know. If you are only using Office 2013 for home or small business use Microsoft recommend that the 32 bit version be installed, as there are actually more features available on the 32 bit version. Of course the 32 bit version works perfectly on Windows 7 x64. I use the 32 bit office 2013 Pro on my Windows 7 x64.
If you wish to install the 64 bit version, load the Office DVD & then Open to explore the files & if you check these you will find the 64 bit version, then double click on that & it will install the 64 bit version.

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Good morning

Please Help! I have recently reset my laptop to factory settings because my laptop became slow and some programs, like Microsoft Office Home & Student 2013, were corrupted. I have a faster laptop now but my Office 2013 was still not responding, not even opening the Word, Excel or PowerPoint at all.

I have tried "control panel, uninstall" but it did not uninstall at all. Then I have tried the "Total Uninstall 6" and could remove all of Windows 2013 and hidden components successfully. After removal, I have used my Office installation CD to reinstall Office again. Unfortunately my Office 2013 was still corrupt! Error message: "microsoft office will let me know if they have a solution"...something like that.

I have "force uninstall" Office AGAIN and tried again to download office, but this time from the Microsoft Office official website by putting in my product key code and following the installation instructions. Still, my Office 2013 will not work .

I have tried "repair" (control panel), even downloaded the "fix" programs from the Microsoft website, NOTHING WORKS!

I don't know what to do, all the advice given over the internet and Microsoft website does not install my Office Home & Student 2013 successfully or repair my Office successfully...I am very dependent on this package and have paid for it, legally....I expect it to work, especially the website version.

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A:Corrupted Microsoft Office 2013

There are various reasons for the application to not work on your PC, let's see if we can find out.

First up, do not use 3rd party uninstallers, MS has their own removal tool for Office that you should use to remove the office suite.


MS stores it's office related stuff in Eventvwr as events so please check in Start--run--eventvwr.msc and under Applications you should find MS Office related logs as a category, see if you can grab some of the last logs which match the timeline when the installation failed.

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I just can't install Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2013 which I downloaded from it's official web site.
I'm using Windows 8.1 64 bit right here.
I can install Microsoft Office 365 with no problem (but I've uninstalled it for some reasons) but this one is just too much...

I can run the installer, but when it is in installing process, then one of these things happen :
1. Says "The file powerpoint.en-us\PowerPointMUI.msi could not be found
But I can see in that folder that that msi file is really exist.
2. Says "Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2013 encountered an error during setup,
3. Crashes.

I've tried using clean booting, or compatibility troubleshooting like trying it on Vista or Win 7, but really nothing works.
Please help me, I'm losing my mind here, really need this thing ASAP...
Thank you.

A:Cannot Install Microsoft Office 2013

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I bought my laptop and it came with microsoft office already downloaded but I've never been able to actually use it because I don't have the product key and I don't know where to find it? or is there something else I have to do? I'm using a windows 8.

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So I uninstalled my office 2013, because it has some issues. I uninstalled if with Revo Uniintsaller and I even scanned it after and delete all the left overs.
Now I am trying to install it back again and I am not able to. The installation is going till about 70% (I can tell that approximately, cuz there is no actual progress percentage displayed) and by installation I mean the the window where below the installation progress it shows this >> "Installing Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2013..." .
So then the installation stops and it shows me this message >> "Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2013 encountered and error during the setup." When I close that window it shows me this message >>

setup.exe has stopped working
A problem caused the program to stop working correctly.
Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available.

That's all I get from this installation !
Can you pleas help me?
Thanks and have a nice day

A:Not able to install Microsoft Office 2013

Try downloading this MS fix-it program from Microsoft and then try your installation again. Maybe Revo left some fragments behind. Good luck: Uninstall Microsoft Office 2013 or Office 365

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I installed Microsoft Office from the preinstallation and the key that was given to me when I purchased the computer.

After this installation, were present only the following applications:
Excel 2013, One Note 2013, PowerPoint 2013, Word 2013.

Publisher was therefore absent.
So I downloaded. Now I can not find it in applications. I do not see how I could "run".

I can not find it in the uninstall list of programs ccleaner.
But I am still a line "microsoft office home and studying."

During installation, I have had a window informing me that publisher was installed.
This has happened to me with another software I can not remember the name.

I absolutely need to "publisher" who have difficulty with implementation "scribus", including implementation of table totally "Border", cover and rim.

Thank you for helping me,
Emile Gicquel

+Message was translated+

A:No MS Publisher in Microsoft Office 2013

Please write on English only!

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Howdy all,

This is my first post on the forum! I've had an extremely frustrating problem and can't figure it out. I hope someone here can help me out! In short office 2013 will not install on my computer. It starts going and at some point it just says there's an error and quits. It doesn't give me an error number or anything, it just stops. Here's a little context though:

I have a Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 13, and overall I've been very satisfied with the computer. However, it only came with a 128 GB SSD hard drive, so I decided to add another 128 GB SSD in the second hard drive slot. I got it in the computer and it works perfectly as far as I can tell.The only other thing I changed on my computer was to move the music library to the new hard drive. After adding the hard drive, I tried to use office some time later and it wouldn't work. I tried repairing it with the install disk, and it didn't work. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling, and it didn't work. It always just stops at some point as I said above. Is there a reason adding a hard drive or moving a library would effect Office?

Thanks in advance!


A:Microsoft Office 2013 will not install

Hi Willm,

welcome to Eight Forums! Good to have you aboard.

About your problem. It is not a problem related to you adding an extra SSD and moving a library. That stuff doesn't influence the Office installation.

Before I can give you advice I need more information. Please provide the following info:
Is it a plain Office pack or the Click-To-Run Office pack?Do you try installing it from a DVD disc or from a standalone executable?Where did you buy the licence?What kind of virusprotection are you using? (i.e. Windows Defender, McAfee, Norton etc.)


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I downloaded the Office 2013 sp1 from the msdn site as i have a msdn subscription. When i downloaded and tried to install the office, it's throwing an error. Please check the error in the screen shot i have attached. Check below for my PC configurations.

OS: Windows 8.1
RAM : 6 GB
Processor: i5 - 3rd gen.

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I finally just purchased Microsoft Office 2013 and I was wanting to know if Windows Update was suppose to find updates for the program, I have tried running the Check for Updates at least 5 times since purchasing and it continues saying, no important updates available is this normal

A:Updates for Microsoft Office 2013


Click the Start Menu/Orb, click All Programs, then click Windows Update
Click Change Settings on the left side of the screen.
Under Microsoft Update make sure that this box is checked: Give me updates for Microsoft products and check for new optional Microsoft software when I update Windows
Click OK, you will see a UAC prompt

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I have Microsoft Office 2013 I think I have deleted something I shouldn't have as Microsoft Office 2013 is not displaying very well all the things you click on to are missing. What have done wrong or deleted and do I get it back or restore?

A:Microsoft Office 2013 not displaying very well

Hi Darksky40, welcome to Windows Seven Forums.

You could try a System Restore to go back to a point before you deleted whatever it was that caused the current problem.

You could try an Office Repair. To do that open Control Panel, select Programs & Features, then scroll down to Microsoft Office, right click on it & select Change & this will provide a couple of Repair options.

If none of the above work you will have to reinstall Office.

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