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Mouse Pointer Lag, Screen Tearing, & Audio/Picture Sync Issues on Restart - Utube Lin

Q: Mouse Pointer Lag, Screen Tearing, & Audio/Picture Sync Issues on Restart - Utube Lin

I have included youtube links showcasing my problems, not including Audio/Video Delay when watching digital movies.

Screen Tear: http://youtu.be/E1IzZ1IWiBc
Mouse Lag: http://youtu.be/CdIs2n_qqd0

I've been having issues with my computer doing some strange stuff and I can't get it to go away. I went 15 hrs testing my overclock on Prime 95 with no problems, rolled back drivers, 970 GTX SLI overclock changes, I changed my mouse from a wired to wireless, new ram, Malwarebytes Virus, you name it. I can't get this to go away and I don't know if it is a hardware issue or what.

I built a new computer using almost completely new parts, except for my hard drives. Two SSD's and a WD Black 7200 1TB I brought from my old CPU. The problem carried on to my new computer and it seemed to come out of nowhere. I formatted and erased my old Windows 8.1 and installed a new copy on my Samsung 840 PRO 128 GB. I have not been able to get it to stop.

I found this tidbit in a thread. It is similar to what I have, but I don't believe it's an overclock issue:

"i dont know about pc slows down... but i think i also experiences this. when i underclock my cpu after overclock, my pc slows down and running at full usage. but, after a shutdown / few restart, i gained normal speed.

i think that the windows are not sync the cpu speed after changes of cpu speed at first. it just likw when you oc for the fist time, you will feel boost speedup and almost never at full speed but after few restart, the pc slows down to 'normal speed' to sync the speed. but after underclock, the pc lost sync and cause this slowness. maybe a few restart will make it better.

maybe what am i saying is true according to my theory. remember THEORY"

I wait about 30 minutes, and when i turn back on my computer, ALL the problems are gone. If I need to shutdown or the computer goes to standby, there is always that chance I will get those problems in the video links I provided. Any help appreciated.

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Preferred Solution: Mouse Pointer Lag, Screen Tearing, & Audio/Picture Sync Issues on Restart - Utube Lin

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)


I7 [email protected]
6950 crossfire
8 gig
windows 7 64

Hi all.

I have been having this very strange problem with vsync for sometime now and only recently discovered that it was something to do with v sync itself (I think).

This is what I recorded
Basically in some games (not all) I get what is shown in the video. Now the thing is I found while I was playing around is that if I disable v sync totally, this stuttering/tearing seems to go away by quite a lot. The fps goes to 90 (I think cod is fixed to that) and it smooths out a lot but its still a little jittery and not perfectly smooth. This is also the case with bad company 2.

I never had a problem with any game up until about 2 years ago when this started happening unexplainably.

Another strange thing about this is that it only seems to occour ONLINE. Single player has non of this at 60fps. If I use a 360 controller to move there is no stutter/tearing

I had the same issue with battlefield 3 but for some reason I cured it by limiting the fps to 59.95 and its smooth as butter. I have tried this with some of the other games but it does not work.

To add to the strangeness this also happends on a completely different PC I built a while back. And led me to believe it was an internet problem. I ran many tests all to come back clear, I even changed providers.

again as I say it only happends on some games not all.

games affected:

BF Bad company 2
All Call of Dutys
Crysis 2
and a few more.

games not affected:

counter srike gl... Read more

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For years I've used a 32" flat screen TV as my PC monitor. Recently I bought a new 55" TV. It works great as a monitor except the mouse pointer lags and when looking at a video, say on YouTube, voice and video aren't in sync.

The resolution is 1920x1080. The problem still exists if I lower the resolution.

My computer is old. It has a 2core processor and 6 GB of RAM. It runs Windows 10 64bit. See specs below.

It's not a problem with the mouse itself. I changed the battery and that didn't help.

PC specs:
OS Name Microsoft Windows 10 Pro
Version 10.0.17134 Build 17134
Other OS Description Not Available
OS Manufacturer Microsoft Corporation
System Manufacturer HP-Pavilion
System Model RX887AA-ABA a6030n
System Type x64-based PC
System SKU RX887AA#ABA
Processor AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 4800+, 2500 Mhz, 2 Core(s), 2 Logical Processor(s)
BIOS Version/Date Phoenix Technologies, LTD 5.05, 3/9/2007
SMBIOS Version 2.4
Embedded Controller Version 255.255
BIOS Mode Legacy
BaseBoard Manufacturer ECS
BaseBoard Model Not Available
BaseBoard Name Base Board
Platform Role Desktop
Secure Boot State Unsupported
PCR7 Configuration Binding Not Possible
Windows Directory C:\WINDOWS
System Directory C:\WINDOWS\system32
Boot Device \Device\HarddiskVolume1
Locale United States
Hardware Abstraction Layer Version = "10.0.17134.858"
Time Zone Central Daylight Time
Inst... Read more

A:Mouse pointer lags and voice and video aren't in sync

first I'd make sure you windows is up to date....from your posted specs, you're 2 updates behind. Once the OS is updated then check for your issue.

How is your TV connected to your PC? Check the port for specs on what type of cables version you need to use. Then check what cable version you're currently are using.

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so i have had to do a system restore on my desktop 2 times because the msft update rendered my windows 8 desktop useless unless in safe mode, THEN it showed my mouse pointer. the unifying software shows the little orange unifying logo every time i move my mouse, but no pointer. so i just disabled msft updates. on the laptop, it's my friends and his mousepad/trackpad died so i gave him my old mx anywhere k360 keyboard and tried to pair it with the software, SAME issue. i'm not going to system restore his laptop but i believe the mouse that's on my desktop is the 810 gaming mouse? can't remember, it cost me $100 though. basically my question is, is: what is causing this and how do i fix this? it's EXTREMELY annoying i had to do a system restore twice and now it's happening on my friends laptop. Help please!

