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Cable for PC to Monitor TYpe?

Q: Cable for PC to Monitor TYpe?


I read through lots of threads on HDMI, DVI and VGA Didn't find an answer to my question. I am getting a Dell XPS 8300 with onboard only video. As I read specs I see it has VGA and HDMI outputs. My monitor (dell) has VGA and DVI input connections. My questions are:

Is (cable connector) VGA to VGA any drawbacks to HDMI to DVI? I know HDMI carries audio but will DVI on the monitor use it?

I don't do games or very fancy graphics. What would be an acceptable choice of cable? I do still have the VGA cable from my current system.


Preferred Solution: Cable for PC to Monitor TYpe?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Cable for PC to Monitor TYpe?

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Hi all, I got today Lenovo S510 model: 10KW005NAX I want to get a cable or adapter to connect Displayport to HDMI 1080p LCD I have from before There seem to be passive and active converters, what I understood from online is that if I have DP++ PC I can get a passive converter or else I need an active converter. I don't know if cables can be active and passive too?For example: Amazon linkSo the description says source can be DP or DP++, so it has a chip inside it? so it's active? So... can anyone tell me what is my displayport type (Lenovo S510) ? and maybe shed some light on what I need to get clear picture to HDMI in? Appreciate your help   

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Ok this might not be too computer related but I think since the main problem is concerning usb it should be considered hardware. I just bought a mp3 player (sony nw-e95) off of ebay, but the seller is not including the usb cables. I want to buy one but there are so many different kinds, I have no clue which one it is. Is there anyone who has a sony mp3 player who might know what type it is? I have a picture here, it's the clearest one I could find. maybe someone here can figure out what kind of usb cable it is from this picture?

Thanks for the help.

A:Help - what type of usb cable is this?

oh I found another good picture, maybe this'll help?

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Apologies if this is posted in the incorrect section & if it's a 'noob' question.

Basically I moved house and lost the power adapter for my external hard drive. I've looked in to buying a replacement but I have no idea what it's called to actually search for one, does anybody know?

I've attached a photo, any help would be greatly appreciated.



A:What type of cable do I need?

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I am trying to network another computer located two floors down(basement). My router is upstairs and I need to have the cable running outside. What type cable do I need? Someone told me a heavy duty cable is necesary since the cable will be exposed to the elements. What type of cable do I need? Thanks.

A:cable type

It's a little more expensive but I would recommend setting up a wireless network.

I came across a cable mentioned on several websites. I have never heard of it but I guess this is what you use for outdoor.

10 Base-FL Fiber Optic Assemblies are ideal for long runs and outdoor applications. Available in non-plenum, plenum, or outdoor styles. Click to expand...

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Hi, I want to ask what type of cable should I use for a 256kbps/64kbps or a ADSL2 24 Mbps internet connection. I am currently using a dial-up cable which is about 10 metres long. Also, would this improve my speeds or would it be relatively the same? Thank you for your advice.

A:Type of cable used for ADSL?

Dial Up Cable?

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I need to run about 75-100ft of ethernet cable from my modem to a ps3 in the basement. Would cat5e is good enough for this distance or if I should opt for cat6. And if it doesn't even matter then just tell me because I have minimal knowledge in this area

A:What type of ethernet cable do I need?

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I have a type c male to vga male cable plugged into my Yoga 910 laptop and a 32in Dell monitor (I used the VGA input because I am already using the monitors other input, an HDMI input, for the xbox), and it isn't working. The monitor still says no signal. Any advice?

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Found this article this morning and isn't this about time though it will throw a bit of a spanner in the works but common sense tells me at least it should have been like this since day 1

USB Type-C: One cable to connect them all - CNET

A:USB Type-C: One cable to connect them all

We've come a long way from the clunky parallel and serial ports I had on my IBM PC in 1984!