Update: i disabled windows updates and restarted my computer because i installed a program. when it booted, again, no mouse pointer again, so it's not the windows update. so i had to do a system restore again....idk what's going on???

A:Mouse pointer doesn't appear after restart

Have you tried the drivers from https://www.asus.com/Keyboards_Mice/...rt_Download_36 ?

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So im not sure on the etiquette on this but i have three issues.

my computer is brand new with good ventilation and clean environment. And i get near perfect scores in the system operations index check ( if that really means anything).

1) After start up when no programs are running i get a mouse lag for about 5 minutes. the mouse will move fine then it pauses every 3ish seconds.

2) I am getting some very bad screen tearing while playing video games. it recently started getting worse. i am no where near my RAM capacity and my graphics card can easily handle it. i can even see minor tearing on my home page with my 1280x920 HD background.

3) This is what might be causing issues but when i go into the error notification it has been giving warnings and errors on start up. the event ids that keep repeating with warnings and error are 100,101, and 200.

the game it happens the most is civ 5. also happens with games that use a lot darker lighting or thats when i notice it the most like MOH:Warfighter.

custom computer
windows 7 premium x64
i7-3770 3.4GHz
16GB Ram
GTX 660
2TB internal, 500 GB external
1280x920 viewsonic monitor

A:Mouse Lag, and Screen Tearing

1) Is it a wireless mouse?
2) What driver version do you have for your video card?

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Hello. I have an HP pavillion dv9700 notebook. Whenever I choose a mouse pointer (or make one myself), and then hit "apply" it shows up. After my computer is turned off. If I turn it back on (or it is restarted), my mouse pointer resets to the plain white arrow. How can i fix this? Thanks.

A:Mouse pointer resets after system restart.

Using a logitech mouse?
To avoid the resetting problem, you need to uninstall Setpoint and go to the
Startup memu typing "msconfig" after hitting run on the start memu. Even
after uninstalling Setpoint, it still remains in the startup menu. You need
to uncheck them so they don't automatically load on reboot. Once you do
this, your problem should be resolved.

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Every time I start up my computer my mouse pointer will reset to the default option. When I go in the pointer options to correct this my preferred pointer is selected and it doesn't change to my preferences until I click ok. It will continue to use my preferred pointer until the next time I restart. It did this with Vista as well and I just upgraded to Windows 7. Same problem.

I am using a microsoft optical corded mouse.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Here goes!!

i have upgraded from XP to W7 (full upgrade 32bit) - ever since this i have not been able to play DVD's or watch any movies stored on my PC without there being issues with the Sound and picture. Basically its starts off fine, but the pctiure and audio seem to go out of sync very quickly.

I have tried everything i can think of such as; changing the media player i am viewing with from WMP to VLC (and a few others!!) to downloading codecs

I am seriously thinking about going back to XP - where i dint have this issue

Any help would be greatfully received



A:Audio and picture not in sync when playing media

Where are your videos stored? If they are on a local hard disk you may have corrupted them during the installation. If this is the case, it doesn't matter if you revert to XP. I would place a few effected videos on a pen drive and try to view them using a different pc. If the issue remains, then it's the videos, if not then it's your system.

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Have a weird situation develop over the last few days.
When using YouTube or TVCatchup the sound is consistently early with reference to the picture. This started off as an occasional thing but is now becoming "the norm".
I can sometimes get the right sync but this entails rebooting the PC. I haven't installed any new software on the machine recently apart from the last round of Microsoft Updates and the Chrome update. Just to make sure it was nothing to do with the Chrome update I uninstalled Chrome completely using Revo Unistaller and re-installed with no change to the problem.
Just for the record I'm running Windows 7 32bit Ultimate on a Dell Dimension E520 with a 3month old nvidea Geforce GT430 graphics card. I've even re-installed the nVidea driver.
Any ideas anyone?

A:Sound / Picture Sync Issues

Hello Arfer,

Before doing anything you should try watching youtube on Internet Explorer or another browser like Mozilla Firefox. If the problem is still there then try reinstalling the sound driver. Check your sound driver info and try updating to the latest driver.

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Have a weird situation develop over the last few days.
When using YouTube or TVCatchup the sound is consistently early with reference to the picture. This started off as an occasional thing but is now becoming "the norm".
I can sometimes get the right sync but this entails rebooting the PC. I haven't installed any new software on the machine recently apart from the last round of Microsoft Updates and the Chrome update. Just to make sure it was nothing to do with the Chrome update I uninstalled Chrome completely using Revo Unistaller and re-installed with no change to the problem.
Just for the record I'm running Windows 7 32bit Ultimate on a Dell Dimension E520 with a 3month old nvidea Geforce GT430 graphics card. I've even re-installed the nVidea driver.
Any ideas anyone?

A:Sound / Picture Sync Issues

What is your broadband speed. Do a speed test with this:
Speedtest.net - The Global Broadband Speed Test
and post the results here.

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Hello everyone,

I just purchased a new Alienware PC and it is just fantastic!

My only little problem is that I am having a weird issue I can't seem to find an answer for online.

When I boot my PC everything is working perfectly fine like it should. However whenever I access a website or program that makes the screen flash my mouse pointer dissapears. It will then reappear as little lines with no mouse pointer visible. It is a pain to navigate the computer this way until I go to a web page or program and the mouse pointer comes back.