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I am setting up a network at home with several computers. I have cable coming into the house connecting to a cable modem. What type of cable do I use to connect the mdoem to my router and my router to my computers. Would it be a CAT 5 cable? The type of medium that has the RJ45 connectors to it?
I'm drawing a blank.


A:What type of cable do I use for home network?

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I have a type c male to vga male cable plugged into my Yoga 910 laptop and a 32in Dell monitor (I used the VGA input because I am already using the monitors other input, an HDMI input, for the xbox), and it isn't working. The monitor still says no signal. Any advice?
Mod's Edit: System model added to the front of Subject line to improve visibility / clarity and moved post to proper forum.

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I need a USB A B Type Full Speed 2.0 cable for my Brother printer and would like to know if the cable is the same that I ordered from Amazon Belkin Hi-Speed USB 2.0 Cable (10 Feet) if this is the right USB Cable for my printer?

A:USB A B Type Full Speed 2.0 Cable

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Can you cut the wifi cable and the monitor cable, remove the cover/scree and use an external monitor without having to go inside and unplug them?

A:Can you cut the wifi cable and the monitor cable?

Hi, 1. Wifi is normally for wireless (no cable at all).2. You can cut anything BUT we need to know exactly what is your hardware to be able to show you where to cut or can not cut. Regards.

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Just had to run a new (longer) cable from the wall outlet to the modem and downloading now _seems_ slower and I'm getting a lot of timed out when making a new connection.

I'm using a 50 foot "RG6 Quad Shield" with about 10 to 15 feet of excess. I've also recently changed over to a new router, but it didn't seem to be a problem until I changed the cable.

So, I guess my questions are: How can I be sure it's the cable that's causing the issue vs the router? Also is it my imagination or is most cable out there "thinner" then what the cable company gives you? And lastly is one cable better then another?

Any thoughts or opinions?


A:Can cable type slow internet connection

RG6 is superior to RG59 (the usual cheap CATV home wiring cable), so the cable is likely not your problem if you extended it less than 50-100 feet. Check for proper termination of the connectors, because that can have a major impact if the shield is open or if the center conductor is intermittently open or shorted.

Another problem area... if your modem connection is on the output side of a second or third cable splitter, or output of a distribution amplifier, your connection may not work at all.

You can test it by connecting a TV to the cable and tune to various channels 2 and up. If they are all ok (especially high channel numbers, cable likely isn't the problem).

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Well I just looked at some new sound cards today and I have to say -

[RANT]OMFG how many more audio 3.5 mini-jacks will I have to plug into the back of my PC?

I say they take some other connector type and make it so all audio goes through 1 cable. Heck they can even overload the cable with a few extra not currently used lines for "future upgradability".

What are your thoughts on changing the hardware setup to something a little simpler -

BTW I am the same guy who loves HDMI inputs over the standard 5 plug High Definition inputs on my TV.

What are we living in the dark ages we can't come up with SIMPLE connectors that function well?[/RANT]

Whew now that I got that off my chest I'll sleep better. Am I the only one who thinks theres just a few too many plugs when it comes to audio?

A:Does anyone think they need a new cable type for the newest audio connectors?

Ha, I have RCA jacks running all over the place at my TV.
Dreamcast, Gamecube, XBOX, DVD player, Linux Box, 5.1 surround sound, digital cable. Those all cross through my TV somehow on RCA, then I have all the CAT5, coax and whatever other wires I can find! Don't mind though, they worh better then the RF modulators.

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Customer has an old accounting software package that is hard coded to print via the DB25 connector on his Desktop PC to a dot matrix printer which has given up the ghost.

He does not want to replace the accounting package and so I am thinking I should be able to print from the DB25 port to his usb laser printers.

Problem is there does not seem to be DB25 to USB Type 2 (D shape plug) cables available.

There are plenty od DB25 to USB Type A cables available but not those to connect to USB Type 2 which most USB printers come with these days.

I'd appreciate some advice on this and finding a solution.