Please let me know if there's anything I can do to correct this.

My setup is a Intel Core I7 930 QC (2.8 Ghz, 8MB Cache)

Windows 7 64 bit

Dual ATI Radeon HD 5670 with crossfire enabled.

The mouse that I am using is a Razer Deathadder and I connected to through HDMI to a 22inc Vizio 720P LCD television.

A:Mouse pointer issues with new Alienware Aurora Mouse

I'm not sure if this will help, go to your Mouse settings in Control Panel and turn on the "mouse trail" set it to the minimal that it will go to. Try and get the screen flash+mouse disappear to happen and see if it goes away.

This is however NOT a fix if it does work.. I use to play Battlefield 2 and half the time my mouse would disappear "behind the screen" as if there was no mouse there, but I could click things. Turning on the trail displayed the mouse but it was really aggravating and a little hard on the eyes..

Like I said it is not a fix. What do you mean though about a webpage/program that loads and makes the screen flash, like, it changes resolutions to accommodate for the program?

If it is that then I see this either being a video or monitor issue.. Maybe try changing the screen refresh rate, or the bit colour? I haven't had this issue in a long time so I can not play around with it to try.

One last thing you can try is, there is also a setting where the Mouse Pointer Trail is enabled that says to hide the mouse when you type, try disabling this and see if it helps? I doubt this will fix the issue but you never know.

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A while ago I downloaded an episode of a show. It worked good for a while, but for some reason, when I play it now, the picture goes out of sync with the audio after a few minutes of watching it. It didn't do that before. I have Windows Media Player 6.4 that came with Windows ME. I did download Windows Media Player 9, but that didn't fix the problem, and I like Windows Media player 6.4 better so that's the one I want to fix anyways. I already tried to restart the computer but that didn't work. Does anyone know how to fix this problem? I have Windows ME. Thanks.

A:Windows Media Player keeps making the picture out of sync with the audio

In my experience, laggy video is caused by one of two things:

1) bad codec. Did you update your video codec recently?
2) resource drag. Not enough RAM, too many background processes, too many active processes, etc. Have you recently added software/services to run on your computer?

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I have a relatively new (less than 6 months old) HP Pavillion, AMD Athlon x27550 - Dual core-processer, NVIDIA GeForce 9100 integrated graphics that claims to be the perfect PC for digital photos, videos and music...for the last 3 months or so whenever I play a DVD or try and watch streaming videos from netflix type of sites after about 15 minutes the picture slows down to a slow motion speed (almost frame by frame) but the audio stays working normally.
I thought I may have a virus so ran full scan with Microsoft Security, and it shows no sign of a virus. The only thing that seems to help it somewhat is running very frequent spybot checks and cleaning my c drive with C cleaner (several times a day is what it takes actually); and even then it has problems.

I would very much appreciate any information or feedback I can get; I know very little about computers, but I am a fast learner and would appreciate any help I can get. Thanks so much in advance!!!


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hey guys. I recently been having so many problems with audio sync issues when mounting a 3D image. Video plays fine in my media player. (have tried totalmediatheater and poweriso11 seems to be the best so far). anyway it seems like it plays fine in 2D but 3D is giving it audio sync issues. I think ive pinpointed the problem and ive found that disabling my motherboard audio driver (intel) and enabling nvidia audio seems to have a better effect in 3D playback (again mounting). ive tried a few different 3d image backups by the way, i also didnt have a problem with intel hd drivers playing 3D but intel drivers started to give me a BSOD which lead me to buy a nvidia card for 3D. So back to the issue. Is there a way to have both audio drivers installed becuase I switch from tv to monitor for display and I have external speakers that I would like to use instead of my tv audio. I also have the latest nvidia drivers, chipset drivers, directx and most up to date bios. im running windows 7 64bit, gigabyte mobo, geforce gt 520, 12gb ram, intel i5 2500. Also says nvidia hdmi output not plugged in, in windows sound properties if someone can explain that. sorry for such a long typed problem.

A:Having Issues with multiple audio drivers getting audio sync issues.

I have to enable intel driver then reboot so I can use my external speakers, any easier way without rebooting and keep switching audio drivers.

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this has been immensely frustrating. Throughout the OS, there is screen tearing. It is almost unnoticeable but when I stream video online it is just ridiculous. It is like a PS3 game. I have done everything. I noticed that some ppl used the ION drivers, tried it but no luck. Updated Silverlight and Flash with no luck. It has been like this from day one and it is driving me crazy. It doesn't happen while gaming, at all so it is really confusing. In the NVidia Control Panel I have tried each variation of VSync with no success.

Windows 7 Professional 64-bit
CPU Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-3570K CPU @ 3.40GHz (4 CPUs), ~3.8GHz
8192MB RAM
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 580 1488 MB driver version

I would really appreciate any help.

Thank you

A:Screen tearing issues NVidia GTX 580

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Ocassionally, while working in any application, my mouse pointer will 'stick' in one place on the screen, but the mouse itself still functions, you just can't see where it is on the screen. Re-booting temporarily corrects the problem. I've tried different mouses. I've re-installed the mouse driver. I've re-installed my video display driver. This is a brand new system with an Athlon AMD processer and an Asus motherboard. VIA Prosavage video. I use Windows 98. Please HELP!!

A:Mouse pointer hangs on screen, mouse still works 'invisibly'

Try a new video and mose driver from the manufacturers web site.

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Ill get right to it...

Hardware Installed New ram, is the only thing I have done, and the problem started last week, about a week after I put the ram in.

Software: The new windows 7 updates, other then that nothing

All of a sudden my mouse only Left clicks on things it wants to. I can select icons on the desktop, but I cant click the start menu or the "X" to close a window, nor drag windows. Sometimes it can be the other way.

This is very Irritating, I just restart and hope it works the next time.

I can confirm this issue, since I am using a laptop and both external and touchpad double tap, and clicker have the same issue.

A:Mouse Pointer issues

First I'd try the Sys. File Check. Info here if needed: SFC /SCANNOW Command - System File Checker

Since you have not installed any software other than updates, you could try a system restore to a point before this started. You'll probably have to reinstall the updates. Do that one at a time in case one of the updates proves to be the problem.


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i recently installed a new grahpics card ( 3d fusion -nvidia geforce fx 5500) since then i have encountered issues with mouse pointer tracking to severe extents, ive tried adjusting various setting, hardware accel, screen res, tried to check and update drivers.... to no avail i keep losing my mouse pointer. It is moving independantly of its visual screen counterpart. It might come up in a different place relative to where i moved it physically. I have tried using analog and optical mice. I am running windows xp service pack 2 any other questions that might help answer mine feel free to ask ill aid in any way i can.

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The audio and picture is out of sync while streaming movies when in the full screen,in the small screen it is fine.

A:sound and picture out of sync in full screen

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Hello everyone,

I've been reading in this board for a while, but I felt the need to take action as well now because of a problem I have been experiencing for some time now.

I am using Windows 7 Professional 64-bit and in some applications (e.g.: Windows Notepad, Registry Editor, Task Manager), I experience extreme flickering of some window elements. For example, when trying to resize the column sizes on top of the values in the registry editor, the text flickers constantly while pulling them with the mouse. A similar effect occurs sometimes with the mouse pointer when I'm trying to rename files in the explorer, especially while trying to rename elements in the favorites list on the left - the pointer seems to disappear randomly when any key is pressed, but not every single time I press a key. Also, the tabs in the task manager will flicker when trying to resize the window while in the "performance" tab.

This does not only happen with windows applications, also with other programs. I am a media design student and similar flickering occurs in the UI of Adobe InDesign while typing (the font-size selection boxes on top and the color-picker randomly start to flash white or disappear for a fraction of a second and then just reappar while typing). Other programs however show no signs of this issue at all, for example Firefox, Winamp, LibreOffice or any games I have tested so far.

I have done many searches for a solution to this problem, but could not find an answer yet... Read more

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We recently purchased some Dell Latitude D830 laptops and are using them on a Windoows XP system.

Each laptop has a docking station and USB mouse.

The issue is that some users are experiencing a type of "jumping" of their mouse pointer. They could be moving fine then it would just stop, and then reappear somewhere else on the page.

So far we have:
Replaced the mouse.
Replaced the laptop.
Re-imaged the laptop.
Replaced the user's profile.
Removed the docking station.
Swapped the jumper cables at the workstaion and in the server room.
Tried a ps/2 mouse.

Nothing has helped.

Has anyone else had this problem and if you so, how did you resolve it?

Thanks for any help.

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I have a windows 7 touch screen laptop which I am using along with an extended desktop on a secondary monitor. Is there any way I can lock the mouse/pointer onto the secondary monitor but still use the touch screen facility on the laptop itself?

thanks in advance for any help provided.


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Hi People!!

I have been a member of this forum and most often I have found a solution by just searching but today I have a problem which I have not been able to find a solution for, therefore I am listing my problem.

I have Windows 7 installed on a desktop since 3 months now, it was working fine till yesterday evening but don't know what happened, it was loading windows.

Basically what is happening is that it is booting fine, then the windows logo comes and after that I get a black screen with mouse cursor, whereas it was supposed to have the login screen.

Now I had this same problem 3 months back with the same computer but then I was unable to solve it using the MBR repair commands and so I formatted the drive C of my computer then.

Now I am determined not to format the DRIVE C, so I went to the command prompt using system repair tools from the DVD and went into DISKPART. When I selected disk 0 which is the only disk installed and entered detail disk this is what I got:

Disk ID= SOmething
Target =1
Location Path= Something
Current Readonly State = No
Read Only= No
Boot Disk=No
Pagefile Disk = No
Hibernation File Disk= No
Crash Dump Disk= No
Clustered Disk = No

Volume|#| Ltr | Label1 | FS | Type | Size | Status|
Volume|1| C | System Rese | NTFS | Partition | 100 MB | Healthy|
Volume|2| D | | NTFS | Partition | 48 GB | Hea... Read more

A:Black Screen with Mouse Pointer instead of Login Screen

Have you tried Startup Repair from the Win7 installation DVD?
Have you tried System Restore to a point in time before these errors occurred?

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Hi, first off, sorry i'm not sure if this is the right forum to post this in, since I'm not sure if this is hardware of software.

I have an HP Pavilion tx2120us laptop, running Windows Vista x64 and it has a touchpad, a wacom enabled screen, and touchscreen.

The problem I'm having is that the mouse pointer on-screen somtimes just suddenly teleports down to the taskbar. And I think it also clicks once, since sometimes the volume control suddenly comes up, or whatever else is on the taskbar. This happens when using my touchpad, external mouse, and the wacom pen. I dont really use the touchscreen very often.

I have tried resetting the touchpad on the mouse settings in "Properties" from desktop right click menu. I also tried downloading a driver from HP's website for my laptop's touchpad, and that also didn't work since the driver I have installed is newer.

It's not always like this though, it used to happen a lot less, and all I had to do then was restart, and it's ok. But now, I've already restarted twice, but still I can't get rid of this problem.

Could it also be caused by some other stuff? like my Comodo firewall? or by Yahoo! Messenger 9 beta?