A:Printer cable advice - DB25 to USB Type B

How about a USB Adaptor B-Male to A-Female.
USB Adaptor B-Male to A-Female + $2 SHIPPING AUST-WIDE!

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I'm looking for what type of power button board cable I have I need a new replacement

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Does it effect the quality? I have most of the hookups I believe.

A:What type of cable is best to connect the audio reciever to the pc?

As per my other post, if your receiver has a HDMI input, I would go with that. HDMI has a much higher bandwidth compared to other digital interfaces thus allowing higher resolution audio. Toslink, or sometimes called SPDIF (or optical) does have limited bandwidth compared to HDMI - 24bit 96khz max. If you do not play media higher than that then you will be hard pressed to tell the difference between the two. However one benefit with Toslink is that it is not electrically conductive therefore it will not pass any electrical noise from the source nor will it pick up RF interference. So if you get a loud hum, usually referred to as a ground loop, when HDMI is connected you may want to try a Toslink connection.

As for the quality of the cable used in both configs?? I would stick with name brands that have lots of positive reviews from actual users and not just professional reviewers. They don?t have to be expensive. Toslink is susceptible to breaking if bent too aggressively so keep this in mind should you be fishing the cable through a cabinet.

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My 9 year old SATA hdd went bad, preventing booting
I am hoping I can retrieve its data by connecting it to my laptop USb 3 port
It connected to the mother board with 2 cables.  See connector config photos below
What type of connector will I need to try to accomplish hopefully saving the data on it??
Thanks for your help

A:What cable type do I need to connect this removed hdd to my usb 3 laptop so I can retrieve its data??

these are the photos mentioned in my prior post

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Can anyone tell me if there is a difference between these two cables? They look exactly the same & I can't make out specs printed on them to tell. Packaging long gone too! Thanks!

A:Serial File Transfer Cable & Monitor Serial cable

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So, I just got my Dell XPS 15. I also have an Acer H277HU Monitor with USB type c input.
When I connect both directly with the Acer supplied usb cable, it will transfer data but will not charge the laptop nor will it show the display.
HDMI works fine.
Does the XPS 15 (Windows 10) support charging and display direct to the monitor as it can with Mac's without a hub or adapter?
Is there a windows setting or driver I'm missing or is this strictly a Mac feature?
I've tried fiddling around with the intel and NVIDIA settings as I was sure I just to enable it somehow but coming up empty.
Would be nice to have a one cable option without dropping $200 on an Adapter.

A:XPS 15 - USB Type C Direct to Monitor (No Hub) possible?

Same question. I bought the XPS 9560 and try to connet it to my Acer H277HU.
The XPS recognizes the USB-Hub from the Monitor, but video and power-delivery does not work.
It seems that the XPS 15 dont support the "DP-ALT Mode" via usb-c?

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I have a monitor that I purchased as is from a retail store. The monitor works fine but I have no easy way of identifying what type of monitor I own. There is no brand name on the monitor. The only information I have is the serial number, the fcc number, and the model number of the monitor. I would like to be able to download the correct drivers for my monitor instead of using the generic Windows 98 driver. Is there any way to look up what kind of monitor I have based on the information that I have about it?

A:Unknown monitor type

Try looking up the manufacturer through the FCC number at this site

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I am using a KDS 19" CRT with sony Trinitron. I was thinking about getting a Flat Panel LCD or Digital. What is best for Gaming and WHY? I guess they (flat panel) are good for saving space but I cant tell if there is a difference in picture quality. I am thinking about upgrading my monitor to something larger (if there is one). Can you suggest name brands and type as well as your opinion?
I have a good system with a Gforce4FX for video card and the games I play are Everquest and Counterstrike and Heroes and other such...Please give me your pix.

Thanks in advance..


A:What type of monitor would you use for Gaming?

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Hi there . I'm a newbee on this site hopefully some genius will be able to help me with a monitor problem.