I tried searching the net for an answer but i cant seem to find one.

So, please, anyone who can help, in anyway, please do. Thanks. :D

A:On-screen Mouse Pointer Problem

Have you tried using an external mouse to see if it behaves the same way? I'd suspect an issue with the touchpad (or the Wacom screen) - usually something's stuck there.

FWIW, I experience some unexplained cursor drift occasionally on my new tablet with a Wacom screen - so it could be a software glitch also.

Finally, I'd suggest disabling each device in the Device Manager to see if it stops the drift. Once you locate the offending piece of software, then we can start trying to fix that.

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Im having problems loading windows XP on a Dell Inspiron laptop E1405.

It will boot and load windows in any of the safe modes.

But trying to load windows normally it will go from the XP LOGO window to a black screen with nothing but the mouse pointer.

In Safe mode I have already used PC Tools Spyware, Spybot SD, and SD FIX to remove all the trojans and malwares the computer presented.

I can not make a system restore since the PC was packed with trojans, after removing everything that the programs show, I am still unable to load windows normally, it will do the same as in th ebeggining. XP logo into a Black screen with nothing but a mouse pointer.

Can someone Help Me please.

A:Black Screen with mouse pointer

Run chkdsk in Safe Mode.Right click on the C drive in Explorer and go Properties > Tools > Check Now (under Error Checking). Check both boxes then click "Start Now". A message will pop up saying that Error Checking will run after you restart the computer. Restart the computer and Error Checking will run automatically after the restart. After it?s finished it will restart into Windows automatically.

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My laptop didn't reboot wen i restarted it.. so i decided to recover using the recovery disk.. But wen it reached the last cd, the recovery failed. So i decided to choose to delete all files.. after formatting, wen I reboot it appears, BOOTMGR missing. so I used windows 7 cd installer, planning to reinstall my OS.. i restarted, reboot on cd/dvd, then "windows loading" appears.. after that black screen with appears.. wmouse pointer appears.. what shall I do with it? can anyone help me please? thanks.!
Laptop: toshiba A665
OS: windows 7 home premium

A:black screen with mouse pointer

Hello confused , welcome to Seven Forums!

If you deleted the Toshiba built in Recovery partition this may not work, have a look at the information box below but also have a look at this tutorial at this link below for another idea and be sure to post back with any further questions you may have and to keep us informed.

Clean Install : Factory COA Activation Key


Toshiba Factory Recovery

Be advised: this erases all data, and reloads all factory default software. Be sure to back up all your important personal data beforehand!

To access the Toshiba recovery partition, power off the laptop. Hold down the 0 (zero) key and turn the laptop on. Keep holding down the zero key until the TOSHIBA logo appears, where you should start tapping the zero key repeatedly.
Stop if the unit beeps or when the TOSHIBA logo disappears. The screen should flash ** HDD RECOVERY MODE ** for a split second, then load the Toshiba recovery program right from the hard drive.

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Windows Vista 32bit sp2(Main OS)
Windows 7 SP1 32bit(secondary OS)
Intel C2D E8400
Transcend 4GB Ram DDR2
Sapphire ATI 4770 HD
Seagate 250GB
WD 160GB
I was facing this black screen with the mouse when I logged in.Then after surfing the net,I found it is called the Black Screen of Death.I tried the Prevx fix by accessing the explorer.exe through the Task Manager.Nothing Happened.I tried 3-4 times.

I have tried registry Fixers and cleaners.Still nothing happened.
Whenever I click on My computer which I have accessed thru explorer.exe.It shows That explorer.exe is not associated with any program and I need to provide a program thru Default Programs.

I tried a registry fix called explorer.reg from the net.Nothing Happened.I tried the SFC /scannow command from the Command Prompt with Administrator privileges.I showed it could not fix all problems.It just changed my logon screen to the default blue one.

I also tried the Repair Install as given in your forums.But it showed that my Windows is more recent.I have attached the compatibility report as PDF.I think its because I have Win 7 SP1 installed.
Then I tried to remove SP1 form the updates.I couldnt do it by any method starting from the Installed updates page...then through Command prompt and also Disk Cleanup to remove the Service Pack Backup files.It is always showing an error of corrupt files or something.

I have tried accessing it thru Safe Mode and also Last Known Good Configuration.It still shows Black Screen with only mo... Read more

A:Black Screen with Mouse pointer!!!

I got something similar to that once and I had absolutely no idea what to do. The way I got around it was by restoring the system from a system restore point, which thankfully a program I installed made just the day before so I lost almost nothing. I don't know if your problem is exactly the same, but the system restore point worked perfectly for me. Press F8 or F5 (Can't remember which) as Windows starts to get to the options menu and choose system repair, and there should be an option for system restore on the options menu it will provide. Sorry if this doesn't help, then I got nothing except maybe putting the HDD in another computer and backing up important files that way, then doing a clean install of Windows.

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I'm using MDT to deploy Windows 7 to a variety of different hardware models. For the most part, it works without any issue. Today, I was deploying to a Dell OptiPlex 9010. When the deployment finished, there was nothing but a black screen and a moveable
mouse cursor. No errors, or anything. Rebooting the machine brings one back to the black screen. Safe Mode does not load. Where should I start to look for answers as to why this happens? I've successfully deployed to other 9010s before.


A:Black Screen with Mouse Pointer

Startup repair ? 
Arnav Sharma | http://arnavsharma.net/ Please remember to click ?Mark as Answer? on the post that helps you, and to click ?Unmark as Answer? if a marked post does not actually answer your question. This can be beneficial to other community members reading
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My mouse pointer keeps jumping all around the screen, activating menus, dialog boxes, windows, etc., sometimes (almost) deleting or changing things. I'm using an AOpen, PS/2, wired, 2-button mouse and awaiting the delivery of a new, Microsoft Basic USB Optical mouse, which may solve all my problems with this one. Until then, I'm stuck with a system that's practically unusable. Below is my HijackThis info. I hope it gives you what you need. I appreciate your help. Thank you.

I've also attached the extra.txt and Panda online scan report to this message.

Frank D
edit : removed e-mail address to protect user's privacy

P.S. I was advised, since I'm having so much trouble with my mouse, that I should skip Steps 3 and 4 and go directly to Step 5.

Deckard's System Scanner v20071014.68
Run by frank on 2008-02-06 19:59:56
Computer is in Normal Mode.

-- System Restore --------------------------------------------------------------

-- Last 5 Restore Point(s) --
25: 2008-02-07 00:43:23 UTC - RP889 - Deckard's System Scanner Restore Point
24: 2008-02-05 21:36:21 UTC - RP888 - Unsigned driver install
23: 2008-02-05 01:49:33 UTC - RP887 - Restore Operation
22: 2008-02-05 00:21:20 UTC - RP886 - Installed CallingID
21: 2008-02-05 00:20:06 UTC - RP885 - Removed CallingID

-- First Restore Point --
1: 2008-01-27 18:36:25 UTC - RP865 - Software Distribution Service 3.0

Backe... Read more

A:Mouse pointer jumps all over the screen

TechSupport Gurus: Would you believe this . . . ???? Just as I sent the previous message (with the HijackThis info) to your forum, there was a knock on my door and a neighbor presented me with a package containing my long-awaited Microsoft Basic USB Optical mouse. It had been mis-delivered to his address by FedEx. If I had only received it a minute earlier, I would not have sent my previous message or now be writing this message!!! I immediately removed my old mouse from its PS/2 socket and plugged in the new mouse to the USB port and BEHOLD!!! The mouse was detected and my pointer jumping problem is gone!!!!

My theory is that some recent Microsoft update (all of which I download and install religiously) made the assumption that _all_ mice at this stage of the Windows game is either a USB mouse or at least is a wheel-mouse. So (I think) the problems I was having was just a mouse function that was looking for a wheel to twirl when there was none. Whatever, I'm back where I want to be. Thank you for being there for folks like me when we need you! Where else could we turn? Thanks again!!!

Frank D

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Hello Everyone:

I just got my computer back from being formatted and have noticed that now the pointer moves all the way off the screen to the right. Usually the pointer stops within the screen but now for some reason it goes off the screen, I had thought I was having a problem with my mouse but this is how the computer was setup with I got it back. I have noticed post on this forum with people asking how to set this up on their computer but it doesn't seem to be an answer or I just donít understand the answer. I would like to know how to remove/disable it, its driving me crazy. The scroll bar at the bottom of the screen doesnít appear when Iím on the internet because of this setup so I donít see everything on the screen because I canít move the page. Any help with be appreciated.

Thank you


A:Mouse Pointer moving off the screen to the right

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Hi, I am having a pecular problem. I am running XP Pro SP3, and everything is going along good, until I suddenly can't click on anything. The arrow moves, and the item reacts as if it has been clicked, but nothing happens. No menus, no actions. The only thing I have noticed is that when I run a certain application (RouteMatch TS --I work for a transit company) I get a "Run Time Error" before this happens. Sometimes there is not an error preceding it. I figured this was a problem with the RouteMatch software, because it has so many issues to begin with, but then It started happening on the Windows desktop as well. I consulted with my fellow IT person here, and neither of us has seen this before. I ran Malwarebytes, and it came up negative, no viruses according to Norton (not that it means much coming from Norton), and I disabled a few processes from starting with msconfig. Anyone have any other thoughts?

A:mouse pointer moving on screen, but nothing happens

Have you tried a different mouse yet?


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I am running Vista Home on a toshiba laptop Satellite. When I boot up you see windows loading and the time stripe bar then Black screen, no buttons, no bars or text, just white mouse pointer. I do not have or have made an original boot disk. What is my next option?
thanks for any replys
Bubba Jay

A:Can't see screen, just mouse pointer after bootup

When did this start happening? Did it work before? Try booting to Last Known Good Configuratio: press F8 on startup until Advanced Boot Options Menu appears. Select Last Known Good.

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Hello all I am having a slight problem whats going on is that my computer will not boot, it gets to the windows logo then it goes to a black screen where i can move my mouse but after about 5 secs it restarts on its own it does this in all safe modes and in regular mode. I tried doing a system repair but it said that it could not fix start up i tried a few fixes i seen around the net but none of them work, i tired hitting shift 5 times on the black screen, i tried to hit ctrl alt del it didnt work i tried system repair from hdd and the win 7 disk and neither of them work someone please tell me you can help me out because there is no way possible i can lose my information
(I have learned my lesson about backups trust me i have.)

to anyone that can help me i will give 1 million dollars(in my dr. evil voice)(not really giving out a million dollars but i will give a million thank yous)

A:Black Screen w/mouse pointer

Hi! hardheaded, welcome to 7F

Try this:

It might not completly cure it, but it should at least get it to a point where you can get back into it.

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Ok so I'm working on an older computer running xp and a 160gb hdd. I decided to upgrade the system, and built out a new case, mobo, cpu, ram, and 500gb hdd.

Usually I just clone the old drive to the new one, stick it in the new box and uninstall old drivers then install the new ones. This time it didn't go so well.