I do a lot of typesetting and graphics and have just bought a 22 in Monitor. Trouble is when I run my program (CS5 InDesigh) the A4 page appears out of proportion, somewhat squat if you like. Is there something I can do to correct this. It doesn't lend itself to wisiwig page production. Can I turn the monitor 90 degrees or is there a way of correcting the distorted image.

I'd be grateful for any help and/or advice on this.



A:Cinemascope type monitor

Hi cocoscot, and welcome to TSG,

A change in the display resolution settings on the computer may correct your problem. For best results, you should adjust the pixel resolution of the computer's video controller to match the native resolution (in pixels) of the monitor. In most cases this will also correct any geometry distortion you may have had.

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Hi all,

I am looking for a good computer monitor for a Compaq computer.

Can anybody tell me what I should be concerned about, in general.

Thanks everyone,


A:What is a good type of monitor?

The operative word is "Good". Varies person to person, tends to work the World round but can be so, so difficult to define. More a matter of tastes and your biases and druthers.

I would never buy any monitor without first being able to see it in operation and put my greasy paws on it. With the rage about LCD, one can find some super bargains in larger CRT type monitors. A good place to find bargains are some computer shows, even for used ones. Do need to go thru a check out procedure, play with it for a while and eyeball it for burn marks. One good test is to see how far you can turn the various controls down and still have the display look good to you. Should not have any control cranked all the way up to get the display to look good. Plus you want a monitor with a good set of control knobs, buttons, etc. Some will have menus. Like all things, go for the top of the line for very, very cheap money. We used to call it a bargain.

One good place to peek is on the back for used monitors, will have a date of manufacture tag, gives some idea of its possible use period. Also ask about burn marks and make the seller point out any known ones.

Bear in mind all the manufacturers cheat in terms of claims about how big a screen actually is. 19" is really 18" or maybe even a little less, that has gotten worse over time, hype creep in the modern age.

Don't think I am ever buying one of those LCD things. Can't even touch the bloody thing without damaging... Read more

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Hi there forum,

I just bagged an Lcd monitor for nowt but have no power supply for it.
The rear panel says 12V 3.0A DC power supply, but I can't find any of this type, I've tried Maplin, play.com etc and all they suggest is 300mA, now I thought 3.0 A was 3000mA?

Do I need to go back to electronic school basics?

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I have 2 IDENTICAL monitors Acer V193 exactly, both connected to the same video card using DVI --> VGA converters (groan!).

The computer is picking up one monitor as an ACER V193 but only picks up the other one as a Generic Plug-and-Play monitor.

This does not impact functionality, I can see both of them and I get the resolutions and colors that I need but being that they are the same I would like to know how to get Windows to pick them up properly.

A:Windows not detecting monitor type

Just guessing...but I think it depends on the chipset used.

I have two working systems, both using onboard nVidia chipsets. One identifies the monitor specifically, one does not. My CRT is specific, my LCD is not.


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WIN10, 32bit OS on x-64 based processor, 2 quad CPU, Q6600, 2.40GHz.
I need to buy a new monitor. How do I know if the new one will be compatible with my XPS?  Just read the requirements on the monitor box or ?  Thanks.

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currently i have a dual monitor setup. if i am busy doing stuff on my main monitor the second wont be in use. If i try to use it later it disables my ability to type in a web browser. EX- I am playing a game on my left screen and in between games i will go to my second to watch a video on youtube. because the second monitor wasn't in use during the game when i try to type YouTube into my chrome web browser nothing will come up. if i drag chrome onto my alienware pc's display and type there it still wont work. then if i logout and come back hours later i cant type in my password to sign into my profile. At this point i restart my computer and i am back to the beginning, everythings fine until the monitor isnt in use for about 10 minutes.

--please give me any suggestions you have, it is frustrating having to restart my computer all the time.