The original computer had a virus on it yesterday. I don't know which one, but was told malewarebytes removed it. Today before cloning it, it scanned clean and operated. After the clone I put the new hdd with the old image into the new box and it goes past the windows xp splash screen to the black screen after, and hangs. The screen is black, with only a mouse pointer visible.

I booted in safe mode with the same result. The last thing that flashed on the screen was loading the mup.sys file, then screen goes black and mouse pointer!

I have tried scans with malwarebytes, combofix, avast.
I have tried putting the new drive back into the old computer and it still boots up there. Just not in the new computer.
I have tried chkdsk /p/r which said it corrected an error. I have done the fixmbr and the bootcfg. No change with anything.
I ran windows repair. no change. Ran windows repair from a different cdrw. no change.

This is feeling like an issue with the drivers but how can I remove the old drivers without being able to get into safe mode?

Also the old computer is no longer accessible to me.


A:black screen with a mouse pointer

also to make sure it wasn't an outright hardware issue, I put in a new hdd and loaded a fresh copy of windows (no image) and it loaded and booted up just fine. Something is in the image I'm working with

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I've got a Dell Precision M90 laptop that was *apparently* recovered and after recovery has gone in to this state. After the Dell Bios screen the machine shows the Windows 7 boot up screen, appears to be booting normally, then goes to black screen with just a white mouse pointer. I've attempted to boot in to safe mode with no success (same result). I've tried booting from DVD but when I do that it just goes to a black screen with a blinking white cursor in upper left corner.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions...I've seen many of these types of issues on the web, but nothing seems to work.

A:After splash screen, mouse pointer only...

Usually I would say those symptoms could be several things but not limited to:

1.) Corrupt partition table, MBR, BCD, etc on the hard drive
2.) Physically failing hard drive
3.) Malware infection on the computer.

..but...since you mentioned a previous recovery was done, what was the reason for the recovery and how was it done?

When you mention you tried to boot from the DVD, what exactly do you mean? Did you change the options in BIOS to "Boot from CD/DVD (etc)", or did you choose "Boot from CD/DVD" after the PC booted at some point?

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I'm running windows XP pro. I up graded my video card to Ati Radeon 9600 Pro 128MB. I picked up on ebay for $30. On the boot screen the lines are up and down all over it is even hard make out. The next screen is fine working great. Then the windows load screen is messed up. The welcome screen is fine and clear of lines then right before going to the desktop screen the mouse pointer disappears it is their but can not be seen the lines are gone but so is the mouse pointer? Every time I reboot more lines are removed still no mouse pointer? What is this. running micro star mainboard 1200 mz athlon cpu ,512mg memory keystone. Dragon eye scepter montior.

A:Why is lines on my screen and on mouse pointer???????

It might be that the graphics card is faulty.

Could you try your card in another computer in order to see if you get the same result?

Regards Howard

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Dell latitude
windows XP professional
service pack 3
Norton Anti virus
last time I turned it on I got a message from Norton that it had blocked URL something or other from gaining entry to my computer And then it froze up.
So I held the power button down and shut it of
when I tried to restart it will only go to blue screen and with a mouse pointer and stop. I have tried several times to restart but nothing in normal start mode
although it will start in safe mode
I tried to do system restore but it can restore to any date I have tried so far
help please

A:blue screen with a mouse pointer

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For no apparent reason the mouse pointer has started jumping randomly over the screen. At times it goes on a half-minute or so round-the-world trip, activating a lot of blank menus and options. I've had to shut down the PC a couple of times today because I totally lost control of what was going on. This just started yesterday. Any ideas?
Thank you.

Frank D

A:Mouse pointer jumps all over the screen

Well, have you tried using a different mouse and seeing if the same problem occurs? That would narrow it down. Tell us what kind of mouse this is, too. Is it wireless?

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Does anyone have any idea why the pointer to my mouse falls off the screen.
I was online and sent an e-mail and then the mouse cursor fell off the left side of the screen and will not come back.
I've connected three different mouses/mice. One to the standard mouse port, didn't work.
One to the usb port, cordless, doesn't work.
One to the usb port, trackball, doesn't work. You can fling the trackball and make the cursor fly up onto the screen and it falls nearly as fast down to the bottom left and disappears.
I've run spybot search and destroy and removed all problems found.
My Norton Antivirus is expired but I can't download the new one because I can't navigate their site.
I've tried to install a disc copy and the installation stops and says that a newer version is installed and needs to be removed before I can install the 2007 version and try to run a Norton virus scan.
I've re-installed the Logitech mouse software. Nothing has worked.
Has anyone heard of this and know how to fix it?

A:Mouse pointer falls off screen

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I am working on a Dell Inspiron 570 4GB RAM, 300GB HDD, Win 7 Home Premium X64 which gets a black screen after log in screen with active mouse cursor.
Computer does boot into safe mode!
I have tried everything in the book and nothing seems to work. I could use some help.
I have tried the following:
1- Uplugged and drained power from computer, reseated HDD, RAM, cables, etc....
2- Performed System Diagnostics and test via the boot sector + memory test. (all passed)
2- System Restore and Last known good configuration.
3- MBR Repair via the Recovery Disk, Ran chkdsk /r and sfc /scannow
      chkdsk returned: The first NTFS boot sector is unreliable or corrupt. Reading second boot sector                 insteasd, and resumed the rest of the chkdsk operation. After it finished it also mentioned that the 
      MFT mirror is corrupeted<<<<<ATTENTION or MFT is missing or something. I am sure this has       something to do with this. 
      sfc returned no errors.
      fixed MBR fixed boot and rebuilt BCD
4- Virus Scan and removal of some Junk and a Severe Threat Virus with: MalwareBytes, Eset, Rkill, Windows Safety Scanner, Malwarebytes Anti-Rootkit, all came out clean in the second round of scans.
5- Install and uninstall video driver, updated driver ATI Radeon.
6- Explorer.e... Read more

A:Black Screen, Mouse Pointer after Log-In

Have you tried creating a new user profile in Safe Mode and logging into it? 