A:windows 7 dual monitor wont let me type

I got some things wrong if i just launch the game and then go instantly to my second monitor and try to type, it wont work. also i cant type anywhere besides the chat box in the game. also the only buttons that work will be the ones on my mouse. I HAVE FULL CONTROL OVER EVERTHING IN THE GAME, ANYTHING NOT GAME RELATED WONT LET ME TYPE.

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A guy I work with gave me this video display monitor made by Digital. It is a VT420. The port connection on the rear is a 25 pin configuration labled

Is this thing cable of of being connected to modern PC ?

A:unknown type video display monitor

From what I just read on a used equipment site this is not even a Color Terminal

You can't be that desperate...can you? Come by my house and I'll give you a newer color monitor if you are.

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Hello: I hope someone can help me out. Here is the subject my fathers laptop Toshiba Satellite A60-SP159 video card ATI MOBILITY RADEON 7000 IGP in display configuration do have 1- multiple monitors as default but the 2-multiple monitors options should have analog tv option but it says default plug and play and default at monitor 2 options how can i add without the video card drivers cd the analog tv option for me to see desktop on any tv with rca video in?

A:s-video analog tv monitor type problem

hmm my toshiba goes something like this...Display properties...settings....advanced...display device...battery just died on it so I can't test it.Need a new power cord,stuck using one that has 1/2 the req amps so its a little hard on it. Good Luck Hmm just reread your post maybe you can download drivers from the toshiba website

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I was wondering if there was a way to get cable on my 22 inch widescreen pc monitor. It has hd inputs but no cable input. Are there any tv tuners that will offer decent quality. And is there a antenna that will attach to a monitor to recieve hd signals?

A:Cable on HD lcd monitor

Your cable company should be able to provide you with a Cable Box/Set Top Box as part of their service and you need that to watch cable TV on your monitor, but then it'll depend on what inputs you have on your monitor and what the STB supports. You can use Composite cables, a DVI cable, or an HDMI cable to conenct the STB to the monitor. Make and model of the LCD would be very useful here.

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Because I get an intermittent ,"auto adjust in progress," I am looking for a new cable. It occurs when logging in.
I have updated my NVidia card, checked the cables and monitor settings and set it to factory settings.
I changed 60 to 75. All my drivers are updated except the monitor which is PnP and I don't see any updates from Dell for a 9 year old device.
I see quite a bit about this issue on the web with E196FP Dell but it only surfaced very late 8.1 [just before updating] into Windows 10.

I can correct this by unplugging ac then plugging it in again - it lasts a bit of time then returns.

I have Win 10 pro on a dell XPS 8300 x 64. The monitor is 9 years and the pc is 4 1/2. Maybe age and Win 10 are an issue.

*Question; Every cable I see has 5 pins on one end but a different number on the other. My VGA cable has 5 male pins on each end.

Does this mean I need an adapter to match the ports or receptacles on both monitor and pc or do you think there is another issue? I have no other cables etc. to test.

Thank you

A:Monitor cable

It is your monitor, not cables or the OS that is the issue. Normally the Inverter or lamp starts dying around that age.

You can get a decent refurbished for around $60 on newegg.com. I just got a HP L1955 for $54 & speakers that attach to it for $19.

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Iv'e got a gateway 700-069cs monitor with a broke pin.I bought a belkin db15 monitor cable ext so i can splice the new end on. The belkin has 14 wires and the old cable has 9 wires. It does look like the old gatewaycable has 3 larger size wires with smaller wires inside. I'm about to pull my hair out trying to figure out how to splice these together.Couldn't find anything clear enough to help out on the net anywhere. Thanks Derrick

A:monitor cable

Your monitor will work perfectly fine with one pin broken. At least, that's my experience with monitors. Does it work with the broken pin or not?

And the adapter you bought - are you sure it's male VGA to female VGA? Most adapters like that change the number of pins.

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I am using 2 monitors .
I bought a monitor cable extention (3m ) for one of the monitors .
It is an AOC LCDscreen.
Suddenly when connected to the cable extention , the PC does not detect the 2 monitors,
when I switch back to the original cable it is Ok ,

How can thit be ?
what can cause this?

A:Monitor's cable (You will not believe this)

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I recently purchased an HP 23 es display monitor which can accommodate either an HDMI hookup or a VGA hookup.  The monitor came with an HDMI cable, but did not come with a VGA cable.  I tried calling HP but they don't have anyone there that actually answers the phone.  Does anyone know if this is normal for it to not come with a VGA cable?  I guess I could use my old one or buy one, but it would've been nice if they included it.  Please someone let me know if you've had the same experience.

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I have a emachines PC and Acer monitor. I developed a short in the cable to the monitor. It would cause the color to dim. I purchased a new cable and pluged in in. The power light on the monitor flashes and will not come on. I replaced the old cable and the monitor came on. I disconnect the cable and replace the new one. it works. When I turn the PC off it does the same thing again. I again use the old cable, monitor comes on, replace the new cable and monitor works. Each time I turn the PC off I have to use the old cable to get the monitor to work. I have read the questions about this subject however none are quite like this and do not solve the problem.

Thanks Bob

A:Monitor cable

What is the model # of your Emachine? Do you have a separate video card? or just using the onboard VGA output? if the later, then go to the Emachines site and find your model # and download the Video/Display driver for your computer and install that.

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I have a Gateway Vivitron CPD-15F13 monitor....and the cable that connects to the PC has went bad...however ti si built inot the Monitor...I am pretty tech savy so I took the Monitor apart...yes being careful not to tocuh the wrong things It seems this calbe would be easily replaced it simply plugs into the board inside.... does anyone know where I might get a replacement cable of this nature?

A:Monitor Cable

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Hello, I'm CrazyKilla

Currently I'm using a dvi to vga converter on my gpu to a vga cable into my monitor.
I hear the best cables to use are hdmi and displayport, but last I tried hdmi it only allowed me to go up to 1920x1080 (my monitor is 1920x1200).
My monitor does not have a displayport input, could I use a display port to vga/hdmi and still get all the goodies of displayport, or will there be a downside?
Would it even make a difference to use a display port rather than dvi to vga?

A:What cable should I use from my gpu to monitor?

Have a read here Crazykilla

What?s the Difference Between HDMI and DVI? Which is Better?

HDMI vs. DisplayPort: Which display interface reigns supreme? | PCWorld

HDMi should be the best in my opinion, not sure why you couldn't get 1920x1200

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Hi guys,

I?m appealing for some help and hope some of you experts out there may be able to help me!

My laptop is a Satellite L510 purchased November 2009
Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 32 Bit
BIOS Version/Date: INSYDE 1.30, 5/8/2009

1. ReelTime (ver: TC00210100H ? stopped working about 6 months ago so I uninstalled it.
2. PC Health Monitor (ver: TC00148300O

Value Added Package: Ver: 1.2.25 (TC00214700E)

For a couple of weeks shutting down would take a bit longer than it used to and last weekend it just shut down even though the battery was fully charged.

I had a bit of a job getting it back but I finally did, I came to the conclusion though the hard drive was failing.

I then tried to open PC Health Monitor but this error appeared ?Can't get the bios type?, and obviously wouldn?t open. I uninstalled PCHM from Programs and Features and then ran TC00148300O.exe from
C:/Program Files/ Toshiba/ TOSAPINS / COMPS1/ TOSHIBA PC Health Monitor-, it seemed like something was happening but ultimately nothing did.

I gave up then as I needed to sort out the hard drive first. Long story short, hard drive has been replaced with a SSD 840 EVO 250GB by an IT friend at work.

I would preferably like to get ReelTime and PCHM working properly again by troubleshooting (with your help) as I don?t really want to restore back to factory condition but if I have to....