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I received warning that my fans arent running one time and I shut down computer checked fans, everything worked perfect again. My younger brother was playing WoW on that computer for several days after that warning came out and one day he couldnt turn on computer. He claims he didnt do anything (which I highly doubt).
Windows Vista startup screen goes up and when it should show me the desktop and icons i get BLACK SCREEN with mouse pointer...
I first cleaned computer from dust - Same problem
Tried Last Good Known Config. - Same Problem
I tried to open it in Safe Mode and it worked... There I did System Restore couple days back before and still Same Problem
In Safe Mode I disabled all unknown Startup Programs and still Same Problem

So if anyone has any ideas how to fix this, please help me i dont know what to do anymore...

My OS is Windows Vista Home Premium, and if you need other computer specs just ask...


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Hi, im a bit of a noob when it comes to computers but will try to explain my problem the best I can. I have a Sony Vaio laptop which runs with Vista and last night was playing a game when the game froze followed by the computer so I had to force the computer to shut down holding down the power button. When I tried to reboot it asked me to either start in normal mode or in startup recovery, but both options both lead to the loading bar and then a fully black screen (no mouse pointer). I then tried to run in safe mode, of which gave many lines of code but keeps stopping at the same point in which a blue screen flashes for about a second then it restarts itself.

Vista was already built in so I don't have a CD to try other methods of rebooting and I REALLY don't want to restore because their's alot of work related files I need to get back. PLEASE can anyone shed some light on my problem.

A:Black Screen (No Mouse Pointer)

Against rules to double post. I wll help you with the post that you originally made.

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I have recently bought a new computer with the nvidea gtx 295. It worked perfectly for about a week, then when I was installing direx x 9.0 or something (which didn't install completly). When I restarted my computer, it started the little orbs but then when there is usually the log on screen it just shows up as a black screen with a fully functional mouse pointer but nothing to click on. I have no clue what would of have caused this. I did install a system mechanics program that did some weird typing in white on a black screen before startup and my sector 5 ram (2 sticks of 2gb) was running at about 78-83 percent while running borderlands and 50 percent while running just explorer and other windows. Is that a normal percentage? Please help for I have no clue how to fix this problem, I'm pretty sure it was
the gpu but really have no clue. Now I have a 2000 doller brick.. Poop. Please help for this is muy frustrating seeing as a just bought this rig. Thanks for reading

A:Black Screen! With mouse pointer only. Help!


Turn off pc. Remove tv and any 2nd monitor. Leave only 1 monitor attached and nothing else.

Boot to Windows.

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Recently my computer has not been loading windows 7 up intill the login screen. I get to see the little circle color things swirl around with the "Loading Windows" text, but were the login screen usually appears, I get a totally black screen with a movable mouse pointer. It is a brand new rig with 4g RAM (2g sticks) and I am running the 64 bit version but wounder if this is causing the problem. Also when I try to do a system restore using the windows disc, I must first go into the settings (by pressing DEL on start up), then set my bay drive to boot first rather then my SATA to get the "Press any button to boot from disc... " prompt. Otherwise windows will ignore the disc. However when I load the disc and try to go into restore points, there are none to choose from.... I have no clue what to do and am willing to just install windows complelty again ext. Please help!

A:Black Screen with mouse pointer. Help!

Quote: Originally Posted by Need Help

Recently my computer has not been loading windows 7 up intill the login screen. I get to see the little circle color things swirl around with the "Loading Windows" text, but were the login screen usually appears, I get a totally black screen with a movable mouse pointer. It is a brand new rig with 4g RAM (2g sticks) and I am running the 64 bit version but wounder if this is causing the problem. Also when I try to do a system restore using the windows disc, I must first go into the settings (by pressing DEL on start up), then set my bay drive to boot first rather then my SATA to get the "Press any button to boot from disc... " prompt. Otherwise windows will ignore the disc. However when I load the disc and try to go into restore points, there are none to choose from.... I have no clue what to do and am willing to just install windows complelty again ext. Please help!

When you go into the Install CD Recovery Options try selecting Start-Up Repair. Let it do it's "magic" and then reboot. If it hasn't worked, then run it three times. If it still doesn't please report back.


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I have a strange thing happening. I am producing some clips which are CGI that are all put together in Premiere Pro, After Effects and Encore 1.5. I have a problem that when I preview in premier or encore there is a massive out of synch issue with the audio and video. This problem occurs also when I view any finished avi files using Window media player 11. The problem is not there if I view using quicktime. The bizarre thing in WMP11 is that if I just tweak the brightness slider then the video catches up and everything is ok. The main issue is when I am editing the clips and previewing them in prem and encore, there is no slider for me to tweak to see if I have my timings correct etc.

Maybe I am wrong but it would seem the problem is shared between the adobe stuff and WMP11. Is there any codec issues maybe as it seems strange that the clips work fine in QT.

I look forward to your advice.


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I bought a new MS cordless optical mouse a month or so back. All went okay till last week when i started getting my mouse pointer jumping to the corner of the screen. I have to wait, sometimes as much as 10 mins, before full control returns to the mouse. This problem seems to be getting more frequent recently, and happens almost everytime i am on the computer now. Is this a driver problem? Is anyone else suffering with this prob??

Running XP pro SP2.

A:Mouse pointer keeps moving to corner of screen

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