If I have explicit instructions on what to do that would be ... Read more

A:Satellite L510 - PC Health Monitor - Can't get the Bios Type


If you have replaced HDD I recommend you to install original recovery image and start to use your machine with factory settings. After doing this everything will be OK again. Install important Windows updates, your important software and I think everything will be OK again.

Software related issues can be sometimes very complicated. All you can try to do is to remove preinstalled application, restart machine and try to install it again.

About BIOS I can just say that you should not change anything.

One more thing: I don?t know how important ReelTime and PC Health Monitor are for you but I have removed both applications from my system. In my opinion there is no much help from both of them but they using up CPU for unnecessary processes.

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Is there an application (command line perferred) that can query a computer and get its model type and serial number. I know IBM Director can do this, but it requires a running agent on client computer.

A:How to query remote PC to get monitor model/type + serial

You could use PSEXEC from sysinternals to remotely run a command prompt on another computer. The systeminfo command will show you the model number in Windows XP. I am not sure how to get the serial number.

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I have two Synmaster 753DF monitors in the 3-4 year range. Both are doing the same thing, my screen color changes from normal and for a while I could fix it by jiggling the cable or bending the cable.

More recently these options are working less and less and one monor now diplays a sickly yellow or reddish colour.

I see that on the worst one, the outer insulator is split right at the connector ( that blue plug with the pins) and I can see some exposed copper strands. Unfortunately the plug is not not the plug in type.

Before I shelve out to the repair tech, is there any thing I can to to fix the plug myself , can I cut off the connector and add a new ones ( not eaxctly a toaster or electric iron eh)?

Thanks for your comments/ help

A:Defective Monitor Cable

If you open up the monitor and follow the VGA-cable, you should come to probably an internal board-connector. If you are handy with a soldering iron, you could buy a regular good quality VGA-cable, cut the un-needed plug off and solder the wires to that connector. Follow the colour-scheme of the original connector, or make a diagram od which wire goes were. All you need is a cheap multi-meter. Plug it back in and see how it goes. One hour's work max.
Be careful when you open the monitor, there are some high voltages around there, stored in capacitors.

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Recently I got a couple of LG W2246S-BF (link) and they work brilliantly, straight out of the box. The monitor automatically puts out 1920x1080 on the supplied VGA cable. However the cable isnt quite long enough (just by a few inches) in order for the second monitor to reach my computer. So I swapped out the cable for another, longer VGA cable.

But here's the problem. Windows 7 detects the monitor fine, but there's no option (via Screen Resolution) to go above 1600x1200 when the monitor is connected using the longer cable. The cables are near enough the same. Male to Male, got the same pins. So what's stopping the monitor putting out 1920x1080?

Edit: Now tried it with 2 replacement cables, and 2 extension cables. None worked. Still can't acheive 1920x1080.

A:Monitor cable problems

Maybe try installing your graphics card drivers. That what did the trick for me.

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Does anyone know where I can buy a monitor ribbon cable for an Aspire E1-522? The screen on my son's laptop glitches and he has to move it up and down until he gets a successful connection. Thanks. 

A:Monitor Ribbon Cable

Hello, If you press the screen bezel near the Acer logo, do you see the display?Otherwise you can buy a new LCD cable here (P/N indicated).

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Hi All I this is a easy answer! I have just purchased an E231 monitor to plug into my laptop. The monitor has VGA, DVI and Displayport but my laptop only has USB and HDMI ports. Can I just buy a cable adapting from from one of the ports on the monitor to one on my laptop and if so which one.? I'm thinking VGA to either HDMI or USB. Please help! thanks

A:cable for E231 monitor

Hi, The simplest and cheapest option is to use a HDMI-DVI cable and still keep digtal connection.     http://www.msy.com.au/cables/15627-ritmo-hd19mm05-5-meter-m-m-dvi-hdmi-cable.html Regards.

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